your face is a cookie darling

Up on the Housetop

(Gif not mine)

Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader (ft. the Avengers)

Content/Warnings: FLUFF

Words: 1368

A/N: My attention span is basically shot, so I’m surprised I even managed to finish this tonight. This was a request from @crazyqueenofgotham, I hope you enjoy! Figured I’d mention the fem!reader thing now that I’ve gotten asks about male readers and there’s a fair amount of female pronouns and stuff at the end of this.

When you had first explained to Loki the concept of Christmas, he hadn’t been very impressed. He didn’t understand why children thought a fat man in red came down the chimney to deliver presents, why people brought trees into their homes and hung things on them, or why Santa Claus traveled by use of flying reindeer. You had expected that reaction - it was Loki, after all - and wondered what had happened to change his mind about the whole Christmas thing.

When you, Clint, and Natasha had left the tower for a mission, the room you shared with Loki hadn’t really been decorated for the holidays. The most you had done was put out stockings, which Loki had just shaken his head at, and switched out your normal hand towels for the winter-themed ones. Naturally, you were confused to see your room completely decked out in Christmas decorations when you returned less than a day later.

“Uh… Loki?” You called, taking in the Christmas tree, lights, and general festive cheer in the room. It even smelled like Christmas cookies, which you had no idea Loki actually knew how to make.

“Yes, darling?” Your eyes finally settled upon the dark-haired Asgardian prince, seated by their gas fireplace. He had a thick book in hand, finger stilled over his place on the page while he glanced at you with a curious gaze.

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anonymous asked:

I adore that comic you did but I thought Iida was the class dad

okay class 1A parent group concept-

Iida: Dadmom- HE PROTEC. do your homework. brush your teeth. always has a supply of bandaids and orange juice. attends Every sports day and recital.

Sero: Dad- troll dad. will make horrible jokes with a straight face. amazing at hugs. invented the get-along sweater. ‘ask your mom’.

Todoroki: Mom 1- the fight ender. is he deadpan or is he dancer. will ruthlessly murder anyone who hurts the children. ‘ask your dad’.

Momo: Mom 2- perfect bubbly angel darling. be kind to her. ace homework advisor. probably amazing at hugs as well. makes everybody personalised knitted garments for every holiday with her quirk.


those thoughts of yours | jackson wang

words: 1117

got7 are famous in this scenario!

indicator: you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts and vice-versa


Having a voice inside your head that wasn’t your own should’ve been worrying. However, you’d had this voice in your head since you were eight and with it, a sense of comfort washed over you. He was loud and he was a little obnoxious - whoever spoke to you inside the labyrinth of your mind.

You didn’t know how you were able to hear him over your own thoughts - they were a raging windstorm that blew one way then another. How you were able to notice a voice other than your own was a complete mystery to everyone. The boy had an odd way of introducing himself - he didn’t want to say his name so you had a habit of calling him puppy. You’d noticed that a lot of people referred to him as a puppy - he’d grumbled about it every now and then.

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The Last Slice

You: *slummped down, angry on the couch*

Loki: What’s wrong, my love?

You: *rolls eyes* ask Tony


You: *frowns and sighs*

Loki: Hold on

Loki: *teleports away*

An hour later

Loki: *teleports back while holding 5 pizzas and a bag*

Loki: Darling I know you love pepperoni, but they ran out after the third pizza-

You: Loki-

Loki: And I know that the orange Fanta is your favourite, but they only had the pink one-

You: Loki-

Loki: BUT to make it up for it all, I bought you cookies and cream ice cream! Your favourite :)-

You: LOKI!

Loki: What?

You: *walks up to Loki* *cups his face* *kisses him*

You: *holding his face in your hands* Thank you

Loki: *blushes* Anything for you, my love

Tony, reaching for a slice of pizza: Can I just-

You, turning around abruptly: NO

Gently: Ryan Haywood

Word Count: 359

There are few things that are held sacred in the Achievement Hunter office; most things are a free for all once you enter the room. But you had sort of hoped that by leaving a package with your name on it on your desk everyone would get the hint not to touch it. That had been your thought process anyway when you left the office to head over to stage five to do Off Topic.

You followed Michael into the office and made your way to your desk, stopping abruptly when you spotted the box that had been closed was now wide open.

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The cyborg laughed a little as he stood in the doorway. Watching you stuff your face with cookies 

“They must be good. That or you must be very hungry darling”

You jumped a little and threw a cookie at him “Don’t worry about it” You snap putting another cookie in your mouth making him laugh and drape an arm on you 

“The baby wanted cookies hm?” he asks placing a hand on your swollen belly making you blush a little 

“Maybe” You giggle a little as he picks you up and kissing your cheek “We will get you cookies in bed silly. You need rest” 

“But cookies!” You whimpered 

Genji laughed and handed you the cookie jar “Here you are my love. Now lets go try and sleep sweetie”


You tried to sneak out of bed past your husband. a trick you did with knowledge that he probably would find you

But your hunger for whatever it was you were craving

But you were stopped by a strong arm coming around and hugging you from behind “Where do you think your going?” Hanzo asked giving you a stern chuckle 

“Sweetie I’m starving” you whimper 

“For what might I ask” 

“Ya know…pregnant people stuff” Hanzo smiled and pulled you in closer kissing your cheek “is that so. Well I suppose that is alright. As long as you don’t stay up any later then you have been every night” 

“oh…you have been noticing that?” 

Her let out a chuckle “Of course I have. Now get your food and come back to bed sweetie”


When you tried to sneak out of bed to get a midnight snack part of you knew McCree was still awake. With recent nights of you getting up to get food in the middle of the night he had been staying up to make sure you were alright when you did 

wrapping his arms around you as you walked out of the room “Mmmmm darlin ya know how hard it is ta sleep in a bed without ya” 

“I was only gonna be gone for a second” You smiled putting your hands over his making him almost purr in your ear 

“Jesse please I need to go get food”

“Or I could get it for ya” He smirked. His love was cute if not bordering the territory of smothering you. But you couldn’t really blame him. I mean hell he had never really been around a pregnant woman other then Ana, but this time it was HIS kid.

He pulled you back in bed and pressed his lips into the back of your neck “ill go get ya food in a minute darlin” He said softly before passing out again with his arms still wrapped around you 

“Jesse…please I want food…Jesse? God damn it…”

“Please, don’t make me leave you… ” - Meeting him
  • Asked: No
  • Words: 1871
  • Sinopse: Seventeen Hybrid AU - Wen Junhui is a  American Shorthair Cat hybrid that doesn’t know anything but pain. Until his owners receive a offer that they can’t say “no”.
  • Notices: guns (not fired) and mention to violence (not consummated) and to torture (not explicit).  NONE OF THE IMAGE/GIF I USE IS MINE. I SAVE THEM AND USE AFTER, IF I’M USING YOURS AND THERE ISN’T CREDIT ON THE IMAGE/GIF, TALK TO ME AND I’LL PUT THE CREDITS OR CHANGE IT. NO DISCUSSION
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It was dark. All his unhuman senses could get was that everything was dark and quiet. He knew what was coming, he knew that soon They would come to get him and start everything all over again. He knew.

Junhui had no idea of what the world looks like. He was caged since he could remember and his masters would never let him go. The boy also never tried to escape as his parents before him never did. But it was okay because he didn’t know any other way of life so he was happy just to be a good boy and take everything his masters threw at him.

A noise behind the door picked his attention and his body prepared himself to what was coming. Only that… It didn’t come? The hybrid looked up on a bold and dangerous move and all he felt was despair.

The couple in front of you couldn’t make you more disgusted. Even with all the evidences that you and your team had shown to them, they still had the courage to deny everything! All you wanted to do was to empty your gun’s magazine on their faces but you knew that this would just make the life harder. So… All you did was glare them and hope that your team could find all the poor hybrids that were suffering on their hands.

Working on the government’s secret organ to hybrid rescue made you see things that you’d never forget. Things that so called humans did to the race of hybrids that you get angry just to think about it. But at least, the government was indeed doing something to stop this monsters. It could be slow but was something.

So, back to the case in question: The couple kneeled before you were breeding hybrids, nothing illegal, only that they were putting the poor beings to fight to death just so the strongest among them could reproduce. Your team took almost 4 weeks to find a good lead to them but now you got them and all the remain hybrids they had. As you watched the two of them crying and dening all of the accusations, your second on command came back to the room.

“We found everyone that were for breeding and fighting.” You nodded to him and he continued the report “The ones that can speak said to us that another one exists here somewhere, they had just heard him screaming and sensed his smell but never saw him.” You both looked to the couple on your feet “The team couldn’t find any trace.”

“Oh darling… You may have destroyed our business but you’ll never find him. He is too precious and loyal to leave even if you indeed find him. You think you’re big, just wait to see when we report you all for attacking us.” The smile on the man’s face was creepy but soon enough you wiped it off.

“Now, now, you really don’t know whom you’re dealing with.” Your smile was cold and cooky behind the mask that was your team symbol and was covering a great part of your face. “I’ll look for him, ou and the rest take this garbage and the hybrids to the central.” Jackson nodded. “Show this ones what our unit can do to those who forget their humanity.” You two smiled again “And take the hybrids to our house, show them around, okay?” He nodded again before you get out of the room.

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jimon + they get married because one of them needs a green card but it ends up turning into something more (ahhhhhh am i dead yet??)

idek how long ago this was sent i’m so sorry!! also, i don’t know, are you dead yet??

a story the kids won’t believe || 4k+, jace/simon + fake marriage || read on ao3


Simon’s life gets wildly out of hand when he opens his door to a furious knocking at three in the morning on Saturday and gets a frazzled, furious Jace Wayland barging into his apartment, shouting, “You need to marry me!”

“I - “ Simon blinks at Jace, takes a step back, collides with his shoe rack, and stumbles further backwards. “Cool, okay, so like. Are you drunk?”

No.” Jace stalks forward, twisting his hand in Simon’s collar and glaring at him with a wild kind of emotion in his eyes. “If you don’t fucking marry me in the next twenty-four hours, Lewis, I am going to be deported back to France, which is a country I didn’t even know I was from until a few hours ago, so suck it up and take one for the team and marry me.”

Simon blames his half-asleep, drowsy state, and his general saint-like nature for saying yes so quickly.


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Day 22

Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Summary: You start the Christmas night cleanup. Prompt found here. 
Word count: 290

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Originally posted by monicalover

With a final click of the lock you heaved a deep sigh, leaning your head briefly against the cool wood. A happiness ran through you along with a weariness you’re sure it would take a few days to recover from. Moving away from the door you made your way into the living room.

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cookies and kisses → kwon soonyoung

⤷ 9. “when baking chocolate chip cookies” & 14. “a whisper in your hair”

pairing / kwon soonyoung x reader

fluff / angst / smut

warnings / so much fluff it may cause your head to ache, christmas themed


Originally posted by minghaon

He was late to come home, per usual. It wasn’t uncommon for you to wait up to ungodly hours for him to arrive; or for him not to arrive at all. You did your best to understand, and he was very grateful. He always tried to make it up with fancy dinners and be with you whenever there was a chance.

Soonyoung entered your apartment a couple hours late. But, instead of finding you curled on the couch or in bed, you were humming to Christmas music and searching through the cupboards. You hadn’t noticed he arrived, which brought a smile to his face.

“Hello, darling.” he greeted, smiling brightly. “What are you looking for?”

You were startled only for a second, quickly realizing who had spoken. You smiled back at him and closed the cupboard. Huffing, you fell back from trying to reach the box.

“I wanted to make cookies for you to surprise you when you got home.” you told him.

He felt his heart quicken. It was the little things you said and did that made him love you. It was the small crinkle in the corner of your eye when you smiled up at him, it was the fuzzy socks and messy hair you wore.

He reached up and grabbed the cookie mix, setting it onto the counter.

“Well, now we can make them together.”

To say that it was a mess was an understatement. Neither of you happened to be great cooks, or bakers for that matter, and it was a disaster. The instructions were very vague, and you didn’t know a lot of what you were doing.

Ingredients scattered throughout the tabletops in disarray. Mixed substances were in different bowls, unknown to either of you which is what. It was pretty must as though a tornado went through your kitchen.

Halfway through, Soonyoung grabbed the sugar bag and tried to tear it open, instead being covered in powder as he ripped the entire thing in half. You erupted in laughter almost instantly, wiping your hand across his cheek. He smiled back, revealing his perfect teeth through the white that covered him.

“You look cute like that.” you joked.

You turned back around to try to figure out what to do next. He found himself staring at you for a bit too long, taking in how you looked gorgeous even when you were concentrated.

His hands found their way to your waist and he tugged your back into his chest. He buried his head into the crook of your neck.

“Hosh, you’re dirty!” you tried to move away, but he pulled you back.

He shook his head against your neck, closing his eyes to enjoy just how wonderful he felt.

“I love you.” he murmured against your skin, the breath tickling.

You smiled and turned around in his arms. Placing your hands on his shoulders and rubbing your nose gently against his, you said, “I love you too.”

Mother and Daughter

Pairing: Kelly Severide x Reader

Warning: Language, fluff, Implied family issues

AN: Ok this one I enjoyed… immensely… 

Your mother is in town for a few days, which means your boyfriend is suspiciously absent


Your mum was coming to the city, it was a biannual visit that she made under sufferance simply to say that it wasn’t always her commanding you to come home. She liked to sit on the high ground of moral vindication.

You loved your mum, you actually had a decent relationship now you’d grown up, moved away and didn’t have to live with her anymore. These visits though, even though they only lasted for a few days, tended to be painful for everyone involved. Your mum did not like the city, she didn’t like crowds of people, traffic, noise or the small bedrooms you had in your tiny apartment. She missed her own kitchen, fancy coffee machine, Women’s meetings and town gossip sessions.

You’d taken the morning off work to wait for her to arrive and had already set up the bed for her in the spare room. You’d also removed any trace of your boyfriend from the apartment. Kelly was allergic to parents and in the case of your mother you didn’t really blame him. Your mum was also allergic to men, after the mess your dad had made of their relationship you didn’t really blame her either. So, by silent agreement neither of them met, ever. Not in the context of ‘mother of your girlfriend’ anyhow.

You’d been sat on the window seat so saw the taxi pull up outside your block and your mother emerge, commanding the poor uber driver to remove her bags from the cab. How one woman needed practically a suitcase a day you’d never figured out, especially as her daughter, you, managed to travel for weeks with only a rucksack you’d had since high school.

Starting to assemble the requisite smile on your face you went down to help her with the pile of luggage.


She turned and caught sight of you enveloping you in a huge hug, your mother always smelt vaguely like fresh cookies and vanilla, it flashed you back to sitting in the kitchen of your childhood home nibbling on said cookies while in the living room your mum and dad screamed at each other.

“Y/N, darling” she held you slightly away from her eyes taking you all in. “You look skinny, have you been eating? I brought plenty of casserole and stews, you can put it in the freezer”

“Mum, you always say I look skinny, and how did you get TSA to let you on your flight with a load of frozen food”

“Hmmm” That was your mothers all purpose noise, mainly meaning the subject was closed and she wasn’t going to tell you anything more. Picking up the many bags you helped her carry them up to your apartment, dumping them in the kitchen. “Put that food in the freezer darling”

“hmmm” you copied your mums previous sound but did as you were told. It was more trouble than it was worth to try and disobey her.

Your mum was still stood in the middle of your apartment. “This place seems smaller every time I arrive”

“I promise you its not” how did the woman do it, in one sentence you were desperately trying to remind yourself that murder was not a good idea. “I have to go to the firehouse. I was just waiting for you to arrive” your mum was still staring around the room. “Maybe you want to rest?”

“Rest?” she finally gave you her attention again. “Oh, I’m quite rested. Maybe I’ll come to the station with you, I haven’t been there for quite some time”

Crap. That was what you’d been wanting to avoid. Trying to dissuade her though would only make her more determined to come with you.


“I’m sure the boys would appreciate some warm food”

“mum…” you whined but she was no longer listening, she’d gone to your fridge and was tutting in dismay at the offerings inside.

“We’ll stop by the market on the way”

“Ok” grabbing your bag you hustled her back out of your apartment and down to your car. It was going to be a very long day.


The guys as you’d guessed had been delighted to see your mother entering the station with you following behind, arms piled high with groceries. They’d swarmed your mum leading her into the station with smiles and hugs.

“Yeah don’t worry about me!” you snapped trying not to trip over your feet. “I’m fine”

The guys ignored you completely still fawning over your mum. Someone did come up from behind you though and the top two bags were removed from your arms leaving you with only one.

“I see she arrived”

“It’s been 2 hours Kelly, 2 hours and I want to kill either her or myself, I haven’t decided which yet”

“That bad?”

“She called me skinny! Mocked my fridge, apartment and now she’s here… my mother is here, where I work”

“Sounds terrible”

“Just don’t” you warned as he didn’t look all that sympathetic.

“Hey! Y/N get moving with those groceries your mum’s gonna cook”

Your eyes narrowed as you focused on Herrmann who was hanging out of the door to the mess room. You were about to say something scathing and generally unkind when Kelly cut in.

“Coming” he nudged you forwards. “Aren’t we?”

“Yeah sure… we’re coming” you went into the mess dumping the groceries onto the counters where you mum was already rooting around in cupboards bringing out varying pans and equipment.

“Your mum’s going to cook” Otis sounded almost dreamy as he leant beside you on the bench “real food Y/N”

“I heard”

“darling will you peel the veg for me please” you mum didn’t wait for an answer just pushed the peeler into your hands along with a bowl of washed vegetables. “and clean strokes Y/N, don’t attack it like a rabid dog”

“Sure” you got the word out around gritted teeth and snatched a carrot from the bowl. Obviously you were attacking it because soon after your mum grabbed the carrot snatching it from your hands in horror.


“You said peel it”

“Yes peel, not chunk. Honestly”

Alright, that was it, you were done. Almost hurling the peeler back to the counter, you spun on your heel and stormed out of the mess room.

You’d gone to the locker rooms, sat on the bench in front of the lockers therapeutically letting your feet swing into the metal with a satisfying thump.

“Babe?” Kelly came carefully into the locker room, sitting down beside you his arm going around your shoulders. “what’s going on?”

“I can’t deal with her being here Kelly” you let your boots kick once a lot harder into the lockers. “Mum needs to be at home in that sphere and my life, you, my apartment everything else needs to be separate”

“I think most people feel like that about their parents”

“Helpful, Kelly. Very fucking helpful”

“Hey” he used his spare hand to take hold of your chin forcing your face around to look at him. “She isn’t here for long and in the meantime, she’s your mother.”

“So what, deal?”

“Yeah babe, you deal”

“What good advice Kelly”

You both jumped apart like guilty teenagers at your mums voice coming from the doorway. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she looked between the two of you. You’d never seen Kelly move so fast as he did then, lurching off the bench and going for the door. Your mum didn’t move though blocking his exit.

“Kelly Severide, sit down”

“I um… but…”


“Yes Ma’am” Kelly came back to sit beside you as your mum finally moved from the doorway to stand in front of the two of you.

“Y/N, you may technically be an adult, but you’re still my child. I’m sorry if that upsets you, I am never going to stop being your mother though and this is simply how I am”

“It doesn’t upset me” you felt like an ungrateful ass now. You knew your mum hated the city and yet still she came, still she wanted to see you. “I’m happy you’re here”

“Good, now…” she trailed off staring at the two of you.


“This needs to stop”


“Me pretending I don’t know about you two and you” she turned narrowed eyes on Kelly. “Is my daughter somehow not good enough for you to admit to dating?”

Kelly coughed and squirmed uncomfortably, looking at you for obvious rescue, you just shrugged though. “Don’t look at me, I can’t help”

“No Ma’am of course not”

“Do you love her?” your mum continued; she could be relentless when she was focused onto something. When Kelly remained silent, her hands went to her hips. “Well?”

“Yes alright” Kelly jumped to his feet. “Yes! I love her, I love your daughter”

“Well good” your mum then turned her interrogation to you even though you were fairly in shock from Kelly’s sudden declaration of love. “and you Y/N, why did you think you had to hide this from me?”

“I… um…” Kelly sat back down and took your hand in his own linking your fingers together. It gave you the strength to keep talking. “When dad left, you broke Mum. Ever since then you’ve had this vendetta against men. I didn’t want to hurt you”

Your mum stayed quiet for a minute before reaching out and pulling you to your feet severing your connection to Kelly. She wrapped her arms around you. “You don’t have to protect me sweetheart. I’m your mum. I want you to be happy, it’s all I’ve ever wanted” She kissed your cheek “Now, I have some food to cook” and with a final look at both of you she left the locker room.

Turning around so you could lean against the lockers you caught Kelly’s eye. “Hell of a way to tell me you love me?”

He shrugged standing up and catching hold of your waist, he pulled you off the lockers and into his chest instead. “the truth is the truth”

“I love you too”

Kelly’s lips claimed your own in a kiss that made everything but him flee your mind.

“Now, come on. I want to see what kind of food I can scrounge”

Laughing at that you let him take your hand and pull you out of the locker room again.  


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Meeting the Family

This series is coming along rather nicely and I’m in love with with whats to come! Feedback is appreciated! Please be kind! x

Many times in your life, you had played the roll of the girlfriend. Many times in your life you had dressed up nice to impress his family. The common theme behind all of those meetings was, you were nervous. All those times you had been introduced to the family as the girlfriend, you had been scared out of your mind.

On this day, you were more than just nervous. You had been sick a few times just thinking about what was to come that day.

Caroline had soothed you numerous times on the edge of the tub that morning as you tried to calm your nerves. Never, in your entire existence, had you actually worried yourself sick. But today, however, you did.

“Why do I have to do this? Why can’t they just come here? Why can’t he just show them a nice picture of me and be done with it?” You groaned.

“Y/n, you’ve been dating for 5 months now, it’s time you meet his parents. I’ve met them and his sister, and they’re wonderful.” She smiled.

“Yeah, but you weren’t introduced as the girlfriend, you were just a friend.”

You stared out the window watching the breeze blow through the trees as you waited for Harry to arrive. Your stomach twisting into knots as scenarios played over and over in your head.

After waiting for a few minutes, Harry’s car pulled up in the driveway of the apartment. You watched him switch the car off and step out as he placed his keys in his pocket and walked toward the front door.

“Caroline. He’s here.” You breathed.

Caroline gave you a warm smile as she got up to answer the door.

“Hi Harry! Come on in!”

As Harry stepped inside the apartment, you turned your head to meet his eyes locked on you, a smirk on his face.

“Are you ready?” He smiled.

You nodded in response and grabbed your purse. You walked around the coffee table and in front of him. He reached out and pulled you into a hug as Caroline waited patiently by the door.

“Have fun you two! Enjoy your trip up there!” She smiled.

As the two of you walked out the door, Caroline grabbed Harry by the arm.

“She’s a bit nervous Harry. Threw up three times this morning. Please make her feel better.” She whispered.

“I will,”

Harry escorted you out of the apartment and into the car.

“I’m excited for today Bug, you’ll finally get to see where I grew up!”

You nodded as you kept your gaze out the window, watching the trees and houses pass by.. You didn’t want to say much. You couldn’t. Your tongue was heavy and you felt as if you would be sick again.

“Bug, what’s wrong?” Harry mumbled, placing his hand to your thigh.

“Nothing,” you whispered, “I’m okay.”

“You seem a bit off though. ‘S the matter?”

You let out a huff as Harry pressed you to tell him what was wrong.

“I’m nervous, okay? I’m nervous. I’ve gotten sick three times today just thinking about this and I’ll probably get sick again.”

Harry’s gaze switched from you back to the road a few times. His eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“Don’t be nervous okay? They’re excited to meet you. Mum’s been calling me for weeks wanting to know when she’d get to meet you.” He chuckled.

You kept your stare out the window, not knowing what to say next.

“What if they don’t like me? What if they think my personality is shit.” You panicked.

“Baby, I promise you, they won’t think badly of you. They’ll love you.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and squeezing it reassuringly.


Harry unloaded your bags out of the car as you gathered the cookies you’d made that morning.

As you walked around to the boot of the car to take anything that Harry couldn’t carry, a soft yet sweet voiced perked up behind you.

“There’s my sweet boy!”

You and Harry both looked up from the car to find, what could only be his mother, standing on the other side with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh, darling, I’ve missed you so much!” She smiled.

“Hi, mummy.” Harry smiled back, dropping the bags and meeting her halfway around the car.

You stood there awkwardly holding your cookies as they talked. Soon, Anne’s eyes cut to you and she smiled.

“Come meet her, mum.” Harry whispered. Anne nodded as she walked with Harry back to where you were standing.

“Hello, sweetheart. It’s so lovely to finally meet you. I’m Anne. Harry’s told me a lot about you!” She smiled as she brought you in for a soft hug.

“I hope it was good things,” you chuckled.

“Oh don’t worry. He’s said nothing but good things about you dear. He never stops!” She laughed. Your cheeks flushed a slight pink color as your eyes met Harry, who’s face reflected yours. Pink cheeks and a slight smirk on his lips.

“Oh! I see you brought cookies! Let me take those and get them inside! You two unload the car and make yourselves at home! Robin and Gemma are just inside watching the footie match.” She smiled, grabbing the cookies from your hands and walking back into the house.

You and Harry grabbed your bags and headed into the house where you found his step-dad and sister sitting on the sofa yelling at the television.

You couldn’t help but laugh at them. You’d never watched a football match before in your life but you could tell his family was into it.

“Robin, Gemma,” Harry smiled.

“Harry, lad, welcome home.” Robin smiled, standing from his place on the sofa.

“Hi, brother.” Gemma smiled.

“Who’s this?” Robin asked. Harry directed his gaze down at you and smiled.

“This is Y/n, my girlfriend.” He smiled. The word never settled right with you. The word girlfriend just made the butterflies in your tummy run even more wild.

Gemma rushed over and gave you a hug. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Gemma, I’m sure soon we will have time to talk later on. I’ll give you all the dirt I’ve got on him.” She giggled.

“Gemma, I don’t think that’s necessary.” Harry grumbled.

Harry grabbed your empty hand and showed you up the stairs to the bedroom.

“I’m sleeping in here?” You asked. You made the connection that this must have been Harry’s childhood bedroom when he was growing up. The sheets were a light gray color and the duvet was navy.

“Mum has the guest room set up for you, but I thought maybe we could just share?”

You looked around the room and then met Harry’s eyes as they studied your face.

“Do you not want to?”

“Will she get mad? I don’t want her to think I’m trashy for sleeping in the same bed as you.”

“She won’t think that babe, she knows we’re adults. She was doing the same thing at our age. She won’t care.” He whispered rubbing his hands up and down your shoulders.

“It’s not like we’re gon’a be havin’ sex and all that. We talked about that. Said we’d wait a while.” He smiled.

You nodded softly. He was right. It wasn’t the first time the two of you had shared a bed. He’d spent many nights over at the apartment that you and Caroline shared, and the same went for you. You’d spent nights at his apartment too.

He knew how you felt about a possible intimate moment occurring, he’d promised you he would wait for you to be ready and be comfortable enough for it to happen.

“Dinner is ready!” Anne yelled throughout the house. Harry placed a kiss to your forehead and smiled.

“Everything is going to be okay. Just stick with me. I won’t let them overwhelm you too much,” he winked.

As everyone had gathered around the dinner table, Anne had asked you a few questions. Where you were from, what brought you to the UK and what your occupation was.

Gemma had shared many embarrassing stories about her brother as any sister would do, with the intentions of embarrassing him. Needless to say, it worked and she was proud.

Robin had asked you a few questions as well, and Harry’s hand resting on your inner thigh under the table, kept your nerves in place the whole time.

Caroline was right. His family truly was wonderful. You had figured out just who he’d gotten his kind heart from and his charm. You could also tell that even though Robin was not his biological father, he’d taught Harry a lot about women and respect and kindness.

After dinner was over and the cookies you’d brought had all be devoured, everyone was finally settling to bed.

You laid on the bed as Harry finished up in the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He crawled into the bed next to you and wrapped his arm around you.

You caught his eyes staring at you as a smile crept onto his face.

“You did great tonight, Bug. I think they love you.” He whispered, pushing the stray hairs from your face.

“I love you,” He whispered. Your eyes grew wide at his words.

“You do?”

“Yes. So much,” He whispered.

A smile crept onto your lips as his cheeks turned pink. You had never told each other that before. You had known for 5 months that Harry really liked you but… not love. Hearing him say it was totally unexpected.

“Do you love me?” He panicked.

“Yes, I do.” you whispered.

Harry smiled and strained his neck to kiss you. His lips molding perfectly with yours. As he pulled away, you could tell he was about to say something.

“Do you know what I was thinking that night I met you at Grimmy’s party? The butterflies were unreal after you and Caroline left,” he laughed, “and all I could think about after that night, was you.”


“Yeah. I knew that night that, if I didn’t put myself out there and ask to see you again, then none of this would have happened.” he smiled, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. And, if you’ll let me, I’ll try my hardest to be there for you always, and I promise to be the best boyfriend I can be for you. I want to keep you happy, spoil you, be your shoulder to cry on when you’re having a rough day. I hope you’ll allow me to stay around long enough to show you that I can be exactly that and more, darling.”   

“You’re already the best,” you smiled. “I love you, Harry. With all my heart.”

“I love you too, Bug. I love you too,”

Cookies and Kisses

Drabble: “hello! I was wondering if you could write a cute Christmas Drabble with jae~ maybe where you’re baking together and there’s the cliche thing of him standing between your legs while you sit on the counter and things like that? just very fluffy and soft. thank you in advance if you decide to write it 😊❤️”
Pairing: Park Jaehyung/Jae x Reader
Word Count: 670
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff


“Come in Jae, can you please let me go?!”

“Aw, but I’m comfy right where I am,” Jae made a small whiny noise as he tightened his arms around your waist, and he pressed the smallest kiss against the base of your neck before pressing his face into your shoulder. While the position he was in might’ve been comfortable for him, your legs were pressed tightly against the top of the counter, which didn’t feel as comfortable to you as he might’ve thought. The back of your knees were beginning to become sore and pinched the longer that they were pressed against the edge of the counter, and no matter how much you patted Jae’s back in an effort to tell him to get off, he only continued to snuggle himself into your arms.

You rolled your eyes in annoyance as he fell forward and on to you even more, and for a moment you wrapped your arms around him as you slouched against his form as well. Jae seemed to think that your actions were you finally relaxing into his hold, but in reality you were just trying to get a better look around the kitchen for some way of getting him off of you. You desperately wanted to get off of the counter and finish your Christmas sugar cookies, but Jae had his ways in keeping you locked up in his arms. “Babe?”

“Hm?” Jae’s reply was a low hum as he continued to press his face into your shoulder, and you could feel the smile that was pulling up his lips before he suddenly pulled away to look at you. “What is it my darling angel?” Ugh, curse him and his fluffy pet names. Without realizing it Jae always knew how to turn you into putty; whether it was a small nonchalant et name or a careless act, he always had a way of melting your annoyed attitude. The smile that he gave you made your heart beat faster in your chest, and you couldn’t help but bite your bottom lip in an attempt to keep the squeal from coming from you. Jae looked abnormally vulnerable in this moment, with his glasses halfway down his nose as his eyes peered lovingly down at you. Not to mention how gentle he was holding you, with his fingers just brushing against the hem of your old t-shirt as he held you against him.

The blush that tinted your cheeks was involuntary, and it appeared that the longer you stared into his soft eyes, the more your heart swayed. “N-nothing,” You were quick to shake your head before you leaned forward, wrapping your arms around his neck tightly as you legs went to slightly wrap around his torso. “Forget that I said anything,” You mumbled into his shoulder, pressing your face deeper into his shirt as you felt the warmth in your cheeks spread.

Jae couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled in his chest at your actions, and he once again pressed a kiss to the crook of your neck before pulling away from the embrace to gently cup your cheeks with his hands. Before speaking, he this time pressed a soft kiss against your lips, his thumbs rubbing small circles into your cheeks as he did so. But as he went to pull out of the kiss, you let out a small whine as you puckered your lips even more, following him ever-so-slightly as he leaned back away from you. “Don’t we have cookies to finish baking?”

No matter how cute he found your actions to be, Jae had actually realized again the reason you two were in the kitchen in the first place. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy being wrapped in your embrace, on the contrary, he loved it. But he knew that you needed to have the cookies done by a certain time, so the snuggling would unfortunately have to wait until later.

“Ah, stop distracting me, Jae! That’s what I meant to tell you before!”

nicknames seventeen would call their girlfriends

S.Coups: baby girl, baby doll, baby face, anything with ‘baby’

Jeonghan: sweetheart, ‘my love’

Joshua: darling, sweetie

Jun: babe, baby, but with the vowels stretched out

Hoshi: cupcake, sweetums, bunny, basically anything cavity-inducingly cute

Wonwoo: honey, baby

Woozi: girly (occasionally girly-Q), babe (only yelled to get your attention across a room)

DK: sweetie pie, deary, love of my life

Mingyu: girlfriend o’ mine, baby

The8: sweetie baby, baby girl, cookie (only when you’re alone or through texts; has you in your phone as the cookie emoji)

Seungkwan: baby, sweetheart, ‘girlfriend’ in english which he thinks is cute but

Vernon: girly, babe, baby

Dino: noona probably, sweeeetie, chicky, baby baby

Bright Lights, Small Town, part 3 cookie #2, where Magnus knows how to corrupt a guardian of the law.

He swirled around to face Isabelle in an elegant flourish. “Izzy, darling, I love the nail polish. Totally your color.”

Isabelle gave him a pointed glare, pursing her lips in an obvious attempt at stifling a laugh.

“Bane, I’m going to kill you,” Alec called out in his back.

“Lieutenant,” Magnus gasped dramatically. “Did you hear that? My neighbor just threatened to kill me. Please arrest him, I’m scared for my life.”

“Honey, I’d help my brother bury your body if he were asking me,” Isabelle retorted with a smirk.

“I’m going to the Fashion week next month,” Magnus replied mischievously without missing a beat, rubbing his chin in staged reflection. “What am I going to do with all those free samples? And all those gift bags?”

Isabelle stared at him for a moment, one eyebrow raised in defiance.

“Valentino, Izzy,” he added, heaving out an exaggerated breath. “Even I can’t rock those rain boots…”

tandystyrones  asked:

Hi lovely! So, you asked me to message you about the churro fic I randomly messaged you about last night, just for whenever you get to it no actual rush. Thanks so much! And, I hope you're having a good day. <3

I think I channeled Chloe and Liz more than Daisy and Jemma here but where does one pair start and the other begin :P


“Babes! I found the churros!”

Frosting squirted all over Fitz’s hands as he squeezed the decorating bag too tightly, startled as he was by the sudden cry from outside his shop. He looked up to see two faces pressed against the front window and the two short-haired women to whom the faces belonged waving enthusiastically.

The shop didn’t technically open for another fifteen minutes, but he couldn’t very well ignore them, so he set his supplies down, wiped his hands on the front of his apron, and wrapped around the counter to open the door a smidge.

Bitingly cold air zipped in through the space and he wrinkled his nose, feeling it turning red already. “Can I help you?”

“You’re the churros guy!” exclaimed the woman nearest him, trying to wrench the door the rest of the way open. “We’ve been searching everywhere for you!”

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