your eyes sir are not allowed

Your wedding day with Chris Evans would involve:

• Chris worrying about everything, but his brother is here to tell him he’s already a happy man and he’s going to marry the love of his life.
• Your mom crying when she sees you in your wedding dress, holding the bouquet.
• Being surprised that you’ve both left notes to one another, claiming your love once again.
• While walking down the aisle, Chris can’t take his eyes off you, smiling and your lower lip trembles as he is on the verge of tears.
• - “I promise you, I will take care of your daughter and maker her happy, sir.”
 - “You better, Evans. My eyes are on you.”
 - “Dad!”
• Never stopping smiling to each other and you both catch yourselves almost leaning to kiss before you are allowed to.
• Chris whispering you are very beautiful in your ear during the entire ceremony and day… and night. Actually, he can’t stop himself from saying it to everyone around him.
• When the rings pass through your fingers and you’re officially pronounced husband and wife, Chris pulls you to him in a longing kiss and you think the world around you can collapse, you would never feel anywhere safer than in his arms.
• Basically, you have to stop kissing because of Scott’s whistles and the groomsmen decide to join, leaving Chris blushing.
• His family being so proud and very happy he settles down with someone like you.
• Holding hands all the time, caressing your rings as a reminder this day isn’t a dream.
• The reception isn’t as you planned, but what you want more is here. Your families and friends are there to make the dinner very entertaining.
• Endless teasing from them during the best man’s speech. His best man doesn’t even hesitate to show some embarrassing and funny candid shots of you two.
• Chris calling you ‘Mrs. Evans’ with this adorable boyish grin on his face and you can’t help but kiss his cheek, giggling every time.
• - “Nice butt you have here, handsome.”
• Forehead kisses.
• Lots of fun and laughs.
• Lots of soft, slow and meaningful kisses.
• For the first dance, your husband brings you to his chest and holds you close. He loves the way the lights shine on your skin and the way you look at him.
• You almost step on his toes, but as a good dancer (like Lisa has taught him), Chris tells you that’s very cute and he definitely made the right choice, marrying you.
• The big party follows up and you just dance like nothing else matters in this world, never leaving each other more than five minutes.
• - “Is that real?”
 - “Y/N, we’re married. I’m the realest person you’ve ever met. And you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.”
• You both try to stay sober because you want to remember every second of this night.
 - “Baby, stop drinking!”
 - “Yeah, Chris, remember what’s happening tonight!”
• Cutting the cake and sharing a piece together. This ends pretty dramatically funny.
• You keep twirling, dipping and moving your hips until you can’t feel your feet anymore.
• Scott wiggling his eyebrows, giving you a knowing look when you’re about to leave the reception to your house.
• Once at home with your husband, Chris sweeps you off your feet and carries you to your bedroom, gently settling you on the bed with his eyes glowing with pure love.

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For Anon;

“Sir, you can’t send her home!” Alexander pleaded. Washington looked mildly distraught. A woman; they had been allowing a woman to fight for the last year. What if you had gotten hurt? What would they tell your family?

“I have to do the right thing, Hamilton,” Washington stated. “She needs to go back to her family.”

“Sir, you can’t just send her away,” Lafayette said, wanting to defend your reasoning for lying.

“Have you seen her with a gun? She could hit a bull’s eye from over fifty feet away!” Laurens pointed out. “If you send her home you leave us without one of the best marksmen we’ve ever had.”

“The decision isn’t up to me-”

“No, it should be up to her,” Mulligan said. He opened the flap to the tent, where you had been standing and listening the entire time.

Payback - Baekhyun Fluff

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Part 1 / Part 2

Baekhyun is the sunshine of all of our lives let’s be real. He’s an actually puppy I love him look at his cute ass smile.

Word count: 1393

Genre: Fluff

You sat in class, daydreaming once again. Science wasn’t really your forte, there were many other things you’d rather be doing than being there. Pull each hair from your head one by one. Allow a snake to bite you. Little things like that would amuse you much more.

“Y/N!” Was thundered through the classroom, and you was swiftly broken from your blissful slumber. This is when you noticed everyone’s eyes, including the teachers, on you. As if they were waiting for something.

“Yes, sir?” You asked.

“Well, answer my question!” He shouted, a fierce look underneath his furrowed brows. You began to panic. You didn’t hear any question, you definitely didn’t have any answer, and you knew you’d definitely get into trouble for not paying attention in class again.

“The answer is minerals.” You heard whispered ever so quietly behind you.

“Minerals?” You managed to stutter, putting full trust in this person.

The teacher scoffed before turning to the front and continuing his lesson. You swung around to see who it was that had stopped you from a hefty detention.

“You can pay me back later.” The class joker chuckled cockily, turning to his friends to encourage them to laugh at his comment too.

Of course, how did you not recognise it as Byun Baekhyun’s voice.

You rolled your eyes, “Pay you back? You must be mad.” You commented, turning back and deciding you wouldn’t daydream for the rest of the lesson. The focus you had gathered to the board in front of you began to be fractured as one, two, three kicks came harshly to the back of your chair.

Speedily, you turned around with narrowed eyes, “What do you want, Baekhyun?”

“I’m taking you to get noodles tonight. That’s the first way you can pay me back.”

“I have homework to do tonight.”

“Too bad. I’ll decide on what else you can do when we get there.”

“You gave me one answer in class, you’re acting like you saved my life.”

“Oh, Y/N, I practically did.” He smiled, before kicking your chair again, “Quick, turn around before he looks over.”

You spun around. And now you had to go to get noodles with Byun Baekhyun. How weird would that have appeared to anyone that passed by? You were both completely different people of completely different groups. But you were going to sit together like you were buddies or something. There was no denying though, there was something oddly charming about him to you. Something deeper than just being the class clown.

The day continued pretty harmlessly. You didn’t dare daydream again. Maybe another knight in shining armour would come around and perhaps this time you would be committed to a burger date. You couldn’t be having any of that, you was a busy girl.

When the bell rung, you packed your things away and pulled you bag on. Please say Baekhyun forgot. Please say you can just go home and get pestered by your mom instead of him. The only reason you was thinking this was because you had began to think of him in your break, and you began to feel like you may enjoy this little date. Look at you! You even began calling it a date!


Great. Baekhyun definitely didn’t forget. In fact, he was right behind you while you stood at the classroom door.

You huffed, turning to look at him, “You seriously want to go for food? Don’t you have places to be?”

Baekhyun’s hands dug into his trouser pockets, an innocent smile spreading across his face, “I have nowhere to be.” He shrugged.

Rolling your eyes, you walked out of the room, out of the school, being followed by Baekhyun. You stared at the floor, but you could feel him looking at you. He probably had that silly smile that never seemed to leave his face there. Baekhyun’s smile was something all the girls seemed to admire. You had to admit, it was nice. Oh, you’d have never spoken about Baekhyun in this way before. Why now did you have such feelings?

“Where are we going?” Baekhyun asked, speeding up to walk beside you.

“I don’t know. Where do we buy noodles from?” You answered.

“Over here.” He said, before grabbing your hand and pulling you towards a convenience store.

Baekhyun held your hand. It took you by surprise how gentle he was with it. You began to seriously feel something towards Baekhyun at this point, like his hand was purely the catalyst to something bigger.

He didn’t release your hand until you were sitting at the table outside, “Wait here. I’ll get you some food.”

“Baekhyun, it’s cold.” You grumbled. Baekhyun sighed, beginning to take his coat off, “No, no. Keep the coat.” He didn’t stop pulling off his coat however, then brought it round to you, “Baekhyun, honestly, I’ll survive.”

“I can’t hear you.” He said, bring the coat up and around your shoulders then walking into the store before you had chance to protest.

Your hands dug into the pockets of Baekhyun’s coat, just for extra warmth. However, within there was a piece of paper. You shouldn’t really look at it. It was in his pocket. You’d guess it wasn’t for anyone else to see. But curiosity was surging through your body. It wouldn’t hurt, right? It was probably just homework.

You pulled the paper out, seeing two different handwritings scrawled on it.

You finally got to get Y/N out on a date with you. Smooth Byun Baekhyun ;)

That was the first thing you read on the crumpled lined school paper. Widening your eyes, you read on while your heart began to hammer in your chest.

I know right. Noodles and Y/N, probably my two favourite things

I say the two of you get married

I wish

What the… did Byun Baekhyun have a crush on you? You were just the girl who sat in front of him in class. You didn’t understand why he’d feel something for you.

“Two pots of noodles.” Baekhyun smiled, placing one in front of you and one opposite where he was set to eat. He tucked in, lifting his chopsticks and scoffing straight away. You were more slow with it, the information you’d just taken in really playing on your mind. Just knowing he liked you made you a little… shy. You might have began to like him. Maybe a little bit.

“Do you want me to pay you back for this?” You asked purely out of politeness.

“No no. You can pay me by doing this.” Baekhyun stood, pulling his phone out of his trousers pocket, tapping the screen, then holding it up so the camera was pointing at you. A beep ensued and then, “Tell the camera you love me.”

“What?” You asked, while Baekhyun stood with a grin.

“Come on, Y/N, it would be the truth. Say ‘I love you, Byun Baekhyun’ or else I’m getting you done for robbery.”

“Robbery!? This couldn’t have cost anything. I’d rather pay you back.”

He dropped the camera slightly so you could see his pout, “Tell the camera you love me. You asked if you could pay it back and this is it.”

Why did you find it so easy to give in to him? Anything he asked, either with that cute smile or apparently equally cute pout on his face, it must be given, “Whatever.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Yes.” Baekhyun hissed with happiness, before bringing the camera back up.

“Well, everyone, here we are at this lovely convenience store,” You began, trying to make it sound like some sort of joke. That beautiful smile returned to Baekhyun’s face, however, and you couldn’t help but begin to feel like what you were about to say had much more of a candid meaning than before, “And… I love Byun Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun laughed, a laugh which wasn’t like one you heard before. It was a genuine laugh, his eyes forming that charming smile to follow his lips. The beep sounded again, and he sat down, his hand stroking down your hair then cupping your face, looking straight into your eyes, “I love you, too.”

Maybe he wasn’t just the class clown. Baekhyun was somebody you’d just fell in love with, and it was easy because he loved you too.

I'm an agent of the Outsider
  • I'm an agent of the Outsider
  • Jack Ramsey and a Watch Officer
  • Lady Boyle's Last Party

“That man in the skull mask? I don’t think he’s on the guest list.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve had my eye on him.
Excuse me sir, may I ask your name?”

“[Pretend to be drunk] I’m an agent of the Outsider.”

“You’re obviously a little drunk, so I’ll make allowances for now.”

Leader- Sehun Mafia Smut

Author: Admin B

Word Count: 1,619

Warnings: mafia au, smut 

Genre: Smut with slight fluff

EXO Masterlist ~ Masterlist 

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

“Sir asked for you not to see him right now ma'am” the guard blocked the large wooden door. You turned on your heels rolling your eyes, you sighed out loud allowing the well built male to be aware of your annoyance. “Tell sir to come out and tell me that himself” the mans face stayed blank and his sight stuck ahead of you. “If you don’t want to lose your job I suggest you move out of the way right now” your voice changed from the polite tone that you usually spoke in. “Ma'am” the voice in which he spoke with was almost as if he wanted you to sympathies with the situation he was In. “Move” your piercing stare was enough to make anyone move. You returned back to your cheerful smile as he allowed you to enter the room. 

“Thank you”

 You knew the staff weren’t fond of you. Your demanding attitude, the way you got what you wanted all the time, how you treated them. But you had stopped caring. You were happy, well most of the time. Walking into the room the door was a clear example of the sheer size. The room was as big as the garden of many wealthy people. To say you had money was an understatement, well you didn’t have money but your significant other did. You had been with Sehun since high school. Before the days you could dine with the food people would use for a years worth of expenses, before the money, before the drugs, before guns. When it was just you two against the world. He stood with his back facing you, his body was stuck in a dark grey suit his hand running through his soft hair, his deep voices calming sending directions to the hundreds of men that followed every single one of his commands. He ruled with his power of the entire city and you ruled alongside him. Your heels made loud noises as you walked towards him, his head turned around to see but his attention stayed on the being on the other side of the phone. His glare at you from the other side of the desk almost looked as if it was disciplining you for disobeying his orders but you didn’t mind. Everyone followed the words he said. Every single person. He needed someone that was different from the rest and that happened to be you. Your sweet innocent smile couldn’t stop his from almost chucking on the line. Your bratty spoilt attitude was somethings he couldn’t resist. He was madly in love with you. The word no never left his lips when he addressed you, you had a way of breaking him even when he thought he was unbreakable. Every single movement you took towards Him put him on edge, despite being with you for nearly 10 years, every second with you sent adrenaline ripping through his veins.

 You sat yourself on top of his desk, waiting patently for him to finish his conversation, the dress you were wearing rode up slightly revealing your skin. You saw his sight set upon the exposed skin and you began to innocently bring the Dress up further. You saw him gulp down, the words that spouted from his lips registered in neither of your minds. Your jumped off the desk and made you way to stand in front of him. You saw him mouth the words don’t to you but you just smirked. You weren’t doing anything, your hands lay on his tie as you began to loosen it ever so slightly, his spare hand grabbed both of yours and brought you into his chest. The smell of him was something you found addictive nevertheless it was intoxicatingly blissful. You never failed to be shocked by his actions, one minute he looked as if he wanted to rip you to shreds with his bare hands and other times It was as if you were his most important possession. You closed your eyes and enjoyed being in his arms, his free arm snaked it’s away around your waist drawing small circles on the lower parts of your back. His head was lowered and leaning on your shoulder, you needed him. Both you and him were occupied with work for what felt like eternally. You forgot the last time you had made love, it was always memorable but the rare occurrence of the action made it forgettable. Your hand grabbed his butt and squeezed it. You saw him hold back the laughter which made you mirror his actions. You were laughing into his shoulder. You brought yourself back and towards his ear. 

 "Don’t make a noise" you brought yourself back into him and felt his hardened member, the outline of his dick pressing into your bare core that was hidden with just a thin dress was enough to make you moan aloud. You began to rub yourself on his crotch allowing your core to wet, “fuck y/n I’m on the phone” he covered the line and whispered in a dark tone into your ear. “Get off it then” you were in a playful mood and were determined to get something from him. Your own touch no longer pleasured you enough. “It’s important” you rolled your eyes at his pointless words, pulling yourself back you knew it would take a lot for him to resist you in a submissive needy state, your hands reached the zipper on your dress and slowly pulled away the tight clothing revealing you in your naked bare form. His eyes enlarged and you saw the saliva almost drip from his lips. Turning around you began to walk to your shared bedroom that was hidden away from the rest of the house. You could hear his heavy steps following you, his slow replies to the other voice on the phone assured you that you had got his attention. Lying on the bed you saw his tall figure still standing at the doorway. Your hand snaked it’s way between your legs, there was something about him watching you commit these acts that turned you on to the point you were going to cum in that instant. Your fingers found their way to your entrance as you pushed them inside it was In that instant Sehun abruptly ended his phone call. “I’ve got to go we shall continue this later. Accept my most sincere apology sir but I have a situation to deal with” you heard his voice due to the pleasure causing your eyes to shut. “Y/n why can’t you ever let me work” he sighed as he began to slowly strip himself of the clothes he was wearing. He was methodological and clever in the bedroom as how he was in the street. “I just want you to fuck me” you didn’t hide your need or want for him at all. He chuckled at your need. “Your wish is my command princess”

 Crawling in between your spread legs you resumed your passionate make out session. “My one weakness” he muttered sweet words that made you lose yourself in his blissful arms. “I love you so much you know that right?” He paused himself as he hovered above him. Your eyes that has been fluttering rapidly by themselves quickly awakened. You caressed his warm cheek. You had never thought such a love was possible, you stared at the man that had given you every precious memory that you had ever had. Good and bad. You wanted him not just sexually but in every single way possible and he never denied you anything. You loved him the second you set eyes on the failing student in a top school, or when he made his first million. He was yours and you were his. Your love was consuming, the danger forced you to live with each other in that moment and with no time to reflect you felt your life being ripped out of your reach but he made time stoppable. You traced his hair down his soft skin, his eyes set on yours. “I love you more than you could ever imagine Sehun” you slowly pressed your lips against him in a more composed manner. The thirst you had for him had become contained by the want for his love. His hands roamed along your figure almost as if his current actions were the only remaining memory he would have of you. Your bare body was laid for him, and only him. He sat up quickly removing his trousers and underwear. Positioning himself at your entrance he began to thrust hard and fast in too you. “Holy fuck Sehun” you moaned out loud, you were sure that many of the staff that moved around the large manor would hear but you didn’t care. You were lost in the lust and pure bliss of his body. “So tight” he became sloppy and tired just begging for his body to hit the peak and over flow. You felt the knot within your stomach tighten harshly as your orgasm ripped through you. You screamed in pleasure as Sehun quickly came around you.

 He fell on top of you. Your sweaty bodies sticking together as you relished and enjoyed the moment. He rolled over and brought you over to him. He was gentle and Caring as he was aware of your sore core. “That’s gonna be sore” you chuckled at the words he choose to break the silence with. “I love you Sehun” you stated directly ahead of you avoiding his eye contact but you could feel him shifting position To see your face he loved the hair from out of your eyes. “I love you too”

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Of course they had.. He was sure Reeve was less than pleased at this point by their damages to his city…

“Alright, let me know when they’ve finished and I’ll handle it.” He could pay a good portion of it from his personal account and not short his Turks any…. As to going home, that part he simply ignored.

Tseng frowned as the last of his statement was completely ignored. He knew this was essentially a dismissal from the office, but he didn’t move. “Shall I put in the paperwork for the amount to be pulled from our allowance accounts?”

He knew the answer. No, I’ll handle it, as Veld always answered. “But I am concerned, sir. You’ll hardly be any use to us if you can’t keep your eyes open.

Crime and Punishment (part 3 of Adventures with Dom!Dean)

Back by popular demand: Dom!Dean! This is a pure filth one shot, no plot whatsoever. Enjoy! XOXO

Part 1 Part 2

Warnings: smut, BDSM, light bondage, forced orgasm

Word Count: 1701

You dropped your head onto Dean’s shoulder and moaned loudly into his sweat-dampened skin, thrusting your tongue out to taste the salt. Shuddering, you tried to calm your breathing and focus on anything other than your muscles clenching deliciously around Dean, or the pressure threatening to explode inside you. You twitched your hips, trying to move and stop Dean from hitting your g-spot, but his fingers dug into your hips and continued to push you up and down at the exact same angle. You grabbed the back of the chair behind Dean’s shoulders and closed your eyes, not wanting to see the expression on his face as you writhed on his lap. It would send you over the edge.

And you were not allowed to come yet.

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Rivarmin OneShot (Suggested by Anonymous)

Request: AU - School


“Armin, I expect better than this from you.” Sir Ackerman sat in his desk chair before the young scholar. “What happened?”

Armin shrugged, looking down from his inquisitive eyes, “I guess my mind just wonders during class perhaps.” He responded weakly, knowing that it was something else preventing his studies. Anxiety was the reason, caused by the school populars, the highest on the hierarchy. They demanded their way around the school even to some teachers; others wouldn’t tolerate it.

Sir Ackerman sighed, reclining in his desk chair, “You have to regain your focus, Arlert. You were in running for valedictorian when you transferred here but-” He stopped in his speech, noticing a small, purple tint on the scholar’s face, beside his eye, “Armin, what is that?”

The student looked up with his eyes, allowing his hair to continue covering his face, “What’s what?” He asked obliviously.

Sir Ackerman stood from his chair, lifting the boy’s chin and moving his hair, analyzing the bruise more clearly. There was a dark purple, wide bruise next to his eye as if he had been hit by something. “Armin, is someone hurting you?”

Armin pulled his face away from his hand, “No, i just hit my head the other day.” he said, covering the bruise.

Sir Ackerman smirked, “And i guess someone who has a broken rib cage and just got hit by a car can say they just tripped over a worm then.” He said sarcastically. Armin blushed, hanging his head and allowing his hair to cover his face, “I wasn’t born yesterday, Armin, and i won’t tolerate this.”

“Sir, I-”

“I wish you had told me sooner and i would’ve dealt with the problem then.” Sir Ackerman shouted angrily,

Armin was looking at him with a fearful expression worn on his face, “It’s not your concern; i’m sure you have many paper to grade! I didn’t want to burden you!”

“Too late!” He shouted back, causing Armin to retreat away from him. The teacher sighed, dropping his shoulders and brushing his hair out of his face, “Since the day you transferred here, you’ve belabored me, not negatively, but every time i so much as see you i wanted to tell you how much I’ve adored you, Armin.”

Armin’s scared expression quickly became a vexed expression;  was this a confession? “Sir?”

“We should just get to what your mother is paying me to do.” He said, sitting back down in his desk chair.

Armin searched his tutor’s face for the slightest hint of an answer. And as usual, he found nothing. It made his heart heavy to know that anyone in the large school actually cared for, thought of, or even adored Armin. And for some unknown reason, he was moved to placed a soft, delicate kiss on Sir Ackerman’s cheek. He disregarded the nagging feeling of a blush covering his face and, instead broke a smile. “I agree, Sir.”

Sir Ackerman looked at him, feeling almost helpless as a small child, but instead of showing so, he smirked. “You probably shouldn’t call me Sir all the time,” he said, passing his student an open textbook, “That can go down a hell of a kinky road, Armin.”

“Ah?! What?!”

“Alright, page 340, question two…”


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Accidents Happen- Barry Allen

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You placed the lid onto the to-go cup quickly going back to the counter to hand it to the customer. As you got close to the counter, your foot slid on the mat that was on the floor, causing you to trip. You fell forward throwing the cup forward at the poor man that was stood in front of you. The lid flew off, allowing the contents to hit the man in front of you.

A loud gasp escaped your lips, as your eyes widened.

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I could be your gentleman (Sirius Black- Marauders Era)

Request: Young Sirius black imagine? That would be perf as long as it’s cute!! Maybe some Jily in there you know 😏😏

Here you go!


You walked into Potions early, your best friend Lily at your side and found a table close to the back of the classroom. Your classmates soon arrived and Professor Slughorn started to talk about what potion you would be brewing in that lesson. A few minutes later, four boys walked in late.

You recognised them as James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew. They swaggered over to the empty desks when Slughorn cleared his throat loudly.

“No.” Slughorn stated simply. “Mr Potter and Mr Black, I will not allow you to be partners again. I made that mistake last year.”

“But sir-” James was cut off.

“Hmm…” Slughorn eyes gazed around the classroom before focusing on you and Lily. “Mr Potter if you could please work with Miss Evans and Mr Black with Miss Y/N!”

“What?” You and Lily both shouted simultaneously.

“I’m sorry girls but you are the best in the class, I’d appreciate it if you would help me stop these two from harming people with their potions!” Slughorn sighed and you both muttered a ‘fine’.

Lily gathered her stuff and walked over to James’ desk, you noticed his smile instantly widen when she sat down next to him. You heard the chair next to you move and saw Sirius had sat down on it.

“Hey Y/N” He smiled at you.

“Hi Sirius” You replied, hiding the blush in your cheeks.
You had always had a crush on Sirius, he’d always seemed so ruggedly handsome and funny but the two of you hadn’t ever spoken much.

“So, what are we brewing?” He asked flipping through the pages of Advanced Potion-Making.

“Draught of Living Death, it’s page 10.” You said as you stood up. “I’ll go get the ingredients!”

You walked over to the ingredients cupboard and saw Lily inside, scanning the shelves for the right ingredients.

“How’s Potter?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows and Lily blushed.

“He’s being nice for once, normally he would be bugging me about going on a date to Hogsmeade with him but today he has just been asking how I am and about the potion!” Lily smiled and continued. “I like this side of him, you know, when he’s not being annoying!”

“That’s great, Lily!” You smiled as you got your ingredients and walked out of the cupboard.

“Good luck brewing with Sirius!” Lily laughed as you headed back to your table and placed the ingredients down.

Sirius’ head lifted from the desk and he asked, “So what’s the first step?”


Turns out Sirius really is bad at potions. Actually, bad is an understatement. Awful, terrible or horrendous are probably more accurate. You had trusted him to add seven square pieces of Valerian root to the cauldron but instead he added eight and the cauldron exploded. You were shocked to say the least and you had become drenched in a foul smelling potion. However, not everything in that lesson was bad. Lily had agreed to go on a date with James which made him have a dorky smile plastered on his face for the rest of the day.

You walked down the stairs from the girls dormitory, having finally removed the smell from your hair and sat down in the common room on the couch next to the fire. You pulled out a muggle book you had bought the previous summer when you visited Lily, it was called ‘Romeo and Juliet’. After half an hour of reading, you felt the couch dip and looked over to see Sirius sitting next to you.

“How come I never saw you at dinner? Where were you?” Sirius asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Well some prick decided to blow up our cauldron and drench me from head to toe in a disgusting smell!” You exclaimed, giggling slightly. “It took me two hours to get the smell out of my hair!”

“I’m really sorry about that! It was an accident, I’m not very good at potions. Clearly you know that now but I can ask Slughorn to switch partners so I don’t fail you, if you want?” Sirius rambled, you just laughed.

“No, it’s fine. I can help you get better at it, you just need to concentrate more!” You said, Sirius smiled at you causing you to smile back. You just sat there smiling at each other for a few seconds before you were rudely interrupted by a loud groan, you blushed realising it was your stomach and hid your face in your hands.

“Hungry?” Sirius smirked and stood up. “Come on, let’s get you something to eat!”

“But dinner is over? Where are we going to get food?” You asked, following him out of the portrait hole.

“You’ll see!”

You wandered down many staircases and stopped in front of a painting of a bowl of fruit. You looked at him curiously as he reached out to tickle the pear which started to squirm and laugh. The pear soon turned into a green door-knob as a doorway appeared, Sirius opened the door and you gasped at what you saw. It looked like the Great Hall but was filled with house elves. They all turned from their pots and pans to look at you both and rushed over to see you.

“Mr Black, you brought a guest! Who are you, my dear?” One house elf spoke cheerfully.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N, nice to meet you all!” You smiled at the group of house elves.

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” Another house elf asked.

You nodded, “Yes please, I missed dinner!”

Suddenly, multiple plates were pushed towards you. You took a plate of sausage and mash and sat on a stall next to Sirius.

“Thank you, I really appreciate you bringing me here!” You said happily.

“Well, I was the reason you missed dinner and I couldn’t let you starve.” He said.

“Is Sirius Black being a gentleman?” You gasped dramatically causing you both to laugh a little.

“I could be your gentleman…” Sirius said, staring deeply into your eyes. “That was really cheesy and I’ll probably bang my head against a wall for it later but I like you Y/N and I know we don’t know each other very well but I want to get to know you because you are beautiful, funny and your smile is contagious. I feel as though I can be myself around you and what I’m trying to say is, will you go on a date with me?”

Your mouth parted with shock. “I’d love to go on a date with you, Sirius!”

“Really?” He asked, his eyes wide and a smile spreading across his face.


Imagine having a meeting at your chemic laboratoritum, you made it up with John Watson who is a pretty good friend from universatiy, both of you studied medicine, but he bacame a doctor at the militar while you decided to go into the research for new medicines. So, knowing it is going to be a strange friend from John which you are going to meet you  expect a little man, looking even stranger then John, but as you go into the laboratorium there stands a man, testing some reheases , tall, pale, dark, curly hair which you immediately want to touch. “Sorry? Sir? I don’t think you are allowed to be here?” he turns around and as you look into his blue-green eyes, remainding you of you hollidaysat the sea, you feel a bolt running through your body. “Well, you must be Johns friend! I am Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes! As I see you expected me to look less handsome! I’ll take that as acompliment. I also didn’t expect to see someone that intelligent and beatiful here! If I knew that I would have waited with the experiments to make them with you together, but I did all of them, thanks for letting me use the laborataium! Oh, by the way, the new medicine looks good! I’d like to drink a coffee with you once,as I got your number I will let you now when. Oh, and, don’t wait for a call! I perfer to text!” and with this words he storms out the door, leaving you behind with a heart beating like it would dance flamengo. But, you don’t know it yet, he will text youin less then an hour.