your face is my death

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

I have a thing for people with beauty in them. Eventually the sound of your paintbrush became replaced by the sound of her clarinet. The scars on your thighs, that I used to trace with my fingers, replaced by the scars on her heart, that I touched with my words. The darkness of your soul, the darkness of her mind.

I found beauty in another person, and it erased parts of you.

Her giggles overpowered the memory of your laugh. Her blonde hair, your dark curls. And in her sapphire eyes, I forgot the shade of yours. Her rain is soft and gentle and warm, a spring shower. Yours, a winter storm that stung my skin.

I have left a barren land of ice and regret.
A land where nothing can bloom.
I walk in fields of wildflowers with sunshine on my face.

Your were the death of me,
perhaps she is my resurrection.

—  whatifgodisacat 

John in HLV: But he’s Sherlock, who would he bother protecting ????

John in TST: You made a vow you bastard, i’d never forgive you for my wife’s death, never show your face again. Scum

Also John: Look, i made a vow too when i got married. Something about being loyal and faithful in a monogamous relationship before god. Also i have trust issues but i cheated on Mary when she was alive. Anyway, you vowed to protect my family and my happiness so you’re fucking responsible and guilty for this whole mess Sherlock Holmes, lmao bye

                                                ( feel free to change pronouns as you like! )

  • A day will come when the stories of the victims will be told too.
  • All my enemies will one day kneel and ask for my forgiveness.
  • Before you find faults in me, turn around and face your own!
  • Death is calling my name.
  • Do not send me away, I would rather die!
  • Do whatever you want but you can’t turn my children against me.
  • Everyone has a story but your story is a legend.
  • Even if all women in the world came together and shouted they still couldn’t overcome my whispers.
  • Even when you die, your shadow will always be here.
  • I feel like everyone is waiting to catch me making a mistake.
  • If he dies I will die too.
  • If he says a single word I will have his head cut off.
  • Ignoring your demons will only make them stronger.
  • I’m ready for war.
  • I never got better and I could never forget.
  • Is there anything more beautiful than music?
  • I swear that I will come back from the war alive and well.
  • My place is here, next to you.
  • No one will see my suffering.
  • One day there’ll be nobody left by your side.
  • So that is why you killed them all.
  • The world will change and start my era.
  • The world is ruled by men but men are ruled by women.
  • There is no salvation for me.
  • They don’t see how weak I am when I’m with you.
  • We will always be together — never apart. 
  • When did I become a true example of what I always feared?
  • Would you like me to count how many favours you owe me?
  • You are losing everyone who loves you one by one.
  • Your happiness is my happiness.
  • You will burn in hell!

And Here’s Superman! ☀️

‘’You will travel far my little Kal-El. But we will never leave you. Even in the face of our deaths. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father, the - The son.’’

아, 너의 얼굴인 (Your Face)
  • 아, 너의 얼굴인 (Your Face)
  • Gong Yoo
  • Goblin

Gong Yoo reciting Kim Shin’s soliloquy at the ending of episode 8 with no background music

Your Face

The oracle was right.
The future that I saw was right.
Through this child,
I can end this curse of immortality
And return to nothingness.
A human’s lifespan is only 100 years.
What I want to look back on once more…
Is it my immortal life or your face?
Ah… I think it’s your face.
You, who is my life and my death…
I like you.
Because of this, I keep my secret
And ask for permission from above.
For you to not know for another day.
To not know for 100 years.
And one day after living 100 years,
On a day that is good enough…
“Your were my first love.”
So I can confess this,
I ask for permission from above.

1,000 Follower Prompt Batch

“If I hear that word come from your mouth one more time, I’m going to rip your tongue out.”

“I wanted to leave my old life behind.”

“I just wanted to be able to shine instead of sit in your shadow.”

“Why am I looking at five children? I thought there were only four.”

“If there’s anything I hate, it’s a liar.”

“There are some things you shouldn’t keep to yourself.”

“The classics are classics for a reason.”

“I haven’t actually done any real shopping in two weeks.”

“I was going to wish you the best of luck, but you don’t really deserve it.”

“Well, if you had been listening in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this giant mess.”

“How far are you willing to weave your web?”

“If you put that spider anywhere near me, you’ll face your death very early.”

“It was against my wishes. I had no say in it.”

“You’re getting crumbs all over my house.”

“Your weakness is my strength.”

“Last time you flew a plane, we fished you out of the ocean.”

“Save that question for when we aren’t at gun point.”

“What did you expect me to do? You were no where to be found.”

“You’re cutting into the only time I have to sleep.”

“I don’t make very many exceptions and definitely not often. Consider yourself extremely lucky.”

Ragnar’s Vision of Athelstan

You came to me tonight, my friend, my soul,

I feel alive again, I feel so… whole.

As you expose your face I lose my breath.

Inseparable we are in life and death.

Sweet tear of joy is flowing down my cheek,

My Athelstan – so real! You move, you speak!

But wait, what are those words you softly utter?

“Mercy, mercy, mercy…”

They cause my blood to freeze, my heart to flutter.

A spirit still so noble, you wish no ill

And to your word I bend my iron will.

“Mercy, mercy, mercy…”

I will… I will be merciful for you,

I’ll spare his life because you want me to.

And now, my friend, could we embrace once more?

Or speak about our gods just like before?


I reach to grasp your robe, to touch your hair

But I encounter nothing… just the air.

Oh no, don’t leave, don’t leave! Don’t fade away!

Not yet! Stay for a bit! I beg you, stay!

Athelstan! Stay!



© 2016 Irina Garbo

Me: Come on, Scar. Let’s go.
Scarlet: Hang on. This part is funny.
Me: Your face is funny.
Scarlet: *death glare* My face is funny?
Me: funny lookin’
Scarlet: Well you made me.
I’m wide awake and it’s 3 A.M some would call the Devil’s Hour, where you are free to roam haunting every dream or every toss and turn. I try and catch my breath but it’s hard when you’re staring face to face with death. Your cackle and stare bore into my brain, your eyes once crystal blue with adoration suddenly as black as the soul within. You’re taunting and teasing and calling me names, telling me how blind I was to let you in, to trust your disguise. I try to fight back knowing you’re just a figment of my imagination, someone whose face I’ve seen before. Your long fingers turn slowly into knives and I can’t press pause or fast forward to see my outcome. Your voice once a lullaby now a metal song with words I can’t understand; Your teeth now like a wolf’s when it sees it’s prey. The smile you once graced gone with your light. I scream and cower as I’m trapped in your web, your perfect treat for a job well done you’d say. Suddenly it’s 4 A.M and the background slowly starts to fade, your knives turning back into the hands I once held, your teeth once a canines now your own. Your eyes take the longest to change from your demon form and that makes me wonder how true you really are.

Or is it just a perfect disguise?