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Self Love "Trigger Warning"

She stepped in front of the mirror, her body tingling with excitement as she felt her mind whisper words of appreciation to her body. A smile graced her lips as she watched her reflection. The now coppery brown eyes staring back in shyness, the blush dusting her olive skin, the tiger stripes making a home for themselves on her hips and stomach. Her heart beat steadily to the music of contentment. She caressed the arms she had once slashed, the dark inner thighs, and the beauty mark on her knee she discovered at the age of 5. The sunlight kissed the skin she once hated and spread warmth to places people could never reach. She brought a hand to her chest and felt the curve of her breast, the heart that beat inside, the fire she almost diminished. She thought maybe this is what true love felt like. To find adoration staring back at you. To feel valued. To feel soft even after seeing the roughness of the past. To see beauty in yourself, despite all the cuts and bruises to your once bleeding soul. Maybe true love is the way she laughed without a care in the world. Maybe true love is kissing your own scars and reassuring yourself that it’ll all be okay in the end. Maybe it’s about cherishing the you in this moment, the you in the last moment, and the you in the next moment. She licked her pink lips.

For the first time she looked at her body and began to speak the words she waited for someone else to say,

“You are all the I love you’s shared between your parents. You are every caress of your father’s hands and every lullaby your mother sang. You are his present, her future, their past. You are everything I’ve loved in a person and yet everything I’ve abused. You are the happiness, loss, and the love that you felt when your heart was broken. Your words are honey dripping into existence. Your mind is the galaxy they couldn’t explore and your heart is the depth of the ocean they couldn’t reach. Your laugh is the music everyone is searching for and the first time I ever felt love was when I looked into your eyes. I’m so sorry for all the times I broke your heart and ignored you. I’m so sorry for all the times I’ve promised you love and gave you hatred. I’m so sorry for all the abuse, the damage, the pain, the loss.”

Tears threatened to spill with colorless emotion as she wrapped her arms around herself.

With a smile, she continued, “I love you. You are all the love I’ve never felt and every apology I didn’t whisper. You’ve felt every tear that ripped through me and every burn to my pride. You were there when he left and when they broke your heart. Thank you.”

forever isn’t long enough for me.. when it comes to you, I want longer than that.. like a forever of eternities, always long and infinity more..

Eue - Something I commented at Skeeter

  • Aries: You are a bonfire on an autumn night, ash circles above you and mingles with the stars. You are blades of grass inching through the snow- the first sign of Spring. You are the half remembered lullaby that stays in the head of an adult long after they fell asleep as a child.
  • Taurus: You are the strings of a violin vibrating in harmony. You are dappled sunlight streaming through a canopy of green leaves. You are smooth round pebbles on a beach, kept and saved by children who see you as treasure.
  • Gemini: You are the darkness behind stars that heralds so much more than what we know. You are chopped wood outside a cottage on a Winter's night. You are a cold mountain stream destined to provide life for thousands.
  • Cancer: You are red coral in a reef, you have seen thousands of years and have sheltered generations of marine lie. You are the pollen on a bee's legs, spreading around gardens so that people miles away from where you once were can see you bloom. You are a plane ticket stub stored in an old woman's diary.
  • Leo: You are a childhood friendship revisited years later where time has not stopped compatibility. You are music blaring from the penthouse apartment of a man showing his first grandchild how to play the piano. You are the cool wind so dearly cherished on a hot summer's day.
  • Virgo: You are a forever expanding desert, the shape of you changes each day with the wind and animals and humans alike travel for days to enter your hidden oasis'. You are birthday candles blown out tentatively, silk-like smoke rises above you and you are a wish come true. You are a friendship bracelet, a wedding ring, a family heirloom, a locket containing pictures of loved ones.
  • Libra: You are a mirror that has seen beautiful, excited faces for hundreds of years. You are a field of daisies and dandelions, you are not a weed: you are the crowns on the heads of barefooted children. You are a painting in an art gallery, people fall in love with you and have fallen in love in front of you.
  • Scorpio: You are the righteous fury of the seas, nothing can curb your eternal majesty. You are beautiful clothes wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. You are a turquoise swimming pool on the hottest day of the year, they flock to the cool relief you give.
  • Sagittarius: You are a first kiss on New Years Eve, you prophesy a new year of happiness. You are the secret spot where lovers meet in the dead of night. You are a good book being read for the first time by candlelight during a black-out.
  • Capricorn: You are a pair of newly broken-in pointe shoes dancing on the stage for the first time. You are the blanket fort that protects children scared of the dark. You are the gleams of sunlight breaking through a cloudy sky.
  • Aquarius: You are sea foam crashing on cliffs hewn rough with erosion. You are comets swirling through a dancing glitter sky. You are the shared dreams between people who have never met.
  • Pisces: You are a train journey to a new, exciting place. You are lined paper covered in half-thought poems and sketches of friends during class. You are the planets orbiting around the sun like pieces of a watch that have spilled out into the galaxy.

For those wondering who made Wonho cry in Beautiful Acoustic Version…it was us. We were the ones that made him cry!!! 😭😭😭

Goodnight my love.. may your dreams be as beautiful as you and you wake with that dreamy grin that satisfies the deepest parts of my soul.. may you wake knowing that my heart is filled with love for you, for eternity..
—  Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

I loved you so, so much. There was even a time when I was sitting in my room for a couple days a row and was doing nothing but reading every story of yours; it really helped me out with my eating disorders and depression. Everything was so inspirational, your eternal beauty and your strength. I even dreamed about going for a trip to Vietnam someday to meet you and talk to you, even for a few minutes.

I was so scared when you posted about your suicide attempt and was so glad that you were still alive. And now you won’t ever post something like this or anything else. Cause it’s over.

You didn’t deserve all this sadness and pain in your life. I hope your lovely, beautiful soul finally rests in peace. Goodnight my love, I hope we will meet someday, somewhere.

I will always live with your person in my heart.

Crimson Leaves - Prologue

Pairing: Jungkook × Reader × Taehyung (ft. Jimin) (though none are directly mentioned in the prologue)

Genre: Angst (Vampire!AU/Royalty!AU) (There will be smut and fluff in the actual chapters)

Triggers: Mentions of violence, threats, mentions of panic attacks

Word Count: 500

A/N : Hey guys! The prologue will primarily serve as a back story for (Y/N). I’ll start working on Chapter 1 as soon as motivation comes to me like how it did when I was writing this. I hope you guys like it!


Ten days.

Ten letters. Ten unfortunate events. Ten blood stains on your bedroom walls.

“Your Highness, a young fellow came here while you were out to ask that this letter be handed to you. He says it is from a prince of one of the neighbouring kingdoms.”

“Thank you, Gabriel.”

You were foolish. You should have never opened that letter. You should have never read what it said… and most of all, you should have never accepted. Why were you so curious?

“Dearest (Y/N), I seem to recall seeing you at our last winter ball. Forgive me for never asking you for a dance as I fancied you very much but the other princes seem to have stolen your precious night. I would love to meet you but it seems I can’t right now because I am awfully busy today. You see, a young man came to visit me the day after the ball. He asked to come inside to ask me some things about you. He promised to keep my responses confidential but… well, unfortunately there were no questions. In fact, there wasn’t even a conversation. The moment he entered the room which I walked with him to in order for us to speak privately, he stabbed me. He stabbed me once. He stabbed me twice. He stabbed me many many times and I died. I died there, (Y/N). He took a feather pen and began writing this letter to you from me. He wanted to tell you that you’re next. He wanted you to know that you truly are beautiful. The fairest of them all. So pure and bright and ethereal. So charming and elegant and fair. Oh yes, (Y/N), you are stunning and we wouldn’t want a beauty like you– who’s skin smells so sweet, blood of the finest quality, born of melted gold and rose petals– we wouldn’t that lying lifeless, now would we? So let’s play a game. You have ten days. These ten days will either make you or break you or maybe both. If I’m honest, I think a little bit of both couldn’t do any harm. Besides, such beauty is bound to be tainted by someone. We can’t have that. We need you pure for eternity. Wouldn’t you like that, Your Highness? Beauty for eternity? Prime and divine immortality? I’m sure you would prefer such a beautiful fate as that one then to lie dead by tomorrow evening on your beautiful dinner table. So if you know what’s good for you, you will sign this letter and accept my game. I can’t wait to see you grow into such a beautiful rose, darling. Until we speak again.”

Ten days of pain. Ten days of tears. Ten days of regret, panic attacks, nightmares, screams, and… ten days of painful memories you soon forgot as you awoke in a place you’ve never been to before. A forest. The forest you would be trapped in for the rest of your life… unless…

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i'm a sucker for angst, so lately i've been thinking about vampire AUs, so how about really sad reaction where EXO members (any you wish :) are humans and their s/o is a vampire, who refuses to turn them into vampires because s/he doesn't want them to suffer endless life? What do they do? (like, one accepts it, one breaks up because he doesn't want to get old alone while s/o will be forever young (and forced to watch him die), one will still stay, one will continue to insist s/o turns them)

Kris: (breaks up) 

The light outside that slipped through the small cracks at the bottom of the thick blinds that covered the large windows in the room alerted Kris to dawning morning. The silk sheets below him comforted his aching body but not his aching heart. Today was the day he’d do it, today is the day he’d leave you. He loved you with all of his heart but he could bare to face living a life where he’d continue to age and be closer to death with each breath he took while his lover stayed eternally young and beautiful. He just couldn’t face that reality, he didn’t want to.

As the light continued to seep into the room through the small cracks with an ever growing brightness the time for his departure came ever-nearer. He took his eyesight away from the light to turn and face your sleeping form. Vampires didn’t need to sleep during the daylight like most people believed but it did help store up more energy for hunts when they needed to feed and Kris knew you’d be hunting tonight when you woke up but not necessarily to feed- you’d be hunting for him- hunting for the lover that he knew you didn’t want to let go of but didn’t want to turn either. The beauty of your sleeping face enticed his desire to stay longer, to give up his decision to leave, to give up the decision to run and live a life with someone who’d age along with him rather than facing an eventual death alone while you’d stand and watch. Oh god, how seeing you swaddled up in the blankets, curled up towards him, made him want to wrap his arms around you and never let go! but he had to let go. He had to let go and leave before it was too late or his heart would only break more the longer he stayed.

“I love you” he’d say hoarsely as he slid his free hand towards you to unwrap your freezing fingers from his other hand. All the muscles in his body felt heavy, as if to give him another reason to stay but he couldn’t he knew he couldn’t even if it went against everything his body, and even parts of his mind, “I’ll always love you.”

Once his hand was free from your hold he’d force himself to get up from the bed, leaving the warmth of the sheets and your love to face his back. He’d trudge heavily yet quietly out of the room, careful to make sure that the heavy wooden doors closed silently behind him, stealing the chance to get one last glance at you as they did before he’d force himself to nearly drag his unwilling feet to move forward down the hall, down the winding grand staircase, through the grand entrance of your house, and once again through a pair of large doors before he’d be outside. The sun would be bright and birds would be singing but Kris would feel as if the weight of the world had been placed on his shoulders and the day couldn’t possibly be any more dreary, his chest would feel like a dead weight stone and his feet like logs. With a heavy heart he’d turn to take once last glance at your residence before turning back around to begrudgingly take his leave. 

“I love you but I can’t do this. You’ve shown me that a vampires love is the best love but what is that love truly worth if it can’t be eternal like you? I’ll take my leave now, I expect that you’ll come searching for me when you wake to find my side of the bed empty but I’ll make my tracks as invisible as possible. I hate to leave you but I can’t stand to stay. I hate to break your heart this way but mine breaks every day being with you like this. I love you y/n, I love you and your eternal beauty, but I cannot love our mortal relationship. Farewell!”

Suho: (accepts it/ stays)

“To be honest my darling, I don’t think that I’d actually enjoy being immortal. There’s only so many things you can say and do before you’ve reached the limits of freedom and desire before it all becomes stale and repetitive. Who would want to live a life like that? Truly, if there’s anyone to feel more sorry for than all the rest it’d be you because you have to face that reality due to your infinite lifespan.”

“And that’s precisely why I won’t change you and grant you the curse of an eternal life with me even if I love you and want to hug you and cherish you for the rest of my days.” you reply as you take a sip of the the wine that used to taste so sweet and delicate against your taste-buds but is now just another form of liquid for you to intake. “Surly even our love would become stale at some point if we were to face the rest of eternity together. I’d hate to see that love, passion, and desire for adventure and the will to live a good and fulfilled life to die within you as you’d continuously age without aging.” 

You’re glad that Suho understands what it’d really mean to become a vampire to live alongside you for all of eternity. It makes your denial to turn him less guilt-induced and you wouldn’t have to worry about him constantly trying to change your mind or worry about him wondering why you refuse. The both of you would be at ease and could enjoy each other’s company without fear or anguish, jealousy or bewilderment, guiding your conversations. However, although Suho seems to try and pull of complete acceptance over being your mortal lover your heightened senses would be able to tell you otherwise, there’s still a small form of reluctance to stay human and live a normal life within him, deep down within him there is still a small desire to be a vampire. 

Despite that small desire still wading within the depths of his deep soul, he’d still put on his biggest smile and stay by your side. He’d take a sip of the sweet wine that has been pouring into your glasses since early noon that day after he requested to be turned, it was now past 10 in the night, the sun having long gone down along with the majority of his bravery to ask to be turned and the desire to live eternally since your initial refusal. You’d both be drunk if not for the fact that you are a vampire which therefore eliminates the chances of getting that “high and mighty” feeling since alcohol doesn’t affect you but Suho still seemed to have a fit mind about him taking in the consideration that he had just imagined the true reality of what it’s like to lose the life of being human to become a vampire. 

“I will admit though, that I may be a bit disappointed in you y/n. Even if I were to face that with you at least I’d still be with you in the end. but all’s well-ends well I guess. Either way I’ll continue to love you to the end of my days, mortal or not.”

Kyungsoo: (accepts it/ stays)

There at the far end of the table sat the man whom you had just denied to turn immortal. His sight stared fixated on nothing in particular as his food continued to steam upon his plate but was cooling with each passing second. It was clear that he was unhappy about your refusal to turn him but he and you both knew that he does well with reacting to any situation accordingly therefore he would forgive and forget, never to ask again to become a vampire even if the desire to become one and the same as you still existed deep in his muddled mind. 

“Kyungsoo please eat before your food gets cold.”  He’d be taken out of his trance upon your almost emotionless beg, his large eyes aiming up toward you while his head still bent low, “so what if this food gets cold. It can be heated up again or saved for later. It’s not like it needs to be thrown out the moment it is no longer warm, it can last a while.” His statement is true about the food but there’s a hidden message behind it that you can clearly decipher without having to ask further, it’s about the love that he has for you and what would be missed once he is gone- dead from old age as a mortal being-. It meant that he still loved you even though it may be a bit sour at the moment due to the fact that you won’t turn him but it would turn back to normal after he simmered out his upset emotions over being denied of his wish hell, it may even come back stronger than before. It meant that just because his love wouldn’t be eternal that doesn’t mean that he’d have to quit loving you and move on to someone else. 

Moments later Kyungsoo came out of another short trance and began to dig into his food. He was still upset that you wouldn’t let him become a vampire but, as said before, he’d knows how to react accordingly so he won’t let it get too far into his head. “Will you want to feed after I’m finished?” he asks between chewing a bite of chicken. “Yes” you say dryly, feeling the itchiness of your throat at the thought of drinking his delectable blood.  “Fine then. I’ll finish as quickly as possible.”

Nothing else is said between you. Once Kyungsoo finishes he gets up from his seat and walks over to the other side of the table where you have been sitting patiently for him to finish. “Where would you like me to be?” he asks “just sit on the table, I’ll take my fill from there.” He sits down in front of you upon the tabletop, tilting his head to give you an easier time on feeding. You’ll sink your fangs into him and get an instant high from the taste of the metallic liquid that oozes into your mouth. It’s so good it that it drives you nearly insane enough to want to drain him dry each time you get a taste of him. “I’ll admit” you say as you pull away after licking the wounds closed “I will miss the taste of you once you’re gone- along with the pure love you give to me- I’ll miss it so much that it makes me debate retracting my refusal to urn you but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens as time passes on.” 

You send him a pleased smirk and he’ll once again look up at you with his head still bent low. “I look forward to the day when you officially decide whether to retract that statement or not.”

Tao: (continues to insist)

“I don’t see why you refuse to turn me. I don’t care about having to drink blood like you and I wouldn’t care about watching the people I know grow old and die…. well ok maybe I’d care about that but that’s no reason to not turn me, I’d get used to it eventually.” he’d whine in your ear as you refuse to turn him into a vampire yet again- for the 8th time this week. “Wouldn’t you like having me around for the rest of eternity? I mean c’mon who wouldn’t?” 

“Hmmmm” you hum as you pretend to debate your answer “actually I probably wouldn’t. You can be quite annoying at times” you say with a smirk, intending it to be a joke but also knowing full well that it’s also the truth “and as much as you say you wouldn’t mind drinking blood you and I both know that that is a full on lie, the moment you’d get a taste of a single drop you’d flip not to mention the whole process of getting you to drink it in the first place. It’d be like trying to feed a toddler pickles or sorbet rather than ice cream.” You’d end your reply with a shrug of your shoulders and a knowing look direct at his pouting figure that sits on the couch facing you. 

“Aish! you really are so insensitive. I’m beginning to think that vampires really don’t have a heart and you’re just pretending to love me.”

“Go head and believe that” you say, picking up a glass of blood that’s in a wine glass and sipping it delicately as you watch him as he stares at you with a blank expression, his mouth slightly agape at your response. You smile at him playfully, knowing damn well that you’ve won this fight- yet again-… or so you thought…. yet again. 

He’ll spring up from the couch with a stern look in your his eyes and determination written on his face. “I swear to it that I’ll make you see that I’d be a perfect vampire! tell me to do anything that vampires normally do, I’l do it to prove to you that I can! You already know I’m strong and know martial arts so that would aid my vampire-ic skills once I gained them and I’ll show you that I won’t be whiny like a little child like you say I would be! C’mon! tel me to do something that you normally do so that I can prove to you that I’m worthy of being turned by you!” 



You’re art. Did you know? Did you know that the light hits you so perfectly by the warm rays of the sun.

Did you know? Did you know that your beauty is eternal and i wish to see it every day.

Did you know? Did you know that i want to capture ever second with you.

Did you know? Did you know that you are as wonderfully magnificent as life itself.

morrigan tag dump

basically what happened
  • reaver: right, i'm off. later haters
  • theresa: if you don't help us, lucien will control the world and then who will you sacrifice to the king of shadows in order to keep your eternal youth and beauty?
  • reaver: well shit, you got me there