your face is beautiful'

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Why do you think Touka looked away,when Kaneki said,that he will always think of her,when he will look at the ring? Was she embarassed?

I think she was embarrassed? his answer was very corny, lmao. Maybe she was expecting something like “oh, okay, thank you touka-chan” but he was like “omh yes i will always remember your beautiful face when i look at this i will keep it close to my heart forever”


I was tagged by a few people to do the bias/selfie tag so here it is. c:

tagged by: @rainjimin @slutlingar @itskimtaehyung @sevenkookiejars @overthemoonjoon @taesflower @sugadaddykook @jimintensify (i think that’s everyone. BLESS ALL OF YOU AND ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!!! I CRY FROM THE BEAUTY)

I’m gonna tag all of you back cause i love to be blessed by beauty and i’m also gonna tag: @jiminseoulmate @jungkookbunbun @jungkookpd @qweentae @i-am-your-angel-i-am-your-dope @mochikissme @cutiepiebts @mochikeks @qtaes @saraaboo @my-pink-alpaca @cuteseokjin @dreamjeongguk @jinsasleep @blameblamebts @hobipd @megudragon @yoongkyun @s0ftyoongi @cinnachim @cinnamonsugas (of course none of you have to do this!)