your eyes im jealous

amalgam-of-limbs  asked:

your eye makeup looks so good im so jealous!!!! mine is always crooked and they never match ;_;

its okay my eyes never match i just do the best i can

also if its crooked like, the wing itself, use scotch tape like this (please put it on your hand or arm n peel it first or u will rip it off ur face and it will hurt)

hi everyone so i reached 2,000 followers and i can’t even begin to describe how thankful i am for that. im extremely thankful for each and everyone one of you and im also very thankful for all the friends i’ve made on here as well. you guys always put up with my lame textposts and selfies and always listen to me rant about how upset the boys make me and i really appreciate that so this is just a small way of me saying thank you for how amazing you all are.

special thanks to trina for the awesome edit x.

this is a post dedicated to all my friends and all of the awesome blogs i follow that make my dashboard hella rad.

even if you aren’t on here, i still love you a lot, probably more than you know ok :-)


((in no particular order))

bigbootyhood  : ok brianna so you’re super rad and i love snapchatting you and i hope one day you can set me up w that guy that looks like caluam in your class. im really glad we started talking because you’re hella cool.

✿ 420luke ✿ :ah the original homie. the one who got me saying homie. so you’re like my bestie in real life???? like i actually know you???? its so weird anyways ill probably be back at your house raiding your pantry soon so watch it ill be there soon. but on a serious note you’re hella pretty and are awesome and im hella glad we’re homies.

✿ antihemmo ✿ :sophie i seriously cannot explain how much i freaking love you. i love talking to you about our lives and boys and life and music and everything you’re seriously the best and you’re so gorgeous and nice and i really hope we stay friends for a while cus i seriously love our chats. 

✿ imintothebassist ✿ :tabitha yooo homie first off you look like mali ((and im forever jealous)) but i love dming you cus you’re super nice and im really glad we started talking and ily a lot a lot ok yay :)))))

✿ acousticirwin ✿ :oh my sydney where do i start. so first off i am literally so thankful that you decided to send me all those anons that one day and that now we’re friends bc i seriously love talking to you, you’re so fun and your hair game is so strong, im glad we’re so close and can talk about almost anything ily a lot 

✿ stopirwin ✿ :you are also one of the nicest people ever. you always reblog my selfies and i always reblog yours ((bc cutie)) and i just ily a lot and whenever you’re on my dash it makes me really happy and i love your blog stay swaggie

✿ hemmonia ✿ :laney where do i even start with you. you are one of the strongest, prettiest, and most amazing people i’ve met. im so proud to say we’re friends because you are a fantastic person ok. not to mention you are super punk rock. rock on my friend ily.

✿ fricklukehemmings ✿ :trina ok so you were also one of the first people i met on here and ily a lot you help me with your super amazing photoshop skills and i really appreciate all your help with stuff so thank you ily :-)

✿ 5saucemofo ✿ :hi lizzie so first off you are literally so adorable i cant even. you are also insanely nice and understanding, and i like how you’re always there for me the same way i always am for you. stay beautiful :)

✿ lashtonbaby ✿ :taylor okay so one im still jealous of your eyes i always will be. not only are you incredibly beautiful, but you are also one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met. and i love how you help me with my problems and are always there for me for everything. it literally means so much to me and i hope one day we’ll meet too because you’ve always been there for me and i really appreciate that. 

✿ diamondzayn ✿ :madi you were seriously my first friend i made on this site and ilysm i love how we always rant about boys and its weird that we live so close to each other one day we’re gonna meet its gonna happen im convinced. ilyy stay hot ok.

✿ calerm ✿ :hi kaitlyn so i know we dont really talk that often but every time we do i always laugh and really enjoy talking to you so i def consider you as one of my friends not to mention you have an incredibly hella blog ((one of my favs)) and yeah stay rad my friend.

woanderwall ✿ :dhvani you are so nice and sweet and supportive and i cant believe we’ve actually already met?? like i find that so crazy one day you me and amanda will all hang and its gonna be super awesome ily :–)

*bolded are my favorites. 

((this isn’t everyone i follow, just some of my favorites))




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Hey! Thanks for hosting this!!! My favourite part about myself is my eyes I guess?!😂 I’m whodafuqisa btw

***no problem babe!!! YOU LOOK SO CUTE IN THE DOG FILTER IM JEALOUS ALSO ALSO YOUR EYES AND EYEBROWS ARE LOVE and you have the cutest smile!!!! @whodafuqisa ***