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You had just gotten out of an abusive relationship this past year; you ex broke your heart into bits and took a part of you that; the part of you that made you smile and be happy at life. Now you were this gloomy, dark, twisty girl; afraid to to trust men. Ironically, you are currently sitting in the couch of your best friend Finn. You are both drowning in tension as neither one of you know how to communicate; ever since your break up.”So how was your day?” He breaks the tension.”Dark and twisty, like every other day.” You respond; your eyes refusing to meet his. Your gaze slid to the side. He pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably. You didn’t like being so intimately handled. She felt his lips softly graze the top of your head. Your face heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His green/blue eyes twinkled. He knows! He’s trying to make you feel like this.”You don’t have to be afraid anymore y/n. I, on the contrary from that sad excuse of a boyfriend you had, won’t hurt you. If you just gave me the chance, I’m positive I can help you out of that dark twisty world that you are in.”
Reconnection (a Zen fic-series)

a/n: well hello everyone!! it’s been forever i know….. i actually wrote this quite a while ago with the intention to post it but aaa… idk…. anyways. i hope you guys like it! let me know what you think!! and if you’re at all interested in the continuation!! love you guys so much. thank you for being patient with me. ♥

You were mid-laugh when your eyes locked with him from across the café.  The connection lasted less than a second, but your laughter dissolved and your smile nearly faded completely. You snapped your happy demeanor back as quickly as it went, however. Your hope being that the man sitting across from you hadn’t noticed.  Turning to face him again, though, you knew he had.

“Something wrong?” he asked with a look of only mild concern on his face.

The man you were sharing a drink with was named Joowon. You knew him from work. Your relationship with him wasn’t exactly professional any longer, but it was definitely platonic.

You chuckled lightly in response to his question, contemplating how to answer. Was there really a reason to try and cover it up? You were close with Joowon after all. He’d get it out of you eventually, anyways.

“My ex is here,” you said finally.

Joowon grimaced in a sympathetic way. “Bad break, then?”

You flashed him a small, almost sad smile before responding. “No, actually.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Joowon said before nonchalantly taking a sip of his coffee.

You hummed softly in response, trying to decide if you should give him more details. It would be nice to get it out. Especially to someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with both you and your ex. He ended up deciding for you while you were lost in thought.

“So, are you gonna elaborate or just deprive me of the details?” he said with a cheeky grin.

He was trying to get you to smile as the atmosphere had suddenly become a bit too tense for his liking, but he was also genuinely interested. His interest spurred from concern of course, though only in part. Truly, he was just very curious as you rarely talk about personal matters such as this.

You took a long sip from your own coffee, closing your eyes and mentally preparing yourself for the untouched feelings you were about to bring to the surface once more. You had been ignoring the nagging thoughts of words left unsaid and things left undone for months. Perhaps it was time to finally face them.

“It happened slowly,” you began while placing your cup down on the table between the two of you. “Like watching something die… powerless to stop it.”

Joowon studied your features intently, wondering if maybe he should withdraw his curiosity.

You continued however, with little hesitation. “It was my fault, truly.”

Joowon started to protest, thinking you were just beating yourself up. You waved him off, though, insisting what you had said was completely truthful.

“Let me explain.”

And so you did. You detailed how your mind and heart began to wander and how you foolishly thought there was something more out there waiting for you. As you spoke, you stole glances in your ex’s direction. Only succeeding in fueling the emotions that had begun to bubble as you told your story.

“It was only ever intended to be a break… time to figure things out,” you said after you’d finished explaining how it had gotten to that point. “But, we didn’t know how to just be friends anymore… and eventually we just stopped talking altogether.”

You took a moment to collect your thoughts after having just spoken about something you’d vowed to keep inside you. You stared at your hands, wondering how it came to be that your ex had shown up here today. Though, the realization hit you suddenly. It wasn’t such a ludicrous thing for him to have been here at this specific café. You two had come here a lot when you were together after all. How you hadn’t realized it until then was truly telling of how much you’d tried to forget him. Part of you knew, though. It had been you who suggested this location to meet with Joowon today. Your subconscious memories of him influenced that decision, clearly.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Joowon’s voice broke through your thoughts, startling you a bit.

You lifted your gaze and turned it to fully look at your ex as he chatted with one of the baristas. He hadn’t seemed to change a bit. Frozen in time; beautiful as always.

Your eyes were still tentatively glued to him as you responded to Joowon. “I… don’t know.”

Was that true? Or had you just convinced yourself that it was?

“Well, I’m no expert, but it seems there might be something unresolved there.”

He was right, truly; you knew that. But, what could you do about it now? After so much time had passed? Your eyes fell back to your hands.

“There’s not much that can be done about it now,” you smiled weakly as you voiced your thoughts.

In another effort to break the uncomfortable tension, Joowon suggested something of a game. “Let me see if I can guess which guy in here is your ex.”

You looked up at him, smiling wider than you had previously. “Good luck.”

“I’ll definitely need that luck. There’s an alarming number of dudes by themselves in here today.” he chuckled before sweeping his gaze around the café.

“Okay… how about the brunette leaning a bit too close into his laptop?” he suggested.

You didn’t even have to search for the man to know that he was wrong. Your ex was no brunette. You told him to try again, silently worrying what would be said when he finally did guess correctly.

“The dude in the green sweater who seems to be in an intimate relationship with his phone?”

Wrong again. You had stared at your ex long enough earlier to know that he was wearing a leather jacket. His favorite leather jacket, in fact. You shook your head with a small laugh, telling him to try again.

“So, I wasn’t going to guess this guy, but I’m all out of likely suspects,” he explained.

You scanned the café, seeing the two he had guessed previously and silently agreeing you would have been a bit offended had he guessed any of the other lone guys here.

“There’s a guy with long, silver hair over there staring intently at a stack of papers… is it him?”

You almost immediately told him he was right but thought of what he said previously. “Why weren’t you going to guess him?”

Joowon shrugged. “He’s attractive enough, just doesn’t seem to be your type is all.”

“I see…” you trailed off.

Joowon’s eyes widened a bit. “I’m right then?”

You nodded, a tiny blush rising to tint your cheeks ever so slightly.

“Really? Huh…” he rubbed his chin, seeming to think about it for a moment. “What does he do?”

You shifted in your seat, a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he could now put a face to your ex’s name. “He’s a musical actor.”

Joowon raised an eyebrow but quickly shrugged it off. “I think you should try and talk to him.”

Now that really made you laugh.

“Laugh all you want, but I’ve noticed him stealing a few glances in our direction,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “Although he looked a bit… put off a couple times.”

The residual smile from your previous laughter curled into a coyer one. “I can guess why.”

You continued to smile to yourself, recalling how easily your ex became jealous. Though you doubted his current motivator was jealousy. He was always protective, especially in regards to other men, even before you two had gotten together. Your heart skipped a beat at the realization that he must still care at least enough about you to worry for your safety.

“What do you have to lose by talking to him?” Joowon asked suddenly.

A great many things came to mind. You had no way of knowing your ex’s feelings or where he currently was in life. So much could have changed since you last spoke.

You shook your head, still smiling. “And how do you propose I initiate this conversation?”

Joowon leaned back in his seat, really seeming to give it some thought.  Why he seemed so intent on helping you reconnect with your ex was beyond you.

After a brief moment, he leaned forward once more and placed his clasped hands on the table. “Finish your coffee, go throw away your cup, and just sit down across from him.”

You gave him an incredulous look – he can’t be serious. “’Just sit across from him?’” you repeated his words.

Your companion simply nodded as if to say “Why not?”. He couldn’t see anything going wrong with that scenario.

You could, of course. Briefly, you thought of your ex being cold to you or even outright ignoring you. However, you quickly cursed at yourself for thinking that way. Your ex didn’t have the heart to be that way. Of that, you were sure. At least… mostly sure. You cursed yourself again for doubting yourself. But, that evil, little voice in your head was being particularly loud right now.

You looked to Joowon, who was looking back at you expectantly. “…Fine…” you said with a sigh.

You had agreed, but if you would really go through with it was another thing entirely. You kept thinking of everything that could go wrong as you downed your last gulp of coffee. However, Joowon’s encouraging smile gave you a tiny confidence boost as you got up to throw away your cup.

Trying not to walk to close to your ex’s table, you made your way to the trash can, taking the long way around to reach it. After tossing the cup in the bin, you braced yourself against it and steeled yourself. You really had no idea what to expect from speaking to him. A million thoughts were going through your head. Taking a deep breath, you turned around, nearly marching towards your ex’s turned back. You rounded his unaware form and swiftly took the seat across from him.

He looked up at this point of course, his warm, red eyes almost chilling you. The look on his face mirrored your own. It was a look of confusion and of subtle pain. Pain stemming from everything that still hung in the air left unsaid when you two had parted ways.

“Hello, Zen,” you managed to say with a tiny smile.
The 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century
Today marks the beginning of Chorus Week here at Billboard, where we'll be deep-diving into some of the greatest recent refrains that drive every great karaoke night, concert encore and office desk hum-along. We voted, we debated, and we have our answers: Billboard's list of the 100 greatest choruses of the 21st century.

2. Kelly Clarkson, “Since U Been Gone”

Alt-rock bands had been pairing musically minimalist verses with crushingly loud choruses since at least the ‘80s, but Kelly Clarkson and Dr. Luke demonstrated the formula worked for top 40 pop, too, via the bare-bones verses and wall-of-sound refrain of “Since U Been Gone.” Sure, this expertly crafted anthem about exorcising an ex from your heart would have been a hit for almost anyone, but Clarkson’s voice soars above the cacophonous chorus with a mixture of fierce resolve and near desperation that elevated her from Alpha Idol to radio juggernaut. – J. Lynch

How to Play a Player (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue

A/N- (For anyway who didn’t read the announcement post, this is the first part of a seven part fic that I’ll be updating either daily or every other day until iit’s finished :)

I IN NO WAY CONDONE PULLING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Yes, I made up the to do list myself, so there’s no guarantee it would actually work in a real situation. It’s also kind of a dick move, and you’ll probably end up hurt more than whoever you’re trying to play. But for the sake of this fic it’s totally gonna be a thing lmao)

How does it feel, Alex?” you asked, pissed off by the tears filling your eyes.

“How does what feel?”

“Being the biggest asshole in the world! How is it?! Is it nice?!” You shouted into his car.

“Whatever.” he sighed. Alex rolled his window up and drove down the street, without even looking at you.  You stood in front of your house. It was quiet. The lamp across the street flickered sporadically until the light disappeared completely. You were alone.

Lights were flashing. Music was beating in your chest. Alcohol pulsed through your veins. You were starting to sweat, but you showed no signs of stopping. It was more than a good time. You felt alive and free.

“Y/N.” your best friend, Peggy, whisper-shouted in your ear. You paused dancing and turned to her with a puzzled expression. She looked worried, biting her lip and everything. “Don’t freak out, but…your ex is here.”

Your heart started to pound. Her tone told you exactly who, but you wanted to ask anyway. You leaned down to her ear. “Which one?” you tried to say nonchalantly.  She pulled away and gave you an obvious look.

“Alexander! He’s over there!” Your eyes roamed across the crowded night club. Sure enough, Alexander was sitting on one of the couches with some girl. She looked wildly different from you. Completely different hair, height, body shape. She couldn’t be more different. It made sense. Alexander Hamilton went for anything he could get.

You rolled your eyes, despite the sick feeling in your stomach. “I don’t give a shit!” you shouted to your friend. “He’s just some douche bag player! Not worth stressing over!”

Peggy smiled confidently and held her drink up. “Hell yeah!” You clinked your glass against hers and downed the rest of your drink, setting the empty cup down on a nearby table. When you turned back around there was a very handsome and very tall man staring at you. You smirked and held you hand out.

“Y/N.” you told him, with a slight glance to Peggy who was practically cheering you on. You held your hand out for the man to shake, but instead he brought it gently to his lips.


Holy accent. “Where are you from, Gilbert?”

“Chavaniac, France.”

Your eyes widened and despite yourself you let out a breathy “Wow.”

He smirked and, still holding your hand, pulled you further onto the club’s dance floor. “Voulez-vous danser avec moi?”

You had no idea what he’d said, but his hands were on your waist, so you went with it. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you started to sway to the beat of some random R&B song, but you couldn’t help looking over Gilbert’s shoulder at Alexander.

He had an annoyed expression on his face, and the girl next to him looked heartbroken.

Really? Again?

Alex said something, and her face scrunched up in anger. The girl stood quickly and slapped Alexander hard across the face. She grabbed her purse and marched away. You let out a small laugh at Alex’s shocked face, and Gilbert looked at you.

“What is funny?” The poor boy looked thoroughly confused.

You waved your hand in the air. “Nothing.” You smirked and pressed your body closer to him, determined to forget  that Alex was even on the same planet as you, let alone a few yards away. Gilbert’s eyes widened in amusement and the two of you continued to dance.

The song changed, and you were just starting to get into the faster beat when someone’s voice interrupted you.

“Hey Laf, I think I’m gonna head out.” Gilbert turned around, and you had to keep your reaction to a minimum when you saw him. He was holding the side of his face, which twisted from a sour expression to confused one the moment he saw you.


You plastered on the biggest smile you could, “Wow, hey Alex!” You turned to Gilbert. “You know him?”

Gilbert sighed. “Unfortunately.” He winked at you. You giggled and looked up at Gilbert, very conscious of Alex’s stare.

Don’t break, Y/N. Don’t get angry.

Alex looked your frame up and down. You became all too aware of how form fitting the dress you’d chosen for tonight was. “How’ve you been, Y/N?” His dark eyes were confident, but he definitely had the red imprint of a hand forming on his face.

“I’ve been great.” You straightened your shoulders and crossed your arms. “I got a promotion at work, so I moved into a bigger apartment.” You noted how his eyes widened slightly at these words. It sent a surge of confidence through you.

“Really? That’s…great.”

You smiled sweetly. “Yeah, life’s been pretty good.” You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around to see Pegs.

“Hey Jamie’s having a thing at his house, and they want you there.” she said.

Jamie? Who the hell is- You studied at Peggy’s face. Oh! 

“Of course they do.” you sighed. “Okay I’m coming.” You turned to Gilbert, took his phone out of his pocket–to his shock– and put your number in before turning away with an off-hand “Later Alex.”

Once you two were a good distance away from them, you sighed so deeply you nearly collapsed. “Thanks.” you mumbled to Peggy.

“No problem.” She edged you further out of the club. “Getting rid of your asshole ex-boyfriends is my specialty.”

You both stepped into the cool air outside the club. “I don’t even miss him. Just the fact that he exists bothers me.” you explained.

Peggy hailed a cab while laughing. “I know the feeling.”

A short ride in a smelly cab later and you were laying in your bed trying to fall asleep. Your phone chimed loudly. You groaned and decided that you would ignore it, but then it rang a second time a minute later. Sighing in defeat, you unplugged it from it’s charger. Two texts. From Alex.

It was really great bumping into you today :)

You wouldn’t be down to hang out sometime would you?

You could not believe that bastard. Did he actually think he could just waltz into your life again? You’d heard all the stories about him, but he had convinced you that you were different, and special, as if he hadn’t said that to every girl he was with. And then he just left you. Stranded on the side walk, cold and alone. 

This wasn’t the first time this had happened either. When he broke up with the girl that he’d left you for, Alex tried to contact you, and if you hadn’t been out of the country, you probably would’ve fallen for it. Hell, he has just played another girl that night! Someone needed to teach the boy a lesson.

That’s when it hit you. You would be special to Alex. You would be the one who finally showed him what it’s like.

You were going to play Alexander Hamilton.  

Your body shot out of bed. Suddenly very awake, you grabbed your laptop and opened a new tab. Keeping in your habit of pre-googling and thing you did, you typed into the search engine

How to break a player’s heart

Instantly millions of webpages popped up. You picked the first one that seemed legit and applied to your situation. Skipping past the opening paragraph you got right to the to-do list.

1. Ignore Him

Typical players love to think the have the entire population wrapped around their finger. By resisting his charms and playing it cool, you’ll peak his interest. He’ll start to notice you more, see you as a challenge. Players love a challenge.

2. Be Interesting

If you want to make this player see as more than a nice lay, you have to be exciting, and most importantly, be independent. Of players rely on their “prey” to make them feel good about themselves. If you show you select “bad boy”, that you’re perfectly happy, capable, and adventurous without him, he’s gonna want to be a part of that life.

3. Slowly Let Him In

Let him know that the interest is there. If you totally shut him down, he might give on and move on. If he recognizes that you see him, notice him, and still haven’t fallen for him yet, it’ll edge him on further

4. Make Sure He Knows You Aren’t His

Once you start spending a bit more time with your player of choice, let him see you having fun with other people. He sees you with your friends and he thinks that your fun and interesting, and if they’re a little more than friends, even better. Let him get jealous. He doesn’t have a claim on you. You’re free to hang out, drink, dance, etc. with anyone you want. He’s not the only one on your radar. He has to work for it.

5. Know When To Quit

If your real goal is to give the player a taste of his own medicine, know when to cut him loose. You have to leave him right at the peak of his affection for you. He needs to feel the sting and hurt that he’s made so many others feel.

Most Important Thing

Do NOT sleep with your player. Absolutely do not do this. The moment you’re in bed with him, he’s already thinking about the next girl he can sack and you’ve lost the game. That’s how players are, they work and work until they get what they want, and then they’re done and gone.

You sighed and pushed your laptop away. It seemed easy enough. Just be inaccessible. You could do that. You glanced at your phone sitting on the bed next to you.

You hadn’t texted him back yet, and now you weren’t planning to. You fell asleep bed feeling confident and guilt-free, with a game plan forming in your head. 

Step One. Ignore him. 

you're my girl.. problem? [one shoot] (M)

bts member: jimin x reader 

genre : smut warning read in your own risk 

thank you @chimchimbae  for the edit you make it better no you make it waaaw ily girl you’re sweet 

enjoy ^______^

Originally posted by ounew

“Open the door, please open ‘y/N ahh’ “

you opened your eyes, the rain is still heavy it was raining cats and dogs outside, in the beginning you just thought that it was the rain’s sounds but your heart trembled, when you heard a familiar voice; you took your phone from the nightstand; there were 5 miss calls from him; Park Jimin !!!!!

“oh shit.. what brought him here?

you jumped out of the bed,  totally forgetting the fact that you were only wearing an over sized white shirt; you harried up to the door

“oh gosh it’s not dream it was him;  your ex-boyfriend”

Your heart clinched so much seeing him in front of your apartment, shivering; you examined him, he was soaked from head to toe

“I’m about to die ”

“Oh sorry come in” you closed the door and hurried to the bathroom to spare him some fresh towels

“quickly dry your self before you catch a flu" you said in a voice full of concern"

He obliged and started to dry his beautiful wet locks when you questioned him

“look at your self, exactly how and why you walked in this heavy rain?”

“you were sleeping deeply as usual”

“From when you were here?!

he didn’t say anything he just stared at you; his eyes were full of sadness; he was hurt

you sighed; “I’m sorry my phone was on silent. Just hold on I’m gonna get you some clean clothes to wear; you can take a warm shower or something"

With that you left him to go to your room; when you looked at your reflection in the mirror; you saw your half naked body; how much did he notice! the red lingerie you were wearing were visible under the shirt’s light fabric; you bit your lips mentally slapping your self as you were too busy helping him to notice that you were a hot shit !

Quickly; you pulled your nightie over your half naked frame then opened your closet; you already knew what you were looking for; jimin’s cloths; they were still there you didn’t touch any thing he owned; finding the pieces you were searching for; you grinned picking a pant and a v neck black t-shirt.

You went to your bathroom to find Jimin half naked; a towel was wrapped dangerously low around his waist; he was busy drying his wet hair to notice you; you said in a shaky voice “ take these; as you handed him the cloths and hurried up outside.

you felt your throat dry; actually it has been a while since you felt butterflies dancing in your stomach.

After breaking up with him; there was no man that was able to take jimin’s place.

The smirk on Jimin sinful lips were visible; you knew that he felt the nervous state you were in; he finally spoke "I’m sorry to bother you at this time ”as he exit the bathroom

You tried to gather your self and managed to speak in a stable voice; "Yeah that’s exactly what I’m was gonging to ask you about; what the hell are you doing here??”

he was damn hot and sexy as usual it has been a month now; you bite your lower lip remembering the beautiful past

“why aren’t you answering? Fine I’ll repeat myself; why you’re here park Jimin?“

He finally spoke "I don’t know why; my feet just led me here; to your house door”

“Really!!!!” you said with bitter laugh

I found my self in front of your house I just wanted to see you; you are the only one I can talk with without fears

Is every thing’s OK?”

No y/n I’m exhausted I’m sorry know I shouldn’t come I need to ..

[flash back]

“Y/n don’t be crazy Jimin loves you so much so why do you have to do this" Nayoung said

Jimin needs another girl from a big family, a girl who have the same lifestyle he has

“Oh gosh!! Just break up with him; why you have to lie at him? he will hate you; the situation will even get worse"

“ I know but I need to make him hate me this is the only way; I have to push him away”

“But telling him you were cheating on his back is so hard ,specially that everyone knows how crazy in love both of you are; it’s ridiculous please don’t”

“His mom threatened me if I don’t leave him, she will never accept me she even told me that she’ll marry him off to another girl; a girl that’s better than me”

“how have you been all this time?” his question brought you to reality again

“ah fine ,I’m fine”

why are you spending a cold night like this alone?? I didn’t let you alone when we were ..

“my boyfriend isn’t here “you tried to tease him continuing that fucking lie

“oh really your boyfriend!… he smirked closing the distance

You backed up till your back hit the wall behind you

“Jimin please don’t come closer.!”

“liar ..”

your eyes became wide; almost popping out “what are you talking about .??”

“why my shirts, toothbrush, shower gel and who knows what the fuck else is still here in this fucking house of a girl that used to be my girlfriend then she fucking

moved on with an other fucking man Huh??“

your lips were parted as your heart pumped in a crazy speed

” Jimin you have to go; I’m sorry but I’m really tired” you said trying to sneak from this conversation; when he blocked your path with his arms

“answer me first” his hot breath burned your neck

I don’t have any thing to say I ..I ..

you don’t have a boyfriend it was a lie to leave me it was a lie to protect me I get it y/N ah “

I don’t know what are you talking about I said leave.. Jimin please .. just leave”

you don’t mean it , and it’s still raining outside, you wont let me go back in that weather now will you?

shit ! why the hell you have to be in my house just go to your fiancé to be and leave me please you shouted with a muffled voice

the y/N I know will never kick out a person in the rain not to mention that it’s really late now; but seeing you determine to do so; I’ll leave; I’m sorry to bother you; goodbye. .

As Jimin hands were around the door knob you rushed to his direction; without realization your hands went to   grip on his arm as faint “stay” were out of you shaking lips.

“don’t y/N I will not control my doing if I did so"

“Then why the fuck you came here?? I just.. I just can’t send you out to be soaked again; you can sleep on the sofa and leave in the morning” you said as you continue to hold his arm when you felt his gaze piercing through your skin; you took your hands off

“No I prefer your comfy bed" he said pushing you closer toward his body

I miss you my beautiful girl" he said holding you tightly against his warm body; as he used to do before  “why did you do this?? he whispered picking your lips you didn’t forget the taste of  his plump lips against yours soon; the kiss turned rough Jimin kissed your lips with all the nostalgia he had in mind about your relationship; you felt a burning heat spreading through your core; even your core aches for jimin’s touch; he broke the kiss half panting” I miss you.. oh gosh I miss this so much why??.. why.. babe ..why”

a tear dropped as you locked your eyes with him; “ I m sorry I was forced to Jimin I loved you so much and I needed to see you happy I couldn’t bare being a black spot in your life anymore”

“I can’t be happy if you’re away from me; my life has no meaning without you.. You  think lying to me will make me forget you? huh! did you think that this fucking whole thing you made up was able to push me away? I was a fucking idiot.. you turned off all the lights in my life, just leaving me suddenly like that; why did you do this to me? to you and to our sacred love??

He started tearing up “ I couldn’t even forget you.. I was drinking my sorrow away with alcohol in a bar when I overheard your friend talking about us; about that fucking lie; I couldn’t believe that I listened to you; I’m suppose to be the closest person to you, yet I didn’t knew that you were fucking lying right into my face”

“ I’m sorry Jimin I didn’t have another choice”

“Shhh, it’s all ok as long I’m here with you again ‘

“AH! what are you doing?!!”

Jimin carried you up leading you straight to your bedroom;

“what!! you’re still my girl your soul and body are still my belongings; now do you have any problem with that?“

you giggled when he said that you thought it was a dream but feeling jimin’s body in top of yours wasn’t he reconnected your lips again licking and biting, he then traveled south to your neck and collarbone leaving beautiful purple love bites; when A load moan escaped you parted lips as you felt him sucking harshly on your sweet spot ” Gosh you can’t believe how I missed you; how I missed this body; you’re getting prettier day after day”

“hhh it’s just because you didn’t see me for a while “

He shushed you up and moved even closer; you felt your breasts firmly pressed against his lean chest; Jimin was looking straight into your soul with his chocolate brown; as he held your chin gently; his thump brushed your lips and you closed your eyes to the sensation; he tilted his head and claimed your lips in a long passionate kiss.

“ Just promise me baby that you will never leave me again and whatever happens we will bear it together hemm

“you whispered against his lips” I promise” Jimin sucked your neck and bit it again

he wanted to let the world know that you were his again; and hell you knew that these love bites will be hard to cover in the morning; you felt his hands playing with the him of your shirt; so you helped him to take it off; your red lingerie is in full display for him now and oh; they were his faviourte; “gosh you never fail to make me breathless; I love you so much my stunning lady’ with that Jimin started to leave

butterflies kisses all over your body; when he reached your tummy he held your waist and started to lick and bite on your delicate skin;  “ Jimin Jimin aah

“I missed this I really missed hearing you screaming my name; but do u know what I missed even more? this. .” before you could speak he teared off your underwear; you felt his thick lips on your wet pussy as he started off by planting chaste kisses; you moaned at the felling of his pillowy lips and hot breath teasing you core “Ji..min s..stop me”

he looked up at you and bit his lips; they were glossed with your juices; he licked his lips; you was so turned up by the sight beneath you..

you moaned again when you felt his lips attached again on your heat; this time he trailed your clit with his toungh; taking long awfully slow licks; you needed him now; so your hands were grapping on his locks as you tried to make him do something to release the building pressure; you felt him smirking against you wet pussy when suddenly he attached your pussy without mercy; he fucked you little tight pussy with his tongue; while he massaged you clit with his thumb in tight circles; never averting his gaze from yours, “how bad do you want my cock in here? he said pushing two fingers at one time; your walls clinched around his thick fingers; "you feel so tight baby girl”

he suddenly stopped thrusting; waiting for your answer “tell me how bad”

you tried to speak between your moans “ss..o ba”

his fingers started to move again stretching your tight walls “you’re soaked baby”

he hooked his fingers in your pussy hitting your sweet spot constantly ; “always extra wet for me hmmm. . what should I do?”

you moaned “ just fix it please baby. . I’m close”

after hearing you pleading he suddenly took his fingers out of your Vagina; you whined at the empty feeling; so he shut you up by kissing your lips swallowing your moans and protests.

Jimin unzipped his pants; he hissed as his member sprang free; then he reached to his wallet to search for a condom; but there was none; he smirked

“ I wont have a problem getting another beautiful girl just like you”

“whattt!!!! your jaw dropped “

“ yeah I mean you and my daughter he said picking your lips

I love you just remember that baby “ he  aligned his harden member with your entrance; the tip of his cock was teasing your wet fold in circular motion; slowly he pushed into you till you felt Jimin hardness fills you completely; he waited for you to adjusted when you nod your head; he trusted into you slowly you moaned in the crock of his neck ” feels good baby” “ah. . yeah baby yeah faster please”

Jimin sped up his thrusts as he groaned into your ears feeling your nails tagging on his back “ I can’t believe I was far from you for a whole fucking month “he said

you couldn’t answer him your mind was spinning as you were a moaning mess under him

“Jimin I’m so close” you said

cum baby cum for me; he said panting; you felt him reaching his climax a few seconds after you his warm semen filled your stomached and dripped down to your tights;

he didn’t pull off yet; locking his eyes with you; he said “don’t you ever try to stay away from me you are mine forever get it “connecting his lips with yours again;

‘I love you” you said as you trailed his abs with your fingers;  “it was really hard for me; to live without you every night"

“shhhh I’m back and no one can push me away from you ever again"

you felt his member started to harden inside you again “round two??” he said attacking your breasts hungrily

hope you like it  

Turns out my heart’s as much of a wanderer as my mind and my soul are.