your eyes are decieving you

You know how he can be

You tried to keep your worries as hidden as possible so you could tell the cabbie your address.
It was going to be bad and you knew it. The last time John messaged you to come home as quickly as possible was when Sherlock was shot. And you were not ready for something like that again. You never really were.
You felt a burning pain rising in your chest as you watched the city lights hoping the ride wouldn’t take too much.
You paid the cabbie and rushed up the stairs expecting the worst. The room was silent when you entered and the only source of light was the fire from the mantelpiece.
You heared footsteps coming from the hall and you saw John approaching you as you watched him.
“I have to let you know what state he’s in before you go in there. Someone started a fire while we were in that old house looking for footprints. I was in the garden but he was upstairs. He refuses to go to the hospital and he doesn’t let me help him. He told me he’s fine. I’m sorry, you know how he can be.”
You gave him a quick nod and rushed to the room.
You were surprised to see pure darkness so you went on one side of the bed to turn the lamp on.
“Don’t.” his deep baritone voice said.
You stopped startled to hear him and waited a few seconds until your eyes adjusted to the darkness so you could see his silhouette.
He was standing on the other side of the bed with his head down and his hands on the edge.
You knelt down and slowly moved your hands to touch his face but you felt his hand grabbing yours to stop it from the contact.
“I’m fine. John’s making a fuss over nothing.” He said in cold tone. But you knew better.
“Let me see.” you told him barely holding up your tears.
He sighed, tilting his head in a firm ‘no’.
“Let me see.” you repeated raising your voice, feeling annoyed by his attitude but cursing when your voice cracked halfway through the sentence.
He let go of your hand allowing you to finally touch him. You brushed his hair from his face and you gently cupped one side of his face but stopped when you saw him flinch.
“Look at me.” you pleaded. After a few seconds you felt his head rising.
His beautiful eyes were watching you carefully as you looked at his bruised lip and the fresh cut on his temple.
“Where?” You asked him knowing this couldn’t be everything.
“My back.” he quietly admitted after a while.
“I need to see it. Take off your shirt.” You said softly, barely audible.
He gave a stern look in response to that “No need. It’s not bad. Barely feel it”
“Don’t.” You answered sadly while he looked at you surprised at the way your tone shifted. “Don’t tell me it’s ok. Stop pretending you’re not human and that stern look you have when you’re around people. Your eyes decieve you. I may not be a detective but I see the sadness they reflect every time you think no one can see you. I see the loneliness you feel when you look outside the window or when you think. I don’t only see it Sherlock, I feel it like it was my own. And it is. The burden you carry on your shoulders it’s mine too. Because you are as human as I am and I care about you.”
You went to get the first aid kit from the bathroom leaving him alone hoping he understood what you meant. When you returned, he was already facing the opposite side.
You slowly approached, feeling him tense as you gently touched his bare back to take care of the still rather fresh cuts and burnt skin while trying very hard not to cry in his presence.
After you finished you saw him turning around trying to button up his shirt against the pain he was feeling.
“Let me.” you told him waiting for his approval and helping him as soon as he nodded. He took your hand in his as you finished and your eyes met again.
“I feel it too.”
“Your pain. How you worry about me. How kind you are even when I’m a pain in the ass” he told you sincerely making you smile a little.
You looked at him thinking at how much he’s been through and how much sadness you could still see in his eyes now and for the first time tonight you allowed yourself to cry in his presence.
“I wish I could take it away. I’m so sorry.” You confessed.
“You are. Every time I feel you close to me I forget about the pain, and that’s all I need. Stop blaming yourself. You are not the one causing pain. You are the one taking it”
You felt his arms wrapping around you while you remained still, afraid to touch his back and for the first time tonight, you felt peace.

My first ever fanfic. Please be kind.

Cole Imagine for Tammi!

You were nervous. Maybe the bracelet was too much, or like too forward. He would probably think you were insane. Why would he want some stupid bracelet with your name on it? It had the superman insignia on the front, and on the back your name was inscribed. You’d worked really hard on it, and its not like if he thought it was atrocious he would throw it back into your face. Cole wasn’t like that. He’s sweet.  OK. I’m giving it to him, you think. You were getting pretty close to  the table now. The line moved slowly, but it was still too fast for you. You could now see the brim of Dana’s snapback. You could feel how sweaty your palms were becoming, And then you saw Dana’s face. He smiles at you cautiously, was it that obvious how nervous you are?

“How are you?” he says taking your poster and signing. You force a smile.

“Nervous.” you reply with a laugh. Dana smirks.

“Don’t be. We don’t bite.” he says  as he passes your poster to David. You and him have a similar conversation, he compliments your hair which you had spent a long time on to impress Cole. He then passes it to Gabe. Gabe doesn’’t really smile, until he sees the bracelet you were carrying.

“That’s for Cole, right?” he asks leaning towards you. You glance towards the end of the table at him. He was smiling up at another fan. You  turn back towards Gabe and nod. Gabe smiles. “He’s gonna love it.” he says warmly. He nudges Will. “Ay, dummy, look at what she got Cole.” Will glances from the conversation he was engaged in. He sees the bracelet.

“Oh my gosh, thats adorable he’s gonna love that!” He exclaims. You smile and move down the line. Will signs your poster and then suddenly you’re standing there right in front of him. He beams at you.

“I heard you got me a present. ” he says excitedly. You nod and pull out the bracelet. He smiles at it and takes it from  you gingerly.

“I love Superman.” He says as puts it on.

“Well if you ever need a sidekick, my names on the back.” you say with unexpected confidence. He smirks and flips it over. He puts his elbow on the table, pinky out.

“I’ll be  your Superman if you’ll be my Lois Lane.” he says with a smirk, hesitant you hook your pinky with his. His eyes linger on your face whimsically. And mybe your eyes were decieving you but was he …gazing at you?


“Now, 5ers, we need your help okay?” Dana say into the mic, rubbing sweat off his forehead. The crowd cheers.

“Your boy Cole kinda fell in love with this girl.” Gabe says leaving out a name. The crowd cheers wildy. Cole blushes sheepishly. Your heart drops.

“Lets call her …Lois Lane.” David says with a smirk in Cole’s direction. Wait. Lois Lane. I’m his Lois Lane. Holy crap.

“And we really need to find this girl because Cole will not shut up about her.” Will  says finally.

“So Lois, if you’re still here, please come up here.” Cole says, his voice sounding desperate.  He scans the crowd. You hesitantly make your way through the thick and loud crowd of pubescent teenage girls. Dana sees you first.

“I found our Lois Lane.” He says extending a hand for you to get on the stage. Some girls shoot you ugly looks. You climb onto the stage and collect yourself, turning you see Cole. He smiles and makes his way over to you. He takes your hand and pulls something out of his pocket. A necklace with the Superman symbol, he extends it to you.

“Matching set. Like us.” he says into the mic.  The crowd makes a collective ‘aw’, Cole smiles at them . You take the necklace gingerly and try to hold back your happy tears.

“Oh will you just kiss her already!” Someone shouts above the quiet rumble of the audience. Cole had obviously heard it because he smirks at you, one eyebrow cocked. He twirls a tendril of your hair between your fingers and leans down to kiss you. There’s no tongue. Just a sweet kiss. his lips feel like pillows.  He pulls away. The crowd  'aw’s again. He whispers to you to go wait for him backstage. You nod. Is this really happening, you think as you make your way back stage you clench the necklace in one hand. Yeah this is really happening.

“I’m probably gonna get in huge trouble for that, but shes worth it.” You hear him say. The crowd roars again.

THE GIRL IN THE CROWD (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely xxthe-blonde-menacexx :3}

Today was the day, the day that you had the amazing opportunity to go to the vans warped tour. You had been waiting for this day your whole life, since you couldnt go before, but this year you had made it your mission to get yourself a ticket before the dates would sell out.
You were sitting in bed, staring at the ticket in your hands, you couldnt wait to meet all of your favorite bands, most especially Black Veil Brides, when you heard that they were going to be there this year it gave you more motivation to grab your ticket.
You were waiting for your ride to get here, she was running a little late but the next thing you knew your cell phone was vibrating.
“Hello?” you greeted.
“(Y/N), Im outside, come out, you ready?”
You looked at the bvb poster in your room and smiled, “Im ready.”

Moments later, you all arrived at the place where the event was being held. You looked at all the different tents that were set up there, and all the different sets where a lot of bands were going to be playing. Your heart started to beat rapidly as you looked around, the place was crowded with people.
“Well where shall we begin?” asked your bestie.
“I dont know I cant decide.” Before you can even make a decision, you began to hear the excited screams of hundreds of girls and guys, you turned around to see some famous youtubers were passing by like Bryan Stars, DeeFizzy, Johnnie G, Jordan Sweeto, you became excited as well and ran to them with your phone already set on the camera. They were the sweetest guys ever, and they were more than happy to give you nice warm hugs.
They even filmed you with them on their snapchats. It was a perfect start to an amazing day and experience.

You felt yourself getting pulled by your friend, “Whats up?” you asked her.
“Do my eyes decieve me or are those guys bvb?” she asked.
You glanced over to the set, where millions of members of the bvb army were cheering for them as they approached the stage.
“Oh my gosh lets go!!” you shouted.
You both ran as fast as you could to the set, and luckily you two were able to get to the front, well, more like third row, but you still got a clear view of them.
“How is everybody doing today?!” Shouted Andy through the mic, you all screamed and cheered your lungs out.
“Alright motherfuckers, lets do this, this song is called Heart of Fire!”
You screamed even louder and began singing along to the words, soon they sang Faithless, Devil in the mirror, and songs from their previous albums like, Days are Numbered, New Year’s Day, Done for you, Lost it all, Carolyn, With Knives and Pens, etc.
You sang along to all of those songs perfectly.
As Andy continued to sing his heart out, he couldnt help but spot a very beautiful girl in the crowd, you.

Your beauty was so intense to him that he even forgot some of the words to the song he was currently singing.
The fans became a little confused, and so did the other band members, never in his life has Andy made a mistake singing live, but thats because he had a very pretty distraction, He couldnt take his eyes off of you. You didnt notice until your friend told you, “Hey…I think he’s looking at you.”
You looked at her as if she was completely insane, “Yeah right.” was your only reply.
“No! Im not lying look!” she ordered.
You glanced up at the stage and she was right, Andy was looking right at you.
You couldnt believe what you were seeing, he was actually staring at you and only you.
When you finally noticed him he smiled at you, you became really red and just smiled back, there was no way you could take your eyes off of him either.

Your heart began beating against your chest when he jumped down from the stage and approached you as he continued to sing.
The closer he got to you, the more you felt like you were going to faint, but you held yourself together. The girls around you started to scream louder and louder, probably thinking he was comming to them but in reality he was only comming for you.
He got as close as he could and reached out for you, the other girls were quick to push and shove so they could try to grab his hand. But you fought your way too, you reached out and actually held hands with him for a while, Andy was very happy, because as soon you two locked hands he smiled wide to you. And you did the same.
This was the most beautiful moment, it felt like you were dreaming, it felt like the beginning of a beautiful love story.
The moment was short lived because he had to get back on stage, but as soon as he got back up he kept his beautiful blue eyes on you. They were even more amazing when they were close to you.

Your best friend was super happy for you, she couldnt believe what she just saw either.
“He so likes you!!” she shouted over the loud music.
You couldnt speak any words, your only response was big smiling and deep blushing.
Moments later, after about two or three more songs, the show was over, now it was time for meet and greet. The guys were meeting a lot of fans in their tent, you stared over at to it, you wanted so badly to talk to them, especially Andy, but you couldnt since you didnt have a pass.
“Go talk to your boyfriend.” Teased your bestie. You laughed and shook your head, “I cant I dont have a pass.”
“Aww really? I thought you got one.”
“Nah…couldnt get it…well atleast I got to see him up close, we should go.” you suggested, the tone in your voice pretty bummed.
Your best friend nodded, she understood that you were sad about not being able to meet him.
The two of you went on with your day, seeing other bands play live, it was all fun but you couldnt stop thinking about the moment you and Andy shared.

Suddenly you felt somebody tap your shoulder, You turned around to see it was bvb security guard.
“Uh..yeah?” you asked a little confused.
“Miss um…”
“Right, Mr. Biersack asked me to come look for you and bring you to him.” he said.
Both you and your bff’s mouths dropped open.
“He…he wants to see me?” you questioned pointing to yourself.
The guard nodded, “Come with me.” he tells you.
You looked at your friend to see if it was okay, she was more than okay with it, she even pushed you so you could start walking.
You smiled and blushed once more, you were blushing for the whole day actually.
It was a pretty long walk, you saw the tent was empty, but the guys were still there hanging out and doing their own thing.
Andy glanced and as soon as he saw you comming with the security guard he smiled brightly.
You finally reached him, “Hi there!” he greeted happily, so much joy could be seen in his eyes.
“Um…hi.” you shyly greeted back.
“Awww she’s shy!” yelled CC.
You giggled, “Whats your name beautiful?”
Asked Ashley.
“(Y/N).” you answered.
“Its very nice to meet you (Y/N).” Said Andy while gazing into your eyes, his deep voice so alluring.

“Very nice to meet you too Andy.”
“You shouldve seen this guy, after the show was over he wouldnt shut the fuck up about you.” Said Ashley.
“Yeah we were telling him to propose to you already.” Added Jinxx.
Andy became a little embarassed, he even started blushing himself, “Hey uh guys?….shut up!” he said through grinding teeth and looking down.
You thought his reaction was so adorable,
you didnt want him to feel embarassed so you went ahead and said something,
“Its okay, I wouldnt shut up about him to my best friend either.” You smiled warmly at him, he lifted his head back up and became happier than ever.
The two of you talked for hours, some fans that were passing by you two were very jealous, only because they witnessed that the day was almost over and you guys still didnt end the conversation. You laughed and laughed, Andy was a very funny guy, but he was also such a sweetheart.
You didnt know it but some other fans were actually shipping the two of you together.
Taking photos of the two of you behind your back and posting them onto their social media.

“So you wouldnt mind if I take you out one day?” he asked.
You shook your head, “I would love that.”
The two of exchanged phone numbers and added each other on social media sites, this was honestly the greatest day of your life.
Too bad it was gonna be over, because the guys told Andy that they had to get on the bus already.
You became a little sad and so did he,
“How about a picture of us so we dont seem so far away from each other?”
“Sounds awesome.” he agreed, He got out his phone and set it on his instagram camera, You leaned in next to him and smiled, but he caught you by surprise when he placed his soft lips on your cheek.
You felt butterflies in your stomach, all you could do was blush like a dork. But he thought it was cute.
“Alright, I added the perfect caption and tagged you.” he hugged you tightly and pecked your cheek once more before saying goodbye.
You checked your phone and read the caption you were tagged in, “Met this beautiful girl today, it was truly love at first sight, I cant wait until warped tour is over so I can see her again, dont worry beautiful we will stay in touch, and as soon as we are in each other’s presence again we will have our first date together.”

Andy never broke his promise, the two of you talked day and night every single day until warped tour was officially over.
Now was the night that the two of you were on your first date, you had a nice dinner and walked hand in hand at the beach at night, it was amazing.
Now you were at his place, cuddling with him, listening to the beat of his heart which was in sync with yours.
Staring at his beautiful face while he slept peacefully hugging you.
He looked as adorable as a newborn baby.
You saw an instagram alert pop up on your phone saying that Andy tagged you in another photo, you checked it and saw that it was a pic of the two of you kissing each other at the restaraunt, where you looked even more gorgeous than before.
You whispered reading the caption, “Reunited with my honey, finally got to hold her and kiss her, thank God that we met each other, you are truly the best thing ever happend to me, I love you (Y/N).” you grinned from ear to ear and leaned close, you passionately kissed his lips, causing him to smile a little in his sleep, then you gently whispered…
“I love you too Andy…”

(Imagine this actually happening you guys? 😍)