your entire life until this point

if you are reading this right now, you have survived your entire life up until this point. you have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the different phases of life. and here you are, you are awesome.

a note to myself, and fellow trans people who might have people in their life telling them otherwise: it is okay to prioritize your transition.

it is okay to make your transition (however that looks for you-hormones, surgeries, legal changes, wardrobe changes, social transition, etc.) the top priority in your life. it is not shallow to put such high importance on these changes. if you feel you need it, you are not being superficial for making it a priority.

it is okay to save all or most of your money for transition-related costs. spending money on your transition is not frivolous spending. if all or most of your money is going toward making you feel more like yourself, not a cent is being wasted.

it is okay to start hanging out less with people who do not support you and your decision to be true to yourself. it is okay to prefer spending time and energy on those who love and accept you as you are. if it comes down to it, as painful as it can be, it is okay to spend less time with someone or to cut them out of your life entirely if they continuously make you feel bad for transitioning. you are more important than their misguided opinions about you.

it is okay to wait to take other life steps (e.g., school/career changes) until you are at a point in your transition where you feel ready and confident enough to do so. there is nothing wrong with you for taking longer than some people do to journey into adulthood because your dysphoria holds you back. it is not irresponsible of you to wait to take on responsibilities until you feel more at home in your body and in the world.

it is okay to prioritize your transition.

If your identity changes at some point, that’s valid.
If your identity stays the same your entire life, that’s valid.
If you’ve always known how you identify, that’s valid.
If you don’t discover your identity until later on in life, that’s valid.
If your identity is influenced or changed by something that’s happened to you, that’s valid.
If you discover language more accurate to describe your identity and change it accordingly, that’s valid.
If your identity is something take pride in, a big part of your life, that’s valid.
If your identity is something that’s just kinda… there, that’s valid.

No matter what, your feelings, your journey, your identity is valid.

check please guardian angel!au
  • guardian angel au 
  • bitty is jacks guardian angel
  • has been guarding jacks family line for years 
  • backstory his family slighted a god abt a million years ago and sacrificed him to pay their debt so he’s immortal has been around for a very long time 
  • guarded alicia before jack (“trans, bi, and a supermodel? in the eighties? lord, jack, your mother almost needed an extra angel to keep her out of trouble!”)
  • bitty has been with jack for jacks entire life
  • at one point in whomever he’s guarding life he can choose to show up corporeally
  • shows up jacks junior year at samwell ie canon compliant
  • everyone loves bitty
  • mostly canon compliant up until jack leaves for college
  • but then bitty is like??? still enrolled at samwell?? and on the hockey team?? but is still weirdly attached to jacks hip or whatever 
  • jack confronts him at the end of fall semester senior year for bitty 
  • bitty tells him the whole thing (breaking the rules)
  • jack does the whole you can’t put your whole life on hold because of me and bitty says something like you are my entire life you are literally the only thing i am on earth to protect
  • blow out fight
  • jack says i don’t want to date someone who has to protect me because that’s an unfair balance of power in a relationship and i love you too much to let you do that
  • bitty says fine, he’ll be out by the end of the week and after that jack won’t be able to see him
  • he’s gone for like three days
  • comes rushing back a few days later
  • got some sort of stupid minor injury 
  • “guardian angels can’t get hurt!! or age!! jack i don’t think im your angel anymore!!” 
  • stupid legend that if the person they’re protecting puts the angels needs above their own they’re released from the contract of serving them
  • jack cared about bitty too much to let him hurt himself 
  • and doing so
  • freed him from his guardian angel servitude
  • forever 
  • and they live happily ever after after some bs about will you take me back i will if you’ll have me
Your Everyday Badass

Prompt: could you maybe do something with disabled!batmom. where batmom is in a wheelchair and you explore how that relates to the batman escapade, you could even have her interact with the justice league to redefine their definition of ‘hero’. thanks for writing for us love you! <3

Requested by: ANON

Your life was a mish mash of simple facts. Your husband dressed up in a bat costume and fought crime: Fact. You had adopted children and allowed them to be superheros: Fact. Several of your children had died, and come back to life: Fact. Your husband snored like no tomorrow: Fact. Just because you were in a wheelchair did not mean you weren’t a deadly badass in your own right: Fact.

    As you rolled your chair down the halls of the station, you knew you drew more than a few eyes. You’d made it a point to stay out of the station over the years. Gotham was your territory. Protecting the city was your mission, and that was big enough without adding in an entire universe too.

    Right up until your husband landed his butt in surgery. The boys stand as you approach; three of them bend down to give you a kiss on the cheek, and one simply leans over. Resting your hands in your lap you ask, “What did he do this time?”

    Jason smiles at you, “Took a bullet for Supes.”

    You raise an eyebrow, “You mean the guy bullets literally bounce off of?”

    Tim winces, “It might have been a kryptonite bullet.”

    You sigh, and settle in for a wait. More than a few people pass by. There eyes drift over you, before continuing on. Each of your boys disappears for a few minutes before coming back showered and changed.

    When Clark shows up, he stares at you, “Y/N I am so …”

    You cut him off, “If you apologize Kent, you’re going to wish that bullet had hit you. Bruce is a big boy. He can make his own choices.” He says nothing. Simply, he smiles before kissing your cheek and saying, “Lois was hoping the family would come by for dinner next week. We just got the ramp fixed.”

    You smile, “We’ll be there. Even if I have to bring Bruce kicking and screaming.”

    Clark snorts, “Cause that just spells fun.”

    You smile, and he walks off. Several other leaguers stop by to say hi; Barry, Diana, Shayera. When J’onn steps out of the operating room, he smiles at you before waving you in. You roll through the wide door way easily, and straight to your husband’s bed. He’s still sedated, but you take his hand, and simply wait.

    He’s groggy but coherent, “You’re on the space station.”

    You grin, “And here they said you were losing your touch.”

    He stares at you, wether he’s not amused or simply to sedated to care, you’re not sure, “You hate space. With a burning passion. When I asked you to come up, you said not if your life depended on it.”

    You smile at him, “It wasn’t my life, it was yours. Thanks for the ramps and the wide doorways by the way.”

    He squeezed your hand, “Anything for you.”

You kiss his cheek, “I love you.”

He smiles, “I love you too; my own personal hero.” You raise an eyebrow at that, “You faced your fears.”

“Which fear is that?”

He smiles at you,“Being sucked into a space vacuum.”

You lean back into your chair, “That doesn’t make me a hero Bruce. It makes me an adult ”

“It makes you brave.”

You just smile, “I’m good with brave.”               

Badass females personalities masterpost (add more if you want to)
  • Female badass that just sits back and watch men fight for her and avoids getting her hands dirty, but knows what to do when she has to 
  • Little girl from a small town who plays angel to everyone around her, but not only runs out to hook up at night but can protect herself just fine with or without a gun
  • Overconfident business woman who takes the word “bitch” as a compliment
  • Hot mercenary girl who would rip your head off if with you even considered touching her and has already proved her point many times
  • High school girl who’s always reading a book and is taken as introvert and bookworm, but is actually pretty arrogant and is not afraid of saying that she doesn’t talk because no one is interesting enough
  • Smart cheerleader girl who took fighting and acting classes as a child, and can literally smile normally while breaking your arm
  • Daughter of a criminal who is 100% done with her father shit and just walks out of the whole thing, and when he comes after her she makes it very clear that she’s gone for good
  • Robin Hood girl who steals from the rich and gives to the poor
  • Still on the Robin Hood subject, a girl who doesn’t even react if you tease or pick on her, but if you mess up with the weaker ones she’ll make you go home crying like a baby
  • A business woman who doesn’t want a family and doesn’t give a flying fuck if others think she won’t ever be a “complete women”
  • A mother who gave up her career because her child was more important and does’t give a flying fuck if that makes her someone who settled
  • A woman who somehow found a way of having a career and a child and is pretty good at working and mothering
  • A farm hunter girl who is pretty sweet and nice until she gets a crossbow on her hand
  • The girl who never said a word her entire life but somehow is on the top of her career
  • Confident woman who won’t stand failure and fights for everything she wants
  • Pretty girl with no academic knowledge but wiser than anybody else
  • Old woman with lots of tattoos and piercings and a colored hair
  • A medium girl that everyone thinks is crazy until she quote exactly what your dad said when you were three years old
  • Homeless girl who at some point turned her life around and got a job and a shared apartment and is generally really sweet, but if you push her around the edge her wild personality will come up
Tsukiyama and Furuta: Two Moons Heading Towards an Eclipse

If you flip this number down it’s…. absolutely nothing. If you flip and reverse it, ie what would happen if you were to place it in a mirror than you get a backwards nineteen. If you just flip it it looks sort of like a 16 in the wrong order. If you take the numbers as individual, an upside down six can be the lovers in reverse while an upside down 1 could represent Hide as he was just mentioned in the last chapter. They could also not even be numbers but representative of a moth’s wings instead. They could also be moths wings as depicted at the beginning of the chapter. 

They could also just be a pun on the word orgasm [x] with japanese numbers. My point is things can have many possible interpretations so try not to refute the assertions I make in this post with ‘that’s a nineteen’ or ‘that’s representative of the sun’.  Anyway, continuing forward read under the cut for the explanation and yes I actually do get to Tsukiyama. 

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Robin, we need to talk...

Can we talk about the fact that when Regina walked into that tavern and people screamed EVIL QUEEN and ran, Robin just sat there, and then he sassed her.

But he clearly didn’t know that the Evil Queen was the woman he robbed until she stepped into his view – he said as much.

So this guy, this Robin of Locksley, when the person who terrorized his land to the point that 30 years later entire rooms flee from the very sight of her, just sat there, didn’t even bother to turn and look at her, and then provoked her. She who snapped necks and razed villages for kicks.

Regina, honey, that should have been your first clue that he was not happy with his life – Robin of Locksley clearly has a death wish. Or at the very least, an entire disregard for whether he actually lives or dies. 

Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 4)

A little earlier than expected! As I’ll probably be busy on Friday and didn’t want to keep you waiting for long…:)

Chapter 4 – They All Come Rushing Back

Broch Mordha, 14 years and 9 months ago

“Are ye ill, mo ghraidh?” Jamie asked, his brow furrowing in concern. They were in her small cottage, eating bowls of fragrant pasta that Jamie had cooked for them. “Ye are verra quiet this evening.”

“No.” She gave him a weak smile and drank profusely from her glass of water. “I’m alright.”

“Something amiss, then?” He insisted, searching her eyes with his as to force her to make eye contact with him. “I can see something is troubling ye.”

“Fine. Just tired.” Claire replied shortly, playing with small bits of garlic with her fork. “Long day in the clinic.”

“No, ye’re not.” Jamie said and she noticed the tension on his face. “I’ve seen you tired to the point of falling asleep on your feet during that gastroenteritis outbreak last month – and ye were never like this.” He touched her hand and winced as she slowly retreated from his grasp. “I’ll respect your desire of not telling me – but please, dinna pretend everything is fine.”

Claire exhaled and slowly raised her eyes, meeting his – anger, sadness and confusion shone in her whiskey coloured iris.

“If you want to know,” She said with some asperity. “Laoghaire came to see me today. She had plenty to tell me.”

“Och, aye?” Jamie nodded, expectant. “What did she tell ye, then?”

“That you have been fooling me since we met.” Claire said in a hoarse voice, clenching her hands together near her plate. “That our relationship is nothing but a dalliance to you – something to entertain you during the summer, until I go back to Edinburgh and you take up with her - again.”

Jamie’s mouth was slightly ajar, as the small blue vein on his temple throbbed furiously.

“The lass must have lost her wits!” He grumbled, pushing away his own food, having obviously lost his usually insatiable appetite. “I knew she was a little soft for me – for helping her with the brute that is her father, I guess – but this is ridiculous!”

“Is it, Jamie?” Claire blatantly looked away. “Can you honestly say she means nothing to you – and that I’m not just…a distraction in a boring summer in the village?”

“How can ye even ask me that?!” Jamie roared, his fists closing. His blue eyes were blazing and his entire body pulsed with rage. “Are you suggesting I’m playing you false?”

“You didn’t answer the question, Jamie.” Claire hissed, her cheeks blushing with fury and her curls curling madly around her face. “Avoiding simple questions usually means there is something to hide.”

“Must I tell you with words what I have been answering you with actions from the day we met?” He clenched his teeth. “Must I tell you that – no! – I haven’t been fuckin’ Laoghaire behind yer back?”

“She knew an awful lot about you.” Claire raised from the table and started to throw dishes into the sink. “She knew you have a small scar on the inside of your thigh – I’ve barely seen it myself, only noticed it when we went to the lake.”

“Probably the exact same reason why she knows it too.” Jamie rubbed his knuckles against his forehead in despair. “Not because she has been in my bed!”

“Laoghaire loves you, you know.” Claire clashed her hands against the kitchen counter, speaking in a broken tone – hurt and afraid. “She has known you all your life. She is the type of girl everyone here expected you to marry – I’m aware of what they say about me. Foreign. Outlander.”

“Stop this madness, Claire!” Jamie almost yelled, coming to stand next to her. She could feel the urge that moved him, the intensity of his eyes fixing her. “I love you, mo nighean donn. Your words of distrust wound me more than your wee scalpel could. Do ye not know that I have but one heart – and ye are the sole master of it?”  

“I can’t bear the thought of you touching her!” Claire shouted, her hands grabbing her own hair. “I can’t bear the way she said you name in front of me! If you must leave me – do it now. Before there’s not enough of me to live when you’re gone.”

Jamie was breathing fast and came to stand behind her – his palms next to her waist, but not quite touching her.

“You’re killing me, Claire.” He almost sobbed in a husky voice. “You are the breath of me, the spark of my body. Away from you I have no air – no heart, no life. Maybe there was a time when I could be with Laoghaire…” He bent his head and pressed his forehead in the hollow between her shoulder blades. “But now there is no turning back. Ye have marked me and made me yours, mo chridhe. And I shall remain so for the rest of my days, whether when I’m inside ye, in the brink of touching ye or a thousand miles away.”

“Jamie…” Claire whispered, her body relaxing against his. “I’m scared. I’ve never been so happy in my life – and so afraid.”

“Tell me.” He pulled her closer, gluing their bodies together. “Tell me all your heart – as I’ve told you my soul.”

“I want you so much.” She turned inside his arms and hugged him by the waist, their lips almost touching. “Will you have me?”

She could feel his heart beating under the palm of her hand, rushing – not from anger any longer, but from anticipation. From tenderness. From desire.

“Are you sure?” He kissed her palm and then her temple. As an answer, her hands came up to take off her blouse.

Their lovemaking was slow and tactful – after being so honest with each other, they felt vulnerable and exposed. Sometimes one of them would be a little rough, just enough to seal their claim on each other – just enough to find that ultimate redoubt where they have been hiding. It was not a battle for dominion or possession – they had established their peaceful surrender to each other – but a fight to merge together until no doubt could be raised, ever again.

“Will you come with me to Edinburgh?” Claire asked in the darkest hours of the night, when they laid together, sated and tranquil. “I know it’s too much to ask.” She was caressing the soft hairs of his stomach, a roadmap to the secrets ahead.

Jamie moved slowly, reaching for his jeans that laid forgotten on the floor. From his back pocket he withdrew an envelope, which he presented to Claire.

“What is this?” She nuzzled his hand.

“My request for a transfer from Glasgow University to Edinburgh’s.” Jamie’s eyes were intent and limpid. “I shall be where you are, Claire. I canna leave you.”

They kissed, passionate and hungry, their tongues seeking each other to celebrate their pact. And when Claire finally laid her head on his chest, slept lulled by his heart calling only for her.


Edinburgh, Present day

At the sight of Joe walking out of the sliding doors that led to the OR area, crumpling his blue surgical cap on his hands, Claire jumped from the chair where she had been sitting for the last couple of hours.  

“How did it go?” She asked impatiently, searching his eyes for tell-tale signs of an unfavourable outcome, and slightly relaxing when she saw the good-humoured wrinkles around his golden brown eyes.

“It went smoothly, LJ.” Joe smiled. “Your man is strong as a bull. He’ll pull through, I’m sure. The orthopaedics team is still in there working on his hand.”

“He is not my man.” Claire grumbled as she awkwardly hugged Joe, silently thanking him for taking care of Jamie. Joe was a trusted friend and had been an irreplaceable support over the last few years - his agreement to accompany her to Edinburgh and to integrate her team had been decisive in her acceptance of the proposal to return to Scotland. “I should be there when he wakes up from the anaesthesia.”

Joe offered her a knowing look, with a hint of reproach.

“You should take care of yourself, doll.” He shook his head and raised his sketchy eyebrows. “Go home and take a shower. Clear your head away from here - and think exactly what the hell are you going to say to him afterwards. Not that I wouldn’t agree with you punching him, but that spleen was hard work.”

“We have said plenty already, Joe.” She sighed. “I’m not expecting – not sure I even want to – anything to happen. We will fix him and send him back to the life he chose.”

“For a man that broke your heart,” He brushed her jaw in a tender gesture. “He cares an awful lot about you too. Kept asking about your life right until he dozed off from the drugs. Seemed afraid that you had someone…special.”

“The bloody gall of the man!” Claire growled, outraged. “I could be shagging the entire Scotland Rugby Team and he still wouldn’t have any right to say a word about it!”

“The entire team?” Joe snorted. “You are one lively brod LJ, but not sure even you could handle it – besides, you’d never see the inside of an OR. Not really time to do anything else.”

“Oh, shut up!” Claire jokingly pushed him with her elbow. “You are missing my point.”

“No.” He stopped and grabbed her by the shoulders, suddenly serious. “You are missing mine. You are my friend, LJ. A lovely woman – only second to Gail - and one hell of a surgeon. But I still remember you from when we met, those odd years ago – how you smiled so often and how joy seemed to follow you everywhere you’d go. If you have the chance…can you do something to find that girl again?”


The closet door in her bedroom hung open like the entry to a mysterious cave, where jumpers and jeans plotted together in her absence. For the first time in a long time she felt the pull of it – the box religiously kept behind her rarely used summer hats and beach towels, ever present yet distant from her everyday thoughts.

With her hair still dripping from the shower, she walked to the shelf and stood there, breathing deeply, trying to gather her courage – she could still recall its contents with her mind’s eye, as clearly as the day she had put them there to rest. Biting her lip in reluctant decision, she stood on tiptoe to get the box down and sat on the floor with her legs crossed.

Once she took the lid off, the smell of old paper and dried flowers floated to her nostrils, as if she had managed to successfully bottle the aroma of her happy days. God, sometimes she could almost doubt she had been so happy – if not for the undeniable photographs of them together, smiles that reached their eyes and joined hands; if not for the nagging pain that lived in the back of her mind, ever-present, all-consuming.

Inside the box were plenty of photographs – the older ones from their first summer together in Broch Mordha, Lallybroch and the Highlands. Pictures of them together laughing, eating pizza snuggled on the couch, kissing in bed. Images of her, which he had captured when she was unaware, smiling above her shoulder to him or peacefully asleep on the curve of his arm. A couple of Jamie, standing by the lake with his hair moist and a huge grin on his beautiful lips.  A succession of small sized instant photos of them together in a shady photo booth in Edinburgh on their anniversary, her sitting on his lap, complete with an array of hilarious faces. There were letters there too – Claire saw Jamie’s crocked handwriting and her old stationery. No point in reading them, though – she knew each one by heart, the written words imprinted in some secret part of her that never agreed to let him go.

And finally she saw it – amongst all those broken pieces that fitted together to create a perfect image of them - what she had been looking for all along. A sob caught in her throat as she reached inside and closed her fist around it – and for the first time in almost ten years, Claire held her wedding ring on the palm of her hand.

Go Fish (Sirius Black x Reader)

Originally posted by nellaey

Requested by Anonymous: heyyyy can you write a young sirius x reader imagine where they’re just hanging out

Word Count: 1, 674

Warnings: I’m not sure if this counts as kissing



“Go fish.” Sirius said. You narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously.

“I call bull.” You said, making him laugh. The two of you had been playing Go Fish for a while now and you were sure he was cheating in some way. Being a muggleborn, you had brought a pack of cards to school from home, wanting to share it with your friends. They, of course, had come up with the so-called ‘improved’ version, where they turned the cards into fish and put them in a bowl of water, so instead of picking from a deck of cards, when you had to ‘Go Fish’, you had to catch one of the fish and add them to your deck, turning them into a card. It wasn’t pleasant but it was fun to watch James freak out over the sliminess of the fish whenever you all played together.

“It’s not bull! Go fish.” He said

“You’ve had none of the cards I need and somehow gotten all the cards you need from me.” You argued, pulling your wand out.

“Hey! Hey! Calm down, I’m too pretty to die!” Sirius exclaimed, dropping his cards to shield his face. You rolled your eyes at his dramatics.

“Calm down, drama queen, I’m just checking if you’ve rigged this.” You said, casting a hex revealing spell on your deck of cards and then Sirius’, which he had snatched up quickly after dropping them, making sure you didn’t see what he had. The spell revealed no tricks, making you groan frustratedly.

“Enough evidence for you?” Sirius asked, eyes on his deck of cards. “Can we continue now?”

“Not until you tell me how you’re doing it.” You said, laying your cards down face first on the ground and pointing an accusing finger at your friend.

“Fine.” He said, sighing in defeat and then paused for a while, looking as if he was giving you the biggest secret of his life. You gestured for him to continue. “It’s called…talent.” He finished finally, giving you a smirk. You pursed your lips and blinked at him slowly, your entire expression reading ‘I am so done with you’.

“This game relies on luck, pads.” You said quietly, the calm before the storm. “There’s no skill or talent involved!” You exclaimed loudly, throwing your hands up exasperatedly. Sirius shook his head at you disappointedly.

“See, my dear friend, that is what everyone wants you to believe.” He said, putting his own cards down and crawling over to you from his space on the floor. You were both now sitting cross legged, knees touching. “You’ve got to think outside the box, dear Y/N” He said, tapping your forehead as he spoke. You glared up at him as he grinned cheekily back at you, he loved teasing you, loved watching your short temper unravel.

“You’re dead, Black.” You murmured. You didn’t even give him time to give you a confused look before you jumped on him, pushing him onto the floor. You ended up sitting on his stomach, pinning his hands down. You tried to look threatening, but only succeeded in making him laugh at your narrowed eyes and single lifted eyebrow. You knew he could easily push you off of him, but seeing as he wasn’t, you stayed in your place. “Reveal your secrets.” You commanded, eyes still narrow. He raised his own eyebrow at you, the usual smirk gracing his face.

“Make me.” He said, eyes glinting with mischief. You gave him a smirk of your own, leaning forwards so you were inches away from his face. Neither one of you backed down. You couldn’t help but admit to yourself that your heart was racing a bit, being this close to Sirius, having his piercing grey eyes stare defiantly into your Y/E/C ones. Meanwhile, Sirius was trying to keep his breathing steady and resisting the urge to lift his head a few centimetres to feel his lips against yours. Much to your unawareness, Sirius has had a not-so-minor crush on you since day one, the only people who knew were James, Remus and Peter, who had figured it out for themselves. Sirius had denied it entirely when they confronted him about it but they knew their friend well. He knew you were off limits though, you never hook up with friends, everyone knew that and yet he felt so drawn to you. So drawn to your laugh and your smile, your witty comebacks and caring looks, your fearlessness and obstinance. He had tried to rid himself of these feelings with countless other girls, yet he couldn’t find anyone who could compare to you. So, yes, Sirius was most likely about to have his heart beat out of his chest at the rate it was going now.

“Oh, don’t worry Snuffles,” You started, voice low, “I will.” Sirius’ breath stopped entirely at that, only for his hopes to be swatted away as you dropped one of the fish from the bowl onto his face, throwing your head back in laughter as he shrieked and tried to push it off, only succeeding in getting it in his hair, at which his panic level rose dramatically. He hadn’t noticed you had let go of one of his wrists, reaching back to get the fish from the fish bowl.

“Not the hair! Not the hair!” He shouted as he tried shaking his head to rid his ‘luscious locks’ of the wet fish. You continued laughing at his struggle as he gave you a desperate look. “Y/N, please!” He exclaimed. You grabbed your wand and pointed it at him threateningly.

“Reveal your secrets, Black!” You exclaimed, making sure that you didn’t actually use a spell on him.

“Fine! Yes, ok! I’ll do it!” He cried. “Just get it out of my hair!” You chuckled as you picked it up by its tail and dropped it back into the bowl. Sirius was panting as you turned back to him, eyes closed. He threw his hand over his face. “The horror.” He muttered.

“You’ll live.” You said, leaning back and crossing your arms. “Now, tell me.”

“I had Peter sit behind you and show me which cards you had.” Sirius revealed breathlessly. You gasped and turned your head around to find a very red faced Peter hiding behind a table behind you.

“You rat!” You shouted.

“Literally.” Sirius murmured from his spot underneath you. You slapped his chest to shut him up.

“Shush, I’ll deal with you later.” You promised then turned back to the bashful looking boy coming out from behind the table. “Now, what do you have to say for yourself?” You lectured, crossing your arms disappointedly. Peter stared at the ground and shuffled his feet nervously.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

“What did he promise you?” You asked. Peter looked to Sirius who gave him a quick shake of his head. Peter looked back to you, torn between his fear of you and the bargain with Sirius. You looked between the two boys, shaking your head. “Peter, tell me now or I’ll sit on you too.” You threatened.

“He promised me a week’s worth of fudge flies.” Peter answered quickly. Your eyes widened and you gasped, grasping your chest.

“Is that all I’m worth?” You asked, feigning to be hurt. “You should have at least bargained two weeks of fudge flies and chocolate frogs.”

“Sorry.” He muttered. You sighed.

“You can go, but remember, next time negotiate a better deal.” You said to Peter, who quickly scurried off. You turned back to Sirius, who’s hand was still covering his face. “And you…” You said, glaring at him. “I knew you were cheating!”

“I’m traumatised.” Was all he said, still not removing his hand to look at you.

“Calm down, it was just a fish.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Although, your hair does look pretty grim now.” You admitted. You saw him smirk a little.

“Not as bad as yours.” He said, chuckling as you swatted at his chest again.

“Prick.” You muttered.

“Ok, the mystery has been solved. Can you get off of me now?” Sirius whined. You just leaned back with a cheeky smirk on your face.

“Nah, I’m pretty comfortable like th-“ You didn’t get to finish though as Sirius twirled the both of you around, so he was lying on top of you instead. Your eyes closed in a gleeful, surprised laugh, making him smile. When you opened your eyes again, Sirius’ face was right above yours, making your breath hitch in your throat. He noticed this and grinned smugly, making you blush.

“You ok, Y/N? You’re looking a little…flushed.” He whispered the last word. He knew exactly what he was doing, knew he shouldn’t be doing it. You just looked so beautiful with your hair disheveled beneath you, eyes sparkling and cheeks bright red.

“S-Sirius?” You stuttered quietly, watching as his grey eyes shone devillishly.

“Hm?” He asked wordlessly. You stayed silent and so did he, both of you just watching each other. Completely intoxicated with the feeling of his body on yours. All you could hear was the crackling of the fireplace and the light tapping of rain against the window. You bit your lip nervously, accidentally drawing his attention to it. You watched his eyes darken a little and you closed your eyes, not knowing what to expect. You felt his lips softly brush against yours, the tiniest touch yet it had your entire body tensing with excitement.

“Sirius…” You tried again.

“Yes?” He asked, admiring how your lashes fanned over your cheeks.

“I think this means I won the game.” You whispered, opening your eyes. He frowned at you in confusion then laughed softly when he remembered your game of Go Fish.

“I’ll let you have it.” He whispered against your lips then stood up swiftly, walking out of the room. Leaving you lying on the floor, a mess of feelings, desires and questions. You humphed in frustration and glared at the ceiling. That boy started something and he definitely did not finish it.


Okie dokey. This one is a bit short but whatever. Maybe I could write a part two if anyone wants? idk. Anywho, constructive criticism is welcome.


The Family Dinner

Jughead x Reader

Summary: In which Jughead doesn’t want to go the reader’s annual family dinner.

Word Count: 1,928

Sighing, for the thousandth time, you waved your arms in front of your boyfriend’s face. “Look, I’m just asking for one family dinner. One! God forbid. It’s not like I’m marrying you into the family.” You said, snark radiating from your voice.

You watched as his facial expression changed from distracted to disgusted. Hearing the word ‘marriage’, he looked up at you and shook his head. “Gross, Y/N, you know how I feel about that word.”

Rolling your eyes, you sighed once more. “Wow, show a little more repulsion why don’t you? I don’t think you looked sickened enough at the thought of marrying me. Maybe if you bring your nose up a little more.” You told him and proceeded to reach over to his face and push up his nose.

“What are you- God stop. I’m sorry.” He said, finally giving in and acknowledging you. After he finished speaking, however, his attention diverted back to his laptop. Annoyed at the sound of his fingers rapidly hitting the keys, and him ignoring you, you promptly took his hand and then shut the laptop.

“This is ridiculous.” He said, falling back into the booth at Pop’s and sighing.

“No, it isn’t. Jughead why do you have to be so difficult about everything?” You snapped and looked at him expectantly.

“I’m not difficult about everything. Your family is literally crazy, and they don’t like me very much. Why would I be happy about going over there?” Jughead asked, like it was obvious why he didn’t like to be around your family.

This made you laugh and shake your head. “You say that like I like them. Like I don’t know they are crazy. I want you to be there because yes, I’m selfish, and I don’t want to have to go through the annual Y/L/N dinner alone. Okay? Juggie I need you.”

The idea of someone needing Jughead always made him feel special, and you knew this. Unfortunately, he also knew that you knew this.

“You don’t, actually. You’ve handled those by yourself for how many years? Right, let me count.” Jughead began to count on his fingers to emphasize his point, but you stopped him by grabbing his hands and holding them on the table.

“Okay fine, you’re right. But I want you there. More than anything. I love you and I know that you hate the conventional family, couple stuff but I hate these dinners and this one might at least be a little more bearable with you there. You don’t have to go if it’s that revolting but I know that there will be a lot of good food. So much food actually.” You told him, knowing that food would tempt him, if nothing else.

Cracking a smile, Jughead leaned forward. “Fine. I’ll go. But don’t think that this is going to be a regular thing. I’m not going next year.”

Nodding ferociously at Jughead to accept the compromise, you smiled to yourself at the idea that Jughead knew that you would be together in a year. Granted, you had already been together for two, but his hatred of marriage made you question where he saw the relationship going.

“Thank you so much. And it won’t be too bad. I mean, we could always sneak off and-” Jughead cut you off mid sentence.

“And risk any member of your family finding us together and hating me even more? Yeah, no thank you.” Jughead scoffed at your proposal and started packing his laptop into his backpack.

“Jesus, I’m not saying that we would get blackout drunk or have hot and heavy sex. I’m just telling you that if you, or I, get too overwhelmed, we could go up to my bedroom and chill out for a bit. Maybe kiss a little but-” You are cut off once again by Jughead, who had made himself comfortable, sitting on the table at Pop’s.

“You don’t get it, Y/N. They already think I’m some low life who’s using you for sex. Your father legitimately cornered me one day and told me that he wasn’t going to let you ‘be one of my conquests’. They genuinely think that I’m trailer trash.”

When you started laughing, Jughead just squinted his eyes at you in annoyance.

“Sorry” You started “It’s just that we have like, little to no sex life, so it’s really funny to think of my dad thinking that you’ve managed to get enough girls for me to be considered another conquest.”

“Gee thanks. I’d love to stay but my self esteem and overall mood is really plummeting so it’s probably best that I go.” Jughead said, hopping off of the table and swinging his backpack over one shoulder. As he started to walk past you, you jumped up and grabbed his hand.

“Jughead wait.” You pleaded, suddenly realizing how irritated and upset Jughead had become.

Jughead turned to look at you, his demeanor still radiating displeasure. He raised an eyebrow, as if to ask you what else you could possibly want. Frowning at him, you used his hand to pull his body closer to yours.

“I’m sorry for being so pushy and mean. I’m really stressed about the dinner and you are the only person that can calm me down.” You said, playing with the cuff of his coat. Jughead had only really been mad at you a few other times and it always made you especially anxious.

Exhaling, he brought his hand to your hair, and brushed it out of your face before leaning over and kissing the top of your head. “I know how much you hate these, and that’s why I am agreeing to go. But you don’t know what it’s like to have everyone always look at you like you are worthless, like you’re just filling up space in their precious world until you die or get thrown in jail or something along those lines.”

Pushing yourself away from comfort of his chest, you looked up at him with sadness. “Juggie, you know that I don’t think of you like that, right? That I haven’t ever thought of you like that.”

Giving you a half hearted smile, he traced his fingers along your palm and nodded. “That’s because you are the most compassionate, non judgemental, and loving person I know. You never look at anyone like that.”

His words melted your heart, and you couldn’t understand how anyone could view Jughead in a negative light. “But I don’t fall in love with just anyone either. I love you because of who you are, not just because I am a nice person. Trust me, if I was just being nice, I wouldn’t have listened to you talk about In Cold Blood and whether or not Truman Capote was in love with one of the killers the dozens of times that I did.”

Squinting his eyes once more, he looked shocked. “I thought you were interested in my analysis! That is a time honored book. I don’t think it’s a crime for me to talk about it.”

“Jughead, I was interested, the first time, maybe even the second time, but by the third time I was really starting to contemplate whether you were in love with one of them too. Anyway, that isn’t the point.” Noticing just how far off topic you had gotten, you shook your head at your boyfriend. “Look, I understand why you don’t want to be around judgemental people. But you handle people like them everyday. I don’t understand why this is any different.”

“Y/N, this isn’t just anyone. This is your family. What do you think is going to happen to us, long term, if they don’t like me?” Jughead sat back on top of the diner table as you stood in front of him, hands intertwined with his.

“L-long term?” You asked, daring to question what exactly constituted long term in his mind.

“Yeah, like 5, 10 years down the road. I want to be able to have a life with you, without your family thinking that I’ve tarnished their precious daughter. I don’t want our kids to grow up, with their grandparents looking at them like they’re one half of a whole. I don’t want you to regret choosing me over some jock that they would approve of because it would’ve been easier.” Jughead looked so concerned, so distressed of the thought of your future, your children’s future. He wasn’t a romantic, and up until this point, you’ve never heard him even mention your future. You both had taken your entire relationship day by day, and honestly, you’d never felt like you look at anything beyond that.

“But you hate marriage. Anytime I bring the future up, you tell me to focus on right now and you’ve always said that you don’t like kids. I don’t get it.” You took deep breaths, both in confusion and fear that everything that you had just heard him say about your future together was a dream.

“I hate the idea of marriage. It’s just a product of what I saw when I was growing up. I don’t want you to think that I don’t want to be with you forever, because I do, and if marriage is what it would take to prove that to you, then I would marry you in an instant. And of course I think about our future, but I’m scared. I’m scared that talking about it will make it disappear. Or that we will get too caught up in what the future could be like that we fall out of love in the present.” Jughead stopped for a minute, bringing his hands around your neck and brushing his thumb along your collarbone. “As for kids, I don’t like kids. But our kid wouldn’t just be any kid, it would be a someone with your heart running around, a mini you. You’re the best person in my life and I don’t think anything could be better than having two of you.”

You didn’t even bother to hide how big your smile was. Jughead’s words sent you over the moon and cemented your relationship as a permanent fixture in your life.

“Is Jughead Jones talking about marriage? Kids even? Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?” You joked.

Lightly pushing against your chest he smiled and shook his head. “Shut up, okay, or I won’t bring it up again.”

Laughing you took your hands and squished his cheeks together. “Aw, is someone embarrassed?” You watched as his face turned red and he detached your hands from his face.

“No but seriously, I will never regret a moment with you. Screw my family. They have horrible taste anyway. I mean have you seen the throw rug that my mom and grandma picked out for the living room? Honestly I would be kind of concerned if they did like you.” You told him.

“That is one godawful rug.” Jughead said, smirking at you.

Pulling his arm to get him to stand up again, you wrapped your arms around him and listened to the sounds of his breathing. “Thank you for being the absolute best person I have ever met.” You tilted your head up and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “I love you.” You said, looking up at at his eyes that were framed with dark thick eyelashes.

“I love you too.” He responded. Grabbing your hand, he walked you home, saying goodbye for the last time you would see each other until the family dinner the next day.

Things I Love About You [M]

Request: Can you please write a Namjoon smut about your honeymoon night with him?! Thanks!

a/n: this is so cute to me tbh, I LOVE MY baby :( PLS READ IT

The evening was off to a perfect start.  You had just married the love of your life, the wedding was beautiful, your families and friends were there to witness and support you through everything, and you couldn’t be happier.

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Bucket List

A/N: Guess who wrote another longass fanfic! Yes, me! It’s a weird concept, I am sorry. Also. Please do leave some feedback, I am unable to see the good thing in this one atm, so I’d be cool to hear your thoughts about this one!

Summary: One day, Fred, George and you decide to do the things on a Bucket list that you had found. But you didn’t know that this actually would influence your life.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 9429. It’s long, kids.

Warnings: mentions of death ( Fred), but overall it’s hella fluffy and I tried to be funny, I am sorry.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! If requests are still open, do you think you would consider writing about MC and Jumin getting married? Maybe the proposal or the actual thing? No matter what, I absolutely adore your writing, so thank you so much for your amazing work! Keep sharing your talent and passion!

This is that quality content I’ve been searching for ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Anyhow, I’d be happy to do the request, thank you and have a fantastic day! Have a great day sweetheart! Enjoy❣️


“I want you to have dinner with me.” 

You laughed lightly over the phone, nodding. “Sure, when should I come over?” 

“No, I want to have dinner with you,” He restated. “at a restaurant.” 

“Why the change?” You asked, grinning. “I thought you liked just getting to spend time with me at your home?”

“I do love, but I thought I’d do something special this time,” He remarked. “I know you don’t like me spending too much money on you but I hope you’ll be willing to allow me to-just this once?” 

“What’re you planning?” 

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out,” He chuckled. “But it will be a lovely surprise darling-at least-I hope you’ll think so.” 

“I’m sure I will,” You assured him. “When and where is it?”

“It’ll be tomorrow, around eight or so, don’t worry about getting there I’ll send someone to drive you there dear.” 

“Really you don’t have to-”

“This is special MC, let me do this.” 

You hesitated, sighing. “Alright, just this once though!” 

“Then I suppose I better make it count,” He hummed. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Of course you will.” You smiled lightly, a warmth blooming in your chest, preparing to hang up when he spoke once more.

“Oh and MC?”


“I love you.” 

You felt as it the sun drenched you in light, pink sprinkling your cheeks as you returned his words.

“I love you too.” 

Yet until the date, you couldn’t help but admit that your mind was rampant. 

It raced with questions that clawed its way into every waking moment of your life, a mixture of worry and anticipation welling into of you to the point where you thought you may burst.

Until eventually, it came. 

You couldn’t even sit still in the car as you were driven, your feet tapping nervously and hands recoiled into fists, mumbling to yourself, trying to calm yourself for something you weren’t even entirely aware of. 

Yet somehow, as you saw him, those worries seemed to drift away.

And smile replaced them. 

He stood up from his seat and met you halfway, pulling you close, embracing you as if he never quite wanted to let go. 

“It’s wonderful to see you again,” He greeted, leading you to your booth. “I must admit, I’ve missed you dearly.” 

“I missed you too,” You confessed, sitting across from him, leaning back against the cushions. “I was really excited to see you again but…”

He furrowed his brow, a flicker of worry striking his face. “But what?” 

“But this whole surprise has nearly made me explode,” You snickered, embarrassedly. “I’ve been wondering what this is all about.” 

“I didn’t mean to worry you,” He took your hand, squeezing it fondly. “It’s nothing bad, I told you that.” 

“I-I know but,” You tipped your head from side to side, considering. “You know how easy it is to worry.” 

“I do, I’m sorry,” He said to you, running a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “but I would never to do anything to hurt you, you know that.” 

“I do, it was silly I know-” 

“No it wasn’t, I would be concerned too but…” He let out a deep breath. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my whole life.” 

“Sure of what…?”

He swallowed hard, a crooked smile tugging at his lips as stood up, coming to your side and dropping down onto one knee.

And suddenly it clicked.

“I thought love was an impossible concept for me, I thought-I would never find someone who cared about anything other than what I had.” 

He looked, up, locking eyes with you, still interlacing his fingers with your own.

“And then I met you, and it felt like I had entered a whole new world. One that was happy, amazing, and unlike anything I’d ever experienced-because you were in it. You light up my days like you’re the very sun-and-I simply don’t want to imagine living a life without you in it darling.” 

Tears welled in your eyes as he dropped your hand, and took out a small box from his pocket. 

“I knew from the moment I met you, I wanted to spend my entire life with you so…” 

He unveiled the box, revealing a ring, crystalline and shining in the light, rose quartz dotting the rims, a clean cut centering it.

“MC, will you do the absolute honor of marrying me?” His gaze was shiny, nervousness painting his expression despite everything.

And yet it didn’t even take you a moment to answer.


You jumped onto him, embracing him, burying your head in the crook of his neck as tears dribbled down your cheeks redder than a rose.

“Yes, of course, I will!” 

“You will…” He repeated it in almost disbelief before holding onto you as though you may disappear with the slightest breeze, joy engraved in his voice. “You will…!” 

And even as he seemed surprised you knew.

It would’ve always been yes.

No matter what. 

A Good Time (2/4)

SUMMARY. College AU. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. As a joke, your friends wrote your phone number on a graffiti wall for anyone who “wants to have a good time.” You didn’t expect someone to call. But someone did.

WARNINGS. Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader. Cursing / swearing. Don’t call any numbers on graffiti walls, kids!


AUTHOR’S NOTES. I hope I wrote Bucky well. And have I told you guys how much I enjoy writing Bucky and Sam’s frenemy-ship? It’s so much fun. As always, I welcome and appreciate your feedback!

#1 // #2: you are here // #3 // #4

Bucky was going to kill this man. The temptation was growing stronger, in each passing day of living with him and his best friend in the same apartment. It didn’t help that even after two years of getting coffee together almost everyday, this fucker still doesn’t know his usual coffee order.

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sunbeamsandmoonrays  asked:

The scene at Pop's doesn't happen, Jughead gets on the bus to Florida, and Betty tags along? Or some variation of that. Thank you!

Here you go, hope it’s what you were looking for! Enjoy!

Title: Runaways


“Betty, it’s me. I know you deserve more than this rushed, less than eloquent explanation in the back alley of a bus station - I mean, what we’ve gone through together surely warrants a twenty page exposé on what being with you has meant to me or at least some overly dramatic farewell in the parking lot like they do repeatedly in romantic comedies. But this hastily prepared phone call is all I’m able to come up with at the moment, most notably due to the fact that if I saw you in person right now I’d never be able to get on that bus. And I really need to go. Get out of Riverdale and away from the Blossoms and my father’s sins and - well, everything. Just know that I’m not leaving because of you, Betty Cooper. You’ve made these last few months of torturous hell some of the best months of my life. I’ll never forget that. And I’ll never forget how much I - I - I have to go. Bye, Bets.”


Jughead clutched his beat-up hiking backpack that hung over his shoulder tightly with his gloveless hand, the chilly morning air flushing his cheeks and nose a pale pink that made him look like a young boy again, braving the cold just to play in the snow for a few hours until his mother called him in for dinner. Taking a step into the crowd of bus-goers, he stopped himself short before joining the passengers as they filed their way into their seats, glancing back at the bus depot’s entrance as if waiting for something -or someone- that wasn’t coming.

“Are you getting on or not, kid?” the bus driver asked from the driver’s seat, a tired expression crossing his face as he glanced down at Jughead standing by the open doorway looking unsure of himself as he teetered back and forth from one foot to the other. “The bus leaves the station in five minutes with or without you so I’d make up your mind pretty quick if I were you.”

“I’m coming,” Jughead assured him, although he made no move to prove his point and join the rest of the crowd on the bus.

“You might want to tell your feet that,” the bus driver pointed out. “They look pretty glued to the pavement there.”

“Just give me a few more minutes,” Jughead mumbled, adjusting his grip on the bag with one hand and sliding his ticket into the back pocket of his jeans with the other. “I have to get on that bus.”

“Well you’ve just wasted a full minute and a half in your failed attempt to convince us both of that statement, so whatever epiphany you think you’re going to have just standing there, I’d think of something that could make it happen a little quicker otherwise you’re stuck in this town forever,” the driver warned him, leaning back in his seat and resting his head back on the headrest behind him. “Or at least until the next bus leaves.”

“Come on, Jughead,” he mumbled to himself, the snow beginning to fall lightly on his beanie and the street in front of him. “Just get on the bus. There’s nothing keeping you here.”

“Running away to escape the sins of your father, huh?”

Jughead whirled around at the sound of the familiar voice that had made his heart skip a beat every time he heard it over the past few months, his pulse quickening at the sight of a bundled up Betty Cooper making her way over to him, her pale baby blue scarf wrapped snuggly around her neck and her gray peacoat buttoned all the way up to the tip of the collar.

“That’s a little ‘Huckleberry Finn’ don’t you think?”

“No, if I were following in the footsteps of Huck Finn, I would have faked my own death to escape my family,” Jughead pointed out, his gaze focused intently on the thick letters written on the side of the bus in front of them. “And we already had one teenager try that in this town - didn’t turn out so well remember?”

“Juggie,” Betty breathed, stepping around him so that he was forced to meet her gaze. ”Florida?”

“Yeah, well I hear that listening to the waves and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin does wonders for writer’s block,” Jughead shrugged, his expression hard and distant as he struggled to keep his heart from fluttering the way it always did when he was in her presence. “And considering I’m not writing my novel on Jason Blossom’s murder anymore, I figured a little seaside town in Florida was as good a place for a little inspiration and a fresh start.”

“Alone?” Betty’s voice was small, almost heartbreakingly so, and it took every bit of strength Jughead had left in him to resist scooping her up into his arms and holding onto her forever.

“I’ve been alone for the better part of my life, Bets,” Jughead reminded her, taking a step away from her as he continued to keep his distance. “My mother, Jellybean, now my father - they’ve all left me at some point, one way or another. And I know you were only doing what you thought was right to protect me, but even my friends, who I thought I could trust more than anyone, lied to me. People leave and let you down, it’s the way my life has always gone and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Jughead felt his eyes begin to prickle with tears and he quickly stepped around Betty, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand and moving to place one foot on the first step leading up to the bus.

“But none of that matters anymore because I’m leaving that all behind. Goodbye Riverdale, goodbye Jughead Jones,” Jughead muttered, turning his back to Betty and grabbing onto the door with his free hand. “And it all starts as soon as I step onto that bus.”

“No,” Betty snapped, her voice ringing out amidst the empty bus station and falling snow blanketing the scene in front of them, causing Jughead to stop dead in his tracks, his foot sliding off the bus and back onto the pavement as he spun back around to face her.


“You don’t get to just leave like that,” Betty told him, her eyes dancing wildly as the rage and longing and fear of losing something she had grown to crave more than oxygen over the past few months, began to take over her expression. “Not after everything we’ve been through together. Not after you climbed into my bedroom that day we went to see Polly and you kissed me. Not after everyday since then where you’ve been the one thing keeping me sane through this whole ordeal. Not after you made me fall in love with you!”

The words echoed off the walls of the empty bus depot, lingering in the air for a moment before hitting Jughead hard and fast, causing his heart to stop beating and his eyes to widen in disbelief as he slowly lifted his head to look at her.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t mean for it to come out like that,” Betty apologized, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in disbelief as a beautiful pink color began to creep up onto her cheeks at the unexpected declaration. “I’m sorry.”

“You love me?” Jughead breathed, the words so quiet and unlike his own voice that he was sure that it was someone else who had spoken them.

“Yeah, Jug,” Betty assured him, her lips creeping up into a shy smile as she finally said the words that had been lingering in her thoughts for weeks, out loud. “I love you.”

In that moment, amidst the falling snow and the rumbling of the bus awaiting the last of its passengers, Jughead knew without a shadow of a doubt that the next move he made would solidify the fate of their relationship for the rest of time. So without another word, Jughead dropped his backpack onto the snow-covered pavement and took Betty’s face in his hands, her skin cool and smooth and perfect to the touch, and kissed her until all the words and feelings and thoughts that he couldn’t say right then, didn’t need to be said out loud anymore. With that one kiss, Betty got the answer she had been hoping for all along - something more than what could have been expressed through pretty soliloquies or well-thought-out speeches. And that was enough for her.

“Time’s up, kid,” the bus driver announced from the driver’s seat, causing Betty and Jughead to abruptly pull back from their embrace to meet his gaze. “Are you getting on or not?”

“I’m coming with you,” Betty told him, already pushing her way towards the steps leading up to the bus, nearly slipping on the patch of ice on the road and reaching forward to hold onto the side of the vehicle to regain her balance.

“What? Betty, no I can’t ask you to leave everything you’ve known your entire life for me,” Jughead told her, reaching out to take her by the elbow and pulling her gently back towards him. “And I can’t ask you to leave Polly, especially not now.”

“She’s the one who suggested I leave with you,” Betty admitted, pointing to the luggage off to the side of the bus that Jughead hadn’t noticed until that moment, revealing that this was what she had been planning all along.

“You didn’t come here to say goodbye,” Jughead guessed, realization washing over his face as he took in the bus ticket sticking out of her pocket and everything started to make sense to him. “You came here to run away with me.”

“Polly and Jason never got their chance to get out of Riverdale together,” Betty reminded him, taking his wind-bitten hands in hers and stepping forward to close the gap between them. “But maybe we actually have a chance to be happy, away from all the secrets and lies and drama, Jug. I know that as long as I’m with you, I can be happy anywhere. So let’s go be happy.”

“Bets, are you sure?” Jughead wanted to know, his brows drawing together in concern as he glanced up at the annoyed bus driver with uncertainty. “This isn’t a short sleuthing trip across town, this is for good. I don’t plan on coming back for awhile. Maybe not at all.”

“I’m sure that I love you,” Betty assured him, her hands gently grazing his cool skin with the tips of her fingers before resting them comfortably on his cheeks. “And that’s all that matters to me right now.”

He knew that they were going to be deemed certifiably insane by the better half of Riverdale for thinking that two teenagers could survive running away with little to no money and no plan for the future mapped out in front of them, but in that moment, Jughead didn’t care. He didn’t care about the future, or what anyone else said about them, just as long as Betty Cooper was by his side every step of the way.

“Let’s go then,” Jughead announced, taking her hand in his and nodding for her to follow him onto the bus before he changed his mind.

“So that’s what he was waiting for,” the driver noticed, smiling knowingly up at Betty as she passed him on her way to one of the free seats in the back of the bus. “Can’t say I blame you, boy. I would have waited for a girl like her too when I was your age. Never got so lucky, I’m afraid.”

“I’ve waited for her longer than you think,” Jughead admitted, smiling back at Betty as she settled her way onto the plush seating and placed her own backpack on her lap in front of her. “I just hope that my loving her doesn’t ruin her life. I don’t think I could live with myself if that were the case.”

“That’s a chance you’re going to have to take, son,” the driver informed him, glancing up to meet Jughead’s gaze with somber eyes. “Otherwise, you’ll never forgive yourself for letting someone like her slip through your fingers. Trust me, I know all too well.”

Jughead nodded at the bus driver as if he understood, smiling at him gratefully before making his way down the aisle to join the girl he was going to start a new life with. He knew that he was running away from a lot of demons that Riverdale possessed for him, but he also knew that he was running to something - something better and brighter and with Betty. And that was what finally put his mind at ease as the doors shut behind them and the driver pulled out of the depot as they made their way down the road, and towards new beginnings.

there is nothing i hate more in a story than an ending that’s so bad it retroactively makes everything that came before bad too, no matter how good it had been up until then, especially if it had been really good up until then

anonymous asked:

The gang finding out they're going to be a mother/father.

This request was cute <3
So have some much needed cuteness!

*I’m going to do our beloved PT boys and will do the girls reactions if requested later on

**this ask is assuming that S/O is female, trans, has the necessary body parts to conceive, or the couple have picked a surrogate. I’ll leave that imagining up to you guys!


  • Would honestly be so in shock that he wouldn’t believe it
  • It took a LOT of convincing from S/O that he was actually going to be a dad
  • And even then he would still be skeptical
  • “I feel like you’re joking. You always joke around about serious stuff.”
  • Get it? Joke? Joker? Ahahahah I’ll see myself out
  • It wouldn’t be until he saw the ultra-sound that he believed them
  • And he would break down completely and start gross sobbing out of joy
  • “I can’t wait to be able to start a family with you…”
  • He couldn’t keep himself from smiling when S/O uttered the words ‘our child’
  • Beneath that stoic expression is a man that wouldn’t be able to contain himself at the thought of living happily ever after with S/O and little baby joker
  • Would 100% buy stupid onesies for the baby and would get sad when S/O tossed the one that said ‘Fuck the police’


  • Wouldn’t know what to think at first
  • “How will I be able to take care of a child when I can’t even take care of myself!?”
  • “A-Are you sure? You’re positive?”
  • Ryuji would be absolutely terrified from the get-go
  • And would need constant reassurance that he wasn’t going to be a complete failure  bad father
  • After he finally got over his fears Ryuji would be just slightly overbearing but it would be really cute since he’d be overly confident as well
  • “Our child is going to be the cutest fucking kid in the world and I’m going to spoil the crap outta them. I’ll be a better dad than my own ever was.”
  • And really, he would be
  • He would spend hours at libraries and on the internet, reading every single baby book that he could possibly get his hands on
  • He would take S/O to all of those silly parenting classes and unlike in high school he would actually pay attention to what was being taught
  • “I just want to be a good dad, you know?”


  • Would just kinda… freeze in place at the news
  • And forget how to breathe
  • “F-Forgive me, S/O. What did you just say?”
  • “You’re going to be father, Yusuke.”
  • He wouldn’t be able to process it for a few minutes
  • And would think that he didn’t have it in him to be a good father
  • “What makes a father? How does one even act? What…what if I cannot provide for our child? I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this, love.”
  • It wouldn’t be just nerves or uncertainty gnawing at Yusuke to make him feel this way
  • It was the lack of a father figure in his own life that wasn’t shitty Madarame that had him questioning everything
  • He would support S/O the entire time but still worry that he’d let them and their child down at some point
  • It wasn’t until the first time Yusuke held his child that things finally clicked, making all of his worries disappear in seconds
  • “So this is unconditional love, isn’t it? I would not trade this feeling for anything in this life or the next.”


  • You can bet your butt that he would be 10000% up for adopting a child
  • Not saying that he wouldn’t want a child with his own DNA
  • That would be at a later point in time
  • Him and S/O would probably spend a few years saving up every last penny to help things go smoothly with the adoption process
  • They’d research the best schools in their area, adoptive parent support groups, contractors for turning Akechi’s office into a child’s bedroom…
  • “You can always do your work in the kitchen or in bed with me, Goro~!”
  • But for some reason or another, their case was always pushed back
  • Being told by so many people that everything would work out when it didn’t seem like it would had begun taking its toll on the couple
  • There were too many nights filled with tears and them questioning why they weren’t good enough to care for a child in need
  • So when S/O received the call that they’d been matched with a child and social workers would be coming to their home to see if it was suitable before the move in process…
  • There were even more tears
  • Lots of them
  • “Goro, you’re gonna be a dad.”
  • Akechi’s words got caught in the back of his throat, and all he could say was “Really?” over and over again
  • He would finally have the chance to be the kind of father he wished he’d had growing up
  • And that was the best revenge he’d ever be able to get
Unevenly Drawn Petals

Pairing: Levihan 

Word count: 6793

Summary: Soulmate AU in which whenever you write on yourself, it appears on your soulmates skin as well, and Hange is a horrible artist, much to Levi’s dismay.

A/N: First time posting one of my stories on here! Hope you guys liked it! I’ll be posting another part of this shortly which will consist entirely of Levihan fluff because I’m weak… Oops. 

When Levi was little, the concept of a soulmate didn’t make much sense to him.

The earliest encounter he remembered having that involved his soulmate was when he was just about the age of four-years-old. He could still recall the way his mother’s light eyes lit up at the sight of the green lettering that appeared in a scribbled manner across the pale skin of his forearm.

“Look, baby, that’s from your soulmate!” She had said in a happy tone, pointing it out with her index finger. He had stared down at the lines for a minute in silent contemplation, before scrubbing harshly at the skin with the palm of his hand. His mother quickly pulled his arm away, his skin now a bright red from the friction he caused to himself. He didn’t focus on that, his eyes instead trained on the green marker that still lingered there despite his best efforts to wash it away. He promptly burst into tears.

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Roots (Prologue)

Originally posted by peruni

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

AUTHOR NOTE: IMPORTANT: Although these fics can be read independently, they are actually part of a crossover collection! The Other World Collection is all written in the same AU, with repeating characters and connected storylines. Starting with Charred, then Struck and this new fic which runs somewhat parallel to Struck. I would recommend reading Struck first at least (even if you just skim it!) - but also, I always always write so you can understand it if you have just picked it up here!

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Six Years Ago

You stared at your reflection in the small pool of water in front of you. You blinked back tears as your face stared back at you, rippling gently as a light breeze played gently across the surface of the water. Your hair was wound delicately back from your face, laced with flowers and a crown of ivy. Your skin was glowing. You looked beautiful… and miserable.

I can’t go through with this, you thought, feeling your body tremble.

‘Y/N! What are you doing?’

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