your dress tho

Me: *Procastinating*

Me: Stares at Keith and Lance elevator pic

Me: @bibocas-valkiria put the cinderella shoe on Keith rn



Ruh oh

I can’t believe it’s been more than I year since I used my Tumblr! So much has happened, it’s crazy- I crossed a lot off my adult bucket list!

Since I was last around, I absolutely fell in love, moved all the the things to his and now I get to see his beautiful beardy face every day c: I got a new job, learned to drive….

Aaaaand I’m currently full of baby and the size of a small campervan! Nico jr gets evicted in November, I’m hoping the moving date is accurate, she doesn’t pay rent and bangs on the ceiling all the time 😐

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I’m hoping to keep posting art and such, hit me up if you remember me or just want to say hi :)

anonymous asked:

Can I request the RFA boys + V and saeran and how the sex would be on their wedding night. Forgive me for I have sinned

hello my fellow satan worhsipper ;) 


-is 100% the type to overdo the romantic gestures

-wayy too many rose petals everywhere, leading to the bedroom 

-theres so many candles you´re worried something will catch fire 

-okay but the bed is fucking huGE, did he get a new bed for this (the answer is yes)

-he will want to take his time with the foreplay 

-like way too much time

-your body will be covered in hickeys

-he´ll try his best to be gentle, he really will

-but he will get carried away in your moans and would end up being a bit rougher than he meant to

-who´s complaining tho? not u 


-okay we all know the whole room would be filled with big bouqets 

-he will absolutely treat you like the princess you are 

-will insist on carrying you over the treshold even tho your dress is super heavy 

-like taking his time just admiring and worshipping every part of your body

-kissing your fingertips and knuckles and nibbing at your nipples

-looots of praising and pet names 

-he´s so so gentle, your pleasure is wayy more important than his own 

-is set on making you come as many times as possible

-eating you out, fingering you and fucking you until you cant take anymore 

-your pleasure gets him off more than his own does 


-he´s teary eyed the whole evening! he´s just so happy! 

-lots of nose smooches

-he´s a blushing mess. you both are.

-you would have to go super slow 

-”are you okay?” and “i love you”´s every 3 seconds

-none of you really lasts long but thats okay

-you two would cuddle and smooch till you both fell asleep 


-is way more hasty then any of the others

-only because you´re really married now?? you´re his wife??!!

-you two are making out before even getting to the bedroom

-he really wants to drag it out 

-but he´s just too excited. you both are

-won´t stop at one round, you´ll be up all night 

-also when you have to shower in the morning

-you two are insperable and acting like horny teenagers for months after your honeymoon

-everyone is highkey not inviting you to anything because you´ll probably end up having sex in their bedroom, bathroom, closet. whatever is closest 


-he´s so impatient, has a hard time waiting till after the party, so you end up having to sen everyone home a lot earlier than expected…or leaving your own party. 

-fuck being gentle, he just wants you now.

-he won´t even try to go easy on you tbh, he´s rough and unapolegetic and its perfect. 

-this boys stamina is insane, so you´re in for a long night, and sore morning. if he´ll even stop there. 

-with every round he gets more experimental, choking (with your consent of course) biting, and humiliation ensued.

-you two don´t leave your bedroom for anything more than fill your basic needs for days.


-would probably be very calm about it tbh?

-like he´s beyond happy of course

-but he´s also like “there´s no need to rush, we have our whole lifes ahead of us”

-is super gentle with you 

-takes his time caressing your face and just admiring you in general 


-morning sex is a big yes