your face is a torture device

BTS teasing you under the table

“Bts reaction to teasing you under the table and you end up moaning their name and all the other members hear it smirking at him?” - Anon

Thank you for the request!!  This is my first reaction.  I hope you enjoy! XOXO - Lace


As Jin used his remote to gradually turn up the vibrator he’d given to you that morning, it was becoming increasingly harder for you to keep quiet.  You usually would not worry about being quiet, but this situation was awkwardly different.  You weren’t only out to dinner, you were with the other members as well.  You decide to try and subtly ask him to stop.  That was a mistake.  When you open your mouth it just so happens to perfectly sync with him bumping up the toy to its highest setting.  Your mouth is already open so there is no way to further suppress his name falling from your lips in breathless desperation.  Earning a prideful smirk from Jin and slightly confused and horrified looks from the other members, your face becomes flushed with a colour similar to that of the marinara sauce on your meal sitting in front of you.  The members simply look at each other and then back down at their food, making a unanimous decision not to address the current situation.  You look at Jin who is very pleased with himself as he turns the toy off, satisfied with the reaction you gave him.


“Yoongi…” you moaned.  

You can’t hold it in anymore.  You had been craving your boyfriend all day, but he’s been busy.  He promised he would take care of you tonight.  When he made his promise, you of course were filled with excitement and anticipation.  It never once crossed your mind that he meant he would sneakily slip his hand under your dress while you were out having a delicious meal with the other boys.  His fingers, which, at this point, are fully in your panties, only getting faster as they continue to dance in circles on top of your clit.  He looks at you with surprise, which soon turns to a look of pride seeing how you could barely control yourself under his touch.  The members look up at you both, understanding what was going on by your single, whine-drenched moan.

“Jesus Christ Yoongi, let the girl just eat in peace,”  Namjoon speaks in your defense.  Bless him.  

With a dark chuckle, your boyfriend slowly removes his hand from under your dress, only promising to finish up when you two get home.


His look of artificial innocence and confusion as to why you just breathlessly, needily moaned for him was absolutely infuriating.  This bastard was two fingers, knuckle deep inside your core under the table of your favorite restaurant that you were currently at, surrounded by his fellow bandmates.  His pace was fast, curved to hit all the right spots with every thrust.  You kept quiet for as long as you could, but he finally broke you.  Everyone looks at you with the exception of Jungkook, who keeps his head down choosing to ignore what just happened.  

“Is there something wrong, Y/N?  You sound stressed…” Hobi says, barely able to hold back his laughter.  The other members now understand what was happening, a couple of them even finding it funny.

“Can you two at least wait until you go home?  Some of us are trying to eat.” Jin speaks up as he puts a bite of food in his mouth.

Your boyfriend just beams as he removes his fingers from your heat, leaving you feeling empty yet relieved.  You look at him, and by the look in his eyes, you could tell he was done but only for now.


You had been trying and trying to get Namjoon to turn off or at least turn down the vibrator he’d made you wear to lunch with the other boys as punishment, all to no avail.  There was only one thing left that you could do.  Embarrass him.  You didn’t want to, but with a growing heat that was washing over you and a tightening feeling around the toy, this needed to stop before it went too far.  You decide that if it’s a reaction he wants, that’s what he gets.  He just gets more than he probably wanted in public and around his friends.  

“Namjoonie…” You moan in the whiniest, needy, tortured, and breathless yet quiet voice you can muster without it getting too real.  

His eyes immediately widened as they look into yours with the most shocked expression.  You can see his face become blood red as he nervously fumbles around with the remote trying to quickly turn the device off.  You look at the other boys who are also looking at you, confused and horrified.  You sigh in relief and smile as you finally feel the vibration come to a halt.  You look at you boyfriend once more and give him a thank you kiss on the cheeks as he buries his face in hands.


You stare Jimin in the eyes, his face clearly overjoyed seeing how breathless you were becoming.  He’d been teasing you all through dinner with the boys.  Stealthily sliding his hand under your skirt and was rubbing your clothed heat while occasionally slipping a finger in your panties for direct contact.  It was all becoming too much.  He was playing everything off so cool, able to easily eat and carry out conversations with his friend as if he wasn’t bringing steadily closer to your breaking point.  It was infuriating.  You are trying to get a bite of food and act normal when you feel two of his fingers enter you without warning or hesitation.  With pleasure quickly consuming you, you are unable to resist letting his name escape your mouth.  He smirks down at his food, not looking at you once.  You are so focused on not being pushed over the edge in public, you don’t notice his fellow members staring at you until Yoongi comes to your rescue, sort of.

“Fuck, get a room.  You two are disgusting.”  He says with food and disgust very clearly filling his mouth.  

Jimin completely removes his hand from you, simply smirking to let you know he was only done for the time being.


“Tae,” you moan out desperately, “…please.”  

You don’t mean for him to please continue his relentless swirls, circles, and figure 8 patterns on your overly sensitive clit.  You would mean that if he wasn’t doing this under a corner table in a cafe while you are sitting across from the other members.  The boys immediately bring their eyes to you and your boyfriend in surprise upon realizing what he was most likely doing to you.

“I didn’t expect this from you, Taehyung.  You should stop, let her rest and eat.”  Jimin says concerned but obviously slightly amused with the situation as it’s evident that he’s holding back laughter.  

Tae looks at you innocently as he removes his fingers from you.  He flashes his signature boxy grin in victory, though he does feel a little bad about embarrassing you, he knows he will make it up to you after you both leave.


You can already feel the stares from the boys and Jungkook as you accidentally let his name slip from your throat.  You tried to fight the pleasure you were getting from feeling two of your boyfriend’s long, slim fingers wreaking havoc on your g-spot, but you were obviously losing.  Getting glares and a proud smile from Jungkook himself, you are overcome with embarrassment.  

“Can this wait, guys?  We are trying to enjoy this food.” Jin voice is laced with calm horror.  

You soon feel an emptiness between you legs, much to your relief.  Your boyfriends face just plastered with satisfaction in knowing you would now be wonderfully worked up for later, once both of you got home.

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On Thin Ice *Part 1*

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Hello all you lovely people!! My past fic had done so well, I decided I could write another one for all of you. Like always, please leave feedback and tell me what you think!

Summary: You, Newt, Queenie, Jacob, and Tina all go out to ice skate. However, you start to get jealous when Newt and Tina start to get really close. 

Warnings: Angst angst angst (I love me some angst lmao)

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

DO NOT copy this on other sites and claim it as your work. 

Reblogs are fine


Winter snow fell down in front of your window. You watched below as they settled onto the road and sidewalks. It was beautiful.

As of now, you and Newt were staying with the Goldstein sisters and Jacob. The both of you had agreed to stay with them for a small vacation after all of the hard work you put into creating Newt’s book. You didn’t know where yours and Newt’s relationship would go after this. If you were just going to go back to England and stay there, or if you were going to stay with Newt and continue traveling with him. 

It was hard to think about leaving him, but then again, he might not want you around.

He might just take someone else who is equally interested in fantastic beasts like you.

Maybe Tina. 

You loved the Goldstein sisters with all your heart. They took you and Newt in the last time you were in New York, and they even let you stay with them for your small vacation. You were grateful for the amount of hospitality they extended towards you and Newt, but you couldn’t help but be jealous of one of the sisters… Tina.

Newt and Tina had a special connection that nobody could deny. You and Newt were close, but you wouldn’t be so close if it weren’t for the amount of time you spent traveling with him. However, Tina has only known Newt for a couple of months, and she has already gained access to Newt’s case and his emotions. Meanwhile, it took you several months to be able to discover all of Newt’s case and even more time to really figure out his emotions. 

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. If anything, Tina probably deserves Newt more, and it’s not like he had any feelings for you anyways. 

“Honey, are you ok?” Queenie’s voice suddenly broke through your thoughts.

You turned away from the window you were looking out of to look at Queenie. Her mouth was set into a gentle frown, her face showing signs of worry.

She reached out to you and touched your shoulder. “Now, don’t be thinking those negative thoughts, ok? You deserve love too, hun.” 

Gently, you shrugged off her hand and stood up. You smiled a little bit and hugged her. She was so caring and so gentle. What would you do without her?

“Thanks Queenie. You’re so sweet.” You separated yourself from her and held onto her shoulders. “I’m just a little confused and all, but I’ll be ok.”

She smiled and gave you another hug before walking off to the kitchen. You sat down on the couch and started to think once more.

“We’re all going ice skating today, do you want to come?” Queenie’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Oh, yeah of course. I don’t have any skates though, so I can just sit and watch.”

Queenie came back into the room with two steaming cups of hot chocolate. “No, no, no, I have an extra pair of skates that I’ve grown out of that you can use. It’ll be fun, I promise!”

You chuckled a little bit at Queenie’s cheerfulness. Suddenly, a loud crash and stomping noises could be heard from behind the guest room’s door. Newt and Tina crashed out of the room, hand in hand and laughing. They looked at you and Queenie on the couch.

“Queenie, you should have seen it! The erumpent got out of her enclosure and was chasing Newt all over the place!” Tina managed to laugh out.

Newt chuckled nervously, looking at you. You weren’t laughing, though. You were looking at Newt’s and Tina’s hands entwined together. You shouldn’t be jealous, it was really nothing. Yet, you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous looking at them.

“Ah, yes, she just got out when I was trying to feed her. Tina found it quite comical.” Newt looked down at his shoes, trying to think why you looked so sad.

There was a loud silence filling the room. You were thinking of Newt and Tina, while Queenie was listening to the barrage of thoughts swarming through Newt’s head. 

“Sorry if we were loud, um, Y/n… are you coming ice skating with us?” Tina asked.

“Oh, yeah I am. I think it’s gonna be fun.”

Another long period of silence filled the room. Newt let go of Tina’s hand and stood there awkwardly. 

Queenie stood up and smoothed out her dress. “Well, I’m gonna go get ready now. Y/n, why don’t you come with me to try the skates on?”

“Sure.” You followed Queenie out of the room, all the while Newt watching the two of you leave while Tina also started to walk towards her room.

Newt stood there for a little bit, perplexed by why you looked so distressed before. He cared about you and seeing you like that really hurt him.

Deciding not to worry to much about it, he walked back into the guest room to start getting ready for tonight.

You had all just left the Goldstein’s apartment and picked up Jacob from his bakery. The cold wind nipped at your skin as you neared the skating rink.

Jacob and Queenie were walking in front of you, hand in hand and looking as adorable as ever. Meanwhile, Newt and Tina were walking behind you, laughing at each other’s stories and jokes. Leaving you as the fifth wheel.

Whatever, you weren’t going to waste this night moping about because of your feelings. Tonight you were going to live a little and have some fun learning how to ice skate, no matter how hard it may be.

Finally, you arrived at the rink. There were a few other couples skating around along with some kids. You sat down on one of the benches and started to get the skates on. 

“Have you ever skated before?” You jumped a little when you heard Newt’s voice. You hadn’t even heard him sit down next to you.

“Never, but I’m hoping I can get the hang of it.”

“I bet you’ll do fine. You can always hold on to me if you need help.” You looked towards Newt to see a shy smile placed on his face. You smiled back and stood up on your skates, immediately wobbling and almost falling over until you felt Newt’s hands on the small of your back holding you up.

“I didn’t think you’d need help until you actually got onto the ice.” You could literally hear the smugness in his voice.

“Well I’m sorry I’ve never tried these torture devices on before.”

“Oh, so now they’re torture devices? Are you saying your feet already hurt when you haven’t even skated yet?”

You laughed and turned towards Newt on your wobbly feet. “Yes, quite frankly, they-”

“Newt, are you coming or not?” Tina yelled out. She was already on the ice along with Queenie and Jacob.

“O-oh, yes, I’m just finishing lacing up!” Newt looked at you. Once again, there was that sad look placed on your face.

“Are you ok? You seem to be quite distant lately, love.”

You shot your head up at that. You didn’t think he noticed anything, well you definitely hoped he wouldn’t notice anything. It was nice to know that he cared, though.

You smiled softly,”Yea, I’m fine, thank you for asking. Now, could you help me onto the ice?”

Newt smiled back before taking your hand and leading you towards the ice. Once you were there, you just stood there for a second before walking on carefully. Newt showed you how to start skating around and he also showed you how to stop. You had fallen multiple times attempting to stop. It was so much fun being able to just laugh at yourself slipping all over the place, and now you were even starting to get the hang of things.

“Ok, now just follow me. You can do it.” Newt was skating backwards in front of you so he could watch you and see if you were doing well enough on your own. 

You continued skating until Tina came around and skated right beside you.

“Hey Newt, you want to take some laps around? I’m sure Y/n can do well enough on her own.” You frowned a little bit at that.


And with that, they both skated away, Tina grabbing onto Newt’s hand and whispering something into his ear. Totally leaving you where you were.

You skated around for a little bit, before stopping because your feet hurt. You could hear Queenie laughing at a joke Jacob said. Newt and Tina were still doing laps around the rink, hand in hand. There goes that nagging feeling in your head again. 

Deciding that it was time to get up again, you stood up and skated onto the ice. However, you didn’t realize that someone was already coming up fast from behind you. That person was not able to stop in time before colliding into you, making you both fall over.

You let out a grunt before crashing onto the ice and right onto your elbows. 

“I-I’m so so sorry, I didn’t see you coming onto the ice!”

You looked back to the person who hit you. It was a kid who looked extremely scared. 

You smiled nervously. She didn’t know you were coming onto the ice, it wasn’t her fault.

“It’s ok, I guess I should also watch out for people.” You pushed yourself up and off the ice, all of a sudden feeling a harsh sting coming from your elbow. You grit your teeth and looked down at the ice. There, where you fell were two large droplets of blood. Another drop soon joining them.

You skated off of the ice and sat down at a bench to take a look at your elbows. Both of them had been badly scratched and it hurt when you stretched your arms out. You attempted to put some pressure on them with your hands but hissed and let go when they stung. 

Queenie and Jacob were coming off of the ice to ask you why you sat down when they saw your bloody hands and elbows.

“Oh, sweetie, what on earth happened?” 

“It was nothing, I-I just fell.” Suddenly, a loud laugh was heard from the distance. You looked up and saw Newt and Tina still skating, Tina laughing loudly at something Newt said. They hadn’t even noticed anything wrong or that you had gotten off the ice… they were undisturbed.

Tears started to fill your eyes. You felt unwanted and jealous all at the same time, a dangerous combination of emotions. Quickly, you untied your skates and put on your shoes.

Jacob put a hand on your shoulder, noticing how quickly you were trying to wrap things up. 

“You okay kiddo? We can get some bandages for you and clean you up.”

Now you felt like you were ruining they’re night. You shouldn’t be burdening them like this.

Queenie looked at you sympathetically. She could hear all of your thoughts and she hated how you were putting yourself down so much. “Honey, no, you’re not burdening us. You got hurt and it’s not your fault.”

“N-no, I’m just going to go back to the apartment. I’ll see y-you guys later.” You looked up once more to see that Newt and Tina were still skating around, and they had even begun twirling each other on the ice.

Another wave of tears hit you hard. You grabbed your skates and ran out of the rink as quickly as you could, avoiding Queenie and Jacob’s yells for you to come back. 


Ok, I actually feel pretty good about this one. I hope you guys like it too :)

Here’s part 2 !!

Just Breathe... Rowaelin Oneshot.

Hiya, guys! I have been nearly dormant when it comes to fanfiction, so here’s a little oneshot for you beauties!
Prompt: Aelin has a stressful day.

   Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius didn’t glance up from his book as the door to their chambers swung wide, the oak of the door smacking hard off the wall.
 Smirking towards the fire, he murmured, “Bad day, Princess?”
His only answer was a loud groan and the slamming of the door.
 “If I ever see another snowflake again, I shall kill someone,” Aelin seethed.
Rowan turned in his seat and bit back a thunderous laugh.
Aelin was covered head to toe in snow, her hair plastered to her head, her deep blue gown soaked.
“One gods-damned sound, Rowan Whitethorn, and you’re finding another bed to sleep in.”
 Rowan saw the venomous glare in her eyes and the stress lining her body, and reined in his laugh.

   “I’m sorry, love,” he said as he stood, sliding a spare bit of parchment into his book before tossing it down.
Aelin frowned and swore colorfully as a large glob of melting snow sloughed off of her.
Suppressing another laugh, he crossed the room, stretching out his hands, “Let’s get you out of that dress.”
  Aelin heaved a sigh, then shivered violently, and Rowan closed the distance between them. Aelin looked at him gratefully, and turned. Brushing the dripping wet hair from her neck, Rowan silently began to unlace her tight gown. The strings were stiff, and Aelin was still shivering, despite the warmth of the room.
  After a few moments of silence, Rowan probed, “What happened?”
Aelin let out a long-suffering sigh, and craned her neck to look at him.
“I was talking to Yrene about the apprentices when one of the page boys came up to me, practically bleating like a lamb. He started rambling off nonsense about a stable hand and fighting and something else, so I went down to the stables,” she paused to help him shove off the gown, then turned to face him, her shift sticking to her skin.
 “It was simple really, two of the stable hands had had a row, the just scuffed each other up, really. I told them that if it happened again they’d be out on their ass.”
  She glanced down at herself and shivered again, “Why they asked me and not the damned Captain of the Guard, I don’t know, but anyhow, when I was walking back, I slipped.”
  Rowan glanced down at her again, assessing the amount of snow covering her, and her thorough soaking.
“Exactly how many times did you slip?”

 Aelin snarled, and began stomping away her boots squelching grossly as she made her way to the bathing room, her magic lighting the few candles around the large stone tub. When Rowan heard the gurgle of water, he chuckled softly and followed her in. She was already tugging awkwardly at the laces of her corset, and when he leaned against the doorpost, an amused grin playing at his lips, she snarled again.
 “Wipe that look of your face and help me.”
Rowan chuckled again, and gestured for her to turn, slowly beginning to ease the corset’s tight strings apart. Why females wore these torture devices, he didn’t know.
When he had finished, Aelin let out a deep sigh, pulling it off with a groan.
She turned to him and closed her eyes, reaching up a freezing hand to cup his cheek as she laid her sodden head on his chest. Rowan reached an arm around her waist, breathing her in. The stress lining her body began to ease, but he could tell something beside the whole “Slipping Incident” was on her mind.
   “What’s on your mind, love?” He murmured against her hair.
“Sleep. Tax on the nobles.” A little sigh. “What Lord Bryceon and the other lords said during our lunch today.”
  Rowan felt himself tense.
Lord Bryceon was a conniving little prick. Most of the other lords were semi-amiable.
But really, there were no other ways to describe him.
  Rowan had dealt with him enough to know that this was a fact. The man had always made Aelin uncomfortable, and he’d tried with all his might to be able to join her luncheon, but his duties had called him elsewhere.
 “What did he say, Fireheart?”
Aelin didn’t answer him. Instead she pulled away, her clever fingers finding the buttons of his shirt and popping them open one by one.
Aelin kept her eyes on Rowan’s as she finished with the buttons, running a hand up the plane of his muscled torso before shoving off the pale blue cotton. “Please— Just hold on,” she murmured.
Rowan furrowed his brow, but said nothing, only nodding. And maybe it made her a selfish, weak, bitch, but she stood on her tiptoes, brushing her mouth against his. “Join me, Ro’.”
  Rowan hummed and nodded against her. “I will, but you are going to tell me what is wrong.”
She knew she needed to, but gods, she didn’t want to tell him.
She nodded silently, and turned away from him, stripping off her breast band and undergarments. She felt Rowan’s heavy gaze on her as she stepped into the swirling hot water.
 As she sunk into the water, she heard Rowan’s belt hit the floor, then felt as Rowan stepped in.
She watched as he sunk into the water, those eyes of his boring into her. Aelin shifted her eyes away and plucked a vial of bath salt off the edge of the tub, dumping it in. As it swirled into the water, she glanced back to Rowan.
 “Come here,” he said into the quiet.
 Keeping her eyes on his, she turned off the faucet, and practically swum across the large tub. Rowan lifted an arm, allowing her to tuck herself into his side.
  An easy silence seeped into the candle-lit room, the strong scent of the lavender salts rising to her senses, the steady beat of Rowan’s heart calming under her ear nearly lulling her to sleep, Rowan’s calloused hand drawing slow circles on her shoulder… It was calm, lovely, a romantic evening they hadn’t had in months, but the memory of today’s events kept replaying in her mind.
 Heaving a sigh, Aelin angled her head to look at Rowan.
He was resting his head back on the tub’s lip, his neck and chest glistening with water, those eyes closed…
  “Rowan?” She breathed, and he cracked open an eye.
“Yes, love?”
 She glanced down at the water, the opaque water swirling as she pulled away from him and his warmth.
“They want me to see a healer.”
There it was.
  Rowan straightened slowly, taking his time before responding.
The word was a growl, low and deep, and she squeezed her eyes shut.
 “Because, I- I haven’t produced an heir yet, and they want to make sure I am able to bear. “For the good of Terrasen,” they said.”
 Rowan’s face tightened, but Aelin went on.
“I tried telling them that it would take time, I only stopped using contraception a year ago, and with my Fae blood, but they—,” she paused, and glanced down at her bare breasts. Faint scars from battles and terrors long since passed lingered there.
“They said that a queen should be able to have children. They said that I was just trying to keep the kingdom for myself.”
 It was all bullshit. Utter bullshit, but it seemed males liked to think they knew all about a woman’s body.
Rowan looked as murderous as she felt.
“They had no right to say any of those things.” He growled, and Aelin nodded.
“I know they can’t force me to have children, and I know it is my body, but I just feel so selfish when I say I’m not ready. I want children—gods do I want children— but not now, Ro’. It just seems too soon.”

   It had only been two years since the War. Two years, since she had died, only to be reborn. And she still awoke, screaming in terror, searching blindly in the dark for Rowan. He too, was still haunted by the events of those years, starting awake in the dead of night, gasps wrenching their way from his throat. And there were still bad days; days when she awoke, the hands of Cairn and Maeve tugging at her very soul.
 And gods damn her, but she didn’t want to have to explain to her child why they couldn’t sneak up on Uncle Aedion, or why their Mommy and Daddy had so any scars.
 Rowan slid his arm around her waist, not saying a word as he eased them back against the tub.

  “I don’t care if we never have children, Aelin, and I know your reasoning. And if those insensitive old pricks can’t get it through their thick skulls that we aren’t ready for children, that it is too soon, they’ll just have to deal with it.”
  Aelin laughed slightly, and kissed his chest. She wasn’t selfish for wanting to wait, she knew it. She was still young, she had thousands of years ahead of her, thousands of them to fill with children and laughter and families, but for now… Now she was content to sit in the bath, in the arms of Rowan. Just breathing. Just loving. Just healing.

Just a Dream

Summary: This can’t be your Castiel. It just can’t be. Your Castiel loves you. He’d never hurt you. This isn’t real, right?

A/N: Reminder since my tag lists are open back up: Please send an ASK or a MESSAGE if you want to be added. I do not always see comments and reblogs.


Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Non-con (rape), Torture, Language…I think that’s it

Word Count: 2k

-Feedback is always appreciated!

Originally posted by subcas

You screamed in pain as the whip Castiel was holding snapped across your bare stomach, nearly knocking the wind out of you.

P-p-please.” you begged him with every ounce of energy you had as your body trembled from the amount of pain you were in.

You’d been hit, whipped, sliced, and beaten for hours; with your wrists bound above your head. This wasn’t your Castiel, this wasn’t your angel. You thought that he loved you, yet here you were, being tortured.

“Please, what?” he growled, “Please, stop? Please, more? Oh..I’ll give you more.”

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Another veteran of snarky online commentaries and obligatory comedy reviews, the Upright Sleeper admittedly looks the part of a Very Silly Thing. It seems like what the Jigsaw Killer turns in for the final exam in balloon animal school, and it looks like the first purchase you’ll make the next time you have to Weekend At Bernie’s a dead body around the city. It doesn’t look like a thing that you’d use seriously, ever.

Travel pillows are a universally accepted way to catch some sleep during your preferred method of transportation (unless you’re driving, in which case stop reading this column and pay attention to the road). They’re also the goddamned worst. Inflatable U-pillows have a ridiculously narrow comfort zone that’s almost impossible to estimate as you inflate them. You’ll generally end up with an uncomfortably rock-solid one that brings your neck naught but the gifts of pain and unnatural angles. If you attempt to deflate the thing a bit – which, in most models I’ve tried, creates a sound not unlike loud farting – you’ll usually go too far the other way and end up with the limpest, least stylish neck warmer in the world. Memory foam ones are slightly better, but those things heat up like Chris Evans in his more misguided superhero role, and you’ll more often than not wake up with a torrent of neck sweat escaping the infernal apparatus all the way to your ass crack.

The Upright Sleeper, on the other hand, just keeps your head up. Sure, it looks like a torture device, but let’s face it: No one gives a shit about how you look during the long kinds of travel that prompt you to pack a sleeping device in the first place, least of all you. I’ll have six of this thing right now.

5 Hilariously Dumb Products (That Are Actually Super Useful)

It Always Starts As Friends: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Request from Anon: Hello love could you possibly do one with kol where you’re best friends and get jealous when he starts to hang out with davina a lot. Maybe the reader and kol end up together or something just a whole bunch of angst and fluff please? sorry if it’s really descriptive.

I’m so sorry that this has taken so long, but I hope you like it. Also for the purpose of this imagine in relation to the gif, just imagine the reader is Davina (it was the best one I could find and Kolvina is too perfect). Enjoy x 

There was only one word for what you were feeling. It was not a word you often used, nor was it one that you particularly liked. It also meant that you had the potential to be a cliche, which was something you most definitely did not want to be. 

It started to bubble up when your best friend, Kol Mikaelson, started hanging around with Davina Claire. They were laughing and smiling at the young witch’s failed attempt to perform a simple spell that Kol was trying to teach her. 

It started to overheat when you saw the way Davina looked at him. It was the way you had seen many girls look at him before, with awe and admiration, like he was the only thing that mattered. However, it had never bothered you this much before. 


A voice came from behind you, snapping you out of your thoughts. Turning, you saw Niklaus, his own signature smirk, which was very different from Kol’s, prominent on his face. 

“I’m sorry?”

“Jealousy. I believe that’s what you call what you’re feeling right now, Y/N. And I must tell you, you definitely do not suit it.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not jealous.”

Klaus rolled his eyes.

“Are you sure about that love? It just seems to me that if you keep staring at Davina Claire in that way, you’re probably going to burn a hole in her head. And before you start protesting that my little brother is your purely platonic best friend, I’ll remind you that you’re not the first to fall for my brother, nor will you be the last. No-one’s going to blame you for feeling that way.”

Klaus walked away, leaving you to chew on his words. 

It was true that ever since Kol had come back from the dead, you had felt a stronger bond with him. One that was much stronger than the string that was friendship. 

It wasn’t until Davina kissed Kol on the cheek before leaving that you truly accepted it. 

You were in love with Kol Mikaelson. 

“Told you.”

“Oh shut up, Klaus. Just tell me what to do.”

Klaus’ advice was far from helpful when you told him that he was right. He seemed more focused in bathing in the glory of being right than actually tackling the problem. 

Leaving him to his own devices, you decided to think it over in your room. It had been two days since you’d given into your feelings for your best friend, and as a result had tried to avoid him at every cost. 

It was torture. 

It was torture not seeing his flawless face, not ruffling that silky hair, not looking into those beautiful brown eyes. It was torture not seeing his smile, his smirk, his smug expression whenever he was right. It was torture not hearing his laugh, the noise that was music to your ears. 

It was torture not being near him. 

Elijah had told you that Kol had been spending more and more time with Davina, her affections for him clearly growing each day as he taught her magic. 

Sighing, you fiddled with the bracelet on your wrist. It was one Kol had given you on your birthday so many years ago, your birthstone dangling from it, refracting any light that shined off it. 

“Why did I have to fall in love with you, Kol Mikaelson?”

“You love me?”

Eyes widening at the sound of Kol’s voice, you looked up at him standing in the doorway. The look of shock on his face matched yours. He had clearly heard. 

“Um, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me, I came to see what’s wrong. But never mind that, I think we should discuss what you just said.”

You struggled for words, backing away towards the head of the bed as Kol sat on the edge of it, staring at you intently. 


“Love me.”

“Um, yes. Although you weren’t supposed to hear that. I mean, you were supposed to hear that, just not yet. I mean,-”

Your words were cut off when Kol placed his lips on yours. The kiss was sudden, passionate, everything you had imagined and more. He pulled you closer to him, his hands on the small of your back as he set your heart on fire. 

When both of you pulled apart for air, and the fire in your chest extinguished, he tucked a lonely piece of hair behind your ear, smiling at you. 

“What was that for?”

He looked down, his nose gently knocking against yours. You shivered, the feeling of his skin on yours enough to make you think you were dreaming. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that, Y/N,” as he spoke, he began to fiddle with that bracelet on your wrist, before taking your hand and drawing patterns on your palm. 

“When you’ve been alive for a thousand years, there’s always the possibility that at some point you’re going to become a character in a story. A generic story where the guy gets the girl and everything’s happy-go-lucky. Everything’s easy. Even us Mikaelsons, who constantly put people in danger, who have trouble following them around like a bloody lost puppy, get it sometimes. Klaus with Hope, and then again with Cami. Elijah with Hayley. I guess it was only a matter of time before I got it too.”

You cupped his cheek, not quite understanding where he was going with this. 

“What are you talking about, Kol?”

This time, as he spoke, the patterns on your palm ceased to exist, and his brown eyes set sight on you. 

“I’m talking about the fact that in these generic stories, it always starts as friends. And to be honest, I was hoping it would be you. I guess what I’m saying is, I love you Y/N Y/L/N. Always have, always will.”

You kissed him again, throwing yourself into the hurricane that would become the story of Y/N Y/L/N and Kol Mikaelson. 


Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You (62 Minutes Pt. 11)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Best Friend!Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Bobby Singer (mentioned), OC’s

Word count: 8,568

Summary: Dean takes the reader on their first official date. 

Warnings: smut, language, unwanted flirting? 

A/N: IM BACK BITCHES. It’s only been like…. 84 years. Honestly though I feel SO terrible this took me so long. I hope the wait was worth it! I’m in more of a writing mood currently so I can’t imagine I’ll take that long again- I’ll definitely do my very best not to. Special thanks to mi amor @jordanwinchesterimagines for encouraging me and editing this monster every step of the way. Lov u bb. 

Have a Request? Message me! I want to get back into writing and requests would be an amazing help.

Send me an ask if you would like to be tagged in future parts!

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Save Me

Hi @27azi I’m your SpideyCentral Secret Santa!!! I hope you enjoy this fic with our boy Spidey and  Deadpool :) Merry Christmas!!

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by msrogers

I pushed open my door and threw my bag on the couch. I made my way into the kitchen to prepare some food for my family and Peter. My best friend was currently out making New York City a safer place, cleaning out crimes and whatnot. He would be busting through my bedroom window in a few hours, asking for sustenance after a long night of kicking booty. 

I was cutting up some vegetables when I heard a knock on my front door. I checked the time and saw that it was way too early for my parents to be back from work. Scrunching my eyebrows together in confusion, I stared at the door. I carefully made my way to the door. I peaked into the peephole and saw a delivery man, holding a large box. Maybe my parents ordered something. I thought. I carefully opened the door.

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Heels (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3000 even (YES. BE PROUD.) Request/Summary: “Can you do 55,57,58 with Lafayette x reader please?”- @zoemonster200​ Warnings: I dropped the f bomb so many times in this the entire city is in ruins, some diet smut, fighting/arguing/yelling, that should be it. let me know if I left anything out.

A/N- Ruby ( @whatdimissmotherfuckers​ ) helped me out with french translations and became my thesaurus for a bit lol. Thank you Ruby. AND. Lafayette is just a tall curly haired bag of salt in this fic. Be warned. ALSO. Please give feedback! I love to hear from you guys!

Shit. He was in love. He sure as hell didn’t want to be. But it wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it.

“I don’t think you understand John. I can’t sing.” You told your freckled friend, entering the room with the three boys and Eliza Schuyler. “Agreed.” Lafayette said, snapping out of his daydream. Damnit. How was she so beautiful?

“Fuck you.” You growled at him.“You admitted it.” He sneered. “I was just confirming your suspensions- how you say? Oh, suspicions.”

“Shut up you two.” John flared pulling out a chair a sitting down. “Somebody’s in a bad mood.” You muttered, hopping up and sitting on Lafayette’s counter. “Off the counter.” He grunted. “Hmm.” You pretended to consider his request. “Nah.”

“Get. Your butt. Off. My. Counter. L/N.” He gnarred. “I’d rather not.” You smirked, swinging your legs. “Off the counter!” He barked, thrusting your shoulder backward. “No!” You retorted, shoving him back.

“C’mon (Y/N). Off the counter.” Alexander groaned. “I’d rather not have you two get into a fight again.”

“Again?” Eliza asked, the newest and most innocent of your friend group. “It was ugly.” Hercules answered, glancing toward her momentarily.

You sighed and slipped off the counter, strolling around the peninsula to sit next to John. Lafayette couldn’t keep his eyes from dropping downward as you walked away, your hips swinging. You taunted him relentlessly, and you didn’t even know how much you were tormenting him. His jaw clenched, how could he let this happen? Of all the girls to lose his heart to, it had to be the one who hated him most.

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life1221hurts  asked:

Can I get Murdoc doing the boyfriend does my makeup challenge with his partner please?!?!

After watching video after video, you had to do it.

The boyfriend does your makeup challenge.

You had all of the needed supplies, a boyfriend and makeup! You ran down to the living room to find Murdoc flipping through channels on the telly.

“Hey Murdoc?” You called, creeping up behind him.

You leaned on his shoulders, burying your face in his neck.

“Yes?” He responded, enjoying your hot breath against his skin.

“I know this is weird but, could you do my makeup?”

Murdoc turned slightly with his eyebrows knitting together.


You lifted yourself from him and grabbed the remote from him, turning off the tv.

“I asked if you could do my makeup.”

He sighed and leaned back, resting his arm over his eyes. He took a long pause before finally replying.


You squealed in delight as you dragged him to your shared bedroom, closing and locking the door so no one would intrude. You opened your vanity drawer to pull out your makeup. You gave the makeup to Murdoc and sat down, tying your hair back for easy access.

“Alrigh’ let’s see…” He murmured, looking through your bag.

He pulled out some foundation, mascara, some eyeshadow pallets and eyeliner.

“Ey! Keef loved this stuff!” He grinned, removing the cap from your eyeliner pencil.

He pulled your eyelid down and ran the pencil around the top and bottom. Sure he was a little shaky, but at least he was being relatively gentle.

“You know It would’ve been easier if you put on the eyeshadow before the eyeliner.” You giggled as he was digging through different color pallets.

He simply grumbled as he continued. He dabbed some foundation on your face along with some blush and nearly stabbed your eye with the mascara brush. He was almost finished, but something was missing. He dug through your makeup bag, his eyes lighting up when he found it.

“Aha! This little torture device!” He beamed, holding up an eyelash curler.

You couldn’t help but take a deep breath, concerned of what he would do to your poor eyelashes. You closed your eyes and scrunched your eyebrows together, hoping for the best.

“There.” He said when he was finished, handing you a mirror.

You studied the job he did. If you were being honest, it wasn’t half bad.

“It’s very ‘Murdocish’.” You laughed, noticing of how he contoured your nose to resemble his broken one.

He laughed along, tugging you closer to him. He kissed your cheek, pulling away with globs of foundation covering his lips.

“Oops.” You snickered, smearing it off of his face.


Dean imagine requested by anon! “In regards to you needing new requests, I was thinking of one where the reader is Sam or Dean’s girlfriend (you can decide) and while Sam and Dean are torturing a demon, they really scare her to the point where she doesn’t know if she can continue with this or not. I don’t know, it was just a thought I was having. I hope it helps.” This imagine has been edited for reposting. Hope you like it!

"You do not want me doing this, trust me.” he whispered, his voice low and gravelly… strained by the task before him, agonized at the inevitability of his upcoming actions, but desperate to escape the future. The room was leaden with thick, uneasy tension in the aftermath of the angels requesting the unimaginable, an impossibly horrific scenario playing out before your helpless eyes. Dean turned his back on you, his broad shoulders hunched, the dim lighting of the factory basement sending the edges of his figure into shadow, his hands balled into fists by his sides. He shook with fear, with conviction, with a crippling sense of duty. His eyes were locked on the hollow shell of a man secured to the enormous star of David beyond the door, bound by metal and ensnared in a devil’s trap of ancient Enochian origin. Castiel sighed, his body strangely relaxed in its rigid composure, his face completely void of emotion despite the task he had just assigned to your boyfriend. He was aware and in agreement that this was the last thing anyone wanted for Dean.

To provoke the eldest Winchester to torture as he had in Hell was madness, brought on by a corrupt system, you were sure of it; Uriel was most likely at the head of whatever sadistic operation he had you all playing parts in as pawns. Disposable, your emotions meaningless. The angel’ selfish derision of Dean’s traumatic experience while he was quite literally rotting in Hell sent waves of livid bile to burn in your throat, your body itching for violence, for silence, and for Dean’s freedom. Castiel turned to face you, his sapphire eyes lacking the empathy you had begun to catch glimmering in his irises, his newfound understanding of human behavior bleached within the confines of his mind to project a much more angelic form of disdain. He had recently been rewired to better fit Uriel’s motives; the absence of his caring demeanor allowed for Dean to be thrown back into his darkest, sickest memories… to select a serrated blade and get right on back to carving. Castiel showed no signs of an emotional struggle, no signs of a changing heart. The Castiel you had come to know would have fought this turn of events tooth and nail to protect Dean from reliving his torturous past. The stoic angel before you made no such effort.

“Want it, no. But I have been told that we need it, Dean,” the angel grumbled, his monotonous voice grating against your eardrums, scratching away at your professionalism. His imperfect facade tore through you, urging you to snap, to attack, to claw his orders from his throat. This wasn’t the Castiel you knew, and every fiber of your being wished to bring him to Death’s doorstep, despite your past friendship; you would disregard your partiality towards your own parents, you would sever all attachment in the blink of an eye if it meant protecting Dean. You were seconds away from going feral, anf it seemed like Castiel knew it. His eyes cautioned you to remain still, his chest rising in a precise, vaguely animalistic display of superior strength. Leave it to the angel to claim the apex predator bill. You ground your teeth, your fingernails biting into your palm as you clenched your fists, the air reeking of iron and grime as your vision grew hazy.

“Find somebody else. No one said it had to be him. You know what he went through in Hell; you’re the one who pulled him out… and you’re still going to send him in there? Have you completely lost your mind? You’re just as much a villain as the rest of them,” you growled, your voice leaking lethality, venom burning your words as they flew from between your lips. Castiel closed his eyes at your words, the smallest visible sign that you had affected him; he remained otherwise unfazed by your verbal attack. Dean’s body was racked with minute tremors, his shoulders slumping further forward in denial, in defeat, and in unadulterated fear. When he spoke, his voice was as far from his own as you had ever heard it.

"You ask me to open that door and walk through it… you will not like what walks back out,” he warned, his tenor all but drained of life, of emotion, of heart. You took a step towards him, your hand outstretched to press a palm against his shoulder, but he flinched away, his face hidden from your view. He raised his hand, unable to meet your eye, his palm warding you away from him. Your hand dropped slowly, falling to your side as a bird falls gracefully from the air after being shot from the sky. You glared daggers at the angel you had come to trust, that you had all come to trust, the angel who would now willingly send your lover back to the pit, just for a shred of information you could most likely live without. That was the worst of it all… you could continue your hunt without the information Alastair possessed. It would be easier, and cleaner, to end the demon and continue on your way. The angel ducked his head in a fabricated form of apology, your blood boiling in your veins. Your face burnt brightly with the intensity of a thousand embers, your vision hazing around the corners. You took a step in his direction, your hand falling to your waistband, closing tightly around the hilt of a blade. It wouldn’t hurt him, no, but it would scratch-up that pretty face of his. “Cas, get her out of here,” Dean whispered, his voice breathy, accepting of his terrible fate. Before you could think to step to his side, he was disappearing through a pair of swinging doors, his hands propelling a cart of torture utensils before him. You caught a glimpse of his demonic superior raising his head from where it hung against his chest, a gut-churning grin playing over his gaunt features. He looked… proud, sickeningly so, to see his protégé stroll through the doors. Castiel moved towards you, his footfall on the cement alerting you of his so sudden movement. You spun on your heel, your fury fueling your refusal. You raised the blade of your dagger to the angel’s throat, fully aware of his immunity to such a basic weapon. The threat in itself was enough to stop the angel’s advance.

“If you touch me, Castiel, I swear to God I’ll find a way to kill you,” his brow knotted, taking offense to your words, opening his mouth to preach of duty, of how he owed it to Dean to obey his commands. You slapped his outstretched hand away from your body as it rose, his fingers recoiling in shock. “I’m not leaving,” you hissed, sheathing your knife in your waistband once more. You turned, pressing your hand against the chilling rust that painted the metal door, your pulse quickening when you gazed through the layer of grime that obscured your view through the glass window. Beyond the film of filth obstructing your view, your eyes fell on the silhouettes of two men, face to face. Dean’s posture was confident, presenting a stark contrast to the broken man you had seen not a minute earlier, your brow furrowing in confusion to see him twirling a blade between his fingers. Castiel stepped back, assuming an infuriatingly calm pace as he walked back and forth between the colossal pipes riveted to the walls, his footsteps hushed by his practiced gait.

You wouldn’t dare open the door; to put Dean in the spotlight like that would surely increase his pain… but there was something else that held you back, something much worse. You dashed the thought from your mind, focusing on the man beyond the glass. He mustn’t know you were watching. He turned to the table, his gemstone eyes dark as they assessed his assorted utensils, his hands wandering familiarly over his instruments. He expertly selected a bucket, swiftly pouring a ladle of the transparent liquid over the gleaming edge of an intimidating knife. As he prepared his weapon, the demon on the rack targeted his every movement, his frail body quaking with malicious laughter potent enough to seep through the door and lap against your ears, shivers rolling down your spine as if the demon were breathing on your neck. Your eyes locked-in on Dean’s face, on the hardened line of his jaw, the professional set of his eyes. The roaring of your frantic pulse was drowning out all other sound, the pads of your fingertips receiving shallow scrapes as they brushed over the clusters of vibrant amber rust on the surface of the door. Your eyes were unmoving on Dean’s face, your breathing shallow, your chest hardly lifting with your inhales as you watched, your stomach knotting around itself painfully as Dean meandered in the direction of his victim.

“If it makes any difference to you,” Castiel spoke, his voice a soft and sincere whisper some ten feet behind you, your eyes welling with tears to hear the familiar tone of his voice, unmarred by the infliction of his angelic superiors, “I would give anything not to have him do this.” What you saw next would be essence of your nightmares months after you witnessed it all.

Dean, still facing away from the demon on the rack… smiled. You could blink and miss it, but smile he did. He turned toward the demon, blade glinting in the dim fluorescents, and the torture began.

Alastair’s face broke in pain and joy as Dean’s buried the blade deep within the ribs of the sickly vessel, his shoulders taut as he twisted his wrist, the demon’s eyes squeezing shut as steam rose from the wound in the opposite direction of his free-flowing blood. You felt your hand lift to cover your mouth, your vision blurred from the onslaught of tears brimming along your waterlines. The horrors of torture weren’t what shattered your groundings; you’d been on both ends of that spectrum before. It was part of the job to inflict and receive pain on the rack. You’d witnessed Dean’s relentless holy water torture before his vacation down under; it was the quickest route to an answer when a demon was on the table… but now… now his tactics were driven, specific, and altogether unfamiliar. His blade charged upward to Alastair’s collarbone, unhindered by the bumps of the vessel’s bones, his broad shoulders turning as he returned to the table to fetch a cask of salt. His eyes were dancing with pride, the vulnerable emeralds you’d come to love were combusting with power, with something very near to lust… with contentment. His lips stretched into the dark ghost of a grin as the demon pleaded with him to step up his game, the slippery words of antagonism reaching you through the metal of the door. Dean’s ears perked up in interest as his teacher complimented him through every instrument the hunter plunged into his skin, every dash of holy water and salt thrown his way. The expression of… of coming home was branded into the tissue of your brain. That was no longer your Dean beyond the glass. Your hand slipped down the door, going slack at your thigh, your body retching forward as your feet carried you back, vomit fighting from the pit of your stomach to rise to the surface. You managed to keep it down, by some miracle, but your heave brought Dean’s eyes to the door. When you rose, his gaze locked firmly on your ashen face, his features crumbling to nothing but shock and guilt. He was horrified, it seemed, to have been caught loosing control. You weren’t sure if he cared that he should have been horrified long before he realized he had an audience. You stumbled backwards, your eyes rolling back in your head as your body collapsed ground-ward, Castiel’s arms catching you as your world slipped in and out of focus. When your vision shifted to clarity a moment later, the cement underfoot cooling the backs of your thighs, his eyes were rock hard on yours, awaiting your command. You squeezed your eyes shut, clutching to Castiel’s trench coat.

"Take me home,” you whimpered, the sickening sound of breaking bones and groans carried on the swells of laughter erupting from the opposite end of the door as Dean returned to his work, an ever-faithful protégé.

Harbinger of Doom Part 4/? (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,256

Warnings: Swearing, Blood, Angst

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Rape

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Being a precognitive and empath was no easy feat. Your parents labeled you the devil and kicked you out when you developed your powers when you turned 15.  After being on your own for years, Hydra is after you and you had nowhere to turn…except to the Avengers.  

Lately, with Dr. Banner helping you with your powers, your visions had been coming to you in your sleep instead of while you were awake.  For the most part, it was actually pretty great.  You didn’t get distracted while you were training, which made you improve.  But you were still nowhere near as good as any of the other Avengers when it came to combat training.  Usually when you learned things, it came easy and natural for you to pick up, but combat training and hand-to-hand training just wasn’t one of them.  Maybe it was because you impartial to this type of violence, even though you knew you were fighting bad guys like Hydra.

That weird gut feeling you had a feel weeks ago still came and went and it honestly had you a little freaked out.  You didn’t receive any kind of visions the past two weeks which also seemed a bit off. You had decided that if it kept happening for another week, you would talk to Bruce about it and see if he could help you out.

Your relationship with Steve, both in the romance and intimacy department was full speed ahead. After that night the two of you somewhat watched The Shining, you officially became a couple.  It wasn’t a surprise to anyone else and they were actually really happy for you, especially Bucky.  He was happy to see Steve happy.  Being a virgin didn’t scare Steve off at all, in fact, he said he would let you take the pace for when you were ready.  But that didn’t stop you from still having fun in the bedroom.  In fact, you had practically moved into his bedroom now and that was where you found yourself during one of the worst visions of your life.

“Tell me where they are you stupid bitch” the Hydra thug said as his fist connected with your jaw.  Immense pain swelled on your face from the impact, blood pooling in your mouth. “Not a chance in hell fucker” you retorted back, spitting your blood at his feet.  His hands gripped your jaw tightly, his nasty breath fanning over your face as he spoke, “Trust me bitch, I’ll get you to talk.”  He released your jaw and walked out the door, slamming it.

You surveyed the room, trying to find a way to get out of your position.  There was a long metal table up against the wall with what looked like torture devices. Your hands were cuffed behind your back and also to the chair you were sitting in, while your feet were bound together.  “Fuck” you whispered out, knowing full well that there wasn’t anything you could do but wait.  And wait you did.  

Hours later, the same Hydra scum made his way back into the room. Stalking towards you, his hand gripped your throat with force.  You could feel the irritation from him when he touched you.  You knew he wasn’t going to kill you, at least not yet, so you let the darkness consume you as you lost conscious.  

You awoke some time later and you noticed right away you weren’t tied down to your chair.  You were lying face down on a bed, hands shackled to the wall in front of you while each of your feet were chained to the bed posts.  “Now the fun can begin” a gruff sound man said from the dark corner. You raised your head to see him as you started to struggle against the chains.  “My name is Borya sweetheart” he hissed out in a deep Russian accent. Your pulse quickened as he stepped towards you him; he was completely naked.  “No no..please don’t do this” you cried out as you kept struggling against your restraints.  “I’ve been told to break you in any way that I can” his voice carried through the empty room.  He got on the bed on top of you and ripped your underwear off of you.  You kicked your legs as much as you could but it was no use, you were stuck on the bed, the restraints stretched you out to the point of no wiggle room.  Your breathing hitched as you realized what was about to happen.  “Don’t do this!!!   PLEASE!” you begged and cried at the same time.  His hand roughly grabbed your hair as your head was yanked back. “I’m going to enjoy this” he sneered as the tears freely flew down your face like a waterfall.  You were helpless; there was nothing you could do as you succumbed to your fate.  You felt his tip at your entrance as he forced himself through.   A blood curdling scream left your mouth at the pain that radiated you.  There was no preparation, no easing into this.  “Love me some virgin blood” he snarled as you could feel the blood pooling between your legs at his harsh ministrations.  He started pounding into you like a jackhammer, ignoring your cries and pleading.  It was the worst pain you had ever felt; at this point, you wanted to die.  “Kill me please!!! Just kill me!!” you wailed as Borya never let up.  His hips began to falter as he stilled inside of you, letting out a groan.  Pulling out of you, he leaned down to whisper, “this is only the beginning.”  He laughed as he left you alone, alone and bloodied with your thoughts.  

“Y/N….Y/N baby please wake up!!!  WAKE UP!!!!” Your eyes opened as you were flailing around the bed, screaming at the top of your lungs; Steve standing at the edge of the bed in complete shock and worry as he watched you.  When you stopped flailing around, he jumped into the bed and held you close to him.  “Y/N what the fuck happened?” he asked as his feelings rushed to your mind.  He was so worried and scared for you and you felt it all as you were coming down from your vision.  “No…no it can’t happen like that…I won’t let it…it can’t possibly be that way….I can’t go that way…” you kept mumbling out incoherently.  “Baby just breathe.  Talk to me…what happened…what did you see?” Steve’s concerned voice broke through your head.  You had never seen visions of yourself before.  Never.  No matter how hard you tried.  You thought it was a glitch in your mind or something; to be able to see anyone else’s demise but your own.  Your breathing did the opposite and sped up some more as you started to shake.  Hydra was going to find you, and they were going to rape and torture you.  You thought you were safe here, but maybe you weren’t.  Maybe this is where they find you.  So many thoughts flooded your mind and you just wanted to scream.  

You tore away from Steve’s embrace as you raced to the bathroom.  Slamming then locking the door behind you, you rid yourself of your clothing and got into the scalding hot shower.  Even though it was a vision and didn’t really happen, you had to get the feeling of Borya’s hands off your body.  You scrubbed relentlessly until your skin looked raw.  You stayed there under the shower as your vision replayed over and over in your mind.  Your legs gave out on you and you dropped to the floor, screams and cries leaving your voice.  “NNNOOOOOOO” you sobbed out repeatedly, knowing your vision would at some point come true.  Ignoring Steve’s pounding on the floor, you kept screaming until your voice became raw and your body became numb. 

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I Would Try

Originally posted by thetrickintrickster-blog

Characters: Samandriel x WinchesterSister!Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Word Count:  2537

Warnings: Spn-like Violence, Injury, Swearing, Fluff (from me?  Yeah, I’m shocked, too)

Request:   Could you write a bit of cute Samandriel? In which he escapes and DOESN’T die?And so then the reader takes him in as a secret do no one else can come after him. And ends up harboring feelings for Heaven’s cutest angel.

A/N:  Alfie is definitely one of those characters I wish I could reach though the TV screen and save.  It’s nice to finally have the chance.

You’d seen a lot of terrible things hunting with your brothers.  But seeing Samandriel was by far the worst.  He was so covered in blood that you could hardly see his face. Crowley’s device circling his brow like a twisted, tortured halo. Your brothers’ pushed past you, facing off with the demons.

“Christ,” you murmured, sliding to your knees beside the Angel, his head slumped forward on his chest. Your fingers shook as you reached for the screws embedded in his skull.  

“Y/N,” Dean grunted, back pinned against the wall.  “Get him out of here,” he shouted through clenched teeth.  Dean’s commands calmed your nerves, just like they always did. Do what your big brother said and you’d get out of this just fine.  Your hands stilled as they pulled at the screws, your stomach turning as the first slid out of his skull.  

“Let me,” Cas said at your elbow.  You nodded, stepping to the side to let him help you.  You flinched as a window broke, Dean falling through it.  

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Tony Stark's Daughter-Part five

Readers POV
We arrived at the secret house a few hours after we left, it was in the middle of nowhere which I guess was the whole idea because it made us harder to be found which is what we all needed.

I was sat outside looking out at the countryside that surrounded the house, it had been such a long time since I’d been surrounded by nature like this, all those years spent in the Hydra labs….it felt strange to finally be free, part of me couldn’t believe that it was real…Like it was just some type of dream.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Bucky said as he sat down next to me, putting his arm around my waist. I smiled at him and nodded before placing my head on his shoulder.

“Is this even real, Buck? It feels​ too good to be true” I sighed, he kissed my head and chuckled.

“Yeah, doll, it’s real,” he whispered to me.
The two of us stayed like that until the evening, just sat with each other, looking at the view and talking about everything that has happened​. It then got late and I decided to go to my room. Part of me was terrified to go to sleep in fear of the nightmares returning, but I was so tired and as soon as my head was on the pillow I fell asleep instantly.

I was with Bucky and the guys at the safe house, we were all laughing and joking over dinner. And then there was the sound of gunshots. I went to run, but was stopped by the scene that I saw infront of me. They were dead. All of them. All of the Avengers. My dad…And Bucky all of them had bullet holes running through their heads as blood covered their faces.
And then I heard his voice….the voice of the man that had tortured me for years…The man that i had grown to fear more than anyone.
“This is all your fault” he began “you cause trouble wherever you go, you’ve caused so many deaths..” his voice was like an echo as images replayed in head…Images of all the people he had made me kill.
Within seconds, I was sat in a chair with that stupid device on my head… I knew what was going to to happen and I tried so hard to be brave, but I couldn’t hide my fear.
“You’re a monster, Y/N, a perfect little monster” he said, and it’s then that he turned on the device, sending  I am immense amount of pain to surge through my body,and then he began talking in Russian. He was saying the code, the code that triggered the monster that Hydra had created.
I could feel myself slowly slipping back….Back to the monster….back to the killer that they had created….Back to my own nightmare.
End of dream

Bucky’s POV
I couldn’t sleep, I knew that even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to. So I was just sat in the kitchen drinking a beer. But that’s when I heard a scream, coming from upstairs. I instantly thought about Y/N…she suffered from the same nightmares that I did. I ran upstairs to see the Avengers all standing outside the room looking at Y/N with worry, Tony was in the room with her trying to wake her up, I noticed that a similar worry filled his eyes. I walked into into the room and sat opposite Tony.

I placed my metal hand on her cheek, stroking it softly as I leant close to her ear whispering,

“Y/N, doll, you need to wake up, it’s not real, it’s just a dream,” and “C’mon doll, come back to me”, I repeated those phrases a few more time, (Y/N and I had known each other long enough to know how to wake one another up from a nightmare), and eventually Y/N woke up. Her forehead was covered with sweat and her eyes were wide and watery…She looked so fragile in that moment, like her whole world could fall apart any second…. I had seen this look before and I carefully grabbed her chin so she facing me.

“Bucky?” She asked, her voice cracking as she did so.

“It’s me, it was just a dream doll, you’re safe, we all are”I whispered to her before she fell into my chest sobbing. I held her close as I rubbed soothing circles onto her back. I didn’t need to ask her what the nightmare was about, I already knew. Hydra.
I looked over at Tony, he looked broken….I couldn’t imagine how hard this was for him, all those years of her missing, the fear that she was dead….and in a way she was, the little girl that he knew had died a long time ago, Y/N was different now. And there was nothing anyone could do to help her…The memories from Hydra always came back, no matter what. Tony nodded at me as I held his daughter in my arms as he left the room, the other Avengers followed closely behind. I stayed with Y/N comforting her, and after she has calmed down we just lied in bed together…Neither of us uttering a single word, knowing that words wouldn’t help.

Tony’s POV
“Tony?” Rhodey asked cautiously as I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and poured myself a glass.

“Is now really a good time to be drinking?” Clint asked. I clenched my fist at his words. In a simple answer, no, now wasn’t a good time to be drinking. But I needed to. I needed to have the drink so that I wouldn’t hunt every single Hydra agent down and kill them. Kill them for what they did to my little girl.

“No, Clint, it isn’t, but right now it’s the only thing stopping me from getting in my suit and killing every single son of a bitch that hurt my daughter” I said anger filling my voice. Everyone looked at me sympathetically as I poured myself another glass. I hated seeing Y/N like this, I hated hearing her screaming and not being able to help her. I blamed myself for everything…Why did I have to try and be the hero, why couldn’t I have just stayed with my daughter. If I’d have stayed, they never would’ve taken her…And she wouldn’t be this way.

My rage filled inside me causing me to throw the glass at the nearest wall, shattering it to pieces as I knelt over the counter letting out a sigh.

“Tony, you cannot blame yourself” Wanda said as she walked over to me.

“Wanda’s right, Tony, none of this is your fault,” Steve said as he moved the bottle of whiskey away from me. It’s then that we saw Bucky enter the room.

“She’s okay, she’s reading” he said.

“How’s you know to do that?” Nat asked him. He looked at me before answering her question

“Y/N and I are very used to dealing with each other in that state…The nightmares, they feel so real.” he said

“What are the nightmares about?” I asked, he looked at me, working out if he should tell me, knowing that it would not only enrage me but the others as well.

“I want to know what they did to my daughter, please tell me” I asked as I moved closer to him. He let out a sigh and nodded.

“Y/N was always stubborn, she never did what they wanted her to do…So they had to break her, it meant doing a similar thing to her as they did to me, it meant erasing her memories and creating a new person…A monster. She remembered things quicker than anyone else, and when she did, she broke down, which is why they did the experiments on her, it was like a punishment for her remembering , and they hoped that it would make her weak so that the next time they erased her memories it would last longer…And they were right…So they did more experiments, hoping that they would give her powers…But they never worked, so they tortured her as a result of the experiments not working.” Bucky explained, I could feel years begin to enter my eyes.

“Wh-what type of torture?” I asked choking on my words, he looked at me with a warning look in his eye, as if asking if I was sure I wanted to know. I nodded in reply, even though i didn’t want to know…But I needed to know.

“it was both mental and physical torture. They would put visions in her head of you dying, and they would show her pictures of everyone she’d ever killed….they’d also hurt her,beat her up, sometimes so bad that she’d be in the hospital for a few days.”He whispered quietly, as I saw a tear fall from his eyes.

“How did you two get so close?” Steve asked, I think he was trying to get Bucky back to happier memory.

“We were in cells next to each other, and we just started talking…And then Hydra partnered us together on missions….we protected each other when we were the ‘monsters’ and we helped each other when we returned to normal.” Bucky said as a small smile came onto his face,
“She was always talking about you, Tony, about how you were a big hero and that all she wanted was to see you again, even if it was just for a second. She hoped that you wouldn’t be stuck in a wallow of self pity, she even thought you might be moved on and got a new family…She was forever talking about always wanting a little brother or sister.,” As Bucky said those words, I felt a wave of emotions hit me,part of me was devastated that she thought I could move on and forget about her, but then I remembered how she was younger, before her mother died, she would always ask us to give her a baby brother or sister…She even put it on her Christmas list one year…I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered the old memories.

Unknown POV
“So they’re in that house” I asked the scientist standing next to me.
“Yes, I take it you remember what to do?” He asked me. I nodded in reply, I was to get Y/N Stark back to the Hydra base. That was my mission, that was what I had to do. And I was going to do it, I had to, it’s what I’d been ordered to do.

Cinders - Chapter Nine

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SUMMARY: It’s time for a rescue mission

WARNING: Graphic depictions of blood, gore and/or torture

WC: 2372

Ray feels himself being shaken awake, his finger tips trembling painfully and humming with lights. Half unconscious he draws his hand closer, taking in the intricate wiring with confusion before rocketing up straight, eyes wide and alert. Staring at his hand, he feels himself beginning to panic, fear clawing its way up from his stomach and using his ribs as a ladder. Shaking himself and trying to level his head, Ray struggles from the blanket he had cocooned himself inside of and scrambles from the couch. “Fuck!” he exclaims, staring down at his hand as the painful sensation continues to shoot through his fingers; your interlinked distress signal crying for help with impatient hums.

He starts pacing frantically, unsure what to do; his movements sharp and clumsy. Such a signal only sounds when the cybernetic enhancement is damaged; and this could happen for a wide array of reasons. Trying to calm himself down, he thinks of the possibilities and attempts to ease his heart rate. You could have tripped and fallen, could have been submerged in water for too long; but none of it fit with the deep pit of anxiety beginning to form knots in his stomach.

Reaching for his phone, he presses his fingers to the back of the device, flinching as the technology draws the information from his cyber fingertips and inside of its mechanism with a warm shock. Left stinging, he scrolls through the data your signal had sent, becoming angrier as he listens to the audio recording contained within the internal black box.

“Now that I have your attention - Make sure he’s watching - I think we need to get a few things straight”

The sound of your bloodcurdling screams are accompanied by your leg’s silent distress call, the faint beeping lacing as an undertone beneath a sickly, wet tearing sound that echoes uncomfortably throughout the apartment; burrowing its way into the carpet.

“I’m in charge here”

Ray moves with unwavering determination, slinging his weaponry together as his hands shake; a stream of curses running under his breath. Readying himself, he uploads the location of the signal to his phone before bolting out the door and into the cool night without a moment’s hesitation.

“All you’ve gotta do sweetheart, is tell us where your boyfriend’s crew hangs out”

“Fuck you”

The punches come quick and sharp, pummelling into your tender stomach mercilessly, causing you to double over while trying to stifle the groan. Lifting your head, you stare at him, his square face furious and pink; eyes the colour of muddy dishwasher water. It had been at least four hours. Four hours since the first time they forced glass into what remains of your weeping leg. Four hours since you’d promised yourself that you’d kill them all, slowly.

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Little Green - Escape (Jongdae, pt. 8) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]

  \ Escape


 You weren’t sure who he meant anymore, but either way, you whimpered. Haneul didn’t even bother getting up from the floor, just plastering herself against the wall as she flashed you a frightened look.

“It’s gonna be okay,” she said. “It will be okay!”

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Why do I always watch makeup tutorials despite knowing I'm never going to follow them or buy those products?
  • Tutorial: First, start with moisturizer and primer...
  • Me: (Already wearing a heckton of foundation that I know perfectly well is going to seep into my skin and vanish within hours) haha then what?
  • Tutorial: Let's do our eyes before our foundation so that none of our eye makeup gets on our foundation and messes it up.
  • Me: lel
  • Tutorial: Make sure you buy special brushes for all of these different eye products, because the ones that come with the eyeshadows are no good.
  • Me: (smearing eyeshadow on with my fingers) TRUUUUU
  • Tutorial: And curl your eyelashes before GLUING FAKE ONES TO YOUR FACE
  • Me: (screams at the sight of eyelash glue and the medieval torture device calling itself an eyelash curler and runs out of the room)

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Reaction-The Sakamaki brother‘s s/o acting cold towards them because they're angry(or any reasons)

Admin Mawile: ( ´△`)


-As long as he can still feed from you without trouble, he won’t care. You can be as angry and cold as you like, just don’t make work for him. He’ll ignore your upset until it directly gets in his way. 


-That kind of behavior is immature and inappropriate. You will adjust that attitude, or face his idea of how to fix it. No partner of his will be allowed to treat him with such disrespect and rudeness. 


-If you’re going to be all cold, than he’ll just have to torture you until he gets a reaction! Between frequent, painful bites and actual torture devices, you’ll perk up quickly or suffer for it. 


-You’re not allowed to be rude to him, and Teddy is very offended by your behavior. He’s going to have to punish you now, because you just had to try to make him angry with you. 


-He knows lots of ways to make unhappy prey smile again… and you’re going to be experiencing all of them. Really, he doesn’t care if you’re angry or not, and is just jumping on the chance to torment you. 


-He ignores it for as long as he can, but eventually gets so frustrated with the cold behavior that he snaps and tries to scare you into stopping. If that doesn’t work, he just gets even more angry with you. 

Pyrocynical X reader - Miles Dont Matter.

Pyro x reader - Miles Dont Matter.
A/N I have a story to tell later boyz

Who knew that love could bloom from a DM? One day you had received a message from Niall, telling you that he thought your channel was hilarious and he would like it if you would collab with him and the next you were promising that even though there were thousands of miles between you, there was no one who could compare to him.
There were oceans that lay between you, creatures filled them and mysteries defined them, but not even the pool of velvet blue could harness the waves of feelings that traveled through the internet cables that rested between them.
It wasn’t until 432 ‘i love you’s had passed between the pair of you, that a date had been set for you to finally meet. Vidcon, a convention generally for fans to meet their idols, but this year, like many that had passed, two lovers were on the precipice of meeting, finally allowed to be close to each other.
You spent the remaining days counting down until your hands could fit delicately in Nialls. It was agony, the feeling of dragging never leaving your body.
The day had come, you were ready to meet him. Your clammy hands shook with pressure and thoughts filled with doubts, not only doubts of your appearance but whether the spark would really be there when you cane to be face to face at long last. You approached the doors, they seemed shinier now that you could see a puff of blonde hair just past the stickers that displayed various ads for various games and devices.
There he stood, the big Pyrocynical, in the flesh. It felt unreal to you, like he wasn’t really there but simply a cruel part of your imagination that wanted to torture you.
He saw you at the exact moment you saw him, the conversation he had previously been having had been forgotten and his eyes widened so far you were surprised they didn’t pop out of his skull. Niall dropped his bags as he ran, similar to your own actions; it was like a scene out of some chick flic - two lovers running together, only for one to catch the other in their arms and never let them go. He did catch you, he held you there while your arms and legs clung to him like he was a life boat on a stormy sea.
Nothing could control the lightening that passed between you, it was brilliant and bright and drown out all of your doubts. Niall’s friends stood, some gawked, some laughed at him and some whispered 'wow she’s actually real’ which honestly was a shock to you too.
“I cant believe this.” He mumbled, gripping you even tighter, any other time, it might have hurt. “I love you so much.”
“I love you so much too.” You replied. God knows you weren’t lying.

A/N OKAY I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO END IT. Only one preference bc I have a beefy explanation thing to write and then its the new TWD wooo. Asks and feedback appreciated.