your face is a beautiful thing

to me the thing i hate about beauty culture isn’t the idea that you can enjoy makeup or wear it every day it’s this like. makeup aficionado thing where there’s a “right” way to do it and you have to transform your face in this specific way or you’re a mess and stupid…that’s so evil imo….like let a woman have unplucked brows or whatever the rules are made up it’s all fake !

Date the impossibly lovely girl you can only see when you unfocus your vision. She’s right there, where she’s always been, and she already loves you so much! Strain your eyes to the point where you need glasses to see her. Never wear your glasses. As you slowly go blind, she’ll come more into focus. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. You tell her such, as her smiling face is the last thing you see. Now you can see nothing, but you are still so very happy. Date the girl who you must go blind to see the true beauty of.

I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?

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23 w/ Nessian

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

Well, that depends on who you ask to tell the story my friend. Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross argue about who comes on to who when they had their one night stand and Rachel gets pregnant? Well if you did, that’s basically what happens to Nessian minus the whole baby thing.

Cassian swears up and down that Nesta did it. And Nesta refuses to speak to anyone ever again until Cassian admits that he did it. The truth is, Cassian has been asking Nesta out for ages and every time, she turns him down because ugh you are gross and you drive me nuts and I hate you and please just go away, but what she really means is damn you’re hot and I hate that I think you are but you are in fact the yummiest thing I’ve ever seen and I wanna bang your beautiful grinning face. One night the squad goes out to Rita’s. Mor convinces Nesta to go with her, and Cassian ends up pulling her into a dance before she can say no. Nesta is gonna leave but decides to stay on the condition that Cassian not ask her out - not once. He can’t even so much as look at her the wrong way or she is gonesville. Then the music gets really soft and low, but super sultry and Cassian has such a nice hold on her that ooh is that his hand on my lower back? It feels kind of nice…. Damn he smells good too… and then the lights are getting really low and Cass’s lips are right there and he hasn’t said a single word to her all night, they’ve just sort of let the dancing do the talking for them. But Cassian looks so good and he smells amazing and he’s been so nice and Nesta just can’t stand it anymore that she kisses him and oh oh oh yes ma’am this is nice. They kiss, deepening and intensifying it as it goes on and when the music finally stops, Cass breaks the kiss off much to Nesta’s displeasure. He steps away, prepared to be rejected again, except Nesta looks at him, looks at his lips, his eyes and the words fall out before she can even think about what she’s saying: “Do you wanna…” Cass grins ear to ear and Nesta’s face flushes. Her hands drop away from him instantly. “I never actually asked you.” “It was implied.” “I could have been about to say anything. Do you wanna… go sit down? Dance again?” “Go home and fuck?” “Excuse you, you pig!” “Tell you what, I’ll give you a second chance to finish and I promise, I won’t tell anyone what you said.” Nesta scowls and stalks off because she definitely did not ask Cassian out and she’s Over It but since she didn’t try again to finish her question, Cassian has no promise to hold himself to and goes on until the end of time telling everyone that Nesta asked him out first. It is a never ending battle in their love life.

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Okay so, Henrik has the most contagious smile ever, i mean i suffer from depression but damn i see him smile and i can't help but smile back

Awww darling <3 <3 <3 His smile is the brightest thing in the world I swear. ❤️ I’m so glad he can put a beautiful smile on your pretty face my lovely 💜 ⭐️ ☀️

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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  • keith, about to confess his galra heritage: there's something i need to get off my chest
  • lance, without thinking: is it your shirt?
  • lance, internally: oh my god why am i like this now he knows i like him this is the worst thing to ever happen to me oh god what is he going to say back oh no he probably hates me i cant ever show my face--
  • keith, unphased: no ??
  • lance, internally: of fucking course he didnt get it honestly its like hes from a different planet or something i swear

It’s 3:42 AM and everything hurts. My mind won’t let me fall asleep because the only thing on it is you. My body won’t fall asleep because it craves your gentle touch.

It’s 3:43 AM and I miss you. I miss everything about you. I miss how we were so close, closer than anyone I’ve ever met before. I miss turning over and waking up to your beautiful face every single morning on the other side of my small bed. I miss our late night drives, listening to great music, and ending up lost in the middle of nowhere. I miss our inside jokes and having a connection that no one understood but us. I miss the way you looked at me, like I was the only person that you could see with those green eyes of yours. I miss the way you pulled me closer when you were afraid of the lightning outside. I miss wrapping my arms around you and not letting go for what felt like hours. I miss your hand in mine. But, what I miss the most are the little things, like the way you had to read everything to yourself out loud or how you always had to sleep on your back. The list is endless.

It’s 4:05 AM and all I can think about is how somebody else is loving you. It is no longer me and you. It’s you and him. He is holding you the same way as I always did, but somehow it is different. You feel safe, secure, and calm. You aren’t doubting your feelings and wondering what it would be like if you were with someone else in the way you always did when you were with me. You wanted something that I could not give you.

It’s 4:10 AM and I’m thinking about how you never told me why you left. It’s painful being abandoned by you, but what hurts even more is that I wasn’t even worth an explanation. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I tried so hard and put my all in for you, yet it was never enough. I was never enough. I loved you unconditionally and expected the same in return. I guess I’m just not worthy of your love. He is.

Whatever difficulty you face today, cry out to God. Pour out your heart to Him in prayer and lay all of your pain at God’s feet. Be honest with and let Him take all control over your life. He will guide you through it.
Sleeping next to someone, not with someone, is perhaps the most intimate you will ever be with another human. In sleep, we are completely defenseless. We are soft and supple and childlike. Our hard exteriors falls away when the sand hits our eyes. The way you sleep, with your face softened and your arms wrapped around my waist, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am not an artist, but I may become one just so that I can capture that moment.
—  Michelle K.

As exciting as life can get, and how amazing it feels to get things done, its important to stop and notice the beauty that’s around you every now again. Stop and listen to the chirping of the birds. Feel the breeze against your face. Take moments every now and again.

Pros and Cons

Draco Malfoy was definitely the type of person who made pros and cons lists so he probably made one when he realized he was in love with Harry. Here is how I think it would have gone:




-Stupid does not pay attention in class

-Hangs around with Weasel and Granger (cannot stand)

-Hair?? Lack of knowledge as to how to use a comb and/or hair products, even though god knows he has the fortune to afford it

-Eyes Stupid useless glasses (most likely nothing but a fashion statement)

-Clearly entitled and unworthy of fame


-That thing he does when he’s talking to you and his eyes get really wide for no reason other than to rub it in your face that he has beautiful eyes creep people out

-Smells obnoxiously of honey and tobacco


-Dating the girl Weasel even though her freckles are ugly

-Has freckles

-Seeker too obsessed with Quidditch and won’t shut up about the Cannons

-Literally almost killed me one time

-Hurts my feelings sometimes



-Killed Voldemort


-Saved me from burning in a fire that one time


-cute glasses eyes are okay to look at in certain lightings (no I don’t stare at Potter’s eyes in certain lightings)

-See “cons”




6 things i stopped buying: minimalism journey (+ reduce waste)

1. Makeup Remover Wipes: instead, use a washcloth (preferably black) and apply coconut oil or almond oil to the cloth (or face), then use the cloth to wipe your entire makeup off until satisfied. *(continue with face wash routine or face mask)

benefits: reusable // machine washable // save money // gentle on the skin // effectively removes makeup

2. Plastic Toothbrushes:  instead, buy a pack of bamboo toothbrushes on amazon or a general store. use these brushes as you would any other brush and thoroughly brush to improve oral health.

benefits: organic // reusable // decomposable // cleanses teeth effectively // eco-friendly // BPA free bristles

3. Multi-Step Facial Cleansers & Name Brand Body Washes: instead, use African Black soap for both your body and face with your preferred method of washing (electronic brush, hands, or wash cloth). for more simple face washes, consider using vegan and/or organic facial washes that work for your skin type.

benefits: multipurpose // improves overall skin health // all skin types (especially acne prone or oily) // single-step process // organic // save money

4. Plastic Water Bottles: instead, use a simple stainless steel bottle that you can refill throughout the day and keep up with.

benefits: reusable // washable // aesthetic // easy to monitor and handle // eco-friendly

5. Face Moisturizers: instead, use carrier oils (such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, castor oil) that work with your skin type/skin needs *(you can try combining them with essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc.)

benefits: organic // improves skin health // no harsh chemicals // save money // longer lasting // multipurpose

6. Animal Cruelty Makeup: instead, buy makeup products that you truly need (wear daily) from companies that are Animal-Cruelty FREE and/or vegan. do your research and spend your money wisely. some may seem expensive, but consider how much some high-end brands benefit from not being animal-cruelty free *(invest in vegan and/or organic products too).

benefits: eco-friendly // animal-cruelty free // healthier for skin // long-term benefits // *vegan and/or organic

Some Things Kent Parson Has Said to the Rookies While Drunk:

1. “My cat is more beautiful than all of you ugly fuckers combined and if you don’t think so then everyone can suck it and get out of my house,” then proceeded to cry into a random rookie’s arms for no particular reason.

2. “I just want to eat cereal out of the Cup again. I ask for so little–” (”Parser, you said if your future spouse doesn’t buy you a ring with a diamond that’s bigger than your face, you’ll blow your brains out.”) “……Get out of my house.” 

3. “See that guy over there? I’m going to climb him like a tree. Hold my drink.” (“No, Parser–”) “If I don’t come out of the bathroom in ten minutes, assume that I’ve died by dick–” (“Jesus, I’m taking you home.”)

4. “Fuck, I have to dance. It’s Britney. This is my moment.” (”Kent, please don’t–” Kent slaps the rookie’s hands away.) “My loneliness is killing me–don’t fucking touch me, James–

5. (Post-bar hopping. A rookie is petting Kent’s hair, hoping that he’ll go to sleep soon, but Kent shoots right up for a brief moment.) “You guys are the best teammates a guy can ask for. Thanks for taking me home. Please don’t leave me alone. I love everyone. Except you, James. But only because you used all my Nutella and put the jar back. You think I wouldn’t notice? What the fuck, man.”

BONUS +1, at the Parson-Mashkov wedding:
“You know, the diamond he got wasn’t the size of my face. But that’s okay, because he’s got a huge–” ( “Okay, Parser, we know, your husband has a huge fucking dick. Congrats.”) “What? No. I was going to say, ‘huge heart.’ You fucking sickos. Stop thinking about my husband’s penis.” (”We weren’t.”) “It is pretty fucking big though.” (”God, Parser, why would you–” All rookies and Kent chug their drinks.)

if your skin problems/conditions are so extreme that essential oils aren’t an option, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems are so extreme that you can’t use cutesy little products, you use medical-looking ones, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems are so extreme that trendy face masks don’t do a thing, that’s okay!!!

if your skin problems persistent, extreme, and even annoying, that’s okay and you are beautiful!!!

They say to count your blessings
You are all I count,
Your every feature,
Your every quality,
All that makes you who you are,
All that you give me,
All of what you do for me,

The happiness you planted in my heart,
The smile you fixed on my face,
The puzzle pieces you put together,
The times you picked me up when I was down,
The unforgettable days you gave me,
The beautiful memories I will forever keep,

All the love that I needed,
All the care that I was missing,
Your precence makes my world better,
The new home you gave me, which are your arms,
Everytime you put me to bed,
Every beautiful flower you handed me,
Beautiful music that makes me feel closer to you, music that tells us the things we don’t know how to say to each other,
All the advice no one else gave me,
All the motivation I needed to become a better person,
The way you bring out the best in me,
The very best friend that I have ever had in my entire life span,
The greatest lover I have shared my life and my self with,
Knowing my heart is in good hands,

I love you for all of you, all that you do.
I am blessed in a million other ways, for having you.

Thank you God.

—  Ray.
How I see Mixed Houses
  • Slytherdor: Fuck you, I'm doing this out of spite AND I'll end up on top
  • Slytherpuff: Loyal but royal
  • Slytherclaw: Smartass lil shits
  • Gryffinpuff: I made cookies for our adventure
  • Gryffinclaw: Beauty, grace, they'll kickflip a book to your face
  • Huffleclaw: All the fun facts. All of them. Just FUN facts about things you won't even need