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This City Never Sleeps (When I Can’t Stop Thinking About You)

Word Count: 1794

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Warnings: Cavity-inducing fluff and cursing

Summary: Part Three of This City Never Sleeps. Your friends are nosy.

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“Wow, she is just…” Peter let out a deep sigh.

“I know,” Ned agreed.

You looked up from your textbook to see them staring wistfully across the room, chins in hand. You followed their line of sight until you landed on Liz Allan, laughing with a couple of her friends across the room.

Just another Wednesday.

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★ Spoiled Rotten / Brandon Larracuente ★

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I find Brandon the hardest to write for. This was supposed to be written hours ago by the way…Also, what was supposed to be a day of writing turned out to be a day of binge watching Wong Fu’s Lunch Break videos…

Words: 1301

You had almost forgotten what waking up alone was like after almost two years of being in a steady relationship and as you awoke this morning, you found that you were by yourself.

Your frown and confusion soon disappears as you find a single red rose and a card resting on top of Brandon’s pillow.

Sitting up, you let the sheets fall to your waist, reaching an arm out for both items. Smelling the rose, a smile forms on your face before you place it on your lap-opening the envelope to retrieve your card.

The sweet words on the front alone make your eyes water, Brandon’s own handwritten message inside making mix of emotions arise within you. Wiping your eyes, you take hold of your rose in one hand, still gripping the card in the other, as you make your way out of your bedroom.

You find Brandon in the kitchen dishing up your breakfast. Placing what you held on the bench, you approach your boyfriend and wrap your arms around his waist-hugging him from behind.

He releases a startled laugh and takes your hands in his, “You aren’t supposed to be up yet,” he insists slightly disappointed, but his smile was evident in his voice. “Happy birthday, (Y/N).”

“Thank you,” you murmur, against his back, your voice being muffled by his shirt.

Brandon turns around in your arms so he was facing you, drawing you in for a proper hug. You sigh in content as he presses a gentle kiss against your temple. “Your day is only just beginning,” he grins. “I have a few plans for today.”

Pulling back so you could see his face, your brow furrows. “Brandon…I didn’t want to make a big fuss out of today.”

He chuckles, moving his hands to your hips, “It’s your birthday and if you think I’m just going to treat today like any other day, you are mistaken, my love,” he says. “Now, go sit down and I’ll finish getting breakfast ready.”

Reluctantly, you pull away from his hold and start heading over to the stools by the island bench. You take a seat and finally notice the vase of flowers in the centre. “Are they for me?” you ask quietly, letting your fingers gently toy with the petals of a matching rose to the one you had found beside you just minutes earlier.

“Of course, do you like them?”

Admiring the mix of flowers, you nod eagerly, taking note of the large white lilies and small red carnations that matched the roses-the assortment of greenery evening out the combination. “I love them.”

Brandon’s smile widens as he turns back to the counter, adding the final touches to your meal. He moves to sit in the stool beside you, two plates in hand.

“Thank you,” you say, already eying off everything on the plate.

“It was no problem,” he brushes off, taking his first bite.

Focusing your attention on the man beside you, you tilt your head, “What else do you have planned for the day?” you question, remembering his earlier words.

“Well after we eat,” he answers, “I’ll give you your presents and then we’ll head out.”


He jumps at the increased volume of your voice, “What?”

“When I asked you not to get me anything-I actually meant it.”

He rolls his eyes, “(Y/N), I promise you’ll like it.”

“I’d love pretty much anything from you, you know that. But that’s not the point.”

Brandon sighs, “What if I tell you it’s not anything too grand? It’s more sentimental stuff. Does that help in any way?”

Sighing, you nod, “I guess, as long as you weren’t put out of your way.”

“When it comes to you” he says, “never.”

After you had both finished breakfast and gotten ready for the day-you had requested to open your gifts later that night and instead just continue with the plans Brandon had set out.

The first destination took you completely by surprise. Brandon took you to the place where so many of your favourite childhood memorise rooted.

When it was time for lunch, the only bit of information he shared with you was that you two would not be alone, but instead be joined by a few people whom he had not been inclined to disclose.

You had spotted your friends and family the moment you walked through the restaurant. A ‘few’ people turned out to consist of everyone in your life who was important to you-many of which you hadn’t seen in person for what felt like forever.

After lunch, you had said your goodbyes to everyone after making plans to meet up very soon and thanked them for coming. Brandon had lead you to the park where you both swung on the swings, filling the air with your laughter and mindless chatter.

Brandon had stopped swinging and was instead just watching you.

“We have to go in a minute,” he announces, glancing down at his watch.

“What else is there to do?” you ask with a small laugh.

His sends you a small smile, “Tired already?”

“A little,” you admit, slowing the speed of your swinging.

Brandon rises to his feet and takes a few steps backwards, waiting for you to join him. “I promise we only have one more stop then we can go home. Unless you want to skip this one,” he suggests.

You shake your head, finally coming to a stop and standing. “No,” you deny. “I want to go.” You were silent for a moment. “Where are we going?”

Brandon laughs as he wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you against his side and starting to guide you in the direction of the cinema. “I thought we’d go see that movie you wanted to see.”

You halt your movements, causing Brandon to stop walking. You place a hand on the side of his face and lean in to kiss him. “Thank you,” you state firmly.

“It’s just a movie,” he says, using his free hand to rest on your outer arm.

“No,” you deny. “It’s not just a movie. It’s the sweet card and the beautiful flowers and the breakfast and the mini trips we’ve had throughout the day and the lunch with my friends and my family-you’ve done so much for me today and I want to thank you.”

Brandon chuckles as you wing your arms loosely around his hips. “You’re welcome,” he whispers.

You peck his lips once more before resting your head on his chest, a shiver running down your back as Brandon’s hand slowly trail along the length of your back.

“I love you,” he says.

Smiling into his shirt you tighten your grip, “I love you too.”

Collapsing on the couch you let out a small laugh, “Today has been amazing,” you tell Brandon as he sits down, pulling you feet onto his lap. “Thank you.”

“You don’t need to keep thanking me,” he reminds you. “I’m just so glad today was a success.” Brandon gently rubs your leg, “So you really had a good day?”

You gently knock his chest with your foot, “Of course I did. I would have been ecstatic if we spent the whole day in bed watching movies or something. You really didn’t have to do any of this.”

“You still haven’t even opened your presents.”

Throwing your head back against the cushion, you cover your face with your arm. “Which are completely unnecessary by the way.”

Oh!” he says, his face lighting up, “we still have cake too! And you’re going to absolutely love the gifts,” he insists, moving to stand. “I hope so anyway,” he mumbles.

The sound of your laughter echoes around the room as he retreats to collect your gifts.

“Beat you again, which means I win the bet.  Pay up” you smiled, tossing the xbox controller next to you and extending your hand.  Brandon groaned, handing you the $10 that he betted against you and slumped back in the couch. “Thank you” you smiled, rolling it up and putting it in your back pocket, stretching your legs on top of his lap and laying back.  “Oh shit, what time is it?” Brandon asked, jumping up and running towards his phone that was charging on the kitchen island.  “It’s about 5:30, why?” you asked, getting up and following him.  “Nothing…I gotta go get ready,” he explained, unplugging his phone and moving to the door and grabbing his sneakers.  “Ready for what?  What about our movie?” you asked, intrigued.  Brandon shook his head, “Nothing.  I’ll make it up to you later okay?” he smiled, kissing your forehead and running out the door.  You frowned, picking up the mess you two left on the coffee table, “What could Brandon be hiding?” you thought to yourself, throwing out the garbage.  You shrugged and walked to your bedroom, changing into some comfy clothes before heading to the freezer.  As usual, the freezer was always empty, never staying stocked due to you and Brandon’s late night munchies.  You sighed, closing the freezer and grabbing your keys and purse off the counter and walked out the door, locking it behind you.  As you walked down to your car, you realized that Brandon’s car was already gone, strange knowing that if he was going out somewhere, that he was never on time and took almost an hour to get ready.  You shrugged it off, hopping in to your car, starting it and began driving down the road.  You drove by countless supermarkets, food trucks and bars before you got to your favorite sushi restaurant, the one that you and Brandon go to almost every weekend.  You parked, grabbing your wallet from your purse and walked inside.  The restaurant was extremely busy so you opted for take out instead, grabbing a menu off the counter and looking through it, knowing what you were already going to order but was curious.  You went to the counter, ordering a volcano roll and a small to-go bowl of miso soup, placing the menu back down on the counter and peering into the restaurant curiously.  Your heart dropped, noticing Brandon sitting at the window, with another girl.  She was pretty, her hair in wavy brunette curls that cascaded down her tan skin, she laughed with Brandon, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and reaching for his hand, squeezing it playfully.  You turned away, hurt….but unsure why.  Was it because he ditched you for her?  Or the fact that it wasn’t you sitting across from him, flirting with him like she was.  You turned back to the waiter, a to-go bag in his hand.  You handed him the money to cover the food and ran out to your car, speeding away.  

After eating all your food, a carton of ice cream and crying to three movies, you heard a small knock on the door.  You got up, noticing the time…”Brandon it’s 10:30 at night….Go home,” you groaned through the door, not in the mood to look at him.  “(Y/n) that’s never mattered before.  Open the door” Brandon chuckled, tapping the door again.  You opened it, leaning against the door with an unamused look on your face.  “Whats wrong?” Brandon asked, moving forward to hug you.  You backed away, “I don’t know…maybe it’s the fact that I know that my best friend ditched movie night with me to go out on a date with some gorgeous, more interesting girl that wasn’t me” you confessed, regretting the last part but standing your ground.  Brandon frowned, “Listen…(Y/n),” Brandon tried to explain but was cut short by your door slamming shut.  You huffed, feeling the heat of wet tears falling down your cheeks.  “(y/n)…..Please let me explain.  Jason set me up with her…She was gorgeous, yeah I admit.  But she wasn’t you,” he mumbled through the door.  You turned the door knob and opened the door slowly, looking up at Brandon, “What do you mean?” you asked.  Brandon blushed, shoving his hands in his back pockets nervously, “For starters, she had no idea who Phil Collins was.  And when she said that she liked Brent Rivera, I pretty much walked out,” he chuckled.  You smiled, “Good for you,” you smiled, still leaning against the slightly opened door.  “And to top it all off.  I couldn’t help but think of you…It felt wrong, sitting at our usual table, eating volcano rolls, which she didn’t like may I add.  I wanted it to be you,” he sighed, moving forward once more and gently pressing his lips against yours.  You gasped, shocked that your best friend was kissing you and the fact that you were kissing him back.  You gripped him closer, pulling him through the door way and kicking the door shut behind him.  Brandon lifted you off the floor, sliding you onto the kitchen island and wrapping his arms around you.  You could feel your heart pounding against your chest as you lifted off his shirt, tossing it to the ground while Brandon did the same with your hoodie, exposing the lace bandeau you wore underneath it.  Brandon pulled away from your lips, smiling as he admired you, “You’re shaking,” he chuckled, holding your hands.  You giggled, “Sorry…I don’t know….I guess I’ve wanted this for a while,” you stuttered.  Brandon smiled, kissing you once more, “Me too” he whispered, pulling you off the counter and carrying you into the bedroom.  

You sat in your room, a charcoal pencil in your hand as you scribbled away in your drawing pad, on the verge of tears.  It was another one of those days.  You sighed, tossing your drawing pad across the room and covered yourself in the heavy covers, hiding yourself from the world.  “Babe?” called Brandon from the other side of the door, knocking gently before entering.  You laid there silently, extremely still, hoping he’d think you were asleep.  “I know you’re up….” Brandon spoke, peering his head in the door.  He huffed, knowing immediately what was wrong and moving to your side.  “It’s nice out….wanna go for a walk?” he asked, poking your sides.  You slapped him away before rolling over, tears streaming down your face.  Brandon sighed, getting back out of bed and running out to the living room.  You heard him toss things around, probably making a mess and minutes later coming back in with a dvd.  He slid it in the player before hopping on the bed next to you and waiting for it to start.  You heard the familiar groan of the TARDIS as it appeared on the screen.  You peered out of the covers, growing more curious before finally pushing the covers off of yourself and watching the tv intently. Brandon smiled, pulling you up on his chest, allowing your head to rest gently on top.  You sighed, slowly beginning to relax as you watched Doctor Who on the television screen, hearing your boyfriends heartbeat softly beat in your other ear.  “I’m sorry you get so sad sometimes,” Brandon spoke softly a few moments later.  You shrugged, “It’s alright….It’s really not you.  It’s me.  I can’t control it,” you explained.  “If you ever want to talk about it, I’ll listen you know,” Brandon offered.  You nodded, “I don’t really like talking about it,” you mumbled, trying to avoid the topic.  Brandon nodded, “I understand.  But if you need to vent.  I’ll listen.  I won’t give advice.  I’m not a shrink but I understand that people need to talk and I just want you to know.  I will.  When you’re ready,” he assured.  You smiled, “Thank you babe.”

I’m sorry this is so short.  I was in the mood to write about how I was feeling….Hope you guys like -Aqua


“In two miles take exit 19 for Valley Park Drive South.” Siri chirped from my sister’s phone.

“Charlotte, turn that off. I know where I’m going.”

“You sure about that? I mean…it has been a couple decades, Mark.”

“Please, like I could ever forget where Adventure Valley is. Come on, we spent every summer of-“

“There it is!” I swerved briefly into the oncoming lane as Charlotte thrust her arm in front of my face to point excitedly out the window. “There’s Adventure Valley! Oh my God, what ride is that? That coaster, it was called ‘Steel’ something, right? No, no, wait, that’s Mayhem Mountain, isn’t it?”

I gently pushed my sister’s arm out of my face and back over to her seat. I couldn’t fault her for her excitement while I was trying so hard to control my own giddiness. It felt like we were kids again, yelling and bouncing in the back seat of my parent’s car as the first shining rails and wooden planks of the park’s roller coasters came into view above the treetops.

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Brandon catching jonnor making out and then being really mad with connor and then sitting him down and giving the "break his heart I'll break your face" speech

Brandon was on his bed, thinking of his music (not for the millionth time), when his stomach growled. He decided to grab a snack before supper, to satiate his hunger. As he passed Jude’s room, Brandon heard a thump, some giggling, then some hurried whispers.

Not thinking much on it, he went to go check if Jude was alright (being the concerned brother he is), he pushed the mostly closed door, open. Instead he got an eye full of Jude straddling and leaning in, kissing Connor - right on the mouth!

They noticed him, Jude hurriedly got off his boyfriend. “Could you have at least knocked?” He complained.

Meanwhile Connor was blushing heavily, seemingly trying his best to “walk it off”. “I’ve really got to go now, anyway.” He got up off the floor

Jude looked like devastated, and began to follow him.

Brandon, quickly reeled from what he saw. In the back of his mind, he always suspected his brother wasn’t interested in girls, but he never pursued the thought. Though just last week he thought Jude was dating some girl named “Taylor”. And Jesus had said that Jude as going on a double date with Connor. It really started to click.

Then suddenly a thought came over him. Surely Callie would want the best for Jude. He knew through his mother’s experience that growing up gay, isn’t the most pleasant thing when society seems to go against you. His mind quickly thought of a plan.

“Actually, I came in to tell you that moms were looking for you, and they wanted to talk to you.” Brandon only needed a minute. “They’re in the backyard. I can walk Connor out.” He smiled.

Jude was suspicious, but he was also a dutiful son, and he wanted to prove as such, after the shooting incident. He ran past them, and down the stairs, saying goodbye to his boyfriend and that he’d text him later. He’d have probably kissed him goodbye, but that moment was gone.

Connor started collecting his things, uneasily with Brandon nearby.

“Jude’s been through a lot, you know,” Brandon said, matter-of-factly.

“Ummm,” was all Connor could respond with.

Brandon clasped his hand on Connor’s shoulder. Connor winced slightly at the pain. “You ever hurt his feelings, and I will use my piano strings to turn you into a marionette.” Brandon walked out of Jude’s room, heading towards the kitchen, leaving a disturbed Connor. He shuddered thinking of that twine going through his skin…

Jude and Brandon met at the bottom of the stairs, just as Connor began to descend them.

“Moms didn’t want anything,” Jude said to Brandon, “What did you want?” Then he noticed Connor, looking slightly disturbed.

“Oh my god, Brandon, what did you do?” Jude shouted.

“Oh, you know, just a man-to-man chat,” Brandon left the two, he had a slight jump in his step, thinking he did his brother a disservice.