your eyes and your hair tho

Wanna One ·Kissing· (Maknae line)

Park Jihoon

  • His kisses depend on the mood and situation
  • Somedays he wants a short sweet peck
  • Hands on both of your cheeks
  • Giggles and smiles everywhere
  • But other times wow
  • This boy likes long passionate kissing let me tell you
  • That also means making out
  • a lot
  • Hands on your waist that slowly move to your upper back, then to your cheeks
  • Loves it when you play with his hair, and run your nails across the nape of his neck
  • His hand sneaks under your shirt and he rubs small circles with his thumb on your hip
  • His lips move slow, sensual
  • Bites your lower lip from time to time
  • Like wow I know jihoon acts super cute the majority of the time but with his gf he would try to be more manly, sexy even
  • But he will just turn tomato red after kissing you at either situation
  • Because he would never accustom to the feeling of your lips on his
  • Loves to remind you your lips are his favorite thing
  • Buys you all kinds of flavored lip balm “for you” to try
  • Likes it when you use them and ask him which one he likes better
  • Because that means more kisses
  • And he is up for that any time you want

Park Woojin

  • His kisses are shy
  • This boy right here is so insecure about kissing
  • He thinks he doesn’t know how to do it properly because he hasn’t have many experience
  • Too shy to initiate anything that involves his lips getting near yours.
  • But that doesn’t stop him from loving kissing your forehead and temples
  • Watching him squirm every time your face gets too close to his makes you laugh
  • But you are aware that he does want to kiss you because of the way he always looks at your lips and simultaneously licks his
  • Probably the type to practice kissing when he is alone
  • can you picture it tho bc i sure can
  • One day he just bluntly says he wants to kiss you
  • So you just told him to do it and waited for him to do something
  • He didn’t move at all
  • He just kept looking at you
  • Like that wasn’t the answer he was e x p e c t i n g
  • Just an “uhmm” left his lips as his eyes looked at everything but your face
  • You smiled at him and leaned in
  • As your lips touched he came back to his senses and kissed you back
  • Loves when you brush his hair back
  • After that he would ask you to kiss him all the time
  • Like he has been missing out a lot, you have to make up for the lost time

Bae Jinyoung

  • His kisses are just aw
  • Idk if you get me
  • Like i see him just pecking you on the lips and all the members in the background awing
  • Because everything would be so sweet
  • From the way he holds you to the way he kisses you
  • Cute
  • Definitely would have heart eyes everytime he sees you
  • Such a romantic
  • Holds your hand and plays with your fingers with a shy smile on his face
  • Switching from looking at your face to your hands
  • Thinks you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen
  • Leans down slowly while still smiling
  • Probably laughs * bc he’s a nervous mess * an inch away from your lips
  • When you are about to ask him why he’s laughing he just close the distance between you two
  • He takes his time
  • Slow shy lips
  • Always has one hand playing with one of yours
  • Interlocking your fingers, rubbing the back of your hand or your palm with his thumb
  • The other one holds your cheek
  • But loves it when both of your hands play with the hair in the nape of his neck and he just places his hands on your lower back
  • Brushes the hair out of your face after kissing you
  • Smiles softly
  • Tries to hide his head in the crook of your neck while he hugs you

Lee Daehwi

  • His kisses are cute and innocent
  • Simple as that
  • Loves to kiss your cheeks
  • Loves it even more when you kiss his
  • Back hugging you with his chin on your shoulder as he kisses your neck just because he knows it tickles you
  • And he loves your laugh and smile
  • Seeing you happy just makes him happy
  • Back to the stuff
  • Pecks on the lips are enough for him
  • But when he feels a bit confident he would let his lips linger on yours a bit longer
  • Or go in for a second peck
  • You would be just goofing around when he suddenly stops doing whatever he was doing
  • Says some cute compliment like how the way you look when you laugh is the prettiest you’ve ever looked
  • And as you blush
  • And he dies on the inside
  • He takes your cheeks on his hands
  • Leans in while he chews on his lip
  • and just before kissing you he releases the air he didn’t realize he was holding
  • Closes the distance between the two of you with a deep blush on his cheeks
  • Probably has no clue of how to deepen the kiss
  • But he really wants to stay with his lips locked with yours longer than a peck
  • You would feel his struggle when a whole 5 seconds passed and he still had his lips pressed to yours
  • So you tiled your head a bit and moved your lips.
  • His eyes would open in surprise
  • Like o m g this is h a p p e n i n g
  • But he would catch on quickly
  • Smiles a lot and presses many kisses all over your face when its over

Lai Guanlin

  • His kisses are smooth
  • Probably learned all he knows about kissing by watching movies and series
  • And he actually is not bad at it
  • Idk he gives me the vibe that he knows how to kiss pretty well
  • But he is not aware of it.
  • Like he is super insecure but he tries not to show it by making YOU nervous and flustered
  • Loves to bear-hug you
  • Your head on his chest
  • His head buried in your hair
  • Kisses your cheek and places his head back on your shoulder
  • Where he says something cheesy that makes you blush
  • And maybe unconsciously he spoke lower than usual and his breath was tickling your neck and made you shiver
  • Not being sarcastic he literally didn’t knew what he was doing.
  • Until he felt you shiver
  • Thats when he became a flustered mess himself
  • Leans back barely to look at you
  • Noses touching he looks into your eyes
  • If you were averting his gaze he would feel kind of ashamed
  • Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable
  • When you finally look back at him assuring him that it was fine
  • He would go back to his mushy smiley self but at the same time he wouldn’t want to let you go so would go straight to to the point and ask if he could kiss you
  • Closes the distance between you two
  • Plump soft lips
  • Hands firm on your waist
  • Loves when you kiss his cheek or nose afterwards

a/n: It took me longer than expected to finish this (bc of jihoon that boy confused me a lot) but it’s finally here! If somone has an idea of what should i write next, feel free to send me or ask me anything. It will take some time (curse uni) but It will be posted eventually.

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Hyung line ver.

How NCT 127 + Ten Would Kiss You


now listen since y'all sleep on taeil  so much that you probably don’t know this but he has really pretty lips and really nice hands so ,, naturally ,, you want them on your waist asap. (the lips or the hands you can decide)(i’m literally five why did i say that) anYwayS kissing taeil is going to be soft at first bc yeah he’s awkward but he also takes his time doing things that need to be done. so slow touches here and there, his hands tracing your curves as he presses kisses up your jawline. he stops right in front of your lips to just stare and you. probably tucks a flyaway lock of hair behind your ear and tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the world. when he fINALLY kisses you, i imagine taeil is very slow and sensual with his kisses. doesn’t use tongue much unless he’s rlly in the mood bc he just likes the intimancy of your lips touching. his hands never stop traveling to places they shouldn’t be tho ngl.

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Dating Taeyong

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon 

A/N: I was asked to do Taeyong next and I was going to do him next any way so ENJOY!

  • The mysterious guy
  • Like, all he has to do is walk down the corridor and people will be whispering something about him
  • The guys are typically envious of him bc he gets most of the girls’ attention that’s a given
  • It’s those eyes, they draw people in
  • No one really knows how he does in school  
  • But he’s still there so that means something
  • Wasn’t like he was a bad kid
  • He just kept himself to himself  
  • The one and only thing everyone knows about him is that he dances
  • And from what you’ve heard
  • He’s really good
  • You also heard that he spends a lot of his time in the dance studio at the school
  • Didn’t know whether to believe it tho bc your best friend Doyoung always talks shit  
  • But out of your own curiosity you decided you’d go see for yourself after school one day
  • You could hear music playing from the dance studio as you were walking down the corridor
  • You peered your head in the window of the door and saw him dancing  
  • Every move was executed effortlessly  
  • His dark hair sticking to his forehead  
  • His eyes staring intently at his reflection in the mirrors that lined the walls
  • His skin glowing due to he light hitting the heads of sweat on his skin
  • Lmao I’m getting carried away here
  • Anyway
  • After running through an entire song he finally noticed you looking at him with a dazed expression  
  • The shy side to him taking over as he grabbed his stuff and walked out of the dance studio  
  • He walked past you without a second glance
  • This became a daily routine which he gradually became accustomed today  
  • So much so that you even started sitting in the dance studio and watching him dance  
  • You weren’t in one day, and he  actually felt lonely  
  • And he never felt lonely
  • It had been almost 3 weeks since you first visit to the dance studio  
  • And in all that time you had never actually spoken to each other
  • You were both just happy enough losing yourselves in the music as you sat and watched him dance
  • Stealing looks at one another and sharing smiles
  • The first to actually speak was Taeyong surprisingly  
  • He asked you if you wanted him to teach you the dance as he had noticed your attempts of following his dance moves as you sat at the side
  • Ofc you accepted  
  • So from that day one you remembered to bring clothes for dance every day  
  • One day when you were dancing, you were learning a partner dance  
  • And ngl, you were seeing a side to him you never thought you would but hoped you did
  • As he was teaching you, his hand was on you hip as yours was placed on the back of his head  
  • As he explained the move that you were in mid-execution, you felt his grip on you hip strengthen  
  • You noticed a flicker in his eyes you hadn’t seen before but it was enchanting  
  • His eyes landed on you lips before snapping back up to meet your eyes  
  • Lmao u couldn’t help urself and honestly don’t blame u
  • You craned your neck so that your lips were brushing his
  • You gave him control of the situation
  • He could walk away or close the space between your lips
  • U hoped for the latter  
  • The feeling of his lips dancing across your own sent shivers down your spine
  • Once you pulled away a coy smile was spread across his face
  • “So how about dinner on Friday after dance?”
  • You instantly accepted his proposal  
  • Fast forward 2 months
  • After you had been dating for just under 2 months
  • People were still shocked
  • Like how did u start talking to him?
  • But either way  
  • You were both 110% happier than before
  • You helped him come out of his shell
  • And he even warmed up to Doyoung  
  • To an extent anyway
  • They did argue a bit but it was friendly  
  • Anyway  
  • Oddly enough, he is quite open with skin ship
  • Which surprised you to say the least
  • He always pecked you and held you close in public
  • And in private 100x more so
  • Always cuddling up to you  
  • Nuzzling his face into your hair
  • Always playing with your hair
  • Quite needy ygm loool
  • You both still dance after school everyday and every time you both end up reminiscing  
  • Neither of you would have it any other way
My Fault [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to huntershawn:

Well since you saw Homecoming, can I get an imagine where Peter has a crush on y/n instead of Liz, and that during the ATM robbery incident she was close by and got hurt when Mr. Delmar’s store got hurt with the blast and Peter didn’t know, and he didn’t see her until a week later in school, where she had a cast on her leg and got cuts everywhere. And Peter had a breakdown because he felt guilty, anddd you can decide how it ends. Sorry if its long tho. Thank you

A/N: might’ve gone a bit overboard with this one hehe


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Late Night - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word Count : 694

Warnings : None

Requests are open

This is my first imagine and english isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if this is shit.

You had now been in a relationship with Jughead Jones for almost a year. Altough you guys had your ups and downs, you we’re still madly in love with eachother.

Jughead loved you for your sweet personnality and positive thinking. Everything he saw in you was perfect. Your kindness, compassion, realness, the list goes on. He loved how everytime someone felt uneasy, you would get out of your way to make them feel comfortable. You would never be mean or rude to anyone. Hell, you would'nt hurt a fly.

What you saw in Jughead was different. Everyone knew him as this freak, introverted maniac, who stayed until late hours of the night at Pop’s dinner. You saw something different in him. An amazing boy with an intelligence that rised to the roof.

Of course, trying to have a conversation with him was hard at first since he had a hard time opening up to people. But you continued trying to speak with him anytime you saw him in the school’s corridors. Eventually, he started trusting you and he was the one coming up to you asking how your day had been.

One day, Jughead asked you on a date. You said yes and felt butterflies in your stomach. The time you had was wonderful and you couldn’t wait for your next night out. Jug eventually became your boyfriend and you his girlfriend. After a couple months of dating, you we’re now laying in his bed trying to find sleep.

You had been tossing and turning for what seemed like hours now. Your raven haired boyfriend who had been laying by your side, was fast asleep. The atmosphere of Jughead’s room was warm and soothing. You could feel his warm breath against your neck and small snores we’re escaping his mouth. You sighed, annoyed that you couldn’t be in a deep slumber like him.

Your boyfriend’s arms we’re protectivly holding you when you heard a sharp and quick noise coming from the window who suprised you to death. You gasped and slid the covers up to under your eyes.

The noise continued and you soonly realized it was only rain. You began feeling calmer but only for a few seconds when a loud noise struck outside. You shrieked and covered your whole head with the blanket you shared.

“Are you okay?” A husky voice came from beside which made you flinch. You turned your gaze and met your boyfriend’s. His eyes were squinted and his hair was all over the place. Even tho the room was dark, you could tell he had a worried expression on his face.

“There’s a storm outside.” You quietly answered. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. You did feel bad for waking him up. It was'nt at all your intentions. He studied your face for a few seconds before saying,

“Come here.” He opened his arms and you moved closer to him. His arms heated up your body in a matter of seconds. You nuzzeld your head in the crook of his neck as he held you firmly. Jughead’s lips met your forhead and you automaticly relaxed. You moved your head and looked at him in the eyes. He did the same and you guys stayed like that for what seemed like eternity. Jug then smiled to himself and shook his

“What?” You asked, still in a small voice.

“I’m realizing how lucky I am to have you. You’re so beautiful (y/n), I don’t know what I did to deserve you. You felt your cheeks getting red while you smiled back at him. He continued,

“And I love you very much.” You leaned in and kissed him. Your hands on his torso, he deepened the kiss by leaning more into you. Your lips moved in sync together before you backed away. He gave you a small smile before saying,

“Now come on, go to sleep.” You snuggled back into his chest and wispered back barely audible for him to hear,

“I love you too Jughead Jones, from the bottom of my heart.” And altough you thought he didn’t hear you, you felt a smile appear on his face.


Originally posted by wonnhao

  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell

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Fanfuckingtastic: C.G**

So here’s a Carl imagine. Kinda different from my usual but eh.

Warning: Swearing, sexual content (Last minute decision) and other typical Gallagher stuff.

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Dating Ten

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: These are literally the only things I can do rn. My writers block is really bad and has been for a while tbh. Like I get surges of creativity but I don’t have the motivation to even draw, never mind write :/ But I hope this makes up for it!

  • B a l l  o f  f l u f f  
  • Everyone knows this, it goes without saying  
  • Everyone L O V E S him  
  • He get along with everyone at school  
  • He’s the other ½ of the school’s comedy duo with Johnny  
  • He’s best friends with him, everyone knows that  
  • Just like Johnny, the teachers adore him
  • Lowkey gets away with shit that others would usually get yelled at for lmao
  • Is also a senior
  • Good in all subjects  
  • His best being DT (design tech) and art
  • And oh, look at that, just so happens you have those two classes as well  
  • Such a coincidence! Ur in the same class as him too! ;)  
  • So original  
  • I couldn’t think of another way you could meet lmao don’t judge me
  • Anyway…
  • Last period on a Friday, u had art and your teacher set up a kind of work shop?
  • She paired people up with people who they didn’t really talk to to have everyone brought ‘closer together’ and form a ‘tight knit community’
  • And you and your partner had to draw each other’s portrait
  • And just GUESS who you were paired with
  • So hard to guess honestly  
  • Ten
  • You had always thought he was rlly sweet and kind  
  • Also VVVV a t t r a c t i v e  
  • He always helped out with the other students in the class
  • And his drawing skills were no joke  
  • Everyone admired them
  • Even you did
  • So you felt honoured that he was going to be drawing you
  • You both grabbed your pencil and sketchbook and started drawing
  • The whole room was silent as everyone concentrated
  • As you kept looking up to take a glimpse of a certain feature on his face, he’d already be looking directly at you
  • Making for awkward eye contact tho u seemed to be the only one feeling a lil awkward  
  • He happily kept staring at you as he drew
  • You focused on the curve of his nose and the constant smile he held on his uniquely featured face that you started to find even more enchanting over the course of the hour you spent drawing him
  • Once the hour was up, it was the end of school and tbh you really didn’t want to go
  • You wanted to draw him for longer but the dark haired boy had already packed up and left
  • You packed your things and headed to your locker
  • When you opened it a A5 piece of paper fell out
  • “Meet me at the café tomorrow at 12”
  • You turned the piece of paper over to see a drawing of you, the one ten was drawing in your lesson a mere 5 minutes ago
  • U wanted to S C R E A M
  • U were lowkey impressed by his way of asking you out  
  • Something you didn’t expect from such a outgoing personality like him
  • U met him the next day, following his instructions
  • Once you saw him he had the largest smile etched on his face as he waved you over  
  • When u reached him u handed him the drawing u did of him in the lesson
  • “This is amazing.”  
  • “No where near as good as yours though, you actually made me look pretty.”
  • “I didn’t do anything. I was just looking at the person in front of me.“ 
  • He’d soooo smirk after saying that  
  • Proud of his lil flirty comment  
  • Which sent your heart racing
  • The date was simple but oh-so special
  • Since then, you both kinda just started dating
  • No official announcement or anything  
  • You both wanted the fun of shocking people and having them find out for themselves  
  • He didn’t even tell Johnny
  • So he had the shock of his life when he saw his best friend sucking on ur face  
  • "TEN WHAT THE FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Completely not assed about interrupting your’s and ten’s moment
  • Ten face would just flush red and he’d let out his infectious giggle
  • All of his friend had the same reaction tbh  
  • Johnny thought the not-telling-anyone was a fun idea  
  • When you’d stay at each other’s houses
  • He’d always insist on drawing you  
  • He eventually had an entire sketch book dedicated to you  
  • Soon he didn’t even need you there to be able to draw you  
  • Every feature of your body was imprinted in his mind  
  • And I mean E V E R Y feature ;)  
  • Ngl, he probs had a few NSFW drawings of you too  
  • But like  
  • He couldn’t help it  
  • You were his muse  
  • And he wanted to have physical proof of how much u inspired him  
  • How much you meant to him  
  • You’d be staying at his one saturday night  
  • Cuddled up next to him in bed as he traced random patterns on your delicate skin
  • You’d feel his heart beat become faster as you rested your head on his chest
  • You’d look up and see him already staring at you, awe in his eyes  
  • “I love you, you know that right?”
  • “Well I do now. I love you too.”
  • Craning your neck, you’d have your lips met his
  • A sinful concoction of passion, love and need oozing from the synchronised movements of your lips  
  • He’s place one final chaste kiss on you lips before he’d place them along your jaw as he worked his way down
  • The sensation lighting a fire in your heart.
M’lady (Jason Todd smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: A friend asked me to do it :P   
Summary: Galas are a lot more boring than you could truly ever comprehend before. 
Word count: 767
Warning(s): sexual content
Tag: @pinkwitch21 @dcuniversefanatic

You had begged Jason to go to the gala, trying to at least somewhat mend the relationship between him and Bruce, or take the baby steps. Because the tension between them was too much to bear. 

But even you had to admit that this was the most boring event you’ve ever been to in your existence, posh men and women, with fakeness reeking from every inch of the building. Jason seemed to be jawing with every pore, but it wasn’t all bad. Jason looked as handsome as ever, with messy hair and a black suit, a tie messily hanging around his neck, with the first button unbuttoned. He even briefly talked to Bruce, saying hi and asking where the “other brats” were, which to anyone else wouldn’t have been much, but it was something, progress. 

You didn’t look too bad yourself, with a gorgeous dress that Bruce insisted on buying for you, even tho you really didn’t want him to spend the ridiculous amount of money on you. You were wearing gorgeous makeup, including red lipstick and your hair was set in your favorite style. 

The boring nature of the party could put you asleep on your sleep and it was clearly the same for Jason. “Hey, wanna make out in the bathroom?” You ask, gently biting your bottom lip. Jason quickly smiled at you brightly, a mischevious glint in his eyes. “M’lady,” He chuckled, offering his hand, that you quickly took, as he led you to the restrooms. 

They were unisex bathrooms, with a gorgeous dark gray marble floor, and dark gray walls with a mustard yellow accent wall. A large sink table with a huge mirror on the wall, and individual cubes for the actual toilets, nothing like the stuff you see in public schools, with doors that you can see over and under and walls thinner than paper, no. They were individual stalls with thick walls, and doors that fit perfectly and locks that actually worked.

Jason quickly pulled you into one, they were immaculately clean, closing the door behind you and locking it before attaching his lips to yours in a feverous kiss, that took all the breath out of you. Pulling apart to get some air a bright smile laces your face, causing Jason to smile back, “What?” He asks.

But without even answering you attack his lips again, his scruff grazing your skin, as your hand’s venture down his sides, suddenly squeezing his package, causing him to give you a questioning sound, raising an eyebrow. 

Suddenly he separates from the kiss, turning your back towards him. “Pull up your dress,” He said as he undid his pants, just pulling them low enough including his boxers to release his length, that had been growing for a while. 

He held you from right above from your hip, causing you to bend over a little bit, as Jason pulled your panties to the sides, the tip of his dick with a small bead of precum on it, gently teasing your folds, the only urgency on both of your minds. 

Stop messing with me Jay,” You raspily say.

As soon as those words left your lips, he pushed his length into you, causing you both to groan in unison. But this wasn’t meant to be some long drawn out love making session, but just a mere quickly, which happened to be more exciting than half of your sex-life. 

He started moving at a rapid pace, remembering that there’s a party going on outside and these people whisper more than any normal people. His hips knocking into yours heavily and at a fast speed, both of you trying to muffle your moans, unsure of how well you could be heard near the sinks. 

His breathing was getting irregular, and his thrusts inconsistent, a clear sign of his fastly approaching closeness. A few thrust later he bursts, his head swinging back, a light groan leaving his lips, as you slightly slump against the wall. 

He pulls out, turning you back to face him, giving you a light peck on the face, “Let’s get cleaned up,” He said, giving you some toilet paper, while doing the same, and putting his pants back on, as you try to smooth out your dress.

As you leave the cubicle, you smile as Jason is still smoothing out his clothes. “Babe, there’s something on your face,” You chuckle, as Jason looks up in the mirror to see his face covered in red marks.

Meet ya outside,” you wink, before making your way back to the party room, a smile on your face. 


With love,

Bathing With Hyungwon

Shownu  -  Wonho  -  Minhyuk  -  Kihyun  -  Hyungwon

A/N: A concept

Originally posted by hyungwvn

  • Relaxing™
  • Initially, he was a bit against the idea because he thought you’d disturb his peace, but after pleading with him to let you join, he’d reluctantly give in
  • He wouldn’t really be reluctant tho- He’d hope you’d behave yourself, but he’d be glad you were so eager to grace his company
  • To him, bathing is a detox, a peaceful time for him to relax
  • Therefore, you must be well-behaved and not mess around with him or else he’ll exile you
  • He’d really enjoy it if you offer to do things for him such as wash his hair, massage his shoulders, scrub his chest, anything…
  • He’s kind of lazy so he’d probably demand in return for letting you join you had to do those things anyway-
  • He’s not always so strict tho…
  • When he sees you’re down and just wants to hold you for hours on end and exchange quiet murmurs he may suggest it, petting your hair gently
    “A bath would make you feel better…”
  • He knows when it’s his turn to return the favors, so-
  • He isn’t usually promiscuous, but when he is he’ll sneak sly glances
  • He’d rather you come onto him than expose himself, so he’d try to seduce you with alluring gazes and gentle touches
    “That’s my ass-”
    “Ah- That’s what this is?”
    *proceeds to continue groping the flesh ‘innocently’*
  • For him, baths would probably last two hours
  • It’s not rare for him to fall asleep in the tub…
  • Even tho it’s relatively quiet, it still is an experience that always bonds the two of you
  • You always find yourself getting out before him, the water cool
  • You usually loiter around the bathroom after you finish, brushing your hair or lathering your legs with lotion
  • He makes small talk, his voice diminishing into mumbles as he lets his eyes close once more
[scenario] [request] red string of fate

13: “Kiss me.” 
23: “Just once.” 
31: “You lied to me.” 

(lol why do i always write angsty scenarios for eomma mingyu i’m sORRYy)

Title: red string of fate

Member: mingyu ft. established soonhoon

Genre: angst w good ending // soulmate au 

Word Count: 1565

“Even though she and I can’t see the string, we’re really happy. I’m glad I found her.”

Mingyu rests his head in his hands, hearts in his eyes, unbeknownst to him that with each word he says, your eyes struggle to contain the tears threatening to spill over.

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My Fault [ Peter Parker ]

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Well since you saw Homecoming, can I get an imagine where Peter has a crush on y/n instead of Liz, and that during the ATM robbery incident she was close by and got hurt when Mr. Delmar’s store got hurt with the blast and Peter didn’t know, and he didn’t see her until a week later in school, where she had a cast on her leg and got cuts everywhere. And Peter had a breakdown because he felt guilty, anddd you can decide how it ends. Sorry if its long tho. Thank you

A/N: might’ve gone a bit overboard with this one hehe


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Mom doesn’t wish to see you[Part 9] (Bruce Wayne imagine)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4][Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7][Part 8]

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can u do more parts of ‘Mom doesn’t want to see you?’
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys and the aftermath.
Word count: 829
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

Secretary P.o.v

What started out as a little obsession, quickly spirals out of control and from all measures of reason.

You wanted Bruce, but his wife was getting in the way, he was like a loyal dog to her, and it annoyed you. He turned a blind eye to all your advances, and it made your blood boil. You refused to give up tho, it wouldn’t be like you to give up, but what even was like you? You weren’t sure no longer.

One day something in Bruce had changed, he seemed tired, frustrated, out of it even. Something uncharacteristic for him. You knew deep down that this was your chance if you only take initiative. So when you were taking the paperwork to his office, you locked the see-through door behind you, seductively sitting on his table, making sure your pencil skirt rode up your thigh just enough. Oh did he notice, but he had excellent self-control and you knew you needed to be more aggressive. “Mr. Wayne, you look worried,” You mentioned, running your fingers against his jaw ever so gently, his eyes quickly finding you. You leaned down, gently pecking his lips, he didn’t seem too opposed to it. 

So you decided to test the waters even further, the kiss quickly becoming more heated. But before anything else could ensue, Bruce shoved you away from him, running out of his office, seemingly after someone, leaving you behind.

News quickly broke that The Wayne family was going through some heavy changes, a divorce in specific, to which you concluded that Bruce must have run after his wife.

You still had your own goals tho and tried desperately to get close to Bruce, but he wouldn’t even look at you, nor even speak a word to you. Soon after you found yourself job hunting, being fired from Wayne enterprises. 

You saw him around tho, you knew the places he would go, observing from a distance. You hadn’t given up hope just yet. 

Word spread of a Wayne event taking place soon. Bruce’s former wife accompanying him to the venue. This was your chance you thought. You gave it your damn all, dolling yourself up, getting a dress that nicely extenuated every one of your curves. 

But somehow you went unnoticed by Bruce, you weren’t sure if intentionally or unintentionally., but you did acquire someone else's attention. Soon a dashing young man with black hair and blue eyes, muscular and not older than 25 came up to you. He was charming, and if you weren’t so interested in the Wayne, you wouldn’t have minded a small fling with this man that called himself Dick. 

Soon he needed to go talk to someone else, so you parted ways, a similar looking man bumping into you, spilling his drink all over your elegant dress. He quickly apologized as you made your way to the restroom, hoping to at least somewhat fix the damage. Looking in the mirror, you fixed your makeup and gave yourself a quick look-over. There’s a stain left behind on the fabric, but nothing too horrific. “You can do this, You will do this!” You told yourself before exiting the bathroom, quickly scanning the room over for your interest. 

Spotting him further away with his ex-wife. You start making your way towards your target, and about half way through the dancefloor you feel something landing on your head. Touching it, it seems to be one of the sweet syrup covered desserts from the buffet.

looking up though you see nothing. Starting to walk again, a whole plethora of items fall on you, but no one to be seen on the bridge above. Quickly taking off your heels, you run through the masses, hiding your face as you try to go home as fast as possible. Hollering a cab and jumping in.

You weren’t one to give up.

A little while later reading the local newspaper you read an article much to your disliking. “Bruce Wayne, moving back in with ex-wife?” The article was titled, showing pictures of the woman moving her things into the house, the very familiar men helping her.

Now you finally pieced it together. “God damn it!” You curse to yourself, realizing that they planned all that happened at the event. This meant that you had to get back to the drawing board because you weren’t willing to let this man go. 

You quickly started stalking the other lover, quickly noticing her daily routine, while also keeping in mind Bruce’s.

The war was on. 


With love,

College with Tom

A/N: Soooooo yea I wrote this and yea. My requests are open so hmu.

Requested:Yes by the lovely @softbbyboye. Go check her blog out for aesthetics and shit =)

Warnings: fluff

-Tom staring at you from across the room because you’re adorable when you read.

-the teacher saying class was dismissed and you not paying attention because you were too into your book

-Tom getting nervous as he walked over to you.

-”that must be a pretty good book if you didn’t hear class being dismissed”

-you look up and cant fUCking brEAtHe becuase what are those amazing eyes????

-”I ummm” takes bag and walks off because lord knows you didn’t want to make a fool of yourself.

- Him following you because you forgot the assignment on your desk.

- “Wait y/n you forgot the assignment.”

-you not hearing him because you had headphones in until eventually he trips over himself and into you.

-”Shit i’m sorry im soo sorry. You err forgot your assignment.”

“I-its ok. THanks.”

“Can I buy you a drink somewhere to make up for me falling ontop of you like a clutz?”

“I erm i can’t right now I have to get back to my dorm to do an essay. Maybe later?”

-Tom being left there to watch you walk away.

- Next day you showed up and took your seat pulling out your notebook for notes and just started to doodle in the margin.

-”What are you drawing?” TOm sat next to you.

-There were empty chairs everywhere around you

- “Nothing”

-”Whats in the notebook?”


-”What notes do you need in this class? We hardly do anything?”

-”They’re just notes.”

-Him grabbing the notebook from you because he’s a lil shit.


-”This is really good, but my opinion of you has gone down because you have lied to me. These are not notes.”

-you snatched the notebook back and smacked him lightly with it

- “ABUSIVE MUCH???!!!”

- “I barely hit you. Plus you took my notebook without permission.”

-”Alright alright maybe I did deserve that. So when do you wanna go get a drink? I’ll pay and maybe you can let me read more of that story you have written in there.”

- “I umm…. I don’t let people read my stories”

- “Well i’m not people? Surely you can make a small exception??? Plus im taking you out for coffee or tea or whatever you drink.”

- “Tom i.. you don’t have to take me out for a drink. Honestly yesterday was ok. “

- “ Soooo after class? You can choose wherever you wanna go.”

-” Tommmm…..”

-” Please?? Just one drink.”

- “ I guess but no stories”

- “ I can live with that”

-You blushing like a freaking tomato because DID YOU JUST AGREE TO A DATE  LIKE SITUATION???

-Tom grinning like a fool because successsssssss

- You taking Tom to a place that has fantastic tea and coffee.

- Tom bugging you to see the notebook

- You finally giving in when he uses the puppyy dog eyes

- mY gOD those EYESSSSS 

-You watching carefully as he read it because you were awaiting judgement.

- “ WHat happens next?”

- YOu being surprised he actually wanted to know

-Him starting to hang around you more during and after class


-Honestly same tho

-Him coming to your dorm to read and then falls asleep over there

-You taking pictures of this because he drools when he sleeps

-Your laughing waking him up

-The picture forever being blackmail.

-Next time he falls asleep tho you brush back his hair and cover him with a blanket

-Him subconsciously reaching for you

-You blushing because he’s just an adorable puppy and you can’t reject that

-What are feeeeeliiinnngggg?

-You two waking up together and both blushing.

i’m very sorry if this sucks, but this was my first request so i promise imma get better at it.

Insecure - Justin Foley

Originally posted by yosolosiento

a/n: I wrote this from a real personal perspective, don’t be too hard xxx

request: hey! can i get a justin foley imagine, where he gets very jealous and angry? But at end he is very cute and stuff? It would be amazing! Btw: i love your blog so much.:)

word count: 1029

“What the hell is your problem? So you’re just going to let me guess what’s up? We’re not in kindergarten anymore Justin!” You shouted at your boyfriend. He wasn’t talking to you for a week now and you were sick of it.

“You just can’t remember can you? Maybe don’t drink so much the next time” Justin shouted back. Now you had a first indication, it was something that happened at Bryce’s party but you still had no clue what was the reason for all this.

“For fuck sake Justin maybe if you talked to me I could explain, If there even is something I did wrong.” You said while pinching the bridge of your nose. As much as you loved him you were sick of him always getting so angry at you. He jumped faster to conclusions then you could blink with your eyes.

“So you want me to refresh your memories?” he asked on a very irritating tone.

“Well yes! Please Justin enrich me with all your knowledge.” You said while rolling your eyes. You knew you could be a sassy bitch but you just couldn’t help it.

“Saturday at the party, you were drunk right?”

“Come to the point Foley.”

“Well you were fucking dancing with Jeff Atkins.” Justin shouted at you, obviously his rage coming back.

“You can’t be serious? What’s the real reason?”

“The real reason? You should have seen yourself, you were dancing like you wanted him to take you home. It looked like you didn’t even knew me anymore.”

“I’m such a whore. I danced with my great FRIEND Jeff and oh shit last month I talked with Alex alone and I laughed with his joke, I must be pregnant with his child right now?? Please Justin get it together.” You say while picking up your stuff.

“Where are you going? We’re not done!” Justin shouts at you.

“Well maybe we are Justin. You don’t even trust me enough to dance with a friend, not even when you were absent. You saw all of it and if you didn’t let you anger take over maybe you had realize I did nothing wrong.” You say while walking out the door.

You didn’t want to lose him but you can’t isolate yourself from the world just so he felt secure. You already put extra effort so Justin wouldn’t get mad anymore but it still wasn’t enough. Why was he so insecure about you. Did he really think you didn’t love him enough? Did he think you would cheat? Just the thought of it broke your heart.

When you had to go to school the day after you looked like zombie. You barely slept and your eyes were red and puffy but skipping wasn’t an option since your parents were so strict. You looked like that the rest of the week. You still hadn’t heard from Justin or seen him so you were starting to understand your relationship was over. This time you wanted him to come back to you and apologize. Every time Justin became mad you were the one going back and apologizing but you were sick of it and for one time you hoped he did , but he didn’t. It was very clear his love for you wasn’t as strong as you hoped so you just had to accept it.

After last period you went straight home and up to your room. The idea of losing Justin forever was too much you just collapsed on your bed and started to cry. Suddenly you heard a knock on your door.

“Not in the mood mom, please leave me alone.” You ask politely while continue sobbing. Even tho you said no you still heard your door open up and a body come sit next to you.  Out of nowhere someone was caressing your hair. Your parents would never do that? You jumped up and in front of you you saw a very desperate Justin Foley looking at you with the same red and puffy eyes.

“I’m so sorry y/n. I miss you so much, I should have never got so mad.” Justin says on a timide tone.

“It’s not that easy Justin. I have the feeling you don’t trust me, that you think I would cheat on you.”

“No I don’t!”

“Then why do you get so angry every time?”

“I- I don’t know, I wish I could tell you but it’s just when I see you around other boys I get scared. I’m such a mess and you’re so smart. It’s just, you’re so great, you could get any guy you want but you’re stuck with me and it scares me that you maybe would just go away.” Justin stutters out while looking at the ground. It was the first time Justin let you see his vulnerable side and it made you love him even more. Him showing you this was him showing you he trusted you completely with everything he had, all his bad and his good.

“But I still chose you Justin. If I didn’t wanted you why would I choose you? You really don’t have to be so insecure about it.”

“I know..I’m sorry”



“Don’t ever do this to me again.”

“I promise.” He said while his face came back up facing you. His hands holding your face and his lips slowly touching yours. The kiss tasted salt through all the tears that left yours and his eyes. You never exchanged such a deeple loving kiss with him.

“I really really fucking love you y/n. I’m never letting you go again.” Justin says breaking his lips from yours but his forehead still touching yours. Justin joined you in your bed and laid behind you being the big spoon. His arms and legs were completely tangled with yours and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

I listened to Jolene but the Miley Cyrus version and I really cried again during writing. This is hitting my soft spots guys! Thanks for reading and of course let me know what you think! xxx

Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o being flirted by two men who speaks their language during a date

cont: and while he’s away (like buying something or idk)

requested by anon~


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Shownu; Shownu couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially when he just went to throw his bottle. There were two young men who were already closing in and it was completely written all over your face that you weren’t interested in them and was about to leave when one of the guys took a hold of your hand, which Shownu finally had enough of. Making his way towards you, he’d actually clear his throat and slap away the hands of the man, giving him that look on the gif. When the men didn’t seem to budge, Shownu would actually crack his knuckles and ask if they have any problem and when finally noticed that Shownu was serious, they’d run off and leave the two of you, leaving Shownu slightly pissed but in a happy mood since you’ve wrapped your arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving you from those creeps.

Oh, where are you going little kitty? *smirks at you while the grip around your wrists tightens, making you wince in pain*”

“Let go off me–” “*clears his throat and smacks the man’s hand away, making him remove his hands off of you* What the heck are you doing?”

“*scoffs and steps up, eyeing Shownu from head to toe* Who might you be–”

“*cracks his knuckles and glares at the man* Do you have any problem? I guess you want to take this problem outside– *the two men dashes away* Tss.”

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Wonho; The last thing Wonho would expect to see once he comes back from ordering both your drinks was seeing two men flirting with his girl. Wonho had already noticed these men before the two of you even chose your seats and he knew they were trouble. He would angrily chew on his gum with the number on his hands, making his way back to you with his eyes never leaving the men who were now trying to take hold of your hand. He would loom over the man who really tried to touch you and would literally speak up behind him, making the man jump and look back to see Wonho’s strong arms going past through his face as he places the number on the table. A smirk would be found on Wonho’s face as he brings his arms back, looking down at the man with an eyebrow raised. He may look friendly but the tone of his voice would be icy cold and he wouldn’t really think twice and let the men know that you’re his and they have to piss off before they could even regret walking up to you and flirt with you. And to your surprise, Wonho would be all smiles when the men bowed and apologized for what they’ve done and it’d be as if nothing really happened.

Excuse me, what the heck are you trying to do with my woman? *fake smile, eyes boring onto the man’s head*”

“What the heck— Oh…. *starts to sweat when he sees Wonho* U-uh, we’re just trying to make friends with her.”

“Oh? Really? You call ‘holding her hand’ as making friends? I don’t think so. I’ll count up to three, and if you’re still here, I wouldn’t hold back and break every single bone you have. 1….. 2…. *the two men starts to get up and bow, apologizing for ever going near you* How cute… *takes a seat right in front of you and smiles* I ordered your favorite.”

“What was that, Wonho?” “What’s what? *innocently blinks at you*”

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Minhyuk; It hasn’t been a minute when Minhyuk saw two men walking up to you while you waited for him as he volunteered to pay for both of your clothes. He wouldn’t be too happy when he sees the men closing up on you but he’d be pretty amused by how you flashed them your fakest smile and excused yourself, to which would have Minhyuk relieved and would turn his attention back to the line. But when it was already his turn, he took a quick glance at you and noticed how uncomfortable you’ve become when the two men decided to walk up to you again. Let’s just say Minhyuk quickly paid for the clothes and immediately slung an arm around your shoulder and smiled at you, acting like he doesn’t even notice the two men glaring at him. Minhyuk would also place emphasis on the endearments and would just pull you away from the boys and out of the place, only to have him whining the minute he steps foot out of the shop. Minhyuk would ramble about what happened and would ask you about it, like what did they tell you or did you know them and many more. But soon enough, he’d be distracted by the sight of puppies, asking you if you guys could adopt one.

Oh baby, I’m so sorry if it took me long enough to pay for our clothes for our honeymoon next week. *smiles lovingly at you and places an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him*”

“*glares at Minhyuk and eyes him from head to toe*”

“*purposely hits the man on the face when he slings the bag on his shoulder* Let’s go baby! *pulls you out of the shop and his smile would be replaced with a pout* Baby, what was that? The nerve of those men, didn’t they see how uncomfortable you were when they approached you or something? *sighs* Baby, what did they tell you? I bet they asked you for your number or something… *sees puppies* BABE! PUPPIESSSSS!!!! *drags you towards the puppies* Can we adopt one?”

“No, babe.”

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Kihyun; It was just another picnic day for you and Kihyun and you were busy munching on some of the kimbap he made when he kindly excused himself as he badly needed to go to the bathroom. When he’s finally relieved, he goes out of the bathroom and sees two men ogling over you and was trying to flirt with you. He knows that you’re beautiful but he’d be utterly surprised to see two men going up to you. He wouldn’t be too happy about it and would immediately make his way back to you and would actually ask them if they need something or if they’re lost or something. But when the men would just snicker and ignore him, he’d actually tell them to piss off before everything get’s bloody hell and he wouldn’t really sugarcoat the insults that would leave his mouth. Thankfully, the men left without even apologizing, which would leave Kihyun in an awful mood that he’d be stuff a couple of kimbaps in his mouth and would look like an angry hamster. When you tried to comfort him, he’d just look at you and would ask you why you have to be so beautiful to attract random men.

Baby, are you sulking or what? *looks at Kihyun and sees him stuffing his face with some kimbap*”

“*glances towards your direction and back on the kimbap in front of him*”

“*Aww, baby, what’s wrong? *coos at him and pulls him into a hug, only to be surprised by his questions*”

“Why do have to be so beautiful to the point that you attract random men? *pouts*”

“I don’t know, ask your future mom&dad-in-law.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t really mind at first since he was in the midst of ordering a couple of desserts and drinks for the two of you. But when he was waiting for the drinks and desserts at the counter, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of you and the two men, who were giving you such flirty smiles and stares, which kind of ticked Hyungwon off. When the orders were already complete, Hyungwon would be walking towards your table with an ominous aura emitting off from him and it’d only take the second guy to notice him and break into a cold sweat when he saw the look on Hyungwon’s face. He would actually be politely asking them if they have any problem or what not, and when they replied a no, he would actually directly ask them why were they there in the first place and the two men wouldn’t even bother responding as they’re already running away for their lives. Hyungwon would just place the desserts and drinks on the table and ask you if were you hurt or something.

Babe… thanks for shooing them away… *glances at Hyungwon’s expression than to the strawberry cake*”

“No worries. *takes his seat and looks at you with the same look on the gif* Did they touch you or hurt you? *takes a hold of your hand and stares directly into your eyes*”

“No…. but they were kinda creepy tho..”

“*sighs* I should’ve taught them a lesson or two..”

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Jooheon; Well, actually, you and Jooheon were actually cross-dressing since the two of you lost a bet. The two of you were at Gongcha, and since you are the guy, you’re the one who’s ordering while Jooheon’s left outside, waiting for you with his silky hair flowing down his shoulder. Somehow, he would get really flustered when two men walked up to him and started flirting with him but in a different language. Jooheon wouldn’t know to react but would just laugh and speak out a word or two that he’d learned from you and would fiddle on his skirt. But when the men didn’t leave, Jooheon would immediately talk to them with his usual voice and would literally tell them that he’s a guy. And when they’ve finally left, you’d come back to see a blushing Jooheon, who immediately hugged you and told you what happened with the same expression on the gif. You wouldn’t understand at first but when you come across the two men, he’d point at them and tell you that they flirted with him, thinking that he was a girl.

Babe, are you alright? *walks up to him with worry, but only to be surprised by Jooheon’s sudden hug*”

“Babe babe babe, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.”

“What? *looks at him weirdly and pulls away from the hug to let him carry the other bag of drinks*”

“There were two men who flirted with me and they thought I was a girl!! *laughing* Man, am I that cute? *aegyo pose*”

“Babe, let’s just go home….”

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I.M; Changkyun was in the middle of choosing some cup ramyeon for the two of you to feast on when he caught a glimpse of two men walking up to you while giving you some flirty smile and wink. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from letting out an omg. It has actually been the nth time since you’ve flirted with men who spoke the same language with you. Grabbing two cup ramyeon, he would immediately pay for it and walk up to you, excusing the two of you from the two males and dragging you away from them. Changkyun wouldn’t really talk some senses into them since he would just drag you away and have the two of you eat some cup ramyeon at his studio. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from talking about how this is the 20th time you’ve been picked on and how this needs to stop and how he should buy some pepper spray for you next time and many more, and this will go on for 20 minutes, only to be silenced by you kissing him on the lips, making him grin widely.

What should I get for [y/n]? Hmm… *taps his lower lip and was about to get you some shin ramyeon when he catches a glimpse of the two men walking up to you* Oh my goodness… when will this stop?! *grabs two random ramyeon and pays for it; hurriedly walks out of the convenience store and takes a hold of your wrists and fake smiles* Excuse me, but I have to get my GIRLFRIEND away from the two of you. Okay? BYE. *drags you away from them*”

“That was fast… *looks at him and sees him with an exasperated look*”

“[y/n], this is the 20th time that you’ve been hit on! I guess we have to eat at my studio… Baby, this needs to stop. You’re getting prettier and prettier by the day and and… for sure you’re gonna get hit on the next time you go out… .Should I buy you some pepper spray? I heard that it’s– *silenced by your kiss, grins widely when you pull away*”

anonymous asked:

benji will probably cry if u smooch his chubby cheeks and play with his curly hair and kiss him all over bc... he NEEDS this love and affection bc everyone thinks he's a weirdo except u n jessie. like,,, he loves to lay in ur lap while u play with his hair and sing to him. soft boy.

• he would honestly do the thing that Evan does where when u kiss him he keeps his eyes closed and eyebrows raised for a minute (((again fight me)))
• but your fave thing to do is kiss his lil cheeks
• Benji is the skinniest and stringiest of beans like this boy is frickin tiny
• but his cheeks are so chubby and cute and ahoahwe
• and tbh he has probs always been insecure about them
• especially since jesse literally had cheekbones sculpted by THE GODS
• aNyWaYs
• you do this thing that he loves where you press thousands of tiny soft kisses to his cheek
• he scrunches his nose and giggles when u do
• and his hair is super curly and he uses no product so it’s super soft
• so you often play w it
• but if u play with it too much it poofs up and becomes a mini afro
• ((((jesse calls it a jew fro))))
• even tho he is lanky he will curl up in a ball when u cuddle
• like fetal position with his legs and arms draped over you
• and his t shirts are really soft so you cling onto them and he FALLS IN LOVE
• on long nights of studying, he will lay his head in your lap and close his eyes while u play w his hair
• he loves it when u kiss his fingertips
• he only ever kisses your nose and forehead
• but more often than not he will do the thing where he presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth bc he loves your smile
• every time he does this he makes a cute little “hm” noise
• he makes u sing to him sometimes
• usually a song from the muppets
• then u go “u look like a muppet”
• then he pouts “I do not”
• and you giggle
• and he giggles
• and Jesse just watches because you guys thought he was watching a movie but he just is so happy to see his bff in love

Bambam as your boyfriend

  • for starters
  • you are never bored
  • because your boyfriend is a total weirdo
  • always doing the most™ and making you either die of laughter 
  • or hit him with a pillow
  • but 180s outta nowhere and gets serious
  • dabs 986 times in a row and then wants to talk about the meaning of life
  • ?????????????
  • u good bambam???
  • is your biggest fan holy shit
  • you accomplish anything at all?
  • he’s hyping you tf up
  • probably brags about you to strangers
  • getting coffee
  • “Y/N is the coolest, right? Ah, they’re amazing.” 
  • and you’re like. bambam. stap
  • but secretly you do the same thing because your bf is amazing how could you not amiright
  • probably dabs after you tell him you love him for the first time tbh
  • but he’s actually pretty serious when it comes to how much he loves you
  • you’re the most important thing in his life
  • and he wants you to know that
  • you’re the person he talks to when he’s stressed
  • because things do stress him out
  • and he just needs to lie with his head on your lap sometimes
  • run your fingers through his hair!!!!!!!!!! he loves it
  • even tho he acts like you’re messing up his hairstyle
  • takes you shopping all the time
  • picks out the ugliest clothes for you
  • “Y/N, this would really bring out your eyes!” 
  • asshole
  • buys you things without you realizing it and then you get home and he’s like
  • restocking your closet
  • sigh
  • on the bright side, those are some pretty sweet sneakers
  • lots of really random dates at 2:58AM
  • because he has a craving for burgers 
  • getting banned from walmart on those late night dates because you two play hide n seek
  • and get a little too into it
  • dressing up in disguises so you can go back to that walmart 
  • has hundreds of bad photos of you and won’t delete them because they’re precious to him
  • probably takes a lot of couple selfies when the two of you are looking 🔥
  • but then crops you out and posts it on instagram lmao
  • btw yugyeom is now a major part of your life
  • sometimes you come home and he’s just
  • sittin on ur couch 
  • watching a drama
  • okie
  • in conclusion 
  • bambam as a boyfriend is 🙌🏻🙏🏻👌🏻🔥❗️❗️
  • im sorry
  • ur gonna fall more in love every day because he’s a meme but he’s so much fun and so serious about how much he loves you and it’s just nice dude
peter parker x reader drabble // dating

IDKIDKIDKIDKIDK I HOPE PEOPLE READ THIS. THESE ARE SUPER CUTE AND FLUFF AND I’M HELL PROUD OF THEM. Make sure you message me for a request if you want! I wanna continue to make these.



• the first time was so awkward. you wanted to cuddle him you had no idea how to ask Peter. he didn’t know where to put his hands or anything..

•"w-where do i put my hands Y/N…“

• “do I move closer or like do you move closer pete…?”

“just come here.”


• “Yeah, okay, pete. ‘Accidently’.”

• “iM serioUs i-I-”

“Just hold me, Peter. I’m just messing with you.”

• you’d cuddle ALL THE TiME. sometimes you’d fall asleep and he’d have to wake you up.

“You were snoring…sorry”

• lots and LOTS of hugs.

•you’d hug more than kiss. he’d hold you for like 20 minutes straight.

• “let’s stay like this forever.”

• “perfectly fine with me.”

•he’d be moody sometimes because hed have lack of sleep due to being, well, spiderman. he wouldn’t be that rude, but he’d be a bit grumpy and would just want to cuddle you and sleep.

• “ugH”

• “what now, Pete?”

• “ I literally hate EVERYTHING

• “That explains your mood, come cuddle then.”

•he’d try and get into everything you are. movies, books, and every TV show you’re into.

• yet he’d be so confused????

•he finally tells you that he’s spiderman, and you freak out a little more than he expected..

• “wHA- you’re…hOW..all this time.wHY DIDNT U TELL ME PET-..”

•” bABE pLEASE relax I’m okay. May is in the other room!“

•"p..Peter this is im…your literally..holy shi-”

• he just shuts you up by kissing you lmao

•aunt may LOVING you.

•every time you’d come over she’d give you such a big hug

•lmao when she accidentally caught you and Peter making out

• “guys, do you wait Thai? I burnt the lasagna ag- wHAT THE FU?”

• “wE weRe jUs- noThI- iTS noT whAT yOu tHi-”

•"this is why I like the door OPEN!“

•Peter highkey being nervous around you half the time

•you guys were just a shy and awkward couple

• you’d catch each other staring half the time and both would get red af

• stuttering was VERY VERY common

• sometimes he’d be way to nervous to hold your hand but he’d end up doing it while avoiding eye contact with you (sO CUTRIEIFIF)

• someone would be like, “you guys are so cute.” And both of you would blush madly.

• he’d ALWAYS rub your back. especially if you were sad or had a stressful day. you wouldn’t even have to ask, he’s just do it.

• playing with his hair. he LOVES IT

• he’d play with your hair too and say how much he loves your hair even tho u hate it

• basically he sees no flaws like he’s so pure

•PDA was not your thing, Peter wish he would have known before

•"hey cutie" he’d try to kiss you at school and you’d turn away, blushing.

•"oh.“ he’d get all sad and you’d instantly rEGRET IT bc he’s so cute and innocent

•"o..shit, no no no nO, Pete I just don’t like PDA.”

•"aww. my precious little bean.“

• nicknames for you include: bean, babe, baby, cutie, love, angel, bEAUTIFUL, sunshine, (any kind of nickname u have???), and “my gIRL”

• nicknames for him include: pete, penis parker (it was only okay if YOU called him that. everyone else can fuk oFF), spidey, hot stuff, bug boy, web boy, babe, and cutie.

• when he knew you were embarrassed he’d lightly tease you but proceed to hug you while you hide your pink face in his chest.

• “your laugh is so cute!”

•"peter, sTOPPP. I’m embarrassed now..“

• “aww! oh, my god you’re literally the cutest thing ever especially when you blush. i-i lobe you so so much..just like, wow..come here, Y/N.”

• “you teasing me makes it so much worse.”

•the pUNS

• "hey pete..are u a fruit?”

• “…Y/N.”

• “cuz u would be a fINE APPLE”

• “ur a keeper…”

• he’d compliment you every chance he got

• “you’re literally so beautiful.”

• “i-i don’t know why you like me but holy fuck you do you’re so gorgeous and -”

•  “you’re beautiful too, Pete.”

• “shi- i meant you’re um…handsome i dunno”

• the first i love you happened accidentally, but you both meant it.

• “Peter, you know I love you but I just want you to be safe out ther…FUCK”

• “did you just…oh my gOD”

• “o fUCK, I’m sorry pete I-i didn’t I mean I don-”

• “it’s okay. i love you too, dork .”

• "i think it’s safe to say that i larb you…?” • “don’t make me regret saying it at all, pete.” •.“wAIT WAIT NO I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU”