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Crimson (M - Jungkook)

*I tried*

Word Count: 2,968 words 

Requestt:  Halo, cani plez have a Suga or Kook angsty smoot, where he constantly sees guys like/ comment complements onyour twitter and he gets really annoyed/ bothered and crap and wants to make sure you know who is the only one who can call you beautiful o.o

Warnings: Kinky as fuck, I kid you not

“Babe! Have you seen my– what are you two doing?” You walked in on your boyfriend, Jungkook and your best friend, Taehyung. Taehyung was in the midst of wearing your favourite lip shade ‘Midnight Rouge’ and your boyfriend had his hair tied up with some of your clips in.

“Hey, babe.”

“It’s not what it looks like!”

“On the v-vanity next to my cologne.” You walked over, picked them up along with a few other things and shut the door behind you. This isn’t the first time you saw this, unfortunately. Last time, it was your primer and glitter eyeshadow. The only thing that made it worse was Taehyung didn’t even look that bad with it, almost better that you looked with it.

You were a YouTuber, making hair and makeup tutorials since your friends always asked what products you used or how you got your hair in a certain hairstyle. Of course, you went to university but YouTube definitely helped you with your bills. Jungkook usually whined when you were up late editing a video, demanding attention by distracting you. Other than that, he was a super supportive boyfriend that wanted to help you out sometimes. You went into an empty room, setting up your camera and arranging the makeup you were about to use before starting.

“Hey guys, It’s me again! Back with a new tutorial for you guys. For this look you’ll need…” You listed the products and began going through your steps, applying as you go. You started with concealer before putting foundation, using dark shades of foundation to help you highlight the better features of your face. You highlight your cheekbones; add eyeshadow with your new brushes, put on eyeliner along with mascara before finishing with a simple lip balm.

“Babe– Oh shit, sorry.”

“It’s okay, Kookie. I was just wrapping up.” You gave your outro before ending the recording.

“I’m really sorry you had to see that..”

“You looked pretty with little bows in your hair. Cute little Kookie.”

“Can I just die of embarrassment?”

“You should have let me taken a picture; I need the world to know how much of a cute dork my boyfriend is.”

“Babe, I’m an international playboy. It would ruin my spotless image.” You grabbed your phone, finding all the pictures of him looking like a derp and showed him.

“You’ll tarnish what was already tarnished?”

“I’ll recreate it, please.”

“Babe, I thought you didn’t want people to know about us?” It was easy to become viral if he starred in one of your videos; it was Jeon Jungkook. There would be so many questions and your relationship will be out, leaving you to the sea of ARMY that love him dearly. That means you were open to people trying to bring you down for taking “their precious Jungkook” and open hate.

“You’re right…”

“But babe, what is wrong if they know we’re dating?”

“If they know, my videos and channel could blow up. They could be fans of you that love me or the tutorials, but there could be vengeful fans that hate me for dating you.”

“I’ll protect you. Besides, they should know hurting you means hurting me and I know they wouldn’t want to hurt me.”

“You’ve amazing.”

“I know.” You hit his shoulder, while he wrapped his arms around you and held you to his chest. You had your hand resting against his chest, as well as your head and he kissed your head.

“As this is, I have an video to edit Kookie.”

“What about me, babe?”


“You can do it later.”

“Kookie, we’re having dinner later. And I really want to get this done.” You slipped out his embrace, resulting in a sulky Jungkook following you to your laptop. You sat down at a desk, hooking up your camera to the computer and opening up Sony Vegas.

Jungkook sat next to you, resting his head on your shoulder as you tried not to move that shoulder too much. He nipped at your ear, his teeth nibbling at the flesh as you tried to raise the sound of your voice.


“What is it, babe? Don’t you need to get this done?” He whispered in your ear before kissing the skin behind it. He kissed your neck softly, his perfectly rose coloured lips painting themselves to be a distraction from you. You couldn’t give in, only needing to add effects and upload the video itself to YouTube.


“Y/N.” He hotly whispered; chills running down your spine and you looked at him. He took the chance to kiss you, wanting to taste the lip balm off your lips. You could taste cherries from his delectable lips, the sweet taste that lingered on the tip of his tongue made you want to leap into his arms. You almost forgotten the task at hand, he knew how you loved the feeling of his soft lips against yours and how you rarely focused on anything else when he kisses you so feverishly.

“You’re such a distraction.”

“I’m your distraction.” He added with a wink, you pinching his cheek until he begged you to let go. You somehow manage to get the video uploaded, tweeting about it to your followers and simply waited. You moved to the living room with Jungkook, his head resting in your lap, his long hair messy and his eyes locked in concentration.



“Do you want to do anything before dinner?”

“I could skip to dessert now.”

Jeon Jungkook!” Your voice was shrill as he chuckled at your reaction, sitting up and pulling you into his lap.

“Oh my god–”

“What is it?”

“My video’s getting so many comments. People think I’m pretty~”

“You’re always pretty, babe. My pretty little Y/N.”

“Kookie~” He nuzzled his head into your head, planting kisses against your shoulders as you continue to read tweets directed at you. You were surprised there were more male comments than female, considering the fact that there aren’t many guys into makeup. Although you wish there were, just out of spite for the ridiculous stereotypes that society has placed on each gender and show that makeup isn’t for women, it’s for us all.

“So sweet..” He mumbled against your skin before trailing upwards, you tilted your head towards him in hopes that he would kiss your lips instead. You felt his lips brush against yours before you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.

“What is it?”

“Just some more comments. Now, where were we?” You finally managed to get his lips to slowly crash against yours. It was like the moment before a firework, the building of anticipation before being dazzling by the loud sound and wondrous colours. He was your explosion, the small touch of his fingertips through your hair, behind your ear before fully caressing your cheek. You were entranced by him, immersed into the escalating kiss before his phone buzzed.

“Goddammit.” He whispered against your lips after he pulled away, sliding his hand into his pocket to pull out his phone. He answered it, his arm still lazily tangle around your waist and pulling you into his chest. He talked, his fingers brushing against your sides and you had to contain your urge to squeal. You almost let one out, him quickly dismissing it to whomever he was talking to and you wanted to hit him for having a smug look on his face.

“Alright, bye.” He hung up and you smacked his chest, getting up to leave him in the room.

“Babe, it’s cute watching you squirm!”

“You little–”

“I love you~” He started doing a cute little dance, acting cutely for you and you turned away from him only for him to spin you back around. He made you dance along with him, which easily replaced your displeasure with into embarrassment.

“Kookie, stop.” You whined and he did his silly hand dance, knowing he succeeded in making you happy with him. He stopped, still having his cut grin on his face and pulling you closer to him.

“Anything for you.”


You were getting dressed, picking a simple wine dress. It was knee length, a teasing slit on your left side that exposed a bit of your leg, and the silk was gentle against your rich complexion. You were sitting at the vanity, fixing your makeup and going for a more evening look. You had removed all the makeup from earlier and looked for your foundation brush. Jungkook walked up behind you, fixing an annoying strand that wouldn’t sit still.

“How did I get so lucky? My girlfriend is so gorgeous.”

“I’m not wearing any makeup, Kookie.”

“I know; you’re beautiful without it.”

“Don’t flatter me..”

“It’s the truth, I love your bare face. It’s my favourite thing to wake up to; I look forward to mornings because I wake up next to the most angelic, beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, divine woman in the world.”

“How could you be so cheesy? God, Kookie.”

“I’m not that cheesy..”

“Your cheeks are pink and that’s not because you were playing with my blush earlier.”

“Where are my cufflinks, babe?”

“Jungkook, I put them on your nightstand.” You went over to his bedside, seeing them on top and they slipped to the side of the bed. You bent over to grab the annoying silver links and felt Jungkook’s eyes on you. You quickly grabbed them, standing up and catching him staring at your bottom.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“I can’t help it, it’s just curvaceous and…” Your cheeks were burning, quickly putting the cufflinks in his hands and shoving him into the bathroom. He was biting his lip while he looked at you; you were overwhelmed by your flustered feelings. You did your makeup, Jungkook coming back and sat in the bed watching you finish up.


“Of course.” He grabbed your hand, leading you to the car and you sat in the passenger’s seat. You straightened out the creases in your dress but Jungkook rested his hand on your thigh, creating more but you had no complaints. His hand gently squeezed your skin, the hot touch directly affecting the core between your legs and he drove you to the sushi bar.

You were the first one to take him to one, immediately falling in love with the spicy tuna roll and California rolls. He loved it as much as he loved you, which was terrifying but nonetheless you ordered seafood udon and he ordered his usual. Your phone was buzzing more than a honeybee would and you checked the notifications. There were a ton more tweets about your videos, a few went as far as asking you to be their girlfriend. Creepy.

“More comments?”


“It’s just makeup..”

“Kookie, are you perhaps… jealous?”

“Me? No, I already have you. It’s like they’re going to ask you out or something.”

“Right, it’s okay to be jealous, Kookie. I’m going to check my makeup.”


“I’ll be back, whiny baby.” You said to his discontent and went to the restroom. It was luckily empty, you fixed up your mascara and lightly wiped away any sweat on your face. You sprayed a little bit of perfume before walking back out. You smiled at him, which he ignored and simply ate his spicy tuna. Your phone keep vibrating throughout dinner, him stabbing his sushi and you looked at him.

“Can you turn that damn thing off? I’m trying to eat in goddamn peace.”


“What? Are you mad that I’m not happy with your fucking fan club of boys that worship you as if you’re a goddamn goddess?”

“So, you are jealous. Just say it instead of taking it out on me.”

“You’re so fucking oblivious, it’s not even funny. You enjoy the attention, don’t you?”


“Then, why aren’t you turning off your phone?”

“I don’t take orders from people who just bark at me like a fucking dog.”

“You know what?” He paid the bill, tossing cash at the poor man and grabbed your wrist. His grip was hard, letting you stumble in your heels and he put you into the car. You sat angrily, not wanting to go anywhere with him and contemplating rolling out the car but he thought ahead.

“Unlock the doors, jackass.”

“You’re not going anywhere without me.”

“I want to go anywhere as long as it’s without you.”

“Too bad, sweetheart. You’re mine.”

“Jeon Jungko–” He pulled you out the car again, picking you up and tossing your heels off your feet. He took you directly to the bedroom, dropping you on the bed and looking through the drawers. He pulled out handcuffs, a blindfold and a vibrator.

“I’m going to remind I’m the only one who gets to call you beautiful. Only me, Y/N.” He stripped you of your clothes, leaving you in your underwear and put the handcuffs along with the blindfold on you. He placed you on your elbows, your ass sticking out and your hand planted on the bed. You listened to the sound of the vibrator, and then you felt it.

“Do you like it when there’s a vibrator against your little pussy?”


“I’ve barely started and you’re already moaning. Does my princess want more attention?”

“I’m sorry..”

“You’re sorry, aww. I’m sorry too. But bad girls deserved to be punished and you, princess have been a very bad girl. Look at these comments. ‘You’re so beautiful, marry me!’ ‘You’re the only one for me’ ‘You have an amazing body’. Look at you, getting wetter to this comments baby. You love that fucking attention, don’t you?” You struggle in the handcuffs, wanting him to stop but moans spilled out in place of your protests. You shamelessly felt yourself soaking your panties, earning yourself hard slaps against your ass and he tore your panties off you.

“You’re deliciously wet, princess.”

“A-aahh.” He touched harshly, his fingers pinching at your clit and poking at your hole. You felt his lips brushing against you, planting soft kisses before fixating on your clit. The hard flick of his tongue against your clit made your ties curl and you arch your back. You wish you could tug on his hair, your hands settling on the sheets and you cried out his name. He moved away, you whimpering at the loss of contact and he plunged the vibrator into you.

“J-Jungkook!” He pumped the vibrator into you, you feeling your walls being stretching by every push. You squirmed, his hand on your ass to keep you still. He left it inside you, watching you just squirm and you whined for him.

“Can you be a good girl for me?”


“Open your mouth.” You obeyed, feeling him slide his cock into your mouth and he moved his hips. His hands tugged at your hair as your hands gripped his thighs and he pushed himself down your throat. You kept your tongue out while he continuously fucked your throat. He pulled out, grabbing your chin as he pulled you up to kiss you. He tasted himself on your tongue, exchanging tastes and he broke the kiss.

You moaned, the vibrator still going inside you. He pushed you back down, pulling the vibrator out of you and listened to him shuffle behind you. The tearing of the familiar aluminium and you felt him tease you.

“You look so pretty, Y/N. Your makeup ruined, you moaning my name and I can see your wet cunt. So pretty. They don’t know how pretty you are like this, do they?”


“What do you want from me, princess?”

“Jungkook, please. Please, I need you inside me..”

“How bad do you want it, princess?’

“Please, I need your thick cock stretching me out, fuck me please.”

“I said how bad.”

“I want it so bad, Jungkook.” He didn’t hesitate, you felt him stretching you out better than the vibrator had.

“You’re still this fucking tight for me?”

“Only for you..”

“Don’t speak.” He slapped your ass, silencing you and you let the sheets listen to every whimper, whine, moan that escaped your lips. His hips crashed against yours, his cock pounding you mercilessly and he gripped your ass. You could hear his shallow breathing, the low cussing as he worked his hips and his nails digging into your flesh.


“Fuck.” He groaned, you clenched around him and he powered through. You grew hotter, the sweat beginning to form on your bare skin.

“C-Cum.. Jungkook-Please, oh fuck!”

“Shit.” You couldn’t properly form the question, your incoming orgasm overwhelming your senses and you felt your toes curl tightly. He cussed because of your sudden tightening and he rode off into his own high. He uncuffed your hands, took off the blindfold after he pulled out of you and gingerly kissed you. You lied down, resting your head on your pillow before Jungkook came into your view. He pulled your closer, your head resting on his chest and he softly stroked your hair, humming your favourite song to you.



“What is it, Kookie?”

“Let me be in one of your videos!”


“I could do that ‘your boyfriend does your makeup’ tag.”

“Is that why you and Tae…?”

“N-No! I tell him not to touch it and then he’s convincing me to wear it. He’s very persuasive, babe.”


“I’m serious!”

“Whatever you say, cutie.”

“So, can we?”

“Let’s start.” He threw you over his shoulder and you squealed for him to put you down but he still ran with you into the other room. He set up the camera, you grabbed your products, prepping, and he sat next to you on the bed.


“Hey, everyone! This is my boyfriend, Jungkook and we’re doing the ‘my boyfriend does my makeup’ tag. Hope you enjoy~”

~Admin Blake


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