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Suga Daddy: Part 9

Suga Daddy: Part 9 (m)

Word count: 8.2k

Genre/Warnings: angst, smut, dom!Yoongi, dirty talk, role-play (I’m sorry Yugyeom)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: It’s finally time for your showcase but Yoongi is nowhere to be found.

I know some of you have been reading this since the beginning and that’s crazy to me. Thank you so much for the constant support. I love you guys and Yoongi so yeah, onto the next chapter :) 

 Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

This week had been nonstop practice for you. You spent so much time at school or in your dance studio. The dance showcase was getting closer and closer but you were damn well ready. Plus like you had said, Yoongi was now at your place, at night like nothing had happened. He would come to your home, spend wonderful passionate nights with you, play with the dog and be gone before you woke up the next morning.

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It’s not that you and Minseok have bad sex, it’s just that the same thing every time gets a bit boring. So on one of his off days, you’d flopped next to him on the sofa and shoved an article about roleplay in one of your magazines at him. “This is what you want?” he’d asked, turning to look at you after reading the insert. You gave him a nod and pointed to a picture of a school uniform, which made him smirk. “You wish is my command.”

Here you were, the traditional school girl skirt sat on your hips, barely covering your white panties. Here you were sat at the kitchen table, the traditional school girl skirt sat on your hips, barely covering your white panties and the flow cut button up shirt. Your boyfriend was dressed in a black suit, with glasses, and his hair styled to the side. His visuals alone were causing a warmth between your thighs, and you could see he was just as aroused by the whole scenario just as much as you were. The black dress pants did nothing to hide his every growing bulge.

“Miss Y/L/N,” he slapped his hand against the table to break you out of the trance you’d slipped into. Your snapped your eyes up to meet his and gave a small smile. “Care to explain why you’ve stopped paying attention?”

You let out a quiet giggle, eyes flicking back to his groin before you leaned back in your seat. “I don’t think this is a time to be laughing, Miss Y/L/N,” he shook his head as his eyes trailed over you, stopping to take in your over exposed chest. “Pay attention, or you’ll be punished,” he warned, standing up straight so he could continue his lecture.

You tried to pay attention, but your mind wandered back to it’s little trance of how sexy he looked in his role and how the black pants fitted to his rear perfectly. “So, Miss Y/L/N, can you tel-” he folded his arms over his chest when he once again caught you day dreaming. “Miss Y/L/N, stand up,”

“What?” you blinked, before biting your lip and looking at him. “I said stand up!” his tone was harsh, and it caused a jolt to run through your body. “Alright,” you mumbled, pushing yourself up, hands coming to rest at your side. “Alright?” he brow rose as he approached you. “Are you sure you don’t want to re-phrase that?”
“Yes Sir,” you spoke slowly with a smirk as you folded your arms over your chest to match him. “Your attitude is poor, Miss Y/L/N,” he tutted, a hand moving to tap against the table. “You don’t pay attention, you show no respect, and to be honest, you’re a nuisance. maybe a long hard punishment will teach you how to be a good girl,” the words caused you to adjust your position so you could rub your thighs together.

“Bend over the table. You’re going to be sorry you’ve ever behaved like this,” you followed his demand, lowering yourself so you were leaning against the table, your white panties now on full display as the skirt moved. There was a painful silence for a minute, but then you felt his warm hand rub a circle on your left cheek. “Now do as you’re told for once and count,” he muttered before bringing a hand down against the clothed flesh.

“One,” you hissed through gritted teeth as the sting of his hand raced throughout your body. “Two,” another hit. “Three,” you whined, squeezing your eyes closed. “What’s up? Can’t take it?” you heard him say before a final slap to your rear was given. “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before being a brat.” He brought his hand to your hair, gripping at it to pull you up to his chest.

His breath fanned over your ear, causing you to shiver. “Now are you going to be a good girl for me?” His question was answered by your hips pushing back against him, rubbing yourself over his erection. “So it’s going to be like that?” he asked, hands moving to grip your hips and stop the motion. “It’s going to be like that,” you confirmed, a hand sneaking behind you to press against him.

“Get on your knees,” He growled, pulling away from you. You obeyed, kneeling infront of him, eyes looking up to meet his. “Let’s put you to good use, shall we?” you watched as his fingers unbuckled the belt and undid the zip of the trousers. “Open your mouth. Stick your tongue out.” Another growling command, another shock to your core.

He pulled his reddened cock free from the cloth prison to rub over your tongue. “Good girl,” he breathed as some of his own throbbing was relieved. “Perhaps I should be in charge of your mouth from now on,” he pushed into you, hands resting in your hair once more to keep you in place. Your own hands came to rest on his legs, trying to calm yourself from the slight panic that came with the new feeling of him in your throat.

After a few moments he pulled back, pulling your head back to inspect your panting state. “You can’t be bratty with a cock in your mouth,” he emitted a low laugh before tugging your head back onto him, his own head leaning back in pleasure. “Your mouth makes Sir feel so good.” Your eyes screwed closed as your breathing came into a rhythm. “Stay there.” He pushed you away from him once more and sat down on the chair you once occupied.

“Crawl to me and sit on my cock,” he removed the black trousers completely, discarding them to the side of the kitchen. You made your way as slowly and as sexily as you could over to him, hands trailing over his newly exposed thighs. “Don’t waste my time!” he exclaimed, pulling you up and guiding your hips onto him. “I’m a busy man, you little brat,” he ripped open the skimpy white shirt and let his hands squeeze your breasts, causing you to moan. “You like that?” a cup of your bra was moved, and his fingers pinched your bud. “You like being groped? I’m not surprised,” he mirrored the action on the other breast.

Your head lolled forward as the combination of his cock and assault on your nipples were dulling the tingling. “I don’t want to hear you. I’ve heard enough of you for one day.” He undid his tie from his neck and tied it around your mouth as a make shift gag. “You’re going to stay silent while I fuck you into obedience, understood?”

A whine escaped your lips while your hips moved slowly, though it didn’t last long, as he stilled you once more. “I’m in charge here,” he hissed. You didn’t think he’d take so well to the roll, but here he was, driving you mad, no, driving you to the brink of imploding. You waited in painful anticipation for him next move. You’d be grateful for anything he gave to you. “What’s that face for?” he scoffed at your screwed up face. “Don’t like wanting something and not getting it? Welcome to my world.”

His hips suddenly snapped into yours, causing your to jolt forward. “I try explaining to you,” another snap of his hips. “And you just do what you want,” he brought you slamming onto his length this time, forcing your hips to circle on him. “Ignoring me when I tell you to pay attention.” he shook his head, eyes not leaving your face as it twisted and contorted. “And now I can give you the one thing you want.”

He created a brutal rhythm with his hips, each thrust pushing your closer to your much needed high. This was amazing. He was amazing. You loved this man so mu-

At the feeling of you tightening around him, he stilled. “You think I’m going to let you cum?” he raised a brow, a hand slapping your rear. “You hold that in until I decide you can.” he hissed, gripping the flesh of your behind. “Fuck yourself down onto me.”

You bounced down onto him, desperate to get back to that cliff edge. You needed to run over the edge and dive into a blissful orgasm that would roll over you and sweep you away. The sight of you fucking yourself against him almost drove him over the edge. How could it not. His beautiful girlfriend in the (ruined) school uniform, with messy hair, red cheek and a gag in her mouth. He’d never imagine you like this. Thank god you read those magazines he always nagged at you for wasting your time on. Whatever you would suggest next, he would be up for.

A low moan left his lips as he came, his warm seed painting your walls. The grip on your hips tightened as he held you down against him. He thrust  a few times up into you as he floated back down. When his eyes opened, he was greeted by a whine from you. Another orgasm lost.

“Aww, I’m sorry,” he doted, pushing you up and returning you to bed over the table. “Don’t worry, brat.” His fingers ran over your folds, coating his fingers with his cum. You tensed up when two of his digits entered you and began the assault on your core. The impossibly quick pace revived the dying orgasm.

“Cum.” He demanded, bringing his hand onto your left cheek. Your body arched the best it could as you were finally rewarded with what you needed. His pace gradually slowed as you relished in the glorious climax, your body every so gently twitching.

You felt the tie be removed from your mouth, happy you could finally talk, but the material was quickly replaced with his cum coated fingers. “Clean them, and then get out.” Thank god for those magazines you waste your time on.

Pardon Me

pairing: lafayette x reader
words: 2800
warnings: none except this sucks lmao
summary/request: (from anon) from what I’ve read on history books, Lafayette is p clumsy. Could u do a fic where Lafayette tries (TRIES) to dance with the reader? Thanks!

Another ball, another opportunity to be bored to death while every bachelor (eligible or not) in Northern Virginia threw themselves at you. It was tiring, really, and you knew that the (usually) young men didn’t care about you or what you were like. All that mattered to them was the huge sum of money that you would inherit upon the death of your parents, who were wealthy Virginian socialites.

Your parents supported the rebellion and knew many of the men who served as driving forces behind it. There was never a week that wasn’t full to the brim with calls to make and balls to attend and host. Especially the latter.

Your mother was extremely superstitious about the whole affair. She wanted you to be married off before your twentieth birthday, some old family tradition of obscure origins. You disagreed with this philosophy and were extremely frustrated by the fact that she felt the need to host a ball nearly every other week. The sole purpose of these parties were to find a man of wealth who liked you. Somehow, the aspect of you liking the man was always overlooked.

However, all of your anger and frustrated thoughts flew out the window on the night the Marquis de Lafayette was a guest at your mother’s ball.

The day hadn’t been a great one. By your mother’s reckoning, she only had time for two well-planned balls before you turned twenty, not including the big birthday bash she was bound to organize. She ordered you to begin dressing five hours before the party even started. “You need to be ready. We’re running out of time to find you a suitor.” You had only sighed and given as respectful a yes, mother as you could manage. When it came time to begin preparations, you walked to your room, where your maidservant, Millie, who was about forty years of age (no one knew her date of birth for sure), waited.

“Hello, Millie,” you sighed.

“‘Lo, Mistress (Y/N),” she responded. “My, but you sho’ are lookin’ all down.”

“I know.” You heaved another sigh. “I’m just frustrated with my mother. It’s almost as if she thinks I like being squeezed into a corset for hours so that I can barely breathe and then being displayed to every single man in Virginia.”

“Now, now, Miss (Y/N). It cain’t be all that bad. You’re a pretty girl; why don’t you like all the attention?”

“It’s disgusting and tiring! The only men who come to Mother’s balls are bothersome wretches who don’t care a cent about me. They only see the wealth, the estate.” You gestured helplessly.

“I cain’t say I disagree. But you hafta make the best of it. And your mammy will have my skin if I don’t get you all fancied up. Now hold still.” It seemed as if you would never stop sighing.

First, you had to strip down to your chemise. Then, Millie laced up your corset so tightly you could hardly breathe. “Looser,” you gasped, as your cheeks filled with too-brilliant color and the room began to spin. She let out the strings and retied them. Much better, but still too tight. At least you could now breathe and had the illusion of a desirable hourglass figure. You hoped your mother was satisfied.

She had picked out a new dress with you a few days ago, a sweet ball gown that you had immediately fallen in love with. Your mother thought it wasn’t revealing enough, but after a few minutes of arguing back and forth, you won. “All right, but don’t blame me if not a single man is interested,” she said, feigning a resigned air with her palms upturned in a hopeless gesture. You knew it was modest compared to most of the dresses the other women would be wearing, but you didn’t want to show yourself off in that way. It was a beautiful dress and you knew it would be comfortable and relatively cool. As long as you felt safe, that was what mattered. As soon as Millie pulled it over your head and settled it, a grin crept over your face. You couldn’t help it, it just looked so pretty.

“That’s the spirit,” she said, grinning at you.

Next came your hair. After pondering for a moment, the two of you decided to leave off the wigs and unnecessary powder. You would wear your hair down in loose curls, with only a cluster of gardenias from your flower patch as ornament. You had your doubts that your mother would approve, but it didn’t matter. Then came the final touches—dancing slippers and a small pearl necklace and earrings—and your ensemble was complete. You were going to put on rouge, but your cheeks were rosy enough thanks to the corset cinching your torso. It had taken you an hour and a half to get ready, and Millie looked at her “massuhpiece” with a smug look of satisfaction upon her face.

“Well, Miss (Y/N), if you don’t find a man tonight, with you lookin’ so purty, then my name’s Mud.” You giggled; she never failed to cheer you up.

“It’s all your doing. Thank you, Millie!” You then made your way to your mother’s room for inspection, and knocked on her door.

“It’s me, Mother. I’m ready.” The door immediately opened.

“Come in, dear.” Her smile was soon replaced with a scowl. “Wherever is your wig?” she asked you. “You know you can’t possibly attend without one!” You sighed, any excitement now erased.

“I’m not wearing one, Mother. I want to be myself tonight.” She huffed.

“You are impossible. I wash my hands of the whole affair. If you aren’t married by your birthday, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

You stormed out of her room, not trusting yourself to speak, and back into yours. Millie was tidying the dressing area and she looked up, startled, as you came in and plopped angrily into a chair.
“Why, didn’t she like ya?” she asked, looking worried now.

“You can’t possibly attend without a wig,” you screeched in a perfect imitation of your mother. Millie’s face melted.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she cried. “I think you’ll find someone tonight! You have to!”

Your face gave way to a weary smile. “I’m glad you think so,” you responded. “But I have my doubts.”


You stayed in your room until it was almost time for the ball to start. Somehow, you got a grim satisfaction hearing the wheels of the carriages bearing their esteemed guests to the huge front porch of your mansion. You imagined your mother all in a tizzy, wondering where you were. And, as if she could read your mind, you heard footsteps by your door whose unique rhythm could only be hers. Bracing yourself for the shriek, you opened your door.

“Yes, Mother, what is i—”

“(Y/N)! General Washington is here tonight! With his aide-de-camps and a few of his generals! I need you downstairs now!” Your eyes widened. The most famous man in Virginia was here with his legendary right hand men? Well, at least this ball wouldn’t be lacking in interest.

You rushed down the large marble staircase, hiking up your skirts so as not to trip over them. Your mother followed behind you, muttering to herself. As you entered the dancing hall, you grabbed a card from a table and quickly signed your name at the top. This would be filled out by men and would determine who you danced with for the night. After laying it back down, your mother dragged you to a spot where there was room to move.

“Stay here. I’ll bring people to you,” she said, and disappeared into the growing crowd of people. You tapped your foot impatiently as you scanned the room, returning greetings absently as you searched for Washington and his companions. After greeting three very disgusting young men your mother threw hopefully at you, you realized a shift in the mood of the crowd. The volume had gone significantly down, and small whispers were being exchanged. All eyes turned to the door and you looked right along with everyone else as three men entered the room.

It was obvious who they were. Their military bearing and dashing good looks eradicated any doubt in your mind. General Washington, Colonel Hamilton, and General Lafayette.

Washington was flanked by the other two, one on each side. His bald head was covered by a cocked hat and his tea-colored skin was smooth and seemed to be at odds with his age. He smiled gracefully as he made his way inside. Hamilton looked slightly less polished, with a scruffy, small beard and long hair tied back in a ponytail. He looked around the room at the young women and you smiled. A wandering eye. He shouldn’t be much of a problem; he’d be flirting with another girl as soon as he was done talking with you. Lafayette was another matter.

Although he walked with the same military precision and confidence as the other two, he seemed—shy. He only looked up periodically and he bit his lip as if feeling awkward and out-of-place. He had chocolate-colored skin and black corkscrew curls pulled back in a bun. You secretly thought he was the most handsome of the three.

The quiet was broken by your mother, always the gracious host. “Ah, Generals and Colonel! Welcome!” She went up to them and spoke to them. You couldn’t tell what she was saying, but you knew it had to be about you. Your suspicions were confirmed as the foursome made their way over to you.

“My daughter, (Y/N) (L/N).” You executed a beautiful curtsy, as was the custom. Washington bowed and kissed your hand. Hamilton did the same. But as Lafayette took your hand, he looked into your eyes and smiled.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle.”

“Good evening, sir,” you responded. “We are honored with your presence tonight.” Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Hamilton glance at Washington and grin conspiratorially.

A few minutes later, most everyone had arrived and your mother announced the start of the dancing. You made your way to the card table and picked it up. Your heart raced as you saw the first name. Marquis de Lafayette.

The music began, signaling five minutes to the first dance, and you quickly found him. “Hello again,” you said, smiling shyly.

“Bonjour, mon amie.” He kissed your hand again, and you thought you could almost detect a faint blush rising upon his cheeks. It was hot in the room, however, and you quickly brushed off the color as having to do anything with you. You didn’t realize you were staring at his face until he grinned, a huge smile that stretched ear to ear and made your heart pop up into your throat.

“I am not very good at dancing,” he said. “I am afraid such a—how you say?—accomplished lady as yourself shall be very tired of me before long.” You shook your head.

“It's—it’s all right,” you told him. “I’m not very good myself.” The music began, for real this time, and you shyly placed your arm on his shoulder and he put his around your waist. It held you firmly but tightly, and you bit your lip as color rushed into your face as well.

You began stepping. You knew this dance well, as your mother had forced you to spend hours with a dancing tutor who was “the best of the best.” Lafayette started out in time with the music, but quickly fell behind.

“I am sorry,” he apologized, knitting his brow in intense concentration. You found it very cute.

The dance now called for you to spin away from each other momentarily and then spin back. You executed your twirls perfectly, but Lafayette was still behind and you stumbled as you grasped for an arm that wasn’t there. You let out a strangled gasp as his arms wrapped around you. He smelled of cologne and wool, a scent that was foreign but somehow made you feel comfortable. You looked up and smiled at him, but quickly grew embarrassed as you realized you were still in his arms. Disentangling yourself quickly, though regretfully, you hastily began dancing again. Thankfully, the two of you were the closest couple to the door and no one had seen what had happened.

The dance went without a hitch for the next few measures, but then Lafayette stepped on your foot. “Oh, pardon me, amie,” he cried, sounding distressed. You just smiled.

​​​​​​"It’s all right.“

"You are very talented,” he remarked, as the dance pulled the two of you closer.

“Thank you,” you responded, not believing him a bit. The dance was now coming to an end, and he kissed your hand once more. The look he gave you was lingering and soft, so soft, and your cheeks felt like they were melting. In fact, your whole body seemed to be softening up like butter, and you couldn’t keep an idiotic grin from stretching your face.

“I shall see you later,” he said, and made his way into the mass of people, leaving you feeling as if you were missing something, something you didn’t know you needed.

You were snapped out of your reverie by a male voice. “Miss (Y/N)?” it asked. You turned and saw Colonel Hamilton.


“I believe I have the pleasure of the next dance.” You smiled at him and took his hand.

The two of you spoke as you danced. He was incredibly intelligent and shared many of the same views you did, abolitionism in particular. You found yourself liking him very much, but your mind never strayed far from the Frenchman in the room. You secretly looked around the room as you spun until you spotted him. He was standing against the wall, a champagne glass in his hand, and he was watching you. You started and blushed at the sudden realization.

The night went on as you danced, the two of you sneaking glances at each other whenever possible, looking away if you made eye contact, which happened a lot. But it wasn’t until the last dance that you spoke to him again. He was the last name on your card, and as you looked at it happily, he came up beside you.

“Are you of the opinion that it is stuffy in here?” the handsome Frenchman asked.

“Yes, I was just thinking that myself.”

“Would the mademoiselle care to accompany me outside?” You nodded happily. There was a side door leading to a flowered balcony, and it was the perfect place to spend time with someone—quiet and secluded. As the two of you made your way to the door, you looked behind you to see if your mother was watching. She wasn’t, and you were grateful. You knew she would disapprove.

The night air was blessedly cool, and you let the soft breeze blow across your cheeks and lift tendrils of your hair. Lafayette was admiring the flowers. He picked a fragrant honeysuckle blossom and hesitantly reached out to you. You smiled up at him and he tucked it behind your ear, its perfume wafting into your nose.

“I am very sorry about earlier. I have always wished to dance well, but have never been able to achieve such a goal.” He looked embarrassed and your heart melted.


“Please, call me Lafayette.”

“Lafayette—” a smile “—you were my favorite dance of the night.” A look of genuine shock came over his face, and before you knew it, you had intertwined your fingers with his. He softly rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb and you let out a small sigh, the first happy one of the day.

“(Y/N), I know that we have only known each other a short time and your beauty and talents far surpass mine, but—may I have the privilege of writing you?” He was visibly flustered now, and you couldn’t help but love him more every second.

“It would be an honor,” you told him, and he let out such a lovely laugh of triumph, shot through with such boyish joy, that you reached up and kissed him softly on the cheek. He grinned down at you like you were the world, and stroked your hair softly. He hesitated only a moment before placing an equally tender kiss onto your forehead.

“We should go back in,” you told him. “My mother will be delighted to hear that I’ve finally found someone.”

  • RUSSIA: It’s a short list, Latvia. Two things we don’t allow in here. What are they?
  • LATVIA: Dogs and your sister.
  • RUSSIA: That’s a very short list, isn’t it?
  • LATVIA: Yes, but...
  • RUSSIA: What?
  • LATVIA: You were quite insistent that an exception be made.
  • RUSSIA: But I’m not to be trusted, am I?
  • LATVIA: No, sir, but...
  • RUSSIA: Stop. Shut up. I have to go, but if I find one single dog hair when I get back, I’ll rub sand in your dead little eyes.
  • LATVIA: Very good, sir.
  • RUSSIA: I also need you to go buy sand.
  • LATVIA: Yes, sir.
  • RUSSIA: I don’t know if they grade it, but… coarse.
Close as Strangers: Chapter 8

Close as Strangers: Chapter 8

Word count: 5.2k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

You had sadly, gone back to school and gotten back into the swing of things. You and Jungkook were still going strong and still tutoring for English. It was getting closer and closer to your and Jimin’s birthday. Jungkook had been planning your birthday party, furiously. It was a little annoying, you had to admit. Your whole thing was that you didn’t want a big party but you knew you weren’t getting that. Jungkook was trying to make it nice though, so you had to give him props. He was apparently very good at party planning but you just weren’t a fan of parties. You didn’t want to be around a bunch of people you didn’t know well, being the center of attention.

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Surprise...Part 14

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13)

It was hard for you to get to sleep that evening but, eventually, you nodded off.  Your mind had been swirling and you had wanted to groom yourself, not because you expected intimacy, but because if Tom wanted you in anything other than sweatpants, you wanted to be sure you were ready.

But when you rolled over in bed to stretch, you saw something hanging up on the inside of your door.

With a note attached to it.

Furrowing your brow as you get out of bed, you pad over as you take in the garment bag, and you take the letter in between your fingers as they shake with nervous anticipation.

Sliding the note out of its envelope, your eyes began to flicker across the words:


Wear what is in this garment bag, and nothing else.  I hope that you have slept well, and when you step outside of this room, I want you to follow these exact guidelines: 1) come into the kitchen, 2) make yourself a cup of your favorite hot drink, and 3) come sit down beside me on the couch.


Looking back up at the garment bag, you put the letter on your bedside table as you take it off of your door and slowly begin to undo the zipper.

Pulling the fabric out as you study the beautiful pieces and parts, you hold it up as a pair of lacy, silky, dark orange panties and push-up bra go tumbling to the floor.  But that didn’t matter to you, because the dress you were holding was absolutely stunning.

The white, flowing fabric was dotted with red polka dots, and the sleeveless dress had a heart-shaped bodice, a dipped in waist, and a skirt that fluttered out and hit you just below your knees.  The 3 inch heels matched the exact red in the dress, and the fabric was so soft you were sure you would sleep in it that night.

So, you went to get ready.  You put on the dark orange push-up bra and panty set, slipped yourself into the dress, zipped yourself up, and studied yourself in the mirror.

He had nailed your size correctly in everything, and you wondered how in the world he had actually done it.

Fluttering your hair out, you decide to twist it up into a french twist and put on some matte pearl earrings just to finish off the look, but thought back to his note about wearing only what was in the bag.

You didn’t want to go against his wishes, so you put the earrings back.

Taking in a shaky breath, you ventured downstairs, your heels clicking across the floor as you take your time making your favorite cup of coffee and slowly make your way over to the couch.

There he sat, reading through a book.

He didn’t look up at you as you walked around, and he didn’t look up at you when you sat down, but when you finished your cup of coffee leaned forward to sit it on the table, he finally flickered his eyes over to you.

And he had to hold his breath for a moment at your appearance.

“Good morning,” he says as his eyes finally find yours.

“Good morning, sir,” you lull lightly.

The smirk that traveled across his face made you shiver internally.

“You look incredible,” Tom smiles.

“Thanks,” you smile as your cheeks begin to blush.

“Lean back,” he commands.

You slowly leaned back into the couch as he leaned back as well and turned towards you.

“Here is how today is going to go,” he begins, “you will do nothing.  You will not clean, you will not cook, you will not get yourself anything.  If you want something, you ask me, and I will retrieve it for you.  Whether it be a drink, or a snack, or a meal, or a book, or a movie to watch…you ask.”

You were so confused…wasn’t this what you were supposed to do for him?

And your confusion must have registered on your face, for the breathless chuckle that escaped from between his lips settled your core as your brow unfurrowed.

“This is what I want,” he begins lowly, “and I will get what I want.”

And you nodded lightly before your first request barreled into your body.

“What is it?” he asks.

“I’m…I’m hungry,” you state.

“Alright,” Tom smiles.

Wasn’t he supposed to go cook you something?

“You have to ask, darling,” he lulls.


He gave you a stern look.

“Uh…sir,” you corrected quickly, “could I have something to eat, please?” you ask.

“Coming right up,” he smiles as he pushes himself off of the couch.

The entire day had been like that.  You had requested a book to read, and you crossed your leg as he sat on the couch and read with you.  If you were thirsty, you asked and he provided.  If you wanted to watch a movie, you asked and he found you one.  If you wanted a snack, you asked and he retrieved.

But there were things you hadn’t considered that began breaching this curious world you were indulging in.

There came a point in the day where you had gone to the bathroom, and there wasn’t any toilet paper.


You didn’t think, and you stopped yourself from going to the bathroom as you put yourself back together to step out.

But you remembered what Tom had said that morning.

“Sir!” you called out.

And Tom came rushing down the hallway.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“Could I have some…”

This was odd, and not at all the type of odd you expected.

“Yes?” he asks.

“…toilet paper?” you ask lightly as your entire neck flushes.

And he smiled at your reaction as he chuckled.

“Be right back,” he says as he turns and walks off.

There was another time, as dinner started to wind down, where you needed another napkin to clean up a drink you had spilled.

And you asked politely for napkins.

But not only did he give you those napkins, he cleaned up the mess for you as well.

And it was really getting to you.

“I thought you were supposed to be the dominant one?” you blurt out as your eyes widen.

Tom’s eyes darkened as he walked over and threw the napkins away.

“This is hard for you, is it not?” he asks.

It was.

It was hard, having someone do everything for you all the time.  You were self-sufficient.  Independent.  You prided yourself in that aspect.  If you made a mess, you cleaned it up.

“Yes…sir,” you say meekly.

“’Dominant’ is a relative term, and one that is usually misinterpreted,” Tom begins, “’dominant’ does not always mean commands and control.  Sometimes ‘dominant’ means you simply listen.  ‘Dominant’ means that whatever I ask you to do, you can trust that there will never be any ulterior motive.  ‘Dominant’ is not just a commanded state, it is a privilege to hold in the eyes of someone else.”

It was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard, and you felt your eyes water at the idea.

“’Dominant’ does not mean merely bossing around, Miss Y/N,” he lulls as he turns his darkened gaze back towards you, “’dominant’ just simply means the one who is trusted enough to be obeyed.”

You watched as he pulled out the kitchen table chair and sat down beside you.

“I chose to formulate today exactly this way because I knew it would draw you out of your comfort zone in a way that you have never experienced.  You take commands and expectations from people everyday as your job.  Me telling you to do dishes in high heels would have been no different from the way you live your life now,” Tom lulls as he reached over with his hand and took yours.

“But today, you gave me something that you don’t even realize is imperative to a lifestyle such as this,” he says lowly.

“A-a-and,” you stutter, “uh…what uh…what was that?” you choke out.

“Faith,” he says simply.

Now you were really confused.

“The trust between us, I believe, has built well before this point,” he says as he squeezes your hand, “but having faith in someone means trusting them, even though you are uncomfortable, to never steer you wrong, or into hurt.  You gave that to me today, and that is not easy.”

You thought back on the day, and how uncomfortable it made you that he was running around for you…but he was right.

You had faith in his ability to protect you.

“I suppose so, sir,” you say breathlessly.

You hadn’t realized that you had been holding your breath.

“Now,” he clears his throat as he stands up, taking your hand with him as you stand.

“…dance with me,” he says lowly as he pulls you close.

And you melted into his body as he began to hum a song you vaguely recognized in your ear, slowly dancing you across the kitchen floor as the dirty dishes sat out, untouched.

Motivated (Mycroft x Reader)

Title: Motivated

Summary: Mycroft hasn’t been enjoying exercising, so the reader decides to help motivate him creatively by working out with him
Author: Maddy @laterthantherabbit
Words: 1950
Characters/Relationships: Mycroft x Reader
Warnings: None I think, a bit of swearing. Sexual implications

Author’s Notes: A big thank you to Vanessa for allowing me to write this idea of hers! I loved it and I hope you guys enjoy this fic!


Mycroft had always been a bit self-conscious about his weight. After being teased relentlessly in his early childhood and having that teasing continued into his adulthood by his brother, he had always maintained a strict regime of exercise and diet. When you two had first started seeing each other, you had made sure he became comfortable enough around you to not be so occupied by how many kilojoules was in a meal and about how many minutes he needed to exercise to keep his weight constant. Eventually, his insecurities seemed to become faded in your presence, even if they resurfaced when he wasn’t with you.

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

You exited the cafeteria, still a little steamed from the confrontation between you and Peter. You refused to call him Pan, for you thought that it was just a stupid nickname.  The bell rang, thankfully, you can finally start your day so it can end quickly.

Heading to your first period, you heard cat calls from behind you. Groaning audibly, the speed of your walking picked up, but so did theirs. One of them jogged up to you, placing their hands on your waist, holding you in that spot.

“Heyy, Mary. Tryna run away from us yet again, I see.” You cringed as you recognized the voice. Thomas. You elbowed him in the stomach, making him topple over in pain, as he let out a low groan. 

“Don’t put your filthy hands on me!” You glared, looking back at the rest of them, making eye contact with a certain Brit, his smirk proud on his face, but his jaw seemed to be clenched…as if he was irritated by something. 

Ignoring it, you head into the classroom, while Thomas regained his breathing and stood up straight again.

“Damn…she’s got a good arm-OW!” Thomas yelped, as a hand smacked the back of his head. He looked behind him, Felix and Newt were quick to point at Pan. “What’d you hit me for, man?!”

“Keep your hands off her, I told you she was mine.” Pan growled, teeth gritting in anger.

Thomas’s hands flew up in surrender, never seeing his friend so mad before. Pan shoved passed him, walking into the classroom as well, leaving behind his friends to stare at him in confusion. 

“Alright, class. Take your seats, open your textbooks to page 395.” The teacher, Mr. Holmes, announced to the class. 

You sat in the middle of the class, setting your things down. Then, Felix sat on your right, Newt on your left, Thomas in front of you, and what do you know. Peter sat behind you, resting his feet on the back of your chair.

Sighing heavily, the box of boys around you smirking. Not giving them the satisfaction, you opened up your textbook to the right page, and began to read. 

“Okay, so you may all know that Criminal Justice is no laughing matter, but it shouldn’t be used as a boring subject. So, for a little fun, I have conjured up a little scavenger hunt, and courtesy of our new student joining our class this week, Y/n L/n,” Peter whistled flirtatiously now that he knows your name, making the class snicker and you roll your eyes. “You will be partnered up, and I have already picked them, and shall read them from this list.” 

The class groaned at the news, as Mr. Holmes grabbed his list and started reading from it. “Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. Issac Newton and Candace Flynn. Peter Kay and Y/n L/n-”

“Wait, what?” You froze, looking up at your teacher in shock. “You’ve got to be kidding, right? I-I can’t work with-”

“Oh, but he insisted, since he’s been in this class longer than you have, and doing very well, so I think he’s an asset as your partner. The winner of the scavenger hunt get’s 10 extra credit points on the next assignment we have. Are you sure you want to switch partners?” He raised an eyebrow.

You turned and looked back at Peter, seeing him wink at you, wearing that cocky smirk he loved to use so much. Closing your eyes for a moment, you responded. “No, sir.” 

“Good. Moving on. Elsa Arendale and Jack Frost…”

As he continues the list, you heard Peter’s chair creak, meaning that he was leaning forward. He was now close enough to where you could feel his breath on the back of your neck. 

“Looks like we’ll get to know each other after all, Y/n. L/n.”

Apple of My Eye

requested by @gelattuan:  “ Hyungwon with the quote “In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.”. :)” <3

ship: Hyungwon x [y/n]

word count: 2112

a/n: hi! i hope you guys like it and im sorry if it took me a long time to write this ^^’’ i apologize for any grammatical error and credits to the owner for this gif! 


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You were just merely a hat maker, working under your Mother’s wing. Every single day there was this customer of yours who couldn’t take his eyes off of you. It’s not like it bothered you or anything but the thought of him staring at you made you wonder. You were just some plain ‘ol jane making hats for people and if compared to the other girls out there, you were just probably on the eight or ninth scale of the beauty chart… well that’s what you thought. 

The young man’s family has been one of your Mother’s long-time customer and it was amazing to hear that he was the first third-generation of their family to continue their footsteps in having their hats made at your Mother’s shop. He was tall and slender like his father. His eyes and lips reminded you of his beautiful mother, who would always have her hat made by you. Overall, he was a beauty made by such beautiful couple. 

Young ladies who would see him would swoon over his good looks and his slender figure. And you, yourself, are guilty of swooning over him when you first saw him but now that you always see him, you’re still guilty. It’s not that you’re used to seeing his face every other day, but the fact of him staring at you would always make your heart beat run wild.

And in fact, today’s the day when that young man visits the shop again at exactly two in the afternoon. The hands of your co-workers moved gracefully, fingers tightly holding onto the needles as they touch up some unwanted flaws on the hats before handing them to you.

Carefully observing the different ornaments right in front of you, you picked up a pale orange ribbon and checked whether it suited the tan fedora hat. Unsatisfied of the color combination, you angrily push away the ribbon from your sight and let out a groan. It has been hours since you’ve been working on that damned hat.

“Urgh! I think I need to go and ask Mother about this.” you grumbled and picked the hat off your table, carefully holding it to prevent any dents or folds. You were too preoccupied to notice the young lad, who just entered the room with such grace, staring at you. His gentle yet tired eyes followed you until you entered your Mother’s workplace.

“Good afternoon, Sir! Please, take a seat.” Lily, your Mother’s secretary, ushers and immediately prepares some tea for the young man. “It’s my first time to see [y/n] enter her Mother’s workplace. Is something bothering her?” The young man asked out of curiosity after receiving his tea. He then hands her his coat and hat which she immediately hangs on the coat rack beside the door.

“She’s been working on this tan fedora hat since this morning and I think she finally exploded.” Lily quickly gave out the information, making the young man nod his head in amusement before standing up. “Please excuse me, I think I’ll go see Mrs. [y/m/n].” 

([y/m/n] - your mother’s name)

Lily instinctively took the tea from the young man’s hand and flashed him a smile, “Alright, Hyungwon. You know her workplace so I’ll just be here at the counter if ever you need anything.” The young man named Hyungwon nods his head and proceeds to your Mother’s workplace.

Hyungwon carefully stops right in front of your Mother’s workplace upon seeing you almost out of your wits when your Mother hands you a cranberry ribbon and the shop’s stamp. A knowing smile slowly crept up on Hyungwon’s lips when your Mother took notice of his presence. “Hyungwon-ah, come in. Honey, [y/n], can you stay for awhile?”

Nodding your head, you obediently sat right back down on your seat and watched Hyungwon sat down on the chair right in front of you. “Now, I have two tickets here with me and I want the two of you to spend the whole afternoon at the carnival.”

Carnival? The two of us? you mentally asked yourself as you narrowed your eyes at your Mother. You couldn’t help but ponder on the words that came out from your mother’s mouth. Does she believe that someone as beautiful as Hyungwon would hang out with her own son? Glancing towards Hyungwon’s direction, he didn’t seem unfazed at the sudden invitation and he even looked like he was in for it.

Looking back at your mother, you couldn’t help but think that she was right in believing that someone like Hyungwon would hang out with you. 

“Here is your pocket money and Hyungwon, you can bring my daughter back before ten in the evening. Your parents and I would just hang around back at our place, alright? Now, carry on!” 

Before you knew it your mother has already pushed the two of you out of the shop. The weather was great, the breeze wasn’t too hot nor too cold for the two of you to die. The streets were buzzing with gentlemen and ladies of different families and here you were, standing side by side by the well-known Chae.

“Shall we go?” Hyungwon asks with a smile as he offered you his arm. Stammering at such gentle gestures, you let out soft ‘yes’ before linking your arms with his. The two of you walked in sync and there was not a second when people didn’t turn to look at the two of you.

Hyungwon was someone who’d be gradient as light while you were just someone who’d only be seen at the shop making hats. Whispers of those passersby buzzed like bees and it was slowly getting to you. You hated the attention and the stares that they gave you.

You unconsciously tightened your grip on Hyungwon’s arm as you looked down on the ground. Glancing around his surrounding, Hyungwon was quick to catch on that you were becoming uncomfortable with the attention. Without hesitation, Hyungwon pulled you to another route where there were fewer people. 

“You okay?” He casually asked as soon as the two of you were away from the crowd. With his sudden gesture, you couldn’t help but feel the heat rising up from your neck up to your cheeks, turning it into an embarrassing reddish hue which Hyungwon saw right away. “Y-yeah, I’m okay.” you stammered while trying to get your beating heart to calm down.

Smiling at the sight, Hyungwon lets out a soft chuckle before transferring his gaze back into the road, only to see the carnival just meters away. “We’re almost there.”

The place was filled with various booths with various games and decorations. Visitors from different places came, may it be children, or elders. The bright and vivid colors gave life to every single booth and you couldn’t help but admire the people who made this carnival a success.

Looking around, you spotted a poster that said there was a magic show currently going on, which you immediately tugged onto Hyungwon’s sleeve before nodding towards the small tent. Your footing became lively and a big smile was plastered on your face when the two of you got in the tent. 

The sight of the magician pulling out a rabbit out of his hat was the only thing that made you hold into Hyungwon’s hands before pulling him down to take a seat beside you. Your hands never left his and this was something that made Hyungwon warm on the inside. Your eyes twinkled in fascination and throughout the whole show, Hyungwon just couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Every time you break into a big smile, Hyungwon wished that time would just stop and have this moment last forever. Feeling Hyungwon’s stare, you turned your head towards him and flashed him a smile. “What’s wrong?” In response to your question, Hyungwon just shakes his head and looks at the magician, only to be notified that the show has finally ended. 

“Oh, it’s finished already?” Hyungwon aks as he glances down on his watch. Time flew by so quickly that it was already five in the evening. “Was the show that long, [y/n]?” Hyungwon asked as soon as the two of you left the tent.

“Yeah! The show was really amazing though. Like, I wondered where those things came from and how it fitted that small hat of his.” You blabbered while looking straight ahead. Hyungwon just nods his head as his eyes trails down to your hand, which was long gone from holding onto his.

“Do you want to eat some corndog?” You casually asked as you looked back at Hyungwon, who had his hands stuffed into his pockets. “A corn dog sounds nice right now.” 

Stopping right in front of a food stall, you ordered two corn dogs and was about to pay when Hyungwon immediately hands the man the payment. “It’s alright, my treat since it’s our first time hanging out after twelve years.” 

“Twelve years?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him. It seemed like he knew something that you didn’t know. “What do you mean twelve years?” You asked once again to which you only received a look from Hyungwon.

“You don’t remember?” He asked with confusion written all over his face. You shook your head and received the corn dog from the man and handed him his share. Grabbing the ketchup, you squirted some out from the bottle and into the corndog. 

What was Hyungwon talking about? After twelve years?” Was there something that you’ve forgotten about? Staring at Hyungwon with anticipating eyes, he places the ketchup back into the tray and links his arms around yours. “You’re quite forgetful, munchkin.” 

Munchkin? you gawked at Hyungwon. Who in the world uses the word munchkin as a tease? But then suddenly, it somewhat ringed a bell. There was always that older kid who’d call you a munchkin when you were young. He somewhat had an uncanny resemblance with Hyungwon until you’ve finally realized that it was him all along.

“You were that kid who used to come at our shop every single day?!” You gasped and pointed your corndog at him. “Yeah, you seriously have forgotten about me aye?” 

Flushed by his remark, you give him a light pinch on the arm, making him burst out laughing at your reaction. “N-no, I did not! You just…. changed into someone who’s very… handsome..” your voice trailed off at the end, making him look at you with a teasing look.

“What was that?” 

“Nothing! Now, c’mon and let’s go ride the ferris wheel.” You quickly changed the subject and pulled Hyungwon towards the ferris wheel and immediately got in without any problem.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a break.” you heaved out as you looked at Hyungwon who sat right across you. “When Mrs. [y/m/n] offered you some days off, you turned her down and now she’s given you tickets to this carnival, you only realized it now that you haven’t taken a break from making hats.”

“Well, I didn’t know that it was fun to hang out with someone whom I’ve spent my childhood with. And why didn’t you tell me at the shop that we’re childhood friends instead of staring at me the whole time?”

Hyungwon shrugs his shoulder before looking out at the view where the lights looked bokeh in his eyes. “And it’s not like I’m that beautiful for you to stare for I don’t know…. two hours?” 

Looking at you with a surprised look, Hyungwon scoffs before flashing you a smile. “ In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.” Gawking at his sudden confession, you immediately looked away and tried to hide your blushing cheeks. “W-what the heck, Hyungwon….”

“It’s true. I’d rather stare at you since you’re someone whom I consider as beautiful.” He pauses as he slowly takes your hand into his, making you look at him. 

“And I’d also stare at someone who’s gotten my heart beat like crazy ever since we were still little.”

Badump, badump, badump….

It felt like everything stopped for a second. Your heart was pounding so loudly against your chest that you were scared that he might hear you. His eyes was filled with admiration that you didn’t realize that his face was inching closer and closer until both of your lips touched. It was just a quick peck but it already meant something for the two of you. 

Flushed at the sudden skinship, you couldn’t help but let out a groan, making Hyungwon laugh.

“Seriously, Chae Hyungwon?! Don’t do stuff like that!!”

“I love you~”

“….. Urgh….. fine…. I love you too….”

Rome, 1888 (oq au)

my fifth entry for the @oqpromptparty, friday. 
199. Robin & Regina meet & fall in love in their 50’s.

He was in Rome since, merely, a week, and he was already in love. Not with a woman – it was entirely too early for that, although his caring nature could have eased one’s way in his heart and gained his affections. He was in love with the city…

His cousin, Margherita, had so kindly proposed an Italian escapade – at her place, she’d written, in a morning letter, to mellow his gloomy mood and cheer him up, for he was too shamefully sad and she didn’t think it was wise nor healthy, too brood after his late wife.

Marian had died after an exhausting sickness which the doctors couldn’t treat. Their son of thirty, Roland, had come back from America – a long trip by boat, he’d missed the funeral, but said he wanted to be there for his father. Robin had relished his grandchildren’s love, children he’d seen for the first time. But Marian and his memories were craved in his heart, and staying there in the very same house where they’d created those memories was simply too much. Roland had soon noticed the deterioration of his manners, patience and moods.

Margherita’s invitations had come one day, as he was having breakfast with Roland and his wife Grace. Come here with us, Margherita had written, this air and this sky will do wonders for your mind, you’ll go back as a new man.

So Italy it was. A long journey, preceded by the goodbyes to Roland and his family, the hugs with his grandkids and his daughter-in-law. He’d given orders for the house to be looked after while he was gone. The servants had splayed white cotton pieces of fabric above tables and sofas, and some of them had gone to work elsewhere, as he didn’t know when he’d be back in England. Margherita and his husband had welcomed him with kind words and a behavior that was – maybe – a bit too coddling for his liking. As if he were a convalescing man, they’d lower their voice when passing ext to his room on the first day, until he’d asked them to stop, that he wasn’t sick, he was melancholic.

But then, Rome had bloomed in autumn, and the season of dancing and great meetings had reopened. It was lively, the capital, and Margherita’s house was in such a perfectly situated place, that he’d fallen for blue skies, the nearby fountains and the roman ruins.

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Actions and Consequences - part 2 of 2 - Jonsa

“Oh isn’t he just adorable”?! Jon’s mum cooed as she rocked and bounced little 3 month old baby Eddie where she stood in the middle of their living room.

“Yes, yes” Ned said with a little frustration as he swiped the baby from Lyanna’s arms and deposited him into Jon’s with a more satisfied look upon his face. “There you go lad, time to find out about being a man”.

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Admitting You Have A Problem (Bruce Banner x Reader)

Another Bruce Banner Request! I’m so glad he’s getting all the love he deserves!<3 If this was your request and you didn’t like it I’m sorry please request again, but I really hope you enjoy!


“Sit!” the sharp demand of his best friend had Bruce Banner almost dropping the beaker of chemicals in his gloved hands.

“Tony what do you want?” Bruce sighed, not even bothering to look back at the intruding billionaire or follow his unusual command.

“We’re having an intervention. Now sit.”

“Who is doing -whoa.” As Bruce turned around to face Tony he noticed that his best friend wasn’t the only one interrupting his research time. Every other Avenger was sitting in his lab in a large circle. Well almost every other Avenger. “Where is (Y/N)?”

“She’s gone. Now for the last time come sit down!” Tony picked up an empty chair and dropped it back onto the ground. The clattering noise of the chair’s metal legs on the tiled floor only seemed to set Bruce’s nerves more on edge.

“Tony…” Bruce’s voice was starting to sound more like a growl as he approached the circle of his friends. “Where. Is. She?”

“Benner calm down.” Steve spoke up from the other side of the circle. Even the intense stare of the doctor’s greening eyes didn’t faze the captain. “We sent her out to go get Thai food in Brooklyn.”

“Alone?! Are you crazy?! She could get hurt!” He was about to run and chase you down but Thor caught his arm and forced him into the chair.

“Brother Banner she will be fine. It is you that all of us are starting to be concerned about.” Thor’s proclamation shocked Bruce enough that he stopped struggling to escape and stayed firmly planted in his seat.

“Me? Why are you concerned about me? I haven’t let the Other Guy out on accident in a while and I’ve been better than ever!”

“We know,” Natasha spoke up from her place between Steve and Clint. “But the fact that you were about to go chase down a world renown fighter to ‘save her’ from the dangers of getting Thai food lets us know that you aren’t seeing your actions in the same light we are.”

“Nat’s right.” Clint rarely used his serious voice, but when he did you knew It was something important. “Your knight in shining armor act is starting to effect your work and our work as a team.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bruce denied.

“Yes you do,” Tony called him out. “But we knew you would say that so we’ve all thought of examples that prove our point. Capsicle’s up first.”

“It was when I was first introducing (Y/N) to the team.”

~Steve’s Story~

“Hey guys!” Steve walked into the common room of Stark Tower. Everyone was lazing around in their usual spots and a collection of muffled hello’s made Steve roll his eyes. “Guys! This is (Y/N)! She’s going to be joining us, so if you could all be just a little friendlier?” You and Steve were soon surrounded by superheroes as everyone came up to greet you.

“Hello beautiful!” Tony wriggled his eyebrows and caused you to laugh as you shook his hand.


“Don’t worry about him,” Natasha bumped Tony out of the way with her shoulder and offered you a perfect smirk as the billionaire toppled over. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can be friends.”

“Me too!” The greetings never seemed to end as new teammate after new teammate came up to greet you. Everyone except for a man with curly brown hair who was watching the group of you from across the room at the bar.

You slipped out from the circle of your new friends and made your way over to the handsome man. “I don’t think I caught your name?”

“Oh. Um. It’s Bruce. Pleasure to meet you,” he gave you a timid smile as he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets.

“No handshake? I promise not to kiss your knuckles like Tony.” Your teasing sent a blush up the mans face, but the accompanying smile told you it was okay.

“Sure. Why not?” His hands were firm and warm, and a few minutes later when Steve came over to offer to show you to your room you realized you had never let go.

“Oh! Thanks Steve!” You turned to say goodbye to Bruce, but his eyes were fixed firmly on Steve’s.

“Actually Cap I can do it. I’m sure it’s been a long day.” Bruce’s tight smile made Steve speechless as he had never seen the timid doctor act like this before. “Come on (Y/N).” Steve had continued to stand speechless as Bruce had grabbed your hand and knocked Steve’s shoulder on his way out of the common room.


“Ok, so I was nice to a new team member? How is that a bad thing?” Bruce asked in disbelief as Steve finished his story.

“Bruce you basically staked a claim on her right then and there!” Steve’s eyebrow was quirked as he folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair.

“Yeah,”  Clint scoffed in agreement. “Which made missions pretty damn hard might I add.”

~Clint’s Story~

“You ready to go?” Clint was leaning in your door as you lazed about on your bed watching Netflix.

“Ready to go where?” You asked the archer confused. You weren’t scheduled to go on any missions today… were you?

“We leave for Morocco in 15 minutes!” You could basically hear the panic in Clint’s voice. You almost had a heart attack until you heard s voice from down the hall.

“Actually I’m coming with you!” Natasha came jogging into view with a black bag slung over her shoulder.

“I thought you were scheduled to go on an undercover mission with Banner this week?” You had stood up to join the two assassins in the hallway.

“Change of plans,” Natasha explained as she gave Clint a meaningful look.

“Banner again?” Clint asked with a tight jaw. Your look of confusion was ignored by the two assassins as they continued to communicate nonverbally. You were about to ask what was going on when Clint spoke up and started walking down the hall. “I’m going to talk to him.”

“I wouldn’t,” Natasha called out as she started walking in the opposite direction towards the elevators. “I already tried and he wasn’t exactly being cooperative.”

“Fine,” Clint huffed as he turned on his heel and started following the redhead. He passed you in the hallway and gave you a sympathetic look before joining Nat in the elevator. “But someone’s got to talk to him eventually!”


“People change mission partners all the time!” Bruce defended himself.

“That was the third time you had done that!” Clint threw his hands up in aggravation. “And you’re supposed to change partners based off the skillset you think you’re going to need, and honestly for an undercover mission you really should have taken Nat. I needed (Y/N) in Morocco. You jeopardized two different missions because of that.”

“I’m sorry,” Bruce rubbed his hands down his face and took in a deep breath. These stories were starting to get to him and he didn’t know how much more he could take.

“What’s better than the missions are the reports you’ve started giving to Fury.” Tony’s quip lightened the air and Bruce sat back in his seat as he awaited yet another story.

~Tony’s Story~

You were all sitting in the debriefing room after a team mission and you were exhausted. Everyone was covered in dust and rubble and were begging Fury to finish so you could all go take a shower.

“Did you hear me agent (Y/L/N)?!” the director started walking over to where you were curled into the cushioned office chair slightly dozing. However before Fury could get any closer Bruce pushed his chair out from the table and stood between the director and you.

“I think you should finish your debriefing sir.”

“Excuse me Banner?” Fury’s one good eye showed a level of shock none of the Avengers had seen in it before.

“I said you should finish. Your. Debriefing. Sir.” Bruce’s eyes flashed green as the Other Guy didn’t like the idea of Fury challenging him.

“I want to see you after the meeting Banner.”

“Ohhh Bruce is in trouble,” Tony sang like a school child, but quickly shut up when Steve kicked his shin under the chair. 

Bruce sat back in his chair, but pushed it closer to your own as he rejoined the table. The tenseness in the air remaining long after the meeting was over.


“I mean I’m all for standing up to Eye-patch, but you usually leave that up to me and Spiderwoman.” Tony added on to the end of his story.

“What have I been doing?” Bruce whispered as he stared at his hands hoping he had suddenly learned how to read palms and they would explain all of his recent actions.

“That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you Bruce.” Natasha said gently. “It’s ok to want to protect your team mate, but it’s starting to effect your personality.”

“But I’m not trying to protect just a team mate,” Bruce stood up and started pacing around in the middle of the circle. “I’m trying to protect the women I love. I love her. I can’t let anything happen to her I can’t let other guys get near her, or let her go on a dangerous mission without knowing I can be there to protect her, or let someone get near her if they don’t have the purest intentions in mind. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to stop.”

“You could ask me out?” Bruce’s head whipped around at the sound of your voice. You were standing in the doorway of the lab with a bag of Thai food in your hands.

“(Y/N),” he looked at around at his friends as they all avoided eye contact with him. He had been set up! “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough.” you laughed at the cliché but quickly coughed to cover it up when you noticed no one else was amused. “I’ve been here since the start of Tony’s story.”

“But why-”

“Are you going to ask me out or did I memorize your favorite order for nothing?” You interrupted him before he could go on to another long tangent.

The lab was quiet as everyone waited for his answer. “Sure. Why not?” He held out his hand just as he had the first time you met, and pulled you in for a passionate kiss. You could faintly hear the sounds of whoops and cheers from your friends, but they melted away as Bruce brought you even closer.

Right before the door closed you could hear Tony ask, “Um can I get my food?” as Steve dragged him out of the lab. Leaving you and Bruce to have your moment.


Requests are open! And I think I’m going to try my hand at Ships so if you send me a short description of yourself I’ll say who I ship you with and give a little story of some kind!

Good Vibrations (Adventures with dom!Dean, part 2)

Requested by several anons: a second dom!Dean fic using a vibrating toy. I kind of just mushed all the similar ideas together and came up with this, so I hope you all enjoy some dom!Dean filth, based on this imagine. (Part one of the dom!Dean adventures here)

Word Count: 1932

Warning: SMUT, light bdsm, sex toys, orgasm delay

A/N: I am having a lot of naughty fun with dom!Dean. Any ideas for part three?

The cool air of your bedroom chilled your shower-dampened skin, and you hurried to towel off and get dressed. As you were drying your legs, you noticed a gift bag on your bed. Confused, you read the tag before opening the present.
“I thought maybe you’d want to have some fun tonight? Wear this.”
You grinned at Dean’s hastily scribbled note. After last night’s game of truth or dare, you were excited to see what he had in mind. Carefully, you reached into the bag and pulled out black lace panties. As you held them out in front of you, you realized that they weren’t just panties. They were vibrating panties. You could only assume that the remote that controlled them was with Dean.

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rose-of-yonezawa  asked:

Scenario. Zen meeting MC's family and relatives. Then there's that one annoying aunt who bugs tge life out of poor MC until Zen makes a snarky comment to shut her up. 😉 (Yes; I actually have an aunt who annoys the life out of me)

Today is the day of the family dinner which Zen’s gonna join too. You are too excited but worried because your aunt’s gonna be there too. You love her but you hate the fact that she always makes stupid comments about your life and the amount of money you earn.
Zen comes -you know he is nervous but he tries to act cool- he brought flowers and a present for the house.
You all start dinner.
“So you are M/C’s boyfriend, huh?” here, your aunt starts.
“Yes he is, yeah. Did you like the meal sweetie?” your mom tries to change the subject and asks to Zen.
“Yes, sir. It must be the best I’ve ever had.”
“Oh, thank you Zen.” says your mom.
“Can M/C cook this well, too, Zen? Because i know how her cook skill is.” your aunt starts again.
Zen looks at you but you just smile at him to make him relaxed.
“To be honest, she cooks really well.” Zen smiles at your aunt.
Your dad met Zen before the dinner because he wanted to talk with him alone. You know their relationship is good.
“How’s work going on, Zen? I know it is a weird question becuase since we see you on TV all the time, it must be going well.” your dad asks.
“It goes well, thank you.”
You feel better because things started going well.
“Your job is good okay but wouldnt M/C block you?” your aunt starts again.
“Why would she?” Zen asks with a relaxed face.
“You are the best, Zen. We all now you. But M/C’s job is not like yours and she’s never been the best about something. She is not as rich as you, too. Public wouldn’t like her, huh?”
The whole family stops eating and stays in silence. You feel tears are about to fall from your eyes but you can hold yourself.
“Sir, she is good at everything and the best for me. You don’t have to worry about me, you should worry aboyt your niece. I’m not good enough for her because she is a fallen angel.” Zen winks to you. You feel you re blushing. You smile at him.
“Sure I will worry about YOU. It must be hell for you with M/C.”
You see Zen getting angrier. You look at your mom and dad but seems like they got angry too.
“Sir, you know what? With you existing, I already am in hell.” Zen smiles and “sorry, but I dont think I belong to a place where M/C gets bad comments.” he stands up. But your mom stops him.
“I dont think YOU are to leave.” your mom holds your aunt’s arm. “You are to leave. I dont want my daughter to feel bad. She doesnt deserve these comments. Also, thank you Zen. To give me to power to let my sister go.”
You see your aunt blushing because of anger. She says nothing but takes her things and leave the house. You get shocked. But you feel happier. You feel safer. You understand that ZEN is the one. You look at his face and see the smile in his eyes.
“I love you” you say with all of a sudden. Your dad starts coughing. When you understand what you’ve done right in front of everyone. You blush.
While everyone helps your dad, Zen comes and whispears to your ear “I’m deeply in love with you.

Note: Hope you like it.

Strangers on a Plane

Not requested: I’ve been working on this for a while, I thought it was cute, I hope you guys like it. It’s really long so to avoid spamming your dash I put a read break. There’s a mention of chracter death, but it’s just a mention. No one dies. ^-^

❤️ -izzi


“Good morning,” you were saying, along with other variations of the greeting to anyone made eye contact with you, smiling and making small talk where appropriate. You were in a talkative mood, excited to be going somewhere. Flying was a real hassle, but you were determined to spend you last days somewhere happy, and you were going to get there in style. You didn’t really have a care in the world until you stopped to pick up a baby blanket a woman had dropped and accidentally got in someone’s way.

“Oh, I’m sorry, good-”

You were cut off by an angry glare and harsh words. “Stay away from my boyfriend,” the woman glared and it took you a moment to realize it was Juliet Simms.

“You have a nice day,” you told her, refusing to let her dampen your spirits. You ran your hand over the BVB shirt you were wearing protectively while she glared at you. “Enjoy the flight,” you said, moving past her.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” she spit at you and you didn’t say anything.

On your way to your seat you passed Andy and he saw your shirt and smiled.

“Good morning,” you told him, not missing a beat, or breaking your habit.

“Good morning to you too, I like your shirt,” he chuckled and you laughed lightly.

“I should hope so, it does have your face on it,” you said and then started to move past him. “Enjoy the flight,” you told him and he smiled brightly.

“You too, nice stranger girl,” he said and you smiled politely before moving past him. An elderly man caught your eye and you smiled at him.

“Good morning, sir,” you smiled brightly, you’re already cheery mood just a touch brighter.

“Well someone woke up on the right side of the bed. Good morning sunshine,” the man said, and you smiled.

“Wrong side or right just waking up is enough to make me happy,” you told him and he chuckled.

“You’ve got that right, these old bones waking up in the morning is a miracle in itself.”

“Old? You hardly look a day over forty,” you told him, stretching the truth a tad, but he was a sweet old man.

“A day over seventy is more like it,” he chuckled. “You enjoy the flight, now missy, don’t let the dark haired witch get you down.”

You pursed your lips to keep from laughing. You were fairly sure he was referring to Juliet.

“I won’t, sir,” you assured him and he chuckled.

“It’s good to see some cheer in the youth these days. It seems like even my forty year old son doesn’t know how to see the good in a day.”

“Well, sometimes the bad fogs the good,” you admitted, and he nodded.

“True, but fog doesn’t last forever,” he reminded you, and you smiled.

“It sure doesn’t,” you smiled at him. “Have a great flight”

“God bless you,” he said and you smiled.

“Thank you,” you didn’t believe in God, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t acknowledge the fact that he’d just wished the highest honor he believed in on you. Blessings were kind whether you believed them or not.

Two rows behind the old man was your seat, which was a window seat next to a woman and her baby. She looked at you apologetically and you shook your head. “Good morning,” you whispered, since the child was asleep.

“Good morning, I’m sorry you got stuck by me,” she said, but you shook your head.

“It’s no big deal, I work at a day care, crying children don’t bother me anymore,” you told her, and she smiled.

“How old is she?” you asked and the woman smiled, and you realized how young she was, nineteen at the oldest.

“Two years,” the woman said and you chuckled.

“Terrible twos?” you asked and the woman made a face.

“You have no idea,” she shook her head and smiled, “but I love her to death anyway.”

“I really don’t, but I used to watch the two and three year olds, so I have a little experience with kids that age,” you chuckled. “She’s beautiful,” you told her and she smiled.

“She is, I keep telling Damien, her father, that she gets it from him, but he insists that she looks just like me,” she said and you smiled, looking at her.

“I think you two look a lot alike. There’s definitely a blood relation.”

“She not mine,” the woman said quickly and you nodded.

“I’m sorry, it still looks like there’s blood relation, see, she has your nose,” you told her, pointing out the child’s feature and she smiled.

“Yeah, she was my sisters kid, she was five years older than me.”

“Was?” You asked, and the woman teared up a little bit. “I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped-”

“No, no you haven’t, I’m sorry,” She said, dabbing her eyes. You took your emergency tissues out of your purse and offered her one. She smiled and thanked you, taking one and dabbing her eyes delicately.

The flight attendant did her safety thing, and then the plane took off. The child started crying immediately and you helped the woman calm it down. Once she stopped crying she was quite sweet.

“Andy Biersack is on this plane,” she murmured, pointing to your shirt, and you giggled, nodding.

“Yeah, I met him earlier,” you explained, and she giggled too.

“God, he’s gorgeous,” she said and you smiled.

“I suppose,” you glanced between the seats and caught him glance back at you. You smiled politely, remembering Juliet’s words. You weren’t afraid of her as much as you just wanted her to have a good flight, and thinking someone was ogling her boyfriend probably wasn’t going to help her do that.

“So, how long have you been working with kids?” The woman asked you, placing an iPad in front of the child and putting a set of headphones on it so it could watch whatever cartoon she’d put on.

“Since I graduated,” you told her, and she nodded.

“You seem like a good person to deal with kids. I saw the way that woman bitched at you earlier, and jeez, was that uncalled for,” she rolled her eyes. “Can you say jealousy?”

“I’m sure she had her reasons,” you said, never really comfortable trash talking someone, especially someone whose situation you didn’t know.

“Well whatever they were they weren’t good ones. You of all people deserve to be treated well, you’re a saint.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” you denied and she shook your head.

“Nope, you’re a saint. I’ve decided it, and that’s final,” she said crossing her arms and giving you a stern face.

“I accept your high honor,” you laughed and she smiled.

“So why are you going to California?” She asked, and you frowned.

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do,” you told her, your mood dampening for a bit, but then you cheered up immediately.

“Oh, cool, anything in particular you wanted to do?”

“No, I’ll just wander around for a couple of days,” you said evasively.

“Oh,” she said, and you smiled.

“Excuse me,” you heard a low voice say, and you looked up.

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CEO Luke | part four


Tears. Oh my god there are tears coming. You shook them away but you felt like your heart crashed and broke into tiny bits of pieces. You felt like your body was melting and burning with pain. You knew you were just hooking up but you thought it meant something more to Luke. Guess not.

“O- oh. Okay.” You need to get out of there. He already caught you teary eyed, you can’t let him see you breaking down. “Goodnight Mr. Hemmings.” You walked out the door and grabbed your things. The moment you stepped inside the elevator you officially broke down. You slid against the wall and curled up into a ball. Why were you even hurting? Clearly you were just a hook up to him. You vowed to yourself that you’ll never cry over boys. The elevator opened and you slowly stood up, wiping your tears with you handkerchief. You looked down as you went out but you bumped into someone’s chest.

“Y/N? You okay?” You looked up and saw your co-worker Calum. He is one of the cutest guy in the office and you wouldn’t deny that you had a crush on him the first time you saw him but it stopped the moment you became friends. “Why are you crying? C'mon I’ll give you a drive yeah? I’ll just grab some things in my table. I’ll be quick.” You nodded and waited for him in the lobby. You didn’t want to bother him but you felt heartbroken enough to refuse. When he arrived he quickly guided you to his car not knowing that Luke saw the both of you.

He was heartbroken too, you wouldn’t believe that. It wasn’t up to him. If he had a choice for that matter, he’d still be the one holding your waist and driving you home, not some guy from the office. But his dad had to intervene. Apparently some worker, which wanted to remain anonymous, had told his dad about his affair with Y/N. He didn’t want to disappoint his dad so he had to go break her heart and god does he regret it.

He wanted to scream for you, to fight for you, but it would cost him the company. He was afraid that his dad would take the company from him. Something that he had prepared for since he was a kid. Something that he had work for, blood and tears, for years. He liked you so much, he has been ever since you went inside his office with a coffee in your hands, trembling with the tone of his voice. He had never felt a connection before with someone, not until he met you.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine here? I swear I can stay for a while Y/N. We can order some takeout and curse all the boys while eating ice cream too.” You giggled. For a while you managed to forget to be sad. You told Calum what basically happen to you and Luke. Well more like you cried to him while he tried to understand every mumbles you said. “Ice cream and cursing does sound tempting.” He laughed then went out to get the both of you ice creams.

The next morning you were hit by the sudden realization that you and Luke are no longer a thing. You wanna cry again but quite frankly you were a bit numb. “Hey Y/N do you want a ride to the office?” Calum called up early in the morning check you. He was such a good friend to you. You were never close but he was always there to help you and you get along well. “Yeah that’d be great.” You hung up and prepared for the day.

“Calum please this is just one time I promise. I just can’t face him right now.” You were near to kneel on the floor and beg for him to just take the coffee to Luke’s office. “Just make the damn coffee Y/N. You need to face him okay. It’s one step closer to moving on.” You groaned. “Fine. Treat me ice cream afterwards?” He laughed at you. “Fine but only because you I don’t want you to look like death just like yesterday.” “Meanie.”

The both of you were laughing when somebody cleared their throat. You stopped in your tracks when you saw who that person was. “Good morning Mr. Hemmings.” Calum greeted him you mumbled the same and refused to meet his gaze as you fix him his coffee. “Y/N meet me in my office after you make me my coffee.” You nodded at him. You picked up the coffee and you heard Calum mumble a good luck to you.

You entered his office and you could see he was pissed. His jaws are clenched and his shoulders tensed. “It hasn’t been 24 hours.” You were confused. “Excuse me sir?” He glared at you. “It hasn’t even been 24 hours and you’ve already moved on.” You wanted to scream no!! That you haven’t moved on, that you still have him in your mind. “I’m sorry sir I don’t think it’s any of your business.” “Of course it’s my business! You’re here fucking crying when I ended things and now you’re here parading your new boy. You better stop that or else I’ll fire you and that boy. I don’t care. What? Are you trying to make me jealous?”

You stared at him and slowly made your way in front of him and slapped his face. He was taken back with your actions and quite frankly you were too. “You have no right to say that when you’re the one who ended things with me. Now I have to go, I have some papers to fix.”

It hurts so much for him to see you with Calum like that. For you and Calum it was just some harmless office mate banter but in Luke’s eyes you were both flirting with each other. He was furious, he wanted to just fire him so he couldn’t see the both of you like that. He couldn’t bear seeing you happy with another guy. Why did he mess up like that? He needs you and he knows that he had to make everything right.

A few days after, you were still ignoring Luke. Whenever he tries to talk you would just reply with short answered and leave already. All you did was busy yourself with paperwork and arrange his meetings. As you were fixing some papers Luke entered your office and look at you straight in the eye. “Cancel my remaining meeting and meet me in my office in 15.” You were about to say something but he was already out the door.

You knocked at his office and went inside. You widened your eyes when you saw Luke’s father. “Uhm. Good morning sir. Would you like some coffee?” He nodded. “I do. I heard from my son that you make the best coffee, apparently.” You blushed but still nodded. “That isn’t something I’m here for though, the coffee can wait. Now what is this rumor I heard about you and my son?” If there’s any possibility that your heart could stop beating and still live, it’s probably right now. “Uhm Sir we were don-” “No I would like to hear is what you feel about my son. Do you like him?”

Somehow you felt like you wanted to be eaten by the floor now. “Answer me Ms. Y/N” you gulped. “I do like your son sir but we know what we did was a bit unprofessional and I apologize for that. I didn’t want to cause any distractions sir and if you fire me I’d understand.” He chuckled and you felt more embarrassed. “Now why would I do that to one of the best employees here huh?”

You were confused now. Where was this conversation going, you thought. “You see, my son talked to me the other night. He said some things about you. Do you wanna know what he said?” You shook your head. “He told me all the things he knows about you!” He laughed and you were still quiet. “He just came barging in and listed down all the things you like and all the things you hate. I felt like sleeping already! Not that you’re boring Y/N but he just won’t stop talking until I shouted WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!!” He shouted with a hint of amusement in his voice. “Now I know I’m saying a lot of bullshit too so I’m just gonna get to the point.” He stood up and walked towards you.

“My son always fights for his company and his self only. He never even fights for me! Yet here is trying to fight ME for You. He wanted you so much that he is willing to be against me just to be with you. Do you get what I’m hinting at?” He didn’t even let you answer when he said. “Get out of this office so we could get this over with. Now.”

You hurriedly went outside. You were confused what the talk was about. He looked amused and happy but it looks like he was mad and you didn’t want to get to the bad side of Mr. Hemmings. As you turned around after calmly closing the door you were greeted by some confetti explosion and you were surprised with what you saw.

Luke was there standing wearing his perfect suit on him, holding your favorite flowers with a big smile on your face. Your co-workers were standing behind him and looked at you knowingly. “Y/N. For such a long time, I’ve never felt a connection with someone. You were the first person I’ve ever opened up to. You were the first person I realized that I’m willing to give up everything to. When my dad came here and told me that he knew about our affair and he needs me to end it, I got scared. So scared that I’ll lose everything. But I didn’t realize that YOU were now my everything. You know how I suck at emotions so I guess what I’m saying is that I love you. It might be too soon, I know, but I’m sure. You don’t need to answer that first but I do have some question for you.”

He snapped his fingers and some of your co workers held out papers with letters that spelled out “Will you be my girlfriend?” Your jaw dropped then you looked at him and he smiled at you. “Y/N Y/L/N will you be my girlfriend?” You cried as you ran to him and shouted “Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” Everybody cheered and he spun you around. You looked at your side and you saw Mr. Hemmings smiling at the both of you and clapping along with the others.

“By the way, Ms. Y/N where’s my coffee?” “Dad stop ruining our moment”

a/n: idk that ending was kinda cute. 😂 so that’s it for ceo!luke !!! Thank you to everyone who supported this series! Love yall. 💜 Requests are still open!!


daddy - 4/4 preference

this was originally a request for luke but i’d posted tinglies already and i have so much luke smut i thought a preference would be nice. im kinda just gonna blurb it tbh


“y/n?” michael called from the living room, his voice sounding stern and a bit frightening. bouncing down the stairs, you stood in front of him, hands behind your back. “yes, daddy?” you asked, eyes big and innocent. “did you have a good day with your hand down your panties? hmm?” your body tensed as daddy stepped closer to you. “did you use the toys daddy bought for you? did it feel good? c'mon, princess tell me.” “i-it felt good, sir. really good..” you whispered, closing your eyes. “hm, well, i guess ten spankies and no cummies should teach you not to touch without my permission, right?” he spoke with a smirk, 


sitting on the couch, you watched a movie as luke fixed u a sandwich for you. you’d politely asked him if you could have something to eat since you hadn’t eaten all day and he willingly complied. “here you go, babygirl,” he smiled, handing you a paper plate. “thank you, daddy” you grinned. after scarfing down the food, you felt your pink parts get tingly and daddy’s hand on your thigh definitely wasn’t helping. moving your hips a little, you attempted to move his hand further up. “what’s wrong, princess?” he wondered, looking at you. “papa, please touch me.” he looked shocked at your outburst, but smirking as his fingers trailed along the inside of your thigh.


you’d been feeling lonely, so you’d decided to crawl up onto daddy’s lap, laying your head on his shoulder. as his arms went around you, you nuzzled into his neck, breathing in the familiar smell of sweat and the wonderful ologne he never ceased to wear. “hi, bug,” he said softly, kissing your temple. you smiled at the nickname, kissing his neck tenderly. you felt his body shiver at the gesture, a feeling of empowerment overwhelming you at the effect you ad on him. “hi, daddy,” you laughe quietly, trailing a hand up and down his chest. “daddy, can i touch you?” he looked down at you, a bit shocked. “w-what?” “i wanna give you cummies, daddy. can i please give you cummies?” he smiled softly, nodding. “yeah baby, you can give daddy his cummies.”


“dada!” you yelped, his hand smacking against your backside one last time as you fell onto the bed, breathing hard. “have you learned your lesson, kiten?” you could hear the smirk in his voice, practically see him biting his lip as he rubbed his hands over the rounds of your ass. “how’s princess’ pretty little cunnie doing?” he slides his fingers over you, immediately becoming soaked. you hear him laugh lightly, your heart tugging as you keen for more of his fingers. “want daddy to give you your cummies, now?"