your faace

Day6 Reaction: Their s/o leaving small pecks all over their face

My heart made a little bittle boom boom at this. Hope you like it and thank you for requesting!
I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to include Junhyuk so if you did let me know and I will do it for him as well!

Jaehyung(Jae) would love this. Would probably lean back and close his eyes and enjoy the attention and soak in every single second. Would pucker his lips as a sign for your that that’s where he wants your attention to go to.

Sungjin. I think it depends on the day. If he was busy he would enjoy it for a Moments before pecking you back and then returning to his work. If he had time he would enjoy it and definitely treat you back

YoungK(Brian) would pull you on his lap and would want you to only kiss his lips. If you wouldn’t he’d probably get impatient and hold your faace softly to take initiative and kiss them himself.

Wonpil. Ho boy you know he would love it. Would be much like Jae, would definitely sigh in content and hug you so you’re closer to him. Would 10/10 say something like “You missed a spot”, while pointing at it.

Dowoon would get all shy and blush while also pulling you closer to him and leaving pecks on your lips when they passed his. 11/10 would bring the “You missed a spot”-line as well!

IDEA! Sakura Uzumaki celebration day!



So I was thinking, since Sakura Uzumaki is starting to be a thing now, why don’t we make something out of it?

I’m still not sure in detail but the big picture is something like this: backed-up by the wonderful song i-purelove​ (hope I am not confusing you and if i did I AM SO SORRY!) shared with us a long time ago aka Rihanna - Towards the Sun, I propose something like us the fans showing our support for Sakura being with Naruto (turn your faace, towards the suuun *wink wink*) in some sort of way that implies the Sakura Uzumaki thing AAAND this song.

I still don’t know how so I’m gonna have to ask a lil’ bit of help from you guys, ideas and such but… whatcha think??? :D :D :D


Cameron Dallas Imagine - Holidays pt. 2


Okay guys, so I decide to continue with this story, hope you like it


“Tell us” Taylor said while all of you were swimming in the pool.
“What?"you asked confused.
"Who is your favorite guy from magcon” he asked laughing.
“ I don’t know, I love all of you guys”
“Come on, you know you like one more”
“Okay, yeah. But I don’t want to say it”
“Ohhhh the rest of them are not going to be mad. You can say your favorite, don’t worry” Matt said.
All of you laughed but he didn’t. He was so serious.
“Well. Okay..l’ll tell you. But please, don’t get mad” you breathed slowly “I’m a cash girl"you said smiling.
"Aggghhh” everybody screamed except Nash and Cam.
You looked with one of your eyes at Cam. He was smiling looking at you. You smiled too.
“Yayyy. Now I like you more” Nash told you touching you a shoulder.
“I’m sorry guys but you can’t get mad” you laughed.
“Okay, okay. So tell us, you are english, right?"Hayes asked.
"Yeah, I’m from London. I went here for summer. It was my dream. So… yeah. I’m 15 years old, by the way” you said going out of the pool again.
“Wow.. just 15?” Cam asked going out of the pool too. The water was cold.
“Yeah, what is the problem?” you aked confused.
“I thought you were older. You know, you are mature” he said. He wasn’t looking at your faace. Your face burned in fire.
“Are you looking at my boobs?!"you asked angry.
"No! I’m not looking at your boobs! I’m just looking at you!” he said hysterical.
“Oh my god, Cameron, you are! Stop it!”
“Well, now I’m looking at your boobs but it’s because you said I was looking at your boobs so I looked!!”
His face was so red, like yours. The other guys were swimmimg so they just couldn’t here your conversation.
“Okay but stop it now. Look at that tree!"so he did it.
You went to your hammock and got your dress. It was one of your favorites. "Oh come on y/n! Don’t get mad!” Cam exclamed grabbing your arm.
“I’m not mad. It’s just… Now it’s awkward”
“Im sorry, it’s just, you are so young” he said sadly.
“And? Maybe for you I’m young, for the other guys, I’m not. For me, you are old”
“Hey guys! What happens?” Nash asked with his cute smile.
“Nothing. Nash, do you think I’m young?”
“No, you look normal! By the way, can we take a selfie?” he asked me looking for his phone.
“Sure! But I don’t know why, you are the celebrity here!"you laughed.
All the guys were now out of the pool, with their towels. Cam went with them and he left you alone.
Nash came again. He opened the app snapchat and surrounded you by the waist. You kissed him in the cheek for the pic. You didn:t want to look at the camera, many people was going to watch that selfie if he posted it on snapchat.
"Thank you” he smiled.
“Can I take one too with my phone?” you asked grabbing your phone.
“Of course!”
In this one you looked to the camera. You wanted to post it on instagram.
“Thanks Nash!”
You went again with the guys. You didn’t talk. They were talking about the tour and people you didn’t know so you decided to post the selfie now on instagram. You writed ‘So happy to met this cutie♡ @nashgrier’
After like three minutes, you received a message from y/f/n
'Yeah, I’m with all the guys now. They are in my hotel. They are so funny!’
'Okay, okay, wait!’
“Hey guys, can we take a selfie? my friend wants it”
“Sure!” Jack G said taking your phone.
He has a long arm, so he was the perfect one for it.
You smiled, standing between Jack G and Hayes.
“y/n we were thinking and, do you want to come with us to the magcon tour?” Matt asked with a big smile.
“Oh my god that would be amazing. Are you serious, guys?”
“Yeah, we want you to come with us” Cameron told you.
You couldn’t help but smiled. You almost cried, you were so nervous. It was going to be an amazing summer.
'omg y/n you are the luckiest! Look at them, they are so cute!!’ your friend said in a message.
'I know, and tomorrow I’ll go with them to the tour!!“
You looked at it so fast. First you looked at Nash’s. It was your selfie. The text was: 'look at this beautiful girl♡’
Then you looked at Hayes’. It was: 'she is my girlfriend(joke)’ It was a selfie but you were in the pic, so far away from Hayes, talking with Cam.
*It was when the boobs…*
Your face turned red.
"Wasup, y/n?” Hayes asked.
“Nothing!"you said hysterical.
{1 hour later- 2p.m.}
“I’m hungry!!!"Shawn said touching his stomach.
"Yeah me too. I want to go to McDonalds!"Carter told you.
"Yayy, me too. Do you want to come, y/n” Nash asked you moving his eyebrows.
You thought about it. The didn’t say nothing about going out of the hotel. And you wanted to go with them.
“Sure, I love McDonalds. Basically, chicken nuggets are my life"you aswered laughing.
You went to your room. You got a white top, and pink jeans. You put a little of make up and went with the boys.
The McDonalds was so close to the hotel, so you weren’t worried.
When you got outside of the hotel. There were like ten fans screaming. You were a little scared. Jack J and Taylor were at your sides. They took a lot of photos of you and screamed: "Who is her?!” a lot of times.
You went in a limo, it was so big. You felt like a celebrity, with fans, in a limo and with guys that have millions of fans. But you were scared, you were scared of wake up. Maybe all this was only a dream, an amazing dream.


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