your excuse is invalid

Twin surprise

Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: Hey I love your writing. Can you do one were you catch Tommy cheating on you with Grace and you leave but you went to tell him that you were pregnant with twins and then a few years later you end up going back to Birmingham

You loved him, you did. But it wasn’t working there was no spark there, not anymore. You had been together since you were 15 and he was 17 since you were kids everyone knew you would be together. Polly never did stop going on about that time you two got married in the mud in the back street of your house when you were 5. ‘Meant to be’ everyone said. Maybe you were, but it wasn’t the same as it was when you were kids.

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I understand that you had a hard time, and I’m sure you didn’t hurt me on purpose, but I need you to undertand that the way you dealt with your problems really did hurt me.

Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming your Life, by Craig Buck and Susan Forward.

This part is in a section of responses for when/if you confront your parents about ways they hurt you. This really helps for when you know your parents have other problems (my mother struggles with bipolar disorder and drug/alcohol addiction), and you feel bad for being mad about their mistreatment of you. It is okay to be mad. Their other problems do not excuse how they treated you, and they don’t invalidate your pain.

here’s your daily reminder:

☀️ that using newly created words to describe your sexuality or gender identity is valid

☀️that someone saying “it’s a made up word” does not justify them treating you badly or invalidating your identity

☀️ that someone using that excuse to invalidate your identity is not okay even when they are lgbtq+ themselves

☀️ that literally every single word is made up, the only difference being that some are older + more widely used than others

☀️ that there are PLENTY of other  newly created words that people have no problem using without complaint (see: selfie, instagram, twitter, wrekt, etc etc etc)

☀️ and that you have the right to describe your own identity however you see fit

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uh hi i'm the person w/ the young governor in wheelchair character & i was wondering if you could give me a breakdown of like, major Don't Do/Tropes or things to like, avoid?

Mod Wolfy - okay, I see what you’re looking for.  Here are some things to avoid:

- The Better Dead Than Disabled trope, because a lot of stories do send that message.

- Anything that suggests the character’s life lacks value or is worth less than that of a character without a disability.  If they’re going to do any heroic self-sacrificing stuff, make sure it would be equally reasonable from a character without a disability.  

- Basically, don’t make them pitiful or tragic because they have a disability.  

- Don’t make them unrealistically helpless.  (Hence the “Don’t assume someone’s going to push their chair” stuff.  Accepting appropriate assistance is one thing, but a lot of people with disabilities in the media are shown as passively receiving care disproportionate to their disability and circumstance.) 

- Stay away from the idea of a character overcoming their disability.  Like if someone is disabled and does really cool and impressive stuff, that doesn’t mean they’re no longer disabled, it means they have a disability and also have done cool and impressive stuff.  The category of people with disabilities includes people doing cool and impressive stuff.

- Try make sure their story isn’t all about the person without a disability.  It sounds like your story has the person with a disability as the protagonist, so you’re probably okay, but a lot of characters with disabilities get narrative arcs that are actually about giving the character without disabilities feelings.  They accept help so the character without a disability can feel heroic.  They accomplish things so the character without a disability can feel inspired.  They die so the character without a disability can feel sad.

- Similarly, watch out for the whole idea of “inspiration” and “inspirational”, especially when it’s disability specific.  Stories about people with disabilities often get used as inspiration porn, cheap, simplistic emotional gratification.  (The whole “Your excuse is invalid meme”, with the idea that if even a disabled person can accomplish something, everyone else should be able to accomplish all of the things.  It’s really condescending and gross, as well as insulting people with other life problems.)

- Don’t assume a person with a disability is inherently sexless.  If someone decides to thoughtfully make a specific character with a disability asexual, that’s one thing, but it’s important not to go “Disabled, therefore they can’t have or won’t want sex”, because that’s a stereotype.

- Stay away from miracle cures, and the whole idea that someone having a disability means they need to be cured.  

I hope that helps!   

Take Care of Yourself

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Request from @yukinohana33: Hi there 😬 sorry if i keep requesting a lot of stuff lol i kinda love your writing . I wanna request a scenario with chanyeol being down and sad because of his recent injuries first his back then his hand in hawaii . When I saw his pics at the airport he looked kinda sad . Something where his girlfriend will scold him to be more careful but then take really good care of him and cheer him up . Thanks

Word Count: 1592

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i dont even begin to understand that... "Plenty of those so your excuses are? Invalid."? i dont get it. are they saying there are plenty actual aspec characters in shit? bc like... no. no there... there arent. and half the time an aspec character does show up its a shitty depiction like "OH THEY CANT LOVE ANYBODY SO THEYRE A MONSTER" or "HOW CAN WE FIX THEM" etc like what kind of bs...?


I understood the post as saying there are plenty characters who don’t belong to those oppressed groups, so we should make our hcs for those, but idk

stated my opinion on that though

nonbinary problems:
  • never having your gender as an option in anything
  • being told to “pick one or the other”
  • “does that make me gay or straight…”
  • no representation
  • getting left out in trans resources/posts/ect
  • never getting acknowledged by lgbt+ members or allies 
  • having people constantly trying to invalidate your pronouns and excuse misgendering you
  • your identity always being the butt of ridicule (eg “im a uinicorngender polydemifluctosexual tablekin with poop/fart/poopself pronouns use them or you’ll trigger me uwu lol”)
Is it too late? (pt. 1)

Title: Is It Too Late / (pt 2)/ (pt.3)/ (pt.4)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Length: 2841 words

A/N: There may or may not be a second part to this one… haven’t decided yet. I’m still finding my style so feedback is much appreciated, let me know what you guys think!


It had been three weeks since Yoongi left for their tour and it had been a week since you’d last heard from him. Of course the fans took enough pictures and the boys tweeted enough that you knew he was okay, but it wasn’t the same.

Next to you Kookie’s girlfriend wasn’t even giving him full answers, just grunts of acknowledgments. She was annoyed with how often he called and messaged her, yet here you were checking your chat to see if your boyfriend had even seen the messages you’d sent him. He hadn’t.

You sighed and stood up from where you sat making your way to the kitchen to get more snacks to drown yourself in. You checked your messages one more time, opening your chat and typing out a message,

Hey asshole. are you alive?

But chickened out just before pressing send.

Hey are you awake?

That was better. You didn’t want to come off too mean or he’d really never respond to you.


Three weeks later and the boys were back in town, their tour finally over. Not that your boyfriend had bothered to let you know. It had been four weeks since you’d talked to him and you had no idea what was going on.

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Raise your hand if you were also a Problematic Egg™

We all started somewhere, and many of us had severely toxic & transphobic feelings towards ourselves. We may have had extremely narrow definitions of what it meant to be trans (”Well to be trans I have to fit this narrative, so I guess I’m just broken.”) which led us to internalize our feelings or fetishize gender variance, or even have been gatekeepers towards trans questioning people. 

But this is behind you. 

You can’t change who you were and what you’ve done, and it’s up to you on how you confront your old self, but the key is moving forward and getting better. Always remember that your past doesn’t define who you choose to be in the future. As long as you learn to accept and forgive yourself, loving yourself will soon follow.

You are trans, and you are valid.

The Avengers dancing.

Hawkeye: I have the best moves here.


Captain America: Excuse you?


Tony Stark: I’m Iron Man, your argument is invalid.


Loki: Bitch please.


We can all conclude that Loki has better moves.

Clexa College AU Pt IX

[The rest of the fic is here : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

They finished their food and continued to talk. Conversation with Clarke was easier than most, Lexa observed. When she finally looked at her phone, she was genuinely shocked. 

Clarked looked over, curious and Lexa flashed her the screen. “Whoa, Lex. We’re just an hour and a half away from sunrise,” she said.

“We should get back to campus,” Lexa responded, letting the fact that Clarke knew the exact time of sunrise slide.

“Yes. You’re right. Absolutely,” Clarke muttered as she joined Lexa in gathering their things. Lexa could already tell that the other shoe was going to drop, “Or…”

There it is. “Clarke, practice is going to be a struggle on this little sleep,” Lexa said to nip any additional plans in the bud.

“For you it is,” Clarke teased. “I called in to practice. I had a great excuse and everything.”

“I’m sure the captain just ate that up,” Lexa grumbled, walking to her car. “Oh wait! Your excuse has been deemed invalid. You’re required to go now,” she quipped back sarcastically. 

“Fine. That is fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that it would be a waste to go to bed now.”

Lexa chewed on the side of her cheek in silence as they both got in the vehicle. She couldn’t believe she was actually considering this. “I actually know a great spot. In the Arb,” she finally said as she started to drive. “If we’re going to do this, we’ll do it right,” Lexa added, grateful for the wool blankets her grandparents insisted she keep in her trunk. “Can you manage a short hike?”

Clarke looked down at herself. “Do you have anything I could wear?”

“The stuff in my gym bag is clean,” Lexa said, even though she was pretty sure there was nothing useful in there.

Clarke went through the bag eagerly, pleased to have gotten her way. All she found were a zip-up hoodie and shorts, “This… this will work,” she said with confidence. She watched Lexa carefully for a few moments, enjoying her utter focus on the empty road. “I’m changing now,” Clarke announced, so that Lexa wouldn’t feel awkward. 

Lexa kept her eyes trained ahead, but, after a few minutes, she couldn’t help but notice Clarke struggling. “Are you okay?” Lexa asked, her voice slightly stilted. 

“Will you pull over? My zipper’s stuck.”

Lexa made a show of sighing as she pulled easily into the shoulder of the empty country road. Clarke had her back to her. She’d managed to get her zipper stuck only a few inches from the top of the dress. Lexa hesitated for a second before giving it a tug. The fabric gave way from the new angle and it opened the rest of the way down Clarke’s back. Oh, Lexa thought, no bra. 

Her mouth went dry and she and looked away. It made sense with Clarke’s strapless dress, but it still gave Lexa ideas. Ideas that made her feel like a freaking fifteen-year-old and that made Lexa grumpy. She quickly moved her one back to the wheel and shifted them into gear with the other. 

Clarke let her dress fall away, taking a tiny bit of delight in Lexa’s sudden nervousness. She pulled on the hoodie and shorts along with a pair of sandals she’d noticed the back seat. She happily tossed her heels into a pile in the back with her dress. 

Lexa adored the woods. She cherished her moments of solitude. So in three years at this school, she’d managed to curate a great collection ‘her’ own places. Lexa smoothly parked in front of the best trail. 

It didn’t feel weird or wrong, sharing this place with Clarke. Lexa was surprised that her instincts told her that they were both the same- that Clarke would recognize, admire and respect the things that Lexa loved. Then again, looking over Clarke with her blue eyes and short shorts, Lexa figured her instincts were probably too stunted by raging hormones to be trusted. Oh well, she thought, assuring herself that she’d at least be careful.  

 If Clarke had known how much of their hike would be uphill, she might have reconsidered. Then again, by the time they’d gotten to the top, she knew it had been worth it. Their vantage point was perfectly aligned with the sun and it made the arb look nearly infinite. 

Clarke’s fingers itched for some charcoals and her sketch book. I’ll have to ask her to bring me back, Clarke thought, knowing it wouldn’t feel the same without Lexa’s presence. “We’re just on time,” Clarke said with a grin, taking in the horizon.

Lexa couldn’t help but smile as she laid out one of the blankets at the base of a tree. She sat and Clarke stepped back to join her.

Lexa had decided earlier to start expecting Clarke to surprise her, but she was still startled when the girl plopped down in front of her. Instead of sitting in the perfectly good space next to her, Clarke moved so that she could settle between Lexa’s legs. She then adjusted the blanket to cover them both. “It’s a little cold,” she said, as if that justified the act. 

When Clarke shivered, Lexa wrapped her arms around the girl. She shook her head thinking entitled, presumptuous princess, but Lexa was glad.

They sat in silence, warming each other and watched clouds drift. The sky went from grey to blue to pink and orange as the sun came up. Lexa found herself in awe. Not only of the view, but also of how soft Clarke was, how good she smelled and how right she felt in her arms. Lexa dropped a light, content kiss onto the back of Clarke’s neck.

Clarke sighed as the kiss sent shivers up her spine and warmth down to her toes. She pushed her hair off her neck so it was draped over her shoulder. Nothing happened, though and Lexa’s arms had dropped to her sides. “Lex?” Clarke asked in a whisper.

Lexa had been feeling conflicted. “Clarke. You’re going though a lot right now. Are you sure you want this?”

Clarke leaned her head back against the woman’s shoulder. “You’re very sweet, Commander,” she said. “Now, will you please keep touching me?” Clarke asked, biting her lip.  

Fuck careful, Lexa thought. She moved her hands back up Clarke’s arms and started kissing her neck in earnest. She kissed and nipped her skin. She reached around and eased the zipper of Clarke’s sweatshirt down so that she could push the fabric from her shoulders and have even more to explore. She trailed her fingertips over Clarke’s collarbone and her jaw.

Being kissed like this- by Lexa- was more than everything Clarke had imagined. She pushed back into the woman, hoping she felt and needed this, too. 

Clarke turned her head to catch Lexa’s lips with her mouth. 

The kiss was warm and soft and Lexa pulled her in with fingers buried in her hair. Once Clarke was where Lexa wanted her, she moved her hands fully into the sweatshirt, taking full advantage of the lack of clothing underneath. Every touch and scratch drove Clake to closer until she found herself on her knees, hunched over Lexa. She threw her sweatshirt aside and pulled the the blanket over her shoulders.

Clarke soon let it slip away, with one hand against the tree and the other cradling Lexa’s jaw. Lexa tasted like spring and earth and Clarke thought that kissing her was like the best part of falling.