your dublin's showing

Dear Taylor,

My name is Sally, I’m fourteen and I’m Irish. I’ve been a swiftie for about 3 years. The first one of your songs I ever listened to was Love Story. As soon as I heard it, I realised it was the same one I’d heard on the radio a few years earlier and loved. I then listened obsesively to Speak Now (since that was the only album of yours I had) and soon after listened to all your other songs. I was completely enchanted by your incredibly insightful lyrics and beautiful songs. 

Not long after, I decided to learn to play guitar. I was so inspired by your path to stardom that I wanted to follow you there. Of course, I wasn’t really thinking seriously on becoming rich and famous, but it would certainly be something really fun to try. So for my twelfth birthday I got a guitar and began learning. I practised for hours everyday and soon became quite good. 

Playing guitar has opened a door I never knew existed before in my life. If I feel sad, I play guitar, if I feel happy, I play guitar, if I’m angry, I play guitar. Whenever I have any free time, I play guitar. As you said, “People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.” I mostly play your songs, but I play other bits and pieces as well, and write some of my own songs too.

In short, thank you so so much for inspiring me to learn this wonderful instrument. I don’t know what I would do without it and without you. I love you so much, thank you for brightening up my life.

With love to the moon and back, forever and always, 

From Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Ps: I’m going to your show in Dublin on the 29th of June. I’m standing in section GA2, entrance 1 and I’m ticket number G2 943. I’m going dressed as a swiftie cat! It’s going to be my first concert, and also my first time seeing you in real life, and I’m crazily excited! I’m scoring off the days on my calendar! Love you so much!)