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Bad fans?

I’ve seen people complaining about being called a “bad fan” since last night (and pretty much after every time Gillian was photographed with Peter). No, I don’t have the “right” to tell anyone how to feel but I do have the right to call people out on being ridiculous. 

And you are ridiculous:

- if you’ve been praising her for months/years/decades then throw a hissy fit because of who she appears to be dating.

- if you call her “unfeminist” because she shows support for a man but have gifs of the Cutting Room saved on your phone/computer. It also kinda makes you a hypocrite

- if you reduce her based on her romantic choice just because its not the one of your choice

No, no one has to like every single thing a celebrity does but you’re an asshat if you cross the line into being a disrespectful whiny fuckwit about it. Peter has done nothing to warrant the vitriol that gets spewed. She’s not dating Chris Brown. 


“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986


Nobody asked for this, but here it is anyways; a compilation of all the super gay moments in the OVA.

relatable KPOP experience

When you sang the chorus part perfectly in korean

When you’re saved by your friend bec you passed out seeing your bias for the first time

When you first try aegyo

Trying to sing out load the highest notes with your friend

When there are no subs and your idols start laughing so all you can do is sit there like…

Bias shooting hearts to you and you be like

When you practice your latest K-Pop routine in the shower

When someones starts a fanwar 

Eating Korean food for the first time and overwhelmed by both the delicious taste and terrible burn

When you got a thousand notes for your original gif post

When someone tells you they know K-Pop and it’s only Psy

When you buy that last on-sale VVVIP concert ticket

When your bias revealed to be dating

When your bias kisses the screen, you be like

When you watch mukbang and want to eat every single thing

When you finally meet your bias

When oppa’s hip thrusting so hard as if his life depends on it

When you heard about sasaengs for the first time

When your oppa does a hilarious thing

When you realize that you already sold your soul to kpop world

When your fandom name was included in their thank you speech

When the whole group shows abs, you and the squad be like

When your friend acting cute in front of your bias

When you heard a stranger talking shit abt your bias group

Bias holy abs appreciation with the squad be like

When the squad heard your favorite kpop song in public

Nearing 9,000 words on this holiday fic, you guys. I can’t stop. Trying to finish and get it posted before I go on vacation. It’s almost there. Send me looooove.

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I want to write a one-shot about Brock teaching Misty how to cook. She claims she’s finally ready to make her move on Ash and decides to go the whole, “The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach,” route. So he thinks it’s such an admirable reason (and it’s about effing time) that he wants to help… and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things happen. Of course they do. But I really want to write them out. Lmao.

Made In China.

When I worked in online retail, one of the most common questions from callers was, “Are these made in China?” usually delivered in a drawl of some sort by someone living in Red America.  China is taking our jobs and making subpar products and they’re an evil menace to our economy, blah blah blah.

Like…okay then.  Let’s just take away *everything* y'all use that comes from China.  Every single thing in your house with a Made In China sticker, throw it out, and then see how much you enjoy your life.

And don’t forget, Susan, the Chinese invented paper and gunpowder.  Without your Bible and your guns, does your life even have meaning anymore?

Friendship doesn’t mean you have to agree with every single thing your friend does or says. And just because you don’t agree doesn’t make you a shitty friend.

When you entering a true friendship with someone, you take on the responsibility to be honest with them, that includes telling them when you don’t agree with how they word things or how they handle things. It doesn’t make you a bad person at all.

But most importantly, when you have a friendship with someone, you are there for them to support and love them through any hardship they face-no matter what.

It breaks my heart that Jack felt so pressured by everyone to address a topic that he didn’t want to speak about and he’s having regrets about the video all together. Everyone just needs to take a second and let the man breathe. So please, let Jack be supportive of his friend who needs it right now & don’t attack Jack because of his Vlog, his post or anything else in regards to this. Honestly, it makes me pretty damn comforted to know Jack is that supportive of a friend to not turn on Felix because of everything going on. And it’s a great reminder to me exactly why I support Jack and all he does. If you come across this Jack, I’m really proud of you no matter what.


-he’s unusually clingy when he’s feeling sleepy

-like, he would follow you around the house almost unconsciously, trying to see what you’re doing and insisting to help you if you’re washing the dishes for example

-which you always instantly refuse because he looks like he’s going to even while asking you if you need help

-so you just tell him to go to bed since you’re pretty sure that by now if given the opportunity he would be able to fall asleep even on the hard kitchen floor

-for a second he looks like he could even do what you said but right before he leaves the room he turns around and comes back to where you’re standing almost making you drop a plate when he speaks up

-’’But when are you coming to the bed?’’

-he finally goes to your bedroom, which is full of his things since he spend every single free night in your apartment, but only after you promise him that you’ll join him in a few minutes when you finishes the dishes

-you already know that there’s not way he’ll fall asleep before you’re there beside him…and it’s just like you predicted 

-he’s lying on your bed half asleep but he still manages to smile at you when you kiss his forehead gently, still blushing slightly but too tired to even try to hide it

-when he’s not that tired he would wait for you to fall asleep before cuddling up to you but on the nights like this he would pull you closer almost immediately

-which is why you’re always joking that he loves you the most when he’s sleep deprived which leads to his pouting and whole day full of skinship HE initiated

-you can sometimes hear him murmuring something in your ear right before he fall asleep…you can only hear small parts of and it’s either lyrics he’s been thinking about the whole day or quiet ‘’I love you’s’’ when he thinks you can’t hear him

-finding him asleep in the chair after writing is not rare and it’s usually pretty hard to get him to stand up so you sometimes just make yourself comfortable in his lap and take a nap with him because when you tried to wake him up he managed to grab your hand before falling asleep again and refused to let go

-and since you didn’t want to wake him up…that’s what you’re telling yourself at’s definitely not that he looked to cute to leave him alone

-he sometimes starts feeling sleepy during the day, especially after he spends a whole day at the company practicing

-you would notice it immediately since he’s trying really hard to keep up with what you’re talking about but it’s not going really well

-so you pull him closer and put his head on your lap ignoring his protests completely  i mean it’s completely obvious that they’re not exactly serious and then just sit there trying to keep a straight face while looking at him struggling to find a positions that’s not awkward

-and somehow those are the moments you two love the most  even though he would need a little more convincing to admit that 


Whose son is this? He is so good-looking.

d e s i r e s

genre: possessive!jimin, angst, horror

summary: he desires only one thing in the world, you and only you and in order to make you his, everything has to go his way.

word count: 906

warning: graphic content, mentions of death

a/n: a repost and touchup of this drabble from my old blog vsnow.

You were everything to him.

From your smile to your personality and to your beauty, every single thing about you was perfect to him. It was like you had a spell on him. He became enraptured by you in a matter of seconds. You were the dream girl he never thought he’d ever see in his whole lifetime. He didn’t think a girl in his fantasies would ever appear in front of him just like that. But fortunately for him it happened anyway.

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