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self care post

-get a calendar, and actually use it. life is so much less stressful when you know what you’re doing and when, and it’s more encouraging to not back out of plans if they’re written down and solid. you can use google calendar, a wall calendar, a planner, whatever works. just jot down plans, accomplishments, holidays, reminders, and just the jist of what’s going on in your life for that day/week/month.

-make sure to get enough sleep. for people ages 6-13, it’s recommended to get 9-11 hours of rest every night. for people ages  14-17, the recommended amount is 8-10 hours, and for adults ages 18-65+, it’s 7-9 hours. sleep is amazingly important for mental, physical, and emotional health. there is almost nothing that a good nap can’t solve. 

-take a good shower. use some nice soap, light some candles, play some music, wash your hair, shave if that’s your thing, and just relax. put out a nice fluffy towel for when you get out, and put on some clean, comfortable clothes (or pjs).

-clean your room. make your bed, vacuum/sweep your floor, pick up whatever you’ve left on your floor or dresser. organized space, organized mind. 

-do laundry. wash all of your dirty clothes that you have been putting off, and throw in some fabric softener so the next time you wear them, they’re nice and soft. 

-get a cheap coloring book and crayons or colored pencils for when you’re bored. coloring releases stress and relaxes your mind. i bought a children’s coloring book for 97 cents at walmart. 

-watch your favorite movie. cuddle up on the couch or in bed with some blankets and actually watch it. put your phone, laptop, what have you somewhere else and enjoy. 

-drink something warm. a big mug of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever you like. 

-wear fluffy socks! it always makes life a little better.

-stretch, especially if you haven’t moved in a while. move your muscles a little bit so they don’t stiffen.

-brush your teeth and wash your face if you haven’t yet. you always feel better after you’ve done it. clean yourself up a little. hygiene is important. 

-wash your sheets, blankets, pillowcases, everything. remake your bed. clean it all up so it’s nice and fresh for the night.

-reevaluate your friends list. yes, unfriend and unfollow, but it goes deeper than that. stop avoiding it and realize that a toxic friendship isn’t good. slowly take steps to back off. it’s difficult, and easier said than done, but it feels so much better to get rid of what’s contributing to your negative feelings.

-remember to do little things to treat yourself. take baths. use a face mask. go to a movie, or out to eat. hang out with a friend. call a family member you haven’t talked to in a long time. take care of yourself.

You can Run ( void!stiles smut )

author : wantstobeastilinski
pairing : void!stiles x reader
warnings : this is literally just sin, hair pulling, cursing, spanking, unprotected sex ( wrap it before you tap it children )

My heart was racing as I rushed down the halls of the abandoned house. My bare feet hit the pavement and I didn’t dare look over my shoulder, knowing he would be right behind me.

Those eyes that are so much like my friends, the ones that would make me do anything. But, when its Stiles, not romantically. But with this..this thing taking over his body, it could make me do whatever it wants.

“Come on, little one. You think you’ll get away from me?"His voice sent chills to my spine, but I didn’t stop. I had to get out.

"Ah ah, just remember, the longer you run, the harder the punishment.”;And that’s when I stopped, closing my eyes. I would be dying tonight.

You must be wondering, (Y/N), how the hell did you get yourself in this situation? Well, I needed comfort, and went to my friends house, who is currently possessed by an evil yet hot ancient Japanese spirit, because he gives the best cuddles. I’m surprised that with everything that goes on in Beacon Hills, I haven’t died, because I don’t think anything through.

I feel a hand wrap itself through my hair as my head is yanked back. I hit a strong shoulder as the familiar scent of Stiles fills my nostrils. He smells like mint and fresh rain, and it used to calm me, but now, it’s causing my heart to race.

“There we go, little one.” His husky voice sends shivers down my spine and I gulp, closing my eyes.

His free hand moves up my side as his lips find their way on my neck. I let out a whimper when he sucks on my sweet spot, and a dark chuckle escapes him.

“He sure doesn’t like this.” He mumbles. Before I can ask what in the hell he is talking about, his hand slips under my shirt and I let out a squeak when his icy cold fingers touch my skin.

His hand slides up to my breasts, and even though there is fabric separating us, I let out a sigh of pleasure as he gropes them.

“W-what are you doing?” I whispered, not trusting my voice completely. He lets go of my hair and turns me around, looking down at me with cold eyes. Instead of the normal joy and happiness, mischief and evil is filling them.

“I told you, if you ran, you would get a punishment.”

All of a sudden, I am thrown against the wall and his hands are on my hips, pulling my ass into his. I whimper and close my eyes.

He quickly pulls down my skirt and I can almost hear the smirk on his face. “Such a pretty ass, little one. But it’s quite pale, don’t you think, Stiles?”

Before I can give him a sassy remark, his hand comes down on my ass cheek. There is only a little bit of cloth covering my ass, but that area still burns. I let out a scream and close my eyes.

“Oh, shush little one, it’ll feel better in a moment.” He coos, rubbing over where he just spanked. After another moment, his hand comes down again, and this time I let out a whimper as arousal goes straight to my core.

He continues spanking me, and every time his hand comes in contact with my ass, I slowly get closer to the edge.

“Well, from the look on your face and the wet spot on your panties, i would assume you enjoy this?” He asks, and I quickly nod.

I knew it was wrong, but it felt so damn good. The only thing on my mind was his cock pounding into me roughly. I let out a moan at the thought and he pulled my hair again.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about, little one.” He demands, and I let out a gasp as he pulls my panties to the side, letting a finger run over my folds.

“Y-your cock in my p-pussy.” I finally get out. At my words, he slips a finger into my heat, a moan escaping my lips.

“Well, go on.” He states, his voice full of lust and desire.

“Y-you fucking me so h-hard, making me scream your name.” Moans are slipping past my lips as he adds another finger, scissoring inside me.

My legs are trembling and my eyes close. “Does that feel good?” He coos, speeding up slightly. I nod quickly, my mouth forming an ‘o’ as I near my release.

Just as I am about to fall over the edge, he pulls his fingers from my core, and I let out an impatient whine.

He chuckles and lets go of my hair. “Patience, little one. Even though I want to please you, I have another to worry about.”

He turns me around and lifts me up against the wall. My hands find his hair as I smash my lips against his, the lust finally taking over.

He groans against my lips as I tug at his hair harshly, a smile forming on my lips. I hear a zipper being pulled down and whimper, wanting him to fill me already.

My prayers are answered as I feel his tip slide between my folds. My eyes open and I let out a long moan. He bites his lip and I take in the scene, imprinting it in my mind.

He suddenly slams into me and I let out a scream, arching my back as the sudden intrusion makes my walls clench.

“There we go, little one. Enjoy yourself. Show him just how good you look on this cock, how much it pleasures you.” I didn’t even comprehend his words completely as I tugged at his hair.

“Faster.” I said breathlessly, looking him in the eyes. “Please go faster.”

He smirks evilly. “As you say.”

He picks up his speed, moans falling from my lips as a few grunts escape his. I clench around his member, moving my hands from his hair to my shirt. I tug it off and move to my bra, groping my breasts through the material.

“Look at that, Stiles. I’m making her feel so good, making her feel the way you wish you could.” His eyes shine with lust and desire, and I whimper as I buck my hips.

“I-I’m gonna…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, due to the fact the coil in my stomach breaks, sending me through waves of pleasure. Screams pass my lips and I move my hands back to his shoulders, holding on for dear life.

Void doesn’t even falter in his movements, taking in my every move. “There we go, little one. Cum all over my cock.” He whispers huskily.

Once I fall down from my high, I expect him to stop but he speeds up. “What are you-”

“Shut up!” He yells and I flinch. “I’m going to fuck you as long as I want, little one. And all you are going to do is let me and cum when I say so.”

His words go straight to my core, turning me on even more. I nod and move my lips to his jaw, sucking lightly.

Grunts fall from his lips as I feel my high slowly come again. I grind down on him as best as I can, trying to get him and I both to our releases.

“You feel so fucking tight. Such a great pussy, too. Want to be buried in you for forever.” He grunts in my ear.

“Please make me cum again.” I whine. And he does just that, moving one finger to my bundle of nerves. He works over it as I scream out.

“Let go.”

At his words, I let the pleasure swallow me whole again. My eyes roll in the back of my head as my juices cover his dick.

I can tell he is close by the way his cock twitches, and I smirk.

“Please cum in me.” I whimper, biting my lip. He groans and moved his head to my neck, his thrusts becoming sloppy and erratic. Soon enough, I feel his hot liquid shoot inside me, coating my walls.

Once he is done filling me up, he bites at my neck and pulls out of me. He lets me fall to the ground and I curse loudly, covering my face.

He looks down at me, a dark smile on his face. “Do clean yourself up, little one. We have things to do.” With that, he turns and starts to walk out.

Just before he is out of sight, his voice echoes against the walls.

“Stiles says hi.”

It Only Takes A Taste (1/2)

Prompt: 57 for @sgtbxckybxrnes ‘s AU challenge: Celebrity/Movie Star

Summary: When you run into (literally) a really fucking hot man, you don’t expect to see him again, until he turns up at your cafe a few days later. The both of you ‘click’ instantly, but is he really just the ‘person whose name will turn up somewhere in an indie movie credits’ that he makes himself out to be? Or is he something more than that?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,726 Words

Warnings: ½ Fluff, ½ Angst

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

“You free this Saturday?”

You look down as a text from Wanda appears on your phone. Hastily apologising as you push past a large crowd, you quickly type back;

“Yeah, why?”

You let out a sigh of relief as you finally break out of the stuffy mass of pedestrians, inhaling the clean air dramatically. You really only have one goal, and that’s to get to your shift early, and right now, you’re already late. Sometimes, sleep just really takes a hold of you and refuses to let you get up. Not your fault. 

“There’s a high-class party I’m invited to-want to come?”

Frowning, your fingers hover over the keyboard again, but another text comes in before you can finish typing yours. 

“I’m allowed to bring a date, but since I’m single, you’re the next best thing.”

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Tales of Young Draco

Again, thank you to everyone who’s liked and reblogged my past posts and to those who message me the sweetest things, Thank you so much! It means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy this 😘❤

Request: “a cute imagine bout draco pls i love ur imagines btw” -Anonymous

It was your first time having dinner with the Malfoys without your parents to accompany you and to say you were nervous is an understatement. You were terrified. It was a special invitation from Draco’s parents. They were very delighted when they heard you and Draco started dating a few months ago. You got along with them quite well. 

You were sat in there dining room, next to Draco. Across from you were Lucius and Narcissa. You ate your food lightly, having taught that manners are important in life apparently. Your family has a reputation of being one of the most prestigious pureblooded families and maintaining it has been brought down from generations to generations. 

Once you’ve finished your meal, the house elves took your plates away and left the four of you for a private chat. 

“You look gorgeous, (Y/N)” Draco whispered, intertwining your fingers under the table, unable to be seen from his parents “Have I told you that?”

“Only one too many times since I came in” You giggled, slyly. He chuckled, blushing a bit. 

“(Y/N), dear. It’s very lovely that you accepted our invitation to dinner” Mrs. Malfoy said as you turned your head to look at her “We thought it would take Draco ages until he would tell you about his feelings for you” 

“Mother!” Draco scolded. Your eyebrows knitted in confusion as you looked between the two of them. You were quite flabbergasted when she mentioned about Draco’s feelings. How does she know about that? You thought. 

Narcissa laughed and continued “I remember when the two of you met for the first time when you were 7. After you left, he kept telling me how pretty you looked!” You smirked at Draco seeing his face turn into a deep shade of red. He looked adorable when he was embarrassed. 

“Mother, Please Stop!” Draco begged. 

“But I’m not getting to the good parts yet!” Narcissa responded, ignoring Draco’s voice pleading her to stop. 

“Oh! and he would always write about you on his little diary. He would talk about how your hair always smells like vanilla and how he thinks you’re secretly a princess” She gushed, her smile widening like yours. You always had a crush on Draco ever since you were kids but you didn’t know he fancied you as well. You started laughing as you imagined it. 

“I was 11!” Draco told you but you couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of young Draco thinking you were a princess and him being your prince.

“Sure, you were” You nodded, sarcastically. 

“I was!” 

“Did you tell her about his collection?” Lucius asked Narcissa, making his mother’s eyes widen in realization. 

“Father! Why?!” Draco groaned dropping his head on the table, embarrassed. 

“And he also had a collection of you!” You wondered if his mother planned all this. Embarrassing him in front of you when you’re finally alone. But you weren’t against it. 

“He has photos of you, quills that you borrowed him but he never gave any back! What else Lucius?” She turned to Draco’s father– who for once, had a genuine smile on his face. 

“Gift wrappers from Christmas and Birthdays, Your old drawings..The list goes on and on” His father continued, chuckling “It was a nightmare having to deal with his obsession over you. Every time he mails us letters, it would always be about how you grew taller, the longer your hair was getting”

“The way your eyes would twinkle when he compliments you and how he loves the way your dimples would show when you smile.” Narcissa added. 

“I thought you invited her to get to know her better” Draco muttered, annoyed by how his parents were making fun of him in front of his girlfriend. You felt bad for him but giggled again. You leaned on his cheek, placing a light kiss on it. his eyes widened in surprise at the same time with how his cheeks are now a very deep shade of crimson. 

“Look Lucius! He’s blushing!” 


You laughed, placing your chin on on your hand as you listened to more embarrassing tales from Draco’s childhood. 

Hi there :) could you please write a fanfiction about: Alex getting bitten/scratched by some alien during DEO assignment but she thinks of it as nothing and after work goes home to see Maggie (pizza night). But in the morning she feels really bad and her temperature is rising so Maggie calls Kara. When Kara gets there Maggie is in the shower holding (barely consious) Alex, trying to lower her temperature. Kara decides to get Alex to Barrys Earth (with that thing she got from Cisco) but Maggie wont leave her side so she comes too…? :)

^^ prompt above from @benedoodlecumberpoodlestudyblr

She shrugs it off and she brings home pizza and she smiles as Maggie fawns over the scrape on her wrapped arm, as Maggie presses soft kisses all around her bandage, as she dotes on her girl even as Alex insists, insists, that she’s fine, that it’s just a scratch, that it was no big deal, really.

But she secretly loves the attention Maggie is giving her, the big deal Maggie is making; how strong, how heroic, Maggie is making her feel.

Maggie knows. She lays it on extra thick, because Alex has spent enough time neglecting herself – enough time being neglected – enough time in the shadow of other heroes, of other injuries, to have hers attended to, to have hers honored.

But in the morning?

In the morning, they both realize that she wasn’t fawning over just a scratch.

Because in the morning, Alex is burning up and Alex is dry heaving and Alex’s temperature is rising by the minute.

Maggie calls Kara with the phone balanced on her shoulder as she half drags, half carries Alex into the shower, stripping her drenched clothes to run her body under cool water, to try, to try, to lower her temperature. To try to keep her somewhat stable until Kara can get her medics that will know what the hell alien poisons are.

The DEO’s med bay was trashed in the attack the night before, so for a moment, Kara panics. But only for a moment.

“Cisco,” she calls into the communicator he gave her. “I need you. Now.”

Maggie knows better by now than to be shocked when a swirling blue vortex appears behind her in Alex’s bathroom.

“Flash,” Alex giggles vaguely as her head lolls loosely onto Maggie’s shoulder. “Bastard took Kara. Dangerous. Without me. Need words with him.”

“Shh, that’s right, Ally,” Maggie whispers, looking askance into the vortex as Kara lands in the bathroom door, ignoring the vortex all together as she rushes toward the shower.

“What the hell happened?” she asks Maggie, grabbing a towel to wrap her sister in, switching off the water as she kneels over her. “It’s okay Alex. I’m here, I’m here. I’ve got you.”

“Kara,” Alex babbles. “Flash vortex.”

“That’s right, Alex. Star Labs is going to help you.” She glances at Maggie. “It’s gotta be an infection from that scratch last night.”

Maggie nods, and her eyes are wide as she watches her girlfriend slip in and out of consciousness. She barely notices when two men appear in the bathroom behind them, breathing slightly heavily, the one with the strange goggle-glasses with his hand on his chest and a vague grin on his face.

“Only took one try this time! My man, we’re getting better at this!” He holds up his hand for the man in red to hit, but the Flash leaves him hanging as he goes to kneel next to Kara.

“This isn’t how I wanted to see you again. Or how I wanted to meet your sister.”

“Thanks for coming, Barry.” Kara gives him a sideways hug as he looks down at Alex’s drenched body.

“Hey, secret identity,” the other man murmurs, but Kara waves him off.

“Maggie’s family, Cisco.”

Maggie glances up at him – at Cisco – and grimaces a greeting, too numb with fear to fully register the impact of Kara’s words.

“Looks like an infection, obviously, but metas aren’t exactly like aliens, so I don’t… Come on,” Barry tells Kara. “We have to get her back through the vortex. Caitlin’ll come up with something, Kara. I promise.”

Kara nods grimly and picks up Alex’s limp body in her arms like she weighs nothing. Barry gingerly positions the towel more completely around Alex’s body while somehow averting his eyes from her nakedness at the same time, and Maggie immediately decides she likes this Flash character.

She rises to follow Kara into the vortex, and they all look at her and hesitate.

“It’s a parallel earth, Maggie. It’s not… the more people we take over, the bigger the risk of – ”

“Look, I know you don’t know me, and I know you have this big superhero system on your earth, and I know you have super speed and you have some vibing shit, but I swear it doesn’t matter what superpowers you both have. She’s my girlfriend and I am not leaving her side.”

Barry stares for a moment and then nods grimly, once, while a broad smile grows on Cisco’s face. “Dude, she gay?” he asks Kara. “Nice work!” He grins down at Alex’s unconscious form, and sobers immediately. “I guess I’ll… congratulate her when she comes to.”

Kara rolls her eyes and Maggie grins faintly at Cisco’s enthusiasm for queerness, at his persistent belief, his obvious faith in this Caitlin person to save Alex, the way his eyes grow somber and focused and intense as he turns back to reopen the vortex.

“Nothing bad’s gonna happen to your girlfriend, Maggie. We’re not gonna allow it.”

He reaches back for her hand and squeezes slightly before he opens the vortex, and Maggie gulps her appreciation, because her throat is too constricted to allow for any more words.

“Kara,” a beautiful white girl rushes forward when they step through the vortex. “Lay her right here.”

Kara obeys and the woman – “Caitlin Snow. Best doctor on this or any earth. She’ll fix your girl. I promise,” Cisco leans in and whispers to Maggie – slips into mode immediately, with an intensity of focus Maggie has seen in Alex so many times, both in the field and in the bedroom.

“Do we know anything about the species that gave her the wound?” Caitlin is streaming through questions with Kara, with Maggie, as she checks Alex’s vitals, as she drapes a medical gown over her body, as she makes notes to herself and exchanges significant glances with a concerned-looking Barry.

Kara and Maggie are fielding answers as best they can when two more people burst into the lab, one in a yellow suit that almost matches Barry’s and one in a pair of jeans that would have Maggie gulping under other circumstances.

The woman with the jeans falls into Barry’s arms after pulling Kara into a long hug. “Are you alright? I know what it’s like to watch a sibling in danger,” she says, shoving the boy who ran in with her gently.

“I trust Caitlin,” Kara says softly, but her eyes are wide and her eyes are terrified.

“Iris West, and my brother, Wally. Kid Flash,” the woman holds her hand out to Maggie. “You’re Alex’s girlfriend.”

Barry, Wally, and Cisco all turn to stare at Iris, and even Caitlin glances up with an arched eyebrow.

Iris shrugs. “Journalist. Also, I know a little something about watching your unconscious superhero partner get prodded and poked on a medical table: I know that look.”

She nods her head toward Barry, but her warm eyes don’t leave Maggie’s.

“Maggie Sawyer, NCPD,” Maggie recites automatically, and Kara reaches out and squeezes the hand that Iris doesn’t have.

Iris offers Maggie a small smile. “My dad’s a cop, too. He’d approve of you for someone as amazing as we’ve heard Kara’s sister is.”

Maggie gulps and her hand clenches Iris’s harder without meaning to. “Caitlin’s the best. Alex is gonna be okay.”

“Alex is gonna kill Barry for letting Kara go fight an army of aliens without her alien-fighting sister,” a ragged, exhausted voice croaks from the medical table.

“Alex!” Maggie and Kara both exclaim, and Caitlin smiles as she steps back from the table to allow Alex’s family to surround her.

“Babe, I’m here,” and “Alex, I’ve got you,” accompany “Damn, Caitlin, alien infections stand no chance against you!” and “It was simple, really, and important that Maggie got Alex’s temperature down as fast as she did” and “Told you Caitlin’s the bomb” and “Please no bomb references, not after last week” and “Should I leave before she comes to fully? Because I really think she might make good on her threats to kill me for bringing Kara over here without her” and “Run Barry, run.”

And Star Labs had never been quite so full of superheroes, or quite so full of relief, or quite so full of love across earths.

Wandering Thoughts

Request: “may I request a Credence x reader smut where reader is Queenie’s apprentice and she starts to be able to read bits and pieces of what Credence is thinking and slowly finds that Credence’s thoughts are not nearly as soft and innocent as he leads on.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2.7

Warnings: Implied smut

“Now darling, try to seize that thought. It helps to picture a fist, grabbing onto the details of it.” Queenie coached, placing supportive hands on your shoulders.

You squinted, seeing the thought, but almost as if it were only in your mental peripherals. Tina sat patiently, continuing to focus on the one specific thought for you to capture. Then you saw it. Your hand, reaching out. You grasped the thought, and upon contact the information came flowing into your brain.

“You were thinking about…” You giggled. “How much you’d rather be doing something else.”

Queenie scoffed at her sister, to which Tina just shrugged with a sorry smile. “I’ve got a lot of things to do. It wouldn’t hurt to practice on other people.”

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Our Little Secret (Part 11)

Bucky x Reader
When your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with Bucky.
WC 1387
Warnings Kissing and touching (PG), Max being rough and handy
AN This is the second last part. I’m very excited about it and I hope that you’ve all enjoyed it! Updates on Tuesdays.

When you awoke for the second time that morning, the sun was shining through the window and you felt a million times better than earlier. Bucky still had his arms wrapped around you and you smiled.

Raising your arms above your head you stretched out, inadvertently pushing your bottom closer to Bucky.

He rocked his hips against you, and rasped, “Well, good morning to you, too.” You giggled and he kissed your neck, biting down on your pulse, and whispered, “See? Not faking it.”

You arched your body into him when suddenly you both heard a gasp and the bedroom door slam shut.

You tried to jump up to see who it was but Bucky held you tighter, whispering, “It was Ysabelle. I heard her skulking around and saw her dark hair when she opened the door.”

You relaxed a bit in his arms, “Why would she be up here, coming to our bedroom?”

He shrugged, “I’m guessing she was checking up on us, particularly you. Perhaps she’s not what she seems?”

“But you already knew that, didn’t you?” you rolled your eyes at him, “And that’s why you were flirting with her the other day.” He didn’t respond, only smirked at you, “Dammit. Don’t I feel like an ass.”

“It’s okay, doll, I’m just better at this than you are,” he poked your side making you laugh, “Besides, it’s better that she saw this; when she reports to whoever she’s reporting to, this is normal.”

“Mmm hmm,” you wiggled in his arms, sighing, “I have to get ready for today. I wish we had had more time to prepare for things.”

“Depending on how today goes, we might be done this mission sooner than expected.”

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Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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college lance things

more parts coming! this is just an intoduction to my mua lance au!!

  • He got into makeup at age 15 through concealer which he nicked from his older sister’s dressing table. It started out because he was breaking out a little bit and was feeling mildly insecure about his skin
  • ALTHOUGH NOW…this boy goes out looking fly as fuck 24/7. His cheekbones will and can cut a bitch
  • Probably an astrology fanatic 
    • “Capricorns make the best friends. If you don’t believe me, Hunk is living proof. Facts”
  • He’s not even an MUA, he’s actually majoring in fine arts, but he goes around introducing himself as “Lance MUA xoxo” as a joke. 
    • Teachers take this seriously and ask him for makeup tips & tricks from time to time
  • “I might be difficult to work with but at least I can match my foundation smh”
  • “Keith I love you, but please, at least try a facial mask. Your pores are screaming in agony”
  • He beats his face with his beauty blender in tune to the beat of Kiss It Better by Rihanna & soley because of that, it takes him twice as long to get ready
  • “Do I want to look like a cute or bad bitch today?” “How about both” “Thanks, Pidge. I knew I could count on you”
  • Lance is really artistic and great at painting, so naturally he’s actually bomb as fuck with his makeup??? Like one swipe and bam! instantly blended eyeshadow 
  • MVP from the start. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that he needed to blend his foundation all the way down to his neck. This mf just knew
  • Started a fashion blog for fun at age 16 and it?? Actually got popular?? He’s an inspiration for guys his age that enjoy makeup & breaks traditional gender roles
  • Probably most likely popular on instagram
    • Posts OOTDs, pics of doggos and kitties, retro anime aesthetics and memes because lets be real. He’s a meme
    • He and Allura have a Monday ritual in which, no matter what, must have a selfie of them together with their freshly beat faces
  • Keith accidentally knocked over one of Lance’s Urban Decay palettes
    • Forced Keith to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race as punishment
  • Is the prettiest but most dramatic person that ever walked this earth
    • Once hyperventilated after seeing a hot guy with a piercing and had to reapply his matte lip in a public bathroom
    • Keith was not impressed when he heard about this
  • His makeup brushes are his babies. His ride or dies. Don’t mess with them
  • Also slight digs at Keith even though he loves him 
    • “Mullets were never in fashion why do people even?? Also, you DO have to wash leather jackets at some point. Not being mean, just facts”
    • Shiro shows him all the shade because Keith is a hermit and doesn’t have snapchat (lowkey Shiro lives for drama)
  • “Keith you can try and insult me all you want but I’m a tough one to crack” “Purple really isn’t your colour though” “i – YOU ASS PURPLE BRINGS OUT THE BLUE IN MY EYES”
  • Painfully obvious mutual pining between Keith and Lance. So much so that even Lotor was getting annoyed
    • Pidge got fed up to the point where she walked into Keith’s lecture, yelled “Y’AINT BLIND OR NAH” and walked out
  • Lance does his eyebrows when hes stressed
  • Lotor is in Lance’s graphic design class and rants to him about boy problems. Lotor is…mildly confused, but slightly flattered
  • Almost teared up from the pride that swelled in him when Keith was able to differentiate between bronzer and contour
  • Lives for online drama. Has an account in and doesn’t regret it
  • Allura and Lance get into petty but hilarious arguments at times
    • Shiro:? are you two seriously not gonna talk to each other???
    • Allura: that’s what he gets for pairing up that eye look with that sweater

    LOVEBUG (Jughead Jones x Reader)

    Song - Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers


    Juggie lays on Archie’s bed, his hand holding the sleek device to his ear. Mr Andrews took his son to after school football practice and the dark haired boy was left alone in the family house. 

    At first, he used the peace and quiet to write. But his fingers stopped after thirty minutes, the words stopped typing themselves and his head was completely blank. When you said hi, his mind was even more empty but his chest was pounding like never before.

    Keep reading

    The Suit


    I found it better to send a message to facilitate sending the image. 😊 First: I love how you write 😙 Second: Could you do a fluff-smut with Tony based on that pic?! Would be great! thanks 😘

    Tony Stark x Reader

    Word Count: ~1700

    Warnings: Smut [oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex], Fluff, tiny bits of angst

    A/N: Thank you @bigbadwolfhale for the request! I hope this is everything you hoped it would be, and I’m sorry it took so long. 

    “I can’t believe you’re wearing that.” You mutter, laughing softly as you raise your drink to your lips.

    “You know you like it.” Tony teases.

    His arm is stretched out on the bar behind you. You feel his fingertips brush against your skin.

    “But it’s the suit, Tony.”

    “I know.”

    “And you know what people call that suit.”

    “I know.”

    “Then why wear it?”

    “Because you were the one who wanted to keep us a secret, and I have appearances to maintain.”

    Before you can reply, a fresh drink is placed beside Tony. When he turns to look from the glass to the bartender, the guy points down the bar to a trio of women – two blondes and one brunette. The brunette waves at Tony. He smiles, picking up the glass and raising it in thanks.

    “Nice to know where your priorities lie.”

    You finish your drink is one last gulp, setting the glass down and leaving Tony behind. You push through the small crowd to where the others are sitting. You settle on the couch next to Natasha, resting your head on her shoulder and keeping your eyes on the bar. You sigh as you watch Tony make his way toward that brunette.

    “You want me to kick his ass?” she says, resting her hand on your knee.

    “No,” you sigh, “but I think I’m gonna go home.”

    “You sure?”

    “Yeah, I’m kinda over this.”

    When you stand up, turning to wish everyone a good night, Steve offers to drive you back.

    “I was just going to catch a cab…”

    “Really, I insist. Bucky’s been ready to go for the last half hour anyway.”

    You glance over at the brunette super soldier to find him laying on Steve’s shoulder, a bored look plain across his face. You smile when he looks up at you, a tired smile turning up his lips. You nod and agree to ride back with them.

    “Let’s go home, Buck.” Steve whispers, giving Bucky’s thigh a gentle shake.

    Bucky nods and stands up, moving to stand at your side. The three of you bid everyone else a good night and leave together. You look back to the bar one last time to find Tony staring after you, a sad look on his face. His demeanor quickly changes when the brunette puts her hand on his forearm and lets out a laugh.

    Steve puts his hand against the center of your back.

    “Let’s go, doll.”

    His tone is apologetic, his touch comforting as you let him lead you out to the car.

    Bucky goes straight to bed, giving Steve a gentle good night kiss. You excuse yourself to change into something more comfortable. When you come back out, you find Steve in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove and stirring something in a pot.

    “Hot chocolate.” He says, glancing over his shoulder at you, “It always makes me feel better.”

    “Thanks.” You mutter, pulling yourself up onto the counter.

    He turns the stove off and pulls down two mugs. You watch him fill them both before picking one up and offering it to you. You thank him again as you take it.

    “You wanna talk about it?” he asks, lifting his own cup from the counter.

    “It’s my own fault. I wanted to keep things a secret. I shouldn’t get mad when people show him attention.”

    “Except he should take your feelings into account. Bucky and I aren’t exactly public either, but we don’t flirt with other people when we’re out.”

    You shrug, staring down into your mug.

    “If he’s hurting you like this, maybe you’re better off without him.”

    “I love him, Steve.” You circle the rim of the cup with your fingers a couple of times before looking up to meet Steve’s eyes. “I know he loves me too. I mean, he’s so different when it’s just us.”

    “I’ve seen the way he looks at you,” Steve’s gaze goes over your head, “but he needs to get his priorities in order.”

    You follow his gaze with your own to find Tony standing there, jacket in hand and a regretful expression on his face.

    “Can I talk you?”

    “I guess.”

    Steve gives you one last reassuring smile and excuses himself from the room.

    Everything is quiet for a minute. Then you hear Tony sigh only a few seconds before his footsteps begin to draw near. Then he’s standing in front of you, hesitating, at first, to place his hands on your knees. You flinch at his touch which nearly causes him to pull back.

    “I’m sorry.” He whispers, his eyes still downcast.

    “For what?” You shrug, setting your mug of cold chocolate on the counter, “I mean, you were right. I was the one who wanted to keep us a secret.” You slide off the counter, causing him to take a step back, “I shouldn’t get mad whenever someone flirts with you.”

    “I understand why you got upset though.”

    You scoff, “Do you?”

    “I was out of line accepting that drink. I was out of line even acknowledging that girl, let alone talking to her. Hell, I was out of line from the beginning by putting on this stupid suit. I should never have put my reputation ahead of your feelings.”

    You bite your lip, looking down at your feet, “I don’t want to be a secret anymore, Tony.”

    “I’m ready to tell the world.” He takes your chin in his hand, raising your gaze to meet his, “I love you.”

    You smile, “I love you.”

    He smiles, moving his hand to cradle your face more completely before pressing his lips against yours. You hook your fingers through his belt loops to pull him closer. He chuckles softly into the kiss, pulling back a bit but placing several small pecks to your lips.

    “What do you say we take this elsewhere?” he asks, his voice low.

    You bite your lip and nod, not trusting your voice to come out steady.

    Lost in a flurry of desperate kisses and groping hands, your clothes are left strewn about Tony’s apartment, starting at the elevator doors and going into his bedroom.

    You lie flat in the center of his bed, giggling as his beard tickles the inside of your thighs, his lips leaving a trail of kisses up and over your hip. You writhe beneath him, looking down at him. Your eyes meet his, and he smiles.

    You gasp, jumping a bit when his mouth is suddenly on you, his tongue moving in small circles around the most sensitive parts of your body. Your fingers glide through his hair, fisting into it when he goes just a little lower. You press your head back into the pillow, rolling your hips up and silently begging for more.

    More is what you get when his lips move back to your thigh and his fingers reach deep inside you. He keeps his movements slow and deliberate, easing you gently to the edge.

    His lips find yours in a tender kiss. A moment later, you’re turning away, your lips parted as you let out a slow, shaky breath. His kiss, instead, finds your neck, his lips ghosting over your pulse point and across your collar bone.

    The knot that’s been forming in your lower abdomen finally snaps. His movements don’t cease until your body stops shaking and you loosen the grip you had on him. His lips find yours yet again as he pulls his hand away.

    His fingertips dig into your hip, his body settled between your parted thighs. He grinds his hips into yours, offering a bit of friction against your already sensitive core.

    You whine his name, begging, “Please…”

    He raises his hips just enough to reach between you. Your heel presses to the small of his back as he positions himself and slowly begins to slide home. Buried to the hilt, his hips flush to yours, his head drops to your shoulder as he groans softly, his lips barely touching your skin as he kisses your collarbone again.

    The sound of your moans fills the room as he moves back and forth inside of you. Your thighs are tight around his hips as you meet him thrust for thrust.

    You cup his cheek in your hand, guiding his lips back to yours. Then his forehead is pressed to yours, his eyes going back and forth from being focused on yours to being focused on where your bodies meet.

    His hand ventures down between you, his fingers finding the swollen bundle of nerves hidden there. He rubs it in small circles, drawing small sounds of pleasure from you.

    Your breaths become to come faster as your next climax gets closer and closer. The tension in his body shows just how close he is too. You get there first, and the clenching of your walls around his length brings him crashing down with you.

    You hold his face in your hands. He has one hand against your cheek, the other holding loosely to your hip. You share a few lazy kisses between short gasps of breath. You take a deep breath as he pulls out and moves to rest beside you. You roll over to rest your head on his chest, his arm wrapping around you so that his hand still sits on your hip.

    “I really am sorry.” He says, breaking the silence in the room.

    “I know.” Your fingertips trace the shallow lines of his abdomen, “Get rid of the suit.”

    “I’m not getting rid of the suit.”

    “Do it or I’ll set it on fire and make you watch.”

    “What is throwing out the suit going to solve?”

    “Nothing, really. It’ll just make me feel better.”

    He falls silent for a moment before sighing heavily, “Fine. Consider it gone.”

    You smile and turn your head to kiss his chest, just over his heart, “I love you.”

    He kisses the top of your head, and you can hear the smile in his voice when he says, “I love you too.”


    @captainamerotica @irishprincess9 @jaegers-and-kaijus @starkiewtf

    Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

    You weren’t planning on getting laid today, but if the hot librarian wants to fuck you between the bookshelves, then who are you to complain?

    author: buckysbackpackbuckle
    Bucky Barnes x Reader
    word count:
    warnings: AU, library sex

    author’s note: I’m in the midst of tagging everyone, but I wanted to go ahead and get this published. If you liked my previous post, you will be tagged!

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    The Super Life

    Avengers x Reader x Supernatural

    Prompt: You’re the daughter of the famous Tony Stark…..and you’re also dating Dean Winchester….who recently finds out that the Mark Of Cain really does change a man, literally.

    Requested by: No One

    Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

    Reader: Could be any

    Warning: Language

    A/N: Part Two will be up next Friday//not sure how I feel about this tbh


    Originally posted by netflixuniversity

    Your life was could not be considered ‘normal’….especially since your father was a superhero and your boyfriend hunted the Supernatural, yes he hunted the Supernatural with his younger brother and angel friend.

    Sam was your best friend along with Cass who was like an older brother, him being so much better than your actual brother who barely gave you a second glance on a daily basis.

    In all honesty, no one really paid any attention to you unless there was some news that you had to deliver to the press but then again they only paid attention to your faults that happened when delivering the information.

    Dean, Sam, and Cass, always made sure that you knew you had done a good job whenever you talked on TV but you never took any of it to heart, only wanting the approval from your family which you knew you’d never get.


    “Y/N, he has the Mark of Cain.” Sam sighs into the phone. “There’s nothing you can do and if there would be, I would’ve had you do it already.”

    “Sam, I can’t just sit here and hope everything’s going to be okay! You know I can’t do that!” You whine back.

    “Y/N, I know but the safest thing for you is to be where you are. Under the protection of Superheroes, Dean is looking for you. You and I both know how that’s going to end up.” Sam explains.

    “Sam, you know I can handle myself.” You scoff while leaning forward on the white couch on the main floor of the tower.

    “I get that Y/N, I know you can with your powers from heaven and hell or however you explain it,” Sam mutters. “But I cannot risk it okay? We already lost Dean, we can’t lose you too.” 

    “Sam, please.” You beg, over the course of the phone call you had started to pace across the floor, ignoring the weird glances you received from anyone who had walked into the room. So you honestly didn’t know that a crowd was gathering behind you.

    “Y/N, listen to me-”

    “No Sam! You listen to me! If you don’t find him and chain him to a pole in three days, I’m coming there myself and taking care of things. You hear me? I don’t care how long it takes and I’m staying at the bunker for good this time. Okay? Because I am so done with you Winchesters getting into so much shit when I leave for a week or so, got it?!” You scream into the phone.

    “Y-yeah Y/N. I got it.” Sam stutters, completely surprised at what you were capable of when you were mad.

    “Good. Great. Now I have to go address some press about some event that I don’t give two shits about, you better have news or something by the time I get back okay? Okay.” You huff into the phone before hanging up, you ignore the looks that you receive as you stalk off to the elevator in anger.

    “You wanna play ball, Winchester?” You state as the elevator goes down to the newsroom. “Let’s play ball.”


    Three days had come and gone yet here you were, still addressing the press in your professional skirt and blouse with matching black heels. Your hair was let loose to hang around your shoulders with light makeup on your face. The other Avengers stood behind you with smiles plastered onto their faces, each of them wearing nice clothes that mirrored your own.

    “Miss. Stark!” A reporter shouts while raising her hand, you point to her with a fake smile. “What’s in store for the Avengers in the future? Will you be joining them anytime soon?”


    You cut yourself off as the lights start flickering in the room, the temperature dropping immensely along with it. Everyone stares at you as your eyes watch all the entrances and exits, you see new people step in with smirks.

    “Oh my god.” You whisper but it catches in the microphone, carrying across the whole room.

    “Miss. Stark? Is everything alright?” Someone in the crowd yells but you don’t have enough time to answer as the man that you’ve been looking for since day one steps into the room.

    “You son of a bitch.” You state before quickly rushing off the stage, dialing Sam’s number as you do.

    “Oh, honey. It’s nice to see you too.” Dean sarcastically replies, his eyes turning a soulless black as you stopped in the middle of the walkway. Your own eyes narrow as you step out of your heels, sending Sam a quick text because he hadn’t picked up the phone.

    “Don’t call me that.” You seethe. “Don’t ever call me that.”

    “What? Honey doesn’t work for ya? You all powerful now Miss. Stark?” Dean rolls his eyes, your phone buzzes and you quickly look down.

    Give him all you have -Castiel

    “Oh, is that little Sammy telling you to run like always?” Dean questions with a smile.

    “Oh, on the contrary.” You chuckle while sliding off your blazer, letting it fall to the ground in a heap without a second thought. “He told me to give you all I have.”

    “Think you’ve already done that one, sweetheart.” Dean chuckles

    “Then, I guess this won’t hurt a bit.” You smirk and with a flick of your wrist, your whole outfit changes to one that you’d normally wear on a hunt. 

    “Oh, that,” Dean mutters as your eyes turn from black to crystal blue every time you blinked.

    “Yeah, that.”

    Tips For Fellow Writers ~ Part 1

    • Just because your story doesn’t seem popular does not mean it’s bad. There will always be the stories that get a zillion comments (and sometimes the stories aren’t even that good). Don’t compare yourself to other writers, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.

    • If you aren’t getting the amount of readers you want to have, try broadcasting your work more. Tweet, post, link, reblog…do your thing and spread the word. Tell your friends, they’ll tell their friends. Agatha Christie didn’t start off as the Queen of Crime, after all. It takes a long time to get people to see you and your work.

    • Listen to the criticism but take it with a grain of salt. Some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (i.g someone saying that you use too many run on sentences and you do) is good. It’s healthy. It gives you perspective or brings to your attention things you may have missed on your own. But the fact is, there will always be people who don’t like your writing. They’ll think you are too lengthy, too descriptive, too simplistic, too boring…it goes on and on. When the comments stray away from factual criticism and become more personal complaints, just ignore them. People don’t have to like what you write, everyone has different tastes.

    • There will be the days that you look at the page and think to yourself ‘I can’t write today’. That’s incorrect; you CAN write, you just don’t WANT to. When you’re stressed about something else or distracted by a busy day, writing may be the last thing you want to do. The ability to write is like a muscle; it needs daily training to strengthen. Even if you don’t WANT to write, do it anyway. Force yourself. Even if it physically makes you want to scream, just keep writing and it WILL get easier. Words will start to flow faster and better as time goes on.

    • All the same, let it not be forgotten that writing is freaking hard and there won’t be a time when it is completely easy. It’s so hard. Excruciatingly hard. You may even start crying it’s so hard. You may personally want to grab a sledgehammer and destroy your laptop because just looking at what you’ve written makes you miserable. Every writer goes through this and like any storm, it’ll peak and then drop off. The storm will pass and you’ll be able to face your writing again. I promise.

    • Getting inspired by what you read, watch and listen to is great. Really, it is. Just be sure that after reading ‘The 100’ you aren’t saying “I want to write a dystopian novel about teenagers”, but then later that day you watch Star Trek and say “I want to write a story about space explorers”. There is such a thing as getting inspired by something and then there is another thing called getting conflicted by something. Go with your instincts. Stick with your ideas that don’t change after every time you read or watch something. The ideas that stay in your mind, they’re the solid ones that will last.

    • Enjoy what you are writing. If you’re only writing to please a crowd, chances are the crowd will be able to tell that it isn’t genuine. You’re going to be devoting time and energy into this story, so you have to personally enjoy the story first. An author’s enthusiasm for the topic will be evident and more endearing.

    • Your characters are going to be living in your head for a long time so you have more than enough opportunities to create believable ones. Nothing is worse than being halfway through a book and thinking to yourself, 'There is no way these could be relatable people’. No personality is one dimensional in real life, so why should it be in fiction?

    • Edit without mercy. Unnecessary character? Cut them. Unnecessary wording? Cut it. Unnecessary scene? Cut the whole thing. One of my favourite books on writing (The Elements Of Style) has the infamous and impassioned phrase, “Omit needless words!”

    • There will be days that you look at your writing and think that you are the 'WORST WRITER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!’ We’ve all had these moments. I get them daily. When you feel a quell of hysteria rising, just remind yourself that you aren’t alone in this. Fellow writers get this and we ride it out. You will be just fine. Take a deep breath and put your writing in some perspective. Never jump to the worst conclusion immediately.

    So that’s all I’ve got for you fellow writers today! I’ll work on Part 2 soon. Hopefully some of these tips helped. If anyone needs any tips or help with writing, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Hugs! Xx

    mignhaoz  asked:

    Classmate AU + one of the minis? (NCT) Idk who, u choose maybe make a series ly💕

    • it was a new semester and it was time to change lab partners
    • luckily for Donghyuck, his new lab partner was you
    • Jeno was so relieved he didn’t need to deal with Donghyuck accidentally setting things on fire every few weeks
    • but anyways, Donghyuck and you didn’t really talk before, you just know that he’s the funny, cute guy who keeps messing up experiments
    • Donghyuck on the other hand knows who you are since you’re one of the better students when it comes to science
    • also you’re cute
    • he basically treats you like a god because it meant that he would finally have a chance to get a passing grade
    • before the pair of you even get a chance to properly talk, your teacher’s already handing out worksheets
    • “so I pour the alcohol into the tube…?”
    • “nO NO”
    • “oh, okay”
    • thankfully, for the first time in Donghyuck’s life, nothing goes wrong because you basically take over everything
    • when Donghyuck thought life was finally going well, the teacher announces a test that would be held next week
    • you see Donghyuck just face plant into his worksheet and you’re like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
    • your teacher notices the lack of explosions and when class ends she’s like,
    • “can you help to tutor Donghyuck because he isn’t very good with written tests too. I’ll treat it as your extra credit”
    • without hesitation you take up that offer, because how bad can that be
    • Donghyuck doesn’t really mind the extra tutoring, but he’s busy with rehearsals and he can only meet you in the music room or during his breaks
    • the first tutoring session happened at the music room after everyone filed out, leaving only you and Donghyuck alone
    • donghyuck was exhausted but he still tried his best to focus on what you were trying to explain
    • but instead of looking at the notes you provided, his eyes kept wondering over to you
    • you were just talking when you turn to see Donghyuck with his body tilted, head resting in his hand, staring at you
    • Donghyuck’s eyes widened and he didn’t know what to do so he pretends to stretch
    • “awh man haha, I’m so sore haha, don’t mind me haha”
    • you nod continue your explanation on the chemicals and stuff
    • at the end of the first session, Donghyuck pretty much only understood 40% of what you had tried to explain
    • he blamed it on his exhaustion, so the second session happened during lunch break the next day
    • the both of you were the only ones at a table because there were book and notes scattered everywhere
    • you were eating and in between chewing you were explaining the homework that was given
    • Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, Chenle and Renjun were at a nearby table just looking at the two of you
    • “so that’s y/n…”
    • “pretty cute”
    • Donghyuck, hearing what Jeno and Jisung said, turned to give them a “wtf face”
    • you notice the group of boys just kinda staring at you and Donghyuck so you just… wave?
    • they all smile and wave back, Chenle giving you a thumbs up
    • you laugh and continue talking with Donghyuck about acids and what not to do
    • these sessions would continue for the next week leading up to the test
    • and on the day of the written and practical test, Donghyuck was about to drink some H2O2 to get out taking it
    • you assured him that he can do well and he just nervously laughs
    • because honestly, he just didn’t want to disappoint you
    • so he takes the test and he’s praying to Bill Nye the science guy that he does well
    • halfway through the practical test, you look over and Donghyuck is just staring at the boiling tube filled with acid and he’s holding a beaker of water
    • your eyes widened and you prayed that he knew not to pour that into the tube
    • thankfully he puts down the beaker and goes back to reading the instructions
    • the test is finished without any accidents, thank the lord, Bill Nye the science guy
    • when the test paper comes back, Donghyuck doesn’t even want to look at it
    • so he gives it to you and you peek at it and see written in red, ‘80/100’
    • you just start hitting Donghyuck and you scream that he passed and did well
    • Donghyuck couldn’t believe it and took a look at his paper
    • he instantly starts jumping around like, “holy hell I did it”
    • and without even thinking he just pulls you into a hug and starts to jump around
    • you don’t even mind and you’re jumping along with him until someone clears their throat
    • the two of you just awkwardly separate and return to your seats
    • after class though, Donghyuck is so thankful and he wants to treat you to something
    • he suggests ice cream and you agree so the pair of you end up in an ice cream shop
    • where the Mark and the rest of the boys are too
    • and Jeno just goes
    • “I can sense the chemistry between them”
    • Renjun smacks him on his shoulder

    (heh, chemistry, i think i’m pretty funny)

    Camping with the X-Men - Wolverine x Reader

    Summary : Logan (your boyfriend) decides to take all of the X-Men on a camping trip. Alright then… 

    Just some love for the X-Men really, wanted to write something with (some of) the gang. Warning for langage, and also, slightly NSFW. As usual I’m like “meh, it’s kinda shit” (uhuh), but I still hope you’ll like it : 

    (My masterlist blog here :


    The sound of your laughter fills yours and Logan’s bedroom as your boyfriend announces to you that he just told all the X-Men he planned a camping trip for them. 

    Right. Like that would ever happened. When he was off to go camping in the wild, he wouldn’t take even you sometimes, so everyone ? Suuuuuuure. 

    But as you start to calm yourself from your giggly fit, and you’re face with a very serious Wolverine, you start to doubt your convictions. 

    -Wait…You’re serious ?

    He nods. 

    -You want us to camp…all together ? 


    -Like, everyone, we go out and we put our tents up, and we make a bond fire and all of that ? 

    -That’s the idea.

    -…Even Scott ? 

    -Even Scott. 

    -Even Emma ? 

    -Even Emma. 


    -Everyone !

    -Everyone ?


    -…Everyone ?

    -YES goddammit, how many times are you gonna make me repeat myself ? Everyone but the students of course. They’re all going on a field trip to the Sh’iar imperium.

    -So, us, all the teachers, the X-men…We’re going…Camping ? 

    -Yes (Y/N), we’re going camping. All of us. 

    Worried, you walk to your boyfriend and, even though you knew it was impossible that he’d have a fever, you lay the back of your hand on his forehead, just to check if he was warmer than usual you know. 

    Keep reading

    The Joker x Reader - “The Promise” Part 2

    The Joker never saw it coming; he left his guard down for a moment and it all went to pieces. Nothing to hold on to now except his son and the memory of you. But maybe there is something else that won’t let him go either…

    Read Part 1 here:

    “You’re my prisoner for the night,” you would hold his hands above his head. “I’m not gonna let you go anywhere,” and you kissed his neck painfully slow.

    “I don’t wanna go anywhere,” J would growl, admitting to the truth. “Unless Kase wakes up, crying…but we can always start all over, hm?”

    “Ohhh, I don’t mind that,” you whispered in his ear and backed up on top of him just enough to take your lacy nightgown off. “Don’t look at my stretchmarks, ok?” you used to plead, self-conscious about them.

    “ Stretchmarks? Nahhhh…” J would trace them on your tummy. “These are battle wounds, Y/N. And you’ve clearly won the battle: we have a very cute baby.”

    “He is cute, huh?” you would giggle, tossing the garment somewhere behind you.

    “Yeah, thanks to me,” The Joker used to taunt, pinching your thigh. “Obviously.”

    “Are you calling me ugly?” you frowned, slapping his chest.

    “Nope… you’re a very pretty girl, but don’t tell anybody. I don’t want someone to steal you away.”

    “Wow, did you just say that loud?” you let your head fall on his shoulder, laughing.

    “No, I didn’t,” The Joker would pucker his lips, antagonized he actually uttered such words. “You’re hearing things, Y/N.”

    “Probably; I’m getting old,” and you reached over to kiss him, smiling.

    That smile of yours…

    “Daddy, daddy…” the shy voice wakes him up. “Daddy, you’re talking in your sleep,” his son touches his arm, placing a small plate on the side of the bed.

    J blinks, reality settling in. Sometimes he doesn’t want to wake up. At all. He wants to dream about you, uninterrupted; at least that.

    “Hey, kid…,” he moves up on the pillows, yawning.

    “I made you breakfast,” Kase shows him the plate with some burned toast and a bit of grape jelly on top.

    “That’s nice…” The Joker sighs. “Did you eat?”

    “U-hum, Frosty brought a lot of food over.”

    He always does. All the henchmen take turns to make sure nothing is missing from the penthouse. They are a bunch of jerks, but they know the kid needs food and J told them to take care of it so they obey. Their boss is out of it, even more than before; God knows for how long, and they all feel they are walking on eggshells. The King of Gotham is lost since you were murdered 4 months ago.

    He has no idea on how to be a parent on his own. You were the one that seemed to know more than him about that kind of stuff. He is just… somehow winging it. And it makes him even more enraged since you are not there to help. It’s not that he is neglecting his child; it’s more like he is trying to ignore him. Why? Because Kase reminds The Joker of you. He struggles with his demons so much there is no room for too much more.

    “You like it?” the boy inquires with big eyes, nervous to hear the reply.

    “It’s so good,” J sadly smiles taking a bite of the extra crunchy bread. “I don’t remember having such a perfect breakfast in a while.”

    Kase snickers and bites on his nails, watching his father munch on that “yummy” food he made.

    “Mommy says I have to take care of you; you don’t eat enough.”

    The Joker can’t swallow that last bite.

    “Please stop talking like this, yes?” he messes his son’s hair, frowning.

    “Daddy…” the little one hesitantly gets up on the bed, sitting on J’s knees. “Are you going to say it?”

    “Say what?”

    “Happy Birthday,” Kase sulks, sliding up his father’s knees even more. “It’s my birthday today.”

    “Shit,” J closes his eyes, tossing the plate on the night stand.

    He completely forgot. Definitely not winning the Father of The Year award.

    “Happy Birthday, kid!” he pulls the boy in his arms and kisses his temple. “How old are you now?”

    “Six,” the quiet answer is fast to follow.

    “That’s right, I knew that. You’re growing so fast… Your mom would have…” and he stops, sensing that ache biting at his chest, sharp blades cutting through his heart. A deep breath, then silence for a few seconds. “Anyway, we’ll do something, alright? And I will get you anything you want.”

    Kase gasps, suddenly full of energy.

    “Really?! Really daddy?”
    “Yes, we’ll both take a shower and get ready, then we can go.”

    “Yayy!!! Yayyyyy!!!! “ the kid leaves his father’s lap, jumping up and down on the bed.

    J finds himself smirking, immersed in his child’s excited outburst.

    “Thank you, daddy! You’re the best!!!” he shouts, gives The Joker a kiss on the cheek and runs screaming towards the master bathroom.

    You’re the best… J mumbles, finally getting out of bed. What does that even mean?…

    He’s been moping around for so long he finds it hard to get ready and leave the penthouse. As he takes a shower and his son is in the other bathtub taking a bath, he seriously contemplates cancelling the birthday plans. But something won’t let him.

    “I’m done, daddy! I’m going to get dressed!” Kase announces and J peeks from behind the heavy shower curtain.

    “I’ll be done soon too. We’ll dress the same, OK?”

    “Hooraaaayyy!!!!” J hears the door being slammed and stomping up the staircase.

    The two of them have a lot of matching outfits. Since today is a special day, might as well wear one.

    – You would get so emotional when you saw both wearing identical clothes.

    “Look at my handsome boys! If I die right now, I would die happy,” and you got teary, making The Joker roll his eyes.

    “So much drama for nothing, Princess.”

    Kase would cover his mouth with his hands, giggling when his father winked at him, grinning at your silly reaction.

    “What would you know about that?” you sniffled, wiping your eyes, feeling so overwhelmed when J squeezed you in his arms, kissing you so you would shut up.

    “I know enough,“ he would purr in your ear. “Want me to prove it tonight, after the kid goes to sleep?” the low tone unexpectedly got you all lightheaded.

    “Yes, prove it, “you breathed on his lips and Kase would run over, pulling on your dress.

    “Mommy, I want a kiss too!”

    J grunts at the painful memory as he buttons up his son’s purple shirt.

    “Does something hurt, daddy?” the little boy asks, seeing the painful grimace on The Joker’s face.

    “No, nothing…” and he gets up, being done with the task. “ I think we look dashing,” he distracts his boy from the real issue. Or is he distracting himself?

    He notices Kase staring at him, then to his left, then back to him again. And suddenly the little one bursts into tears, crying so hard it scares The Joker.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” J bends one knee to kneel in front of his son. “What is it?” he cups his face, actually worried.

    Kase keeps on staring to The Joker’s left again, not being able to quit bawling.

    “No, I-I don’t wanna tell him that…” he seems to be answering to someone else’s question.

    “Hey, knock it out! What’s going on, hm?”

    “Mommy…” and his son takes a deep breath, whimpering and trying to talk. “Mommy says you should get a new girlfriend. She doesn’t mind; she understands. I-I…” and the crying intensifies so badly the little face gets super red. “…I don’t want another moommmyyy!!! I want MY mommy!!!” and he charges at his father’s neck, hugging him so tight it makes the Joker cringe. “P-please daaaddyyy, I don’t want another mommy!!!” Kase keeps on begging, unaware of his father’s own heartache.

    J can’t move. Where is this coming from?! He wants to get mad like he usually does when his son says things like that, but it’s almost as he can’t find the strength to do it.

    “Ssssttt, stop crying. You‘re not getting a new mom, alright?” The Joker surprisingly goes another route in order to calm his child’s hysterical behavior. “ Who the hell had time to even think about that?” he mutters the last sentence mostly to himself. “Hey, look at me,” he continues to caress his son’s back. “You can’t cry on your birthday, that’s the rule. Do we understand each other?”

    “Y-yes…” the small body shakes in his arms, finally letting go.

    “We need to clean you up now; your face is a mess. It’s ok, you’re not getting another mom, alright?”

    “U-hum,” the 6 year old agrees, feeling better since his father reassured him. “You promise daddy?”

    “Yeah, brat, I promise,” J is fast to answer because the strange episode needs to stop.

    “Mommy says she loves you,” Kase pecks his star tattoo, sniffling, then goes inside the bathroom, turning on the water in the sink so he can wash his face.

    The Joker can’t even get up yet; he feels so drained and exhausted. He can’t understand why Kase continues to talk like that. J refuses to acknowledge the obvious: that THERE IS something happening with his kid. The stuff he says sometimes…Things he couldn’t possibly know about.

    “I’m done, daddy,” and that makes The King of Gotham to finally get up on his feet.

    – J took his son to different toy stores owned by people he does business with. Some of them use the upfront venture for money laundering, some conduct less than legal affairs behind closed doors. No matter. Just one word from The Prince of Crime and the chosen location closes under 10 minutes. Like somebody would dare saying no to him.

    Kase runs all over the place, picking toys he likes to take back to the penthouse.

    “Daddy, can I have this one too?” he barely pushes the huge box with a tank inside in front of J.
    “ Sure, whatever you want, as many as you want,” a bored Joker answers, absent minded. He is sitting on a lather couch, displeased with the color. The pile of toys next to him is getting bigger and bigger.

    The cake resting on a glass table nearby has 6 candles waiting to be lit. J ordered Frost to bring it over here, since “Rascal’s ” is the last stop for the day. Kase takes the mini-silver jacket off, tired from all the hard work he’s been doing and crawls in his father’s lap.

    “That’s it,” he huffs, bouncing his legs, impatiently eyeballing his favorite chocolate cake.

    “Are you sure?” J double checks, leaning over to light up the candles.

    “Yes,” he rubs his eyes, getting ready to blow the flames.

    “Make a wish,” The Joker urges, wanting to head back home soon.

    His son innocent request strikes a chord within J:

    “I want my mommy back,” and he blows in the candles, the flickering lights dancing in frenzy before disappearing in thin air.

    “Great job, kid!” he gets praised and they are both silent before the cake gets cut. Kase gets a piece and J doesn’t want any. He didn’t have anything today except that toast in the morning, yet he’s not hungry. No appetite since you’ve been gone.

    “Here, Daddy,” the little boy offers a bite to his father and J nods a no.

    “You eat it, I’m fine.”

    “Huh?” he glances over The Joker’s shoulder, carefully listening. “Mommy says you should eat, she doesn’t like it you’re skinnier.”

    “Not again…” the complaint is following the remark. “Can you take a break from this? I really don’t want to put up with your…”, J is shouting without realizing it.

    “Mommy doesn’t like it when you yell at me…” Kase interrupts, startled.
    “YOUR MOM IS DEAD!!! Do you hear me? SHE’S DEAD! Why are you pushing me, hm?” The Joker yanks the plate from his son’s hand, slamming it on the floor. “ Shut up! And don’t cry either! We’re going home! No toys!!!” he yanks the little hand away, furious again, incapable of controlling his temper.

    The poor kid can hardly keep up with his father, trying so hard not to cry because he’s afraid J will get angrier.

    “Daddy…daddy…” Kase pleads and The Joker snaps at him one more time.

    “What?! What is it now?!”

    “Mommy says that if you don’t stop, she’ll hate you even if she said she never will,” and tears follow while J slows down then halts. “My hand hurts,” Kase sobs and J releases his strong grip, the words making him aware of what he’s doing.

    Fuck, he thinks, trying to cool down.

    Why is he taking it on his kid? Probably because there is nobody else around. No you, no one else to tell what’s going on inside his head. That uncanny feeling he lost something he can never get back becomes stronger with each passing day. The restlessness is unbearable, the pain ever growing. He misses you so much it physically hurts most of the time. That’s why he finds it hard to even get out of bed. All he wants is to be left alone.

    He’s a goddamned lunatic, completely gone and lost for the world, just like that old Arkham report stated. Why pretend to be something else? And yet…

    He gazes at the small child without seeing anything.

    “Daddy, are you mad at me?” Kase hugs his legs, getting him out of trance.

    The Joker lifts his son up, carrying him in his arms towards the exit.

    “No, I’m not. How’s your hand?” he grumbles, kissing the tiny fingers.

    “Doesn’t hurt anymore,” the boy admits, already forgetting about it. There is nothing more he wants than his father’s attention. Since your death, J seems so far away, in his own world. Kase needs somebody to take care of him; he’s just 6. It doesn’t matter that the infamous Joker is his dad, the kid loves him regardless. To a child, his parents are the center of the universe. And right now, The Joker is the only one feeling up that space.

    Certainly not winning the Father of The Year award.

    “Frost will bring all the toys and the cake to the house, OK?” J makes amendments, almost out of there. “Can you…can you tell your mom not to hate me?” he suddenly articulates, mostly on a whim.

    “I don’t have to, daddy. She can hear you,” Kase smiles, not crying anymore.

    That smile of his
    – J got so many more presents for his son. He watched Kase open all of them, and that crazy laugh of his finally echoed in the Penthouse after so long. But when the night comes, all alone with his devils again, tossing and turning, unable to rest until he takes his sleeping pills. But they take about 15 minutes to kick in.

    He’s facing your side of the bed, sensing Kase against his body behind him. His son really wanted to sleep in there and J didn’t object. He has to make up for being so out of control right on his kid’s birthday.

    The Joker gets under the sheets, just like he used to when you were there, anxious to share plans and secrets with his girl but she’s not there. He whispers anyway.

    “I was thinking to plan a heist in 2 months or so. What do you think? Should I go sooner? I really don’t feel like it, because I miss you…” and he brings your pillow to his chest. “I don’t feel like doing anything…”

    No answer, of course.

    “Daddy,” Kase stretches, half asleep, snuggling more towards his father. “Mommy says she loves you.”

    “You’re just dreaming…” J extends his arm behind to hold Kase close to him, not getting pissed for once.

    “She’s right there,” his son lifts his head up from the pillows, eyes almost closed, pointing towards your usual spot. “Can’t you see her?” and the little one sighs, falling asleep again.

    “No, I can’t see anything, “ he answers, smelling your perfume on the fabric. J always freshens up the scent from the tiny vial you kept on the night stand.

    The eyelids are getting heavy, the medicine reacting in his body.

    He feels a tender pressure on his lips, just like a soft kiss.

    “Hey, handsome,” he hears your voice.

    “Hey pretty girl,” he mutters, waking up for a moment.

    He opens his eyes, so used to dream about you and losing the connection. The Joker shifts so he can wrap his arms around Kase, almost dozing off again.

    “Tell your dad I love him,” he faintly discerns. “ Honey, wake up. Tell your dad I love him.”

    Kase yawns, gently shaking his father.

    “Daddy…mommy says she loves you.”

    “I know, I heard it,” he replies, not realizing what he’s saying. The medication is strong, makes one totally out of it. “Tell her I love her too.”

    “She can hear you, dad,” his son repositions himself in his father’s arms, tired since he keeps on being woken up.

    “That’s good, I want her to know…” and the last trace of consciousness is lost, enslaved by the effects of the medicine.

    “She knows,” his son buries his face in J’s t-shirt, even if his dad can’t hear him anymore.“And she says she’ll always come back because she promised.”

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    Barbie (Chapter 7)

    Chris Pine X Reader.

    Summary: What started as a simple date ended as a failed romance. Or has it truly failed?

    Warnings: Cursing. mentions of abuse. Fear. 

    Authors note: I’m so flippin’ sorry for the lateness. I intended on posting it a lot earlier but i hated it. I re-wrote it probably ten times, not joking either. However on no sleep this one came to me and for once i actually enjoyed the idea and thus we have this! Enjoy. 

    Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. 

    During your “relationship” with one Christopher Pine, you’d learned a few things. One: He was a talented fucker, no pun intended. He could twist your words or even his own. Two: He could mend your heart with his words or a kiss. Three: Staying mad at him was proving to be difficult. He was standing before you with his puppy dog eyes, warm and welcoming glistening in the light with tears. 

    “So, you’re gonna go back to Beau?” the words repeated in your head. There was absolutely no doubt in your mind what so ever that you’d ever go back to Beau. Beau was a monster… as much as human could be.

    He was a mess. Controlling, Erratic and absolutely toxic. He had no filter and no respect for you. He was and forever will be the greatest mistake you’d ever made… unless things with Chris continued to go sour. Then it’d be a tie. 

    “Does it matter?” You ask, rolling your eyes. 

    “How could it not?” 

    “I don’t know. I thought that type of thing was cool.” You lie, shrugging your shoulders. “I mean, you got to go talk to your ex why couldn’t I talk to mine?” The words seemed to escape before your brain even realized what you had said. 

    Keep reading

    anonymous asked:

    Help for drawing the same character many times?

    Hello! This is something I myself struggle with a lot, especially when I find my preferred drawing style constantly changing and adapting. There isn’t really an easy trick or be all end all answer to this question, as much as it might suck the biggest help in this situation is just practice! Practicing drawing the character again and again!

    To go a little more into depth with this, besides just practicing drawing the same character, studying can also help.

    For example: If you’re drawing your own character, what kind of face shape does your character have? What is their jaw line? Sharp cheek bones? Small chin, angular chin? Once you have this figured out, keep it in mind for when you’re drawing. If you have the free time, practice drawing these specific details or face shapes a few times. If you have real life face claim for your character, find some pictures of this person and study them.  The same goes for a character from a series or show, find pictures, use reference! There is absolutely nothing wrong with using reference, its one of the best ways to get better!

    On another note, if you don’t have a specific face claim for a character, use multiple pictures. Open up sai or photoshop or paint or anything you have, and make a sort of reference sheet. Does a specific model or celebrity have the lips of your character? Get a few pictures, put them together (preferably different pictures at different angles), and note that these pictures are reference for the lips. Is there a picture of a random person you have seen on your dash and their hair was just like your character? Add it to your reference sheet. Gather up as much as you can if you have to take bits and pieces of different features, get them all together, and then DRAW! I promise it is the best way to improve and learn how to draw the character the same way every time.

    I am sure there are people out there who maybe have small tricks that work for them, but the trick might not work for you. The guaranteed answer is to practice! I know that can be frustrating to hear, its something I still struggle with myself, but it does work!

    Another piece of advise I can offer is to draw a picture of the person, head on, neutral expression, as a start. Then draw the same face (maybe different angles) with various ranges of emotions and ranging in severity. You can find many tables and charts across the internet for this. Try searching for ‘emotion chart’ or ‘feelings chart’, they’ll look something like this

    I have plenty of tutorials archived for things like face shape, noses, eyes, mouths, ears, etc, practicing drawing those things for your characters will help and help you get the hang of it so that you will be be capable of drawing, for example, a characters nose in the same shape each time!

    Remember as well: your art style will change and it will adapt, and as this happens, even if you have practiced drawing the character the same way, the character will still look different, and that’s not a bad thing! It just means your style is changing, adapting, and that you’re improving! I wish you the best of luck with this, its still something I am working on as well!

    If any one has something to add, feel free to reply, reblog this post, or submit!