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When you have mad crushes on someone but they have no idea so you just

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EXO Emergency #I’llBeHome4Christmas...

Suho: Okay guys now this meeting is very important beca–

Chen:*stands up* Stop! Did you legit kept us from going home on Christmas so that we could all come to this stupid meeting???

Suho: …

Baekhyun: *walks over and puts hand on Suho’s shoulder*

Baekhyun: Bro we love you b–

Sehun: *coughs*

Baekhyun: But I didn’t spend the whole year becoming the most important member just to have to see your dumb face on a Sunday at 5am.

Kai: Yes, I’m not trying to be rude but why are we up so early anyway??

Suho: *shrugs of Baekhyun’s hand* First I’m not your bro and secondly all of you guys act like it’s such a chore to spend some time together. Where is your holiday spirit?

Kyungsoo: You tell me, I was promised three bottles of wine!

*Door opens and Kris, Tao and Luhan enter*

Tao: Merry Christmas!!

Sehun: *mutters* More like 3 bodies of whine.

Tao: I heard that!

Kyungsoo: *rifles through the cupboards for soju*

Suho: I just wanted us all to gather as a family-

Chanyeol: But we’re not

Suho: -Anddd to end the year on a good note.

Chen: Lol and you invited the absentee China Line for that? We can’t even get Sehun to end on a good note, never mind the whole year.


Xuimin: So is this why you asked us all to bring a present?

Suho: *sighs* Yes! Just something small and thoughtful to give to someone you’re grateful for.

Yixing: I brought a gift for Chanyeol

Chanyeol: Thanks man!

Baekhyun: Seriously??? *Starts crossing off name on package in his hands*

Chanyeol: *rips it open* Wow!!! It’s a new hoodie!

Yixing: We all know that you’re broke after buying your car, and we all were getting tired of seeing you in that “burning bridges” hoodie.

Chen: it wouldn’t have been that bad of it didn’t smell like a burning bridge as well.

Luhan: Lol I missed you guys.

Suho: Enough to come back?

Luhan: Sure…. I’d love to give up my paycheck and million dollar home for a cramped dorm and a slave contract.

Kris: *laughs* Funnyyy!

Chen: not really.

Kyungsoo: *raised hand* Can I go next?

Suho: Sure!

Kyungsoo: *pulls out brown paper bag and starts drinking from a hidden bottle*

Kai: Is he?


Suho: D.O.! I said bring something for someone you care about!

Kyungsoo: *lowers bottle* ….but I did.

Sehun: nice.

Suho: *rubs temple* Why me?

Baekhyun: Sooo I had a gift for Yixing but since his heart now beats for Chanyeol’s skinny ass I guess I have to give this to someone else. *throws box at Chen’s head*

Chen: OUCH

Kai: Can we speed this up? Krystal and i are spending Christmas at both our parents hou–

Kyungsoo: *starts gagging on his bottle*

Kris: Why do I keep coming back here?


Chen: *opens box* Some one tell my why there’s matching bracelets that say “Lay & Bae”????



Tao: Just to be honest I forgot to bring a present.

Sehun: Just to be honest I remembered but decided I didn’t want to.


Kris: You gotta give him props for honesty…..also I opted to not give a gift either.

Luhan: Same

Chen: Ditto

Xiumin: I brought a gift!

Suho: Who did you bring it for?

Xiumin: I didn’t know that it had to be for anyone so I sorta just picked a group gift.

Kai: Sweet, what is it?

Xiumin: Just a new PS4 for the game room.

Luhan: *to Chen* You guys have a game room?

Chen: If by room you mean a side closet in Soo’s room then yeah.

Kris: Typical

Suho: That’s better than nothing I guess.

Baekhyun: Speaking of better than nothing. Suho what did you get for us to make up for ruining our Christmases?

Suho: *gets excited and pulls out a giant bag* I actually got you all a whole case of scrapbooking materials so that we can bond together and maybe even invite some friends to scrap wi–

Sehun: *raises hand* I have a question for the China Line.

Tao: What’s up?

Sehun: So is there like a process you have to go through to leave the group or is it like you just don’t come into practice and stop returning phone calls…..I’m asking for a friend.


Tao: It’s more like an unfollow off of social media and start dropping interviews every other week but you were close.

Baekhyun: Um I may know a friend who’s interested in leaving too so….



China Line:

Kyungsoo: I think my soju is gone, excuse me while i go to the store and get more…..if I’m not back in 3 days don’t come look for me *leaves*


Sehun: *to Chanyeol* Wait can we just go?

Chanyeol: I mean you don’t do much so probably

Suho: I hate this group.

Chen: Wait! so does this mean that this will be the last time we see your loser face all year??

Baekhyun: Dude…don’t jinx it! We probs will never get that lucky!

Exo + China Line: *all laugh*

Suho:*picks up bag of scrap keeping materials*

Suho: I hate you all.


“Um. Guys. There’s a group of demons outside,” Sam said, peering out the small window before ducking back down.

“Will you marry me?” you repeated, keeping your eyes only on Dean.i

“This actually may not be the best time, Y/N,” Dean said. You smiled at the incredulity on his face, at the way you always seemed to be the only one who could still surprise him.

“Yeah. They know we’re in here. We need to move,” Sam said, taking another quick peek. 

“So what’s your answer?” you asked, giving Dean a grin. He shook his head, crossing over to you.

“My answer is that we’re going to talk about this when we make it out of here.”

“Scratch that. There are two groups of demons,” Sam’s voice cut through.

If we make it out of here,” Dean amended with a small shrug, running a hand down your arm. You shared a look, laughed quiet, didn’t break away from his green eyes on you.

“Guys, we have to move!” Sam said, and there was nothing left in his voice now but urgency. You started to step away, but Dean gripped your arm gently.

“If we do make it out of this craphole, you can bet your ass that little talk of ours is going to start with me saying ‘hell yes’,” he told you, and pulled you in for a kiss before taking your hand; and together, you ran.


Okay but I imagine that when Edge goes back to Underfell, he’s secretly miffed that Sci gave him all these dumb feelings. Like “Thanks a lot, Nerd. Now I can’t go ten minutes without thinking about you and your dumb face. All I want to do is cuddle you, and it’s a real pain in the ass. I have THINGS TO DO! Who gave you the right?! This is FUCKED UP! WE’RE THE SAME PERSON! BUT THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND BE CUTE. WHY?!”

Dean downloading snapchat onto his phone and onto Cas’, because “maybe if I can see your dumb face, you won’t need to use those damn emoticons”.

Cas sending Dean snaps of everything. His book, his tea, his food, the shower being turned on, the puddle of his PJ’s on the floor, his own reflection in the mirror, his feet (so, so many snaps of his feet, in various sock combinations). Dean mostly replying with snaps of the road, text overlaid, normally something like yeah, Cas, those socks look pretty neat too.

Dean replying once with a picture of his own face, smiling into the sunlight. Cas taking a screenshot immediately, and earning himself a sharp text.

> Hey, that’s cheating.

> What? I won’t show anyone else.

> … fine.

Cas taking a screenshot every time Dean sends him a picture of his face, and Dean thinking nothing of it - in the back of his mind, he’s assuming that Cas probably deletes them after a day or two - until the day he catches Cas staring down at his phone with a soft, happy expression on his face.

Dean saying, “Who’s got you smiling?”, trying not to sound envious.

Cas blinking up at him - and then turning his phone screen around so that Dean can see his own face, a snap he sent weeks ago. “You,” he says.

Next time Dean sends a snap, there’s not so much text overlaid. Just a single red heart, that Cas can keep forever.