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Pairing: Winchesters x sister!Reader
Word count: 1,737
Request: Anonymous. Can you do I Winchester Sister!Reader where she’s, like, 13/14 and she becomes and Empath and has to deal with her brothers pain on top of her own. (Maybe set when Dean gets back from Purgatory?) Please & Thank You Xxx

Ever since you were little, you were always a bit more attuned to your brothers feelings. It was normal to you, so you never thought you were any different. You were the most caring and sensitive out of the Winchesters, and part of John loved that about you- that you still held onto that despite their life. However, he feared it would get you into trouble one day.

Sitting with your back to the headboard, you read the book on your tablet in your lap, in your own little world. Knowing there was no way to lug around as many books as you could go through, Sam saved up and surprised you with it for your birthday two months before. You’d hugged him tighter than he thought possible for your young body, making him chuckle.

It was just you and Sam now, as Dean was off in purgatory. You missed your older brother, but there wasn’t anything you could do. At least not as a 14 year old girl who was more into books and fantasy than actually hunting.

Sam had been extra quiet lately, and you’d stopped in a town on your way to the cabin. He had kissed your forehead and said he wanted some fresh air. You didn’t mind. Getting alone time was nice. It left you feeling a bit more recharged, and gave you a chance to read.

You knew that Sam was avoiding talking about her- Amelia. She had been really nice, and you’d liked her. It was refreshing to be able to talk to a woman about things, as opposed to awkwardly talking to Sam about it. One night he shook you awake and the two of you left, and you could feel the pit in your stomach.

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Hot for Hunter (Part 2)

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Summary: Dean and reader swap roles while Sam’s away…

Part 1

Pairing: dom!Dean x sub!reader

Word Count: 2,400ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Because reader deserved a turn too…

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I remember in like elementary school I asked mom once if she was proud of me, and she said that she dislikes when parents say they’re proud of their kids because it always sounds so proprietary to her, like “I’m proud of my accomplishment, who in this case is my child, in a way I’m the one who really won the spelling bee.” (This is a matter on which mom and I disagree, but largely in terms of semantics–you can make claim on all your kid’s successes without using the word pride, and you can appreciate your kid as their own person while still saying you’re proud of them but ANYWAY.)

But she did say that she respected me because of the actions I took and the character I had, and that she was (to put it mildly) happy to know me, and presumably since I was in like 6th grade, I was like, “cool thanks mom I’m gonna go play with my Pokémon cards for the next twelve hours”

And sometimes

Late at night

Looking at gif sets of John Boyega

I just whisper, “I would say I am proud of you, you beautiful perfect man, but I had nothing in the least to do with your success, I make no claim on you nor could I ever, being some distant stranger whose life you have improved in direct return for nothing, not even knowledge of my existence, and thus I say instead, good sir, I respect you because of your choices and your character and your face and your smile and your talent and your saxophone lamp, you delight of my life, please come trade Pokémon cards with me, I know you have some”

Is he mine?

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,229
Author :Mel
A/N : @bigdaddymongoose wanted more. I couldn’t say no.

Part 2 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You stood there silently, and he waited. He waited for an answer that could change his life. You were staring somewhere between his eyes and the floor, this was a conversation you had been afraid to have for years. It was what had kept you from coming back for so long. “I should get dressed.”

He looked at you with disbelief. That was what you had to say? “Y/N-” He tried keeping his voice calm.

“Just.. let me get dressed, Jared. Please? And maybe a drink. Or ten.”

You turned and started for your room. “Just answer me! Is he mine!?” His voice was raised, and you turned quickly.

“Please..” You begged him, and motioned to River, who stirred at the sound of a raised voice. “We’ll go-”

“We’ll talk right here. Now.”

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Freaks Forever (FilthyFrank. aka Joji Miller X Reader)

Here it is, smut smut smut. I tried to include as many requests in this as I could as well as trying to make it a quality fic. I hope you guys like it.

Joji is in a shitty mood. 

(Requests are open)

You pulled the blanket tighter around you, sighing. Your eyes flashed over to the clock on the wall and then back to the T.V. Joji should have been home more than an hour ago, and you were a little upset. He’d promised you that he’d be home to watch your show and it was long since over. You reached for your phone, about to text him for the hundredth time when the door opened with a bang. You looked over the back of the couch, surprised. “Joji?”

Nothing. He just slammed the door shut. You climbed off the couch and walked to where he was taking off his jacket. “Babe? What happened? You missed our show.” He muttered an apology and made his way into the kitchen, digging around in the cupboard you kept your harder liquor in. “Joji, can you please look at me?”

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Wild Women Don't Get The Blues // Daveed Diggs

My other stuff is here!

Requests are always  open!

This idea was given to me by @psychedemigod , thank you so much for it! Also thank you @always-blame-jefferson for helping me with ideas.

Enjoy this self-hatred, sleep deprived induced writing extravaganza.

Just kidding, I’m actually very happy with this.


Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues

It was another one those days, David soon came to realize.

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Hello, Love bugs.

Daniel X Reader Going to do a part two for the morning wake up.

Warnings-  swears.

REQUEST: you should do a smut where dan wakes up with morning wood, and he not-so-subtly wakes y/n up by moving his hand downwards…if you catch my drift *insert Lenny face* -Anon

Five am is the stupidest time ever to pop a boner. But yet here Dan lays wide awake. You looked so pretty when you were sleep. The way your hair draped over the pillow. Your little snore with your mouth was open just a little bit. There was also a certain beauty to you. The way the sheet draped over your curves. Dan knew you had only one of his shirt on under said sheet. It hadn’t been that long since the two of you had taken the time to be intimate but god help him if the thought of ravaging you so early wouldn’t leave his mind. 

It seemed like you knew Dan was looking at you as you stirred awake. He gave you a sweet smile as your eyes fluttered with sleep still heavy. You cleared your throat before speaking and winking in the light from the cracks in the curtains. “Why are you awake?” Dan pushed a piece of hair out of your face as he leant in to peck your nose. 

“Your Beaty woke me.” You smiled closing one eye before pushing on his chest.

“You sir are disgusting. What time is it?” Dan turned over to look at his phone that lit up the room.

“It is 5:20. The perfect time to talk or to do other things.” Even with the darkened room, you could see Dan raise his eyebrows suggestively after giving you a kiss on the cheek. 

“Oh good god. It’s too early for anything let alone fucking.” Dan knew you weren’t wrong it was an ungodly time.

“So how am I going to deal with my friend?” You lifted the blanket to see Dan’s morning friend straining against his underwear. 

“Why? It’s too early. What was the dream about?” Dan laughed as he pulled you closer to kiss your face all over. 

“Not sure. He has a mind of his own. Probably because I’m beside you.” Dan couldn’t help the ache in his balls. Who knew someone could be so turned on so early.

“I can’t give you any help love. I might fall asleep right this second.” Dan nodded as he rested his head on your shoulder. 

“May have to get up and deal with this.” You gave a moan as you returned a kiss to his soft lips. 

“Please don’t go. I need your warmth. I promise in the less early morning I will deal with anything you need.” Dan couldn’t say no to you as he pulled you as close as possible to his chest as he breathed in the scent of your shampoo.

“Sleep love. You will need it for later.”

So I promised you a Kingbury thing

Vaguely, Samuel Seabury remembered reading a philosophy book early in his education that talked about people who lived in a cave. What would the people experience, the book had contemplated, if they left the cave? How would they react?
Here, in this palace, Samuel thought he knew exactly how they would have felt—small, in awe, and utterly, hopelessly out-of-place. He didn’t know who to talk to—and worse, he kept getting lost. In fact, he probably couldn’t find his way back to the side door he’d been admitted through. Where was he staying again?
Suddenly the corridor he was walking down emerged onto a balcony walkway that wrapped around the walls of and looked down upon a first-floor dining hall. Sam felt like a small boy again. He clutched the balcony railing and marveled at the crystal chandelier, at how far away the first floor seemed, and how many floors there still were above him.
Suddenly a door on the far wall flew open and a man rushed out, giving an already nerve-wracked Sam Seabury no time to duck into one of the nearby unoccupied rooms.
The man was muttering frantically to himself and didn’t seem to have noticed Seabury, so the bishop crept backwards, feeling along the wall behind him for a doorknob.
“This is idiotic. Bloody ambassadors—as if I don’t have enough on my mind—” The man was dressed fancifully in obscenely expensive clothing, although he was certainly beautiful enough to look good in anything he wanted to wear—
Sam pushed that thought away forcefully.
The man stalked down the hallway, pausing only long enough to tear the powdered wig from his head (“The damn thing itches, and I refuse to wear it any longer!” he yelled back into the room he’d emerged from) exposing a head of pinned-up, wavy dark blonde hair, and eliciting a small gasp from Sam, who was somewhat appalled at such rough treatment of such a lovely wig.
Upon hearing Sam’s shocked noise, the man turned and spotted him across the overlook. “Perfect. You will do just fine,” he murmured, stalking around the balcony-corridor to the other side where Sam cowered, petrified.
“Sir,” he protested as the man grabbed Sam’s hand and yanked him into the nearest empty room. It could have been a sitting room, or a conference room, or a bedroom for all Samuel knew, because the next second he was pinned up against the neatly wallpapered plaster, and…being kissed?
Yes, his brain confirmed, that was exactly what was happening. That didn’t mean it made any sense, though.
The other man pressed his body against Sam’s with no explanation and roughly claimed his mouth, leaving him at a loss. It wasn’t very pleasant, but…it wasn’t really unpleasant, either. What was the etiquette for being suddenly kissed?
By the time Samuel’s brain caught up with his body (“Kiss him back, you’re supposed to do the kiss thing too, Sammy”), the man had pulled away, breathing heavily. Sam remained in his place against the wall, eyes wide, cheeks flushed, lips still slightly parted.
“Thank you for your service, sir,” the man said finally, and strode regally out the door.
“Um, sir—” Sam recovered his wits as best he could and followed him out, only managing to catch a glimpse of the blonde man as he turned down another hallway and disappeared.
Samuel stared after him, confused and discomforted, before turning to address one of the men—they, too, looked rich, he noted with trepidation—who were hovering around the entrance to the room from which the mysterious man had first emerged.
“Good sirs,” Samuel called across the overlook, “do you happen to know the name of that man who left his wig just there? Perhaps we should return it.”
Perfect, he congratulated himself. Very smooth.
The men collectively sneered at him, and he shrank back. Not smooth enough?
“Do you not recognize your King when you see him, colonial?”
Oh no.
Samuel Seabury gazed at the hall down which His Majesty King George the Third had disappeared, horror written across his face plainly.
Oh, dear.

@ask-sam-seabury Here’s the first draft of the thing. Should I post it to ao3? What say you? (mun or muse, or both, whatever strikes your fancy)

You Belong To Me Part 8

Beginning: You Belong To Me Part 1

Warning: Cussing

You Belong To Me Part 8


Mia and Negan arrive at the station. They went looking for Officer Jackson, who was now a detective. They headed up stairs and down the hall. They could hear a man yelling.

“Someone didn’t have their fucken donuts this morning. ” Negan said, opening the door for Mia. They looked around to see someone yelling on the phone. They couldn’t tell who it was since another man stood a front of him.

“What do you mean he’s out?!…For a month now?! I was there at the parlor meeting 3 months ago and you guys deny him… What the hell happened?..Good behavior?! Did you guys not see the pictures or the video that psychopath had? …Why didn't you guys tell me?!…What do you mean you didn’t have to tell me?!… Did you guys call Miss Slader and tell her at least?..What do you mean no?!… You guys are fucken worthless!” He slammed the phone down and put his hands on his desk and looked down shaking his head.

The man that was with him, turned around and walked over to us. “Sorry about that. I’m Detective Cooper, can I help you guys?” He shock their hands.

“I’m here to see him actually.” Mia said looking behind Detective Cooper at Jackson, turns out he was the one yelling.

“O. I’m sorry it may not be a good time…” Cooper stop talking when Negan got in his face. He tower over Cooper and easily made him change his mind. “ I mean, it’s a perfect time. Yeah perfect time. Come this way please.”

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Sweet Relief

Pairing: Nurse!Sam x Nursing Student!Reader

Word Count:10,451 (I think I came unhinged, really. Don’t ask what happened. I’m not even sorry, though. Not one bit.)

Summary: For @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog Sam’s Sixty June Jobs Challenge! Reader is a Nursing Student and is doing her first Round of Clinicals and is lucky enough to shadow Sam.

Warnings: Mentions of death, injury, medical procedures, needles, and blood. Fluff. Slow burn. Smutty smut smut. Sir kink. 

A/N: ***PLEASE READ: I have worked in the medical field and in the ER for almost five years. Every patient situation here is taken from personal experience. There is mention of being able to find the lighter side to emergency situations. I don’t say this or bring it up to sound callous or anything, but working in the medical field is heavy enough as it is without learning how to build walls and find something good to focus on despite situations. If you are not okay with this viewpoint, please do not read any further. I promise it is not meant to diminish what patients and families go through in these devastating circumstances.*** All statistics, uniform colors, locations and places mentioned are accurate to the best of my ability. Code names are mentioned and are taken from my own hospital experience. 

PS: Title taken from the the song When The Right One Comes Along by Striking Matches. Listen HERE

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Tuesday. 0450. Neat ponytail. Navy blue scrubs crisp, clean, and wrinkle free. School patch on the left shoulder emblazoned with the letters ‘JHUSON.’ Name pin on the left breast, right above the school logo. Stethoscope around the neck. Favorite pen in the right pocket.

Check, check, check, you thought, surveying yourself in the mirror as you went down the list of things required for your uniform.

It was the first day of your first Clinical Rotation. How you had managed to not only get into Johns Hopkins School of Nursing on the first try, but then to get your preferred choice of practice as your first clinical? Nothing short of a miracle. Glancing at your watch, 0455, you realized with a start that you had five minutes till you needed to leave.

Lunch, keys, phone, backpack with necessary books and study materials, lab coat, water bottle, and out the door, just to rush back in and grab a banana and granola bar for breakfast. 

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Yes, Sir. Yes, Daddy.

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Pairing: JohnxReaderxCrowley
Word count: 1,582
Request: @faegal04  Yeah, it finally let me send a request!!!!  How about a threesome-Crowley, Reader and John- with a daddy!kink thrown in! :)
Warnings: Swearing, smut, Daddy!kink, Sir!Kink, DP, hair pulling, oral (everyone receiving)
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir@snow-leopardfetishist @winchester-lover95 @wayward-mirage@snow-leopardfetishist @myspnsmutsave @wayward-mirage @lovetusk 

To say that you had two lovers who were polar opposites wouldn’t be doing the truth justice. Now, add on to the fact that they enjoyed sharing you, at the same time, and most people would look at you as if you were insane. You had your ‘Sir’, and you had your 'Daddy’. Calling them by those names was an instant way to get their attention.

At the moment, you were getting ready to be between them both, used in whatever way they pleased. Your friends thought you were being used, as you let them bend you, order you around, and had shown you a ton of new things to get you off. Handing over control to the two older men was part of your thing. Being dominated got you off. What about that was hard to understand?

Around your neck was a black collar with a tag on it- which read 'Pet’. The collar a gift from Daddy, the tag from Sir. Only to be worn when they were both with you. You wore a black silk robe with nothing underneath, moving against your smooth skin. The whole day had been dedicated to readying yourself for a night of pleasure. Your bare feet moved you to the bed, where you were to await your men.

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Lunatic: Part VI

BTS Mythical AU

You x Yoongi

Rated: M 

Word Count: 2827

Part V | Part VII

A/N: I don’t know why this chapter was so hard for me to write.  Like took me forever to finish it.  It’s kind of a weird scene and I’m not sure everyone will like it but I really hope you do.  

December arrives in an agonizingly slow pace.  Besides texts and a few calls it’s been nearly a month since you’ve seen Yoongi.  Part of you doesn’t want to admit that you’re actually missing him.  The first time you missed him you insisted that it was only your body.  Now you’re thinking you might be missing more than just the great sex.  

Before heading to work this morning you glance over your calendar.  Never had you focused so much on the lunar calendar.  The dates are marked for the next three months when the full moon would rise.  It’s hard to contain your excitement that tonight is one of them.  

All of your coworkers watch you in wonder at how cheerie you are.  The whole day you’re grinning ear to ear throughout your work.  A shrug and blaming it on the full moon is your excuse if anyone asks about your good mood.  At the end of your shift they realize it must be for something outside of work with how eager you are to leave.

It’s a quarter past eight when you start your walk home.  Darkness had fallen hours ago and the moon had replaced the sun.  The sight of that bright sphere prickles your skin with excitement.  You keep all of your senses alert in order to catch a certain creature before he could startle you again.  

When you near your front door you’re surprised to not have heard or seen anything suspicious.  Perhaps he’s playing a trick on you?  You walk down one more block and back just to be sure.  You’re even cautious to open your door and look around one more time before going inside.  

You turn on the front hallway light right away and close the door.  Quietly you step further into your house after slipping out of your shoes and setting down your bag and keys.  “Yoongi?”  It feels stupid to call out for him like this.  There’s no way he could’ve gotten in by himself.  

There’s no answer besides the ticking of your wall clock and the hum of the heater.  Finally you get the bright idea to check your phone.  No surprise at all to see a message from Yoongi.  

-Hey babe, I’m so sorry I can’t make it down there tonight.  We’re busy these days filming christmas specials.  Let me know if I can call you tonight.  

Well that’s a real bummer.  You slump into the couch with a long sigh.  How stupid were you to get your hopes up like that.  Why wasn’t checking your phone the first thing you did?  You message him back with a frown settled deep on your face.  

-It’s okay.  Hope you guys are doing well.  I’m home from work so call whenever.

A few minutes pass and there’s no reply.  Might as well take a nice warm shower while you wait.  The steam relaxes all your tense and chilled muscles and you can almost forget about your disappointment.  

After drying off you check your phone again but still no reply.  You slip on your robe and try to waste some time doing a face mask.  Still there’s no reply even 15 minutes later.  Some warm tea and a book are your last resort for waiting.  That distraction finally works.  

It’s nearly 11 PM and you’re three chapters into your book.  The notification sound of a text startles you out of the pages.  The long awaited reply finally arrives.  

-You still awake?  


-Still okay if I call?  

-Of course.

The caller ID pops up right away with a video call from his laptop.  You scramble to fix yourself into a flattering position before answering.  The video screen settles for you to see Yoongi sitting shirtless on his bed with only the dim lighting of a desk lamp across the room.  

“Hello.”  You smile and give him a small wave.  “Hey.  Sorry it’s late.”  His voice is low and groggy.  You take in how stiff and flustered Yoongi looks.  “It’s no trouble.  I got some good reading done.”  You tell him holding up your book.  

A small smile graces Yoongi’s lips for a moment and he hums in response.  His eyes are barely open and not entirely focused on the screen.  With the hard grimace in his features you think he must be exhausted from his activities today.

There’s a long pause so you try again to strike up the conversation.  “Are the boys there?”  Yoongi huffs at your question.  “Nah they’re all out with Tae and Hoseok like usual.”  He finishes with a long sigh.  

“Yoongi, you okay?”  He only hums again and you’re getting worried.  You try to ask if he’s sure but he speaks first.  “Babe.”  The word comes out in a cracked whine.  His eyes open a bit wider.  The fervent emotions catch your breath short.  There’s no mistaking what that rich smokey gold color means.                    

“Are you wearing anything under that robe?”  Yoongi asks.  His tongue flicks out to lick his lips that are far too parched at this point.  If his captivating sight wasn’t quite so bone chilling you might have laughed at his desperation.  By this point you should’ve known exactly what Yoongi’s problem was.  

“No. Not a single thing.”  You reply in a sing-song voice.  Your fingers run along the breast seam until you’re past the screen view.  Yoongi’s eyes follow your hand and snap back up to your face once it’s out of view.  His jaw is set tight with gritting teeth and a low growl.  

“Don’t tease me love.  You’ll definitely regret it.”  He chastises in a tone that makes goosebumps grow along your arms.  The phone distance gave you a small shred of courage that wasn’t yet stripped away.  It’s his turn to chuckle at your submissive change.  

“That’s a good girl.  Now how about you remove that robe for me?”  His words are dripping with sin.  “Yes, sir.”  You reply curtly.  After setting your phone up against the pillow you sit up onto your knees.  There’s no hesitance in your movements as you untie the sash and slip out of the plush material.   

Yoongi flops back onto his bed with a long drawn out groan.  He throws his other arm over his face looking honestly pained by the sight of your body bare for him.  “Damn it,  I’d do anything to fuck you right now.  You’re so perfect.”  The words draw back all the excitement you felt from earlier in the evening.  

Yoongi sits back up and takes a good look at you.  The cold air is starting to settle on your skin and peak your nipples.  Yoongi enjoys watching your body react slowly to the temperature change.  

“Poor pet must be cold like that right?  Such a shame I couldn’t run my hands along your body to warm you up.”  The idea sounds so good you place your own hands on your waist.  You flinch at the touch from how cold your hands are.  A sigh slips from the both of you as your hands drift higher to hold your breasts.  Warmth comes back to you fingers as you massage the supple flesh.  A small whimper leaves you after giving your nipples a pinch.  

Yoongi soaks in the show you’re putting on just for him.  “Do you often touch yourself like this and think of me love?”  He asks.  A shaky yes is given while you continue fondling your breasts.  He groans again.  “I bet you do.  Naughty girl.  I bet you must really miss me.”  You nod furiously in response and he chuckles.  

Faintly you can hear the rustle of fabric then he lays back down.  He tilts the screen down and shifts back on the bed.  It gives you the full view of his naked body.  His hard cock stands straight in the air and curving upward.  

Yoongi wraps his free hand around the base and glides up to the tip.  He hisses at finally having some contact.  “Shit, babe.  I’ve been hard like this all damn day.  I couldn’t wait to at least see you.”  He can barely get the words out.  

It’s not fair that Yoongi touches himself and you don’t.  The camera turns back to his face and it takes him a minute to compose himself to speak again.  “Why don’t you show me how much you miss me?  I bet my good girl is so wet for me already.”  He must have read your thoughts or seen the desperation in your face.    

Without hesitation your knees spread apart along the bed covers and lean back on one hand to give Yoongi a better angle.  Your other hand comes down your body to spread your folds.  Yoongi curses again at the sight of your dripping pussy.  Having him watch you has more of an effect than you thought.  

“You’re so beautiful pet.  Please touch yourself for me.”  Yoongi coos on a staggered breath.  Whether to tease him or you, your movements start out slow and barely there.  Your fingertips just brush along your folds up and back down.  Then you press your middle finger slowly in and back out a few times before adding your ring finger.  Gradually you pick up the pace making your breath and moans follow.  

The sounds Yoongi makes range from soft whimpers and moans to deep grunts and growls once he starts stroking himself in earnest.  He’s leaking so much precum that his grip slides easily over his length with extra running over his knuckles.  He’d love nothing more than to close his eyes and sink into the feeling but he’s too focused on the glorious view you’re giving.  

Every few strokes of your fingers you press in deep and curl to try and reach your g-spot.  After a while it’s just not enough anymore.  Instead you move your fingers up to circle your clit.  The first touch has you moaning out.  The patience you had to tease is long gone.

After a few more circles you pinch the sensitive bud between your fingers and rub up and down.  Still slick with your wetness your fingers can slide hard and fast.  “Babe I can hear just how wet you are for me.  God I wish I could feel that wrapped around me.”  Yoongi talks to turn you on even more and it definitely works.  

You push yourself to go faster even with a cramp growing in your wrist.  The arm holding you up and your knees bent at this angle for so long are trembling and sore.  They don’t seem to matter though because you’re so close that you can forget the pain.

Yoongi can see the way your thighs start to shake.  In the moment you’d almost forgotten about your audience.  “You gonna cum for me pet?”  Yoongi uses his gravely tone to coax you.  It only takes a few more strokes before your whole body is a shaking mess and you’re coming undone before him.  

The look of pure bliss on your face is a powerful fuel to Yoongi’s fire.  His growl turns deeper as he picks up the pace of his hand.  You’re starting to settle from your high and get into a more comfortable position.  That’s when Yoongi starts cursing again.  

You figure he must be close but something isn’t right.  His face should be cloaked in ecstasy but instead looks pained.  His curses turn into deep growls as his body twists and changes into the wolf.    

“Yoongi, what happened are you okay?” You ask.  The wolf huffs and whines again.  In the small space of the bed he begins to pace and whine loudly.  You try to think what could’ve possibly happened and what the problem could be.  Your mind automatically thought about dog things.  Maybe he’s hungry or needs to go out?  Then it clicks.  Yoongi hadn’t gotten to cum before he changed.

“Poor boy didn’t get his release did he?”  Yoongi openly whines at your question.  He whimpers and licks over the camera.  If you didn’t feel so bad it would be rather cute.  You’re really not sure what you should do now or if there’s any way you can help him.  

Yoongi’s incessant cries get worse before he’s gone from your sight.  Through sounds alone you keep monitoring him.  He’s gotten off the bed and sounds of claws scratching at wood are heard.  Yoongi must be trying to get out of the room.  By the scraping and cracking sounds he must be desperate enough to tear the whole house down to get out.  You panic just thinking about what would happen if he did manage to escape.   

“Yoongi babe.  Please calm down.  Come back to the bed please?”  You try to convince him in a soft tone.  For a moment you consider texting Jungkook for help.  Yoongi might really hurt himself or someone else if he really does get out.    

Yoongi goes silent for a moment and you think maybe he’s given up.  That’s what you hope anyway.  Your mind starts creating worse scenarios the longer the line stays quiet.   

While you wait for something to happen you slip back on your robe.  You’re settled and Yoongi starts whining once again.  The mattress bounces and Yoongi’s back on the bed.  Your breath catches at the sight of his mouth cut and bleeding slightly.  He looks so pained and ragged.

He comes up the bed and you think he’s coming for the phone.  Without sparing you a glance he takes one of his pillows back down to the end of the bed with him.  He tucks it under his body and gives a testing buck of his hips.  A low growl sounds and his ears flick back at the friction to his painful hard on.

His hips start their motion and he’s instantly enwrapped in personal pleasure.  A range of emotions flip through your head.  Guilt at watching shifts through pity and finally arousal.  The carnal act shouldn’t be so provocative.   There’s also something humbling about this great beast reduced to a panting mess humping his own pillow.  

You tuck your lip between your teeth to keep back any sounds lest you disturb the moment.  The rise and fall of your chest keep a half pace with Yoongi.  Heavy panting breaths rack through him.  Blood from the cut drips down his jowls and spots the bedding.  

At last his eyes squeeze shut and his hips stutter to a stop.  He pauses to collect himself before moving away from the soiled cushion.  You softly gasp at the large wet spot across the pillowcase.  Yoongi awkwardly sits facing away from the screen to lick himself clean.  

He finishes the job quickly and comes back up the bed.  The look in his eyes is a heartbreaking mix of guilt and sadness.  With a loud sigh he curls up against his clean pillow and continues to look at you.  After clearing your throat you speak.  

“You okay?  You feel better?”  You ask timidly.  Yoongi only huffs and rest his head on his paws.  “Don’t feel too bad.  I know you needed it.”  Still he barely acknowledges you.  For a long while the two of you stay quiet just watching each other.  You knew it was getting hard to keep your eyes open but you’re not sure when the had closed for good.  

In the morning you wake up to your phone stuck to your cheek.  That’s when you figure you must’ve fallen asleep still on the call.  You check to make sure you’d hung up and see a few messages.  The first one is from Jungkook.  

-What did you do with Yoongi hyung last night?

The second ones are from Yoongi himself.

-Wow. I’m so embarrassed.. I won’t blame you if you never talk to me again.

Naturally you message Yoongi back first.  

-Don’t be embarrassed.  It was really your only option.  

Then you message Jungkook.  

-Well how much do you already know?  

Jungkook actually messages back first.  

-I know we came home this morning to Yoongi asleep with blood and cum all over his pillow and a huge chunk missing in his door.  Also with his computer open to a video call with you fast asleep.  

-Then you can put the pieces together I think.

-You were having video call sex and something went terribly wrong?  

-Yea pretty much.  

-Ew.  You guys are really so nasty.  

Poor Jungkook was really the victim here.  Having to be caught between his friends love affaire and cleaning up their messes.  Part way through your conversation Yoongi had answered so now you could focus on his messages.  

-What have I done to deserve you?  Such an angel.  

-I don’t think angels enjoy watching wolves fuck their pillows.  

-You actually enjoyed it?  Yea definitely not an angel then.  

-If it makes you feel better then yes I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

The rest of the day you pass the time idly texting with both boys until they have a schedule.  


Reverse Dipifica

Last Stop to the Left

The familiar chime of the bell at the entrance caused Pacifica’s head to snap to attention. Freshly polished designer shoes clicked against hardwood floor and a black cape of fine silk fluttered in the wind. Upon seeing the boy who had entered the shack, the blonde rolled her eyes. It figures he would pick a day when she was working the cash register on her own. Gideon was out with his friends, Robbie didn’t work Sunday’s, Granny Carla was out giving a tour of the creepy part of the forest, and who knew where Melody was. So now she was forced to be all alone with the magician, aside from the guy browsing quietly in the far corner of the gift shop.

“I’m afraid we’re fresh out of hair gel sir,” she said with mock politeness. She leaned heavily over the counter to flash the boy a cheeky grin. “You’ll have to come back another time.”

Sharp sea green eyes shot her a look of irritation. Dipper Pines fluffed the edges of his flourished cape as he approached the cash register counter.

“Can I be spared the banter Pacifica,” Dipper replied, his tone bored and expression uninterested as he examined the card rack to the side of the register. “I have a serious matter to discuss.”

“Oh joy.”

Dipper continued as if he hadn’t heard her. “I’ve encountered something odd in the town and I need your help to capture it.”

Pacifica let out an overdramatic gasp. “Something odd? In this town?” Her tone flipped from enthusiastic to deadpan. “What a novel discovery.”

Dipper glared at her before motioning to the quiet man in the back of the shop. “It’s that guy.”

She glanced over his shoulder. “You mean the guy who works at the bowling alley?” she asked.

He nodded. “There’s something strange about him,” Dipper whispered, his eyes flashing in the sunlight that shined through the window.

Pacifica nodded as the man idly picked up a Gravity Falls snow globe. “I’m sure he says the same thing about you,” she stated. “Though I think lots of people probably say that about you.”

He let out a forlorn sigh and rubbed his temples in agitation. “He looks normal but he’s not,” Dipper stated without a beat of doubt. “Wherever he goes he’s always facing left.”

Pacifica looked over at the man again and saw that he was indeed facing left. “Uh huh,” she nodded again slowly, unable to keep a smirk from splitting her face. “You’ve got a few screws loose huh?”

His scowl stayed in place, deepening ever so slightly as he turned his head away from her to look at the man again. He reached up to touch his amulet with the tips of his fingers, but it’s paranormal glow was absent and it lay useless at his throat. He knew it wouldn’t work while inside the shack, but that didn’t stop the subconscious impulse at his fingers, begging him to use his magic.

This sort of thing was a bit ridiculous for Dipper Pines. Usually he shot a little higher when investigating the supernatural. He thought himself above the regular conspiracy theories of the average joe. So a guy that preferred his left side was a bit of a step down from his usual stuff, which mostly consisted of hunting down big terrible monsters and then using their organs for blood rituals or whatever.

She was starting to wonder if this was some sort of distraction. Pacifica absentmindedly reached underneath the countertop. She felt the familiar rough texture of her journal’s spine with a breath of relief. It was still there in her sight and out of his clutches. He didn’t seem to concerned with finding it either. His eyes didn’t scan the shop with that calculating gaze, they were fixed on the man across the room and occasionally darting towards her. So if he wasn’t here for her journal, she would have to assume he was here for the second reason he would come around to the shack.

“This isn’t just some lame excuse to come creeping around me is it?” Pacifica asked with her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed. “Because I’d rather not deal with that right now.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he sneered, looking at her from the corner of his eye as he continued to speak flippantly. Though, Pacifica could see the nervous flex in his hands and the tension between his shoulder blades. “Despite what you may think, I have a life outside of you.”

Pacifica rose a skeptical eyebrow as a corner of his lips twitched upwards and revealed a set of white teeth. The sharp edges of his smiles had always reminded her of a shark. But this smile looked more vampiric and suggestive than predatorial.

“But perhaps that’s what you were hoping for,” he said, green eyes flashing as he glanced back at her. “I think you’re starting to like the attention Northwest.”

Pacifica scoffed loudly. “As if.”

“Well God knows you need the company,” Dipper stated with a nonchalant shrug. “I believe you’re here by yourself for the next three hours until Carla returns.”

“Memorized my schedule huh? That’s not obscenely creepy at all,” Pacifica commented sarcastically, leaning away from Dipper so she wasn’t in such close radius. “I thought it was a little suspicious when you came here just after Granny Carla left with the tourists.”

“I simply waited till the place was mostly deserted so I could confront him out of the public’s eye,” Dipper admitted. “Being partially alone with you is more or less a somewhat happy coincidence.”

Despite what he seemed to think, Dipper wasn’t the least bit charming off the stage.

“Now, Im going to use my amulet in order to force him to turn to his right side,” he explained. “So I need you to remove your hex bags from the shack.”

A big fat red flag shot up in her mind. God, did he really think he could fool her with such an obvious trick.

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen never,” Pacifica snapped, her glare fixing onto his placid face. “I’m not an idiot Dipper. Do you think I’m just going to let you have free reign on this place for any length of time after everything you’ve done.”

Judging by the way he was turned completely away from her now, he wasn’t listening to her. Apparently he stopped paying attention to what she said when she denied him what he wanted, which was Dipper’s usual response. She tells him she won’t give up her journal until she’s dead, he keeps trying to take it. She tells him she doesn’t want to date him, he keeps asking. She returns a bouquet of flowers that he sends her, he sends the biggest freaking bouquet that he can buy.

He sauntered over to the man with a passive expression. The guy didn’t turn to face him. He kept facing left and looked at Dipper from the corner of his eye. Pacifica had to admit that was a little strange.

“Hello good sir,” Dipper greeted with the bravado and eccentricity reserved for shows and public occasions. “I was wondering if you could reach the shirts on that top shelf. The one to your right side.”

“I’m sorry I don’t work here,” the man stated before going back to examining the snow globes.

Dipper let out an embarrassed laugh that almost sounded real. Years of stage productions and magic acts with Mabel had perfected his acting technique. Pacifica noticed him pull out a small jar from his pocket as he continued to converse with the man. She had to wonder what the heck that was for.

“Yes of course. It’s just I can’t reach them on my own and the cashier girl is no help at all.” Pacifica crossed her arms and scowled as Dipper sent her a smirk. “I’m just wondering if you could help me out.”

After a moment the man shrugged and replied. “I don’t see why not.” He started walking backwards towards the shelf instead of just turning to face it. As he was reaching for the shirts on the top shelf, Dipper shoved him hard so that his right side was in full view.

Pacifica was not prepared for what she saw. It was like someone had sawed a robot in half and said robot was controlled by a bunch of creepy little green blobs that wore belts for some reason. Seriously what the hell was she looking at?

The green blobs looked towards her and Dipper with expressions of shock and horror. Then without warning they all started pulling out these glowing red balls and yelling out “the time has come” before swallowing them. They vanished in a small flash of white light.
Before the last one had the chance to swallow his pill, Dipper swiped it from inside the half robot and stuffed int into the jar.

The robot crumbled to the ground in a pile of metal bits and screws. A fire ignited when it crashed to the ground setting off all the sprinklers in the shop.
Pacifica could only gawk at the sight in front of her as Dipper straightened his cape and adjusted the amulet around his neck.

“Apologies,” he said. “I needed one of them for a spell. I’ve tried to capture them about three times now.”

Pacifica looked at the mess of burning robot bits and felt the water from the sprinklers soaking into her hair and clothes. She shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised at this point. After everything she had seen while in Gravity Falls, this didn’t even crack the top five. But she was sure as hell pissed at the fact that this guy was messing up her clothes and work space for another one of his damn spells.

She glowered at Dipper Pines and he simply smiled that shark smile in triumph at the creature he had captured.

“Get out!”

He turned to face her with the slightest bit of curiosity on his face, his grin still in place. “Yes of course,” he agreed with her order, which was a shocker in itself. “You have quite the mess to clean up here. So I’ll leave you to it.”

With that said he turned to the exit, that damn cape waving behind him, leaving with his same elegant stride.

“Jackass,” she muttered under her breath.


Don’t know what the point in writing this was. Just wanted to get a Drabble out with these two. If anyone wants to see more feel free to message me drabbles cuz I love writing for these guys.

A gift for the always amazing @larkistin who does so much for us with her incredible artwork. Only a portion of what you deserve, lovely, but I hope it hits on all of your deepest desires ;)

Imagine Rafael posing nude for an artist

He had never stood a chance, the way she bounced into his office, flopping herself into the chair across from his desk. She always did this, always stopped by to see him too when she came to visit her brother. And he wasn’t sure why she had taken such a liking to him, but he also wasn’t dumb enough to complain.

Her cheery smile and youthful exuberance always made him feel a little more alive and it had been no different yesterday as he set his pen down to look at her.

“Morning, Raf!”

No one else ever called him ‘Raf.’ Hell, no one else ever even called him ‘Rafael.’ He was ‘Barba’ or ‘Counselor’ to everyone that didn’t share his blood.

Except her.

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Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: Humor, college!AU

Word Count: 2.099

Prompt: AU w/ Yoongi 28 & 50
You just caught me reading hardcore smut fan fiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face.
Hey I just followed my friend to your friend’s house but now they’re screwing really loudly in the other room, wanna go do something else?

Summary: Yoongi has never experienced a more interesting day, and to think it was all because he actually showed up to his Economics class.
*I’m too lazy to proofread, so apologies in advance.

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Seventy five percent of the time he didn’t even both to show up to the class. Three quarters of the time he’d be sleeping peacefully in his dorm or out doing something a hell of a lot more exciting. The remaining twenty five percent of the time, that last quarter…he almost always regretted showing up once he was there. Economics killed him; sometimes both mentally and physically. The only reason he’d taken the class was because he’d needed a few more extra credits to graduate on time instead of having to come back for another semester. He remembered how bad his senior slide had been back in high school, but nothing had prepared him for how steep his senior slide in college was. How nearly all of his classes were filled with bullshit papers and bullshit answers. Hungover mornings, and a little too high nights.  

For some strange reason though, Yoongi had decided that today he was going to grace the class with his presence. They were literally five minutes in and he was strongly regretting that decision. The lecture hall was fill to the brim for the most part, Yoongi scanning over all the seats and wondering how the hell so many people could even manage to make it here. As much as Yoongi hated that he’d be spending an hour there, he at least respected the teacher enough where he would simply get up and leave in the middle of class. The poor man lecturing at the front was so enraptured by what he was saying and writing on the board that he probably wouldn’t even notice. The way Yoongi looked at it though, was that he could probably at least get some work done while there. And by work that meant doodling and writing random lyrics in his notebook.

Unbeknownst to him, you were sitting directly next to him, laptop up and fingers flying across the keys. Similarly, to Yoongi however, you were using your time in this class to do much more preferred things. Usually you did pay attention in this class and take good notes but when you’d gotten the notification at the beginning of class that your favorite fanfic had updated, you’d wasted absolutely zero time opening the website and searching for it.


Fifteen minutes into class and you were completely sucked into your fic, the sex scene currently playing out before your eyes causing you to squirt slightly. You weren’t some noob though when it came to reading this type of work; no sir. The past four years of college had had more than their fair share of boring classes, meaning that you’d perfected your poker face when it came to smut scenes like this one. Nobody would ever know what you were doing, not that you cared at moments like these, because absolutely nothing could take your concentration away.

Yoongi having grown bored of even his own form of entertainment was growing more and more restless beside you. He’d resorted to drawing nothing but ink tornadoes on his paper, letting out sighs ever now and then. Pushing himself back in his seat he let his arms stretch out behind him, his body leaning back far enough where he could get a clear look at the screen of your computer.  He’d only glanced at first, assuming that you had some sort of assignment up or that you were taking notes, but when his eyes had caught onto a particular word he’d never lurched forward. Keeping his computer he shook his head for a moment, checking to make sure that you weren’t paying any attention to him before slowly letting his eyes go back to your laptop. “…his cock was even better than she’d dreamed…”. Okay so Yoongi most certainly had not been imagining things.

After looking away for a few moments as to make sure you didn’t catch onto him reading over your shoulder he slowly let his eyes go back to your computer screen.

“…she let him tie her up, the feel of the rope rough on her skin but exactly what she wanted…”

‘Holy shit,’ Yoongi thought as he looked at you this time, giving you a closer look. He’d seen you a few times on the rare occasion that he went to class, was sure even that he’d seen you around campus as well. Never though had he ever gotten the idea that you were into kinky shit like this. Maybe his was where the quote ‘never judge a book by its cover’ came from?

Taking a breath, he leaned back again and looked towards the screen. You’d scrolled farther now so he wasn’t sure what was going on anymore but he could tell just by the first sentence he saw that things were picking up fast.

“…the riding crop was cold as he ran it slowly down her stomach, letting it just barely brush the sensitive skin of her sex. It was only a matter of time before that sensation turned to a burning hot one one that would make her scre-…”

Yoongi couldn’t handle it anymore, letting his chair drop back down, probably a little too loudly as multiple people turned and looked at him, yourself included. The red that had tinted his cheeks thankfully looking as though he were embarrassed for making the disruption when in reality, the story he was spying on was a little too much for him to handle in a public place. Glancing over to you he gave you a nervous smile making you raise your eyebrows. How in the hell were you so calm while reading that?

What Yoongi didn’t realize was that you knew he had been reading through the story. Unlike Yoongi who vaguely remembered seeing you around, you had always noticed Yoongi. The kid was hard to miss, always walking around with large headphones on, his hair changing colors more often then you could count. He was one of those kids that you didn’t know anything about but knew automatically that they were cool without even trying. He was nice to look at, that was for sure, but you’d never found a reason to talk to him. When he’d sat next to you during class today you’d vaguely noticed the slight increase of heart rate he’d caused you to have. When you’d opened up the fic and saw what kind of chapter it was going to be, you’d only partially hoped that he’d notice, that maybe it could stir something out of him, but in reality you hadn’t expected it to actually happen.

It wasn’t like you were expecting him to grab you by the wrist and drag you out of the classroom, demanding that you try some of the things from the fic, but you had to admit that the blush it had given him was also quite enjoyable. You couldn’t hold in the smile any longer as you watched him from the side of your vision for the rest of class, noticing how he purposely kept his head down, and purposely turned his body away. ‘So he’s a bit on the shy side…adorable.’

For Yoongi’s sake the rest of the class went by rather fast. Somewhere after the half hour mark he’d pulled out his phone and sent out a few texts, putting his attention on attempting to find something to do when this class was over. If nothing came up, then he’d more than likely just end up back in his dorm sleeping. To his relief though a friend texted him back, inviting him to his place. So, as the class ended and everybody started packing up, the two of you finally making eye contact as you put your laptop back in your backpack, a small smile gracing your lips as you shook your head at the blush that was reappearing on his face again.

“Have a good day Min Yoongi,” you said, probably enjoying his startled look a little too much as you slung your bag over your shoulder and headed out the door.

Going through your last two classes of the day didn’t bring nearly as much excitement as Economics had, but you were glad that the day was finally over. With a sigh and a quick crack of the back you took off, ditching your class attire for a pair of nice jeans and your favorite top, heading to the address that your friend had texted you she was at, saying that she was just hanging with some cool people that you’d probably liked. Rolling your eyes at this, you knew that it was mostly code for you helping her distract the extra people that were there so that she could hook up with whoever she’d found interesting. Four years of college taught you a hell of a lot more than just book work.

Following her instructions on the text you simply knocked once before pushing the door open to the house, calling out her name making your way into what must be the living room, only to stop dead in your tracks at who you saw sitting on the couch. “Min Yoongi,” you said, drawing out his name as you flashed him a smirk, that shocked face gracing your vision once more.

“Twice in one day, what a pleasure,” you teased as you walked over and took a seat on the couch next to him. Yoongi, why usually a rather collected guy who wasn’t so easily thrown off track had no idea how to even reply as he watched you sat down right next to him. “Lighten up,” you said as you patted him on the thigh and give him a small nudge. “What, have you never seen a girl read a dirty story in the middle of economics before? Was I your first?” you teased as you whispered the last part into his ear. Finally, ever since your teasing had begun you heard the small but genuine laugh that left his lips, a small smile on his face as he shook his head at you.

“I feel ashamed for not remembering your name. You really are something else,” he said as he took a deep breath and turned slightly to look at you. How on earth had a girl like you flown under his radar for so long? How long exactly had Yoongi been wasting his time on girls that spent way too much time worrying about what was coming from their mouths, and trying so hard to impress him with everything that they said.

“[Y/N], and no worry at all. I don’t tend to share my smut with many people,” you say, glad to see that the smile on his face wasn’t forced anymore. “For real though, I hope I didn’t scare you too badly back there,” you say as you lean back into the couch watching him.

“Not so much scared as I was shocked. How…I mean how in the hell do you read that stuff with such a straight face?”

Giving him what he would come to know as your signature smirk you winked, “Lots of practice.”

Shaking his head slightly Yoongi leaned back as well, letting his eyes continue to look at you, noticing much more about you this time. “So I’m assuming that my friend is somewhere with your friend,” you say looking around and noticing for the first time that it was just the two of you and nobody else. “I’m going to assume…wherever the bedroom is?” you say, knowing before he can even reply that you’re correct.

“Bingo,” he says, seconds later a yell and a moan reaching the both of you. Both of you shake your head as a few more vulgar noises make their way to you, your hand coming up to cover your mouth and stifle the laugh that’s threatening to break free. “I may be an expert at reading this stuff with a straight face, but I don’t think I can handle holding a normal conversation while listening to this,” you say, Yoongi nodding in agreement.

“Let’s go do something else then,” Yoongi says, a smirk gracing his lips for the first time before he speaks, “maybe you can let me read some more of that story.”

With a laugh and a small smack to his arm you stand, waiting for him to follow. “Oh, I’ve got plenty more that you’d enjoy Min Yoongi,” you say.

Smiling back at you Yoongi realizes that the best decision he’s made today was going to economics…maybe that class would have one more seat filled for the rest of the year.

Double Stuffed

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Pairing: NeganxReader
Word count: 1,087
Warnings: Swearing, DP, anal, oral, rim job, Daddy!kink, spanking, very NSFW gifs
A/N: This is the final chapter!
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @ashiewesker @crzcorgi @strangersangel9 @syrenially @frenchybell @meganlpie @chipmunkchick @oh-goodness-loki @iheartthelochnessmonster @lakama15 @spontaneousam @somanymatthew @drampop @youhuntorbehunted @emonroe @bkwrm523 @wildfirekhaleesi @abbylouise11234 @ioanashalala @roparo @rapsity @alwayssmilepretty @kathyjimenezg1 @itsrainbowunicornstuff @pumacat69 @scarletwinchester84 @lovetusk @thewalkingmombie @crapythings
Double the Fun masterlist

Negan had called you early that morning (waking you up), to tell you that they were on their way back. You grinned like an idiot, and then he let you get back to sleep. If there wasn’t much traffic, they should have walked back in right after your shift started.

When that evening came, you decided to dress for him. You picked his favorite pair of shorts, a fitted t-shirt that reached right under your belly button, and cowgirl boots. Checking your make up in the mirror, you grabbed your apron and made your way to the bar. It was a Wednesday night, so you weren’t expecting it to be too busy. Jo was off that night, so it was just you and Ellen. That didn’t keep you from checking the door each time it opened. Each time hoping for Negan, just to be disappointed. 

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Suit and Bow Part 1 (Rafe x Reader)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Sooo here’s part 1 of this story and to be honest I don’t even know where I wanna go with it yet. Please leave me some feedback I’d appreciate it ^^

Originally posted by marcusfeniix

You were used to bratty customers seeing how you’ve already worked at one of the best and most expensive clothing stores around your area for quite a while now but as you heard your fellow colleague rant about a specific one today you wondered if he was the most arrogant and ruthless one yet.

“I brought him exactly what he had asked for and he still wasn’t satisfied.” It didn’t seem like she would stop talking about him soon so you tried to interrupt her. “So he’s coming again tomorrow?” She told you he had left the store fuming with anger and disappointment but he would be back since this was the most sophisticated place to buy expensive suits and that was what he was looking for apparently. “I’ll take care of him then. Don’t want you to go to prison for strangling a customer, do we?” You chuckled. She normally never was this on edge since the two of you got used to such behaviour over the time but you still did your best to help her calm down. With a silent nod she accepted your offer and finally shut up about him even though you could tell that she was still fuming.

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Imagine teacher!ksoo & student!yeol (UGH an imagine au blog can’t escape this bloody trope)

Do Kyungsoo is the teacher that everyone loves. And Park Chanyeol is the clever boy in class with zero ambition in life other than to ace every video game he gets his hands on and make music on the side. He skips classes and flunk tests because he doesn’t care. He can just work at his parents’ restaurant, it doesn’t matter.

But that would just make Chanyeol your average good for nothing delinquent. What distinguishes him, and what Kyungsoo really really wishes he doesn’t do, is constantly flirt with the well-loved teacher and asking him out on dates. Kyungsoo perfected his poker face by watching Try Watching This Without Laughing or Smiling challenges on YouTube and becomes a master at rebuking any and all of Chanyeol’s ridiculous verbal advances. It’s not, sleazy, per se. Because seventeen year old Park Chanyeol cannot pull off sleazy to save his now probably dead ferret’s life (‘You look cute today, sir! Just as cute as my adorable ferret that ran away when I was 11!’ ‘I’m sorry your ferret ran away, but class is about to start, Park Chanyeol’). It’s mostly false bravado and sometimes downright poor self-preservation. This is Kyungsoo’s second year of teaching, he doesn’t need this.

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Because he is perfection!

(I will comment on this later)

Ahn Jaehyo, most people ignore him, but how dare they because he is beautiful!

(That profile is a god given gift to the universe)

(His neck is really long and beautiful too)

(I don’t have a teacher fetish, but if he would’ve been my teacher in high school……..)

(Perfect nose, perfect eyebrows, and ugh his neck seriously)

(He doesn’t even need makeup, his face game is over 9000)

Indeed, he is Block B’s visual……

He’s also a weirdo

(Behold, his squid dance)

(I don’t know what the fuck that was)

He sleeps naked! (And sometimes in his undies)

(Kyung….. Sir, contain yourself)

He says what everyone thinks; he’s basically everyone’s spirit animal 

(Me honestly)

(I will cook for you!)

(I will help you with your English, too!) 

(I am not a squid!……..when I have makeup on)

There are more funny things he says (ShitJaeyhyosays is a good blog for that)

He loves kids so much

(He bought this for his friend’s son)

He is super respectful to women, (I can’t find it, but I remember him tweeting something about how in ancient Rome male rapists had their testicles smashed, and he said that should be used in Korea)

He has an AMAZING body

But, you now what he had to do in order to get/maintain that body? 

He starved himself.

Ahn Jaehyo, drank nothing but beer for four days, ate bread crumbs, and salt.

(He looks so fucking drained and hungry, come to me, I’ll feed you healthy vegan food)

(Don’t apologize, just eat and rest)

(Poor baby being alone) 

He also has low self esteem 

(I’ll stay with you, angel!)

He has the least amount of views on all videos of just him. He is also the only one that didn’t get anything during the unit and solo debuts, and his drama wasn’t even promoted well. He gets like no lines in the songs, like no face time in MVs. And he gets so much shut from the other members, one can only take so much, but since he’s a sweetheart he won’t say anything.

(I’m not going to end this on a funny note, because I was literally in tears for him.)

Jaehyo is beautiful, inside and out, I just wish he, and others would see it, too. When I go to KCON I will find a way to tell/show him, that I love and support him. Let someone try to stop me.

New Girl - Stefan Salvatore

Request: Hi, can you do an imagine with Stefan from tvd where the reader is new to town and know one knows her because she’s always in the woods writing in her journal writing stories and always has headphones and one day he sees her in the woods and tried to talk to her, you can choose the ending. Sorry if it’s not too detailed, but thank you!

Pairing: ReaderXStefan

Word Count: 2.2K

Authors Note: Hey! TVD is my all time fave! Who is you favorite Character? Mine is Kol ( when he was in it haha) or Kai because lets face it he is just ahggg 😂. Thank you so much for requesting, I hope it was something that you imagined! Love you all ❤️


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Mystic Falls was an interesting place… Full of wild rumors about Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Which all turned out to be true…

You had moved from a small, quiet town to live with your aunt Kelly; to get a better education at the local school. In reality it was just you and your cousin Matt in the house, but that was fine by you. Matt was one of your closet friends whilst growing up.

He knew how to cheer you up if you were down or how to make you laugh like crazy. He even knew your ticklish spot. All in all you got along like a house on fire. You and him seemed to be the only humans in this town.

You were currently strolling around the square looking for a book store. You had been inspired to start a diary of some sort, after your friend Elena told you about how writing helps her with keeping her humanity in tack. She said being a Vampire sometimes made you forget the most basic human feelings or thoughts. You really liked to write little stories that would link with your reality, so you had decided to give it a go.

It seemed like fun. Eventually a store comes into your sight, with cardboard cut outs of characters from the latest bestseller. You headed inside to be greeted by the smell of stale coffee and that strange smell that old, worn books have. It reminded you of you’re Dad’s office back home, he would work for hours on end to finish up accounts and papers. Only ever leaving that room for a refill on his coffee or to make a sandwich.

You wandered the isles of the store, scanning the shelves till a burgundy, leather note book caught your eye. It was beautiful. You freed it from in between the other books on the shelf, to get a closer inspection.

It had a golden clasp on the side that clipped to front, sealing the book closed. A small length of pale blue ribbon was visible from the top of the spine, a book mark to keep track of the progress. It was perfect!

You hurried over to the counter and paid for the book, purchasing a pen from the pot on the desk. After thanking the sales assistant for the change you made your way out.

Grabbing your phone, you plug your headphones in… Blasting the latest music you had gotten off of iTunes. You start towards the woods. The woods was a nice, quite place where you liked to go when you wanted to be alone.

After stepping and tripping on multiple logs and tree
stumps, you finally settle down next to a big oak tree. You pull out the book and pen from your grey messenger bag and begin to write.

Your thoughts and ideas spilling out, your hand making fluent motions, delicately across the yellowed pages.
You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice a dark figure approach you.

Stunned by the sudden appearance of a person, you pull out your headphones and close your journal.
You look up to inspect the stranger only to be greeted by a devilishly handsome guy. He looked oddly familiar. He was looking straight at you, he cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence.

“ Hey, you must be Y/n, I’m Stefan… Stefan Salvatore” he finally says in a clear, velvety voice.

“ Hi… Stefan” you say trying to compose yourself. How on earth does he know your name? Oh God he isnt a stalker is he?! Your mind began to race… You didnt know this dude and you were in the middle of the woods… Oh God!!!

“ Hey are okay? You’re heartbeat is racing” he says concern casting over his eyes. He moved to sit down next to you against the tree.

“ How do yo- wait what? How would you know that?” You stammer slightly moving yourself away from him.

“ Well I can hear it” he says with a smirk. You just rolled your eyes, he obviously wanted to play games.

“ Yeah and I can walk on water” you say opening up your journal and continued to scribble down the stories. Completely ignoring the hot guy sitting next to you, his eyes burning into your body.

“ Im a Vampire… Thats why” he chuckles, pulling out his phone to check the time.

“ Wait…” You say looking at him, catching his eye to signal you were being serious. “ you aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“ Who do you think I am?” He says whilst putting a hand to his heart acting like he is hurt by your comment. “ Look I’m not Damon, I would never hurt you”  

Damon? Now that rings a bell.

“ Damon.. As in Elena’s boyfriend?” You say setting your journal down.

“ Yes… He is also my heartless brother” he says grinning “ don’t tell him I said that” he chuckled.

“ So you’re the famous Stefan Salvatore hmmm? ” you mumble, your fingers fidgeting with the ribbon in the book you were holding.

“ I guess so” he grinned looking down at hands.

“ How did you find me out here?” You question, looking around.

“ I hope you don’t find this creepy but I followed you , I have wanted to talk to you since you arrived here but I never had the chance” he says quietly his hands fidgeting.

“ Oh… Why would you want to talk to me?” A hint of curiosity in your voice. As you take the opportunity to explore his face. He had an amazing jawline, sharp and angular; it really structured the rest of his face. His big green eyes darkened as they met yours, making you shiver.

“ Matt told me you love to read..” you nodded in agreement, motioning for him to continue “ and I happen to have the best library in Mystic Falls” he grinned.

“ And your point is exactly?” You frown, making him chuckle.

“ Well I just wanted you to know that you can come by anytime if you fancied reading anything but the complete rubbish, which is sold in the local book store” he explained, keeping strong eye contact, making you very flustered.

“ Thats very nice of you, but I wouldn’t want to intrude” you reply quickly.

“ Honestly it would be a pleasure… Nobody appreciates written masterpieces anymore” he says, placing his phone back into his jacket pocket.

“ Would you mind if I took a look at your collection?” You ask, opening your bag to place your journal inside.

“ Not at all, my car is only 5 minuets away” he says in a happy tone as he stands, brushing the dirt from his black jeans.

“ I don’t really know you that well… Can I trust that you aren’t some sort of serial killer?”  You mutter as you stand, flinging your bag over your shoulder in the process.

“ Well I did have a ripper stage, but that was way back in August” he slyly grinned. You moved to playfully punch his arm. Making him laugh hysterically.

“ Oka- okay I promise I am not going to hurt you, You see that necklace around your neck? I made Elena give that to you. To make sure you are safe here” he says after composing himself. You glanced down to the beautiful silver necklace you had been given.

“ Hmmm… Well I suppose I will just have to trust you on this one” you smile as you bump shoulders with him as you pass, heading back down the trail towards the parking lot. Stefan almost instantly by your side in a steady pace.

“ So who is your favorite author?” He questioned reaching a beautiful red car. Opening the passenger door and motioned for you to take a seat.
As soon as the car door was shut he was already starting the ignition.

“ I would have to say Jane Austen, what about you?” You say quietly. Pulling your bag closer to your chest.

“ See that’s a difficult one… I love you choice by the way Austen was a phenomenal author… But I would have to say Charles Dickens seen as though I met him on my family trip to England in 1866” he glanced at you and smirked then returned his focus onto the road.

“ Wait… You MET Charles Dickens?!” You say with excitement “ What was he like?”

“ He was what you would expect really, a creative old man that had a way with words that made you really think about how the world really is” Stefan replied with a smile. You nod as you listen with interest.

“ We are here” he states as he hops out of the now still car. You look out of the passenger window only to be taken back by the beauty of his home and garden.  You had gotten here quick, you thought to yourself. You quickly were pulled back to reality when Stefan appeared, opening your door.

“ Malady ” he says in a British accent whilst bowing. A smile hovered on your face as you stepped out.

“ Thank you good sir” you grinned back, curtsying to play along.

“ This way” he says leading you to the doorway.

“ Welcome to the Salvatore Manor” he grins, opening up the door and pulling you inside. The interior of the house was even better than you expected. The polished wooden floors, expensive looking rugs and portraits of what you guessed to be family members, all looked perfect.

“ Would you like something to drink?” Stefan asks as he wanders over to a wooden table full of what looked like alcoholic beverages.

“ No thanks, I’m good” you mumble.

“ Well the library is through there” pointing out an archway “ I will be through in a moment” he says clearly as he pours himself a drink. You nod with a shy smile and make your way towards the library.

You were stunned by the amount of books that were on the shelves, they covered every available wall. Leather books lined in volume order, there was no modern books that you could see. You didn’t mind so much because you had a huge love for the classics.

“ Impressed?” Stefan mumbles from behind you, quickly you turn to see him leaned up against the archway, sipping from his glass.

“ Very” you smile returning your focus to the thousands of surrounding books.

You plop your bag down on one of the nearby chairs and wander over to the closest shelf. You read each of the  name closely, till eventually you discovered your all time favorite novel Pride And Prejudiced.

Your hand quickly plucked it from the shelf, moving your hand over the leather cover. Tracing the golden, engraved letters on the front. From what you could tell it was a first edition.

“ You can have that if you want” Stefan says as he appears beside you.

“ Oh- no I couldn’t,  thank you for the offer bu-” you were cut off from him placing his finger on your lips.

“ No buts… I insist” he whispers, his eyes darkened again.

“ Thank you… I will look after it like my life depended on it” you mumble against his fingers, making him chuckle.

“ You are something special Y/n” he grinned, removing his hand from your face as he brought his glass to his lips. You attention was suddenly drawn to them, they were plum and very pink. You quickly snapped your eyes away before he could notice you staring.

You move your attention back to the books stacked on the shelf in front of you.

“ Hey, my brother is hosting a huge party for Elena’s birthday tonight, would you like to come?” Stefan questions as he takes another sip of his drink.

“ Sure sounds like fun” you grin, suddenly your phone beeped. You rush over to see who it could be.

From: Matt

Hey, Y/n where are you? Me and Tyler are at the Grill, want us to order your usual? :p

You quickly respond with I’m on my way.

“ Hey, I’m sorry but I have to go… I was supposed to meet Matt and Tyler at the Grill for lunch” you stutter as you place the heavy novel you were holding into your bag.

“ No problem, would you like me to drop you off?” He asks politely.

“ No, no I can walk but thank you for the offer and the book”  you smile in return.

“ Well I guess I will see you at the party tonight then?”  He mentions as you both make your way to the hallway.

“ Yeah, I guess” you laugh nervously, stepping out of the door. Turning to face Stefan.

“ It was very nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the book” you say in a soft tone.

“ It was a pleasure to meet you too and you’re very welcome” he smiled down on you.

“See you at the party Salvatore” you say as you begin to walk down his drive.

“ See you at the party Y/L/N” he shouts after you.

You grin to yourself as you plug your headphones back into your phone. You were going to have to be careful around him… Or maybe he was going to have to be careful around you…