your eyes might fall out next time

park woojin as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 3/11

  • had a huge crush on you for ages before actually working up the courage to confess to you
  • even though you’re dating he still has a huge crush on you tbh
  • how could you expect him not to though
  • everything about you just captivates him and at first he doesn’t know how to deal with it
  • because he’s just naturally awkward and doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to dating
  • anyways
  • he does like skinship but he tries to play it down in public
  • holds your hand in crowded places
  • going to the mall together
  • arcade dates
  • he’s very easily flustered and blushes a lot around you when the two of you start dating
  • however, he loves being kissed by you
  • so you’ll have to be the one initiating the kiss fairly often
  • he won’t just swoop in and claim your lips whenever he wants a kiss, he’ll just kind of tug on your sleeve and let you know what he wants through eye-contact
  • he’ll be smiling when you pull away and wow he has such a cute smile you better be careful or it might just kill a bitch one day
  • can fall asleep more easily with you next to him
  • accidentally slaps you in the face seven times throughout the night
  • loves seeing you in his shirts so much
  • it makes him feel so soft and kind of hot ‘n bothered
  • lowkey possessive
  • but not in a bad way
  • also: protective af
  • whenever it’s dark out he insists on walking you home
  • “there’s weird people out there i have to protect you”
  • “i think i can protect myself just fine woojin”
  • “omg will you just shut up and let me make sure you’re safe”
  • you play up your strong and independent persona in front of him but you secretly love being treated like a princess
  • which is honestly no problem when you’re dating park woojin
  • holds the door for you, pulls out your chair, always pays your coffee for you
  • couple selfies that neither of you take seriously
  • taking pictures together honestly ends in a contest about who has the most chins
  • he would never admit it but he loves showing you off
  • he’s just a very proud boyfriend and he wants everyone to know that the most beautiful girl on the planet belongs to him and him only
  • wants to make you the happiest girl in the universe 
  • and succeeds
  • except for when you fight
  • he’ll be eerily quiet for a while and ignore you if you said something to offend him
  • but if you’re the one to apologize first he just can’t resist you
  • sometimes when both of you are pissed it might take a while for the two of you to make up
  • he might call you up eventually and apologize
  • “listen i’m sorry about what i said earlier, that was dumb”
  • “yeah it was”
  • “okay so you’re not going to apologize because i can hang up real quick”
  • and he honestly loves you just as much
  • woojin can look intimidating but listen he’s a smol fluff so please take good care of him and he will do the same for you

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Can I request the rfa boys + v + saeran during MC giving birth? Like, can they stand being in there, what do they think of MC being in that much pain (and possibly crushing their hands, cussing, and turning downright mean at times) and trying to support her during it? And then what do they think when the baby is finally born and they get to hold it for the first time.

Oh my gosh thank you for this request anonny! I’ve been having baby fever ever since my cousin and his wife had their little boy about a year ago so needless to say, I was excited for this request! I had so much fun with this request so I really hope that you like it!! :3


  • Yoosung has been so incredibly hyped since the day you announced that you were pregnant
  • Your water broke when the two of you were at home, making Yoosung extremely excited but he still cautiously drove the two of you to the hospital
  • He eagerly bounced up and down as they hooked the machines up to you to try and ease the pain and as soon as it was time to start pushing, Yoosung was write by your side
  • Yoosung grabbed your hand and immediately felt you squeezing it, wincing at the pain but he knew that it was nothing compared to what you were going through
  • When you start cursing out loud because the pain is becoming unbearable, Yoosung leans down to give you lots of encouragement
  • “You’re doing so well MC!” “I’m so proud of you!” “Almost there keep going love!” “I know you can do it!”
  • With one final push, yours and Yoosung’s child is born, with you finally releasing your iron-grip on Yoosung’s hand
  • The nurse hands you your little bundle of joy, Yoosung starting to tear up as he looks down on at his child speaking softly to them
  • “Welcome to the world our little son.”
  • You grin at Yoosung and hand over your son to him and without hesitation Yoosung cradles his son in his arms
  • Some of Yoosung’s tears accidentally land on your son’s cheek, making him wail but you and Yoosung smile at each other
  • He hands your son back to you as Yoosung scoots himself in the bed next to you, wrapping his arm around your should and gently rubbing his son’s cheeks
  • This was by far the happiest moment of Yoosung’s life with his two favorite people


  • Zen was honestly surprised it took you this long to become pregnant since the two of you messed around… a lot
  • The day your water broke, Zen was at a rehearsal but the boy had never drove as fast in life his before in order to pick you up and get you to the hospital
  • He wasn’t going to lie through, Zen was nervous as hell to become a parent and even more nervous for the whole birthing process
  • The first time you screamed from pain Zen winced, gently rubbing your shoulder with one hand and holding your hand with his other
  • When you started cursing, Zen had to bite his lip because all he wanted to do was whisk you away from the pain and hold you close
  • Zen was snapped back into reality when he heard his child’s first cries
  • After the nurses cleaned them up, they handed Zen the child since you too exhausted to hold the child
  • Zen looked down at his child, opening their eyes for the first time to reveal a set of crimson orbs
  • Tears immediately started falling down Zen’s cheeks as he choked out through his cracking voice
  • “You might even be more beautiful than me my perfect little son.”
  • When ready, Zen carefully handed your son back over to you, admiring his perfect little family
  • He sat down next to the two of you, rubbing your shoulder and admiring how beautiful his son really was
  • Zen was right in his thoughts all along, the two of you would produce the most perfect son in the world


  • Jaehee was extremely happy when she found out the news that you’ve become pregnant
  • The two of you used a sperm donor that was a mutual friend of yours and Jaehee’s and with much consideration, you decided to me the carrier of the baby
  • You and Jaehee were at your cafe when your water broke, Jaehee remained very calm but quickly got you to the hospital
  • When you got to the hospital and started pushing, Jaehee was a bit surprised at how much your cursed but she completely understood why
  • She held your hand with her own tight grip, telling you to focus and hay you could do it
  • Once Jaehee heard her child’s first cries, she started crying herself
  • The nurse handed Jaehee the baby since you have to be checked out by the doctor since you almost passed out during the procedure
  • Jaehee smiled down at yours and hers child, she was still in shock that you and her were officially parents now as she cooed to the little one
  • “You look just like your mommy my cute little princess.”
  • Once you finally got the okay from the doctor, Jaehee handed your daughter to you, finally getting a chance to wipe her tears away
  • Jaehee sat at the edge of the bed with you and her daughter as she played with your daughter’s tiny hair as she thought to herself that she would love her little family for forever


  • Jumin was cool, calm, and collected on the outside but on the inside he was a nervous wreck during the entire pregnancy process
  • So when your water broke, Jumin was having a minor mental breakdown but with the help of his vigilant staff, the two of you got to the hospital in time
  • Seeing you ready to push the child that you and Jumin conceived made him feel nothing but joy and warmth
  • Although a bit of pain was mixed in whenever he felt you squeeze the life out of his hand, but he knew that your pain was far greater
  • When you started cursing out loud, Jumin only held your hand tighter and kept telling you how wonderful you were doing
  • The sound of his child’s first cries was like a sweet melody to Jumin’s hears
  • The nurse handed your child to you and Jumin gently stroked your hair, looking down in adoration at the newest member of the Han family
  • “You’re the look of perfection my dear daughter.”
  • You handed your daughter over to Jumin who was hesitant at first but with your encouragement, took ahold of her
  • Jumin couldn’t take his eyes off of his daughter as she softly cried, smiling so much that his jaw hurt
  • He handed your daughter back over to you, the two of you grinning at each other as he brushed away your sweaty hair from your eyes
  • Jumin gazed at his perfect daughter who had fallen asleep in her mother’s arms, vowing to give her the attention and love that she deserves


  • Seven couldn’t put his words together when the two of you found out that you were pregnant
  • He’d been preparing for the day of delivery for months now, but of course your water broke when Seven was out grocery shopping
  • But Seven’s running speed was nothing to scoff at so he managed to speed the two of you to the hospital with time to spare
  • Seven was shaking from excitement when you were getting ready to push but saw how nervous you were
  • He grabbed your hand and gave you a goofy smile telling you how awesome you would do
  • The second you started pushing, Seven yelped in pain from your death grip on his hands and immediately shut up when he saw you glare at him
  • Seven had never seen you so scary looking before in his life but he quickly realized how much pain you were in so he tried telling you some jokes, even managing to make you laugh once
  • When your child was finally born and started crying, Seven told you how amazing you did and how proud he was of you
  • The nurses handed you the baby and Seven peeked over your shoulder and gasped
  • “MC! You just gave birth to a little baby tomato boy!”
  • Leave it to Seven to make you bust out laughing during a loving and tender moment
  • You handed Seven his child to hold and Seven’s eyes filled with adoration as he looked down at his tiny, red haired son
  • He planted small kisses on your son’s tiny forehead, making the littler Choi coo and the bigger Choi laugh with happy tears streaming down his cheeks
  • With much caution, Seven handed the small Choi back over to you, kissing your temple and playing with his son’s bright red hair
  • Seven thanked God for giving him a perfect wife and son, vowing to keep his family safe and feel nothing but love from him


  • V was elated when you first told him that you were pregnant but even with his poor eye sight he began to notice that you looked bigger than a normal pregnant woman should
  • When you told V that you were having twins, he felt his stomach drop and immense guilt began to creep into him
  • He was nearly blind and now you’d essentially have to handle to babies all on your own, it wasn’t fair
  • V was going to get the eye surgery but discovered that his recovery time would last months after your children would be born, meaning that you’d have to take care of the twins plus V
  • So when your water broke, V had his driver rush the two of you to the hospital, thinking that he just may be more anxious than you
  • But V was determined to be there for you, he told you to hold his hand as tightly as needed and boy did you do so when you started pushing
  • Even when you cursed at V for trying to give you words of encouragement, he only nodded knowing that you were in double the amount of pain
  • When V heard his first child’s wailing, he felt the weight of the world removed from his shoulders
  • The nurse handed V his first child while you kept pushing the second
  • V stared down in awe at his newborn, gently cradling the little one as he whispered in his soothing voice
  • “It’s nice to meet you my little son.”
  • He could have just stared at his son for the rest of his life except you had finally pushed out the second child, with the nurse promptly handing the child to you
  • V walked over to your side as he stared again down at his second child, the tears finally flowing as he smiled saying
  • “And it’s nice to meet you too my little daughter.”
  • You and V carefully swapped children as he held his daughter for the first time then looking at you as you held your son for the first time
  • V took a mental photo of his new family, nuzzling his cheek to your shoulder as he promised to take care of his twins and when the time came, receive the eye surgery to proper see his son and daughter


  • Saeran was absolutely terrified at the idea that you were pregnant with his child
  • He didn’t feel as though he would be good enough as a parent but with a lot of convincing and ice cream from you, Saeran slowly warmed up to the idea of being a father
  • That is until your water broke, then he went into full on panic mode
  • Seven had to drive the two of you to the hospital because Saeran was so nervous
  • When you got there, Saeran didn’t even want to watch you give birth and stood on the opposite side of the room covering his eyes with his hands
  • But when he heard you groan in pain from pushing, he pushed his anxiety away and held your hand tightly, encouraging you that you were amazing and you could do it
  • He even snickered when you started cursing at the doctor for not giving you enough pain medication
  • When he heard the baby cry for the first time, Saeran froze
  • He watched with wide, bright eyes as you held your child close to your chest but eventually asking Saeran if he wanted to hold his child
  • Saeran was about to move away from you and the baby until the baby grabbed a hold of one of Saeran’s fingers
  • He sighed and gave in, using extreme caution when you handed him the baby but Saeran’s eyes went wide again with wonder as he started at his child
  • “You’re… my son. I promise to protect you and love you okay?“
  • Your heart melted at the sight of Saeran giving a small smile to your son, filled with relief that Saeran was finally getting comfortable with the baby
  • Saeran carefully handed your son back to you, crying as he clung onto your arm and to your son’s tiny hand thanking you again and again for giving him this happiness
During The Night || Suga

Father!Yoongi x Wife!reader

Summary: You went out for some coffee with your other mother friends and had small chit chat about your own families. When the topic changed to your own family, you couldn’t help but wonder if your husband Yoongi was actually ever seen alone with your child. Now the more you thought about it the more you realized that you’ve that you’ve never seen Yoongi being all fatherly with your child. Well, at least not during the day. So you decided to stay up at night to see what happens behind your closed eyes.

This is the same story from my Wattpad account but just slightly changed a bit to be a little bit more fitting to Min Yoongi’s nature :3

(y/n) - your name and (d/n) - your daughter’s name


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A Little Bit Longer

Write-A-Thon: AU Day (1)

pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

summary: Lin and reader both have Crohn’s Disease and receive Remicade infusions for treatment. With nothing to do for 3+ hours, they chat with each other and quickly become closely acquainted. 

warnings: IVs (like hospital ones), swearing, chronic illness? idk man

words: 2430

a/n: So, this is the first part to a fairly slow burn series I’m starting. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever written and I’m sure it’ll keep getting more so. That being said, I’m absolutely terrified to put this out for people to see; I’ve never shared something this deeply personal to me and I’m just worried what the reactions will be. I really, really hope you guys like this. I cried a lot of tears writing it, but I think it’ll be a very healing experience for me. 

Thank you to @alexanderhamllton @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza who all read over it for me and helped calm my nerves about it. I love you all. 

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where something colossal happens, something changes in their lives, and they’re suddenly never the same person. Some people will change for the better, others for the worse, but it’s an inevitable fact of life.

Maybe it’ll happen when you’re seventy, you might just be seventeen, but regardless of age, it won’t be easy.  Life doesn’t discriminate between the old and the young; pain is pain and it demands to be felt, whether emotional, physical, or other.

For some time after said life changing event, the sun seems to stay hidden behind dark clouds and as far as the eye can see, there are storms. The storms will seem to never end and odds are, you’ll find yourself wondering how other people do it, how they get through it.

The truth is, it isn’t easy. You do it because you have to, because you have no other choice. Life will push you down countless times before you can get back up, and that might take years. But when you look up at that cloudy sky, you’ll see that every cloud has a silver lining. The sun will come back out, sometimes one ray at a time, and life will be beautiful again.

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lc(d); you made the calls?

Originally posted by starry-dino

GIFs aren’t mine

Summary: You keep getting these weird phone calls from somone you don’t know. You ignored them at first, but he left messages. It took a bit of inward persuasion, but you ended up answering them.

Warnings: swearing

Words: 1.7k

“(Name)!” Mi-Jung hissed at you, “When they say silence your phones at the movies, they mean it!” You looked to Eun-Byul, sitting next to you, who just rolled her eyes. On your way out of the theater’s door, you laughed a bit to yourself. If Eun-Byul rolled her eyes one more time today, they might just fall out of the sockets.

When you had made it out of the theater, you looked at your phone. The small letters surrounded by a white block, on your bright device’s screen annoyed you to no end. One missed call … 

You sighed inwardly, knowing that you would have to listen to the weird voicemails to get rid of the notification. It had been going on for about two weeks. You thought it would’ve stopped by now, considering that two weeks was quite a while to be trying to reach someone. It was easy for you to ignore at first, but once it started happening everyday, it got extremely irritating.

Before you walked back into the theater, you pulled out your phone once again, and put it on silence. 

The part of the movie you walked in at was probably the worst. You walked in and it was an extremely intimate scene, it was so quiet in the room you could almost hear a pin drop. Soon, the silence was filled with choruses of shh’s from the audience. You scurried back up to your seat next to Mi-Jung, and tried to sit down as quietly as you could.

When you got to your shared apartment, you sat on the beat-up couch and grabbed your phone from your back pocket. 

Hello again, it’s Chan. I guess I shouldn’t really say again,” he laughed at his own words, and you shook your head, “I know I don’t know you, but, if you’re listening, I just wanna say thank you. I’m really busy, and it’s nice to have someone to talk to, even if you don’t answer, but that’s okay. I’m just glad that I can let someone know about what’s happening.” 

You zoned out after those few phrases. This message really got to you, you didn’t really know why. Maybe it was because of how his voice sounded — lighthearted, but unbelievably burdened at the same time. You had a hard time imagining what this boy was going through. It could be school stress, or maybe he was dealing with something bigger.

Your hands moved on autopilot, they dialed the mysterious number, and held it up to your ear. It was unusual to hear the dial tone, because you rarely call people. Calling people had always been awkward to you, but this time, you felt somewhat comforted. The fact that he didn’t know you, made it even better, because the two of you would only converse over the phone, if it even developed into a relationship anyway.

Uh, hello?” His voice rang out from the other side of the call.

“Hi,” you breathed, “I’m the one you’ve been talking to for the past two weeks. Nice to finally meet you.”

Oh my God. I’m so sorry, I thought that number was deactivated. It used to be my old phone number,” he explained, and you could practically see the color draining out of his face.

“Okay, that helps me resist the urge to call you a douche-bag. So, Chan, what’s up? I heard things have been a bit tough.” You bit back your laughter when you heard him sigh, just imagining the expression on his face was enough to send you into a fit of giggles.

Well, I’ve just been really busy. I’m stressed out and my friends are trying to help, but are kind of making it worse. I just — I don’t know what to do.” His voice was so strained it shut your laughter right up. Even though you didn’t know this kid, he seemed to be genuinely telling you about himself, so you decided to genuinely help him out.

“Hm, you sound pretty unhappy. Are you sure you’re doing what you love?” 

I’m sure. Positive, actually. I wouldn’t change a thing.” His response shocked you a bit. You were expecting a discontented no, but this made you smile.

“Well, that’s good. I’m glad.” He let a small chuckle slip out of his lips. Your heart jumped in your chest when he laughed, it made your hands start to shake.


“Hey, maybe you need to take a break. Just veg out in front of the TV, or go out with friends to get ice cream or coffee. Go out, and do something fun, but you have to make it for you, Chan. Don’t try to please anyone else, Just do what you want,” you advised. He scoffed under his breath, and he inhaled deeply.

Doing things for me? That’s a lot easier said than done.” His voice was grating, you wanted to smack him every time he spoke. He was being so negative.

“You need to loosen up, have a little fun, Chan!” You replied, starting to get frustrated.

You should come with me. You came show me your favorite places. Please?” There was a small hint of laughter in his voice, but it was nothing compared to the sense of pleading there was.

“I don’t even know you! You could be, like, sixty years old or a pedophile!” You argued, mostly because you didn’t want to be kidnapped, but also partially because you didn’t want to go out tomorrow. Saturday was your day to start a new Netflix series and finish it the same day.

Do I sound like a pedophile? And besides, you know more about me than I do you. I don’t even know your name,” he countered, laughing a bit.

“Touché, Chan,” you agreed, “I’m (Name), and if you’re not at Gateux de Voyage by eleven tomorrow, I might just have to upgrade you from douche-bag to asshole.”

Got it. See you tomorrow, (Name).

You hung up with no other words, but your smile said it all. Mi-Jung and Eun-Byul came in from the kitchen and collapsed next to you.

“So, our baby (Name) has a date tomorrow? With who?” Mi-Jung teased.

“Chan, and it’s not a date.”

“I bet you’re hoping that he’s Lee Chan … the maknae of Seventeen,” Eun-Byul snorted. You glared at her, trying your best not to break down and admit your wishful thinking.

“I’m going to bed,” you said, voice taught.

“This is your bed, remember?” Eun-Byul said, watching you walk from your spot on the couch to her room near the kitchen.

“Not tonight it isn’t,” you answered, shutting the door behind you, and locking it for good measure.

The piercing sound of your alarm was the only thing that could get you up. You had set it on the loudest volume, but it could just barely get you to wake up.

“Get up, it’s eleven fifteen, (Name)!” You heard Mi-Jung’s loud voice from the kitchen, “Didn’t you have something to do today?!” With those words, your eyes shot open, and your body moved with the speed of a cheetah. You had warned Chan about being late, and now you were going to be. What kind of person would do that?

“I thought you said you would wake me up, guys!? You’re both the epitome of uselessness!”

“Check the clock, (Name)!” Eun-Byul called from the stove, cooking a fried egg in a pan. Your head turned so fast you could’ve swore you got whiplash. It took a second for your eyes to focus, but when they did, you saw the clock … ten twenty-seven. 

“I hate you.”

“You should be thanking us, kid,” Eun-Byul replied, shaking her head playfully.

You shuffled into the bathroom, to get ready. It didn’t take you a long time to get ready, minimal makeup and casual clothes, you saw no reason why Chan should get special treatment.

On your way out the door, Mi-Jung and Eun-Byul made kissy-faces and suggestive noises. You scoffed, and ran your hand through your hair, making your way down to the coffee shop.

The wind that blew through the trees, blew your hair around in all different directions. When you thought about going to meet up with someone you hadn’t met before, you wanted to look nice, not like you’ve been through a tornado and back.

You opened the door to the coffee shop, and quickly stowed yourself inside. The coffee shop was almost full, so you grabbed the closest seats to you. The bell attached to the door jingled, and you saw a man walk in, face mask covering his face and hood covering his hair.

You paid no attention to him, until he walked over and stood next to you. It looked like the both of you were waiting for people.

“Did you come to see someone?” You asked, looking over to him. He smiled at you, and you saw him eyes crinkle, it was cute even though you couldn’t see half of his face.

“Yeah, she made it clear if I was late, she would be mad, so I’m here early.” You took another look at him, not noticing anything too out of the ordinary.

“What’s her name?”

“(Name),” he replied, still looking straight ahead. Those words were equivalent to a punch in the face.

“Chan?” You asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked at you, pulling his face mask down. When you saw his face, it was equivalent to getting punched in the face fifteen times. Your cheeks turned a dark shade of crimson as you looked him in the eyes.

“Yep,” he chirped, laughing at your expression.

“Y-you’re Lee Chan, of Seventeen?” You stuttered, hands frozen at your sides.

He laughed, and took your hands in his, and he smiled at you. It was so warm it almost melted your heart. His eyes were bright and they made you smile yourself.

“I think I can call you Chan … but I’m still mad at you for wasting my minutes.”

“Hey, you’re the one who called me!” He protested, laughing.

You chuckled, and leaned near his ear, “touché, Chan.” You kissed him softly on the cheek, and when you pulled away, the two of you’s cheeks were practically on fire.

“Is this how you teach everyone to have fun? Because if it is, I’m going to have to object.”

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78 and 43 with Liam

Liam Dunbar - “Don’t argue. Just do it.”

“Quick!” Liam rushed into the living room. His chest was moving up and down quickly and you could see the veins in his neck beating. “Close the curtains and lock all doors!” He had to hold on to the doorframe and you could hear him breathing.

“What’s going on, Liam?” You closed the book you were reading and shook your head. “Is everything alright? Do you need a glass of water?” You frowned your eyebrows, but Liam almost ran towards the window and started to close the curtains himself since you weren’t doing it.

“Don’t ask questions, just do what I say.” Pearls of sweat covered his forehead and his hands were trembling a little, “We don’t have much time.”

“Since when are you running from monsters that are stopped by closed curtains and locked doors?” You still didn’t move, but Liam let out an annoyed sigh and crossed his arms over his chest while he locked his glance with yours.

Don’t argue. Just do it.” He raised his eyebrows and eventually you stood up from your seat to lock your front door, your back door and all the windows that could be opened.

“So, which big bad monster is chasing you this time?” You eventually sat down in the couch again. You were still surprisingly calm while Liam was clearly panicking. “And why do you think it won’t simply break the glass and storm into our house anyway?”

“If he finds all doors closed and won’t see the lights burning, he might think we’re not at home.” Liam spoke softly and he sat down in the chair next to yours. “And if he thinks we’re not at home, he might go to someone else.”

You couldn’t help letting out a slight chuckle and shook your head. “So, we’re closing our curtains and locking our doors to make this monster believe that we’re not at home so he will go and find someone else?”

Liam nodded, his lips forming a straight line, making clear that he was serious, a little too serious to your liking. “It’s true, I swear!” Liam nodded once more and his firm movements almost convinced you. Almost, until you noticed the little lights of joy flickering in his eyes.

“Liam!” You stood up from your chair and grabbed his shirt to lift him up. “You can’t just joke around about those things! The next time something happens I might not believe you and we don’t want that to happen, do we?”

“Sorry…” Liam curled his hands around your wrist. “Could you let me go please? I feel like I can’t breathe.” He waited until you put him down again. “It’s just a pity that you didn’t really fall for it, although you did lock all your doors and windows!”

“Yes, because you were panicking and I thought that you would wolf out if I wouldn’t give in. It’s not funny, Liam. Not funny.”

“Not even a little bit?” Liam pouted but you shook your head again.

“No, not even a little bit. You have a week to make up for it and you better come up with something good.”

Imagine Negan separating you from your boyfriend

Part One

Originally posted by midqueenally

As your screams died down, Carl feared the worst… Either Negan was done, and he would let you back out to the group, you were dead, or best case, you killed him. However as the time kept slipping by the last option seemed less and less likely, and then he came out, and you were no where to be seen.

“Damn, you got a good woman right there. Just took me threatin’ the little one here to make her shut the fuck up. Now I am going go, got more shit to collect, however I will be seeing ya at the end of the week, and I expect my shit, less you wanna hear me do that to another one of your women.” He smiled as he turned back towards the RV.

“Where’s [Y/N]?” Carl screamed after him, causing him to stop and turn towards him, a smile on his face as he did.

“Oh didn’t I make it clear ‘fore I fucked her, she is now mine.” He emphasized the mine as he leaned forward slightly and then bounced back up, “Plus that one is mine too, so get ‘im in the van.” He snapped pointing Lucille at Daryl as the men manhandled him into the van, while everyone watched, “And if you don’t get me my shit, or you try to save ‘em, I promise you this,” He gestured at the bodies on the ground, “will happen again to one of them.” He smiled as Carl glared at him, “and I promise ya boy, it ain’t gonna be the one in the van.” 

He turned on his heels and walked into the RV, slamming the door before he drove away, leaving the group to stand there to care for their dead and watch both you and Daryl drive away.

When they finally got back to Alexandria they were all silent, each going to their own corners of the town, Carl found himself walking into the house, and walking up to the bedroom he once shared with you. upon opening the door he was greeted with a dark emptiness, his feet guiding him straight to the dresser you both shared. His hands ringed around the soft cotton fabric of one of your shirts, as he lifted it to his nose, inhaling the smell he had grown so accustom too. It reminded him of a spring day. As he inhaled he thought of Negan smelling the same thing Carl was, and it made him sick to his stomach. As he opened his eyes, his hand found its way to the small charm hidden under his shirt.

“Hey Carl.” You smiled as you jogged up to him, he couldn’t help but smile as he watched your hair wave and bounce with your movements. 

“Hey.” He breathed out as you stopped in front of him

“Look what I found on today’s run.” You announced to him as you held up a necklace, it was a simple metal disk on a chain, the first letter of your name craved into it.

“Cool.” He replied as you smiled

“I also got you this.” You replied putting something cold into his hand, when he looked down he saw a similar necklace in his hand, “I know it is kinda girly but I thought you might like it.”

“It’s cool.” He replied as you smiled again, and started walking beside him, talking.

The next time he saw that necklace, was the night he planned on asking you out, you both sat on the guard tower watching the town grow dark, the stars sparkled above you as you did.

“[Y/N].” He whispered as your head turned towards him, your eyes sparkling, and your hair falling to the side as you answered, “Carl.”

“So I was wondering…. ummmmm do you have a thing for Ron?” He mentally started hitting himself as your eyebrow arched, “Ummmmm like as a friend or…”


“I don’t trust him, I will act nice to him, just to keep the peace, by I would never put a gun in his hand, less someone in this group wanted to lose an eye, or a foot.” 

“So do you gotta crush on anyone?”

“Someone however I am pretty sure they are dating another girl in this camp.” You answered as he thought of who that could mean, and then she asked sadly, “So you have a thing with Enid?”

“No, I mean she is nice but I don’t think I could ever see myself with her, when I like someone so much better then her.” 

“Hmmmm.” She hummed in reply as Carl dug in his pocket and found the necklace, “So [Y/N] I know you got me this, but I was hoping you would take it.” He swallowed as he placed the necklace on her lap.

“What too girly?” you smiled, causing his heart pace to quicken

“No I was hoping you would wear it, you know as a sign that you and me…”

“Wait, are you asking me out?” You asked as he blushed

“Ummm, well I’m trying.” 

“Well Carl Grimes I would love to wear it, if you wear mine.” You reached behind your neck and undid the clasp on the necklace you wore, and handed it to Carl before replacing the one you once wore with the C one. 

He had found his way to the bed, flopping down on the covers, the shirt still in hand, as the other fumbled with the charm. And as he shut his eye his thoughts were flooded with your screams, and the knowing that he couldn’t help you.

Part 3

Part 4

anonymous asked:

Mako, Rin, Sosuke, and Haru seeing their gf's cheering them on at nationals

goggles is a weird word

The roar of the crowd was truly overwhelming. Fellow team mates, family, friends - all had turned up to witness the national high-school swimming tournament. The stadium was packed, small children pushing their way to the barricades, cheering on their elder siblings; proud parents stood teary-eyed with homemade signs. Eyes scanned the crowd, skimming over those who they did not recognise, until they settled. There you were.

Haruka never quite understood all of the hype pre-race. He didn’t really get nervous - what was the point? He was just swimming, after all, and whether or not it was against other people didn’t matter. Personal feelings aside, he was glad you were there for him, grinning and waving from the masses. He didn’t need your support, sure, but it did make him smile to see you so enthusiastic. Maybe, just maybe, he might try extra hard… Just to impress you.

Unfortunately, Makoto was always someone that suffered with nerve problems before big events. Of course, he was the captain, so he wasn’t going to show it… But the nerves were very much there. Last night, whilst calming him down over the phone, you’d told him to look out for you, and, sure enough, when he looked over to where the rest of Iwatobi were cheering, there you were. Ran and Ren stood by your side, cheering with earnest alongside you. When he saw the grins on your faces, Makoto just knew that this was going to be a good race.

Although you’d seen Rin swim countless times before, there was something quite magical about witnessing him stood, in front of all these people, proud captain of Samezuka. Knowing that his eyes were scrutinising the crowd in aim of finding you warmed your heart - when he found you, he grinned and waved, winking in assurance. Countless jealous glares found you, but there was no way you were going to feel self-conscious. You were his, he was yours. Watching him snap his goggles as he prepared on the starting block, you cheered even louder - you were with him all the way.

Sousuke wasn’t going to let his shoulder spoil this for him, or anyone else. This was, potentially, the last chance he would get to swim competitively, and coincidentally, would also be the first time you ever watched him. He actually heard you before his eyes found you - you’d found your spot next to the rest of the Samezuka support team, and somehow, over the commotion of the crowd, your voice stood out. Sousuke felt his heart swell with affection when he saw you cheering; even if he was a little concerned you might fall of the balcony if you leant any further…


*Requested* Could you please write a one shot where you are the Mikaelson’s friend and have a Christmas party with them?

(This is part 4 of my Christmas Series. Whew. This one was hard to write, especially because my relatives that came over for Christmas interrupted me almost every 5 minutes, so my most sincere apologies if it seems rushed or anything.  I also skipped a few things, since it would have been to long otherwise. Like I mentioned before, I would love some feedback on the series, since the first parts have not been requested. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and Merry Christmas my lovelies!) 

Word count: 1.444

Your name: submit What is this?

Christmas Eve finally arrived and dinner was already over, so the next part of the evening was the gift exchange. Since the Mikaelsons once came from Europe they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Hayley and Jackson are currently occupied with getting Hope into bed.

You are all scattered around the several seating options with your presents on your lap.

Y/N: “You know it was hard to find something for you, because you pretty much have everything.

Rebekah: “I am sure they´re great.”

Y/N: “I hope so. So.. who want´s to go first?”

Kol: “Me!”

Y/N: “Of course, why did I even ask?”

You hand Kol his present and he exchanges it with his own, weirdly with the same size.

Kol: “Let´s open them together. On three. One, two, three!”

You tear the paper away in seconds, as does Kol, and your eyes fall upon his present.

Kol & Y/N: “Oh.”

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For Science

Request by anon: hey! do you think you could do samxreader thing where he helps you sleep and it’s just really cute and fluffy? ive been having sleeping problems lately and this would make me really happy. also your writing is amazing and i loved the electric series

Word Count: 1426

Warnings: Absolutely none

A/N: A sleepy Sammy oneshot? Count me in!!

Version en Español: Por la Ciencia

“What are you doing up?” Sam yawned as he walked into the library where you were curled up on the couch, watching Indiana Jones.

You flung your arm out, encompassing the entirety of your Harrison Ford shrine. “Uh, watching a movie? Your observational skills are outstanding.”

“Can I join?” He asked, already walking over to the couch. You slid your feet toward you to make room for him on the other end. The two of you watched in companionable silence for a few scenes until Sam spoke up again. “So why are you watching Indiana Jones at two in the morning?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Figured watching people get their faces melted off was a better use of my time than staring into a dark room.” Sam nodded, accepting your answer, and you went back to the movie before a thought crossed your mind. “Why are you awake at two in the morning?”

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Violin-- Simon x Baz.

AN: I SUCCEEDED IN WRITING FLUFF. I’m super proud of myself. Also, I’m reallllyyyy tired right now, so this is probably a little messy, but oh well. Also, I wrote this while listening to this and this, if you care. 

Summary: In which Baz plays violin and Simon sort of loves it.


Simon’s roommate won’t stop practicing violin.

“He only does it because he knows it annoys me,” Simon says darkly– or as darkly as he can when he’s cramming scones into his mouth. “I bet he doesn’t even like violin that much.”

“Is he bad at violin?” says Agatha, who looks mildly disgusted by him but is nice enough not to comment on it.

Simon considers that for a moment. Of course, he doesn’t have much experience with music, but he supposes Baz’s playing does sound sort of nice, sometimes.

“I guess not,” he says. “But I still think he does it just to annoy me.”

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Stay Away

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: You attempt to catch Theo being shady or doing something evil, but he catches you before you get the chance.

Originally posted by pllwtlks

Theo Raeken was the newest resident in Beacon Hills and every since you meet him something didn’t feel right. It looked like only you and Stiles were suspicious when it came to him, and the two of you were doing everything possible to prove it to Scott. So this is how you ended up in the woods tonight, you got a call from Stiles telling you that Theo would be lurking here and so since Stiles was busy helping Scott with something, it was all up to you to catch him in the act.

You weren’t a werewolf like Scott, a banshee like Lydia or even a Kistune like Kira….you were just an ordinary human, but that hasn’t stopped you before from heading straight into dangerous territory. Keeping a safe distance you carefully followed Theo, only a few meters away from him and his behaviour seemed shady. Where was he going? Was he meeting anyone? What was he doing in the woods so late at night? All these questions and more were currently running through your head.

Taking a step your foot landed on a bunch of branches and the sound altered Theo, quickly ducking behind a tree you waited for Theo to move. Peaking your head out just little you saw that Theo was no longer there. Sighing and annoyed at the fact that you lost him you headed straight hoping that you would pick up a trail.

“Are you serious” you muttered to yourself when coming up to a dead end.

“Should I be flattered that your following me babygirl or should I be worried?”

Jumping slightly you turned around and saw Theo, in fact you saw a lot more of Theo than you actually wanted.

“Is there a reason your naked Theo?” you asked him while trying to keep your eyes on his.

He walked towards you, stepping into the light so you had a better look at him. “I’ve got nothing to hide” flashing a smirk your way.

“I can see that, what are you doing in the woods?”, you asked.

“What are you doing in the woods?”. Of course he would answer a question with a question, Theo was vague, mysterious and shady as hell. Why would he give his master plan away, especially to you?.

"Okay well clearly this conversation isn’t going anywhere. So I’m going to go now”

Apparently Theo had other plans because he blocked your path. To say that this wasn’t extremely awkward was an understatement.

“Careful Y/N some might say you have a thing for me, since your constantly following me around”

You laughed, “In your dreams Raeken. But it’s not me that’s showing a little too much of themselves. Have fun in the woods alone”

He grabbed your arm and you could swear that goosebumps ran up and down your arm. This was the first time being so close to Theo, and you had no idea what to do. “Don’t follow me again babygirl, or next time I might not be so nice”

Staring harshly into his eyes, “Are you threatening me Theo?”.

“I’m warning you, stay out of my way. I don’t want you get hurt” he said and it seemed like he was genuine about that.

“Do I detect a hint of concern regrading my safety?”

He leaned in and you felt your breath get caught in your throat, his lips lightly brushed the side of your ear which in turn sent shivers throughout your entire body. Mentally cursing at yourself for falling so easily to his touch, he whispered. “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But if I were you I would stay out of my way.”

He brushed his hand across your arm once more before walking out, however you quickly regained control and yelled after him “You can warn me all you want Theo, but don’t think for a second that I’m going to stop trying to figure out what you’re up too.”

Stopping in his tracks he slowly turned and his eyes went dark, “I’m telling you to stay away, do us both a favour and do it.”

Coming face to face to him despite you being a lot shorter in comparison to his height, you looked him in the eye and simply said “No”. Intense wasn’t even the word to describe the atmosphere between the two of you right now. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” he eventually said.

He walked away and this time you didn’t stop him, breathing in and breathing out you stood there for a minute to process what just happened. There was more to Theo, and whatever it was you were going to find out.

Manners Maketh Man

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Swearing, violence
Summary: Walking home at 1am wasn’t a smart move on your part, you should have known it would have eventually gotten you into trouble. Thank the heavens you had a protector who had been watching from a distance.
A/N: Hola! I hope u all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this xxxx (ps there will deffs be a part 2 to this!)
Word Count: 1.5K


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maglorsgap  asked:

vanimarco with a moment, any moment, where they might have been happy?

(be more specific with your fairy deals next time)


run away, run away, let’s sleep tomorrow
when the city floods we’ll build our castle
don’t tell me this is home


They know how the story ends, but for a moment

for a moment he can pretend.

Closes his eyes and he can see it, feel it. He takes his hand and they leave this place. They walk out of the mountain and it falls behind them, a grave to what could have been.

He takes his hand and makes some half-bitten promises that maybe he will forget in the morning but for now it’s the truth and that’s all that matters.

This is what matters, here and now.

When their history is written he can say we walked out of this darkness hand in hand.

It’s a lovely dream.

And he reaches, fingertips ghosting against skin and he begs it’s not too late. He can see it, can taste it, can almost touch it. There’s so much to learn together, so much they can do and perhaps they can even reverse it.

A fever dream. He can feel the chill of the barrow seeping into his bones, cooling sweat against his skin but if he just reaches a little further, just a little more, they can still be happy.

So many miles and memories between them and he’s on his tip-toes, reaching reaching reaching, begging take my hand take my hand but the words stick in his throat as the ground shifts beneath their feet.

It’s not too late. It’s not too late.

He can see it then, words curling, blackened against the page.

You die first.

Lunges and he feels his fingertips press against his palm and he thinks

it’s not too late it’s not–

Just a heads up!🍃

I’ve got heaps of stuff going on this week and next, like graduation, people visiting/staying and work deadlines, so I won’t have much time to paint //lies down

Patreon people will still get updates (I started the comic! Like actually! Aaaaaaaaah!!) and there is a speedpaint due to go out tonight too. Also - if you keep an eye out, Ákos might post some graduation pictures on his photo blog - if you’re interested in me crying while Skyping my mum in the rain that is. :D 

Love you all, cross your fingers so I don’t fall over on-stage tomorrow! 💕  


Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Author: Lee

Word Count:1,831

It had been a week since the phone call that Jimin couldn’t stop thinking about. Each day he would receive a new one, the same distressed person on the other line. The heartbreaking sobs from the woman knocked him down another level each time he heard them. She’d update him on exactly what the doctor was saying, giving unneeded statistics and information he didn’t want to hear. He only ever listened, humming a reply as the woman poured her heart out.

He was tired of listening; tired of not being there and tired of not seeing the woman’s daughter. Of course, every call would end with the woman asking when he would make it, practically forcing him to lie to her.

“I’ll try and make it this week,” He’d say on a Monday with a full-schedule. “If not, then next week for sure.”

The woman believed him; every word he spoke she hung to like it was the only thing she had. It hurt him when she acted like this.

So, he was tired of listening. He was finally going to go see the girl in the hospital.

He was going to go see you.

Although unwillingly, the company finally did let him fly out to you. It was two in the morning when he landed, and his mind was dead set on visiting you, but the hospital requested he come back during visiting hours.

He ended up staying at a hotel not too far from the hospital, but he never slept. He tried, but he kept thinking about the next day and how you would look when he walked into that hospital room. He’d envision horrible things, although he was scared to know if it was true or not.

Your mother kept him posted on a number of things. You status, checkups, and reactions to things - which were not existent. She never told him how you looked, so he couldn’t help but envision the worst.

The hospital’s visiting hours didn’t come soon enough. Jimin was at the hospital two hours before he was allowed to see you, but it’s not like he had anything else to do. He had time to buy you flowers, your favorite from when you were a kid.

He was honestly more nervous to see your mother than you. He’d laugh at this, thinking that it seemed more like your wedding than a hospital visit. Although he wouldn’t find the strength to smile, not even at the nurses or doctors who did so to him out of courtesy.

When he was finally let in, slightly relieved that your mother hadn’t shown up yet, he was happy to see no damages on your petite frame. At least, what he could see of you. Your arms were laying atop the white sheet that went up to your chest, the rest of your body concealed under the fabric. Nothing was out of the ordinary, it looked like you were sleeping.

The doctor accepted his request with having some privacy so he could speak to you even though he knew you couldn’t hear him. Maybe it was for the best, because he couldn’t speak and the tears started without warning.

“Oh, Y/n.” He’d sob, hanging his head.

He’d forgotten about the flowers in his hand, which he quickly used as an excuse to talk, even though he didn’t need one.

“I got you flowers, your favorite. R-remember when we were kids,” He’d start, sniffling along the way. “I was going to step on it by accident and you pushed me so that I didn’t? Ever since you’ve loved it and I’d always buy you perfume that smelled like it.” He trailed off, rubbing at his cheeks as if the tears would just disappear.

“When you wake up,” He spoke again, his voice breaking noticeably. “We can buy a bunch more and put them in a vase for your desk, okay?”

He’d look to you as if you’d answer, but your still frame always remained just that: still.

“Look, I know… I know that I’m the shittiest excuse for a best friend, but I want you to know that if there was a way to trade places with you now, I would. Or I would have stopped you from ever getting in that car that day.”

The beeps of the medical equipment kept Jimin feeling restless, like he had to say something to distract himself from hearing it any longer.

“You know, you’d probably joke about how cliche this all is,” He cracked a broken smile, his eyes averting to the ceiling. “And you’d laugh at me for sounding so lame.”

Jimin exhaled deeply, running a hand through his hair, distressed and sleep deprived.

“I’m sorry it took me a week to get here.” He apologized, giving a shaky sigh. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/n. It’s unbelievable. I’m sorry we only got to talk twice a week, sometimes even less than that. My job has been very demanding recently, not that that’s an excuse.”

He left the room silent for a while, just contemplating what to say in his mind. He chuckled, more at how stupid he thought he’s been than how happy a memory was.

“God, Y/n…”

It seemed like hours before he spoke again, his mouth dry from not drinking anything for hours.

“I remember that day on the baseball field, we were just playing catch. I purposely kept throwing the ball too high for you to catch, so you dropped your mit and gave up. I didn’t know what to do to get you to stop leaving so I just caught up with you and kissed you.” He chuckled, smiling to himself at the memory.

“You were pissed,” He laughed. “But I thought it was the cutest thing. Of course,” He added. “I never told you that.”

“Then there was that night in the city when you said you wanted to see the stars, but the buildings were in the way. So we ended up sneaking into one of the biggest skyscrapers I’ve ever seen and found our way to the roof. We never got caught but you kept saying how you’d blame the whole thing on me, and we laughed.”

He muttered something that didn’t sound like words at all just before the wetness in his eyes returned.

“My favorite would have to be when I was a trainee and you had just entered college - it was your first week and kept telling me how much you hated your roommate. So I got the bright idea to sneak out to see you. We did it every Wednesday until things started getting serious for the two of us…”

“My hard work was finally paying off and your mid-terms were coming up. We both had things to do that didn’t involve each other.” He spoke very calmly. “I loved you then, too.”

A nurse finally walked in to do his hourly check-up on you, attempting to start a conversation with Jimin, only to have the silence reply to him rather than the broken boy. Once he was finished, he gave Jimin a proper summarization on your condition before leaving.

Stable, yet getting better very slowly. If you were to continue healing this way, the estimated time for you to wake up would be sometime next week, maybe even later than that.

“You always joke about how you’re stronger than me, but now I’m starting to think that might be true, Y/n.” He smiled, although it wasn’t exactly a happy smile.

If anyone were to see him, they’d probably pity him and his distressed state.

“Damn it.” He cussed, his eyes falling on you for the first time in ten minutes. “Laugh all you want, but when you’re healed and out of this hospital…” He abruptly stopped, as if to stop himself from crying.

“I love you so you can’t…” Jimin started, putting a hand to his chest, seemingly hurt. “You have to persevere through this okay? They just told me that you’re healing.” He choked back a sob. “You’re healing.”

“Sir,” A voice called as the door opened, revealing the nurse from before. “There’s a woman waiting for you who said she would rather talk with you out here.”

Your mom.

“Alright,” He stood up, not expecting the weak feeling in his legs - but he walked. “Will I be able to come back?”

“Of course.” The man answered,opening the door enough for Jimin to walk out.

Just as he did however, the nurse, suddenly panicked, darted into the room. Jimin, without thinking, turned back around and followed the nurse.

The machine that was monitoring your pulse had come to life, breaking away from the same beeping pattern he had been hearing all day. It was faster and that wasn’t the only big difference.

You were moving.

“We need a doctor in here!” The nurse shouted so that anyone in the hall could hear him. “Don’t move too much, Y/n, the doctor will be here any moment.”

“She’s waking up?” Jimin beamed, suddenly very happy.

The nurse only glanced at him, giving him a short, “You shouldn’t be in here right now. Please go comfort her mother.”

Without arguing, that’s what he did.

Later on in the afternoon, almost two hours since he saw you last, he was informed that you were up and on a liquid diet. Although, due to the fact that you just woke up, only one guest was allowed to see you at a time. The woman who had cried into his shoulder and wet his white tee went first. They were together for almost an hour before you had requested to see him.

Walking into a hospital room never felt so good. God, he was incredibly happy - but he was cautious.

“You’re awake.” He grinned, watching you weakly smile. “How are you feeling.”

“Someone asks me that every five minutes, can you ask something else?” You answer, making him smile.

“How’s the weather?”

“You asshole.” You both laughed, a feeling Jimin didn’t know he missed. “I heard… everything by the way.”

“Hmm?” Jimin hummed, wondering whether or not your mom decided to tell her how he had been absent for a week. “I’m sorry - I couldn’t get out of working until yesterday and I know it’s half-assed excuse, but-”

“No,” You stopped him, making him raise his eyebrows. “I heard you in here, talking to me.”

“What did I say?” Jimin asked, suddenly nervous.

“Well, you started getting sentimental and talking about the past and you wouldn’t stop apologizing.” You glared at him, pointing out that he did it again a few minutes ago. “Then you… confessed.”

“Yeah, I can’t exactly say I was joking.” He nervously chuckled, avoiding eye contact.

“I thought I’d have to say it first.” You commented.


“I waited too damn long to hear you say those words, Jimin.” You sighed and gave him a small smile. “But I’m glad you finally did.”

Protective (Newt)

{Requested by @imaginestayinggold}

Request/description: Cute Newt imagine where the reader is dating Newt and Gally is her brother. Gally becomes over protective and bans the reader from seeing Newt. Newt and reader become depressed and the Gladers can tell. Minho, Thomas, and Teresa really want the reader and Newt to be happy so they cover for both of them when they want to secretly hang out and fluff. Gally finds out and gets mad at first but then understands that Newt and the reader love each other and let’s them be together. Thanks :)

Warnings: None

Word count: 2026


Newt took your hand in his and you immediately smile up to him. He was the only thing that made you happy in the Glade, and you knew you were lucky to have him. Ever since you’d both admitted your feelings to each other, things had just been…different. The days brighter, nights shorter, the faces friendlier. It took a couple weeks for you to realize what you were feeling was actually love. You loved Newt.

Except, this was your only mistake too. When you told all of this to Gally, his features hardened and you knew immediately you shouldn’t have said anything.

“You can’t see him anymore, Y/N.” Gally states and stands from his chair.

You cross your arms. “Excuse me?”

Gally held out his hands in a open gesture. “I said you can’t see him. Look, your my little sister, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you. Especially not that shank.”

You shook your head. “First off, Gally, I’m my own person and I think I can decide who I see or not. And second, you’ve known him for longer than I have! You know how kind he is, hard working, perfect…” You trail off.

Gally huffs. “That doesn’t mean you two are perfect for each other. I’m sorry but it’s really for the best.”

And that was the end of the argument. No matter how much you yelled or pleaded back, Gally wouldn’t say another word. His decision was final.

Telling Newt was the hardest. You hated his broken expression when he heard that Gally didn’t trust him.

“What do we do? I-I can’t just stop being around you, I mean, we’re in a bloody concrete box for crying out loud.” Newt pressed a hand to his temples and you take it in yours, calming him instantly.

“We’ll find a way. Gally doesn’t own me. We just have to be a little more careful or else Gally will probably do something he regrets.”

Newts eyebrows furrow. “Like?”

“Convince Alby to put one of us in the Slammer or ban us from being together. Or say something stupid.” You think for a moment. “Well more stupid than usual.”

Newt chuckles and nods. “Okay.”


Gally must’ve known you’d try to go behind his back, because he wouldn’t let you out of his sight. Every moment he got, he’d keep you busy working or helping him with building. You caught him eyeing Newt multiple times too. How was this ever going to work?

After a full day of working with Gally, you sigh out of exhaustion and start to drag your feet to the Homestead. There was no time to see Newt tonight. If you missed any sleep, Gally would know from your sluggishness the next day.

You crawl into your bed and fall asleep instantly, wishing Newt was with you.


Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since you’d even gotten to get a word out to Newt. Gally might as well have chained you to himself, because you never got to leave his side. Every time you thought there was nothing left you could possibly do to help, he’d find something.

“Y/N, I need you to sharpen the ax,” he’d order.

“Y/N I need you to help me with sanding the wood,” he’d list.

Y/N this, Y/N that, you never got a break. You and Newt merely cast longing glances to each other when you were positive Gally wasn’t looking, which was rarely.

With ever passing day, you felt yourself returning to the dreadful state of when you’d first gotten here. You felt alone. Isolated. Hopeless. With your light taken away, how else were you supposed to find your way through this darkness?

When on your way to the Homestead for the night, Teresa, Thomas, and Minho stopped you in your tracks. Gally looked behind his shoulder and spotted them talking to you. Once he was sure Newt wasn’t amongst them, he turned back towards the Homestead. You huffed.

Teresa gave a sly grin and Minho had his usual smirk. Thomas just looked confused.

“We want to help,” Teresa said confidently and crossed her arms.

“With what? I’m pretty sure Gally has me doing everything he needs so…” you yawn from the sleep that seemed so close.

“Not with work, shank. With Newt. We can cover for you somehow,” Minho shrugged. “Just tell us when.”

After a minute of your exhausted brain putting the pieces together, a small smile slides onto your lips. “Really?”

Teresa nods. Her confident face turns sympathetic and she gathers you into her arms. “I’ve seen how you’ve been lately. You’re not…you. I miss seeing you happy. If this is how we can bring that back, then we’ll do it.”

She pulls away from the hug and you give her a grateful smile. “Thank you so much. Can you tell Newt for me?”

Thomas jumps in, finally on track of what was happening. “Already done. We told him you’d meet him for lunch. Deadheads.”

Your heart swells and a smile you didn’t know was inside you bursts out. “You guys are the best!”

Teresa nods. “We know.”


Lunch seemed so far away. From the moment you woke up, your heart was beating twice as fast, your hands shaking.

Working with Gally was difficult because of your obvious giddiness. You dropped things you usually would have a grip on, you’d ramble on to Gally about pointless things, and you’d often be caught day dreaming by him. He eyed you suspiciously but you would just clear your throat and look back to your work, like nothing was different. Eventually you plastered on the same tired, longing face you’d had on for the last two and a half weeks. That seemed to reassure Gally nothing was happening and you were satisfied.

But finally, it was almost time for lunch.

Gally had you holding a board for him while he rounded the edges when suddenly Teresa comes up behind him. She was holding a bowl of Frypans soup and she winked at you.

“Gally!” she exclaimed, scaring him half to death. Gally stood up abruptly and she dumped the soup on him at the same time, purposely making it look like his own fault.

Gally roared and turned around quickly. “What do you think you’re doing shuck face?”

Teresa put on a shattered expression and looked to the empty bowl that contained soup earlier. Her eyes teared up and she shook her head. “I-Im so sorry, Gally. I was trying to be nice…I was bringing you soup and I promise I didn’t mean to scare you!”

A tear rolled down Teresa cheek and you contain the knowing smile that hid behind your lips.

Gally takes a deep breath and nods, relaxing his defensive stance. “It’s fine. No big deal.”

He turns to you then and you still see a hint of annoyance in his eyes. “Look I’m going to, uh, clean up. You go to lunch, but no talking to Newt, got it?”

Teresa steps next to you but talks to Gally. “I’ll make sure of it myself,” she promises.

Gally nods acceptingly and walks off to the Homestead to find a change of clothes.

“He could be a while,” Teresa comments. “Minho and Thomas hid his clothes in two different spots.”


Seeing Newt was like breathing in after holding your breath for as long as you could. At first, you’re trying to breathe in as much as possible, but after that, its nothing but relief.

As soon as you see him in the Deadheads, there was no separating the both of you. Your arms were around each other and he held you tighter to him than he ever had before.

“I…I’ve missed you so much, Y/N,” he murmurs into your hair.

You laugh shakily. “I think I know the feeling.”

He pulls away for a second, takes in your features, and shakes his head in awe. “You’re still more beautiful than I can say.”

And so it continued on like this for a week. Every break in work or meal, you’d sneak away to find Newt in the Deadheads. You’d often lay under a tree together and enjoy being in each others company with your hands entwined.

Minho, Teresa, and Thomas would always find a way to discretely distract Gally for a little while, which you found hilarious. Your favorite scheme of theirs was when they snuck into the medjacks hut and stole laxatives from the cupboards. The next day, Gally was nowhere to be seen.

When you were sure the three were distracting your brother, you crept into the Deadheads and searched for Newt. You found him in no time, he was usually in the same spots every time.

Your lips found his and he held you close.

“I’m so glad I can be this close to you again,” you say truthfully. Just breathing his scent was enough to make your day seem doable.

“Yeah,” he laughs. “We really owe those three don’t we?”

“Well, Teresa and Minho mostly,” you comment. “I’m not so sure that Thomas knows exactly what they’re doing. I think he just likes to terrorize Gally.”

Newt laughs again and you’re about to meet his mouth when sticks snap to the left of you.

“You think you could hide this forever? That I wouldn’t notice every time something went wrong with me, you’d go missing?”

You freeze and Newts entire being tenses up. You step out of his arms and swallow hard. Gally.

“Gally, I-”

“Save it! I told you not to see him anymore! You brought this on yourself, Y/N.” Gally was breathing hard and you were sure you’d never seen him so furious.

But at that same moment, you didn’t care. “Fine. Tell Alby. Tell him whatever you want and get me thrown into the pit for a day. A week. Heck, even a month!” You breathe hard and continue. “I don’t care. You’re not going to change my feelings for him, no matter what you do.”

“Y/N,” Gally sighs, more fed up than angry. “I told you that you’re going to get hurt! Do you really want that?”

“Gally! The only one hurting me is you! Can’t you see that?”

Gally shakes his head for a second but his glance focuses on Newts fingers wrapping themselves around yours. He watches as your eyes flicker to Newts and your grip tightens. Your lips curl into a gentle smile that’s returned y Newts reassuring one. You loved him, and Gally could see that now.

A shaken Teresa and Minho burst through the trees in the Deadheads and stumble up to you. “Y/N! We can’t find Gally he’s-”

“Right here,” Gally sighs.

Minhos eyes go wide and he looks to Teresa. “G-Gally we were just looking for you to tell you that…um…”

“Save it,” Gally sighs. “I know what’s going on now. And, I think I understand.”

Your eyebrows furrow and Newt takes a step foreword. “Understand what?” Newt asks.

“That you genuinely care for each other. You’re in love, and even though I don’t remember what that feels like, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t. I’m sorry, Y/N. And Newt.” Gally clears his throat and scratches the back of his head. “I think I’m going to go get some of Frypans pancakes.”

Without another word, Gally exits and leaves the rest of you in pure shock. “Did…but he just…together now?” Minho asks and looks between the both of you.

You nod numbly. “Yeah, I think he just said we can be together,” you say quietly.

“About bloody time,” Newt mutters and presses his mouth to yours.

The moment your lips touch, Thomas enters quickly and rushes up to you. “Guys I just saw Gally leave the Deadheads and I’m not sure why but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to see that,” he pants and motions to you and Newt.

Minho shakes his head. “Come on shank lets go eat.”

“But Gally…” Thomas protests.

“We know,” Teresa laughs lightly and guides them both out of the Deadheads. “We know.”

are you really feelin’ it?

words: 895

The scrape on her knee is raw and angry, with spider-webbing lines of red rising from beneath the grime and torn skin. It looks awful, and Mari dreads to imagine what her bruised, battered face must resemble. She flinches when Kanan presses gauze to to her chin, and swears softly as the peroxide seeps into the wound.

“Hold still,” Kanan warns, the brush of her fingers soft against Mari’s cheek. She dabs at the scrape on Mari’s chin, maneuvering her tweezers with a careful hand. The sting of rubbing alcohol is unpleasant at the best of times–now, with Mari sodden and shivering, the sensation is almost unbearable.

“Ow…” Mari whines. Her lower lip brushes the wet cotton, and she wrinkles her nose at its acrid tang. Kanan draws back, eyebrows raised. “Kanan, it hurts!”

“Don’t ‘Kanan’ me–and of course it does! You fell flat on your face.” She taps the gauze against Mari’s nose. There is a scrape there too, and Mari winces at the sting. “If we don’t treat these properly, you might scar.”

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Requested by Anonymous

You slumped down on the last spare seat, your eyes feeling heavy. You kept closing your eyes and counting to five then opening them again, you told yourself you were ‘just resting my eyes’ but the fifth time you shut them, they didn’t open again untl you suddenly felt yourself being jostled. “Excuse me?” A gentle voice hispered, “this is my stop.”

You managed to lift your head up enough to look at the strngers intoxicating eyes. “I-I’m sorry,” you stuttered out whilst a crimson blush formed on your cheeks.

He didn’t have the time time to reply before he rushed off of the train and you were left feeling overwhelmed by the embarassment.

The next few days you would see that stranger on the train again and whilst you would smile at him in passing, you avoided hhim like the plague. Until two weeks later when the train was packed and once again the only avalable seat was next to the stranger, your feet ached from working all day and reluctantly you sat next to him. He smiled at you and you returned it, turning back to look out of the window.

“Just a warning,” he said, gaining your attention again, “I might be the one to fall asleep on your shoulder this time.” His voice came out hoarse and the bags nder his eyes told you all you needed to know.

“Work?” You guessed and he nodded his head to confirm your suspicions. “Yeah, that was the reason I…” You blushed, “it had been my first day.”

He let out a laugh, noticing your blush, “it’s fine, you’re a cute snorer.” 

“I snored?!” You put your head in your hands, hoping you could magically disappear and hide from your current shame. “God, kill me now.” You moaned.

Again the stranger laughed, “if you’d like to make it up to me then you could go on a date with me? On the weekend, when we’re both more awake.”

You blinked at him, “I don’t even know your name.”

He stuck out his hand, “Norman.”

“Y/N,” you introduced, shaking his hand and raising an eyebrow at the mans brashness. Though you felt like you owed him after the awkwardness of falling asleep on his shoulder and then avoiding him for to weeks. “And fine, I’ll go on a date with you.”

He grinned, “does this mean I might get another chance at hearing your cute snores?”

In reply you started uncontrollably giggling, and then you scoffed jokingly, “you could only be so lucky.”