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Rewind, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Sequel to ‘Still Hurting’.

Words: 1227

Author’s Note: Hello! More fics! I already have some in progress, but feel free to keep sending in prompts!

Warnings: None

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1

While Lin’s response the night before had been breathtaking and tripled every feeling you had been trying to suppress for him, you had no idea where the two of you stood.

Were you involved? Were you just talking?

You felt childish - only one step away from asking one of your friends to ask one of his friends if he like-liked you.

The next day, you slept in a bit later than planned and rushed into the theater only twenty minutes before the top of the show.

You hustled to Pippa’s dressing room, your temporary home while she was on vacation. You half-assed your stage makeup in ten minutes and ran through a warm up in five as your mics were placed in your hair.

You stripped and changed into your first costume of the day. As the dress was zipped up by your dresser, a knock sounded at the door.

“Come in!” You called.

Hello hello hello!” Lin poked his head in, “Sleep in today, babe?”

Your eyebrow quirked at the use of the name. Since when were you ‘babe’ to him?

Your dresser also picked up on the phrase, smirking as she reminded you of the time and took her leave.

“Forgot to set my alarm babe.” You told him, giggling when he faltered.

“I can’t call my girlfriend babe?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“So I’m your girlfriend now? Thanks for involving me in that conversation.” You moved forward, forcing his arms apart and around you.

“Well after last night…” He started, stepping closer, his nose bumping against yours, “I can’t help but think there’s something going on.”

His breath fanned across your face as his lips drew closer.

Cast to places. This is the whole cast to places call.” The stage manager called over the PA, forcing the two of you apart.

“See you out there, babe.” Lin backed away, smirking at just how flustered he left you. You took a second to compose yourself and steady your breathing as you heard the first notes of the show play.

You quickly realized that Lin would be the death of you.

It didn’t take long for word to spread, and Lin’s desperate need to be in close proximity to you was easy to pick up on.

Intermission for you was spent going over notes. Remembering choreography was difficult when you had to bounce between roles like you did, and sometimes you needed to study.

“Y/N.” Your head shot up to the open door, where Chris stood in all his Washington glory.

“Mr. President.” You greeted, closing your notes, “What’s up?”

“When did you and Lin start bangin’?” His casual nature caught you off guard. That, and the presidential uniform he confidently wore. He took a seat on Pippa’s couch, motioning for you to join him.

You gathered the skirt of your gown in your arms and scampered over to sit next to him. He cleared his throat after a moment, unsure of where to begin.

“Lin’s my best friend.” You nodded in affirmation, “I’m gonna be very protective of him.”

“Sure.” You answered, bracing yourself for the worst.

“That being said, you are way out of his league!”

Your face split into a grin and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m not kidding, does he have a spell on you? Did he witness you murder someone and this is the only way he’ll keep your secret?”

“All due respect, Chris, but he’s the one that’s out of my league.”

He inspected you for a moment. The light smile on your lips, the genuine look of adoration and uncertainty in your eyes. The same things he had recognized in Lin just moments ago after he told him of the events from the night before. Your walk home, your near-midnight confession, his inability to fall asleep with you on his mind.

“Yeah.” Chris finally said, patting your knee and forcing himself to his feet, “You pass.”

He sauntered out of the room before you could so much as comment on the fact that he was testing you.

Lin was antsy from the moment he asked you out to dinner that night. He tapped an unrecognizable beat on his leg the entire walk to the cafe. You had been there together a million times - in between shows, after shows, just to have lunch together - but the both of you felt there was something different about the night.

Conversation was just as easy and fun as it normally was, but the entire walk back to your apartment building was tense.

You stopped at the bottom of the steps, hesitating to go any further. Lin stopped in his tracks and watched for a moment. Your eyes were fixed on the door, where you had stood the night before and proclaimed your love without a moment’s hesitation.

You wish you could go back to the night before and see yourself in that moment. You wish you could back and replay everything about that moment. You remember Lin’s hands in his jacket pockets, either from the cold or to keep them contained.

His hair was tucked behind his ears but it was messy from him quickly tugging his mic out - he was always the first of the cast to be unattached from his mic.

You heard your name being called, and swiveled to see Lin’s concerned eyes on you. His hand was subconsciously tugging at the bottom of your jacket, something he usually did when the two of you walked through the busy streets and he wanted to be sure he didn’t lose you in the bustling crowd.

“You didn’t let me say it last night.” You told him.


“You cut me off before I could really say it. I was going to tell you something but you stopped me.”

“I did.” He answered, eyes going to the door, “Do you want to try again?” He gestured over to the spot, a single light bulb illuminating overhead.

You grinned and took the steps two at a time, situating yourself in the exact right spot. He still stood at the bottom, eyes shining with something you had seen them shine with before but was always unable to name it until now.

“I love you.” You started.

“I love you too.” He said, sticking to the script.

No.” You breathed as he slowly climbed the stairs. He nodded. This time, he wasn’t going to cut you off, “I’m in love with you, Lin.”

He was on you in a second, lips on yours, arms around your waist to keep you grounded. You pushed back enthusiastically, tugging at the bottom of his jacket. His cold fingers found themselves creeping up your shirt, tickling the bare skin at your stomach.

He pulled back while he could still control himself, knowing that if he let it get any farther, he wasn’t sure if he could stop.

“I’m in love with you, too.” He told you, dizzy and crystal clear at the exact same time.

You silently nodded to the door, an invitation for him to join you inside. He nodded coolly, but the silent cheer he did behind your back as you unlocked the door told another story.

“Pippa’s gonna have a lot to catch up on when she comes back.” You teased, tugging him by the neck of his shirt into your apartment building.

That Photo Stays Between You and Me

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 1360
A/N: I’ve been procrastinating for the past few days and was able to spit out some short little imagines, and here’s one of the them; also, why do I write about photographers so frequently

“What was your promise to me, Alexander?” You asked accusingly, raising your eyebrows in annoyance.

He sighed, but didn’t move his eyes from the papers scattered all around himself. “At least six hours every night.”

You nodded your head, “And you’ve been working all day, Alex, let’s just go to bed,” you suggested softly. You walked over to him from the doorframe, and let your cheek rest on his head, your hands rising gently on both of his shoulders. “I’ll play with your hair while you fall asleep,” you offered, running your hands over his shoulders soothingly. “Does that sound nice?”

Alexander nodded his head, but sighed, “I guess,” he said quietly, scooting his chair back, slightly.

You grinned and took his hand, leading him away from his desk, his work, and all of his stress. “If you fall asleep soon, you can still be up bright and early,” you said, pulling the duvet back for him to crawl into. Once he did, you pulled it back up to cover him.

Alex nodded as you began changing into your pyjamas, “Do you have to work tomorrow, too?” He asked, turning to lay on his back so he could look at you.

You nodded your head; “Yeah. Marie asked me to take engagement pictures for her and Lafayette. I’ll be gone for most of the day.”

He nodded his head in understanding; “But we’re taking the weekend off?” He asked, his voice quiet with his sleepiness.

You nodded your head as you crawled into bed beside your boyfriend, “Mhm,” you replied, reaching out to play with Alexander’s hair.

He closed his eyes and cuddled into you, “Okay,” he muttered, “I’ll try to get all of my work down tomorrow then.”

You grinned and leaned down, giving him a small kiss on the top of his head; “Alright,” you whispered, “Don’t work yourself into the ground, though, okay?”

He nodded his head so softly that if he wasn’t leaning against you, and you couldn’t feel it, you wouldn’t have realized he had done it at all.


The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed, as usual. Sighing, you flung off the covers and made your way into the bathroom, passing Alexander’s office on the way.

“Morning,” you grinned as you passed on by.

“Morning, Love,” Alex replied hurriedly, clearly not having any time for affection this morning.

You shook your head.

After readying yourself, and collecting all of your camera equipment, your final task for the morning was to make sure that both you and Alex had something to eat. You flung some porridge on the stove and prepared a variety of fruit to throw in it, and made two cups of coffee.

Once you were done, nearly fifteen minutes later, you took your breakfasts into his office. “Hungry?” You asked, sitting his porridge on his desk, along with his mug of black coffee.

Alexander nodded his head, scooping some of his meal into his mouth, before getting straight back into business. “Thanks,” he said through a mouthful of berries, “You’re the best.”

You grinned, and ate your breakfast; even though he wasn’t being very social with you, you understood that it was only temporary. After today, you’d have him to yourself all weekend. You couldn’t really remember a time when he wasn’t working 24/7, and you had your doubts that he would last the full three days work-free. Nevertheless, you were both hopeful and excited.

Once you had finished your meal, you noticed that Alexander wasn’t even halfway done his. You couldn’t help but just shake your head; “I’ve gotta get going,” you said with a pout, “But I’ll be home late this afternoon… You’ll still be here, won’t you?” You asked, cocking your head to the side as you leaned on his office door.

He nodded his head; “I’ll be here,” he said, giving you a quick smile, “Have fun.”

You grinned back at him, “Will do… And make sure you eat today, alright?” You said, raising your eyebrows.

“Of course, babe,” he said, smiling, “I’ll see you later.”


“I think they’ll really turn out,” you assured Lafayette as you made you way up the staircase.

“No, you looked great,” you laughed, shaking you head, “And she looked beautiful; you guys looked amazing, I promise,” you grinned, fiddling with the lens of the camera hanging around your neck. “I’ll have them back to you in a couple of weeks—don’t be nervous, Laf, it was a great shoot,” you repeated yourself, for what felt like, the millionth time.

You understood his anxiety well enough, you just wished there was a way for you to calm him down. “You’ll love them Lafayette, and I’m sure Marie will, too.”

You were approaching Alexander’s office, and decided to peek in quickly. What you seen is exactly what you had expected, but you were shocked as if it wasn’t. “Laf, I’ll have to call you back. Don’t worry about anything, you’ll have the pictures in two weeks,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

Alexander looked up at you, his hair completely out of his usual ponytail, and sticking up on its own, due to how frequently he ran his hands through it. His eyes were the usual amount of tired, but what was new was the extra amounts of panic and stress. Without thinking, you lifted your camera up and snapped a picture really quick.

“Babe!” Alexander exclaimed in protest.

“Sorry,“ you apologized quickly, before taking the camera off from around your neck and laying it down on his desk, along with a million papers and pens, and highlighters. And his half eaten porridge from this morning.

“Hey,” you said, eyeing the bowl, “You promised me you would eat today,” you commented, taking out his hair tie gently, and beginning to run your fingers gently through his hair.

“No,” he sighed, “I only said I would; I didn’t promise, because I knew I wasn’t going to keep it.”

“Alexander,” you sighed, retying his hair, “How you’ve managed to survive this long is beyond me.”

He sighed once again; “I’m just trying to finish everything up. Give me a few more hours and I’ll be done… I promise,” he said, raising his eyebrows slightly. He looked at you, and you looked right back at him, trying to decipher if he really meant it or not.

“I promise,” he repeated himself, “And right when I’m done, we can eat dinner together. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?” He asked hopefully.

You nodded you head, sighing, “Okay,” you said, “Three hours?”

“Three hours.”


It wasn’t three hours, but it was four, and that was good enough for you. “Pizza’s on the way,” you grinned, as your zombie-boyfriend made his way downstairs.

“Good,” he sighed, flopping down on the couch, immediately leaning against you, “I’m starving…”

You raised your eyebrows as you began flicking through the photos from your shoot on your laptop, “You wouldn’t be,” you began, “If you took care of yourself throughout the day.”

“Hey,” Alexander said, defensively, “I take care of myself just fine—I’m still here, aren’t I?”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, “Barely—hey look, that’s you,” you giggled as you came across the picture you had taken of him, his hair amok, eyes tired.

He groaned immediately, “Y/N,” he bellyached, “Delete that right now.”

You chuckled, shaking your head, “No way!” You exclaimed, “This is my favourite photo of you… Look at you, you’re adorable!”

“I look like I’m on the brink of death!” Alexander protested, leaning his head on your shoulder, “I hate it.”

“I love it!” You exclaimed, “Genuinely; I think you’re adorable. Hands down the cutest boy I’ve ever met,” you smiled, beginning to edit the picture. A little bit more exposed, a tad bit sharper, a little bit cropped… “I think I just took your next profile picture. For everything,” you said, looking down at him seriously. “It’s a very accurate representation.”

He looked up at you, equally as seriously; “That photo stays between you and me, Y/L/N.”

You smirked, saving the photo, “Whatever you say, Hamilton.”

If She Said "No," First.

“No,” she said and watched as his lips twitched and eyebrows furrowed, wondering if he’d heard her right.

When she made no move to speak or to act, he swallowed hard and dropped his gaze to the ring, now daring to slip out from between his fingers.

With shaky hands, he placed the ring back inside its circular holder and placed the lid on top, firmly tightening it.

He sat back on his legs and licked his lips, his mind fuzzy with what had just happened, the little hairs on the back of his neck starting to stand. The rejection was crushing. The lack of an explanation was even more so.

Slowly, awkwardly, he got to his feet. He tucked his fingers inside his collar and undid the top button, stretching out the fabric, giving him room to breathe.

He glanced around the room at all the candles and rose petals, inhaled the smell of Grandma Esther’s noodles that he’d taken the time and effort to cook carefully to perfection.

He knew he couldn’t avoid it any longer, so he hesitantly looked back on Iris, not sure what he hoped to find there and even more uncertain by what he found.

“Are you going to leave?” She asked, curious without condemnation.

He swallowed again. “Do you want me to?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and shook her head, then pulled his face down to hers, nudging her nose up so it brushed against his.

“What do you want, Iris?” He asked, a hitch to his voice, almost breathless, and crushing.

“I want Grandma Esther’s noodles,” she said contemplatively, starting to sway and forcing his tense body to sway with her. “I want some mint chocolate chip ice cream,” she continued, as casually as if she were just making a grocery list aloud. “And then, I want you to ask me to marry you.” He stilled, and she stilled with him. “Again.”

His gulp this time was clearly visible in his throat.

“Again?” He managed.

She nodded. “Mhmm.”

“I don’t know if I can take rejection a second time, Iris,” he said, tears filling his eyes.

She felt them start to drip onto her cheeks and knew she couldn’t keep up the charade.

“Yes,” she said on a soothing sigh.

He blinked. “What?”

“Yes, Barry Allen.” She tugged him down by his chin and planted a kiss on his lips. “I’ll marry you,” she whispered.

He gave a choked cry and gathered her into his arms.

“Oh my god, you scared the hell out of me, Iris,” he gasped for air, as if he just couldn’t breathe.

She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his neck.

“’M, sorry, Barry,” she mumbled into his skin.

He pulled back to look at her, cradling her face in his hands.

“Why would you do that?” He asked, desperation clear in his searching eyes.

She sighed softly and scolded herself for her silly reasoning.

“Because I want to jump your bones, babe.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

“If I said no, at least I’d get to eat first.”

He gave a strangled laugh and shook his head, eyes glittering as he uncapped the metal ring box still clutched in his hand and took the ring out again.

Without asking he took her hand, and she let him. He slid the ring onto her finger, and then looked up at her, a bundle of nerves again.

“Yeah?” He asked.

She nodded. “Yeah.”

He captured her lips in a passionate kiss that had her yearning for him everywhere, his lips, hands, and tongue exploring every inch of her body.

She groaned aloud.

“I wanted to EAT first,” she complained.

With a tremendous effort, Barry managed to detach from her, but he could not subdue the heat in his eyes.

“We can eat first.” He licked his lips, as his eyes lowered to hers. Then they flickered up to her eyes. “If you want.”

A mix of desire and frustration, she whines into her own initiated smoldering kiss.

“It’s too late for that,” she said between kisses. “I want you now.”

No Makeup

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Featuring: Jay Park

Genre: Fluffy/Slightly Comedic 

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi! Can we have a Jay Park scenario where you sleep at his house with him for the 1st time and your worried he see you without makeup ^^? #something really fluff#

A/N: I changed it slightly. Extremely sorry on how late this request is  (╥﹏╥)

You were regretting coming on this overnight trip with your boyfriend. No nothing was wrong, in fact everything was perfect. Your boyfriend had thought about every single detail and made this the best get away trip. With that being said you couldn’t help but feeling silly about yourself. You were in the bathroom, you had washed up after a long day out but you just couldn’t bring yourself to step out of the bathroom.  Even though you and Jay had been dating for several months, you still hadn’t come around to show him your bare face. For some, this might seem ridiculous but for you it was such a big step, you hadn’t exactly noticed when your makeup had become so embedded to your persona; it was as if it  was now part of your identity. You felt a different type of confidence all doll-up, it was like mask you felt you needed  to face the world. Without it you felt an odd sense of vulnerability, almost as if you were exposed.

Wrapped in your white bathrobe, you rummaged through your bag. Maybe a bit of tinted moisturizer, would be ok; it wouldn’t be too obvious, would it? Or filling in your eyebrows a little bit. Suddenly you found yourself picking out item after item out of your makeup bag. ‘This is ridiculous.’ You thought to yourself as you took a cotton pad and wiped your eyebrows clean.        

“Hey babe, you ok in there?” Jay inquired from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Almost done.”  

“Okay just wondering if you need anything, just ask.”  

You had realized you had spent too much time in the bathroom, you had to come out eventually. Jay had to see your bare face at some point. You took a deep breath, ‘let’s just it over with.’ you reminded yourself.  You took hold of the doorknob and slowly  pushed the door open and walked out.

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Mr. Sweet & Mrs. Lazy

A/N: I decided to write a little something with my baby Kyungsoo… I’m shit when it comes to fluff lately, so I hope this came out okay.

It may sound a bit biased, but mornings like this solidify that Kyungsoo is, in fact, the best boyfriend ever. 

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You wake up to the sound of soft humming in your ear along with the feeling of placid fingers weaving through your hair. You feel the bright sun shining down on you, warming the side of your face.  “Mmm,” you hum, leaning into the inviting touch. 

“Morning princess,” Kyungsoo whispers in his deep baritone, before kissing your neck. Snuggling further into the mattress and sheets, you mumble a lazy “good morning” in reply.

“C’mon. Wake up baby,” he coos. But the idea of staying in bed for the rest of the day was far too enticing – the duvet suddenly feeling warmer and the pillow fluffier. 

“No,” you say dragging out the vowel while hiding your face under the covers. 

He chuckles, finding you absolutely adorable. “Don’t hide your beautiful face from me,” he says drawing back the covers. You whine, immediately pulling the covers back over your head, shielding your face.

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do you think that Dean sometimes thinks about Cas completely sub-consciously? like he’s not even aware of it? like maybe some nights he’s tossing in his bed, half awake, half asleep, for hours on end, one second he’s thinking about burritos, the next about Cas, the next he has no idea what he was just thinking about. you know that state.

and the next morning he’s pumping himself up with like three mugs of coffee walking around the Bunker’s kitchen like a zombie and when Cas walks in he says, ‘couldn’t sleep at all last night’ and Cas is like, ‘I know’ and they just look at each other and they just know.

and then Dean blushes the most outrageous shade of red and tries to hide behind his mug because dammit, even if he tried to stop thinking about Cas, his thoughts always run to him anyway and he can’t help it, okay?!


I dyed my hair and tried out this comb over and…. I look so effin fab?????

I mean I’ve been moping about my messed up bangs so much and I could do smth like this??????

Smallest Teller

Imagine Jax being cute with the baby bump 

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“Can you believe this guy?” Jax said staring at the football game in your room’s TV. He shook his head, amazed. “I could totally kick his ass…” Jax said on the low. “Hey, (Y/N), did I ever told you me and Opie played football at High School?”

“Yeah?” You asked from the bathroom where you were brushing your theets. 

“Yeah. He made it to the big team; I was…” He cleared his throat suddenly reminding he sucked at football. “Busy…prospecting.” You rolled your eyes and got out, only wearing booty shorts and sports black bra. Jax turned off the TV and wolf whistled at you as you turned around jokingly. “Hey Mamma.” He said smiling at you. 

“Mamma Indeed…” You said caressing your small baby bump. You were 5 months pregnant with a baby girl and it was a small bump but it was there;  People noticed and were quick to ask if they could touch it. You smiled in front of the mirror. “Hey, Josie…” You said smiling as you felt Jax’s look behind you.

“What are you doing?” He asks, sitting up on the bed. 

“Wendy told me it helped. Talking to the baby…” After all, Wendy was still Abel’s Mom and while you took care of Thomas, who was sleeping on the crib next to your room, tonight Abel was staying with her. As odd as it may sound, you had became friends with Wendy. Jax rolled his eyes and got up.

“Yeah, cause she knows all about pregnancy.” You pushed him slightly as he placed himself behind you in front of the mirror. You both gasped and smiled at each other when little healthy Josie kicked both of your hands. 

“Shhh…” you said, placing  palm on your belly. “It’s okay, Josie…” 

“I don’t believe it…” Jax said, kissing your shoulder from behind. “It’s so much bigger…”  You snorted and raised your eyebrows.

“Well, Jee, thanks, babe…” you joked as Jax kissed your cheek now. 

“She’s gonna be so strong and beautiful just like Mommy…” You looked at Jax thanking him in silence as you smiled, leaning against his chest. “I’m proud of you…” 

“You are?” You asked, eyes heavy as Jax caressed your stomach still growing.

“Two ex wives, two son, a whole bunch of Sons and you still take it all…” He raised his eyebrows. “Girl Power, huh?” You smiled and nodded.

“It’s because I love you…” You said. Jax turned you around and leaned closer, kissing your forehead as you closed your eyes feeling blessed to have him in your life. 

“And I love you too…” He then crunched in front of you, caressing your bump and making you giggle when he leaned over to kiss sit.

“And I love you too, girly.” 

“I made you coffee,” Luke’s raspy voice snapped you out of your daze, as you rolled over on the bed and watched him enter your room with a mug in each hand. You hummed in appreciation as he placed both mugs down on the bedside table, the coffee probably still too hot to drink.

You had woken up not long ago, in the arms of your boyfriend just like every morning. It was one of your personally favourite days, where the two of you could just lie around all day and not have any other commitment or responsibility.

Luke slid back under the covers next to you, warming up from those few minutes he had spent out of bed and arms immediately tangling themselves around you. You turned your head over, admiring him. He was wearing a grey shirt, the soft material rubbing against your skin. His dirty blonde hair was a mess, part of it falling flat on his forehead. His unshaven jaw brushing against your skin as he left small kisses on your hand.

“You’re so boyfriend.” You mumbled to him, smiling at the thought. He pulled his lips away from your hand, eyebrows furrowing. “Babe, I am your boyfriend.” You rolled your eyes, soft giggle escaping your parted lips. “Yeah but like,” You paused for effect. “You’re boyfriend.”

“Don’t worry,” You added, leaning forward to press a kiss against his lips. “It’s a good thing.

Sudden Love

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Title: Sudden Love

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Jongin

Genre: Smut

Note: Haven’t posted in a bit. I got a Yixing smut in my dash too so that will be finished soon. Hope ya like it!


“You didn’t have to drive me home.” You glanced over to Sehun who pulled his car slowly into your apartment driveway. “Yeah I did. You think I was going to let my best friend’s girlfriend walk home from downtown Seoul in a neighborhood like this?” He chuckled, letting his eyes roam to the odd looking houses that surrounded your apartment.

“Well thanks, I guess.” He shifted the gear and popped the lock to the car door. “Again, no problem.”

You hopped out of the car along with your jacket and watched as Sehun pulled out of the driveway and drove off. What a dork.

“Jongin, I’m home.” You called as you kicked the front door closed with your heel. There was a silent response to your call, and you furrowed your eyebrows. “Babe?” You called once more and nobody called back. Although there were sudden footsteps behind you.

You jerked your head to see Jongin standing with his arms crossed. You were about to hug him when you were cut off by his large boom. “With my best friend, y/n?” He suddenly yelled, stepping forward and causing you to fall back a bit. This continued until your back hit the wall and you were too stunned to move to the side.

One of Jongin’s hands smacked the wall beside your head while the other laced it’s fingers through your hair, tugging roughly. “You’re real smart.” He chuckled and you winced, trying to pry his hand from your hair. “Jongin, he just gave me a ride home!” You cried as your nails dug into his wrist.

Jongin’s hand that was placed beside your head suddenly pulled a bandanna from the drawer beside you and he wrapped it around your wrists, pushing your hands above your head. You felt the fabric dig into your wrists but the Adrenalin in your veins blocked it out. “Jongin, baby, please..” You whimpered, slumping your shoulders to show some sign of surrender. He just stood with a satisfied smirk on his face, not hiding the anger in his eyes.

You felt his hands on your hips as he pushed you towards the table, knocking a few bills and pens off to throw you onto it. He held your legs open as his hands worked to undo his belt. He swiftly shot his jeans to the floor, letting his Calvin Klein boxers follow. His irritated, needy erection sprung up against his stomach - pre-cum dripping from the tip. You realized that tonight wasn’t going to be soft, and tomorrow you weren’t gonna be walking very much.

“Hands and knee’s, pet.” He barked, slapping the inside of your thigh. You immediately flipped over, pushing your ass into the air. “Mmm,” He hummed, “What’s my name?” He mumbled sexily as his hand sharply came in contact with you right ass cheek through the fabric of your skirt. “Daddy.” You moaned sexily, trying your best to please Jongin. “Good girl. But you’ve still been bad, and daddy is gonna punish you for that.” He scolded, falling to his knees as he dragged your skirt down.

You felt his tongue lick at the wetness that coated your panties and all you could to was whimper and clench your fists into balls. “Who owns you?” He questioned sexily as his fingers rubbed your folds through your underwear. “You, daddy.”

“Good girl~.” He sang, giving you the privilege of an open pussy as he pushed your panties to the side. “Who’s the only one who can do this to you?” He questioned again, dragging his teeth down your sensitive, wet folds. “You, daddy. Only you, just please, fuck me already.” You cried, watching as he stroked himself to his ministrations on your wet heat.

“Your wish is my command, pet.” He purred and rose up, rubbing the head of his cock against your clit to exploit your moans throughout the apartment complex. Your veins were pulsing and you swore there was no more calm left in your body. “Just fucking do it already!” You yelled, pushing your ass back to catch more of his dick while all he did was pull away from you. “Uh-uh, bad girl. We ask nicely and we be patient.”

You felt a cold leather trace a small line against your lower thigh before it sharply whipped your ass, sending a shock of electricity through your lower region. “Fuck,” You yelped, even though it only made you hornier. God, you loved when Kai whipped you.

“You know the drill, pet. On your knees.” He said, waiting for you to be on your knees in front of him. You quickly obeyed without using your tied hands and opened your mouth to let his dick take it over. He rested it on your lips, watching closely as you innocently looked up at him. “Fuck, you look so hot right now.” He groaned and you opened your mouth farther so he could push himself in.

Jongin - or daddy - was way to big to be deepthroated, almost too big to fit in three quarters down your throat.

His fingers tangled within the back of your hair and guided the rest of his dick into your throat, twitching as you gagged. His hips bucked forwards, sending chills down your spine as his head hit the back of your throat. You looked up at him with pleading eyes and he pulled himself out, dragging you to the bedroom.

He threw you gently onto the bed, immediately following to hover over you. “I love you baby, you know that right?” His voice became soft and warm against your navel as his teeth attached to your panties, pulling them off of you teasingly slow. You ripped your shirt and bra over your head, throwing to the floor as they were forgotten.

Positioning himself at your entrance, he frowned up at you. One of his hands slid along your jaw. “I’m sorry if I hurt you baby.” You covered his hand with yours. “You didn’t.” You said simply, ignoring the slight pain on your head.

He pushed halfway in, taking in the innocence in your eyes. His eyes were lidded with something stronger than lust, something deeper than sex. He would never hurt you, and for him this wasn’t sex, this was what it was like to make love.

“Jongin~.” You moaned loudly, scratching up his back to release your pain. “S-sorry..” You breathed out as you felt blood under your fingers. “It’s, It’s Okay..” He squinted his eyes to forget the pain. “I deserve that for thinking you would do something like that to me.”

You calmly closed your eyes, letting your fingers weave through Jongin’s hair. He rested his head in the crook of your neck and his breath was warm as he covered you with sweat. He began a quick but steady rhythm, shaking the bed but not hurting you. His hands dug into your hips and you threw your head back, grinding your hips to his every other thrust. You felt a knot fold in your stomach, and Jongin’s thrusts became sloppy yet powerful.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna-” He wasn’t aloud to finish his statement as he shot his warm seed inside you, groaning loudly and bucking one last time to send the bed forward.

He fell next to you and pulled you to his chest, holding you like he never wanted to loose you. “I mean it, I love you.” He mumbled, half asleep.

“Yeah, I love you to you little dork.”

#38 ~ You Accidentally Give Him A Boner

Michael: You sat in Michael’s lap while he played video games on the tour bus. It was quite an exhausting night for the boys considering they finished another adrenaline filled show. Everyone was so tired they checked in for the night while you and Michael stayed up talking about birds and playing video games. It was nearly 3 in the morning when sleep started overtaking your body. You shifted in his lap slightly so you could get in a better position before hearing a groan escape his lips. “What’s wrong?” You ask lazily furrowing your eyebrows looking at him. “Babe… It’s like 3 in the morning if you wanted to tease me for a blow job you just had to ask” Michael responds with a yawn. You frown confused until you felt a poking on your hip widening your eyes stumbling off him. You stutter to find an apology until he just giggles and pulls you into him again. “You see this effect you have on me? One touch and I’m a rock.” This only makes you turn even more red if possible.

Luke: You were with Luke in the hotel room, having a lazy day since there wasn’t anything for them to do. It was half past 2 in the afternoon and you finally decided to get out of bed despite Luke’s whining and attempts to grab you back. You ruffle his hair kissing his forehead before going to the bathroom and making yourself look less of a monster and at least decent. You took a quick shower before realizing you didn’t bring a shirt or sweats, just a bra and panties. Sighing, you ringed your wet hair out leaving it damp until you saw Luke’s button down lying in the bathroom counter for the night before. It was better than going out there barely clothed, so you slipped it on leaving the top few buttons undone before coming out. Luke lifts his head from the pillow with his eyes nearly bulging out of his sockets as his mouth turned dry. You looked over at him smiling until you saw his uncomfortable shifting sitting next to him. “Hey what’s wrong?” “Uhm y-you’re wearing my shirt….. And uhhh…” He chews his lip playing with his lip ring before nodding at his lower.. Growing region. You caught on with a big smile spread on your face trying to hide your laughing as the lanky 18 year old boy tried to adjust himself.

Ashton: You’d think being confined in a bunk with an attractive boy would be hot. Well it isn’t. You don’t understand how these boys fall asleep in these small bunks where whenever the bus his a bump, you literally smack your shoulder into a wall or get some sort of minor injury. You were currently on top of Ashton with your legs tangled trying to fall asleep. You couldn’t find the right position to sleep in so you kept adjusting thinking that each position would get you closer to slumber. “Y/N… Jesus why are you shifting so much” Ashton groans out half asleep rubbing his eyes. “Well excuse me for trying to find a comfy sleeping position.” You grumble back clearly getting sassy since when you get tired, a new face is seen, and it isn’t pleasant. You finally find that one position making you sigh out in relief falling into your deep wanted sleep until your long haired boyfriend decided to squirm slightly underneath you. You huffed once again shifting but paused when you felt a weird poking on your thigh. You look down at Ashton and raise your eyebrows. “Seriously?” “What! You can’t expect me not to get a fucking boner when you’re shifting your body like that!” He whisper yells pouting and frowning. You just shook your head snickering softly nuzzling into the pillow letting Ashton attempt to better the situation.

Calum: “Y/N, you’ve been in there for an hour how long does it take to put a bathing suit on!” Calum groaned from the other side of the bathroom door. Since the 5SOS boys were hanging out in LA, Ashton decided it would be a great idea to go out to the beach since it’s nearly 90 degrees and hotter than hell in the hotel rooms. “I need to make myself look good you idiot I’ll be out in 5 minutes.” You shake you head laughing slightly pulling your hair back adjusting your outfit. Your bathing suit was under your crop top and high waisted shorts which did make you look quite sexy in your opinion. You breathed out making sure everything looked good before opening the door and walking out. “Holy…..” Calum stares at you with his jaw agape in a daze. “Damn! Calum you picked a good one!” Michael jokes laughing at you. “Looks like Calum isn’t the only thing excited” Luke snickers out quietly covering his mouth as Ashton starts giggling. The tent in Calum’s swim trunks explained everything. You giggled covering your mouth walking over to the flustered, grumbling half blond boy before kissing his cheek. “Don’t worry babe I’ll make sure to take care of that after our day out.” Calum’s face lightens up looking at you picking you up bridal style to the car nearly sprinting. “C'mon guys we don’t wanna be late!” He yells over his shoulder making you a laughing mess.

Business (Part 2) (Peter Parker x Reader)



PROMPT?:  Absolutely loves business make a part 2 you’re amazing at writing 😍 and (..) I was just wondering if there would ever be the possibility of a part 2 of business where the reader finds out his identity or something in that sense? (..)

A/N: wow! there was another few requests about doing a part 2 and I’m so proud and happy you want a part 2??! **post write** i think this is one of my favorites I’ve written? aside from namesake. jfc i am such peter trash

WARNINGS: cursing, harrassment, this is basically scooby-doo with spiderman, a lot of sexual tension, kissing and large amounts of fluff

It hadn’t even been days. But Pete was getting anxious. He already had the biggest crush he was sure Midtown High had ever held and he was terrified you were onto him. Sure, you were somewhat distracted by your group of friends, mainly the people you sat by in Stats. Pete felt blessed to be in the group, mainly with Jack, the jock who commonly used to beat him up, and you. Especially you. He loved being with you. Nothing elated him more. But the possibility of you putting two and two together about him being Spider-Man? Trying not to touch you was hard enough. Pete often felt like you thought that he hated you, often avoiding your touch and eye contact. He would gladly text you and hang out, but the constant voice in the back of his head made him worried that you wouldn’t think of him the same if you found out. He wasn’t about to ruin Spider-Man for you.

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badboy!calum | part two


requested by @bandsandlongboards

“Uh, no thanks.” You turned down Luke’s request of a date, scratching the back of your head awkwardly. “Really?” He raised an eyebrow, cockiness locked in his tone. You nodded, pushing past the self-centered blonde to your locker. "What was that?” Ashley questioned, sending a death glare at the boy. “Luke asked me to come with him to this party and well — I said no. And no, I’m not changing my mind.” You answered, setting in your locker combination. Ashley let out a loud scoff, “You turned down the Luke Hemmings? Fucking Y/N, I swear…” “What I wanna go on a date with some guy I don’t like? Is that wrong?” “When it’s Luke Hemmings, yes! It is!” She exclaimed as you pulled your books out and shoved them into your bag. Luckily, the bell for third period suddenly rang, allowing you to let out a sigh of relief. You went into the lab, where you had science. Class began within minutes, the teacher eager to pass back and review the tests. “Good choice babe.” was written in fast messy writing on a sticky note attached to your test. You furrowed your eyebrows together. Babe? Good choice? Who the hell? What choice? Time passed, confusion stayed. “Y/N!” Mr.Gordon called out, making you step back into the classroom. “Yes?” “I need you to tutor one of my students.” He smiled brightly. “Depends who?” “Does it matter? You get extra credit if you do so.” “Okay then. Whom is my student?" 

 "Calum Hood, you know him?" 

 making this into a series bye

#21 - His Mum Walks In

Request: Could you do an imagine where you and one of the boys are in the middle of a heated make out session and just when it goes further either yours or their mum walks in?!

Ashton - “Thank you so much Mrs. Irwin that was absolutely fantastic.” you smiled, placing your napkin upon your plate. “Oh please dear, call me Mum.” Anne insisted, making you blush. “Aw look Mum, you made her go red.” Ashton teased, earning a playful glare from you. Ashton’s family had invited you over for the weekend, urging that you spend some time with them since you and Ashton would be leaving for the band’s tour in just under a week. “Would you like me to help clear up?” you offered as everyone stood, Anne beginning to clear the table. “No dear it’s alright, anyways it’s Harry’s turn to do dishes. Isn’t that right son?” Anne called into the living room. She received a groan in response, Harry trudging his way to the sink with his shoulders slumped. “I think he’s got it.” she winked, making you laugh. Ashton had already disappeared up to bed, so you’d decided to follow suit. “Well goodnight Mum, night kids!” you called, pecking Ashton’s mother on the cheek before heading up to Ashton’s room. You giggled at the sight before you, Ashton sprawled on his bed in nothing but a pair of shorts with his phone held high above his face, typing away. “What’s so funny?” he asked, not bothering to look up. “Your bed is so tiny. And you, you’re just so large.” you laughed, him shooting fake daggers at you. “Excuse me woman, this happens to be the very bed that I grew up on, so either get in it with me or sleep on the floor.” he said. Speaking of sleeping on the floor, you realized that since the bed was tiny there wasn’t much room for you to fit. “Umm Ash, how exactly are we supposed to fit on this mattress?” you asked. He set his phone down, patting his lap. “Saved it just for you.” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. You walked over, climbing on top of him and wiggling your hips, making him groan. “Shhh, we’re in your Mum’s house.” you giggled. “I don’t give a damn.” he growled, flipping you over so that he was on top. He attached his mouth to yours, licking your bottom lip before shoving his tongue inside. You moaned when his hand slid up your shirt, cupping your breast through your bra. Just as he was about to slip his other hand into your pants you heard the door open, but barely had time to process what was happening before you heard a scream. “Oh my god I’m so sorry!” Anne shouted. Ashton jumped up so fast he bumped into his desk as he tried to scramble backwards, sending him crashing to the floor. “Oi, Mum!” he shouted. “I’m sorry I-I…” Anne stuttered, eyes wide as she looked around not knowing what to do with herself. “I’m so sorry Mrs. Irwin.” you began, standing. She quickly dismissed your apology. “No, no dear don’t worry I should’ve knocked.” she smiled, calming you a bit. “I’ll just head out, you two have fun.” she said. “Be careful.” she glared at Ashton. “Mum!” he whined, you laughing a bit as she disappeared, closing the door behind her.

Michael - “Goodnight mum! Night dad!” Michael called, closing the door to the bedroom you two shared and letting out a sigh. You looked up from the telly, scrunching your eyebrows together. “S'wrong babe?” you asked. “Did they really have to come? It’s my first weekend back home, I wanted some alone time with you.” he pouted, throwing himself onto the bed and shoving his face into the pillow, letting out another dramatic sigh. “Mike you know your parents missed you, your Mum cried every time I called to check up on them.” you informed, turning your eyes back to the show you were watching and refusing to give in to his tantrum. “I could’ve gone to see them.” he said, voice muffled by the pillow. You giggled. “Aww, poor baby is throwing a temper tantrum. Does he want me to go get him his binky?” you teased, petting the back of his head with your hand. He got up, narrowing his eyes at you. “Don’t talk baby talk to me, I’m mad at you.” he said, face-planting yet again. “Stop complaining Mike, they’ll be out of here tomorrow night.” you consoled. Before you knew what was happening he’d gotten up, climbed on top of you, and pinned your wrists down to the bed. “This is your fault.” he fumed jokingly. The telly totally forgotten about, you looked up at him laughing. “Okay now you’re just being childish.” you giggled, trying to wiggle away. He dipped his head down and kissed you, shoving his tongue into your mouth to stop you. After a few minutes he moved his grip from your wrists, shoving both his hands inside of your shirt, cupping your breasts. “B-Babe, your parents are in the room over.” you breathed out once his mouth pulled away, attaching to your neck where he sucked. “I don’t give a fuck, I’ve been waiting for this for a month.” he whispered against your skin. He removed your shirt, you doing the same to him. He quickly put his mouth back to yours, groaning when your hand slipped inside of his jeans, grabbing his hard on tightly in your hand. “Oh fuck.” he moaned, beginning to suck on one of your nipples. “Sweetheart where do you keep the- Oh god!” a voice screamed. You quickly grabbed the blanket, pulling it up to cover your exposed chest. “Mum!” he screamed. Karen quickly closed the door, shouting frantic apologies through the door before you heard the door to the guest room slam shut. “Oh my god.” you said, hiding your face in your hands. Michael was silent for a moment before he laughed, covering his mouth with his hand. “Should’ve locked the door.” he giggled, standing up. “No shit, you were the last one in.” you scolded, still holding the blanket to your body. “I have to get up and apologize.” you said, cut off by the sound of the lock on the door. “Oh no you don’t. I’m hard now.” he said, flicking the light off. “You can apologize in the morning, but for now let’s finish what we started.” he smirked, joining you back on the bed.

Luke - You bounced your head side to side as you laid on the couch in Luke’s dressing room, headphones in your ears while you listened to your music. Luke had to go for a few minutes to do a phone interview for a radio show so you’d decided to stay back and wait for him. Tonight was their first show for the “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” tour in LA, and he’d flown you, as well as his parents and siblings, out to enjoy the show. Just as the clock was about to hit four in the evening Luke stumbled back into the room, eyebrows furrowed. You took out your ear buds, sitting up. “Everything okay?” you questioned, a slight concern in your voice. He began pacing the room, lip in his mouth and his hand in his hair. You watched him, not wanting to pry but worried as to what was going on. “Uh…Luke?” you tried again, him stopping and looking at you this time. “I can’t do the show.” he shrugged. You looked at him even more confused. “What do you mean?” you asked. He sighed, moving to sit next to you as you crossed your legs, turning to face him. “When I was doing the interview the host started listing off a bunch of statistics about the show. Did you know we’re playing for eighteen thousand people tonight? This is our first show on our first headlining arena tour babe, this is huge…” he informed you, eyes wide as he stared at the ground, amazed by his own success. “What if I mess up?” he whispered sadly. You gave him a small smile. “Hey, I know you’re nervous.” you began, taking his hand in yours. “But you can do this, okay? We all believe in you. Your fans believe in you. They wouldn’t have gotten you this far if they didn’t. There are going to be eighteen thousand people out there for you tonight. And no matter what, they as well as your other millions of fans around the world will always stick by you. I promise.” you soothed him. He looked up once you were done, smiling.” I love you.“ he said. "I love you too.” you giggled, both of you grinning when he pulled you in for a kiss. You were about to pull away when his hands found your hips, pulling you on top of him. You straddled his lap, lips moving harder against each other with each second that passed. He moaned when you put pressure against his crotch, grip on your waist tightening. You pushed yourself off of him, kneeling in between his legs and beginning to undo his jeans. But before you could pull them down the door swung open, both of you freezing. “Luke do you guys want something to- Jesus Christ!” Liz screamed, slapping a hand over her eyes. You quickly stood, Luke standing and turning around to button his pants before facing her again. “Mum I-I-” she held up a hand, stopping him. “Shh. I don’t want to know, nor do I want to see that ever again.” she said. You both nodded before realizing she still hadn’t removed her had from her face, quickly mumbling a yes in response. “I just want to know if the two of you are hungry.” she asked. You both said no, her turning and leaving as soon as you gave her your answer. You looked at Luke once she was gone, the two of you bursting into laughter.

Calum - You smiled at Calum who was currently sitting at the end of his bed, strumming chords on his bass. You were sat in his room, invited over by his family for Mali’s birthday. You’d shown up early though so that you could spend some time with Calum. “Play me a song.” you suggested. He rolled his eyes. “I’ve sang to you plenty of times babe, let me rest.” he said, exaggerating his statement by coughing dramatically. You laughed, throwing one of his pillows at him. “I do not make you sing for me that much.” you defended, pouting. He just smiled, setting down the bass and walking over to you on the bed, arms wide as he tackled you. You laughed loudly, squirming beneath him as he released all his weight on to you. “I’m sorry, please forgive me!” he yelled. You tried to respond but couldn’t since he was crushing you. “Calum…can’t…breathe.” you gasped, letting out a sigh of relief when he pulled off, lying beside you and turning to face your direction. You regained your composure for a moment before turning to face him too, noses barely toughing. “Hi baby.” he whispered, eyes twinkling when you smiled. “Hi.” you replied. You sat there in silence, just admiring each other and the close proximity before he spoke again. “Can I have a kiss?” he asked, poking his bottom lip out and making his eyes sad. You giggled, pecking the lip that was out. “There.” you joked, closing your eyes. “That wasn’t a real kiss.” he whined, the pout audible in his tone. “Sorry, you can’t make me give you more.” you stated, eyes still closed. Due to the silence you thought he’d given up, which is why you were completely caught off guard when his lips found their way on to yours, hand gripping the side of your face. His mouth moved harder against yours while you melted into the kiss, tongues connecting. He got up and placed himself over you, holding his weight up by his forearms but never once breaking the kiss. You sneakily stuck your hand inside of his jeans, grabbing his hard on in your hands, making him moan into your mouth while you pumped it a few times. “Shit.” he whispered into your mouth, leaning up to rip off his shirt quickly before crashing his lips on to yours again. He moved his mouth down to your neck, licking and sucking at the skin before traveling further, making it to the buttons on your pants. He undid them, pressing a kiss to the top of your underwear. “Are you two okay up- AH!” Joy shouted, bursting in through the door just as Calum was about to expose you. He scrambled off of you, standing. “Mum! Can’t you knock!?” he shouted, Joy still staring at the bed with her eyes wide. She looked up at him, completely shocked. “I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean to-” “No Mrs. Hood I’m sorry.” you cut her off, apologizing shamefully. In the midst of the initial panic you’d managed to button your pants, now standing as you tried to hide your embarrassment. She continued to look at the two of you before sighing, turning and walking out the door. “I need a drink or something.” she mumbled, leaving you and Calum alone.

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