your eyebrows lol


Oh man I think my Chris Pine phase is growing back, so have a plethora of Kirk expressions, and Spock’s… one. There will be more caterpillar eyebrows on the horizon while Spock stares at these


Bias and bias wrecker selfie tag 💐

basicallyyyy i was tagged by the beautiful @ji-baek to do a bias selfie tag and the beautiful @sugabum090 to do a bias wrecker selfie tag so I put both the tags into one lol but who am i kidding i’m pretty much double biasing now

i look really pissed off in the second photo lol

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i have no reason for making this other than the fact that conor is pretty

NCT Dream reaction to getting their eyebrows waxed/threaded for the first time


Anon: Can you do a reaction of nct (do as many members or units as you want) getting their eyebrows waxed or threaded for the first time?

I decided to do NCT Dream only, just because I don’t have many things for them all all on here - if you would like another unit/specific members, please request it! Please send in feedback and enjoy- bisous, Flo xx


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He’d try to be the hard man, what being nearly an adult and the leader of NCT Dream. However despite the pain being very harsh, he wouldn’t cry or whimper, just putting up with it. In his head, though, he’d be cursing and screaming so hard that even when it was over, he’d still be able to hear those screams in his head. 


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He’d love it I think. Not the process, God no. I mean, who actually likes the process of getting your eyebrows done lol? But he’d defiantly like the look of his eyebrows afterwards. Probably going as far as teasing the other members for their eyebrows and boasting about his own. In fact, he’d make sure to get them done often because he liked them that much. 


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Jeno would be the most relaxed about the whole process. He’s not the type to show discomfort or annoyance, so would look pretty neutral when having his eyebrows done. Every time I see him he’s always laughing or smiling, so he’d be the type to laugh about it before, during and afterwards. When it came to the other members having them done, he wouldn’t laugh though, probably supporting them more than teasing. 


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For sure, he’d need to be held down - for the safety of everyone. He didn’t know how he ended up agreeing to it, but instantly regretted his decision the second he sat down. “I’m a man! Men don’t get their eyebrows done!” He’d cry, only to be told by his hyungs, that no, he was not a man, which only made him more agitated. His excessive squirming would mean everyone would have to hold him down, limbs and all. 


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He’d get his eyebrows done as a joke. I think he’s the type who likes to prove people wrong and be his best. This time, it was by getting his eyebrows down. He couldn’t, however, help but let his eyes water at the pain and afterwards they’d be red and sore. If asked why he was crying, he’d try to cover it up by saying something like “oh, it’s hay fever”, but in actual fact, it was because it hurt like a bitch. 


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Even though Jisung is the youngest, I feel like Chenle would act the youngest eg by crying like a baby. He’d be crying when he was told he’d be getting them done, on the way there, waiting in the waiting room, siting on the special chair, when the wax was being heated, and so forth. Even though he’d cry during the experience, he’d like the appearance of his eyebrows afterwards. But no one would be willing to take him again lol 


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Of course being so young, he was unfamiliar with this kind of grooming, only sticking to dying his hair and having a bit of makeup put on him. To be honest, he wouldn’t even know that “getting your eyebrows done” was even a thing. He’d be petrified upon seeing the hot wax and smelling the strong aroma of cream and soap, thinking that the whole experience would be traumatic. Of course it wasn’t, but it was painful enough that he wept a little after, swearing never do it again.

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One day sexually teasing Barbossa in front of the crew as his first mate would include? Sorry, but I couldn't resist. 😎 And I'm not even sure if you do POTC imagines. 😂 Well, whatever... I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! 😁

SURE *EYEBROW WIGGLES* LOL!! I like me some Barbossa XD (I’ll get to the crush on one this Wednesday it’s been requested for a while XD and all these asks reminded me and inspired me)

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Why do people wanna see your feet when we all know that your eyebrows are goals

LOL this is the best message ever!!!! Thank you, I love eyebrow compliments😛💋

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Lol your eyebrows are perfect babes, I'm sure they were trying to be nice but "you would look so good if..." always pisses me off cause like babes I already look good what are you talking about????? Ik it's rarely intended to be nasty and is just something people say but the amount of times people have said it to me about stuff that I can't change or I'm not prioritising enough to change drives me up the wall, sure Jan I'd like bolder brows but I don't care enough to get a procedure so pls shhhg

Thank you, ma dear!!!

Yeah, it’s not the nicest thing to say when I literally LOVE the thickness of my eyebrows lol.

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Your could almost believe that you're not the same person sometimes from character to character TT, but then you do your eyebrow thing lol

(( OOC: *waggles eyebrows* )) 

That post about the eyebrows and Klaine gave me the best random headcanon ever:

Kurt is a total size queen, but he can’t admit it because he thinks that’s really shallow. (Also Blaine has a small dick) So one day when they are having a fight about something else entirely, Kurt bursts out his frustration at Blaine’s small penis with that quote (“maybe if your dick was thicker than your goddamn eyebrows…”)


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your eyebrows were NOT lol it looks like youre surprised 24/7 and its creepy as fuck you look like female nash grier. and right now theyre even worse because theyre so far apart. stop complimenting yourself woman

hello have you seen me?? i’m pretty. i can compliment myself if i want to