your face is a queue

Reaper - He growls under his breath as he basically just makes this person sit down and calm down even if he has to force them to. Their health, especially their mental health, is more important than anything in the world despite what they want to think.

Zenyatta - Have they taken a break? Zenyatta is quick to remind them that they are just human and just sitting down and taking a deep breath can help very much during moments of high stress.

Instead of drama that’ll get you pumped up as you read it, I just realized that it’s probably much more approriate to tell you guys to prepare yourselves on an emotional level for this part of Mafia Boss haha. It’s gonna be a wild ride for your emotions. So…. Get ready hahah.


S12 Countdown: 23 days or
Edit series of Time After Time for Snow: N°2 - SN: 07x12

Hey @red-and-restrained remember forever ago when I said I would make Raph and Vee an aesthetic?

Well I finally did!