your eyebrows are everything

Aesthetics for the Houses

Gryffindor: Sucking on sugar cubes, giggling behind your hand, long car rides with friends, opening windows to let in fresh air, running barefoot through grass, burning your tongue on food that was too hot, the view from tall buildings, the sun warming your skin, doorbells, summer camp, fierce eyeliner and bold lipstick, deep v-necks accessorized with a flirty smile, rough hands and soft hearts, brightly colored cocktails, laughing too hard at a dumb joke, crumpling up paper and throwing it into a trashcan across the room, card games, letting your hair down, opening doors, and skinny dipping.

Ravenclaw: Waking up late on a rainy day, warm coffee on a cold morning, scrunched eyebrows, color-coding everything, bags under your eyes, passing notes to your friends, long fingernails, jumping in puddles, charm bracelets, comfortable silences, orchestras, velvet ribbons, french braids, dark eyelashes, chewing ice cubes, train rides, staring out the window, curling up with a pet, being alone in the forest, the smell of the earth after it rains, staying up late to watch the stars, rearranging your room, biting your tongue, painting your toes different shades, cold glasses, chokers, watching a play, musical compositions, roman numerals, doodling on your hand, and mirrors.

Hufflepuff: Skirts that flow behind you, eyes that sparkle in the light, tea, picking flowers for your mom, laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath, denim shorts and crop tops, forts made out of sheets, pixie cuts, scrunching up your nose, rosy cheeks, freckles across your nose, bohemian tapestries on walls, dancing around the room with friends, apartments with brick walls in the city, sleeping by huge windows, drinking alcohol on rooftops, shirts rolled to the elbows, cute buns, birds sitting on telephone wires, fogged up glass, strumming a guitar, smiling so much that your cheekbones ache, climbing tall trees, contagious laughter, Polaroid pictures, and mosaics with colored glass.

Slytherin: Raising one eyebrow, martinis, marble statues, soft fur blankets on leather couches, tapping your fingernails against a hard surface, perfectly winged eyeliner, sly smirks, champagne flutes, pencil skirts, footprints in fresh snow, tree houses, wandering around the city at night, quotes that describe you perfectly, black and white photography, french perfume, black silk, lingerie, combing wet hair, proving people wrong, shopping with your best friends, mint leaves, keeping a diary, silver rings, staying up all night, black coffee, hand mirrors, little black dresses, pine trees, vanilla scented candles, mascara, stone walls, leather jackets and red lipstick, wine corks, and photo albums.


requested by anon
gif cr to the owner

You lie in bed together with Jughead. You were playing some video games whole afternoon.
What are we going to do now?”
“I don’t know. What would you like to do, (Y/N)?” Jughead asks, looking at you.
“Maybe we could cuddle a little?” You smile at him with a hope in your eyes.
Jug sighs but he hugs you.
“What was that?”
“What do you mean?”

“That sigh. You don’t want to cuddle with me, Jug?” You look at him.
“No, that’s not it I… I’m just confused. That’s everything.”
“Confused?” You raise your eyebrows. “Why are you confused? Jughead, if you don’t have mood for this, just tell me. I’ll be okay with that.”
“Okay.” Jug sighs again. “I just… I just don’t want to cuddle today. I’m not in the mood. Sorry.” He sits straight. “Maybe I should go home…”

You want to cry. You don’t understand to Jug’s acting. “Do you… Do you have a girlfriend?”
“No.” Jughead answers your question but his voice is so cold.
“Why are you acting like that? You know you can talk with me about everything.”
“Probably.” He just shrugs, packing his things. “I have to go home.”
“So you have a girlfriend.”
“No fuckin’ way, (Y/N)! Could you stop with that shit?” Jughead looks at you. You can see he’s angry.
“Well then, we don’t have to talk anymore!” You shout at him. Your  tears are slowly falling down by your cheeks now. You’re so sorry about this situation. You’ve never been in this situation with Jughead.

Oh no, don’t cry, (Y/N).” Jughead sits next to you. He hugs you tightly, giving you a little kiss to the top of your head. You hug him back, trying to stop crying but it’s impossible for you now. “So, what’s wrong with me, Jug? If you don’t like me, we don’t have to be friends.”
“(Y/N), stop with this.” He’s quiet for a while what makes you even more nervous. “I’m… I’m just sorry for this. I didn’t want to get to this situation. The things is…” He sighs, looking at you. He grabs your head to force you to look at him. “The reason why I’m so confused is that… I feel like you’re more than a friend for me. Those sleepovers and cuddling and everything… I just realized I love you. I’ve never felt anything like this before. To anyone. That’s why I’m so nervous and confused. And since you’re my only friend, I was scared you’ll not like me back, you know.”

Grim Fandango Sentence Starters

  • I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
  • I need a lead on a rich, dead saint.
  • Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management. 
  • Do I have to explain your job to you again? 
  • Oh, man. Did I come in on a Saturday again?
  • You’re not too big. The cars are just too small.
  • Hey, I got all the lip I need. I get it from you.
  • I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!
  • I have to confess… I never killed anybody.
  • You must come with me, young ones, for I am the Grim Reaper.
  • This looks nothing like Robert Frost.
  • All my friends are lonely widows and Frenchmen.
  • You smell like bacon and oppression, man.
  • Well, this isn’t the kind of progress I was hoping for.
  • Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
  • I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
  • I just can’t bring myself to jump into the giant pit of uncleaned kitty litter.
  • I have to go. That sound makes me want to kill somebody.
  • I just locked an open door… strange, yet symbolically compelling.
  • Is there an engine that can resist the love in these hands?
  • As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself.
  • I’m chasing a woman I met once and can’t forget.
  • You’ve got a weak attack and no follow-through.
  • Well, it’s good to know they recycle oil out here at The End of the World.
  • I knew we should have checked this side of the mountain before we walked up.
  • Okay, but if you hear a loud explosion anytime soon, the trip’s off.
  • It’s amazing how a little touch of human remains can brighten up a place.
  • Through this dark portal, an innocent man shall pass and arrive on the other side, innocent still, but colder of heart.
  • My computer gives me instant access to our database of deadbeats.
  • It’s hard to really panic while you’re wearing that little sailor suit.
  • Give me some booty and I’ll buy our way out of here.
  • Nobody knows what’s gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.

Title: It’s Personal (Grandniece of Bucky! Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader begrudgingly leaves to fight along side Team Cap to keep her great uncle safe, not knowing that their boyfriend is on the opposite side.

Word Count: 1774

A/N: I loved this. Like…so much. Love the imagines set in CACW!!! I hope you enjoy!!

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the signs as old kill la kill memes
  • aries: bully la bully
  • taurus: the nonon talk dirty video
  • gemini: nui arm puns
  • cancer: killlakillfunfacts
  • leo: the mako-is-nui theory
  • virgo: NANI SORE
  • libra: shadow the hedgehog
  • scorpio: satsuki's eyebrows
  • sagittarius: don't lose your way being played over literally everything
  • capricorn: the great iramako/ryumako shipping war of 2014
  • aquarius: anime is saved

Imagine Johnny kissing you after he thought you would leave him…


You looked down at your vulnerable looking boyfriend, at the look on his face that made him look like a kicked puppy and you immediately dropped to your knees in front of him. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” You asked, your eyebrows knitting together in concern. “Is everything okay?” 

“If you’re gonna leave me… you can” He whispered, his teeth gnawing into his bottom lip. “I- I won’t hate ‘ya for it.” 

“Johnny, honey stop it right now” You grasped his face in your hands, smoothing the pads of your thumb over his lip- trying to stop him from chewing his lip off. “Look at me.” 

And as he looked you in the eye you wiped away his tears sadly. 

“Where is this coming from, hmm? Why on Earth do you think I’d wanna leave you?” 

You were utterly confused… you had gone out of your way to make sure he knew you loved him. 

“I saw you with that Soc guy… you looked so happy with him. You should be with him.” 

“Oh goodness Johnny” You sighed with a roll of your eyes. “That Soc that you saw me with… that was my cousin.” 

“Oh” He muttered with wide eyes. “I- I did- I was-” 

“You were jealous… and that’s okay. Just let me tell you something, no one in this world is going to make me leave you, okay? I love you… and only you. I couldn’t imagine my life playing out with someone else. We are going to fight and have disagreements about silly things but that will not tear us apart. You’re my Prince Charming.” 

He didn’t know what to say… so instead he pressed his lips to yours, his lips moving against yours hungrily. 


request for: @i-am-an-anelg

pairing: ReaderxLucifer

Word Count: 738

Warnings: a lil bit of swearing


“Y/N!” You heard the Archangel Michael call out your name. “I need to ask you a favor.”

“Of course.” You nodded, eager to finally be able to help your brother. “What do you need me to do?”

“Follow me. We need to talk somewhere quiet.” He placed his hand on the small of your back and led you through a door and into someone’s heaven. The warm breeze hit your skin as the two of you sat down on a park bench.

“Is everything okay?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows. Michael was never like this. For the few millennia that you two had been friends, Michael was always very open with everything he did or asked someone to to- at least you thought so.

“I need you to kill Lucifer.” Michael told you. “He’s been gaining too many followers and brining too many natural disasters upon the earth. Father asked me to kill him but I can’t. He is my brother.”

You placed your hand on Michael’s arm in a comforting manner. “I will kill him for you.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiled at you.

“Of course.” You smiled back before disappearing to gather information on the devil.

You found him in the heart of Chicago, terrorizing a bunch of small children. His bright, blue eyes shone with mischief and his pink lips curled into a sinister smile. However, when you looked at his soft features, you couldn’t help but think how cute he was. Lucifer definitely had a boyish charm about him.

You watched from afar, taking in all of the fallen angels small habits. He always scrunched his nose when he laughed and winked when he would go around causing trouble. Your favorite though was his smile. It was something you never quite understood. His smile was calming and beautiful- something you never thought the devil could posses.

Over the weeks that you were ‘gathering information,’ you found yourself falling for the devil himself. You knew you couldn’t kill him anymore, but you also couldn’t tell Michael. After all, you did promise to kill Lucifer for him.

You sat on the park bench and placed your head in your hands contemplating what you should do. One on hand, you didn’t want to let your best friend down, but on the other, how could you kill someone that you love.

“Trouble in paradise?” You looked up to find Lucifer himself staring down at you with an amused expression plastered on his face.

You sighed and looked ahead. If he found out you were here to kill him, he would kill you for sure.

“What’s wrong, angel?” Lucifer winked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” You played dumb. What else was there to do?

“Oh c'mon, I know you’re an angel just like you know I’m the devil.” He sat down next to you and placed his arm on the back of the bench. “How’s heaven?”

You knew that you had to tell him. It would be unfair if you didn’t. Besides, damned if I do, damned if I don’t, right?

“There’s something I need to tell you,” You began, taking a deep breath. “I was sent here to-”

“Kill me, I know.” Lucifer cut you off with a small smile.

“How did you…?” You started in disbelief but couldn’t find the words to continue your thought.

He shook his head laughing. “You’re not the first person that’s tried to kill me before, you know. And something tells me that you won’t be the last either.”

“Sorry,” You muttered quietly as your cheeks turned an unholy shade of red.

“Look,” He sighed, placing his hand on your cheek and turning your head slightly to look at him. “Michael’s a dick- don’t get me wrong, I still love him- but he’s a major dick, and he shouldn’t have put you in this position, or me for that matter.”

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

Lucifer sighed. “He sent you to kill me, because he knew that I could never kill you.”

You felt your heart swell at his confession. “Really?” You smiled as your stomach did flips.

He cocked his head to the side ever so slightly. “Why all the excitement, angel?”

“Well, I-uh, kind of fell in love with you these past few weeks.” You admitted with a small blush.

“Feeling’s mutual, angel.” He grinned and placed a kiss on your lips.

Prompts List #2

GenderNeutral!Reader x Warren Worthington III, SFW

Reader: Human/Mutant (whichever you prefer; unless stated)

Requested by: @meh-personal

Word Count: 254

Warnings: None

Warren had been behaving oddly for the past few days.

You noticed it almost immediately. While you were dating, you’d learned to know him and guess what was on his mind without him telling you anything.

You decided to visit him and find out if your suspicions were right. You entered his room, not even bothering to knock, and you saw him packing a bag.

‘Ah, so I was right,’ you thought to yourself leaning against the doorway with crossed arms.

“Going somewhere?” you asked nonchalantly.

Warren flinched in surprise and turned around to face you with a confused expression.

“Uhm… I… I was just…” he mumbled, debating whether to tell you the truth or not.

You raised your eyebrow. “Do you want to leave? After everything? You would leave me here?” you asked.

Your voice was calm, you knew you had the power to make him stay, you just needed to stay calm and think straight. Even though it would probably kill you to see him leave.

“It would be better for anyone, if I did,” he said, avoiding your gaze.

“I doubt it would be better for you, though… For you information, I happen to be the best thing that has ever happened to you,” you added with a small shrug.

Warren frowned thoughtfully. “I can’t argue with that, can I?” he asked, a small smile appearing on his face when he processed your words and what it meant for him. To finally have someone who would love and care about him.

obscuramrose  asked:

DIM!! I'm so glad you reblog your art! I love everything you do! Including your 'swampy' stuff *wiggles eyebrows intensely*


It’s good to hear back from people what they think about my infrequent art ventures into nsfw territory. Because I often feel like you people aren’t here for the swamp stuff X3

(Not that I know why you’re here and what you’re hoping to see *lol*)

Horny that time of month

Requested: -Can you write a blurb about being horny on your period and Calum said he’ll still fuck you?-

Smut-thigh riding

(this took forever sorry to the anon, but I had no idea what to write but I got it.)

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, you and Calum both had the day off which called laying around and doing nothing but watch movies. You laid down, with your legs bent over Cal’s lap and his hand resting on your thigh rubbing his thumb against your bare skin. Although you were on your period, his gentle touches made you think about how amazing it feels to have Calum’s fingers teasing your fold before slowly pumping in and out of you. How when he rubs his thumb would rub against your clit as he began to speed up the pace.

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how to be female

don’t be too emotional
don’t cry
don’t let them know if you have feelings
let them come to you
shave your legs
your underarms
for christ sakes, shave everything
except your eyebrows, keep them thick
always smell nice
have flawless skin
don’t age
don’t laugh too loud
or with your mouth open
don’t have natural bodily functions
like gas, never have gas,
in fact, don’t even use the word gas
or periods
only want sex when a guy wants sex
don’t admit it if you’re horny, it’s unladylike 
try to put up a fight
but not too much of a fight
don’t text too much
or talk too much
or have too many opinions
be passionate, but not too passionate
smile, a lot and always
be thin
really thin
no gray hair
wear feminine clothes
cute clothes
with a formulated mixture of
conservative but revealing
never start shit with a male
never tell them they are doing anything wrong
and don’t hold them accountable if
they are careless with your feelings
want kids and marriage but
don’t want kids and marriage out loud
don’t bring it up to the guy you are dating
only mention marriage if he brings it up first
it’s okay to maybe sort of admit that you might
want kids in the very distant future,
but for the love of god, at least be nonchalant about it
always be kind
don’t be like the “other girls”
but don’t be too different either
find a way to always look beautiful,
even when sweating or playing a sport
drink beer or mixed drinks
learn to keep up with the guys but
don’t ever get sloppy
if you happen to sleep with someone,
don’t get clingy
don’t speak too much in the morning
try to sleep lightly so as not to fart
and break the facade of you being some kind of
magical, non-farting creature.
be tidy and clean and organized
laugh off the sexist jokes
be chill about porn and strip clubs
find a perfect balance between non-controlling
but knowing-what-you-want
don’t have a high pitched voice,
no one will take you seriously
don’t eat too much
but don’t be one of those girls that doesn’t eat at all
never be in a bad mood
listen to cool music
keep your hair long
bleach your mustache for crying out loud
paint your nails
have long eyelashes
have a chest or at least an ass
wear yoga pants, as long as your weight
is agreeable with the standards of men
be interested in star wars and video games
don’t answer texts too quickly
definitely don’t text first
don’t be mean unless it’s to another girl
don’t hold grudges
never scream
always have cute lingerie ready
don’t complain about your period
don’t talk about your period
be ashamed of your period
(even though it’s inconvenient and painful
and you didn’t ask for it)
wear a bra
wear lacy underwear always
even on a tuesday in december
don’t wear too much make up
but never leave the house bare-faced. 
like football
but don’t ask too many questions
especially during the game
like your boyfriend’s team if possible
never have bad breath in the morning
don’t bring up controversial things
don’t speak out on social issues unless you want to be alone
stop talking about sexism or glass ceilings
or unfair pay rates. we know.
always know the right thing to say
don’t try to be funny unless you are funny
otherwise be cute
be successful in both career and relationships
hold it together. always hold it together.

and when you start to question all of this,
                                          prepare for a fight

anonymous asked:

GoM doing their s/o's makeup?

Aomine Daiki: Aomine is absolutely useless when it comes to anything make-up related - you’d think that he’d have learnt something during the time he’s spent with Momoi - and it almost makes you regret even considering asking him for his help. He smears on your foundation as if it’s sunscreen and uses way too much setting powder, to the point where you ask him to stop so that you can redo it all yourself. 

Kise Ryouta: It’s a little bit embarrassing to admit that your boyfriend probably has a more in-depth knowledge of makeup products, as well as better application skills, but there’s no doubt that Kise’s picked up some tips from his makeup artist during his time working as a model. You trust him enough to do everything for you - especially your eyebrows and eyeliner, since he somehow does them perfectly every time. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s surprisingly good with contouring noses and cheekbones - although that’s about all he can do. Upon realising the fact that he has no skill whatsoever in drawing on eyeliner or sticking on fake lashes, he lets you do your own concealer and foundation and whatever else you need to do before helping you out with contouring. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara treats applying makeup like a grade 6 art class - with your face as a blank canvas - much to your exasperation. He doesn’t use any brushes, opting to use his hands instead, and spends a lot of time playing around with your eyeshadow. His thumb covers your entire eye, and when you check your reflection in the mirror, it almost looks like he’s been finger painting on your eyelids with eyeshadow.  

Kuroko Tetsuya: Truthfully, Kuroko finds doing your eye makeup absolutely terrifying - he can’t comprehend how you’re able to literally stick a pencil liner in your eye to draw along your waterline without crying - so he prefers to work on the simpler stuff, such as concealing and maybe filling in your eyebrows if he’s feeling particularly daring. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi is actually pretty hopeless at makeup as well, but he doesn’t tell you this, and you don’t find out until after he’s mistaken your lip liner for blush and tried to smear an entire eyeshadow palette on your lids. The look on his face is priceless when you tell him that he’s got it all wrong, and he secretly asks for make-up application tips that night from Kise so that he can impress you with his new found knowledge next time. 


-Anon request

“Ohmygodohmygodohymgod!” she squealed, jumping up and down on the spot. All you’d said was ‘hello’. “Its really you… Oh my God, I recognised you straight away. I know everything about you. I am your number one fan!”

A flirtatious smile spread steadily across your face and you raised an eyebrow coyly, “Oh, really? Everything?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Y/N, really? Flirting with everyone?”

But Becky ignored the other hunter and twirled a piece of her hair around her finger. “Oh, yeah,” she replied, raking her eyes up and down your figure. “Ev-ery-thing.”

kalicofox  asked:

Ocean Ask- Pearl, Coral, Sea Glass, Tempest, Azure, Voyage, Shoreline, Hurricane?

Heck this is a lot! Thanks! ^v^

pearl: if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Hrmm…Egypt, to look at the pyramids. 

coral: if you had to describe your personality as a food, what would you be and why?

Coffee: Bitter, hot, needs a lot of work to be good, works people up

sea glass: what do you consider to be your best physical feature?

My everything

lol jk, my hair or eyebrows or nose or cheekbones or neck….hard to just pick one

tempest: your favourite Pokemon?

Evee! Also the axo one! there are too many cute ones tho *weeps*

azure: what is something that you do that makes you happy?

Watch funny shows and make a hot, calming drinks.

voyage: what are your favourite names?

Hrm… I like Nicole. There are some others but they’re not coming to mind. Friday and Reaver are two of my fav names rn but idk that they could be considered names. I like fancy, elegant names. I also like violet!

shoreline: if you could become fluent in another language, which would you pick and why?

French or Japanese! 

hurricane: describe a strange habit of yours.

Muttering the words to a song I’m listening to when I’d rather be belting it out. Or just muttering in general.

Okay stop scrolling for a second

- unclench your jaw
- drop your shoulders
-relax your eyebrows
- take a deep breath
- scrunch everything up
- and then release

There u go hopefully that’ll relieve some tension but happy scrollin kids n take care of urselves