your face is actually perfect

here’s my contribution to poplerpig’s ‘draw beez a friend’ thing!!!!?!?! her name is cosette and she’s delighted to meet beez !!!(although she doesn’t look like it) also I can’t colour so I just borrowed your colour palette im sorry

I just saw someone on twitter say that Haven (Syfy) was a boring show, primarily because s/he doesn't like Nathan and his dullness.


Especially since he’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean he: loves pancakes; explores all these weird hobbies involving the other four senses (LIKE DECOUPAGING- it makes the colors stand out!) to compensate for his “idiopathic neuropathy”; has a proclivity towards maintaining passive aggressive relationships with people he dislikes (with Duke, his father); drives the same car since he was in his teens because he doesn’t go driving off of cliffs; loves Groundhog Day, but not as much as another Bill Murray movie; likes to fuck during and after meteor showers…

Basically, quite an interesting man.