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TaeTae what's your favorite part of your own performance also love you tae <3

Tae: Can I be my favourite part of my own performance..?

Tae: Jokes aside.. my favourite part is seeing their horrified faces gaze upon me, as I am in control.. Just a little closer and-


Benji Kelly - Download ☼

This is my baby, Benji, I don’t really use him anymore so here he is up for download. Just a simple .Sim file. I am too lazy to go track down the CC so go and check out my Resources on my Homepage.

TOU: Though this is my first sim there is still a TOU.. 

-Please don’t change his face too much ;__; i’m still super attached, 

and you can use him for anything, just don’t be creepy with him,



Enjoy him darlings and have a simtastic day! ♥


⇩ B e n j i ⇩

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Trifecta and blow jobs. Do they like them? Where do they want to cum?

hchdicbwifbe hmm

Pride probably wouldn’t like blowjobs too much. he finds pleasuring in pleasuring his s/o and plus blowjobs seems a little…dirty to him. but on the slim chance he does get a blowjob, I think he’d get really flustered and embarrassed and apologetic if he cums like on your face or something I don’t see Pride getting head often

LaSalle on the other hand probably loves blowjobs. a quick fix and he just loves seeing you on your knees looking up at him. loves moaning out compliments and holding your head. and he’ll cum anywhere you want him to (but he prefers in your mouth. feels better that way)

Gibbs is old-fashioned and probably wouldn’t be all that used to blowjobs?? but he won’t say no if you wanted to. can accidentally cum in your mouth when he forgets you need to breathe

BGM #03 (Unknown Title)
Super Kenta, T.M.
BGM #03 (Unknown Title)

Disc Station #9 [Imohori 2] (PC-98), 1996
Super Kenta, T.M.

One of the less interesting card games on offer in Disc Station, Imohori is of the shedding variety. There are a few special rule-changing cards to shake it up, but basically you just want to dump your hand before the other players. I’m pretty awful at it, so I can’t tell you much more than that.

This jazzy version of the main theme plays when the special card that inverts the face value of all of the other cards is used. Perhaps it is too much of a stretch to imagine the transition to a shuffle rhythm as symbolic of a change in fortunes. It’s the one time that poor Draco Centauros (the 1 card) can win a hand, essentially during the game’s “opposite day”, which is pretty amusing if you’re up on Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo lore. I’m reminded a great deal of Dan Forden’s Bad Cats theme. “T.M.” is almost certainly Tsuyoshi Matsushima, as Masanobu Tsukamoto was not, to my knowledge, a member of LMSMusic, and I have never seen BA.M credited in a game under their real name.

i wonder if one day when Jack is just lounging about in the Haus on his Kindle, reading an article on WWI history, and Bitty is in the kitchen heating up leftovers, Holster and Ransom will walk in from class and see this and chirp “Dude, domestic much. Do you guys have your future kids’ names picked out too? lol” 

Bitty’s face will redden and he’ll roll his eyes, ready to retort that he’s barely even being domestic by microwaving last night’s dinner, but Jack won’t even look up as he says absently, still half-focused on his article, “Yeah. Charlotte if it’s a girl and Jaime if it’s a boy. Maybe Richard, too, but I have to ask Bits about that.”

Holster, Ransom, and Bitty will kind of just stand there, slack-jawed, until Jack looks up and he’s like, “Why is everyone looking at me what did I say.”  

What do you think is worse,” she asked quietly, twisting her favourite bracelet around her wrist, “having your heart broken or breaking a heart?” Her friend glanced at her curiously but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. She couldn’t, not with the guilt that was clearly written across her face.
“It depends, I guess,” he replied carefully. “Having your heart broken is awful, especially in the exact moment it happens. You feel as though your airways have been cut. You forget how to breathe. At first you feel too much and then you’re in denial and feel nothing at all, just emptiness. But it gets better. Sometimes within months, and sometimes it takes you years to move on. But eventually you’ll heal.” She looked up, biting the inside of her cheek. “And if you break a heart?”
He hesitated, pointedly glancing at her wrist. “Well, you can’t break a heart and be careful about it. You can’t make it hurt any less, no matter how much you don’t want the person you love to be in pain. I’d say breaking someone’s heart scars you just as much as having your own heart broken.” When she didn’t say anything, he spoke again. “Are you about to break someone’s heart?” Slowly she took off her silver bracelet and placed it on the table. He recognised it now as it sparkled faintly in the bright light - it was the bracelet her boyfriend had given her on their first anniversary. “Yes,” she replied with tears in her eyes, touching the bare inside of her wrist, “I’m afraid I am.
—  Excerpt

As I like all things makeup, and as apparently you like seeing them, here’s a collab of things I have done in the past. Some oldies and some very recent. I added both cosplay tests and “beauty” makeup, and I just love how different one person can look depending on how makeup is applied. Older and younger, masculine, feminine, etc., and how the structure and features of your face can be “changed”. These are really not too much out there or diverse, but I just love testing things with my face. Still loads to learn!

You should speak to somebody. You should. If you have a problem, do not suffer in silence. Speak to a friend, or a teacher, or a sister, or another adult. You might not like your parents or your teachers or your siblings, there will be someone you can talk to. You’d be surprised. Any kind of random relative. Even if you don’t think they can help in any way, it’s just good to talk because little Dan was just like *timid face* the whole time and *laughs* now I have so many issues. Honestly, they’ll be with me forever.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (29/?)

Please listen to him. Too many people look back at their lives realising how much could have changed if they’d dared to open their mouth about what was bothering them. It’s scary as heck but please do not suffer in silence.

I only wish we could have seen Natasha’s face too, when she basically publicly declared her love for Elise. How she looked at her, and her expression as her voice cracked on those words.
I know they both laughed and turned it into a joke. But you don’t just say something like that on an international stage, in the middle of a serious and heartfelt acceptance speech, during a highligh of your career and in your most emotional state, JUST TO TROLL the fans or tease each other. There was no need to add a joke there. It felt much more honest and intimate than just a tease, it felt to me like she couldn’t help adding that, couldn’t help expressing what deep feelings she has for Elise, whatever they are. I wasn’t expecting anything like that and it moved me.
No matter how they define their relationship, only they can know what’s really between them, but the love is so apparent it hurts.

Cute & Sleepy Daddy
  • Baby: *getting ready to leave early in the morning*
  • Daddy: *sleeping*
  • Baby: Aww he's so cute. *whispers* Muah. I'm gonna miss him 💕
  • Daddy: Princess?
  • Baby, startled: Oh! Yes daddy?
  • Daddy: I love you.
  • Baby: *all smiley and little now* I love you too daddy. Why are you awake so early? Was I making too much noise? Did you set any alarm or something?
  • Daddy: No, I woke up naturally. I guess I just really wanted to see your cute face before you go.
  • Baby: Aww, well go back to sleep daddy. I'll be back, I promise. I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too princess. Be good.
once upon a time, your face was the wallpaper of my phone, held in the embrace of a picture frame, ten seconds before the snapchat disappears but it was okay because a split second of you frozen in time was all i needed to make me smile. 
but then we turned the page and now just a glimpse of you in the background of a blurry photograph brings a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach and the next thing i know, i’m bedridden for the rest of the evening because the pain is too much for me to stay standing.
—  how did this become our story?
(cc, 2017)

I just looked at a picture of Jin and I felt so sad like to think that he really feels so out of place in bts and unwanted seriously breaks my heart. Like he realizes how little he means to army’s and it’s really so sad because he is so beautiful, and his personality is amazing, and his is so talented and he works so so hard. This isn’t even what he wanted to do but the fact that he stuck with it and is working so hard to be here says so much about him.

Despite not getting the love or attention he deserves he still continues to work harder so that he can be an equal with his members, and now who he thinks he is which is much below them. I don’t want him to have to think any longer that all he has to offer is his looks, when he has so much more and he’s worked way too hard to just be known as beautiful face.

Please love Kim Seokjin. Even if he’s not your bias, show him as much love as you would your bias. Please dedicate one whole day to loving him and giving him your all. I can’t even begin to imagine how he really feels inside. He is more than deserving of your recognition and your love. Please let him know that he matters. Please, please, please.

“Mummy?” said little William one day at the breakfast table, picking at his cream of wheat.

“Yes dear? And stop playing with your food,” Mummy said.

William begrudgingly ate a spoonful of the stuff. After he’d swallowed, he said, “Mummy, Father loves you very much.”

A smile spread across Mummy’s face. “Yes he does, darling. And I love him too.”

William seemed to be contemplating something very hard as he stared into his bowl of beige mush. “Mummy, when I get big, I’m going to marry a boy just like Father. Someone who is nice and handsome and loves me a lot.”

Mummy just smiled adoringly over her mug of coffee at her little boy. “I’m sure you will, Billy. And he’ll be the luckiest man in the world.”

William absolutely beamed, then began eating his cream of wheat again.

Roughly 40 years later, Mummy was dancing with her son at his wedding. She caught his new husband looking on proudly from the side of the floor. John’s eyes were swollen with all the tenderness and love in the world as he stared on in adoration at the consulting detective.

Sherlock nudged her, smiling shyly. “Told you I would find him.” He cast a soft answering gaze at his soldier-doctor.

Mummy squeezed Sherlock’s arm, holding back happy tears, so glad that her sweet son had found the perfect man to love him. “You certainly did, my lamb,” she sniffled.

Hard Eyes: Part 1

Prompt: batmom meets Talia and there’s a lot of tension between them because of their history with Bruce and Talia wanting to take Damian back to the League of Assassins

Requested by: @shyinfluencer2017

Words: 1445

The station is larger than you imagined, and you’re not quite sure where you’re going. At this point you’re just following instinct. You move through the halls, Dick’s call still fresh in your mind. “Mom, it’s Bruce. You need to come now … it’s bad.” You hadn’t been able to make out anything after that, the tears had muffled his voice too much.

          As you turn the final corner it’s to see your boys, and the entire league. You try not to think about how bad it must be, for those looks to be on their faces. You pause for a moment, cherishing the last few minutes that you pretend everything’s okay. Then you rush forward.

          The boys see you immediately, and it takes no prompting, they rush to you. Despite having been taller than you for several years now, the oldest three seem so small, and Damian, your poor sweet baby, he seems so scared. They cling to you, and you do your best to comfort all of them assuring each of them that it’s going to be okay.

          After they’ve calmed down a bit you move forward and then you stop. There’s no love lost between you and Talia. You’ve seen the woman maybe twice in the four years since Damian has come to live with you. She’s no mother in your eyes, and she certainly doesn’t have a claim to your son.

          You decide to focus more on the doctor. He confirms what Dick said on the phone. It’s not looking good, and it will all depend on the surgery. There’s a less than ten percent chance that Bruce will be able to be the man he was before this. That reassures you in some weird way, Bruce has always been able to beat the odds.

          Finally, you take a seat. Your back is hurting, and your ankles are swollen, and technically, you’re supposed to be in bed at the moment. But, extreme times call for extreme measures. One hand goes to rest on your protruding belly, as the boys sit down beside you.

          Dick is the first one to break the silence, “So how’d your doctor appointment go? Bruce was so bummed to miss it.”

          You smile at that Bruce had been to every pregnancy check before this one. He had been so upset to miss this one. You hadn’t planned this. As far as you were concerned you had your hands full with all the boys. But one glass of wine too many had led to a forgetful night.

          Some part of you had expected the boys to be disappointed. But they had met the idea of a new sibling with enthusiasm. In fact, one of the boys would typically go with you and Bruce to the appointment.

          “Did the doc finally tell you what you’re having?” Jason asks with a grin “It’s another boy, isn’t? Something tells me Bruce is only for making boys. Look at the squirt.”

          Damian scowls at the nickname, but he doesn’t argue with Jason’s statement. If you had expected anyone to be upset about the pregnancy it had been Damian. The boy had clung to his blood tie with Bruce for so long, you had worried about him feeling threatened. Instead, he had taken to the role of big brother rather seriously.

          It had started out with him and Tim inspecting everything you ate. Then he had researched everything needed for a helping a healthy baby grow. Classical music had been playing non stop around the manor. Then one day, you had walked into what had been designated as the baby’s room, just to consider paint colors, to find that it had already been painted a soft yellow.  

          And there was Damian, working on mural. It was this pretty field of flowers, a nature scene. For a while you had just watched him paint before all of a sudden he had simply said, “It’s going to be a girl. And she should have a happy, and pretty place to grow up. Somewhere she can always feel safe.”

          You had gone to him, and pulled him in close, not worrying about the paint staining his clothes and said, “Every child should have that Damian. I can only hope Bruce and I provided that for you and your brothers.”

          Damian had simply hugged you back and said, “I’ve never felt safer than when I was surrounded by this band of misfits.”

          You just laughed, because of course he couldn’t call it what it is, “A family.”

          Coming out of the memory you find everyone silent, and you take a moment to examine them. They’re still dressed in their uniforms and they’re covered in dirt.

          Quietly you suggest they go shower and change, when they protest, you tease and say that their stench is making you feel ill. That gets them going. A few of the League members inquire after you and the baby. Eventually they too leave, and then it’s just you and her.

          Neither of you says anything until you can’t take it anymore and you finally ask, “What are you doing here Talia?”

          She turns to face you, radiant as ever, her eyes as cold as ever. “My son and his father needed my assistance?”

          “Is that a question or an answer Talia, because I’m not buying it. The boys are too distraught to see it, and the League doesn’t know you well enough to see it, but I do. I know everything about you Talia. I’ve read every part of the file Bruce has on you, and I won’t let you do it.”

          She raises an eyebrow at that, “You’d let him die? You must really want his money.” She glances at your stomach, “After all your child is legitimate, and he didn’t even have you sign a prenup.”

          You roll your eyes at that, “I care about what Bruce wants, and he told me that under no circumstances was he ever to go into the Pit. If there’s one thing in this world that scares him, it’s what that goop would do to his mind.”

          She studies you for a minute, “Then I suppose I’ll take Damian with me when I leave then.”

          “You have no right. Bruce and I have full custody. And Damian is just as much my child as any of his brothers.”

          She smiles at that, “Is he as much your child as the one in your womb? Blood is thicker than water after all.”

          You can’t help but scowl, “I hate that saying, because while I may not have given birth to those boys, while I may not share their blood, I’ve raised them. I’ve attended every parent teacher conference, shown up for every play, taken care of them when they were sick, worried every time they go out on patrol, held them after a girl broke their hearts, watched them grow, watched as they became brothers, and so much more that you will never understand.” At this point you’re right in her face, because you want your meaning to me clear, “Those boys, are my children, and blood has nothing to do with it. You just try and take Damian, and you’ll be the one to need that damn goop,”

          She looks down at you amused, “Big words for such a little church mouse. What’s the little pregnant housewife going to do?”

          You just smile, “I wasn’t always a housewife Talia. You would know that if you were actually able to find anything on me before Bruce.”

          She actually looks a little frightened now, and you know it’s your eyes, they’ve slipped into that same hardness that had made people braver than her panic. You make one last statement, “Leave now Talia, and don’t you ever threaten my children again.”

          She leaves, she never turns her back on you but she leaves. You take your seat again, and wait for him to come out of the shadows. You meet Clark’s eyes, and you can finally feel the tears start to build as he wraps an arm around you, you let them out. He just holds you while you cry, because he knows. He and Bruce are the only ones that know about your past, and he knows that it’s Bruce that keeps you grounded, that Bruce is the one that keeps you from slipping. And he knows that if Bruce Wayne dies, as soon as you’re able to, you’ll hunt down the bastard who caused it. And he knows that he’ll have to be the one to stop you.

          For that reason Clark Kent prays that Bruce Wayne pulls through, for the boys, for you, and for your unborn baby girl.

Tease (Tom Holland x Reader)

Prompt : Can I have a Tom Holland imagine where the reader teases him with something and when he comes up to confront her He is all dominant and it’s really hot and the reader likes it:) no smut tho Thanks in advance if you do it

Word Count : 806

Originally posted by lilsevans

“That was hilarious! You just,” you couldn’t even finish your sentence you were laughing too much. “Yes we get it, (Y/N). I broke my chair. It isn’t even that funny!” Tom exclaimed, agitated. You continued to laugh with tears in your eyes. Once you calmed down, you turned to Tom and kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry, Love, it amused me. That’s all,” you whispered into his ear. He nodded, accepting your apology before turning the tv on. “Please,” he whispered into your temple, “Please don’t watch it again,”. You snuggled into the couch with his arm over your shoulders. After a few minutes of trying to hold it in, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. “What’s up, Babe?”

“You broke your bloody chair, Tom!” you responded while wiping your eyes clear of tears.


“(Y/N)? I’m back, babe!” Tom called out into your apartment. You were settled on the bed with your laptop at your side, ‘Tom Holland’ in the search bar of your tumblr. “In here,” you said, scrolling down. Tom walked in with a smile on his face, taking his jacket off and setting it on a chair before crawling onto the bed. “Hey Love,” you said, kissing him briefly before going back to your laptop screen. You scrolled down a little before seeing a gif of Tom falling off his chair, setting you off laughing. Tom huffed before standing up and grabbing his jacket again, walking out the bedroom door.

“Tom!” you exclaimed, “Tom, what’s up? I turned it off! I’m sorry!”

“I have seen that goddamn gif so many times! It’s been mentioned so many times today! I fucked up! I get it! But now my girlfriend laughs at me for it too? I can’t stand it anymore!”

“No, Tom!” you said earnestly.

“I’m going out! Don’t wait up for me.”


The door slammed around 3am. You were sat at the kitchen table, barely keeping your eyes open. Tom stumbled into the kitchen in search of the aspirin when he saw you. “Hey Love,” you whispered lovingly. “Hey,” he answered shortly, downing the aspirin with a sip of water. He sighed before grabbing your hand gently, leading you to the bedroom. “I told you,” he said softly, “You shouldn’t have waited for me. It’s late.” “I couldn’t go to sleep without you,” you whispered. He kissed your temple and let you get into bed before pulling his pants off and settling under the covers with you.


Tom woke up without you beside him. Confused, he got out of bed and stumbled towards the kitchen. He looked at the clock on the wall to see it was quarter to ten in the morning. You were standing at the stove making pancakes for him. He smiled lovingly before walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You jumped, not expecting him, and quickly locked your phone. “What was that?” he asked. “What was what? Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m just making pancakes,” you stumbled. He smirked before grabbing your phone from your hands, backing far enough away from you, and unlocking it. The gif of the chair breaking underneath him started to play again. Suddenly, he stepped forward and placed his arms either side of you on the counter, getting really close to you. “I told you,” he said, leaning in to kiss your neck. “I told you to stop watching that.” You mumbled something he couldn’t hear. “What was that, Babe?” he asked confidently, still kissing down your neck to your collarbones. “I… um… I need t… to finish the… um… pancakes.” He grinned before letting you slide out of his arms and to the pancake pan which you struggled to flip. He wrapped his arms around you waist and began sucking at the nape of your neck. You shuddered and continued failing at pancake flipping. Tom turned the knob, stopping the burner before turning you around, pressing his lips to yours. You kissed back forcefully as he picked you up, placing you on the kitchen counter.

“I told you,” he whispered against your collarbone, “to stop watching that.”

“I know,” you said quietly.

“Why didn’t you?” he said, moving his kisses to your earlobe.

“Um… I just… ah.”

“You what?” he asked cockily.

“I um… wanted to… ah! Tease you,” you said, gripping at his biceps.

“Well,” he whispered into your ear before nipping at your earlobe lightly, “that, my dear, is my job.” Tom disconnected his mouth from you before grabbing a pancake off the tower of pre made ones. Walking away, he slipped his jacket and shoes on before turning to you with a cheeky smile on his face. “Might want to cover your neck up today, Babe. It’s a bit… bruised.” He chuckled at your blank expression before strolling out of the front door.

When You Kiss This Sign...

Aries: Don’t hold back. Give them everything you got and they’ll give it back.

Taurus: Start slowly and work to their tempo. Let them lead in this dance they know all too well.

Gemini: Give them a taste and then pull back. Make them work for it.

Cancer: Kiss every inch of them. Physically show them how much you love every part of them.

Leo: Go with what they do and show them you can do just as good, if not better.

Virgo: Start with playful pecks until they can no longer contained themselves. Have them beg for it.

Libra: Use your hands. Hold their face, waist, etc. Make it so intimate they’ll never want to stop.

Scorpio: Don’t be afraid to use teeth. This a will be a place where pain and pleasure collide. Where fear will be dispelled. And where courage will be tested.

Sagittarius: Let out little moans to let them when they’re doing it right. They’ll instinctively know to keep it up.

Capricorn: Set a mood for it. Atmosphere is everything and if it’s all right, you’ll leave them breathless.

Aquarius: Kiss them with all the passion you’ve ever felt. Kiss them with all the passion you’ll ever feel. Give all of it to them. They can handle it.

Pisces: Start it with an emotion expressed in your face. A smile. Tearful eyes. Frustration. Let them know what they’re about to get themselves into and be amazed at how well they match your intensity.




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‘I don’t have a dirty mind…I have a sexy imagination’

Suga (bts)

Word count: 396

Genre: Fluff/impl. smut

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why I love the ‘The Dressing Room’ video
  • Cyborg dying in the background and Murdoc just plain ignoring her

  • He’s too close



  • “toilet”

  • bitch walk + bitch slap

  • Murdoc fucking the door

  • yank knob

  • 2d’s face the entire time

  • cyborg exploded???

  • where is 2d