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hello everyone!! it’s sarah here!! and it wasn’t that long ago that i made a follow forever, but i needed to do this because i don’t know how much more active im gonna be in the next few weeks in the future. im going to be going to the airforce, and im going to be extremely busy and not have access to internet for while. i don’t know when im leaving yet, i’ll try to keep people posted. most likely, i’ll try and have most of my blog on queue to keep it running. on a happier note, i hit 500 followers?? like thats,,,thats half of a 1000?? thank all of you so much! so i wanna celebrate it with all my mutuals that made my tumblr experience so much more meaningful. (also note that i wont forget yall when im on a hiatus). 

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happy birthday to my fellow shipper, high-level dressage geek, founder of the yoi eq au, medieval horse lover and the best art fam i could wish for!

@havenesc, here’s your beautiful OC Bamardyn! <:


We came all this way
                   but now comes the day
                                           to bid you f a r e w e l l
                                                                    until we meet again

anonymous asked:

hey i need to tell you something that its not about dnp: thanks for this blog i love you and reading your long posts about everthing so much. my english is so bad i can understand but i can't write? is that even make sense idk this is gonna be a mess ahah so reading your answers, opinions, thoughts, rants etc. helps me improve my english in a very fun way sksj sorry i'm a slow learner we r getting there at some point (btw i'm from🇹🇷istanbul)

omg your english is fantastic! and this message was so, so sweet. thank you so much and i’m sooo happy that this blog could help you with your language study in a more entertaining way!!! you just made my day, honestly. i hope youre well and i’m sending you so much love!!!!!! x

  • i dont know if im going to survive ww 2017 without bursting into flame
  • diana, diana, diana, my sweet summer child AND mother
  • etta candy, my love, u r such a good
  • diana doing that kick in the floofy dress
  • STEVE!!!!!!!!!! TREVOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLYS HIT.
  • abt the lady with the cracked half-mask : who is she
  • “mr trevor who is this woman” “she’s my secretary. a really good secretary”
  • PR E LU DE TO TR E N C H SCEN E !!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!!1
  • the theme gets me every time
  • pre-shot, that amazon lady shot an arrow with a rope attached to it into a cliff face, swung down onto the beach using that arrow, ready 2 fuck shit up. when will your fave ever
the signs and which seventeen member pranks them on april's fools and how
  • aries: minghao ; waking you up while he's wearing a clown mask
  • taurus: joshua ; putting mentos in your ice cubes
  • gemini: seungcheol ; switching your sugar and salt
  • cancer: seungkwan ; filling your toothpaste container with mayo
  • leo: wonwoo ; putting googly-eyes on everthing in your fridge
  • virgo: mingyu ; cutting out outlines of bugs and putting them inside your lamp
  • libra: jun ; plastic wrapping your toilet
  • scorpio: vernon ; putting post it notes on literally EVERYTHING YOU HAVE
  • sagittarius: dk ; dropping a spider on your food when you guys are eating lunch
  • capricorn: jeonghan ; filling your car air vents with small paper hearts
  • aquarius: hoshi ; getting one of his female friends to pretend she's pregnant with his baby
  • pisces: dino ; giving you a donut box full of vegetables

To the one truly beautiful man that I have loved a lifetime. I can never begin to ask for forgiveness and I understand if it is not possible. I am not sure if I can forgive myself. I am trying very hard. I am so blind at times. Then other times I think why would one care for me. I miss your beautiful face and smile and those sparkling, makes me warm and other things eyes. I have no way to let get in touch with you. I would meet you wherever you say. Call me. I would talk. Let me know it is you. I do need new lenses so please never think I am disappointed. I am only hoping you still feel the same. I don’t want to hurt you any longer. Or myself. I am better at speaking versus writing. I miss you tremendously. I never want to dis-respect or dissappoint you. I am a mess but I know I have had a while to try to make some sense out of all that has transpired. I am unsure how to get my arms around you. Please tell me. I love you so much Mark. Please just stop me when you see me. I would stop too. You can call me. I would love to hear your voice. I messed up there too but I would rather tell you in person. Please forgive me for not paying attention. I thought you wanted to be elsewhere and I want you to be whole and happy. I have never wanted bad for you. I did not understand at times, but somehow just new you were important to my life. I finally remembered. What joy you brought me and a wonderful feeling of love and peace. I have missed you and your everthing(s). I do not have the written words to tell you what I am trying to say. If you can give me another chance to explain, where I could just look at your beautiful eyes I would answer anything you need. Please know I am doing the only thing I know how at this time.

Okay this is going to be long so please bear with me. I swear I said I wouldn’t cry when this day would come. It doesn’t seem real and I really want this to be a horrible nightmare and wake tf up. It just hurts so much to type this up because I’m honestly sooo broken inside and I’m just so angry and so emotional right now that I want to shut myself down. I know it’s stupid to say such a thing but Beast was and still is the group that I run to whenever I’m feeling down or happy af. They are the group that I love with all my heart and just like with MBLAQ, I never would have seen this coming. It still seems surreal to me because it honestly felt like they just debuted yesterday. It still seems like they just finished filming an episode for Idol Maid yesterday. It still seems like they got their first win yesterday. It still seems like they’re preparing to release their first full album yesterday. It still seems like they had their first Beautiful Show yesterday!! I have been with a group who had their ups and downs and the best I could do was to support them and I will continue to support them till the very fucking end. It hurts. It fucking HURTS knowing that I might probably never see them on stage as 6 but I promise to support each and every precious member with the utmost admiration and endearment because I love them with all my fucking heart. 

I know it would be greedy for me to want Hyunseung to stay with Beast as OT6 and move on but that wouldn’t be fucking fair to him. It wouldn’t be fair to such a beautiful and passionate person who always gave his all despite whatever was going on in his personal life. He deserves to walk his own path when he needs to and he deserves the respect and love that we always gave him.

To all my b2utys, you are all more than just a fandom. You are my friends, my family, my love, my strength, my home. And I sincerely want you to know that I love you and the support you give to our boys. Whether you’ve just joined us or have been with us since the start, this is still a journey that we must walk together. I know it hurts but we’ve been through so much already so please don’t give up now. They are known as the rediscovered group, not the recycled group. So even if they move on as 5, let them rediscover themselves again. Let Hyunseung find his own individual color and allow him to let him be.

There is so much more that I want to say but I’ll try to wrap this up by saying that I’ll probably crash down and cry till my heart can’t feel anymore when I listen to their songs. However, pain can only last for so long so I know I’ll be okay. We will all be okay because Beast is still Beast and we are still in this together. Ignore the news about Hyunseung’s leave and just focus on healing. I love all my fellow b2utys and I honestly wish Beast and Jang Hyunseung the best because that’s all they deserve.

♥  Thank you ∀ΔΣ and ∀Σ. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥

Written ship

this one is for @xolozzabearox thank you for requesting, sweetie.

In EXO I ship you with:

Chanyeol. To be honest I didn’t have to think that hard. It seems like Chanyeol and you are almost the same person (it’s kinda scary haha)

Chanyeol is very gentle and loving and he would definetly give you some time to feel comfortable around him. He’s very honest with you and always tells him how he feels. You always cheer him which made him more self confident.

You both like playing the drums and he would probably have you try out some other instruments since he plays so many of them he would try teaching you and it would be super much fun.

You two like to blast loud music and dance around the house (poor neighbours)

He would basically ask you on your opinion for everthing (e.g ,,should I buy this cap?’‘, ,,do you think hyung would like this shirt?’‘.

Chanyeol would love producing music with you and probably ask you to help recording some of his insta videos.

Chanyeol is very devoted to his dog (Toben has his own insta). He would love taking pictures of Toben and you for example when you’re playing with Toben or cuddling with Toben. You two even consider buying a second dog.

Sooo basically you are an extreme fluff couple (I ship you so hard)

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- Admin Alice xx

You wake up with a gasp, your hand going almost instantly to your mouth as you try to cough away the hard lump in your throat that was threatening to make you cry.

That game.. your death and almost everthing before that.. it felt like it was real but it was only a nightmare, wasn’t it? You turn to see Odynir sleeping beside you.

“O-odi, p-please wake up” you’re visibly shaking and you feel awful, terrified, shaken by what you’ve seen. You rub her shoulder softly, needing her to wake up and reassure you it was just a nightmare.



Bts: React to you being taller than them and feeling insecure

Anon Asked: Hello! May I request a BTS reaction, where their gf is taller then them (i mean like head taller and so on) and she feels insecure about it? As someone who’s 187 cm this kinda everyday situation for me when everyone’s always pointing out my height😓

babes dont even worry about your height. i have the same issue but dont even worry about it<3

Namjoon: *Loves everthing about your hieght*

“Oh yeah, you get it babe, swing those long limbs around” (youre suga)

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Jin: *turns it into a game*

 “Eventually i will be taller” 

*internally screams because he cant grow*

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Jungkook: *gets on someones shoulders*

“Haha, im taller now!!!”

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Jhope: (youre jungkook) 

“baby i love your height and everything about you, even though sometimes i want to grow more, i wouldnt change a thing about you”

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Yoongi: “Jungkook already passed me up so might as well just gve up” 

*cries internally* 

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Jimin: *feels insecure as well*

“Dont worry babe, your height isnt a flaw its something that makes you unique just like my tiny hands”

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Taehyung: *while your talking about your height*

“And how is your beautiful body a bad thing?”

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-Admin Chi-Chan