your face!!!!

I am stubborn
I lie sometimes
I can be immature
A little attention seeking
I can’t save up
I spend money like it grows on trees indeed
I have big dreams
I don’t exercise
But I run a lot in my dreams
I have nightmares usually
Not so scary, more of really creepy
I take a while to say goodbye
And even longer to mean it truly
I don’t use a lot of punctuation
I take overthinking to the next level
I stare at words and wonder if they exist
Sometimes I stare at myself and wonder if I really exist
Then I jump and dance
When I pant and gulp down water
I hear my breathing and know that I am trying

Wednesday Drabble Wabble & Long Fic Friday

Ok…So I’m going to change this blog up a little compared to last time! On Wednesdays and Fridays I’m going to be reading the drabbles and fics that are posted on here and reblog them (with tag commentary) so if you’d like your stuff read/supported by bear, go ahead and tag me in a reblog and I’ll try to get to it.

I know there’s a ton of DA fanfic out there and I’m someone who likes to read and have something nice to say about it (because that’s just what I do) so it could take awhile to get through them all. Regardless of how fast or slow I get through them, I still want to read them so send them my way please!
Ok that’s it! Have fun! And remember you’re awesome! 😘