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Every Other Weekend pt. 8

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,538

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. i am sooo sorry it has taken me so long to get this up but thanks for hanging in there! hope the wait was worth it.

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Part 7


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(let’s pretend his hair is as long as it is in the fic. the gif just fits too perfectly.)

“Dad, no!” Gavin latched himself onto Bucky’s leg, crying. It was what you wished you could have done. But it would have been frowned upon. At least if it was your son acting out, it was acceptable.

“I have to go.” Bucky fought Gavin on his leg, handing you the bag you’d given him the week before. “You get to go home with your mom.”

“But I want you.” Gavin continued to cry, his tears wetting Bucky’s jeans. You felt helpless. You wanted to scoop up your son and protect him. You had wanted to since all of this started. It wasn’t his fault, but he didn’t know. All he knew was his dad picked him up, they spent a week together and then he dropped him back off to you. That was one of the hardest things. You were unable to tell your son why his dad wasn’t home, why he left.

“Come on baby. Dad’s gotta go.” You frowned, holding Avery with one arm and bending down to help Gavin. Gavin cried harder, grasping at the folds in Bucky’s jeans.

“I’ll see you next week.” Bucky nodded, seemingly unfazed by Gavin’s cries.

You fought a scoff. “Yeah. See you then.” You sighed, picking Gavin up and walking to the car. Bucky didn’t stick around any longer than he had to. You blocked Gavin’s view of his father driving out of the parking lot.

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Conversation that happened in my dream last night
  • Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Where's my chicken?
  • Kara: I ate it
  • Diana: Why?
  • Kara: Batman made me
  • Diana: You listened to him?
  • Kara: He was going to dishonor my cow
  • Diana: What cow?
  • Kara: The cow your mom gave me
  • Diana: We don't have cows
  • Kara: She stole him from Wolverine's farm
  • Diana: Who?
  • Kara: Your ex-husband
Second Time Around - (Taeoh’s  4th Birthday)

Synopsis: Jongin struggles to balance life as an idol and life as a father. His four year old son is growing up and beginning to notice his absence and attempts to find a fatherly figure in your boyfriend, Seunghyun. 

Word count: 5,538

Characters: Kim Jongin a.ka Kai (EXO), Oh Sehun (EXO), Choi Seunghyun (BigBang), Kim Taeoh, and other EXO members. 

Warnings: Eyebrow Shaving, Gum Stuck in Hair, Sehun’s dancing skills, and Taeoh and Kai’s cuteness. 

Part One

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Originally posted by lil-duckling

The flight to Paris was horrible. It was ten hours of constant panic attacks from you, Taeoh fidgeting in his seat whining at the top of his lungs that he wanted to get off the plane, then there was Seunghyun who had lost his phone and made all the flight attendants help him look for it because he didn’t have a lock on his phone and had things in it that were not suitable for the public eye. To top it all off, you were sprawled on the bathroom floor of the plan for almost half of the trip vomiting because of altitude sickness.

When the three of you finally got off of the plane you were all half dead and beyond pissed off. You reeked of vomit and had dark circles under your eyes which contrasted your sickly green skin. Seunghyun had bags on every limb of his body and apart from having to hold Taeoh’s hand, he had to half-carry half-drag you through the airport because you were so weak your knees wobbled every time you took a step. Taeoh looked like a train wreck, his usually silk hair resembled a bird’s nest. He had snuck a piece of gum out of your purse and somehow managed to get it stuck in his hair. You were honestly too sick to care.

Seunghyun looks at you then Taeoh before chuckling to himself. “Thank god for masks.”

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Intro: So this monster of a fic I wrote literally in the past 24 hours in response to @whatif-animagineblog ‘s post about Leonard’s laugh.  Read it here.

I do still have drabbles to write and my Kirk series to finish but of course I needed to write this first.  The fic doesn’t necessarily focus on the laugh, but it is in there and did make me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 2870

Summary: So basically the reader and Bones end up making a mess in the kitchen, the reader ending up making Bones laugh (wheeze and snort) after he has had a stressful day.  A little sweet love at the end.  Very fluffy.  Much fluff. 


The bottom line was that you wanted to bake a cake.  That’s literally all you wanted to do and unfortunately being on a starship in the middle of space made it extremely difficult.  So you snuck into the kitchens after hours and were ecstatic to find the ingredients you needed.  

The truth was, you weren’t very good at baking, but when you set your mind to something, it got done, whether or not it was a complete disaster.  

So you gathered your ingredients and started pouring, using a recipe that you pulled up on your PADD.  You put on some music, letting the upbeat tunes fill the small room, making you unbelievably happy. 

“What are you doing?" 

You jumped 10 feet up in the air, knocking the flour bag over, spilling it all over the counter-top and onto the floor.  You had not expected anyone to find you in here. 

You spun around, your heart beating so hard you thought it was going to jump out of your chest and you now saw the source of the voice was the Chief Medical Officer, and your best friend, Leonard McCoy.  

"Len!  Fuck!  You scared me.” You set the spoon in the bowl and tried to catch your breath, shutting off the music.  

Leonard walked over to you, chuckling lowly, “Sorry, darlin’, I thought you heard me come in.”

He neared you, pulling your adrenaline-filled form to his chest briefly, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head before releasing you and inspecting the mess you were making. 

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Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 4](Bruce Wayne imagine)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Requested: Yes
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 683
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

You had just changed from your work clothes, fixing your makeup and giving your hair a quick brush through when you heard a knock on the apartment door. Looking at the digital clock on the shelf, a large 7:58 is displayed. You smile to yourself, Bruce was almost always very punctual. 

Opening the door, you see your ex husband looking as handsome as ever, a bouquet of flowers in hand, wearing quite casual clothing. “Here,” He says, giving you the bunch of flowers. You quickly navigate through your home, finding a vase, cutting off a little bit of the stems of the flowers, before placing them in the water filled vase next to the other flowers. “Thank you, shall we?” You ask as you grab your purse before stepping out with him, locking the door behind you.

Bruce took you to this old bar, the decorations were very western style, old posters and such put up on the wall. You found it quite nice, also a stark contrast to your usual dates, it felt nice to have a change.

So how’s it been?” Bruce asks, as you sit at a table facing each other. “Busy as usual,” You sigh, stirring your drink in its glass. “The boys seem happy to see us try again,”  He smiles, putting his hand on yours on the table. “Damian right?” You ask, slightly chuckling, “Yeah, Damian especially, but all the other boys seem to be a lot more content too,” He says. “They’re probably excited that they don’t have to have dinner with me once a week, “ You say, as the waitress brings your food to the table. 

You talk and eat, the conversation flowing great, just like it did when you first got married. But Bruce had caught unwanted attention from someone else in the bar. She closes her compact mirror, smacking her lips slightly to fix her lipstick before making her way over.

Hi Bruce, it’s nice to see you,” She says putting her overly manicured hand on his shoulder. “Hi,” He says back, bluntly, shrugging off her hand. You focus your eyes on your food, knowing exactly who that is. When you had found out Bruce was cheating on you, this was the exact secretary, whom to your knowledge was fired soon after. “What do you want,” Bruce asks, not bothering to look at her, “You,” She smirks back, making visible anger and distaste appear to boil in the man.

No, never speak to me ever again, I don’t want to see you anywhere near or I’ll have a restraining order taken out, “ He says, little to no emotion in his voice. “So I was just a toy to you,” She says bitterly, before the clicking of her heals leaves through the door. Looking up you could see her wiping her face as if in tears in the window.

I’m so sorry about that,” Bruce apologizes, giving your hand a squeeze, “No, it’s alright,” You smile, even though it didn’t reach your eyes. “That’s long over, it never even started, she’s just bitter she got fired,” Bruce explains. You nod, putting more food in your mouth.

A little while later you had finished eating, “Wait here, I’ll go pay,” Bruce instructed, going to the bar. You slipped on your jacket, and hung your purse over your shoulder. “Let’s go,” He says, offering you his elbow to hold on to. 

He walks you to your apartment door, through the dark and cold streets of Gotham. You talked the whole way there. As it was time to part ways, Bruce seemed nervous. “What’s wrong?” You ask him, giving both his hands a squeeze in front of you. “I would want to kiss you good night, but I don’t know if you’ll allow me to.” He says, smiling sweetly. You lean up to him, placing a soft kiss on his chapped lips, your chin grazing his rough five o’clock shadow slightly.

Good night Bruce,” You smile, pulling away, entering your apartment. He stands there, a goofy smile on his face as your door clicks locked.


With love,

Look what we got here

Hi I just found your account and I love it !!!! Can I request something daryl Dixon , where you are pregnant with his child - you two are married . And you are chosen for Negan’s line up so daryl gets super shouty etc - you can choose the ending xx

I may have gone a little over board with with one… my bad yall. Oh well enjoy, requests are open 

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

The cold dirt was undeath my knees. My husband was right next to me, I knew that he had to be in shock like the rest of us. I felt my heart beating so fast that it was almost in my throat and my brain pulsing from the anticipation. Not only am I worried for my life that could possibly end because of the Saviors or even because of Negan himself. As we are on our knees waiting for our destiny I could feel our child start to move inside of me. I was almost seven months into the pregnancy, it was obvious that I was pregnant. I knew that if I got chosen it wouldn’t just be life ending, it would be our child’s life as well. Which I know would destroy Daryl, he really didn’t have anyone else to show his true self to. And losing me and our baby would destroy him.

As we all were knelt in front of the camper I tried to think that maybe I would be spared from being slain. However I knew that I most likely wasn’t going to be, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your condition was. No one cares anymore, it’s a one for all out in this world.

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Imagine Simon comforting you with some hot chocolate at night after you had a nightmare

(Wooooo some SIMON FLUFF YEEEESSSS :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Aaawww Simon!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You woke up breathless and frantic in the dark of your room. You saw the most terrible thing you could’ve ever imagined in your dream, Simon dying at the hands of your “ex-husband”, Negan.

After you and Simon had grown fond of one another, you had started a secret relationship with him. Those times were filled with both happiness and thrills, meeting each other in secret and having your fun in nearly all the tight spaces you could hide.

However, after all of it, you had been caught by some of the others and you had decided to admitted to Negan by yourself that you had no more desire to be with him.

He had been reluctant to let you go, you could tell from the way he was fuming and asking you to answer him why but you had made your choice.

At that point, you preferred to be with the man you loved rather than be pretend to be happy with a choice you didn’t really made.

You knew it would take quite some time before you could make things official with Simon, as you knew that if Negan were to figure things out between you both, Simon would inevitably get the iron for it.


But here you were, alone in the dark, in tears from how graphic your nightmare was. You couldn’t believe what your mind had just imagined and you just couldn’t stay still.

You had to see if Simon was fine and that’s what you did, getting up from your bed quickly. You nearly slammed your door getting out and ran towards Simon’s room.

You didn’t care at his point if there were still anyone up that might see you, all that mattered was to know that Simon was safe and sound.

At his door, you stood there catching your breath and wiped your tears away. Nervously, you approached your fist to knock and your anxiety came back.

You just wanted him to answer immediately but instead it was quiet. You were about to break again but suddenly he opened, half asleep, rubbing his eyes and topless.


Seeing him all okay, relieved you more than ever and you jumped at his neck to hold him tightly and stop yourself from crying.

It stunned him to see you here at this hour but it didn’t stop him from wrapping an arm around your waist while the other stroked your hair as he wondered what had happened.

“Hey…What’s wrong, Y/N…”

He then pull back slightly to check on you and cupped your face to get a close look. He noticed your red puffy eyes and how stuffy your nose had been, probably from all the crying and it tore him apart.

Who could make you cry like this, he thought and slowly the worst feeling came to him.

“Babe, did he?”

You shook your head as he asked his question and simply held onto him, not wanting to let go yet.

He wiped the few tears that had came back and pulled you in to the room, closing the door behind you.


Feeling your grip on him tightening and your nose nuzzling to his neck, he carefully picked you up and set you on the bed with him.

He felt your breathing being ragged and knew it was better to stay quiet for a while before saying anything. He stroked your hair, and then down your arm and to your back, making sure to calm you down.

He knew something must’ve scared you for you to act this clingy, or rather like a scared little baby koala as he would say when he’d tease you over it.

He decided to rub and soothe you just as you needed him to, all while his arms wrapped you tightly to his chest.

It was comforting to feel him so close and so real. His breathing, his heartbeat, his skin all of it made you slowly forget what you had just foreseen in your lonely sleep.

Just as him, you decided to feel him to make sure he was truly with you in the moment. Burying your face in his chest, you felt his warmth and his firmness raising and falling under you, with the sound of his heart.

Feeling your breathing slowing down, he understood that you were starting to feel better and just kissed the top of your head.

It surprised you to feel him and you looked up, only to see him give you one of his confused yet funny smiles, making you chuckle lightly.

He raised an eyebrow, wondering as to what would bother you so much and realized you probably needed something more to feel relaxed.


He remembered how much you liked hot chocolate and just realized how he had found a good pack of them while on a run.

It gave him an idea and slowly he pulled away to go and make you some, only for you to get worried and cling onto him.

“W-Where are you going?”, you asked him nervously.

He chuckled and shook his head. He squeezed your hand for a moment and crouched to your level to look you in the eyes.

“I’m not leaving anywhere…I’m just going to get you some hot cocoa! Just as you like!”

“You have some? I-It’s in your room, right?”

He chuckled and nodded at you, getting up and turning away to go by the little counter to prepare.

You stared at his back for a while, only for him to lean against the counter and cross his arms as he looked back at you, waiting for the water to boil properly.

You seemed so lost yet cute with the blanket wrapped around yourself that it made him crack a smile before asking you as to what happened.

“So…you care to tell me what worried you this much?”

You hesitated for a while not knowing how to say it, only to shrug at him.

He sighed and tried to cheer you up again, saying, “Look sweetheart…I’m not gonna force you to say anything if you don’t want to…but I gotta admit it to you that you scared me shitless running to me with tears like that…”

You could hear the concern in his voice, oddly enough, only for him to be surprised by the water being ready, making him turning around and for you to let out a little laughter.

It relieved him to hear you and he decided to mix in the powder for you and him, even having the thought of putting it in the cute matching mugs you had found.

It made you smile even more to see him turn around with them both in his hands and without any words, you got up wrapped in your blanket at sat by the little table he had.

He walked to sit next to you, handing you your mug. Feeling the warmth of it, made you curl your shoulders and smile.

Seeing you, he followed your lead and managed to make you laugh that way, even more as he scooted closer.

“Gotta keep myself warm somehow, right?”

You nodded and looking back at him, you laughed even more as he burnt himself from drinking the hot chocolate.

You wiped his upper lip, brushing his moustache, making him wink at you and raise an eyebrow at you.

You tried to hold in your laughter this time and looked back at your drink.


“I-I had a nightmare about you…”, you said as it he took another sip.

Instantly, he bursted out laughing and forgot himself. You didn’t understand him but at the same time, you did, knowing how he was a rather immature man at times for his age.

You shook your head, and told him, “It’s not funny alright…I-I was really worried for you…Stop laughing alright…”

You kept your gaze on your mug and told him everything to make him understand your meaning.

“I-I dreamt about Negan…and how he found out about us…He got angry…a-and locked you up in one of the cells…only to…bash your skull with Lucille…He…he made me watch you…He kept going and going, not stopping once…”

Your voice shook as you told him everything and even more as your mind vividly remembered each horrifying detail of it, from him screaming to the blood gushing all over.

Your vision had gotten blurry from your tears and that’s when he realized how much of an ass he was to laugh at you earlier.

He instantly wrapped his arm around your shoulder pulling you close and rubbing you to comfort you all over again.

“Oh no no no…Y/N, baby don’t cry…It was just a stupid nightmare…Come on, don’t cry…I’m fine, see? Look at me, i’m right here, next to you! Come on, why would Negan ever hurt me for that? I’m practically his best friend, here!”

The more he spoke, the more you were reminded of how silly he could be at times and that just made you feel even better.

“Besides he can’t do anything…As far as he knows…To him we’re just friends now…and when we’ll be official, he can’t say anything as well because we weren’t being shady about it…”

You wrapped your arms around him as well and took in his kind and silly words, making your smile come back more and more, especially knowing for sure he was making faces while at it.

“Also, like there’s no way he would ever do that to me! I mean we’re on a whole personal, me and him, he might as well just call me bro…you know…so no worries babe…”

“T-Thank you Simon…”

He chuckled and stroking your hair, told you, “Don’t need to thank me…Well yes for the hot chocolate…but the rest it’s fine…I just don’t want you to worry too much…Now how about you drink that up and we hop back into bed…”

You pulled away to nod at him, only for him to peck your lips and say, “Maybe we might as well have our own little fun while at it…Unless you’d rather cling onto me like a little baby koala for the rest of the night…up to you! Whatever makes you forget that stupid nightmare of yours!”

You nodded at him and turned to keep drinking along with him, all while thinking about what you should be doing next.

One Shot Masterlist



A Pearl In The Rocks (completed)

Thor dumped Loki with the Avengers, believing it would help his little brother. It wasn’t long before the two of you became fast friends, and you ended up being the only person in Stark tower Loki would talk to.

Promise (completed)

You are Loki’s old lover and Thor has brought you down to convince him to stop his madness and go home. It doesn’t end the way he’d planned, and Stark soon discovers the lengths that Loki is willing to go to just for you.

The Old Meets The New (completed)

Loki is up to his usual antics. And by antics, I mean trying to poach you from the Avengers and turn you Loki-evil (outside of a coffee shop no less). But when your ex-husband approaches, he finds out that he’s not the scariest thing in your life. When he finds out why you’re more scared of a Midgardian than you are of him, things get messy.

Frozen In Time (completed)

This is set in an AU where Loki is temporarily teamed up with the Avengers due to mutual benefit. It is also a crossover with Supernatural. You and Loki have always had a close bond. Ever since you met, you only felt like you could depend on each other, making you an inseparable duo. One day, Loki is possessed by a demon and tortures you. The Winchester’s and Castiel are brought in to get the two of you back, but when Loki is exorcised things between you are shaky. You find yourself unable to be near him and Loki’s self-hatred begins to eat away at him. Can the two of you ever regain the bond you had before? Or will this mean the end of both of you? 


What We Want And What We Get (NSFW)(incest - not between Loki and Thor)

For thousands of years, Loki has given in to his dark desires. And, for thousands of years, Thor has resisted his. But Loki’s patience has run thin when he realises you - his little sister - is becoming increasingly distressed by Thor’s rejection. Loki finally takes things into his own hands and shows Thor that giving into his desire for his little sister is worth the guilty conscience.


Hurt The One You Love (NSFW)(completed)

You’re an assassin. Having spent most of your childhood living in institute’s like Natasha’s Red Room, you’ve learned to live and breathe the lifestyle. After dropping off the map suddenly, you resurface again five years later to take Fury up on his offer of a place in the Avengers. But you’re different than you were. Your guilty conscience is weighing down on you and you find yourself questioning everything you’d done in the last five years. To make matters worse, throughout your stay with the Avenger’s, you’d developed feelings for Clint. The battle of New York had kept you occupied but ever since it ended you’d been drowning in the guilt and shame of your past and battling your feelings for a man that could never love the person you were. In an effort to rid yourself of those feelings, you fall into the arms of Bruce. A man that knows all too well what it’s like to be afraid of your own monsters. 


Pretty Tears And Dead Soldiers (NSFW)(incest)

You and Bucky have been running around together for what seems like forever. Hiding your relationship from the world and appearing to everyone else as the perfect siblings with the perfect relationship. No one had seen a brother and sister be so close before. You spend your alone time together, making promises and breathing in each other’s skin. But what happens when Bucky enlists in the army? Decades of heartbreak, death, and a super-soldier with amnesia that can’t seem to shake his memory of you.

A Strange Kind Of Home (completed)

Bucky comes to after another one of his ‘brainwashed’ episodes. Only this time, he doesn’t remember who you are. Steve fights for you to tell him who you are but you’re convinced it’s not what’s right. How could you tell Bucky who you are and force him to relive a nightmare he’d forgotten?


You Made Me (NSFW)(incest)

At a young age, Tony had learned the hard way that no one loved their baby sister’s the way he did. But when that forbidden knowledge entered his brain, it didn’t stop the two of you from traveling the world just so you could play at being a couple for a night. And then your parents died and you ran away from the guilt, leaving Tony behind to build an empire in your name. But now you’re back - years later - and Tony wants nothing more than to pick up where the two of you left off.

You 1, Tony 0 (completed)

Imagine winning an argument that you and Tony Stark are having, and the rest of the Avengers all being super impressed. 


The Broken Musketeers (NSFW)

You’re a morally flawed person, and yet Captain America is your best friend. In an attempt to teach you how to be a good person, Steve asks you to look after his friend Bucky while he’s on a mission. Little did you know, Steve hadn’t just wanted you to babysit a PTSD-ridden super soldier. He wanted you and Bucky to save each other.


When Plans Go Awry (NSFW)(completed)

After months of you and Steve beating around the bush, you ask him to help you put on lotion one day. That was just the push Steve needed to go that step further.


Team Free Will

Funerals and Cocoons (completed)

You’ve been asked to give the eulogy at a relative’s funeral. However, your nerves almost get the best of you and Team Free Will are there to support you when it’s finally over.

A Crusade For Innocence (completed)

You crash one of TFW’s hunts in an attempt to team up with them. Impressed by your skills and reputation as a hunter, they agree. Months go by and suddenly they notice changes in you. It doesn’t take them long to figure out it has to do with your traumatised childhood you suffered at the hands of demons.


When The Student Becomes The Teacher (NSFW)(completed)(wincest - not between Sam and Dean)

Based on this request: I was wondering if u could write one with SamxSis!ReaderxDean? Where they’re teaching her how to touch herself and stuff happens.

The Taboo Is In The Blood (NSFW)(wincest - not between Sam and Dean)

Growing up, it had been you and Sam against Dean and John. And then John died, Sam came home and suddenly it was the three of you against the world. What grew from that was a love and desire that none of you were willing to admit to - Sam and Dean had fallen in love with their little sister.

The Morning After (completed)

You and Dean have been dating for a long time, but after Bobby died things started to go downhill. Dean became aggressive. He started drinking more and picking fights where none existed. Then one night - after a hunt goes wrong - Dean ends up in another one of his drunken spirals and says things to you that he can never take back. He wakes up in the morning - expecting to kiss and make up - only to find you gone and Sam berating him before chasing after you.

Nightmares  (NSFW)

You (reader) will be inserted into the Supernatural storyline (starting from s7ep17) as the girlfriend of both Sam and Dean. You were molested as a child and ended up in a mental health hospital as a result. This is where you meet Sam and Dean, and your polyamorous adventures begin. In this story, you must find a way to balance your hunter life, romantic life, and mental illness. 


Wednesday’s In July (NSFW)(incest)

For most of his life, Sam had struggled with his feelings for his little sister. Little does he know, you aren’t as innocent and sweet as he thinks you are.

Collar Me Vanilla (NSFW)(completed)

Imagine being vanilla and Sam introduces you to the world of BDSM.

Numb (completed)

When Sam lost his soul, you lost a part of yourself as well. After spending months on the road with the cold imitation of the man you used to love, you finally break and try to end it all. Except Sam isn’t ready to let you go - no matter if he has a soul or not. 


Home (completed)(NSFW)(incest)

Based on this request: I was wondering if you could do a wincest Deanxreader nsfw; Dean is secretly in love with shy reader and one day she finds his journal full of his dreams and pictures of her? And he walks in and is super embarrassed like the puddin’ he is?

When Love Isn’t Enough (completed)

Dean shows up on your doorstep beaten and bloodied. You let him in - no questions asked - just like you always do. But after having broken up two years prior, these little visits are starting to take a toll. You’re forced to ask yourselves why you keep holding on to each other the way you do.

To The Moon And Back (completed)

Just a short one-shot on how Dean Winchester would propose to you.

The Demons Of My Past (completed)

Ever since coming back from hell, you’d been suffering from flashbacks and nightmares of what happened. Knowing exactly what you’re going through, Dean offers to stay by your side and help you fight through it. 


Angels And Winchesters (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

The Winchester’s have always had a thing for Castiel’s little sister, but when Dean takes it too far one day, they soon find out that so does Castiel.

A Serving Of Awkward Wrapped In A Shy Little Bow (completed)

You’re desperately in love with Cas but you’re so awkward and shy around him that it’s comical. And, of course, in true Winchester style, Dean and Sam tease the hell out of you for it. 

Angel (NSFW )(completed)

You’re trying on clothes in a dressing room when your kinda - boyfriend Castiel drops in for a visit. You try and reprimand him for crossing boundaries again, but that all dies on your tongue when he says Dean gave him the sex talk and he doesn’t want to wait for you to get home to try out what he’s learned.


For My Love, An Apocolypse (completed)

You’re Gabriel’s soulmate. Fated by God himself to be connected to the angel. Of course, being best friends, it’s something the two of you get a kick out of and make the most of. But one day Gabriel starts panicking and jumping you from country to country. Then Lucifer catches up to you and insists he has something to confess. Gabriel fears that there will be blood on your hands if Lucifer doesn’t get what he wants. But what could the Devil possibly want from you? 


A Silk And Lace Kind Of Christmas (NSFW)(completed)

Based on this request: Can you do the reader calling for Balthazar so she can surprise him in her holiday lingerie but once he actually shows up, she gets a little insecure and he comforts her and then loving/rough sex

A Little Bit More (NSFW)(completed)

This was based off an old imagine: Imagine having teased Balthazar all night and then he finally breaks and fucks you against the wall.

Blowing Off Steam (NSFW)(completed)

You and Balthazar had never gotten along. The minute the two of you were in the same room together WW3 broke out. Only this time it’s different. This time the tension breaks and suddenly your sexual frustration isn’t so frustrating anymore.

Invasion Of Privacy (NSFW)(completed)

Whilst in the shower, you accidentally pray to Balthazar. Of course, he shows up and insists on joining you. You manage to stand your ground but not before he leaves you with jelly-like legs, a rapidly beating heart and a promise that there’ll be more.


Sweet Promises (NSFW)(completed)

Much to your dismay, Gabriel pays you a visit. As usual, you go on the defensive and threaten his life, only this time he manages to finally see the self-deprecating core of your anger. He then takes it upon himself to show you just how much you’re worth.


God The Imperfect (completed)

Chuck agonises over your contradictions and his feelings until Charlie tells him to buck up and ask you out.


God Gets What God Wants (completed)

Based on this request: The reader really likes Kevin but she is more on the road then the boys so she and Kevin talk barely, write more. And they send each other hearts and kiss emojis and stuff like that. And one day when he is kind of down/exhausted from working on the tablet, she tells him that he is lovely and loveable and she would date him and he says that back but they both think it’s just platonic what they have and so no one makes a move. Then he dies. Then chuck brings him back instead of sending him to heaven. Then it continues, just that she is in the bunker more often Till Chuck is tired of them and says that it took him so long to make them perfect for each other and he doesn’t want his work to be for nothing?

Doctor Who

11th Doctor

Never Change (completed)

Imagine being the Doctor’s companion as a child, and after leaving him and growing up to get a job in the FBI, you run into him again. But this time, he’s in handcuffs.



We’re All We’ve Got (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

As children, the world had ostracised you and Sherlock - your family being the main culprit of this - but it wasn’t until the two of you grew up that you figured out why. It was because everyone had seen, long before either of you did, that you were more than just siblings to each other.


Cat And Mouse Game (completed)

You and Sherlock are best friends, have been for a while, and he’s begun developing feelings for you. Unfortunately, you’re in a semi-secret relationship with Moriarty.


Invaluable Assets (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

Just smut without plot.

Happy Anniversary (completed)

Imagine Sherlock learning you and Moriarty were childhood sweethearts when you walk in on them having tea.

anonymous asked:

Leonard snart x reader? Maybe some angst that ends in a happy ending of fluff and smut?

Sorry I took so long to get this done for you sweet anonymous human. There’s angst and fluff. Not really a smutty story, maybe a little titillation. Hope you like it if not I can try again.

Warning wise I’d say hints of an abusive ex. Hints of possible murder


Broken Door

      Huddled in an alley behind a dumpster, you had hoped your ex-husband hadn’t seen you. How was he able to find you? You scream when hands grabbed you.

     Familiar hands, friendly hands. “Wake up, kitten.” You stopped screaming. “You are having a nightmare.” The soothing sound of your friend’s voice. “Calm down or you’ll hurt yourself and me.”

     “Len?” He was so close to your face. Leonard looked concerned. “How’d you  get in?”

     “You were screaming. So I let myself in.” He was still in his parka, he and Mick must have been up to mischief. “I sent Mick to buy you a new door.”

     “You broke my door?”

     “As I said you were screaming, I let myself in.” What he didn’t say was that he was worried. But it was there in his tone. He took off his coat and and hung it on the doorknob of your closet door. Leonard sat down on the bed and sat quietly a bit before speaking, “He won’t ever hurt you again.”  

     You never asked what they did to him to make him leave. In the back of your mind you knew he was dead and that your friends had something to do with it. “I know.” You wrapped your arms around Leonard needing that human contact, he tensed up.

     Leonard was never really a hugger, he was hesitant about returning the hug. But he didn’t want you to pull away, so he pulled you into his lap and hugged you close breathing in your scent, committing it to memory. You were suppose to be his, he let you slip away and you came back, but he kept hesitating. “You never should have been with him, (y/n).”

     “I know that, now.” You whispered softly. You were where you wanted to be for so long, but even now his holding back was frustrating. “I’m not broken, Len. You won’t cut yourself on my sharp edges.”

       Leonard let out the breath he seemed to be holding. “Never said you were broken, kitten.” You pulled back slightly, letting him see your face. His eyes saying everything his voice wouldn’t say. “I won’t let anyone take you away from me again.” The words left his lips and you kissed him. He ran a hand through your hair, then took control of the kiss. Feeling lightheaded you broke the kiss.

       “Promise?” A whispered question as you shifted in his lap causing Leonard to moan involuntarily.

       “Yes.” he knew better than to do such things, make promises, but he couldn’t refuse. You bit your lip and Leonard leaned back in to steal another kiss. His soft chuckle as he realized you were trying to undo his pants, “What are you doing, kitten?”

       “Helping you get comfortable.” You tugged at his shirt to free it from his pants.

       “Should I help you?” That amused look on his face when you nodded. In one swift move he pushed you off his lap back onto the bed. You had let out a little yelp when he did that, “What other cute little noises do you make, (y/n)?” Leonard yanked off his shirt.

        “Pants, too.” he chuckled at that.

        “Seems a bit unfair, me stripping down while you keep on your clothes, kitten.” He let his pants fall to the floor.

        “Then come take them off me, Len.” You let out a squeal when he jumped on the bed. You tried to roll out of reach but he was too fast for you. Giggling as he straddled you to keep you from escaping.

        Leonard reached down and slowly started unbuttoning your top, “No Bra?” He arched an eyebrow at you. He shifted so you could sit up, slipping off your shirt, before pinning you down. “Do you really want this, (y/n)?” That hesitation again.

       “Do you, Len?” You bit your lip again, afraid he’d pull away. He seemed to make up his mind because he brought his lips close to your ear, the warmth from his breath caused a reaction in your body.

         “I’ve always wanted this, kitten.” gentle kisses along your neck, gasping when he bit your neck, it wasn’t a hard bite, just enough to elicit the response he desired to hear. “Do I keep going?”

         “Please.” Just one word and he used a hand to lightly caress along your ribcage slowly inching it upwards until he cupped one of your breasts in his hand. Leonard ran his thumb over a nipple watching as it stiffened with each pass of his thumb. He did the same to your other breast, smiling at the little soft whimpers you made.

         He captured your lips again, he pinched a nipple and you let out a yelp that was quickly swallowed with his kiss. His tongue sliding against yours as he let his hand trail slowly down your chest, coming to rest on your stomach. You wanted his hand to go lower, “Should we keep going, kitten?” Leonard asked as he broke the kiss, you nodded. “Words.”

        “Yes.” The word barely audible. That hand slowly sliding below the waistband of your panties. And then there were footsteps, Leonard rolled off you pulling the blanket over you as he glanced around looking for a weapon.

       Mick stopped in the doorway, “Got the door.” He glanced at the scene before him, “I’ll go wait out here then.”

       “Yes, you should probably do that.” Leonard said flatly. “Close the bedroom door as well.” Mick shut the door, you could both here him chuckling as his footsteps faded. “Damn.” Leonard let out a sigh. “Raincheck?” You sat up letting the blanket slide off you, giving an innocent smile, Leonard didn’t even bother to look away. “That’s not very nice, kitten.” He grabbed you, pulling you close so he could kiss you, running his hands through your hair, deepening the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck, your breasts pressed against his chest.

      “You need to go fix my door, Len.” He pulled away reluctantly, “you can sleep here tonight.”

      “There won’t be much sleeping tonight, (y/n).”

       I hope that’s a promise.” All you got was a smirk as he left the room.

Sweet Home Sioux Falls Pt 4: Drunks Say the Darndest Things

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader x OC

Words: 7200ish (so much drama in one part)

Warnings: Manipulative Relationship, Swearing, Drinking, Fighting (More under the cut by the tags- don’t want to spoil!)

Summary: (Very loosely based off of Sweet Home Alabama) Years after you left your old life to start a new and “better” one in New York City, your now-fiance decides that it’s time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanches into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.

A/N: Remember, guys, the timeline is all out of wack. Basically everyone’s alive and Dean never went to Purgatory. Also, the reader’s current relationship is based off of a manipulative relationship I was in. The attitude and thoughts the reader has after she fights with Patrick? Yeah, that’s not healthy. So if you can relate to her relationship, please please please step back and analyze yours. It may not be as happy and healthy as you think. Always here to talk, listen, and share my experience if anyone needs to hear it <3 Feedback is, as always, much appreciated!



You slammed the door to Patrick’s Prius shut and stared at the bar in front of you. The familiar rotting wood and crooked “Roadhouse” sign stared down at you almost menacingly. Nothing like standing face-to-face with a past you vowed to leave behind.

This was where you had your first beer, hung up your first hunting souvenir, and even where you held your wedding reception. How romantic.

You could almost clearly remember Dean kicking down the front door, both of you hammered and your dress slightly ripped from your groom being unable to keep his hands off you. You remember stumbling into Sam and him telling you he’s so glad he got the chance to call you his sister before everything went down. The night was full of cheerful somber, as everyone drank to ignore the fact that Sam was planning to fall headfirst into Hell’s pit in just a couple of days.

Sam had forced you and Dean to get hitched before his fated sacrifice arrived, begging to let him witness it and just have one last day with his family before it all ended for him.

After the day he fell into the pit, you and Dean drank yourself to the floor for months until finally setting up the apple pie life Sam had made you two promise to pursue. The civilian lifestyle only lasted half a year or so, ending right when a soulless Sam came strolling up to your doorstep.

Then you fought for his soul, Castiel betrayed the three of you, Leviathans poured into Earth, Sam went crazy, Castiel returned, the mother of monsters came to earth, you became…

Before you could think back to what changed you and Dean forever, a ring from your cellphone startled you from your thoughts. 

You quickly pulled it from your pocket and smiled at your fiancé’s name lighting up your phone. You turned away from the inevitable confrontation in the bar and  pressed the answer button.

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“Y/N please! You have to know that it meant nothing - she meant nothing to me! Please, just let me explain. Let me make it up to you. I promise I’ll never hurt you again. Please, I love you.” Hvitserk begged. He had been practically grovelling at your feet for the last hour after you had returned home. Your hair was knotted and your cheeks flushed from your encounter with Ivar but you husband hadn’t even noticed, and if he did, he hadn’t mentioned it.

“No Hvitserk. You are my husband and I am your wife. We are married. You promised you would be faithful to me. I-I thought your days of womanising were over. It turns out I was wrong.” You replied bitterly, your tone cold and emotionless. You had promised yourself that no matter what he did, you would not take him back. If he loved you like he said he did then he wouldn’t have strayed from you. He was a creature of habit it seemed.

“They are, I swear. I was drunk and she came up to me! It wasn’t my fault, you have to believe me!” He pleaded and you only scoffed, unable to believe anything he was saying.

“It takes two Hvitserk. You still made that decision, drunk or not, and you still ripped my heart out of my chest.” Your eyes were watering and you were willing yourself not to cry with everything you had. You were determined not to let the scum you called your husband see you cry.

“Please Y/N, don’t do this.” Hvitserk pleaded once more, running over and gripping you shoulders, looking at you as you averted your eyes.

“I want to meet her.” You stated plainly. The man across from you looked taken aback and he raised his eyebrows confused.

“Why? What does she matter?”

“I want to speak to her. Get her side of the story. And if it turns out she did what she did willingly, I want her to know she ruined a marriage.”

“Come on Y/N, she doesn’t matter. This is between you and me.”

“Take me to her now Hvitserk.” You demanded and he reluctantly nodded and handed you your coat. He led you out the door and down to the barn where the slaves would be before they began their work. His eyes scanned the room until they landed on the pretty blonde girl from the night before. She looked surprised and happy when he approached her but her expression changed to one of shock and fear when she saw you advancing on her.

“Hello Princess.” She greeted respectfully, ducking her head as you stood in front of her.

“Did he coerce you?” You bluntly asked. She looked confused for a second before she replied quietly, voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes Princess. He was drunk and his hands began to roam, I could not do anything in fear of punishment. I knew if I resisted I may not have a choice int he matter. I am so sorry Princess.”

You looked over to your soon to be ex-husband and stared at him as he looked down shamefully. “I was drunk Y/N. Please don’t let this change things.” He muttered, though he didn’t seem to believe anything would change your mind now that you knew the truth. He knew what was coming.

“I want a divorce.” You said loud and clear. There were a few gasps that emerged from the barn but you ignored them. “We’ll see Lagertha this evening and settle it.” Without another word you turned and exited the barn, walking away with your head held high and heading towards nowhere. You were lost in thought about your future when you heard a voice from behind you.

“Ah, Y/N? What’s got you so angry. Did Hvitserk not buy you a nice enough present to say sorry?” He asked mockingly, his voice harsh and cruel. He was bitter about the night before, that was evident. You turned around swiftly and shocked him. Your eyes were cold and you looked broken though so put together at the same time.

“I demanded a divorce.” You told him, watching as his handsome features rose in shock. “Just in case you wanted to know.” You finished off sarcastically.

“What? Why Y/N? Don’t you love him? You obviously love him so much that you stopped what was happening last night.”

“I stopped what we were doing because it was wrong, not because of him. I needed time to think and evaluate the situation before I made any rash decisions again.” You told him defensively, beginning to walk away.

“Again? What, was I a rash decision? A momentary lapse in judgement?” he questioned angrily, his feelings hurt. He had always admired you and wished that you looked at him the way you used to look at Hvitserk, but alas, you only had eyes for one.

“You were never a bad choice Ivar. A stupid one maybe, but do I regret it? No.”

Ivar was shocked once again and once he didn’t answer after a moment, you turned and left. Ivar didn’t bother chasing after you. He was too stunned. You didn’t regret what had happened, but what did that mean for you and Ivar?

And another one down, more to go! Gif credit to @suirisblack

Rewriting the Past - five

Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.6k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

Originally posted by katherine8595

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

It hurt. Your heart more than you expected it to with Baekhyun gone. You had already gotten used to the sound of his voice and the thumping of your heart when he was around but you had put an end to it.

Sure, maybe you had forgiven Baekhyun… but now, you had to forgive yourself – and you didn’t think you could anytime soon.

After your third day of calling into work, your pervert of a boss was nice enough to give you some time away from the office and agreed to let you work from home. You were now thankful for his strong disposition to you because there was no way you could hold yourself together at the office. Especially not with your nosey co-workers.

Jae kept her distance like you had asked her to before you shut your phone off and left it in your bedroom night stand the day that Baekhyun had left. You had to be alone – or that’s what you thought.

At least when you were alone, you could cry out loud and beg Baekhyun to come back without having anyone around you to tell you how bad of an idea it was.

You had too much time to think and you kept wanting to punish yourself for pushing him away. Why couldn’t you forgive him and be with him at the same time?

Because you didn’t want to get hurt. You reminded yourself over and over again.

But you were hurting right now, so what difference did it make?

The pain was worse than when you said goodbye all those years ago although, at that time, you thought it was impossible.

You were in a crying fit when you heard a light knock rasp against your door a few times. Before answering it, you knew it wasn’t Baekhyun. You knew he was going to stay away like you had asked.

Adorned in a white bathrobe and knee socks, you wiped your face on the sleeve of the robe while you answered the door. Before you could even see straight, you were enveloped in a hug. The familiar strong arms around you only made more tears drip.

After a deep breath, you knew exactly who it was. His cologne filled your senses and you let out a shaky breath. Jongdae. The man you had hooked up with a few times after Sehun, but also one of your best friends next to Jae… but also one of his best friends.

He dragged you into the house with him and shut the door, pulling you over to the couch. You had forgotten to talk to him since the whole Baekhyun incident ended and you felt bad. You guys were almost as close as you and Jae.

“I’ve been texting you for days, Y/N,” he sighed, “I was so worried about you.”

Jongdae wrapped his arms around you more firmly and held you to his chest as you laid on the couch. “I’m sorry,” you whimpered.

With gentle fingers, he rubbed your face. “Sehun told me.”

You nodded. Of course, he did, you were all high school friends. Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok, Junmyeon, Yixing, Chanyeol, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Jae and you. Although, at first it was just you and Jae against the world, once you started dating Jongin, you all became friends. And even though you left Jongin to be with Baekhyun, you all still stayed friends.

Now, you were still friends with all of the boys apart from Jongin, and Kyungsoo – who you had dated to spite Baekhyun when he was sleeping around with all those girls in high school. You were still a tight knit group apart from the drama of the breakup and there was a rule not to talk about Baekhyun when you hung out with the boys – so they didn’t.

“How are you feeling?” Jongdae asked quietly, as you watched him eyeball the empty alcohol bottles that scattered your coffee table. You had been drinking a lot more every day, just to get by.

You closed your eyes for a moment. “Like garbage.” You let a frustrated breath out through your nose. “Like I just lost my only chance at happiness.”

He seemed shocked at your confession. “You forgave him?”

“I did.”

Jongdae was silent for a moment before speaking. “It’s been a rough six years. Seeing the two of you suffer. I’m glad you found forgiveness, Y/N. It’s not easy to do.” He kissed the top of your head gently. “Even though I’ve maintained my friendship with him, I’ve found it hard to forgive him because I saw how precious you were. Looking at Baekhyun all the years I’ve known him, he’s a good guy… and he was even better to you despite the few immature moments of his… I don’t understand how he could have cheated, ya know?” Jongdae almost seemed to be venting to you now, struggling with the situation in a way you hadn’t expected. You weren’t bothered by his talking, though, you both knew that hearing his voice soothed you as it had many years ago when you would cry to him about Baekhyun. It was endearing that he remembered.

“I never thought he was the type.”

He sighed. “I thought I could fix your pain when we had started hooking up. I wanted to be with you and I loved you… but I realized that I couldn’t fix it and the only one that could was the last person you wanted to see. He ruined you and it broke my heart. I never thought you could forgive him, but now that you have, maybe we all should? I wish we could all go back to being friends again.”

A tear fell from your eye as you snuggled further into Jongdae. “Me too.”

“I know we aren’t supposed to talk about how he is doing…”

“I want him back.” You said before he could go on.

“You do?” Jongdae questioned, forgetting where he was going with his sentence.

You looked up into his chocolate eyes. “More than anything… but I know it’s stupid. I shouldn’t have made him leave but at the same time, my head tells me that it was the right thing to do. I’m so conflicted.”

“Are you going to take him back?”

You shook your head. “I can’t. He will only hurt me again.”

“What’s your heart say?”

“That it’s been waiting for him all this time.” You couldn’t believe how much your mind had changed when you said ‘goodbye’ to Jongdae. At first, you were determined to keep him out when you saw him for the first time, but when he finally left and you had spent three days crying over him, you realized you didn’t want that all. It was twisted that you wanted back someone who had turned your whole world upside down. You settled for your ex-husband and you thought he could help you take away the pain of Baekhyun, but it wasn’t enough. It never was. Your heart has always belonged to Baekhyun.

Jongdae held onto you tighter. “I wish I could help you. Just like before, I want to take your pain away… but my hands are tied. This is between the two of you no matter how much I wish I could help.”

The embrace that Jongdae had you in helped as it was. The pain subsided in your heart and the tears didn’t come out so much. “This is enough, Jongdae.” You whispered. “Nothing is between us anymore, though… I forgave him… and now I’m in more pain because I let him go. You know, all of these years I guess part of the reason I couldn’t forgive him is because I didn’t want to let go. Now that I did, I feel so shitty.”

“I haven’t decided what side I’m on,” Jongdae mumbled.

“What?” You stared into his perfect eyes.

“I don’t know if I’m for you getting back together or against it. You’re in so much pain… but I’m afraid of the pain that could come. If you got together and he broke your heart… you would break completely – with no hope. At least like this there is still hope for you.”

He kissed your head again. “I don’t think there has ever been hope for me since I broke up with him. I don’t know what to do.”

“Like I said before, I know we promised not to talk about how Baek is doing, but do you want to know? I don’t want to sway you in any way, but maybe hearing it will help you make up your mind.”

You bit your lip. Were you sure you wanted to know? Were you sure you were even considering giving Baekhyun another chance? Three days changed so much and instead of wanting him away from you, you wanted nothing more to be near him. It was that kiss, you thought. That damn fucking kiss that shouldn’t have happened. The kiss opened up so many things from the past. Jongdae waited for your response, so after giving it one more thought, you nodded.

Baekhyun was a mess. Chanyeol and Yixing were convinced that this was it, this was the boy’s final breaking point. Baekhyun had come to Chanyeol’s house, crying his eyes out and in complete disarray. Chanyeol immediately called Yixing, knowing he lived nearby and could help him pick the boy up.

“He’s been sleeping for,” Yixing looked down at his phone, “fifteen hours.”

Chanyeol furrowed his brows. “We need to wake him up, I mean we haven’t even gotten the full story. He just came here crying, saying that she forgave him but said ‘goodbye’. That’s pretty fucking cryptic.”

Yixing rolled his eyes. “There’s a reason you’re still single, Yeol. You don’t understand women.”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Chanyeol grunted. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we all knew about Baekhyun’s plans to see Y/N. While we all discouraged it, you know he still did it obviously – or he wouldn’t have come here a wreck. Y/N finally forgave Baekhyun, but only so they could both move on and she wanted Baekhyun out of her life. Baekhyun wanted her forgiveness so I’m sure he asked for it and begged for them to make something work, but Y/N could only give him forgiveness.”

“Wow,” Chanyeol said, his eyes wide. “Should we call Y/N to see if she’s okay? Find out more about what happened?”

Yixing sighed. “I doubt she’s okay if he looks like that. We need to check on her, but let her give up the information, don’t press for it. We can’t mention anything about Baekhyun-“

Chanyeol put up a hand and scrolled through his phone. “Jongdae is there with Y/N now. He said,” Chanyeol sighed deeply and had a sad expression, “she’s been drinking a lot and crying a lot.”

“It’s been six years and the two of them are facing so much pain. It hurts us all.” Yixing said.

“I know. We’ve got to do something.” Chanyeol suggests.

Yixing laughed bitterly. “Like what? Baek cheated on her.”

“It still doesn’t seem true.”

Yixing nodded in agreement. “I know,” but he pushed the thought away, “we need to go check on him now, though.”

Baekhyun laid in Chanyeol’s spare bedroom, just having woken up from a deep sleep that left him with a headache and raw eyes. Well, the raw eyes were mostly from crying, but sleeping for several hours straight didn’t help.

Even though he dreamt about you, Baekhyun didn’t start crying right when he woke up – but mostly because he didn’t think he had any tears left. His heart felt more shattered than it had when you first left him.

You forgiving him was bittersweet because he knew that forgiving him like that meant that you were certain you never wanted to see him again. That’s not what Baekhyun wanted. He wanted to wake up next to you instead of by himself in Chanyeol’s house. He wanted to kiss all the pain his stupid younger self caused. Baekhyun thought he had repented his sins enough these past years.

But he guessed not because you were still hurt and he couldn’t believe it. He thought by now, you would just straight hate him – and he almost wished you had because you hating him would hurt less than you still being in pain because of him.

He was an idiot, a damn idiot. How could he cheat on you all those years ago? Sure, he was mad when it happened, but he loved you too much to make a mistake like that, drunk or sober. It still haunted him to this day. He was still haunted by all the break ups and fights, especially him sleeping around with other girls on one of your breaks.

Baekhyun’s hands were in fists as he thought about it now. He had been an idiot, a young boy who didn’t understand the gem in front of him until it was gone. You were all he thought about for six years; You were all he wanted. He tried to date, the other boys setting him up on dates but nothing worked. He wasn’t interested from the beginning. Sure, he had a few hookups but they were sparse over the years as every time it did nothing for him. The only person he ever wanted to sleep with again, was you.

That wasn’t ever going to happen again.

You kissed him before making him leave, a kiss that electrified his entire body. Your lips were the same, just as he had remembered and that made the feeling even worse. He thought your lips were made for him, the way they meshed so well with his own.

You were perfect for him, and he knew it. Baekhyun wondered if you knew how much he needed you. Baekhyun knew you still loved him, he could see it in your eyes. He didn’t understand why love wasn’t enough? If you could love him through all the mistakes, why couldn’t you accept him? He knew he would never fuck up again, he assured himself that. If he got back with you, he would never do anything to hurt you or make you leave. He needed you forever.

If not you, then he would be alone forever.

The door to the room opened and Baekhyun groaned and tried to hide under the blankets.

“Hey Baek, are you okay?” Chanyeol called out.

Baekhyun shook his head. No, he wasn’t okay and he wouldn’t be.

“I brought food, Baek. Your favorite.” Yixing said, walking into the room with a tray of delicious smelling food. Baekhyun couldn’t eat it though, just the thought made his stomach turn. He was hurting too bad.

“I don’t want to eat.” He said, reminding himself of a child but at the moment he didn’t care.

Yixing set the tray on the side table and smiled. “You will eat whether you like it or not, okay?”

Baekhyun shook his head.

“Would Y/N really want you starving yourself?” Yixing shot his head back towards Chanyeol and gave him a dirty look.

“Why would you mention her?” Yixing hissed.

Baekhyun groaned. “It’s not like she cares anyway.”

“You said that she loved you still, right? If she loves you, she wouldn’t want you starving.”

With a sigh, he looked over at the food. “You would want her to be taking care of herself, right?” Yixing added.

Baekhyun nodded and proceeded to try to eat some of the food they had given him.

“You need to be strong for her, okay?” Yixing said quietly to Baekhyun as he ate. The way Yixing had said his words, confused Baekhyun. His tone sounded like there was a different meaning to the statement, but Baekhyun wasn’t quite sure what it was. Regardless, Yixing was right, Baekhyun had to be strong for you and he would do just that because he hoped you would do that same for him.



felix culpa, prologue.

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summary: you should always be suspicious when a professional assassin freely gives herself in.
pairing: namjoon x reader
word count: 1k
content: mafia!au

prologue, one

Your smile couldn’t be contained as your eyes wandered your surroundings. Your peaceful steps to wherever the escort’s captain was leading you were accompanied by - at least - a dozen police officers, armed and ready to act if you tried something funny. If only they knew you have already thought of thirty one ways to run away without much damage - another fifty if you were willing to really cause some damage.

For their luck, you were willing to stay.

Because you weren’t there for yourself nor whoever thought that could boss you - at the moment, you finally were your own boss. You were there for him and for him only.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt where Lyanna and Elia raise their three children together because Rhaegar has disappeared and he shows up again during a Stark/Martell family reunion to find both his ex-lovers are together?

(hi anon for the part where I’m filling old prompts that y’all thought I forgot: have fun)

It’s probably very cliché that it starts when they literally crash into each other at the supermarket.

Or better: Elia’s cart crashes against Lyanna’s while she’s distracted because her eldest daughter is running off towards the sweets counter, and Lyanna is just glad she had her own kid on her back and not in the front.

“Sorry,” Elia tells her, “you know how it is with -” she says, and then she never finishes the sentence.

Lyanna imagines why - finding yourself in front of the woman your ex-husband had a fling with, who caused your split and who also has a kid from that same ex who has also conveniently vanished into thin air before he was born is probably not what Elia had in mind for today.

“Er,” Lyanna says, “no problem. I know.”

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Found: Part Three

Pairings: Spencer Reid X Reader

Overview: Spencer’s college crush and friend gets kidnapped while going to pick up her daughter. Now Spencer is determined to find her before she is killed.

Warnings: None


It had been a week, or so you thought, since you had woken up in that tiny room. You weren’t terrified anymore, you were furious. All you had wanted to do was get your daughter away from him and give her a happy childhood. Now, when things were just starting to get better, your ex-husband took you away from her. All you wanted was your baby girl back.

Liam walked in again and when he brought out the rope to tie your hands with again, you lunged. You knocked the rope out of his hands and threw it across the room. When he tried to hit you, you ducked and pushed him as hard as you could. He fell back a few steps and you saw your chance. You grabbed ahold of his hair and rammed his head into the wall next to him three times before he finally collapsed to the ground.

You ran out the door and found yourself in the basement of a house. You realized you were still naked, so you quickly found something to cover yourself with. It was a red bikini that you had worn the summer before you divorced Liam. Your torn back was still uncovered, but at least the most important parts had something over them. You bolted up the stairs and out the front door. You were in the middle of a small wooded area. You followed the long dirt driveway/path for a few miles before finally emerging on the outskirts of a small town. You wandered around for a few hours before coming across a small bookstore. The pain had been steadily getting worse the longer you moved around, so when you opened the door, you certainly scared the young woman that was behind the counter when you mumbled something about a hospital and promptly collapsed on the floor.


Spencer was so close to figuring out where you were, but was quickly running out of time. It had almost been two weeks. The team had received a direct taunt from the unsub a few days earlier. The man had called from a payphone and told them that before he killed you, he would make sure they heard your screams. He had ended the call by saying, “She usually screams for you, Dr. Reid.”

Spencer had lost it then. He hadn’t slept since that call, always working to find something else that could possibly tell him where you were. He had downed four cups of coffee today alone, and it wasn’t even noon. His hand was shaking as he raised his fifth cup to his lips, slowly sipping the hot liquid.

Hotch walked through the door, hanging up his phone. He looked at Spencer quietly told him, “They found her.”

Spencer couldn’t breathe. He wouldn’t have killed you already. He had made it clear that he wanted to torture them more before killing you. So that could only mean that they had found you alive somehow. He shot up from his seat in front of the board and set his cup down on the table. “Where is she?”

“She’s at the hospital two towns over. Spencer,” he said as Spencer started for the door, “she’s not in the condition for a visit yet.”

“I don’t care. I need to be there for her. Where’s Lena?”


You opened your eyes when you heard yelling outside your hospital room. There was a nurse next to your bed, checking your vitals. Just to be sure, you looked over at her and asked, “Who’s yelling?”

“A man named Dr. Reid wants to come in, but we’ve said no, due to your current physical condition and what happened before you got here. It’s not uncommon for women who have been through that to have a bad reaction to men in general for a while after.”

“Please, let him in. I need to talk to him. Plus he probably brought my daughter with him. I need to see her too.” The nurse looked unsure. You looked at her name tag. “Please, Miss Helena.” She finally caved and let them in.

Spencer quickly came to your side, carrying Lena and setting her down next to you on the bed. “Thank you for bringing her, Spencer.” You reached over your daughter and took his hand in yours. “Thank you, so, so much Spence.” You couldn’t stop the tears that escaped as you looked down at your daughter. Spencer let go of your hand, his other holding Lena’s little one as she slept, and brought his up to wipe away your tears. His hand slowly cupped your jaw and turned your head so you were looking at him. He opened his mouth, but nothing seemed to come out. “I… You… You’re a great mother, (Y/N). I know that you doubt yourself and make every decision with her best interest in mind. I- I should have told you this a very long time ago, but I guess late is better than never.” You smiled as you felt his finger lightly tapping your jaw. He was nervous. “I love you, (Y/N). I was so stupid to not tell you this before. Maybe if I had then this all could have been avoided and you wouldn’t be-”

“There’s no guarantee that this would have been avoided. You had no idea that Liam was like that. Hell, I didn’t until after we were married. And, if you had, then I wouldn’t have Lena. Ever since she was born, I’ve just wanted her to be happy and constantly wished that she had a father that loved her as much as I do…”

“I know that you most likely won’t be ready for a relationship anytime soon after what you went through, but I know that when you are, I’ll be waiting for you. I’m not willing to let you go again without trying, (Y/N). I know that Lena comes first and I fully respect that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, if you want, maybe I could take both of you to the BAU and show you around sometime?”

“I’d love that, Spencer.” You leaned over and hugged him as you both held onto your daughter.

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