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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 
Ten is such an angel, he can’t rest after you’re finished until he knows you’re okay, comfortable, and happy. He’s out the bed faster than you can catch your breath and returning with a warm rag and some water because he ‘wore you out, you need to rehydrate’ before he will even allow you to cuddle up to him and go to sleep.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Ten has an almost unreal obsession with your eyes, I think he’s a pretty loving…lover…so he likes to keep eye contact, seeing the lust and affection in your eyes, knowing they mimic what you seen in his. Aside the fact he just thinks your eyes are the more beautiful thing he’s ever seen, he can read your emotions like a book, knowing he’s hit the right spot when your eyes widen or when you’re close when they flutter shut. We all knowaside from his noseTen’s dancer hips are where it’s at, and he knows it too. His hips are the main reason that he gets to see the look of pleasure cloud your eyes, his hips play a huge part in his dancing that he’s pretty proud of, why wouldn’t that carrying over to the horizontal tango, right?

C = Cum 
Ten’s a pretty passionate lover, he doesn’t voice this but he thinks it’s kind of degrading to just…jizz all over you for no reason, 9/10 he’ll cum in you/the condom #RubberUpForDanKids. Then it’s his unspoken job to make sure he’s cleaned you well before you carry on with your day, 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Ten’s not a dirty boy by nature, he’s pretty sweet and innocent, and that’s how the majority of your relationship is; sweet and innocent. So the fact that he may or may not have had a rough night, and may or may not have jerked off to one of your completely goofy snapchat pictures is a secret he’ll take to his grave. How could he tell you he touch his dick to a normal picture of you with dog features, c’mon. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I’m 119% sure Ten is the most innocent baby you’ll ever meet, like this boy seriously gonna get all awkward and look away when some girl popper her booty like cmon…..he’s soft. Even his teacher said he was more interested in dancing than in girls, so I think he’s one of the boys that’s going to be a clean slate and you have to teach him a lot of stuff, mold him into your perfect match.

F = Favorite position
Again, Ten’s pretty much a clean slate when it comes to sex, and he’s the sweetest and most loving boyfriend you could hope to find, he rarely ventures beyond missionary. He likes the full on contact, and being able to look in your eyes, kiss you easily, it’s a comfortable position for both of you. If anything else, he’ll spoon you so he can still hold you, but on the norm, he’s just a missionary guy.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Because Ten is kinda awkward seeing sexy things, and he doesn’t seem like he really has any experience, I imagine he’d be full of nervous giggles the first few times, not really knowing what to do and more focused on listening to what you’re telling him to do than anything. But after he gets the hang of it, I’m sure he’ll still be a ball of fun, he’s kind of a meme too, he can’t even keep the dorky smile off his face while he’d dick popping to Hide And Freak, he’s a dorky mess in the sheets too.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Like Johnny, we’ve seen his tummy quite a few times and it’s pretty darn clean, not even a trail of hair, so I think he’s pretty cleaned down there too. Plus I think I’ve even seen pics where he had no pit hair either…like he waxed or shaved his armpits….so yeah, he’s a clean baby.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Ten is that boyfriend that is THE boyfriend you want, he’s got matching couple cases with Johnny, c’mon he’d be the cutest, sweetest bf ever. He’d treat you like royalty, after he may or may not have watched one too many romance movies, it’s not uncommon for him to at the very least have soft music playing and mood lighting, even candles decorating the bathroom when he decides you need a relaxing bath that he so happens to join. He’s not much of a PDA guy, so he goes all out with his love expressions here, to let you know how much he really loves you and appreciates you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Ten’s a very good dancer, he practices a lot, so you’re not always around. As long as there’s a lock on the bathroom door, he will deal with his situation. Not that the lock helps much, Ten’s not very good at keeping his voice under control, whether it be with you or just his hand, everyone knows what’s going on when you hear Ten’s incoherent moaning.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I don’t see Ten having many kinks, if any at all? I just think we hype his sexualnessthats not a wordup way too much, he really seems pretty vanilla to me. Not that that’s a bad thing, but Ten seems really basic and standard. If anything, praise might be a slight kink, adding to his motivation, but that doesn’t really qualify entirely.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Besides the comfort of your bed, the only place he enjoys doing the do is the bath, he takes full advantage of the bathroom having a spacious bath, and the sneaky way he pretends he just wants a bath to relax with his lover. We all know if you get in that bath, you’re going to end up dirtier than when you got in. And the best part about bath sex? You can just get clean again…and dirty again…and clean again…

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Honestly the thing that gets him going is just knowing how much you love him, when you purposely overdo the compliments and praising his looks or dancing or voice, he knows what you’re up to. You’ve slightly conditioned him that way, it was sort of your way of telling him you wanted some time alone with him.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Public sex is literally not on the menu. The thrill of public sex is the knowledge that literally anyone could see you, making it a game of being sneaky, but Ten cannot handle that. He’d be too paranoid of getting in trouble for public indecency or one of the members walking in on you in the living room, he made sure to shut down that idea instantly.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like Johnny, he doesn’t really like isolating his pleasure, he wants to be able to please you the same as you do him, so when the act of oral comes up, it’s more often than not 69. At first he was kind of messy, not really know what he was supposed to do, or how to do it well, but by the end of your ‘lesson’, you turned him into a pro.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Ten’s dancing is very flowy, smooth movements like water. A perfect lover at heart, his pace leans more towards slow and sensual, he likes stretching out the pleasure for the both of you, making sure you’re both completely satisfied and that you fully feel his love.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
It’s an odd occurrence, but when the moment arises where you two don’t have the proper time to deal with it, he pretty much needs the quickie. Ten isn’t one that can just ignore his dick hard and ruining his life, it needs to be dealt with, and if you’re around, would you really reject some more fun with Ten?

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I deadass think Ten would cry if someone walked in on your two, he’d be so mortified. I definitely don’t see him taking any risks that happen outside of the bedroom or bathroom, he’s very private with his affection to you, it’d kill him if someone saw you two doing something naughty. Although I don’t see him enjoying many things beyond typical sex(ie. bringing in toys or kinks or whatever), if you propose them, he’d try them out at least, but I don’t see him taking to anything more than just you and him together.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Ten is a damn good dancer, and he’s been doing it since he was a kid, so I don’t think he gets winded, he doesn’t get tried easily. As many rounds as you can handle, he’ll gladly give you them. Nana said he’s a ‘long fuck, he’s a go all night till you see the sunlight kind of fuck’, literally my 60+ year old grandma said that, she knows what she’s talking about.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t think toys have ever cross his mind, unless you brought it up. He’s more of a hands on lover, he-like Taeyong- enjoys the fact that it’s you and him alone that makes the sex between you two so pleasurable. That it’s your affection and love and desire for one another that takes you to nirvana, not some silicon toy or vibrator, I don’t see him dipping his toes into that pool.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s not much of a tease, Ten likes making sure you’re both on the same level of pleasure. Foreplay is a must, but once you tell him to get on with it, he complies easily.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I don’t think he’s very vocal, he doesn’t say much beyond whispering a few I loves yous during the act, but he’s a definite moaner, he’s not quiet at all, if you’re in the house, you will hear Ten, that’s a fact. And to his horror, is a reason for the taunting from the other boys after one of them heard him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Your first time together, a story you liked to tease Ten over, stemmed from Ten having a wet dream. What other outcome could there possibly be when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by your boyfriend groaning your name and practically humping you in his sleep besides waking him up and dealing with his…situation?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
In my Nana’s wise words, Ten’s ‘too pretty to have those weird, forearm sized wieners. He ain’t big but those hips…it’s all good shorty’. I agree, either he does a really good tuck job, or he’s just not on the bigger side, which really doesn’t mean anything. The boy makes up for everything with his pretty face and those goddamn hips will take you to another world no matter what.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I don’t think Ten has a very high sex drive, I think most of his energy is worked off with his dancing, I’m think his drive is actually pretty average.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I think Ten is a lover than likes to cuddle and talk about your relationship and how much he loves you and how the universe works every night, it’s part of your sleep schedule so it certainly becomes part of the after-sex routine. He doesn’t fall asleep easily afterwards, he wants to stay up, make sure you’re okay, eat, talk, clean up, cuddle, and then maybe he’ll go to sleep. That is, as long as your post sex convos don’t dip into aliens, then he’s never going to sleep.

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A Blind Path Home, Final Part

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.  THIS IS IT - THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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DC (Wonder Woman) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Diana Prince + Steve Trevor

Warnings: wonder woman spoilers, mentions of death

Request: “Hey there I had an idea after seeing Wonder Woman! What if after the war Diana takes a job as a housemaid and is roommates with reader who is also a housemaid (a la downton Abby, idk if you are familiar with it) and they are all proper and maid-like during the day and then they tell each other everything and fall in love after hours. Eventually they decide to hand in their notices and run away together. Like slow burn though, cause Diana is still grieving over Steve. What do you think?” - racheltheclumsy

Word Count: 2,393

A/N: ahhHHHhHHHHHHH FIRST DIANA ONE SHOT !!! i love her so much okay anyway i hope i did alright with this !! sorry if the maid stuff isnt entirely accurate.

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Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Chapter 5

Characters: Jaebum x Reader ft. BamBam

Warnings: Smut, Angst 

Word Count: 1,671

Series Masterlist

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Bringing baby home, first night as a family - Pete Dunne

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You smiled down at the newborn baby girl who was sleeping away in her car seat. You haven’t buckled her in yet. “You do know you have to buckle her in, right?” Pete asked, coming to stand next to you. You rolled your eyes for an answer. “I know that, it just seems unreal we are going home.” You answered. Pete kissed the side of your head. “It’s crazy, I know.” He said before picking up the tiny baby girl. She let out a big yawn as Pete rested her against his chest. 
Then, a nurse walked into your hospital room. “Everything is good to go. You are officially discharged and I will be taking you down to the lobby!” She said with a smile. Pete laid her back in the car seat and she started crying. “She hates the thing.” You said as you buckled her up. She eventually calmed down. You then sat down in the wheelchair as Pete carried the carrier down to the lobby. Pete had already gotten the car pulled up front. Pete put the car seat in before helping you in the backseat.
“Congratulations, guys!” The nurse said before the three of you left to go home for the first time. 
“How is she doing back there?” Pete asked as you were stopped at a red light. You looked down at her and she was fast asleep. “She’s asleep.” You answered.
Soon enough, you soon arrived home. Pete carried the carrier inside. It felt nice to finally be home and out of that hospital. Pete set the carrier on the floor. He got down and unbuckled her before picking her up.
She was sucking her thumb, probably because she was hungry. “I think someone is hungry.” Pete said.  
You sat down on the couch and Pete carefully passed her over to you. “Want me to make lunch?” Pete asked.
“If you want.” You answered while getting in the comfortable position to feed Y|D|N. Pete nodded before going into the kitchen. You looked down at your daughter as she fed.She was perfect. She had small hands and feet, ten fingers and ten toes. 

Pete let you rest most of the day as he helped take care of Y|D|N. It was now your and Pete’s first night home with her and so far, things were going great. You and Pete were now trying to go to sleep when Y|D|N started crying. “I’ll get her.” Pete said before getting out of bed. The bassinet was in the corner in your room since she wasn’t going to sleep in her room until she is a little bit older.  You sat up and watched as Pete changed her diaper. You smiled as you knew he was going to be a great dad.
Throughout the night, Y|D|N kept waking up. You and Pete took turns taking care of her. 
You knew it would be a while before Y|D|N eventually sleeps through the whole night but it is all worth it. 

Not Your Type

Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1042

A/N: One-shot drabble. Co-starring Sam and Dean and Dean’s assumptions. Rated E for everyone.

“Beer?” Sam tossed his backpack onto the library table.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” you smiled, sliding a chair out to sit.

“Does the question even need asking?” Dean smirked, plopping into a chair, throwing his feet up on the table and kicking off his boots.

“Cas?” Sam paused in the doorway to wait for his answer.

The angel shook his head disinterestedly, taking a seat beside you.

“Right,” Sam disappeared to the kitchen.

You felt Cas staring at you again – a pleasant warmth flushing through your body under his intense gaze. He’d done the same thing to you when you rolled into town two days ago and Dean first introduced you, again in the back of the Impala on the ride to the vampire nest you all just ganked, and probably numerous other times when you were otherwise too occupied to notice.

“You’re injured,” Cas’ deep voice resonated in the room.

You flexed your sprained wrist, waving it off, covering your wince with a grin, “This? It’s nothing, I’ll be fine.”

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"Kiss. Please. Me." - Solangelo AU

I have been back and edited this after a few months. It needed it.

I haven’t changed any content, just made the signing in italics like I have done in my other parts


Nico was used to sitting in the silence, watching idly as people walked past going about their everyday lives. He watched their animated conversation and watched how their lips moved. Too fast, too slow, with beards like porcupines, teeth at awkward angles, stutters, lisps and speech impediments. People with heads in the clouds, far from understanding. It was hard. 

Nico tried not to complain about the isolation that pressed down on him every moment of everyday, but when more people than his family and friends were around him it was hard to ignore the fact that he was deaf. 

Most people left him alone, unsure of how to talk to him so they didn’t bother. The odd few that did try to speak to him tried too hard, over-enunciating their words and speaking too slow. It was frustrating. 

A tap on his shoulder made Nico look up. 

Hazel smiled down at him with familiar eyes, golden against her coffee bean coloured skin. Her cinnamon coloured hair was pulled back into a failed attempt of a bun, the unruly mess still protruding and falling in front of her eyes in a charming fashion. 

Do you want me to walk you to Biology? Hazel’s hands moved in quick gestures, perfected over the years of practice. 

Nico shook his head. Hazel said nothing (or signed nothing depending on how you look at it) but watched her brother with a concerned expression. Her lips were pursed as she flattened her dark green skirt down over her knees, ensuring the baggy white t shirt was tucked in properly before giving Nico a firm nod. She kissed Nico’s temple before walking away. 

Nico pretended not to notice how Hazel looked back before she exited the library. It had been seven years since a car accident took away Nico’s hearing, but Hazel and his friends still looked at him like he was the ten year old that was told he would never hear again. Like he was the crying mess that thought his life was over.

Nico tried to pretend the change hadn’t affected him but it was hard to trick his friends. They could see how he isolation constricted him, how the new limits that no one could have foreseen changed how he viewed the world. It was hard to lose a sense. 

Sighing, Nico picked up the book he had open - and left forgotten - on the table in front of him and made way for his Biology classroom.

Jason and Piper gestured for Nico to join them as soon as he entered the room, signing for him to hurry up before continuing to talk animatedly to the Latino boy that they had tried to teach sign language too so he could speak to Nico, but failed upon finding out that the elf-ish boy was too hyper to get the signs to look like anything understandable.

Nico was about to walk over to them when a hand on his shoulder got his attention.

The boy that Nico was met with when he turned on his heel was breathtaking. His blonde hair was plastered against his forehead, wet from what Nico assumed was the rain outside. His tanned skin was covered in freckles, cluttered around his nose and, other than his strikingly bright blue eyes, remained the most prominent feature to the boy. He looked worried as he held out his hand, eyebrows furrowed and lips pressed flush together.

Nico took his phone from the boy and forced a smile into his face.

The boy opened his mouth as if to speak, but closed it again. It didn’t take long for Nico to figure out what was worrying the boy. He unlocked his phone and opened his notes, typing away before showing the boy his message.

If you speak clearly and not too fast I can read your lips. Just don’t do what most people do and open your mouth really wide. And look at me.

The boy nodded firmly and looked at Nico. “You left your phone in the library.”

People assume lip reading was what it said: reading lips. But it was harder than just being able to see what a person says through their lips. It was like a puzzle; a few of the words are given while others look odd and you have to try and make a sentence in your head that makes sense. After a few years it gets easier but even for Nico a pause was taken as Nico tried to understand the word ‘library’.

“Thank you.” When Nico spoke he always received the same look of shock of people. The boy was no exception to it. But the shock was taken over by amusement within seconds.

“I’m Will.” Nico tried to say his name, but the lack of vibration in his throat made it clear he was unsuccessful. So he types his name and handed his phone to Will instead. “I should go now.” Will said, pointing to the back of the room where two people stared at him in confusion. Nico assumed they had been calling Will. “Nice to meet you, Nico." 


With his message already typed on his phone Nico waited in the queue for his coffee, mind buzzing as his focus settled in the tinnitus that plagued him.

People assumed 'deaf’ meant 'living in complete silence’. Sometimes Nico wished he lived in complete silence if it meant he could get rid of the high pitched ringing he heard every waking moment.

When it was Nico’s turn to order he handed over his phone to the barista with a plastic smile and waited as she read the message.

I am deaf. Please can I have a black coffee and a blueberry muffin to stay in? My name is Nico.

She passed the phone over and nodded. Nico watched as she clicked the buttons, trying to recall if he could remember what it might sound like. He couldn’t.

He didn’t know the woman was talking to him until familiar hands touched his shoulders.

Nico met Will’s eyes with a look of confusion. Will merely smiled and gave Nico a small shove near a table for two. Nico sat down as Will walked back over to the cash register. He watched as Will spoke to the woman with a warm smile and paid, as he waited for the coffee and brought it over.

Nico already had a message typed when Will sat down.

"It’s fine, Nico.” Will reassured Nico, emptying two sachets of sugar into his cappuccino without looking away from Nico. “I’m okay buying your coffee." 

I don’t want your charity, Will.

Will’s eyes were enchanting. They seemed like an unreal shade of blue, bright and dominant to while at the same time seeming relaxed and kind.

"This isn’t charity,” Will’s words seemed to be filled with certainty. Or Nico assumed they were. “Next time you can pay. I mean, hopefully there will be a next time.” Nico could feel himself chuckle against his will. The other boy laughed at the noise and while normally Nico would have been embarrassed by the fact he couldn’t help but chuckle more.

Will’s laugh was contagious, even for those who couldn’t hear it. 


Will immediately got along with Nico friends. Jason and Percy took their regular duties of assuring the newcomer (In this case Will) of how their group worked while Reyna make it known what she would do to Will if ever he hurt Nico. Annabeth, Hazel and Piper began to question Will about his interests while Leo demanded to know how Will and Nico met in his usual boisterous fashion. Frank made idle talk with Nico about mythomagic in sign as they group interrogated the blonde boy.

What are they asking him? Nico asked Frank, gesturing over to where Will looked like he was about to be sick with Jason and Percy sitting uncomfortably close to him.

About his intentions with you. Frank explained. Jason says he doesn’t want Will to take your- Frank paused and repeated a sign to Nico, tapping his forefinger and middle finger in a 'v’ shape against his upper arm. -is this virginity?

Nico gaped at the sign and turned to his other friends, rising to his feet until he slapped both Jason and Percy across the head.

“I’m confused.” Will said after Nico had finished signing angrily to his friends. Percy hid behind Jason as their girlfriends laughed from the table opposite. “Why are you offended by that idea, Nico?”

Nico felt his pockets for his phone but came up empty. He glanced at Annabeth who nodded and Nico began to sigh his reply to her for Will.

Nico watched as her lips repeated the words he signed with a slight smirk.

“Nico said it’s not the idea he’s offended by, but the fact that Jason and Percy are being, quote. 'Cow dicks’ about it.”

Will said something in reply, something that made the group laugh, but Nico didn’t catch it. And he wasn’t in the mood to demand to know what Will said.


Will’s hand stilled in confusion as he tried to remember the sign.

For six months after having met up for coffee (when Nico paid) the deaf boy had been teaching Will little bits of sign language. Will picked it up as easily as any other person, understanding the concept but not perfecting the gestures even after months.

“I forgot what Facebook was.” Will admitted. Nico shook his head with a smile and repeated the gesture; his hands opening up like a book in front of his face. It wasn’t a hard one to remember.

Will continued trying to sign about how he communicated with his friends as Nico watched, sometimes correcting Will with a text or by making Will’s movements more firm. But Nico tried not to touch Will.

The feeling was beginning to become undeniable, especially as Nico watched Will try and learn a language so as to speak to him easier. And touching the blonde boy only made it harder.

“What’s 'never answers’?” Nico considered it for a moment before signing what he wanted. “How about 'short sentences’?” Nico signed it. “What about…” Will paused, eyes flickering to Nico’s for a split second before Nico dropped his back to Will’s mouth in a silent way of urging him on. “What about 'please kiss me’?”

Nico’s heart stopped. He stared at Will’s lips like he had for the past six months, but they suddenly seemed so much more daunting.

Nico moved his hands as if in a trance. He pressed his fingers of both hands together at the tips. Kiss. Then he brought his hand down from his mouth with a flat palm. Please. He pointed to himself. Me.

Before be could even look up at Will’s lips the boys came crashing down on his, soft but forceful as his hands cupped Nico’s jaw. Nico pressed into the kiss before he could think against it, but almost as soon as he pushed forward Will’s lips left his.

Will’s index finger and middle finger were in the centre of his other palm. N. His index finger touched his other middle finger. I. He made a 'c’ with his hand. C. His index finger touched his other ring finger. O.

Nico replied by signing Will’s name, faster than Will had but with shaking hands.

Will smiled tenderly at Nico before his hands crossed over his chest, making an 'x’ that Nico ever expected to see from anyone other than Hazel. I love you.

AHHHH THIS IS SHIT. Firstly, I know they are American but I only speak British Sign Language so that is what I used. Yeah.

I wanted to do something about deafness because, random fact, I’m actually deaf and i find that there are many misconceptions about how it actually is to be deaf. I also believe it is too romanticised which is why I didn’t make Nico’s life change massively by having Will in it. So yeah.

Sorry for my English.

In Memory of You // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by imjaeboms

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Sad, angst

Summary; After a short battle with cancer, you leave behind your husband and daughter to to and live on without you. Everything about your daughter reminds Jaebum of you; and he tries his best not to let it tear him apart.

WARNING: this scenario contains mentions of Death, Cancer, Tumours and grief after losing a wife/mother.

It had been exactly 7 years to the day since the sound of your singing echoed throughout the halls of the Im residence – exactly 7 years to the day since your now 14 year old daughter and your widowed husband Jaebum finally laid you to rest after you lost an 8 month battle to cancer.

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anonymous asked:

i love your writing and your blog and i dont want to sound pushy or rude but i was wondering if you have any future plans for your sterek hp au? all of your fics and even little drabbles make my heart swell but that set just stuck in my head the most and i always wonder about it, thank you for doing what you do and being awesome!

year 1, day 1 | years 1 & 2 | year 3 | year 4 | year 5

year 6:

Their sixth year, Derek spends more time than ever in the library, fretting about N.E.W.T.s. He’s thinking tentatively about following in Stiles’ footsteps and setting his sights on a career as an auror. His marks right now are good enough for it, and he knows they’re looking to recruit more werewolves into the Ministry. Most of all, though, it’d mean working with Stiles.

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mukkunxox  asked:

Can have a imagine with Haru?? I was just watching haru competition, when he finished I walked up to him and said he did really good, I walked back and fell in the water, he jumped to save me and said If I was okay, I blushed and said yeah I'm okay

Author note: Hey thanks for being patient ^^ I really really hope you’ll like it :) Aaaand sorry if I wrote something wrong (english is not my first language).

Enjoy! :)

- Gou! Wait up!! – you ran as fast as you could to keep up with red-haired girl.

- Faster Y/N ! We’re already late! Freestyle competition is already starting!

- I’m trying!! – you yelled as you both rushed through the door. There. There it is! You already could smell of chlorine and hear cheering audience.

- I think we made it. – Gou let out sigh of relieve. – Look, they’re just going to take their places.

You looked to the side of the pool where swimmers stood up to their tracks. Right in the middle you could see familiar faces. Silky black hair and sea blue eyes.. Your could feel your cheeks getting hot when you saw all his muscles showed up like this. Next to him stood not less good looking maroon haired Gou brother Rin. You smiled to yourself when you realized that at last you will be able to see them swim in a serious race.

- Gou-chan! Y/N-chaaan!! Come here!! – Nagisa’s voice woke you up from your thoughts.

- Look boys are over there! Let’s go and get a good seats. – you followed her and after greeting all the boys , you sat down. The seats were amazing, so you could see all the pool very well. Swimmers put on their googles and prepared for the jump and you could feel shiver going down your spine.  

-Ready? Set! GO!! - Crowd shouted together and just after the signal all swimmers jumped into the cool pool water.

So the race has begun. Tension that filled all room and sight you saw left you breathless. Everyone swam so fast but Haru and Rin were separated from them. They were nearly half a meter at the front and the space between them and rivals has been increasing. Because of the tension between Rin and Haru you couldn’t take eyes of them. They swam almost equally but after a turn Haru took the lead. Rin desperately tried to close the gap between them, but Haru had not given up. He was.. wow.. he was stunning! You knew that he was doing his best but he made swimming look so easy. It seemed that his moves are so light… like he felt water as a part of his body. no. not the part, but like his own body. Like water was an usual environment for him. Like he lived in it. He looked like some kind of dolphin stroking through the water. He was faster and faster approaching the finish.

- Hooray Haru!!! – you and your friends jumped out of your seats you could not restrain the joy you felt.


-Haruka – senpai!

You were so happy that you ran to the pool to greet him.

-Congratulations Haru! It was wonderful! You were absolutely amazing.- you were overflowing with emotions.

- Thank you. – he calmly replied while gazed into you shining of joy eyes . Your big and warm smile made small grin appear on his face.

You felt your cheeks heat up when you caught yourself glancing at his half naked muscular body.

- Y/N? Do you feel good?

- Wha.. Oh. Yes! Yes.. I’ll better get going… - you flashed him a smile and tried quickly walk back to Gou and boys, but..

- Y/N!! Watch out! – you could hear shouting behind you, as you felt how your foot suddenly slipped on the slippery poolside floor. Despite all the attempts to keep the balance you have failed.

-EEEEK!! – after few moments you could feel like your whole body is enveloping in cool swimming pool water. Panicking and terrified  you tried to reach the surface of the water, but wet clothes pulled you down .

- Y/N!! – Haru shouted and ran to the edge of the pool – Y/N?!

- Haru! She can’t swim!! – Gou screamed with fear in her voice.

Haru haven’t heard a half what Gou said because he already was in the water reaching for your wandering hand. He strongly pulled your body to himself and brought you to the surface.

*cough* * cough*

- Y/N, are you alright? – you wiped your eyes and saw worried face of black-haired boy close to you. Suddenly realization came to your mind – he saved you! Here, in the water, he was holding you in bridal style, with one your hand around his neck and another one pressed to his bare chest. Moreover you could hear all the people around you watching this incident. – Y/N? – Haruka’s voice woke you up from all those embarrassing thoughts. You looked to your arm on his chest and then to his eyes which were still  searching for the answer in your face and felt how your cheeks flushed one more time.

- Yes, I’m fine. Thanks to you. – he let out sigh of relieve and smiled little bit.



-Y/N ! Haru is she alright?! – you could hear worried voices of other boys from the poolside.

-I’m alright. – you said still looking at again calm Haru’s face.


You sat in your seat all wrapped to soft towels.

-Y/N you scared me so much! I was soo afraiiid…

- Gou, I’ve already said I’m sorry for making you worry.. Just calm down.-  Red-haired was worried about you even more than you by yourself.

-Gou! Come here! – Both of you looked at the side where voice came out. Rin waved to sister calling her to himself. Right Haru stood next to him.

- Onii-chan? Sorry Y/N, I’ll be back soon. – Gou gave you one more worried look and went to brother. While looking at Gou you saw as Haru made his way to you. Soon he was sitting on the seat next to you.

- Haru?- you looked at him little bit surprised and he glances over you. – Umh.. Thank you. Really really thank you very much.

- It’s nothing. – he replied simply- You know you can catch a cold sitting like that..

“Is he worrying about me?” you thought.

-Oh.. I’ll be fine under all those towels, I guess.. -

- You know you better start learning how to swim. – he said unexpectedly

-Huh ? Well.. um yeah.. It’s embarrassing that I’ve almost drowned myself in the swimming pool which wasn’t even that deep.- you averted your eyes from him. And suddenly a wonderful but a bit unreal idea crossed your mind. – If I’m going to learn how to swim I’ll need a really good teacher.. Soo.. I thought maybe you could teach me? – you timidly looked up to his serious face. He was quiet for a few moments.

- Maybe.. Well I could give a try.. – he responded quietly . You were stunned by his answer because you’ve expected it to be negative.

-R-really?? Thank you!! – A big smile shone on your face. “Haru will teach me how to swim! I can’t believe it!” When such thoughts filled your mind you could feel some weird feeling inside that made your chest tighten. “I wonder what this feeling could be?”

What Are We - Nate Maloley (Part 3)

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You woke up in the middle of the drive back home to the feeling of Nate’s hand interlocking with yours. “My bad,” he glimpsed at you and back at the road. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.” His voice was raspy from the loud rapping to the music he did at the party, and boy, was it heaven to hear that coming from his lips.

You look down at your hand and smiled. “It’s okay, couldn’t really sleep anyways.” 

The car ride was so serene, so peaceful. The music was turned off, the windows were up, and barely anyone was onthe road, giving no muffled sound of roaring from their engines passing by. 

Already midway back to Nate’s house, you impulsively suggested to change plans. “Let’s go somewhere, Nate,” giving a gentle squeeze on his hand while turning your body. You faced him, leaning your left side of the body against the seat.

He cocked his eyebrows up and chuckled. “And where do you suppose we go at,” he looks at the clock, “2:15 am in the morning?”

“I don’t know. Anywhere. Let’s be adventurous!” Excitement was surging throughout your body from having taken that nap. It was the perfect time to escape everything and live in bliss with the one person you could only think of.

“Hmmm, maybe the park? Or how about the beach?” he asked.

You love how Nate starts picking. He doesn’t complain that it’s too late or it’s too cold or he’s too tired or anything like that. He doesn’t think twice when it comes to you and it’s because he doesn’t care, that as long as it’s with you, he’d be willing to do just about anything. He’s down to do stupid things like jump into a dirty lake fully clothed, illegally climb up on the Hollywood sign in the middle of the day, and even have an adventure with you at 2 am in the morning. This made you feel warm, a feeling of such happiness to know he was like this towards you and only you. 

“How about somewhere with a view of the city?” you asked.

Nate smirks. “I know just the place.“ 

You had no idea where he was taking you. All he could answer with was “don’t worry about it, you’ll see,” and that’s exactly what you did. You threw the worries out the window and enjoyed the car ride to the unknown destination of his choice. About 20 minutes into the ride that was filled with jokes and laughter and singing, he tells you to close your eyes. You did as you were told and let go of Nate’s hand to use your palms as an eye mask. But then Nate turns his head and puckers out the bottom of lips. It was like he was 10 years old again and had his lollipop taken from him. Cutest thing you’ve witnessed tonight, even cuter than Nash’s new puppy.

“What? I have to cover my eyes, don’t I?” you giggled as you proceeded to block your vision.

“Yes, but you don’t need your hands to do that. You can just close them,” he smiles. He then softly takes your hand back into his, interlocking his fingers with yours. 

Everything felt normal up to this point, up to today. You never noticed or thought anything of it, of this, until Madison, Sam, and nearly everyone else pointed it out. You were upset because now you don’t know if you’re over thinking it or not. It was frustrating you quite immensely that you felt the need to say something, to say anything. But instead, you kept to yourself. “Not now,” you thought. “It’s no point. Why ruin what this is? Why ruin what we have?” And anyways, this definitely wasn’t the place or scene for it, especially when everything feels so right.

You felt the car slow down to a stop and he signals you, “Okay, we’re here, but don’t open your eyes yet!” You hear the car door open and slam shut and then open again on your side of the vehicle. He takes your arm and guides you out of the car. You then both walk up a what felt like a steep dirt road. “Alright. We’re here,” he says as he ambles behind you.“ You slowly open your eyes and it was like you’ve been hit with a picture so unreal that you secretly pinched yourself.

“Oh,” you step forward. “My,” turning a 360 degree circle. “Gosh,” then ending the circle. Your eyes shine bright from the moon’s light that beamed off your features. He raises up his left hand and moves your hair behind your ear. “Nate…”

Nate, whose body was covering the phenomenal spectacle, stepped aside to give you a full coverage of the view. You were too preoccupied to even noticed him staring at you, to notice him staring at you the way they do in movies where the girl just seems to never catch him at the right time. He took in everything he could with you at that moment; he noticed your eyes and the way they glowed, he noticed your lips and the way they stretched from nearly ear to ear, he noticed your hair and the way the baby hairs were flying everywhere from the wind, he noticed everything about you.

Then he calls out. “What are we, (Y/N)?”

You broke focus. You were taken by surprise, but somehow you knew this question would come up. You just thought you’d be the one asking. “Anything we want to be,” replying to his question. You lift your head to meet his eyes that were already staring so gracefully at you from when you were mesmerized by the view.

“And what if that anything means wanting to be…“ He hesitated. “Together?” a quiet, stretched sigh of relief released through his parted lips. Your eyes were fixated on each other and neither one of you broke attention.

“Nate,” you whispered.

He left eye contact and folded his arms, backing up from you and facing his body towards the city lights. “Shit,” he lets out under his breath. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I don’t even know what I’m talking about it. Must be the drinking ge-”

You cut him off and grasp onto his arm to get his attention back. “Nate,” you smiled. You bring your left hand up to cup his face into looking down at you while your other hand stays on his arm. “Nate, what we are are best friends, but we live a friendship so different than others that people, that our closest friends, begin to question what we are. And all we’ve been saying is ‘we’re just friends,’ when, in reality, we aren’t, are we? So now I’m asking you. What are we? Because I’ll be anything you want us to be. Just as long as it’s with you, I don’t care, Nate.”

Snap goes a second and the next thing you know, his lips were passionately kissing yours. After realization had hit you, you were kissing back with lips moving so gently along with each other that you couldn’t help but melt to the feel of his lips pressed up against yours while his hands were the ones cupping your face now. Eventually the kissing stops and Nate gazes into your eyes. “I want to be more than ‘just friends.’ I want to us to be together, (Y/N).”

“Then I guess that what we’ll be,” you grinned and brought him back into another kiss that lasted longer than the last one.

The night ended with the two of you soundly peaceful in each others arms with the whole city of Los Angeles below your feet. 

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A/N: It’s finally here! I am so super, super, super sorry for the long wait, guys, but thank you for being so patient with me. Before this, I had started on four other imagines that were incomplete and it was bugging me so I had to finish those before I could finish this. Thank you for being apart of this story with me, guys. (: It’s my first “more than one part” imagine I’ve ever written, but it definitely won’t be the last! I’m sort of nervous, but I hope you guys like it, haha. Please feel free to like, reblog, or hit with me with an ask about anything such as a question, a discussion, a confession, an opinion of the imagine, or even criticism because all is much appreciated. (:



- Reader doubts relationship as Rami stays out too late for the past couple of weeks.

(this is my first imagine, don’t judge me)

You lifted your head from your pillow to look at the time,

2:32 AM

Damn it. He should be home already. It’s like he’s purposely getting later and later. You haven’t had a genuine talk with him in about two weeks and it was agonizing you. Most of the time you knew what was going on in each others heads, but since he’s filming season two of Mr. Robot his mind is just in a different place all the time. You actually felt like Elliot was taking over your mans soul at some point.

You groan and burry your face in your pillow and look at the empty space next to you where Rami should be laying right now.

Should I call him? Or will I seem needy if I do that?

You’ve thought of every scenario, making yourself go crazy.

What if he’s with someone else?

What if he’s just working really late?

What if he got held up by something?

What if something bad happened…

At that you hear the front door to your apartment open. You could tell he was trying really hard not to make a sound and failing at it. He cursed at himself when the door shut louder than he intended for it to.

Your heart started to beat faster and faster as you heard the “tap tap tap” from his shoes becoming louder. You had no idea why you were so nervous.

Should I just pretend to sleep and talk about it tomorrow?

You had no time to think, you heard the bedroom door open and you shut your eyes immediately trying to look as asleep as possible. You heard his footsteps getting closer, not walking to his side of the bed, but yours.

You tried your hardest to keep your breaths as steady as possible but he made it really hard as he sat down on your side of the bed, caressing your cheek with his soft and slender fingers. His hands were cold. The smell of his cologne consumed you as he leaned in closer.

He sighed and put your hair behind your ear so he could see your face. You decided to open your eyes slowly, and there he was. Those huge green eyes were staring deeply into yours. His jaw was tensed and you could see a little bit of sadness in his facial expression.

“Hey…” You managed to get out whispering.

The left side of his mouth curled up into a shy smile “Hey…”

You grab his hand and his grip tightens. “I miss you” he says looking down.

You don’t know why but tears start to well up in your eyes. The love you feel for this man is unreal. You’d never find it with anyone else, and the thought of him ever leaving you hurt your heart. Deep down you’ve always felt like you weren’t good enough for him. That you didn’t belong in his world. That he could find someone who’s prettier, funnier and smarter than you. You never really understood why he chose to be with you. Out of all people. Why you?

You looked down not wanting to show him your tears, but he tilted your head up by pulling at your chin softly. His face went blank.

“(Y/N)… Did I say something? Do something?”

You shook your head as tears started to fall. He grabbed your face with both hands and wiped them away with his thumbs, kissing you on your forehead.

“I-I miss y-you too…” you manage to get out in between soft cries.

His eyes were watery, staring into yours. You moved yourself closer to him, sitting on his lap facing him, wrapping your arms around him. He leaned in and kissed you. You tasted his sweet lips with that familiar minty taste to them, which reminded you of every single time your lips touched. The energy between you two returned that you have missed for so long. A slight smile crept across your lips knowing that the energy was still there between you two.

You pulled away, nuzzling your face in his neck.

He sighed caressing your back tenderly. “I will stop being the shittiest husband ever okay?”

You kissed his neck not letting go of him “Okay.”

Your car flips and the tree smashes into you painfully, and you close your eyes. When you open them, the world is bright, almost unreal. You look in the mirror and see that you’ve become a cartoon character. No one else seems to remember any previous lives, and soon you begin to forget. Sometimes you can see the neighbouring planet in the sky. It looks familiar.

Remember Me (Part Two - Dean)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Summary: Faced with the choice of her boyfriend that she doesn’t remember or her best friend she seems to be developing feelings for, the reader makes her decision about which Winchester she’s choosing to love.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,888
Warnings: fluff, smut
A/N: This was so much fun and I got way too carried away with it. Keep an eye out for a note at the end of this fic because THERE IS A PART FOR SAM.


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Aw no man, nightmares suck!! Here’s some fluff!!! Hope it helps!

Leonard McCoy was barely awake in the morning when he came to school. He was not a morning person, and was strictly on autopilot when it came to going through his daily routines. Get up, get dressed, eat, drive to campus, go to locker, class, wash rinse repeat.

It was a good system, and tended to work quite well for him, until it all came to a grinding halt at the action of ‘go to locker’. Because when he opened it this one mornign, there was a yellow post-it inside that read:

“You are one Grade ‘A’ cutie patootie” - J

Len blinked at it. And then blinked again. Finally waking up completely, he dropped it like it was on fire, flushing pink. He looked around himself frantically to see if anyone had noticed, but no one was nearby and the few people in the hall with him were as half awake as he had been. 

He quickly snatched the note, stuffed it in his bag, locked up his locker, and stormed to class, flushed red the entire way.

The next day, Len had almost forgotten about it, until he opened his locker to find two yellow notes, that read:

“You’re really smart and that’s really attractive, oh my god”


They were again signed by “J”, and they again made Leonard pinker than any person had a right to be. He tried to grumble and glare, be his usual snarky self, he really did, but he just had no defenses for something like this.

Who had a secret admirer in this day and age? Like really. And Leonard didn’t even know a single “J”.

The notes just kept appearing, more and more each day.

“You have the absolute cutest nose, I can’t handle it”

“I think your hands might be magic”

“Your eyes are unreal and I think they’re what stardust must look like”

“I can’t believe your accent, you should just talk all the time, about all the things, it’s so nice”

“You look super cute with glasses”


“I hope nice things happen for you”

“I think hazel is my favourite colour now”


They were actually kind of weird, Leonard had noticed, not the usual niceties people would write to each other, but more like quickly written thoughts that someone had written as soon as they’d come to them.

But he kept every single note that appeared, and kept them hidden in the desk where he worked at at the library. He hated to admit to himself that he was opening the drawer more and more to look at them, and that other students were giving him weird looks when they came to check out and he was trying not to combust. 

It all came to a head one day when he opened his locker and a pile of notes came out on top of him. He’d never filled his bag quicker, and made it to his tiny office in the library in record time. He locked the door spilled them onto his desk and blushed more and more as he read each one.

And with this he decided that he had to take action. He’d been avoiding it, enjoying the little surprises each morning, even the kind of weird ones, and honestly he’d worried that if he tried to find out who the person was, maybe they’d stop. Maybe they’d realize it was the wrong locker…

And if nothing else, he was going to need another drawer soon otherwise.

He changed his whole routine, wide awake as he woke up an hour earlier, a extra coffee as well to make sure he was alert, and he camped out in the broom closet just down the hall.

He knew this was ridiculous, maybe the person wouldn’t even show up today, maybe it’d even been all just some sort of prank-

He heard footsteps, rushing ones, and then they stopped. Leonard strengthened his resolve, took a deep breath, and peered out.

Len’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed again. The person was tall, blonde, and had the bluest eyes Leonard had ever seen. And he was gorgeous.

He was on the football team, as he varsity jacket implied, with the letters “JTK” stitched on. He was also slightly pinked as he rushed to take all the notes out of his bag and stuff them into the locker, stopping only when a thought struck him to rapidly write another note and add it in.

Well, he stopped for that, and when he looked up to see Leonard standing there, wide-eyed and flushed.

‘JTK”s blush outdid his, the man flushing from his ears to his toes, as he jumped back and a few more notes flew from his bag. He hastily tried to snatch them from the air before looking back to Leonard and stuttering out, “Uh. Um. Oh god,” he stepped back, “You’re really cute, oh shit, sorry sorry, bye!”

And then he booked it.


James T. Kirk, who went by Jim, was fully awake in the morning, as he was very much a morning person. He was also miserable. His usual routine of late had had to end, and he was dragging his feet to go about his morning. Get up, get dressed, eat, drive to school, go to the cutie’s locker, go to his own locker-

He stopped, blinking blue eyes wide. There was a note. A light blue post-it with a hastily written scrawl that read:

“You’re pretty cute too” - L

And under that was a phone number. 

Scott McCall Imagine Part 2

Part one awaits here

You pushed your way through the busy crowd building in the hallway. The minute the bell rung, nearly every student jumped out of their seats, eager to finally leave the place they’ve been aching to get away from.

Somehow—through the swarming crowd of teenagers—you’d managed to spot a familiar pair of brown eyes along with their loved and famous smile all directed towards you.


You watched as he gently pushed past passing peers of the hallway, and you were shocked when he did it to get to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” He said smoothly.

“Hi,” You responded shyly.

“Are you busy tonight? I kind of…um… wanted to talk to you.”

You bit our lip, “Y-yeah we can talk.”

“Good. me on the lacrosse field at eight.”

“Eight? As in eight o’clock tonight?” You ask. “Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”

Scott slightly smiles at sound of your worried tone. “No, you’ll be fine. I promise.” In the distant Stiles continuously calls for Scott to hurry up.

Scott looks over to him, mouthing some words to him before looking back down at you, “I gotta go, but I’ll see you tonight, right?” He questions hopefully.

You nod vigorously just before Scott walked off towards Stiles. This wasn’t the first time Scott had asked you to meet him somewhere or hinted that he liked you. You liked Scott too, but one thing was stopping you from doing so. Liam.

Truth be told he doesn’t like you all that much, he’s always tried his best to stay away from you. That included at home and at school. However, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t seem to get on his good side, especially since he started school here. He had been even more distant, so with the possibility of you having something going on with his supposed ‘best friend’, his feelings towards you would only get more hateful.

Nevertheless at eight o’clock you stood in the middle of the lacrosse field, waiting for Scott to come. It was freezing cold and you almost instantly regretted not bringing a jacket.

“Sorry I’m late,” A voice says from behind you. You whip around to see Scott standing there, a small smile on his faces as his hands tuck themselves in his jean pockets.

“No, no. It’s fine,” You shrug, “It’s only by, like, a minute or two.” He walks closer to you. “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“I really like you,” He admits quietly, getting straight to the point.

“Oh, I…uh…wow. Thanks.” You can feel yourself blush in an embarrassed sort of way as you rub your hands together awkwardly. “I like you too, Scott, but you’re, uh, really good friends with Liam. D-don’t you think that’d be a little weird for him? I mean, I really do like you and all, but…you know…” You trail off, “Liam.”

You watch as Scott’s smile falters a bit which physical pains you. His confident attitude had plummeted in a matter of seconds. You didn’t understand.

You were the shy, quiet girl who sat in the back of the class and went unnoticed nearly all semester, that’s how things have always been for you. But now here you are, breaking the star lacrosse player’s heart by rejecting even though that was the last thing you wanted to do.

“I understand,” He mutters out.

A newly found self-confidence blooms in you, and you step forward, taking Scott’s hand in yours. He looks up at you with a shocked expression.

“You know what? Forget Liam. I’ve spent enough of my time trying to please him.” You smile warmly just as Scott does.

You lean up on your tip-toes to press your lips against his. Your eyes close on instinct, something that shocked you because you had never really made out with anyone.

You release his hand from your grip to wrap your arms around his neck, his arms repeating the action around your waist.

Seconds later the two of you pull apart. The only thing you can hear is the sound of your heavy panting. When you finally open your eyes you see Scott’s eyes staring back out. Except they aren’t his normal, adorable brown eyes you had grown accustomed to. These eyes were glowing a vibrant red that seemed so unreal.

Your mouth hung open and your eyes began to widen. “Scott, w-why are you eyes red?”