your entitlement is showing

On Hunk’s birthday, we got age discourse.

On Shiro’s birthday people spammed the live stream with Josh Keaton (“How old are the others?” / “You’re like a brother to me”) and it had to be cut short. We also got leap year jokes and more age discourse.

Pidge’s birthday was overshadowed by Allura’s teenage “reveal”, and what did we get out of that? Even more hate & age discourse.

Lance’s birthday was announced a month earlier than all others because the Voltwitter reached 50k followers, and even then y'all continued to spam every tweet that wasn’t about Lance with “But why aren’t you telling us his birthday!?”, as if the Voltwitter was aiming to offend you personally? Or owed you shit?

Then the date was announced, and Lance got a birthday countdown, a birthday week, a video (that none of the other characters got, mind you) which y'all complained about because it’s a lighthearted joke and not the ooc Langst™ you want, “national holiday” etc. etc.

Your entitlement is showing, fandom, and it’s as gross as ever.

13RW is not okay. I am not okay.

Please do NOT continue reading if you’re going to give me shit for this and are a ~hardcore~ lover of the show. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I am mine, and please bare in mind your ~precious~ show is (apparently lol) TRYING to send the message that words have consequences. Also remember you don’t know me, at all.

Firstly, it completely stereotypes mental illness. It takes depression back to the old stigma as a ‘cry for help’. Hannah doesn’t kill herself because she’s depressed, she kills herself as revenge for the hurt caused by people around her. In my experience, people with depression don’t actually want to die or hurt those around them, they just want the darkness, the noise, and the pain to stop.
Then, they go on to actually SHOW her suicide, which is vile - we already know she’s dead, we don’t need the graphic content of seeing it. Showing her suicide only allows for one thing; those prone to feeling the same way as Hannah have their impulses justified, it’s no longer an idea, it’s a reality.

Secondly, there are two rape scenes. Both of which are far too graphic for the audience it’s aimed at. From my experience, rape victims can’t even say the word ‘rape’, or read it, or hear it, for a long, long, long time after. I know for a fact that watching it on TV Shows/films is a trigger and a traumatic experience. To aim your show at survivors/victims and then force them to sit through TWO incredibly graphic and unnecessary rape scenes is fucking abhorrent.

Thirdly, the guilt you feel ALREADY when someone you love commits suicide is near enough to ruin you. The ‘could I have done more’ - ‘why didn’t they come to me’ - ‘was it my fault’ questions play in your head like a fucking broken record, and the emotional torment you put yourself though makes you physically throw up. Not to mention the fact you miss them every. single. day and have conflicting emotions about them/feel guilty for that too. To be seventeen, not even sure of who you are, not even left school, not legally a fucking adult, and then you receive tapes not only finding out your friend killed herself for revenge and schemed the whole thing, but BLAMES you for it. Clay made a few mistakes, yes, but also he’s a 17 year old awkward, and shy, kid, with a crush on a pretty girl and he can’t fucking READ HER MIND.

This show is a trigger, a big FUCK YOU to actual survivors of trauma, and I didn’t gain a single happy or noticeable message from the show and you should BOYCOTT IT.

Hannah Baker is a sociopath who schemes and plots her death for revenge and blames everyone else around her for her own actions. She’s the teenage version of the wife in Gone Girl.

5 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as semi non-con, burns and the slightest suggestive smut

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*The Letter* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Readers estranged parents find out that not only did she marry Newt but has had children with him. Once they find out that he’s now a famous author and your his illustrator they want part of his wealth

Hope you enjoy!! I really liked this idea! It’s rather long.. sorry not sorry. 

“Mommy, look!” Your five year old daughter, Ava, came running up to you while holding her favorite little Bowtruckle, Fern. She had pieced together a nice little hat for the creature wear and was extremely proud to present it to you. Giggling, you knelt down to get a closer look.

“And what will Daddy think when he see’s you’ve made another hat for Fern?” You smiled and tickled Ava, who gave out an enthusiastic laugh. 

“What’s all this laughing I hear?” Newt entered the room and looked down to see Ava holding Fern. “Making hats for the Bowtruckles again I see?” He smiled and knelt down to meet her eye level.

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I think its awesome that creators and fans/aspiring creators can connect better with social media and conventions, but I theorize that cartoons especially shoot themselves in the foot due to this and not knowing when to lay off. 
Once you overstep the boundary as a creator, you feel responsible for the fans, and they feel entitled, which creates an unhealthy relationship that gets your show on the one-way train to disaster. And I’m not talking about asking what the fans would like to see diversity-wise or something (because that can be important due to the entertainment industry typically being an echo chamber).
I mean that it’s crucial to not steer away from your creation and goals to please audiences.
And the biggest reason for failure that I’ve seen is just creators getting too involved in fanbases. Like someone who worked on su got run off of tumblr due to entitlement problems. Even putting your toes in the waters by providing simple fan service can lead to disaster if not handled well. It creates this unbalance and unhealthy relationship where creators do anything to avoid making something different than what fans asked for, because it comes across as if one deliberately ignored what fans said. which leads to a bad time and probably a shitty show/game and a shitty fandom lmao 

Trust Me

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 922

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, language

Summary: Modern AU, reader has long day and tries to sleep, Alex comforts them.

A/N: Enjoy! Requests are open!

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The city was loud. More than usual. Customers were in and out of your bookstore all day, a lot more than usual after some celebrity had come into your shop. You were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. You closed the doors an hour early, serving the last few patrons before leaving.

You stopped by your favorite coffee shop on the way home, grabbing a chai tea latte to warm you up. Sirens echoed off the buildings, aided by the blaring of taxi cabs and street performers. You tried to block out the sound by putting in earbuds under your beanie, but they didn’t work very well. You opted to just speed walk to your apartment you shared with Alex. You breathed heavy at the noise, wishing it would just stop.

You made it to your apartment, unlocking the door and slipping inside. Alexander looked up from the kitchen bar. “Hey Y/N. Just finishing up the snacks. You ready for tonight?” he asked, grinning at you. Shit. You had forgotten it was game night with the guys. You were way too tired to play.

“Actually, Alex, I think I’m going to skip tonight. You guys can still play. Long day. Loud,” You yawned. Alex looked up at you, cocking an eyebrow. You hated doing this to him, as game night was the only night you could get him to relax, but you were exhausted.

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Making a new post because a user has expressed their desire for it not to be affiliated with the previous thread it was connected with.

Since a lot of people are tired of this issue being brought up all the time, I’m going to give fandom something else to think about and maybe it’ll clear up a lot of reasons why people may have a massive issue with anyone involved in Sin Anthology and why we still associate @corariley with Sin Anthology, despite her only actually participating in two (?) events by them.

Why do we still even refer to (Reylo) Sin Anthology? Didn’t it evolve into reylo-book-of-sins/reylo-sin-bin?

As said with complete explanations in this post, we do not think the idea of Sin Anthology is bad. Like @thejgatsbykid​ said, it would actually be really beneficial for the fandom, if it was run literally any other way.

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A reply to a raging anti-SQ and anti-Regina...

… Killian Jones and Captain Swan stan, who sent us about 13 messages (yeah, trackers speak no lies, and–what a ‘refreshing’ thing to get back to, after a holiday) following a really old post–in which they aggressively defend his actions, again by ‘paralleling’ him against Regina as the ultimate rapist, molester and murderer (which, yawn–it’d be nice if you could prove him worthy of Emma Swan without trying to tear Regina apart, but you can’t–can you?) and spew a metric ton of anti Swan Queen, homophobic misogynist crap. Among which, asking US what OUR “understanding" of sexism, misogyny and rape culture–is.

I mean, really?

You got ALL you ever wished for, you privileged entitled arsewipes! Your designated white fuckboy completely took over a show that was once about strong women, and once remarkable female character got chewed up and spat out for him–so what more do you want? And now, after all the shit you left in our inbox, you dare to ask us, even childishly, spitefully so–what “we think" sexism and misogyny are? After sending a messagelike this:

Ironic, don’t you think? Or perhaps moronic?

But no, we are not offended by this toxic language. We are contemptuous of it. Just as we would be, if it had a different target:

Now, you may claim that you’re a woman, a grown one at that (a miserable excuse for one, but hey) but using that as an argument–is the same as saying “it’s not a nazi swastika, it’s a buddhist one” or “I can’t be a racist, I don’t use the N word in public” or “just because I don’t ship that queer crackship it doesn’t make me homophobic”. Not that calling someone ‘cunt’ (though I wouldn’t ever call you that–because you have neither depth nor warmth) or a ‘feminist’ is an insult, but everything else (in other 12 messages as well, so there’s no way in hell we’re posting anything else–for your sake) that you spat–THAT is what homophobia, sexism, misogyny and rape culture are.

All of which makes you, my dear–a piece of shit, really.

Now crawl back to your repulsive cesspool of a fandom, and stay there among other uneducated, unwashed masses. Simmer in all that mindless hate and internalized misogyny. Your arse is blocked here.

louise brooks is, i think, unfairly treated within cinema.  she is fetishized as the quintessential flapper, or noted as a total bitch.  with her few hollywood films she was a striking figure: exceptionally beautiful, her pale face framed by her dark hair, with an energy that comes through the screen.  especially now, she’s what we picture when we think of the liberated young woman of the 1920s.  and then there’s brooks-as-bitch: her later-life letters depict her has angry and bitter as she rudely tears down everyone who has ever been associated with her, brusquely addressing the people she wrote to as if they were no better than the stars she hated.  and then there’s that sense of palpable bitterness: did she only hate these stars because they were more successful than her?  and thus the myth of brooks-as-bitch.

louise brooks was, essentially, a failure.  with the beginnings of a prominent hollywood career, she was too impulsive and strong-willed (or bitchy and entitled, depending on your perspective) to maintain a hollywood career.  she  would show up late for shooting or cancel engagements altogether on whims: she was uncooperative with those in positions of power.  leaving for europe briefly, she was unable to really return to american cinema, and was only afterwards given few mediocre and forgettable roles.  after her film career was effectively killed, she attempted to reinvigorate her dancing career for a few years, before turning to sales work at saks and living off of a few wealthy men till the end of her life.

brooks was a prolific writer, and many of her letters have been preserved.  in them, there is an indignant tone, an anger which has lead to her characterization as a ‘ruthless bitch.’  but this is just one mode of reduction.  when we look at brooks today, we reduce her to the flapper in pandora’s box, the sensual screen energy that couldn’t be contained, or we reduce her to her harsh words in her later life.  when we do this, we miss so much of her.  rather than reducing her later writing to harshness, why can’t we see it as astute and necessary criticism of people who have been too long revered? and reducing her to just certain roles, like pandora’s box, reduces her oeuvre: the delight of her early light comedies in hollywood (which say so much about mid-silent era film tastes), the gravity of her pre-neorealist work in beggars of life, the aesthetic prowess of the early sound film la prix de beauté which still held to the form of silent film within a sonorous medium.

louise brooks is a cinematic figure which can enlighten us on silent film as well as later sound, through her own cinematic participation and her later criticism.  but we, sexistly, reduce her to an image or a stereotype.  she deserves more than this, her films deserve revisiting, and her writing deserves and unbiased reading.


Heya everyone!! It’s that time of the year again. My exams are over and I’m planning on doing some commissions over the winter break :-) 


Payment through PayPal, so email me at for more information or if you’re interested. I will only accept the commission once payment has been made.

I won’t do nsfw, just because I can’t draw them. Do send me reference if it’s an OC or link me refs if it’s a character from a show or series.

I am entitled to deny your request if I feel that I am unable to do them, and if you’ve already made payments, I will send back your money if I decide I can’t do the job. I don’t accept animals because I suck (that’s it.)

Thank you and please do reblog this if you can’t commission me, it’s good if this gets around!

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okay, it’s time for everyone to sit the fuck down because I’m about to rant about something that’s been bothering me for weeks.

So, HAIKYUU!! IS NOT A QUEERBAITING SHOW! and let me tell you why. The whole definition or reasoning of queerbaiting, is the use of implied queer characters or relationships to boost a series popularity. In other words, the series only has these elements for benefit of the producer/author etc. Unfortunately we see this a lot in anime, especially the sports anime genre.

Free! is a PERFECT example of this. Instead of focusing on swimming (the sport the show is supposed to be based upon) they rely heavily on “shipping” and gay relationship elements between the characters for the success of their anime, which, yeah, Free! gained a lot of popularity and fans especially for this reason. Several other anime companies took notice and started using the gay ship formula for their anime, like Prince of Stride. BUT instead of actually having the balls to include queer relationships they only use it as a tool to lure the gay fetishizing (mostly female) fans.

Haikyuu never does this (and it never will). Sure, the haikyuu fandom boasts A LOT of queer ships but here’s the thing. THAT’S THE FANDOM. Unfortunately, i’ve noticed a lot of people in fandom communities having a big issue separating fanon from canon. That’s what problem is. The actual canon series has no instance (and quite honestly I invite anyone to prove otherwise) of queer “flirting” or gay relationship elements only to promptly play a “ no homo” card or “blushies” immediately after. Haikyuu!!’s focus is people playing volleyball and developing as a team as well as individuals, not fanservice flirting that’s all so common with queerbaiting.

Listen, just because you have gay ships does not mean it’s queerbaiting when the producers don’t make your ships canon. LEARN THAT FANON AND CANON ARE TWO DIFFERNT THINGS. For god’s sake if anything it just shows you’re acting entitled to your gay fetishizing headcanons. Stop it. I’ve had enough.

I get so mad thinking about how good Transformers Dark of Moon would have been with Megan Fox

You can tell they did minimal rewrites when Spielberg fired Megan, they just gave Megan’s story to Rosie. No shade to Rosie I think she did her job well it’s just they destroyed that movie and severely damaged the franchise when Megan got the boot. You could just feel the awkwardness because you know she was supposed to be there and they didn’t even try. They just said “hey Shia, every time the script says Mikaela just say Carly instead.” Like the whole position of Sam and Carly’s relationship was definitely just Sam and Mikaela in part three. Like we were supposed to just accept Mikaela dumped Sam after all that happened at the end of Revenge of the Fallen and now he is thinking about marriage to this random chick that he has literally the worst chemistry with? No. Sam was supposed to be struggling to propose to Mikaela just like he struggled to say he loved her in the last one. The first one they met the second they fell in love and the third was supposed to be them getting engaged but since Spielberg is an insecure dick who is afraid of a strong woman with opinions they just slide a new girl into the “we are going to be together forever you are my everything” story AND IT DIDN’T WORK. Spielberg literally basically destroyed a woman’s career and a movie franchise because he is an entitled twat. He thinks he’s God. News flash Steven, your tv shows are atrocious and keep getting cancelled and a lot of the movies you’ve made recently have been shitty. He puts his name in everything and a lot of it is garbage. This isn’t the 70s/80s/90s anymore. You are just eh…. you can tell they tried to make Rosie the instant star Megan was but that didn’t work out and then when they tried to do it again with Nicola it still didn’t work. Megan went from 0-100. Spielberg and Bay won’t get someone like her again that gets them attention. He made a HORRIBLE mistake both business and artistically. Also fuck Bay for treating his actors (especially woman like Megan) so shitty and not directing them in their dramatic scenes and only caring about the action and explosions but at least he gave her a chance with TMNT which I loved but sadly we probably won’t get another sequel to that. I liked the sequel even though they sexualized Megan and made her another damsel. Fuck y'all. Give Megan Fox her comeback. We need more stuff like Jennifer’s Body which is a CLASSIC

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my vld mind dump

three of you asked so here you go, my live reaction to voltron. this going to be really long,,, whoops. some of it is incoherent and my word is in no way law, you are entitled to your own opinion about the show. 

anyway, enjoy…

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You clearly don't know how TV shows work. They don't need you to like it, they don't need you to watch it. Fans are nothing in demos, this is for the ga, and they can't hold on to death things like a character whose actress will not be anymore because she doesn't want to. Stop your entitlement of the show, you can say you will not watch it or that you don't like it, but you can't make this meaningless crybaby things when they do the obvious thing to do in a show that wants to live longer,not die

Oh lol

Thank you for making my laugh about this mess!
I needed it!

I don’t care what GA thinks, and really you do not decide how I should feel. But thank you for lovely message - it really made me feel better :)
Supergirl fandom, whattup?!

So glad, I stopped watching for a while, cause this fandom is so fucking toxic! Calling actors who don’t support your ship homophobic and take some little jabs at it, does not give you any right to spew hate their way.

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So, I am also homophobic because I don’t support Supercorp in Supergirl, but I’m also not, because I ship Sterek in Teen Wolf.

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And I’m gonna take a guess here, you’re all under the age of 25 and you all feel like your entitled to your preferenced ship in the show of choice.

You feel like the actors on a show you love should respect whatever you ship, which alright, I grant you that, that is fair.

But these people play roles in a show and also have their own ideas on said show, so whatever anyone said or did, they have the fucking right to do so.

Whatever man, all you little pissy crybabies should live your life at bit and reflect. If you want to watch a show with a lesbian couple, plenty of shows to choose from.

Sense 8 is a good one for ya. A gay relationship with 2 handsome Mexican boys and a lesbian relationship between a transgender woman and woman. Oh, there’s now queerbaiting, cause there a a couple of group orgy scenes while several of them are straight as fuck. Oh, and none of the couples has died.

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Send me hate if you want, I don’t flipping care. I have better things to do then worry over ships.