your eyes said you were feeling it too

You burn so bright, I see stars
The way that you laugh, it’s like a heavenly choir
You made me feel invincible
When you’re with me, I can take on the world

Say my name, I’ll be there
I didn’t know, you should’ve said that you cared
It’s not too late for broken hearts
Take my hand, make a wish on a star

You were a comet and I lost it
Watching for comets, will I see you again?
Everybody needs someone but they can’t feel like this
How can I breathe with this burning in my chest?
You were gone so fast, I want you back
You were a comet and I lost it

Now I see you, I’m frozen in time
All your colors burst into life
I don’t dare close my eyes
Cause a love like this happens once in a lifetime

Skillet - watching for comets

things that are still laced with you:

1) my playlists. I have so many songs written in notebooks and saved on my computer that remind me of your brown eyes or your laugh. they all have our songs in them, the ones we shared with each other and the ones we found together. sometimes when I feel empty, i’ll listen to them and let myself cry, just so at least my chest is filled with sadness than nothing at all.

2) my sweaters. every time I slip one over my head I can feel your arms and a whisper as light as air. you always said I looked particularly adorable in those hoodies, the way they were too long for my arms and how they hung loose past my hips. they still smell like you from when it was raining too hard and we’d cuddle to pass the cold. i’m just afraid that my sweaters will always feel like you, and nothing else.

3) my photo gallery. I still have the pictures we took on dates and the selfies we took at parties, still high off of the adrenaline and laughter. they come in groups, taking stabs at my heart as I scroll past them in my photos, I can’t bring myself  to delete them, they make me too happy before my ribs start to crack. I wonder if you’ve already deleted them off of your phone.

4) the box in my drawer. we both away went to opposites ends of the country, and we were so in love that we needed a way to hang onto each other. we wrote to each other in notebooks to give at the end of the ten days. we never got around to exchanging them so the wrinkled pages are sitting in an empty chocolate box you got me for Valentine’s Day last year in my desk drawer. The pins and figurines you gave me as presents sit there as well, too painful to look at yet to beautiful to throw away.

—  things that are still laced with you

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: cursing

summary: You and Lin keep attending the same New Year’s party but never get to kiss at midnight.

This was inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights, a short story I read years ago. The idea sort of came to me when I woke up, I spent the whole day thinking about it and I finally wrote it down. This is kind of a mess, but it has fluff because I feel bad about the ending of That Night. Enjoy, pals!

words: 2012


December 31, 2013

“Do you think this is chocolate or cinnamon?”

You turned and were met with a guy with wide eyes and a grin too wide for his face. He was holding a chocolate-coloured biscuit.

“Yes,” you replied, anticipating this guy to be either a creepy stalker or just plain weird.

He laughed loudly, even though your reply wasn’t that funny, and stepped closer to you. “The thing is, I’m allergic to cinnamon,” he said, inspecting the biscuit closely. “Maybe you could break off a bit and tell me?”

You grinned back, deciding that he was a nice guy. “I’m allergic to chocolate, actually, so we’re at an impasse here.”

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+masterlist +mobile masterlist +shine masterpost

parts; (two)

summary: in which you fall in love with a prince that has already fallen for someone else. 

word count: 1,465

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (no smut tho u nasties)

author’s note: track the tag crowns ft calum for updates!!

Calum Hood was one of your suitors. At least, that’s what his mother had said. Calum was another story, he didn’t seem too happy about being kind of forced to suit you. Yes, he thought you were attractive, but he had his eyes on a completely different person, someone whom his parents greatly disapprove of, and that pissed him off more than anything. If there’s one thing Calum knew about himself, it’s that he didn’t express his feelings very well through oral sentences, he’d rather stay quiet and let his passive aggressiveness show on his beautifully defined face.

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 25

Summary: Fluff

Note: I’m sorry if this is a short chapter! But I wanted this one to be short and sweet. Pun intended! 😚


*I also wanted to avoid using song lyrics as quotes, but I thought this TBS lyric just fit too well*

“And we lay together, just not too close. How close is close enough?
I just wanna break you down so badly.
I trip over everything you say.
I just wanna break you down so badly, in the worst way.
I’m gonna make damn sure that you can’t ever leave. No, you won’t ever get too far from me.” - TBS


It felt like waves were crashing over you, you could hear voices coming and going, but never really being able to make out what was said.

You were coming to again and you could feel yourself laying on something soft, you could see brightness as you began to open your eyes slowly, your fuzzy vision trying to adjust to the world.
You moved around and opened your eyes, seeing an I.V. in your arm and pulled on it momentarily.

“Don’t mess with that shit. I don’t know how to fuckin’ get it back in.” A deep voice came from beside you.

You turned your head slowly to see Negan sitting on the bed beside you.
His bed.
You realized you were in his room, you were still in a daze, but seeing him again made your heart race, you never thought you’d see him again.

“Wh- what.. What the fuck happened?” You said weakly, looking to him.

He had a drink in his hand and he took a sip, before clearing his throat.

“I looked for you and I fuckin’ found you, darlin’.” He said back, glancing to you.

“How long was I out this time?” You said blinking, as the pain started to rise up again.

“About a day. You lost a lot of fuckin’ blood, got you back here just in time a few more minutes and it wouldn’t have been fuckin’ good.” He said clenching his jaw, glancing down.

“I’m not dead yet.” You pushed your head back into the pillow.

He smiled, “No. I’m starting to think you’ve got nine fuckin’ lives.”

“You and me both.”

“Well, you should take it fuckin’ easy, you’ve already used two lives, darlin’.”

You shook your head, “It’s not like I meant for it to happen, Negan.” You swallowed.

“I know.. How much do you remember?” He said as he shifted his eyes to you.

You looked back, “If you’re trying to ease your way into asking me if I remember that asshole trying to rape me, then yeah, I remember. That’s why I tried to get it over with.”

“Get what over with?” He said raising an eyebrow.

“When Randy had the chain around my neck and It was happening, I just gave up. I figured I-” You stopped abruptly because everything came washing over you at once, all the emotions you had felt before and what had happened was beginning to sink in at how close you had come to dying and never seeing Negan again.

You took in a breath as you felt the tears welling up, you still didn’t want him to see you cry, so you turned your head away.

“(Y/N)?” Negan said slowly, setting his drink down.

You took in a breathe, “I figured I was gonna die anyway and that I wouldn’t ever be back here or with you.. So, I pulled myself as hard as I could against the chain, trying to end it myself, because I wasn’t gonna live like that.”

You had held everything in as long as you could and you were good at it, but you couldnt anymore.
The emotions had been saving up over time were spilling out and you couldn’t contain them anymore.
The tears began to flow freely down your face and you wiped them away as you started to break down.
You sucked in a gasp, feeling the pain in your throat as it was bruised from the chain and feeling the rest of pain that coursed throughout your body.

You jumped as you felt a hand on your shoulder, you didnt want Negan to see you cry, but it was too late and before you realized it, Negan had pulled you over into his arms.

“Please don’t..” You sniffed.

“No. I’m fuckin’ here, darlin’. Whether you like it or not. I’m not gonna continue this back and forth shit, not after what happened and what I saw fuckin’ happening to you.” He said sternly, holding you to him.

You wiped your eyes as your head laid on his shoulder, you quickly managed to compose yourself and while it felt amazing to finally have him embrace you like that, you didn’t wanna get yourself used to it, and pulled yourself back.
Negan looked at you quizzically, but didn’t say anything about it.

“Why am I in your room anyway?” You said, laying back on your own pillow, wiping your face.

“Arat is in the infirmary now, and aside from that, I don’t fuckin’ trust anyone else around you right now. So, I told the doc you’re fuckin’ staying in here where I can keep you in my sight.” He said, grabbing his drink again.

“Arat’s alive?” You said with relief.

“Yeah, she’s fine.” He said back taking a sip.

It made you give a weak smile that he wanted you in his room where he could watch you.

“I really don’t think if be kidnapped again so soon.” You said back.

He cut his eyes to you, as he took a drink from his glass, “I don’t fuckin’ care. It’s not a goddamn risk I’m willing to take again.”

You nodded, “Fair enough.”

You tried to sit up, but it was too painful to move your leg.
You sucked in a pained breathe as you did.

“Shit darlin’, don’t move around so much.” He said, pushing you back down gently.

You pulled the sheets back and saw the stitches going across your thigh, you huffed as you remembered being stabbed again.

“Will this shit ever end?” You said, closing your eyes.

Negan smirked and shook his head, “You’re gonna make us run out of fuckin’ stitches around here.”

“Can I walk?” You said back in a panicked tone.

Negan nodded, “Yeah. But the doctor said the wound was fuckin’ deep. The fucker came close to hitting the femoral artery he said.”
Negan gritted his teeth as he looked down at your leg.

He just wished he could have gotten there sooner and stopped eveeytging before it happened.

The thought of losing you seemed to bother him more and more now.

“Why did you risk everything to find me?” You asked suddenly, looking to him.

His expression changed and he swallowed, giving you a firm look.

“Because you’re still fuckin’ my wife, darlin’. And I wasn’t gonna let that fucker have you.” He growled.

“My hero.” You said with a hint of sourness in your tone.

At this point you still didn’t really know whether he saved you over possessiveness or because he felt something else for you, but you weren’t going to worry yourself on it.

“What about Randy?” You asked.

Negan’s expression hardened, “Well that motherfucker is going to get his. I brought him back here. He’s locked up and once you’re feeling better then we’ll proceed with that shit.”

“I guess you want me to kill him?”

“No darlin’. After the shit he’s caused and for what he’s done to you, I really want to do this one myself. So, you can just watch and fuckin’ enjoy.” He said with a smile.

You nodded back and tried to smile but your face was stinging, you felt like hell.
You raised a hand up to feel your still busted lip and another back eye.
It never seemed to end with the black eyes around here.

“My face had just healed.” You huffed, placed a finger on your bruised eye, touching it.

Negan licked his lips, “You look hot with a few battle scars.”

You smirked back and shook your head slowly, “I can honestly say I missed your offhand comments.”

“Goddamn. Are you admitting that you missed me?” He teased.

“I am. I mean, you’re still an asshole. But I missed you either way.” You smiled as you rolled your eyes playfully.

He laid his head back on the headboard and smiled, “Yeah, I missed that fuckin’ attitude.”

“You know, I honestly didn’t expect you to look for me.” You said bluntly.

He furrowed his brows at you, “Why the fuck would you think that, (Y/N)?”

You breathed out, “Well Negan, you don’t show much emotion and after the fight, I just didn’t feel like you’d care. I mean, you seem like you don’t really care half the time.”

“Look darlin’, I’m not much of a fuckin’ emotional person as you can tell. But of course I wouldn’t let you just fuckin’ disappear from me. Fight or not you’re my goddamn wife like I said, and you’re fuckin’ stuck with me, babydoll.” He said with a smirk.

“I know you’re not emotional, believe me. That couldn’t be more obvious. But being stuck with you isn’t a bad deal.” You smiled back.

“Good and if it’ll make you feel any fuckin’ better I was pretty damn worried when you were fuckin’ missing.” He said and rolled his eyes.

You looked up to him and bit your lip, “You were worried about me?”

“That’s what I fuckin’ said, right? And yeah I was so, that should let you know that I do care, darlin’.”

You smiled, “Damn. Are you going soft on me?”

He smirked and cut his eyes to you, “You fuckin’ wish, baby.”

You rolled your eyes, smiling. No matter what you were going through, he always had that ability to make you smile.
He was too charming for you to ever resist.

*Negan’s perspective*

Later that night, Negan laid in the bed. His hands behind his head, he hadn’t felt this relieved in a very long time.
He was happy to finally have you back here, but he’d never let you fully know that, Negan wasn’t good with emotions and he always wanted to avoid them if possible.
But deep down inside of himself, he couldn’t deny it to himself of how he felt about you.

Truth was, if it had been anyone else from the sanctuary that disappeared, he would have brushed it off and went about his day without looking for them, but it was different because it was you.
Negan knew he had feelings for you, feelings that were beginning to root themselves deep, and it annoyed him somewhat.

Negan had only ever really shown any kind of human emotion to one woman, his wife Lucille, and that was before any of this shit with the world had happened and when Lucille died, Negan told himself he’d never get attached to another woman again, but it was already too late of course. Because before he knew it, he realized that he had become attached to you, he tried throwing his feelings for you out, but you disappearing only made it clear to him how much he really cared for you.

He still wasn’t too keen on the idea of monogamy and he probably wouldn’t ever be, he had his other wives and if ever wanted to fuck them he would. You weren’t about to make him fucking whipped in anyway.
But he knew that without a doubt you were the only woman he actually cared for in that way, but feeling like things would change for the worst if he shared those feelings with you directly.

He glanced over to you in bed, your eyes were closed and you appeared to be fast asleep.
He gazed at your face, still being able to see your attractiveness beyond the bruises.

‘She’s bruised up and still looks fuckin’ hot.’ He thought to himself as he kept looking at you. Almost in awe.

“You awake?” He said, still looking at you.

He knew you were asleep, but needed to make sure that you were.
It was made sure by the no answer you gave, he continued to watch you as you took deep breathes.

He finally turned his head and looked up to the ceiling in the room, licking his lips.

“I was was pretty fuckin’ scared when you were gone. I hadn’t felt like that in a long fuckin’ time.” He whispered, keeping his eyes to the ceiling.

“There’s only one other woman in my fuckin’ life who ever made me that scared, and that was before all this.. But that’s a story for another fuckin’ time.” He comtinued.

“You say I don’t seem like I give a shit, but I do (Y/N). I care more than you fuckin’ know.”

He finally turned his head towards you, making sure you were still asleep, and you were.

“I guess now is a good fuckin’ time to say that I might love you too.” He said bluntly, still looking over your sleeping body.

He gave a smirk and brushed his hand over your leg carefully, running his hand over the stitches before letting his hand rest on its usual spot on your leg.

He shut his eyes, he knew how much it would have made you happy to hear him say this while you were awake, but it just wasn’t something he was ready for you to hear. If ever.
He didn’t ever want you trying to use his own feelings against him, not that he thought you’d do that, but he was just unsure of what letting you know all this would bring, and regardless, he was still going to be in control. This wasn’t about to be the end of the way he lived, but he had finally admitted that he had feelings deeper than he let on. He loved you for the fact that you were like him in so many ways. That you were tough, you were brutal, you didn’t take shit and didn’t hesitate in killing, the first time he saw you wielding Lucille was the first moment he knew he felt deeper feelings for you than you just being another fuck to him. But he loved the softer aspects of you as well, your ability to make him smile, your attitude and of course your beauty. He thought you were one of the most attractive women he had ever fucking seen and the fact that you were just as good in bed as you looked was a big fucking plus for him.
He bit his lip with a smile at the thought of it. He knew that what was going on wasn’t a conventional fucking fairytale, but it was good enough for him.

After a while his mind finally settled down and he drifted off to sleep.


























































Addiction (Jiyong-5)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Six

Genre: Smut , Angst

Originally posted by gdragonswag

You were a conservative young girl. Even more in Korea than you had been back home. But that night you had had one too many shots. When they said that no one drunk like Koreans you should’ve listened. While your friends were still pretty sober and giggling back in the booth, you found yourself dancing on stage in front of a crowd. Your hands were wrapped around a brassy pole while two other girls (who were just as or more drunk than you) were dancing beside you. All eyes were on you, you weren’t trying to be cocky or conceided. But you would have to be an idiot not to feel and see people eating you up with their eyes

You’d always been one to enjoy the show, but that night you were the one giving the show. Despite having a mental debate with yourself about your morals, you actually liked stepping out of the shadows. You liked catching every eye in the room. That was until from the multitude of people you saw, Jiyong. 

Just the sight of him made shivers run up your spine. Even though you were drunk off your ass you knew better than to allow him to see you up in a stage as a temp stripper. Knowing him, if you didn’t get off the stage in zero point five seconds, he would drag you off of it by your hair. You were drunk enough to actually like the idea. 

You shimmied your way through the crowd, elbowing people who didn’t let you through. It didn’t take you long to see where Jiyong was. He was already seated in the middle of a red leather booth. Three girls on either side of him desperately trying to catch his attention. You watched him generously giving each one of them what they wanted. He’d flash them one his devilish grin and shoot them a wink. Just the way his mouth moved when he spoke was enough to make any girl squeal. 

But you weren’t falling for his charms today. If you had been sober you would’ve probably shot Jiyong an angry look and spun on your heel’s immediately leaving the scene. But you were far beyond sober. You were wasted and couldn’t quite analyze your actions and what they would cause. You stepped between a grinding couple parting them by their shoulders. It didn’t take long for Jiyong to see you. Apart from you, being well -you. You were wearing a rose gold sequin dress that clung on to your curves. The flickering club lights made you look like you were some type of jewel. 

Jiyong’s attention was firmly fixed on you. You didn’t even have to speak to catch his eyes. But you were such an oblivious and naive girl that you had no clue that the older man was completey enticed and bewitched by you. Whatever you wanted he would give you without hesitation. You never noticed the effect you had on him. He was already attempting to make his way out of the booth to hug you, but you interrupted. 

“Wow, Jiyong-shi.” you spoke formally for some reason. It surprised both you and Jiyong, you’d never addressed him as that. He leaned in closer as if trying to hear you better. “I was fine with one,” you held up one finger than gestured to the rest of the girls sitting beside him. “but don’t you think six is a little too much? I mean you’re kinky but- really?” 

His expression darkened, not at all amused with what you had just said.  “Excuse me?” 

Originally posted by gtothetop8

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Imagine Jake pointing his gun at you.

A/N: This takes place during S1E3 “Dead in the Water” after Sam and Dean dug up the bike.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Top gif is from Pinterest & the 2nd & 3rd pictures are from google search.

“De…” You whispered, feeling something that felt very much like a gun pointed on your back. “Sammy….” But neither of them heard you, they were too distracted by the bike they pulled from the ground. “Dean.” You said in a panicked voice that grabbed both your brother’s attention. They both froze, slowly raising their hands in the air.

“Let’s just stay calm there, eh Jake?” Dean said in a calm voice but he could feel the anger within him raising fast.

Sam stayed silent, slightly behind Dean. He was making eye contact with you, trying to tell you through his eyes that everything was going to be okay.

“Who the hell are you boys?” Jake asked, pushing his gun further into your back. You let out a small whine as tears began to slowly fall down your cheeks. Your lip began to quiver as you desperately looked at your brothers.

“Sammy…” you said with your voice faltering, “De….” your voice cracked which made something snap within Dean.

“Okay Jake,” he said with his arms still raised, “you’re gonna take that gun off my 15 year old sister before you regret it. Then, once she’s inside, we’ll chat. Deal?”

Jake looked at Dean before glancing over at Sam, who had a face of pure anger, and slowly nodded his head. He took the gun off your back and instead aimed it at Dean.

You rushed towards Dean and wrapped your arms around him, holding back a sob. Dean didn’t wrap his arms around you but you could feel him relax as you gripped onto him. You reached your arm out and grabbed a handful of Sam’s shirt, slightly pulling him towards you. He looked down at you and gave you a sweet smile.

“Okay kiddo, slowly walk away from us and when you get far enough away I want you to run into the house and lock the door. Got it?” Dean explained to you.

“But De-” you started but were interrupted.

“Y/N Elizabeth. Go. Now.” Dean told you. When Dean used your middle name you knew there was no chance for compromise. You slowly let go of your brothers and began to walk away, avoiding Jake as much as possible. Once you were 10 feet away you broke into a sprint and ran into the house telling Andrea what happened.

Our Little Secret - Part 3

Part 3 of Our Little Secret

Pt.1  Pt.2

Mini-Series Genre: Smut/Fluff

A/N Part 3 of the mini-series. Request by @memoiresofaneternaldreamer


You were on edge the rest of the day. You kept feeling Jaebum’s eyes on you. Why was he looking at you so strangely? Did he know something?

You couldn’t help but feel extremely tense around him and Jackson. You did your best to stay away from both of them, much to Jackson’s dismay. They had a day off and anytime he tried to engage you at all, you pretended as if you were too busy to talk.

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anonymous asked:

I sent a message about 707 reacting to mc being sad but can it be the whole crew instead? I didn't realize and I'm sorry!

no problem!! and writing this really cheered me up, so i hope it will also cheer up you guys as well! if you are stressed, feel free to come and message me! under the cut due to length!!!

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Soulmates // Carl Grimes

Summary: This is a soulmate AU. Soulmates have this ability to dream together/ meet each other in their dreams when they turn 15. The second they meet they stop meeting in their dreams. Your soulmate just happens to be Carl Grimes.

Word count: 971

Originally posted by relationshipaims

“I worry about you every day you know, in a world like this I never know what’s going to happen” Carl, your soulmate said and grabbed both your hands.
“I know, I worry about you too” you looked down and your entwined hands, although he was holding your hands you couldn’t feel it, not until you met at least.
“We’ll meet soon. Trust me” You stared into his icy blue eyes, seeing love and adoration.
“Carl I don’t even know where I am, I could be in another country now for all I know”
“I know, if you see a- “was all he got to say, then he was gone.
You were woken up to the grumbling and moaning of walkers heading directly for you, not just a few but a herd. You grab your knife and bag which only held what little supplies you had and ran. You jump over multiple branches and holes not slowing down for a second.
The walkers were coming towards you from every direction, you could feel them grabbing and pulling at your hoodie but tried your best to keep running.
Your breathing was now raged and you were finding it hard to keep going. You thought about Carl, you had to make it for him. You thought about him telling you to fight, to keep going and that’s exactly what you did.
The walkers were still on your trail, just not as close. You could see a few stranded cars up ahead and made them your goal.
You were only inches from the car when you were shot. Not in a critical place but it would’ve hurt too much to continue running. In fact, you think the bullet only skimmed your shoulder.
“Rick she’s not a walker!” you heard someone yell and tried your best to hobble away when you saw 2 men run towards you.
“We can help you! We have a camp with food and water and shelter but we have to go now!” The other man insisted and you had no time to think, you just nodded your head.
You ran to the car trying to ignore the pain in your shoulder.
“I’m Daryl, that’s Rick” Daryl said as they jumped in the car and drove off.
It’s not that you refused to talk to them, you just couldn’t. The shock of possibly almost getting bit and shot was too much. You kept your eyes glued to the dirty, slightly bloody car floor. You had just got in a car to god knows where with two random men.
“What’s your name?” the one driving asked “I asked, what’s your name?” he asked again
“Rick just give her time, she’s probably in shock” the other one, Daryl said and you silently thanked him.
You didn’t know how long you had been driving for, minutes, hours before you stopped. Outside where houses, lots of them and probably the most people you had seen for 2 years. It was astounding.
You slowly stepped out of the car, the gates closed and you actually felt kind of safe? You still didn’t know if you could trust these people but nothing bad had happened yet, Except for Rick almost killing you.
You must’ve zoned out because the next thing you felt a hand on your back and someone speaking to you “I’m Denise, let’s get you to the infirmary”
You had been sitting in the infirmary for a few hours now. Denise stitched up your wound and was waiting on someone to bring in bandages.
You hadn’t spoken to anyone since you arrived, they knew nothing about you and it would stay that way until you knew you could trust them.
“I bought what I could find, we don’t have much left but this will do” A male voice said, instantly making you shiver. He didn’t look at you yet, just handed the bandages to Denise.
“Carl?” you said quietly
He looked over, instantly dropping the bandages.
“N-no, it’s not you” He stuttered in what must’ve been shock.
“It’s me” you cried and jumped of off the old, doctors chair.
He ran over the now forgotten bandages and threw his arms around you, you winced slightly but having your soulmate in your arms was worth all the pain in the world.
Denise stepped out of the room, probably to give you two some privacy.
“I was beginning to think I’d never get to you” You said and nuzzled your head into his chest.
“I’m here baby, I’m not going anywhere” Carl said and kissed your forehead, you were at least 5 inches shorter than him.
“Sit down, let me bandage that up” he said
You jumped up back onto the hospital chair and pulled your sleeve up revealing the Wound. He gently ran his fingers over it before reaching down to pick up a bandage.
He worked gently being careful not to hurt you and before you knew it your wound was bandaged. He ran his thumb over it once more before kissing your lips.
You opened your legs and he stood between them. You felt sparks when you kissed him. His hand rested on your cheek and yours went up to grab his hair, pulling at it gently but enough for him to let out a small moan. His hand moved from your cheek to your neck, down your arm before resting mid-thigh.
“I love you” he said while kissing down your neck
“I love you too baby” you giggled, enjoying the feeling of having your soul mate so close.


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Prompt: “I thought you were the good boy out of the maurders!” Said y/n Charactor: Remus

Originally posted by andrewgarfielddaily

“Your turn, Moony,” James says with a smirk. The werewolf rolls his eyes, but responds nevertheless.


“Easy. You and Y/N – how do you feel about her?”

Remus turns a bright shade of red. “Guys, you know how I feel about her. She – she doesn’t feel the same though.”

Sirius grins and leans over to James to whisper in his year with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Our mate is pretty clueless. Reckon we should educate him.” James smiles too, and then clears his throat.

“Alright, Moony. Since you’re so convinced that she doesn’t like you, then this should be pretty easy. Go up to her room and take one of her clothes.” Peter squeaks with laughter as Sirius and James continue to stare at Remus expectantly.

“What? Guys, I chose truth! I really don’t –”

Sirius groans hugely, eliciting a laugh from James. “Come on, Moony, live a little,” he says, shoving Remus out of the circle. Sighing, Remus slowly trudges towards the stairs of the girls dormitories. Once he reaches the foot of the stairs, he casts the charm to get to the rooms, and glancing over his shoulder one last time, tentatively makes his way up the stairs.

Remus slowly pushes the door to Y/N’s door open, desperately trying to prevent any creaking. Letting out a breath he was holding, he steps in the room and warily looks around.

“Lumos,” he mutters under his breath, making sure to dim the bright light emanating from his wand with his hand. Stepping over a few discarded piles of clothing, he makes his way over to Y/N’s side of the huge room and quickly snatches up an old shirt of Y/N’s, he turns around, but pauses when he realizes that he is the only boy in the girls dormitories, free to learn their secrets. “Can’t hurt,” he thinks with a shrug, and begins to poke around a little.

He smiles when his gaze lands upon his favorite book that he lent to Y/N, dog eared and turned upside down on her nightstand, clearly what she was reading before she fell asleep. As he looks down at Y/N, snoring lightly and clutching her pillow slightly and temporarily forgets to watch where he is going – and be quiet. Stubbing his toe into her nightstand, he yelps out in pain, causing Y/N to startle awake. Rubbing her eyes briefly, she looks around wildly, then sees Remus standing next to her bed like a statue.

“Remus? What on earth –”

Her gaze travels over the shirt clutched in Remus’ hand, the still open door, and his hand-covered wand. Gaping, she fixes him with a glare and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Why are you sneaking around? And why –” she quickly reaches out and snatches her shirt away “– did you have one of my shirts? I thought you were the good boy out of the marauders!”

Remus gulps. “It was a dare, I’m sorry, I know that I shouldn’t have –”

Y/N sighs. “Of course it was. Come on.” She gets out of her bed and leads him towards the door.

“Sorry again,” Remus says with a continually reddening face.

Remus begins to step out of Y/N’s dorm, but is stopped by the sound of her voice. “Oh, and Remus?”

He turns around. “Next time you want one of my shirts – I’d be happy to, uh, leave one with you,” she says, with a smirk and a wink. Remus swallows harshly as Y/N softly shuts her door, never once losing eye contact with him.


“Mingyu” you breath heavily, feeling him nips a skin in your neck, closing your eyes tightly, the tingling sensation was starting to be evident.

smirking for a reply and breaks the intensity, kissing your shoulders to your neck and cheeks down to your lips. “i love you.” said he, seeing how dark his eyes were.

butterfly were flying in your stomach, licking your lips and burries your face at his neck, slightly biting his skin. “i love you too.” licking a spot and sucks his neck softly, grazing your teeth that made him shudder.

hands in your waist, pulling you closely at his body, making you sit at his lap. tilting his head and lets you do your magic, he perfectly loves how you work your tounge on his. knowing everything more than he knews his self.

A thing he mades him love you even more. slightly pulling your head away from his and nips your lower lip, bitting it gently allowing his tounge to tickle your lips flesh.

breaths on each other faces, loving the atmosphere.

“i just love you.” he said once again, leaving some wet trails spot in your neck. Marking you like his masterpiece. putting his hand inside of your shirt. slowly caressing your skin.

Hearing how sincere he was and angles your hips, wanting to give him some friction since you can feel him under the clothe you’ve been wearing. his shirt and an underwear.

“ah shit” breathing unsteadily that made him shuts his eyes. looking at you with adoration and Lust. smilling at yourself and starts to grind painfully slow.

setting your hands at his shoulder, kissing his jaw. “i love you too more.” you utter, feeling the pressure increase. bitting your lip to shut up. wanting his Groans for you to hear.


Requested by anonymous

“Thought you were dead” your brother said. His voice was cold but his eyes showed what he was truly feeling.

“No I’ve been alone in New York for most of the time. You know after you left me behind”.

“I didn’t leave you behind!” Dallas growled.
You crossed your arms and looked down. You didn’t come all this way to argue with him.
“… You got big. Not a little girl anymore”.

“That usually happens when you age” you paused and a small smile managed to make its way across your face “you don’t look too bad yourself big brother”.

‘Y/N!” Dean screamed as Amara snapped her fingers, taking the life out of your body.

He caught you mid-air as you fell towards the ground, limp in his arms.

“What did you do!?” Sam yelled, rushing by his brother’s side. He ran his fingers through your hair, tears welling in his eyes as he looked down at your peaceful face.

“She was in our way, Dean.” Amara said calmly, staring down at the hunter’s softness in awe. “Don’t you see? You and are are going to be together. I know you feel it too. We belong together.”

“No, Amara! We don’t!” He yelled, voice breaking, unable to hold back the tears falling down his face.

He passed your body to Sam, the younger brother cradling you gently, while he stood to face God’s sister. “Y/N and I, we were complicated, we fought like all hell, but we were real! She loved me with every fiber of her being! Not because I unleashed her. Not because I was the first person she saw. Not because of some divine fate. She loved me for me. For all the good and all the bad, she loved me.  

As connected as she believed they were, she could feel his love for the woman. “But you and I -”

“There is no you and I, Amara! There can never be.” Dean hung his head, frustrated in her inability to understand. “I can’t deny that I feel something for you. Something that I can’t explain, but it’s not natural. You put it there. What I feel for Y/N  - that’s love.”
Amara walked over, her hands cupping Dean’s cheeks. There was a twinge of something in her chest, something she never thought she could feel for one of her brother’s creations. Sadness. She felt sadness. Sadness for a human.

Reading into his eyes, she didn’t have the heart to keep him to herself. Not if he belonged to someone else, dead or alive.

She let go of him, walking past him to the woman lying in his brother’s protective grip. Sam holding you close against his chest, bracing you from whatever harm she could cause but Amara moved him aside, bringing the you to the ground gently. She admired your hair. The tan in your skin. The pink in your lips. As beautiful as you were, it was your heart Dean had fallen for. She couldn’t rip it away from him.

She leaned forward, the brothers watching defenseless, as she kissed Y/N on the head before disappearing.

They heard you take a breath of air and immediately ran to you. Dean wrapped his arms around you tighter than he ever had before, letting his tears fall into her shirt.

“Woah woah,” You said,hugging him back but pulling away to look at his face. “What the hell just happened?”

“It’s a long story.” Sam answered, meeting your eyes.

“I’m just so glad you’re back.” Dean sighed, pulling you into his chest again.

His heart pounded from the thought of almost losing you. Out of all the cases and all the shit you’d been through together, this was the closest he’d gotten to losing you for good and it was from something he was powerless against.

This couldn’t happen again.

Never again.

Behind The Scene 2 (14.3/16)

Author’s note: Sorry if things seems short, my computer keeps messing up me! Once again, thank you @colamaus for writing this scene for me! c: Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Dark

Word count: 1961

Summary: You head off to do the errands with Hiro

WARNINGS: Sexual assault

Other Parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

When the manager arrived, V escorted you to the van. He only left when you were in the van. Instant regret set in when you entered the weird vibe inside the vehicle. You didn’t feel too comfortable after what went down with the manager earlier that day.

“Yeah, I got it don’t worry.” He said into his phone before hanging up.

You could feel his eyes on you. You knew he was upset because he had his hopes set on Jimin. The whole vibe didn’t help your nerves. You just wanted everything to go right so that Rap monster wouldn’t be mad at you.

About five minutes into the drive, the manager suddenly began speaking. “So… How did you get Namjoon to let you out?” This wasn’t like him at all. He was never one to start conversation with you, or really talk to you at all. This attempt at small talk was rather uncomforting.

“I told him it’d be easier if I go. I know what food we need and Yoongi mentioned that if I saw fans, I could say I’m planning to make them a meal. Which actually isn’t a lie.” You answered in hopes of him not saying anything else.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“He has to be getting back at me.” You thought. “I made him uncomfortable earlier, now he is trying to do the same. “Yeah, probably also revenge for Jimin not being here.”

“What are you going to say that you are going to make?” He wouldn’t stop talking. This was the most he’s ever talked to you.

“Um, I don’t know… something like Haemultang maybe…” you said looking out the window.

“Can you really cook Haemultang? It’s a lot of work to cook that.”

“I recently learned…”

“Impressive, you must be a naturally skilled cook.” He smirked. His smirk made you straight up uncomfortable, it was just as creepy as Rap monster’s.

“Well, I had to become one or risk upsetting Namjoon.”

“Are you ready for the tour? We only have two days left till we all head off.” He said

“I just need to pack and clean…” For the rest of the ride, you successfully avoided conversation with him.

Once on the company property, the night guard let you both in and you guys went up the elevator. He went to one corner so you decided to move to the other.

“Y/n, you know you’re a good person. I actually feel bad you are involved in all this.” He came off as genuine, so did his soft expression of pity.

He was being so weird. This morning he was on the verge of threatening you, he was talkative in the van, and now he was being sentimental, all out of nowhere.

“It’s not your fault.” You said softly. You kept your words to him short and simple.

The elevator arrived on the floor and he stepped out first. You followed him down the dark familiar hallways, until you made it to the tiny office you used to report to. For a half second you thought he was going into the room, but he walked past it and went to the door at the other side of the hall. He unlocked the door and held it open for you.

The entire office was practically covered with all things BTS. There were posters, pictures and merch all over the walls. The manager made his way over to a couch on one side of the room. It was piled with pillows and a blanket. “I forgot I took a nap in here the other day, I just never put it away! It’s a bad habit… I think the folder should be-“

“On the top left drawer?”

“Yup” his was to back to you, cleaning his mess.

You knew the manager was lying. It was disgusting how he was so innocent about it all. He practically left it out as if it were a trophy.

You made your way behind the desk. Unlike his couch, the desk was actually organized. The only things on it were a cup of pens, a journal, and a picture frame. In the picture, you saw a younger version of the manager looking lovingly at the woman beside him and holding a small girl. The little girl looked to be three or four.

He caught you staring at it. “That’s me with my wife and our baby girl.” He had a slight smile on his face, but it soon faded away. “I lost them a few years ago…”

“Sorry to hear that…”. You were very confused. How could a man who had a family, be forcing a boy almost half his age to sleep with him? Based on the picture, he really loved his wife. It just didn’t make sense. And how did he lose his family?

“Things happen…”

You didn’t say anything else. You opened the top left drawer and found the folder patiently waiting for you exactly where Rap monster said it would be. “Got it!” you said taking out the folder.

You made your way back to the van and hoped for silence. You just wanted the day over with and to be back in your lumpy mattress.

“How is your “relationship” with Jungkook going?” he asked.

“Why?!? Why is he still talking?” you thought. You were so annoyed and creeped out. You wanted him to be his silent self. “… It’s exhausting…” you said.

He let out a small chuckle. “Well, I didn’t expect anything different. You guys are doing better at pretending though. ARMY seems to love you now. It’s a good thing you are as pretty as you are.” He smirked. “If not, they wouldn’t have gotten used to you so quickly.”

You felt even more uncomfortable now. He was getting creepier and creepier.

“I bet half off ARMY has a girl crush on you…. I could understand…” His smirk was glued to his face.

His last words made you freeze. Something inside you told you things weren’t right. A small voice in your head was begging you to get away. The rest of the car ride was silent. The vibe coming off of him made you regret leaving the dorm. “You did it for Jimin. You did it for Jimin.” You reminded yourself. “Oh, why did I do this for Jimin?”

You hoped the store was going to be packed. With more people around you, there was a high chance the manager would keep his mouth shut. When the van came to a stop, you jumped out and went to the nearest shopping cart in the lot. The manager had to jog to catch up to you. “Don’t go running off. Namjoon wouldn’t like that.” he said now standing next to you.

He pulled out his phone as you made your way into the store. Even though there was 45 minutes until the store closed, there was still a decent number of people, especially in the aisles you needed to go to.

Things were bearable until the manager placed a hand on yours to make you stop walking. “Namjoon just texted me. He said to also get toilet paper and paper towels.” He whispered.

You felt a knot in your stomach. Almost all the other customers were leaving and the side of the store you needed to go to was practically empty.

You nodded and made your way to the deserted area. Along the slow walk to the other side of the store, there were less and less people, until it was empty. Your aisle was no expectation.

You were checking the prices of the toilet paper brand, when you felt a hand on your waist. The manager turned you around and put both his hands to your shoulders. His unlocked cellphone was now laying on the shelf next to you.

You looked away from him. you wanted to scream, but you didn’t, you couldn’t.

“Aw, don’t be like that… I’m not exactly a nice guy, but I meant all those compliments.” He smirked. His hands moved down your body. “I just can’t help it. You’re the hottest girl I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t be shy I’m sure I’m not different from Jungkook, Suga, Namjoon, or Jin… Why do you look so confused? I’ve heard things Jimin says.” He brought his mouth to your neck, planting kisses on you as he made his way to your ear. “If you care about Jimin so much, why don’t you take his place? Don’t worry, I’m better than the rest of the guys.” He pulled you in and pressed his lips against yours, trying to open your mouth with his. He closed his eyes and moved you towards the shelf. His hands wouldn’t stop grabbing at you and soon he moved them up your shirt.

You didn’t want this to happen. Whenever you tried to get him off you, he just came back even stronger.

You looked around for anything to help you. Then, you saw it. His phone was still unlocked and lying right next to your elbow. You forcefully swung up your knee up. The manager let go of and fell to the floor out of pain. You grabbed is phone and ran out if the aisle.

Your eyes landed on the deli lady and instinctively you ran to her. “Where is the bathroom?” you asked frantically.

She pointed to the restroom across the store. “It looks like it’s being cleaned though, so you’ll have to wait.”

“Ah, I really have to go!” your eyes were tearing up and you were getting jittery.

She saw your state, but processed it as an urgent need to use the bathroom. “You can use the one we use back here…”

“Really? Yes! Please!”

She unlocked the little door and let you behind the counter.

“Thank you!” you said as she led you to the restroom.

“It’s okay.” She said giving you a small smile.

You had no time to lose. You locked the door and frantically tried to go through the manager’s phone, but it was no use. Even though his phone was still unlocked, everything was in Japanese and you couldn’t read it.

You tried really hard to think of any phone numbers you could remember. You tried hard to concentrate, but there was only one number that you could think of. Through teary eyes, you dialed the phone number. You debated calling him though. You were scared he wasn’t going to help you. Chances were, he wasn’t going to even care about what happened. He was probably going laugh at you and pick on you about it. Calling him might make the whole situation worse.

You started at the number. “Fuck it! I need help!” you cried.

After two rings, he picked up. “What the fuck do you want? Honestly, you have y/n with you to help you too. If she can’t remember what to get, then call Jin, not me!”

You stayed quiet. You knew his anger wasn’t directed to you, but with how you were at the moment, his attitude didn’t help. It was all too much and you started crying.

“The fuck?” you heard on the line. “Who is this?” he asked

You couldn’t speak, you just kept crying.

“I’m gonna hang up if you don’t say who this is. You better not be a fan that stole the manager’s phone again! That’s not cool!”

“No! Please!” you cried

Now he was quiet. “Y/n?” His voice was soft and he sounded confused. “Y/n, is that you? How did you get the phone? Why are you crying?”

“… Please come get me… I need your help…” you said in between sobs

Negan picks you // Carl Grimes

“You” no “are” please no “it” He stopped in front of you
Lucille hung only inches from your face. Negan looked down at you giving you his signature smirk the group knew all too well by now.
“Well pretty lady looks like it’s all you” your body began to shake and you were sure Carl could feel it too as he began squeezing your hand harder than ever before, harder than you even thought humanly possible until this moment.
“Who’s ready because I sure as hell am?!” Negan said, venom practically dripping from his sinister voice.
You quickly prepared yourself, squeezing your eyes shut and getting ready for the impact…
“N-no, NO” Carl suddenly yelled making Negan halt and direct his attention to your dumb ass boyfriend.
“P-please no, I can’t lose her, I-“Carl began only to be cut off by Negan. He took one small step away from you and stood in front of Carl, swinging Lucille in between us, taunting you both.
“What’d we have here? Young love?”
You gave Carls hand a quick squeeze, reminding him not to say anything stupid.
“Please kill me instead, let her live” and their he goes saying something stupid
“Carl no!” You said barely audible, only meant for him to hear
“I’m not letting you die!” by this point you both had tears, but so did everyone else.
Negan was insane and totally unpredictable and you could tell he was enjoying watching the two of you go back and forth saying what could be your tearful goodbye.
“I love you okay? I love you so much more t-than anything” You said trying to ignore the way your voice cracked
Before Carl could reply Negan spoke up.
“Now how could I ruin something this perfect?” before you or anyone else had time to react he swung round, throwing Lucille up In the air before bringing it down, everything after that seemed to go in slow motion.
A sickening crunch was heard you covered your mouth to stop the gasps and cries that were just begging to be released. Never in your life had you seen an act so cruel.
You cowered away hiding your head in Carls shoulders, one arm wrapped around your showers and one ran through your hair as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear as an attempt to block out the screams and cries around you.
“Suck my nuts”



You had sucked your lips inwards and pressed them together into a thin line. Your eyes were averted towards the ceiling now, but… too late. You had seen… well, everything.

“Umm, Cas–”

“Why are you looking at the ceiling?” Cas craned his neck upwards to search with his eyes.

“I’m not looking–”

He looked back down at you. “You obviously are. And your face is red. Why is your face red? Are you alright?” He started to reach a hand forward to clasp your face, sweetly concerned about how you were feeling.

You laughed and shielded your eyes with a hand, holding another one up to stop him from moving closer. “Cas, oh my god! Close your robe!”

The angel looked down at his stark nakedness and simply said, “Oh.” In another second it changed slightly. “Oh.” Now his cheeks were burning too. “I am–I am so sorry. I forget that humans are very uncomfortable around the naked bodies of others. I-I apologize.” You were awkwardly fidgeting with one foot, tapping the toe on the floor. 

“It’s okay. It’s fine! Just–is–are you–good?”

He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Yes. Sorry.”

You lowered your hand, surprised to see that Cas was blushing just like you. And though you truly were embarrassed and uncomfortable you couldn’t stop your mind from drifting back and thinking about his strong chest and stomach, the V cut of his hips, and… damn. And there you were doing it again; biting your lip. Dammit.

Birthday - Chanyeol

Title: Birthday (scenario)

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Word count: 304

Summary: It’s your birthday! And Chanyeol is the sweetest bf. 

A/N: These days I’m just trying to keep my head above water, you know what I mean? I’m buried in trying to take care of school responsibilities and taking care of me and my already shaky mental health. That being said, Chanyeol is my sunshine; he relaxes me and puts a smile on my face, so until I can find the motivation to continue writing other things, please enjoy the little snippets that I decide to post. ~Lana

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Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Yawning, you rolled over in bed and feeling the lack of Chanyeol’s limbs wrapped around you, found yourself alone. Before you could feel too sad that you were alone, you heard heavy footsteps outside the bedroom and smiled, eyes still closed. Stretching, you felt something sitting on the bed. Retracting your limbs you shifted to sit up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, careful not to hit whatever it was. 

A tray with your favorite breakfast sat beside you on the bed. Chanyeol stood in the doorway, a bouquet of flowers in hand and a smile on his face. 

“Happy birthday!” he did a little motion with his hands and the flowers. 

“Thank you, babe. This is beautiful,” you comment, looking back at the meal he’d prepared for you. He stepped closer and laid the flowers beside the tray.  

“I also have seaweed soup in the kitchen but I thought it was best not to put that on the bed. I know how you are when you wake up.” He was right, you nearly knocked the tray off earlier. He stood there beside the bed, unable to help the smile on his face. 

“Come here,” you waved your hand for him to come closer. He leaned in and you motioned again, and again until he was close enough for you to lean up and kiss him, one hand caressing the side of his face. Overjoyed that you liked his surprise, he leaned into the kiss, refusing to let you end this before he was ready. The two of you kept inching closer until the tray was nearly upset, to which the two of you quickly stopped to make sure nothing spilled. The both of you with hands on the tray, you looked up at him with a smile. “Let’s eat in the kitchen.”