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Hey guys! so this isn’t a request but I had an Idea and went with it!!

“Queenie, have you seen Newt anywhere?” you ask. 

It was nearing your anniversary and you were super excited. She looked at you strangely and fidgeted a little. 

“No sorry sweetie,” she says quickly. 

“Is something wrong?” You ask concerned. She isn’t usually so, so jumpy. 

“I think he’s back at the apartment” she answers. You thank her and disapparate. 

“Newt?” you call as you land in the living room. 

You hear muffled voices coming from the bedroom. You walk to the door and open it. What you see breaks your heart. 

Newt had Tina up against a wall. His lips attached to hers. You let out a hurt whimper. Newt’s head whips around and his eyes fill with horror. You turn around and run out of the room. 

He dashes after you, grabbing your wrist tightly. 

“Y/n It’s not what it looks like I swear!” Newt says. 

“Let Go Newt.” You say sternly. 

“Y/n P-please” He starts, 

“LET ME GO” You scream. 

Newt lets go, fear in his eyes. 

“How long?” You ask, holding back tears.

“W-well, I-I, s-six months…” Newt stutters 

The tears you were holding back broke free and started sliding down your face. You step back and run out the door and Newt didn’t do anything to stop you

 “One Moscow Mule” You say, ugh, why were you here again. 

“Come on Y/n, you look so glum,” your friend says handing you your drink. Oh right, it was your friends birthday. 

“That guy over there is pretty cute, you haven’t had a date in months” they whisper in your ear. 

You let out a laugh, “Thanks but I’m not looking for a date right now, we’re here for you” you reply. 

You take a sip of your drink, scanning the people there. It’s been months and you still weren’t ready for another date. Newt crushed your heart. You cried for days. You forced yourself to pull yourself together. You worked harder and bought your own apartment. You tried to forget Newt but no matter what you did you couldn’t. 

Tears hitting your hand snapped you out of your memories. You put on a smile and walked to your friends. After a couple of hours and a couple of drinks, you were feeling happy again. 

Someone nudged your shoulder, “Hey, Y/n, isn’t that your ex?” 

Your heart dropped. You look and you drop your drink. There stands the man who shattered your heart along with the girl who he did it with. The sound of the glass alerted him, his eyes widened and he started walking over to you. 

“I-I got to go” you mumble. 

You push through the crowd. You could feel his eyes on you and his steps following you. The wind of the cold night hits like a knife. You walk fast in hopes of avoiding a confrontation with the man who hurt you so long ago. 

“Y/n! Please wait!” he calls. 

There he goes, his sweet voice you missed, calling out to you. Unfortunately, the man with that voice wasn’t so sweet to you. 

You walk faster praying he would give up, stop and walk away like he did so many years ago. You hide in an alley and pull out your wand. You hear footsteps pass you then stop. 

Letting out a small sigh of relief you relax. and, Disapparate, flinching when you feel a hand grab yours. You land roughly in front of your apartment. A hand still on yours. You refuse to look up. A hand gently rests on your chin, moving your eyes to meet his. 

“Y/n…” he starts. “Newt, please” You beg.

 His piercing green eyes, hints of desperation. 

“I just, want to talk,” he says. 

Do you really want to do this? Face the man who broke your heart, Face Newt? 

“Fine” You opened up your apartment door, letting Newt go in first.

 “This could get rough” you mumble under your breath. 

Newt stood in your living room. Refusing to look you in the eyes. “So, how have you been,” he asks. “How do you think?” you spit, clenching your fingernails into your palms. Newt shrinks back at your harsh words. 

“Y/n, I’m sorry about what I did,.” Newt says. “

You’re sorry?! You’re sorry? You cheated on me with Tina! Do you understand how much it to see you kiss her, t-to see you break every promise that you made to me? T-That you loved me?! ” You yell. 

Unnoticed by you but Newt was stepping closer to you with each word until you were centimeters apart. 

“That’s enough, You know I love you” he whispers. 

“Do I? Because kissing someone isn’t really what you do when you love someone” you cry, voice breaking. 

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I’m so so in love with you y/n” His lips ghosting across yours. “A mistake that lasted 6 months” you whimper. His hands go to your sides and his lips meet yours. 

You want to melt into his lips, you want to take it all back. But you know you can’t. 

You push Newt off, “Go, please” You beg. 

Newt stands in front of you hurt, “Y-Y/n, I’m sorry I-I” Newt stutters, 

“Go Newt. Just, Go be happy with Tina.” You say softly but sternly, tears rolling down your cheeks. 

His face breaks at the sight of what he has done to you. He takes a step towards you but you step back. He nods and walks to your door, “You should know, I’m always going to love you not Tina, never tina” and with that, he leaves. 

You slide down the wall and feel hot tears streaming down your face. Why did he have to come and destroy you again? 


Man i havent written Angst in a while lol, hope you enjoyed it!!

You had just gotten out of an abusive relationship this past year; you ex broke your heart into bits and took a part of you that; the part of you that made you smile and be happy at life. Now you were this gloomy, dark, twisty girl; afraid to to trust men. Ironically, you are currently sitting in the couch of your best friend Finn. You are both drowning in tension as neither one of you know how to communicate; ever since your break up.”So how was your day?” He breaks the tension.”Dark and twisty, like every other day.” You respond; your eyes refusing to meet his. Your gaze slid to the side. He pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably. You didn’t like being so intimately handled. She felt his lips softly graze the top of your head. Your face heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His green/blue eyes twinkled. He knows! He’s trying to make you feel like this.”You don’t have to be afraid anymore y/n. I, on the contrary from that sad excuse of a boyfriend you had, won’t hurt you. If you just gave me the chance, I’m positive I can help you out of that dark twisty world that you are in.”
How to Play a Player (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


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A/N- (For anyone who didn’t read the announcement post, this is the first part of a seven part fic that I’ll be updating either daily or every other day until it’s finished :)

I IN NO WAY CONDONE PULLING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Yes, I made up the to do list myself, so there’s no guarantee it would actually work in a real situation. It’s also kind of a dick move, and you’ll probably end up hurt more than whoever you’re trying to play. But for the sake of this fic it’s totally gonna be a thing lmao)

Playlist- Fuck Fuckbois

Words- 1,711

How does it feel, Alex?” you asked, pissed off by the tears filling your eyes.

“How does what feel?”

“Being the biggest asshole in the world! How is it?! Is it nice?!” You shouted into his car.

“Whatever.” he sighed. Alex rolled his window up and drove down the street, without even looking at you.  You stood in front of your house. It was quiet. The lamp across the street flickered sporadically until the light disappeared completely. You were alone.

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It had been raining none stop since yesterday. It kinda matched your mood. With each rattle of thunder. You felt your heart breaking a little more. This feeling should be over right, but tonight you couldn’t breathe. The tears started first. Picking up your phone you didn’t even notice that it was 3 am.

For once he had come home early and just relaxed. No club business. No drama. He had fallen a sleep on the couch. When he heard your ring tone go off. You had took his phone and made your ring tone The Godfather. You would call at the worse times making it go off. Happy wasn’t to pleased the first time it went off in the middle of a meeting, but luckily the guys knew it was you. Even thought they teased him none stop.
Half a sleep he pick up the phone.
All he could hear was you taking deep breaths and trying not to cry.
“Babe, are you okay?”
Hearing his voice may you break down.
“Don’t hang up. I’m on my way.”
Throwing on his pants he grabbed the keys and got into his truck. You didn’t live that far away. He made it to your house in ten minutes. Not stoping at lights saved him some time. Pulling in he ran up to your door and knocked. You opened the door and threw your arms around Happy.
Picking you up he shut the door and walked you to your bedroom. Putting you on the bed. He kicked off his shoes and got into bed with you. Pulling the covers over on you both. Cuddling up on his chest.
“Don’t tsk babe. Just try to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.” He said kissing the top of your head.
He knew the breakup had been hard on you. He was the first person you called when your ex broke your heart. Happy was always in love with you and when the time was right he planned on telling you. He never wanted to see you crying over another man again.

Your Man

Request:  Hey I have a request! Can you make a scenario about Mark (from got7) and his girlfriend goes to LA to see his family. During their vacation she meets Mark’s ex and his old best friend. She gets insecure about their relationship when she sees those two spend some time together. When it bothers her too much she tells mark that she's​ going back to Korea but wants him to stay with his family as much as he can. Happy Ending please?

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry this took insanely long to write. I really hope it was worth the wait. I’m so sorry and thank you for being so incredibly patient. 

Pairing: Mark Tuan X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2060

Mark Tuan, the most beautiful man you had ever laid eyes on. You had been in a relationship with him for over two years now and you still found him insanely attractive. Not only attractive, but he was the most caring guy you had ever met and your personalities went perfectly together. You got along with his family just as well, and that’s why you were excited to go to LA and see them while Mark had a break.

 "Baby, you ready?“ Mark asked, zipping his suitcase as he stared at you from the other side of the bed. You smiled back, pushing your suitcase shut.

 "I don’t know. My suitcase won’t close.” You laughed, shoving it down again. He smiled at you before making his way over to your side of the bed.

 "That’s cause you’re doing it wrong.“ He mumbled, turning you around to face him. He picked you up and sat you on the suitcase, zipping it closed as you giggled.

 Your hands settled on the sides of his face as he smiled up at you before leaning up to press a quick kiss to your lips. "Let’s go, baby doll.” He said, patting your hips. You hopped down and pulled the heavy case off of your bed, dragging it to Jackson’s car.

 The drive to the airport consisted of you feeling like a total third wheel while Mark and Jackson sang to each other in the front, you squished in the back with yours and Mark’s luggage. You really didn’t mind though. You loved watching Markson in action in front of your eyes. Sometimes you thought they were more of a couple than you and Mark were. Especially when Jackson refused to let go of Mark at the airport, almost causing a scene, when it was time for the two of you to board your plane.

 As for the plane ride there, you basically slept the whole way when Mark wasn’t excitedly telling you every last detail he had planned for this trip.

 Before you knew it, you were in LA and Mark’s mom was hugging you tightly as you tried your very best to keep your drowsy eyes open.  

 "Y/n! It’s been so long!“ She exclaimed in your ear, causing your eyes to widen.

 "I know, I’m sorry. Mark has been super busy up until now.” You smiled lazily as she pulled away to get a good look at you. You heard Mark chuckle as he rested his hand on your back.

 "Mom, Y/n is tired. Please save questions for after we get home and take a nap.“ He smiled at his mother. She nodded and escorted the two of you to the car before loading it up with all of your junk.

 Arriving at the Tuan’s house was more than relieving as you plopped yourself into Mark’s childhood bed, exhausted from your travels. You heard a little giggle from your boyfriend as he dropped your heavy bags on the floor.

 "No, hunny, I don’t need any help with your heavy ass bags, I got it.” He laughed, plopping down on the bed right next to you.

 "I’m sorry, baby. I’m so tired, I wasn’t thinking about the bags. Thank you though.“ You smiled before kissing him slowly. His hand slid over your hip as he took a deep breath in through his nose, lips pressed against yours. You smiled into the kiss, sliding your hand into his hair.

 "Get some sleep, baby girl. We have a lot of touristy things for you to do when you wake up.” He smiled after pulling away.

 The two of you got some much needed rest, curing most of your jet lagginess. But you woke up alone, hearing lots of laughing coming from downstairs. You smiled, happy that Mark was catching up with his family as you made your way toward the noise. When you rounded the corner, you saw a girl you’d never met before playing with your man’s hair. Your heartbeat sped up as you felt a flood of different emotions flowing through you.

 "Y/n!“ Mark shouted from his spot on the couch. The girl with her hands in his hair turned to look at you, not moving her hands from his head. You faked a smile with your lips pressed together. "Come here! I want you to meet someone!” He exclaimed. You reluctantly obeyed, moving toward him. “Y/n, this is Amanda.” He smiled.

 "Nice to meet you.“ You lied, sticking your hand out to shake hers, only because you wanted her hands off of Mark. She shook your hand with a genuine smile on her face. You remembered that name. You remember Mark bringing her up before.

 "It’s nice to meet you too, Y/n!” She exclaimed happily. You nodded, not knowing what to do from there.

 "Come here, baby.“ Mark smiled, motioning for you to take his spot on the couch as he moved to sit on the back of it with you between his legs. You smiled as you sat down, happy she wasn’t touching him anymore. Mark ran his fingers through your hair before resting his hands on your shoulders and rubbing his thumbs into your back as he talked to his dad.

 The next day, Mark was going to take you to his favorite beach and you were excited to spend some relaxing alone time with him, but Amanda got invited along, ruining your day of relaxation.

 "Mark, I thought this was just gonna be you and me.” You whispered, disappointment coating your voice.

 "I’m sorry, babe, I thought you’d be okay with it. Mandy missed me.“ He said simply, kissing your forehead and joining Amanda by the water. You shook your head, watching them giggle as he tossed her over his shoulder and ran into the water. You decided to try to ignore it and just lie down to tan.

 That’s when it hit you. Mandy. As in ’Mandy, my ex girlfriend.’

 Your heart jumped to your throat. That girl was his ex girlfriend. You sat up on your elbows, watching them giggle and play in the water. You took in a shaky breath and let yourself back onto your towel.

 'Mandy used to play with my hair…’

 'Mandy loved that song…’




 Suddenly, you felt cold water being dripped on you, shocking you. You opened your eyes wide and saw Mark standing above you with a huge smile on his face. "Mark!” You whined, sitting up. “You scared me.”

 He only giggled as you wiped off the little water droplets with a towel. “Come have fun, babe.” He said, holding out his hand.

 "It looks like Amanda has that department covered.“ You said, looking up at him. He furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side.

 "What do you mean?” He asked, confused.

 "Nothing. I’ll come swim with you guys. I’m getting a little hot.“ You mumbled, taking off your sunglasses. He smiled and helped you up.

 Then he ran into the water, leaving you behind to watch him playfully splash Amanda again. You took in a deep breath, telling yourself it was all in your head. "Hey, Y/n!” Amanda exclaimed with a wave. You smiled and gave her a small wave back, realizing this would be harder than you thought.

 The rest of the day you had to deal with being on the outside of old inside jokes and strangers thinking they were a couple instead of you and Mark. You hated the feeling of being a third wheel when you were with your own boyfriend (Unless you were with Jackson, of course).

 "Mark, I’m going home. To Korea.“ You said, avoiding eye contact.

 "What? Baby, no.” He said softly, taking your hands. “Why? We’re having so much fun.”

 "No, Mark, you are. You should stay and have fun and hang out with… her some more.“ You felt tears stinging your eyes as you tossed your clothes into your luggage again.

 "Y/n, please. What are you doing?” He asked, trying to get you to look at him.

 "I’m going home, Mark. I miss… Jackson. I miss everyone at home. I wanna go home.“ You explained, your voice cracking.

 "No! You’re not going anywhere! Talk to me, Y/n!” Mark was almost shouting at this point. He never raised his voice with you.


 "You’re not leaving me like this. You can’t do this to me. No! I’m not letting you leave.” His voice cracked, making you look at him for the first time since you got back to his parent’s house.

 "I have to.“ You admitted, looking down.

 "Why? What’s wrong?”

 "I can’t just stay here and pretend I’m okay with you acting like you’re still dating your ex, Mark. I love you. So much and it’s killing me to watch you guys act like you never broke up. I feel like the third wheel and I have to go home.“ Tears fell from your eyes, but you quickly wiped them away.

 "Y/n, Mandy and were best friends when I lived here that doesn’t -”

 "I don’t care. I have to go home. You’re not going to stop me.“ You shouted, cutting him off.

 "Baby, please stay. You can be mad at me for the next three days until we go home, but I’m not letting you pay for another plane ticket when we already have tickets for three days from now.” He said softly, taking a step toward you.

 "Fine.“ You gave in, knowing you couldn’t really afford another plane ticket.

 "I love you.” He smiled, taking another step forward.

 You scoffed and left the room with your pajamas to change in the bathroom.

 The next morning, you woke up to your phone vibrating on the table beside you. You rubbed your eyes and picked it up, seeing Jackson’s face on the screen.

 "Hello?“ You answered groggily.

 "Hey, Y/n, are you okay? What happened?” He asked.

 "What?“ You asked, still confused about where you were due to just waking up. "Oh yeah. Um. Hold on.” You said, remembering all the texts you sent him last night. You got out of bed and went downstairs to explain everything to Jackson.

 "Damn. I’m sorry, Y/n.“ You heard him say over the phone, sounding a bit distracted.

 "What are you doing?” You asked, playing with a pillow on the couch next to you. 

 "Nothing.“ He responded quickly. "Just don’t worry too much about it, Y/n, okay? They were best friends once and I know for a fact he loves you more than he’s ever loved any other girl.”

 You smiled to yourself, thinking about how sweet that was. “Thank you, Jackson.”

 "No problem. Now go fix things with your man.“ He laughed.

 "Bye.” You giggled back

 "Bye, Y/n, I miss you guys.“

 "We miss you too.”

 The call ended and you felt a lot better about Mark spending time with her. You just had to think of her as an old friend. You tiptoed back up the stairs, trying not to wake anyone up, and crawled back into bed. You cuddled up real close to Mark and kissed his head.

 "What was that for?“ He asked, rolling over to look at you. You smiled, looking at his adorable, drowsy face.

 "I love you.” You whispered, running your fingers through his hair.

 "I love you too, baby.“ He smiled, pulling you close to him. "I’m so sorry I was spending so much time with her. I should have been paying more attention to you. I love you so much. Today is all about us. Just you and me, okay?”

 "Okay.“ You smiled, hugging him tighter.

 "I just don’t want to lose you.” He said, sounding like he was about to cry.

 You pulled back just enough to see his face, seeing tears well up in his eyes. “Mark, I’m not going anywhere. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I love you.” You whispered before leaning in and kissing his lips softly.

 "I love you too.“ He responded after you pulled away. "More than you know.”

 He kissed your forehead and pulled you back into his bare chest, rubbing your back. The two of you cuddled and giggled for a little longer in bed until you both decided it was time to get up and get ready for the day.