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Hero (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Again sorry for posting like 8 years later but MY MOM GOT ME UNLIMITED DATA!! So that means I will be posting on a weekly basis! Keep your fabulous requests coming and I will happily continue to write them.
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: you are the victim in one of their cases and Spencer starts to fall for you as their working on the case
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Spencer and readers first time but reader is a virgin…
Spencer sat at the round table with the rest of the team, looking at pictures of dead girls, a casual day.
Although the day was casual, the girl that he looks at, the recent missing victim, isn’t casual to him.
The picture of you plastered on the screen brought his attention to nothing but it.
“What- what was this girls name?” He asked interrupting and pointing at the stunning y/h/c haired girl.
“Uh Y/N L/N. She’s the current missing victim.” Penelope told Spencer.
It’s odd that he asked, considering he remembers everything, she thought to herself.
Spencer couldn’t focus on what his team members were saying, his only focus was saving you.
Later that night, Spencer stayed a little later than everyone else to get some background on this gorgeous girl in the picture he fell in love with.
The more he got to know you, the more desperate he was to find you.
Later the next day, Penelope found the address of the UnSub and the team was on their way to find you.
Your senses were dull due to the beating but you could make out sirens.
“No no NO!” The man yelled throwing a glass at the wall behind you.
You would have tried to dodge it, but your hands are bound above you, holding your body inches above the ground.
You saw the door get busted down and two men and a woman come through.
A darker man entered first and then a taller man with messy brown hair, followed by a blonde lady.
The man ran behind you with a knife, holding it to your neck as he hid behind your dangling body.
“Jack Baxter but the weapon down.” The dark man said.
You closed your eyes as he pulled your hair back, the cold metal touching your skin.
Tears flooded your eyes but you noticed the worry in the shaggy haired man’s eyes.
“Please just put down the knife. We can talk alright?” He said, fear lacing his words.
“There’s nothing to be said!! She… she needs to feel what I felt.” He spat into your ear making a sob escape from your mouth.
“This wasn’t Y/N’s fault, Jack. She didn’t do anything.” He said again putting his gun down.
“The woman that left you when you needed her the most is dead.” A man who looked older said entering a side door.
“You killed her Jack. You killed her last week.” The dark man said.
“No she’s- she’s right.” He stammering looking at your bruised face.
“Let Y/N go and we can get you the help you need.” The tall man said.
You felt his grasp loosen and the knife drop from your neck.
You let out a breath as the dark man put handcuffs on him.
“Hey hey Y/N your okay now. It’s over.” The tall man said wrapping an arm around your lower back as he attempted to let you down, but the blonde haired woman had to help him.
When you were released, you fell into his arms sobbing.
He hugged you tightly, murmuring ‘it’s okay’ over and over as you weakly hugged him back.
You saw doctors and a stretcher enter the room and he pulled away before picking you up and setting you on the stretcher.
Your hand lingered on his forearm as he laid you down.
You wanted him to stay.
“I’m going to stay right here okay?” He said grazing your forehead with his fingertips.
You smiled and nodded, feeling his soft touch on your bruised face.
The nurses wheeled you out and like he said, he stayed with you the whole time.
In the ambulance.
In the hospital.
And he was the first person you saw when you woke up.
He noticed your eyes fluttering and approached your side, taking your small hand in his.
“How are you feeling?” He asked staring into your eyes.
“Better. Thank you. Thank you for saving me.” You nimbly said.
“I have something for you.” He said smiling and taking something off of the table.
“If you don’t want it, I’ll eat it but I was just seeing if you would like this jello.” He said holding the cup of red gelatin.
“Sure.” You said smiling as he placed it in your hand.
“You know, the gelatin contains glycine, which is one of the body’s two calming neurotransmitters. It gets converted into a serine that actually helps you focus, reduce stress, and improve memory. So I recommend it not just for a delicious snack but also for… medical purposes.” He said with a smile.
His remark made you laugh, causing a little pain in your lower stomach.
“What- what’s your name?” You asked wondering what this cute-as-hell boy’s name is.
“Spencer Reid. I would ask the same but… I already know your name.” He said awkwardly.
“Well thank you Spencer Reid for being here when I woke up and for saving me and for being my hero.” You said.
You saw his checks turn a light shade of pink as he squeezed your hand and said, “your welcome.”
You ate your jello and ran his name through your head, eager to remember it forever.
To remember Spencer Reid as the man who saved your life.
The man who was your hero.

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