your delicious face i love it so much


A compilation of Chanyeol being all smiley and having fun on stage! 😍

I wanna wish a very happy birthday to the most cheerful and uplifting person I can think of! 🎉 A frown doesn’t belong on your angelic face, and as unrealistic as it may seem, I really hope you never experience any hardships, so we can all see you just as soft, cute and energetic as you always are! You bring so much joy to not only me, but all your fans, and I’m sure to your friends and family as well, so I hope you stay as happy and healthy as you can be!! I wish you all the love and good will in the world, unlimited joy and laughter in your life, and most of all a lot of delicious cake on this special day! I hope you spend it well and with the people that you love around you! I can’t put into words how much love I have for you, and can’t wait to see how much success the world has in store for you! I alongside all your fans will always be by your side, always wish you all the best and always trust your judgement! I should stop before I make myself cry lmao so once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANYEOL!!! 🎉🎊🎁 I love you! 💕💖💓

A Hello From Gabriel...

(Our favorite little trickster Archangel wanted to say hello. Well, he wanted way more than that, but I reminded him that was inappropriate. So he said he’d chat instead. Sorrynotsorry.)

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“Oh, darling. It’s been far too long. I can’t explain how much I’ve missed talking to you and seeing your face. Would it be corny to tell you I’ve been dreaming of you? What do you mean Angels don’t dream? I’m offended. I most certainly dream, and all of them are filled with you.

Well, maybe not all, but most. And I love it. I dream of placing my hands on those wonderful hips of yours, leaning in and kissing those delicious lips. I always remember your smell, that pleasant aroma always so intoxicating to me. A specimen if there ever was one. A woman without a rival. You are a sight to behold. Nothing but beauty.

I’m not exaggerating at all! Trust me. I’ve been around my share of women, you know that. None of them could ever compare to your truly stunning beauty. Those eyes that make me melt without even trying. And how you walk? Ah! You kill me, Y/N! I don’t think you realize how much I love to watch you walk, both coming and going. Each sway of those perfect hips.

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Who am I kidding? You probably know this already.

Wait. Hold on. You’re telling me you don’t? I… I don’t believe that. Not for a second. I’ve lived thousands of years, both Heaven and Earth, and you’re trying to tell me you don’t think you’re beautiful? I can’t even handle this information. I mean, have you looked in a mirror?

No, I’m serious! If I were you? I’d be standing in front of a mirror all day and just staring. I can barely look away from you as it is. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to go off and do my Angel business with you here? Alone? Kills me!

Yeah, I’ve been with my share of women, and none of them meant a thing. But you’re different. You’re just so… can I say perfect? Ah, hell, I’ll say perfect. You are to me. Your voice wakes me from whatever coma I put myself in and your laughter slays me. You think I make these jokes to hear myself? No way. I love putting that gorgeous smile on your face.

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No one else makes me feel the way you do. I’d give up all those vices of mine if that’s what you wanted. Each time I get to see you I always feel the air knocked out of me. In a good way! You’re the only one I’d never trick… never fool. Too quick as it is.

You always see right through me. You always seem to know what’s going on and it’s pretty damn unfair. I’m supposed to be good at this, you know? Then you come along and up is down, right is wrong, left is right! It’s chaos! I’m good at playing it cool but not when you show up. You always seem to make me unsteady. Never had that before you.

Stop insisting I’m making this up, or that anyone else is! Why the hell would I be here saying this crap? This is what you do to me. I word-vomit all this… stuff. These feelings. I see you and I want nothing more than to be touching you. Those days when you’re having a tough time? I watch over you to make sure you’re OK. I know I can’t come right down and see you, so I watch out. I never admitted that before because I didn’t know how you’d react.

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Truth is, I love you. I worship you. I love every single second I get to spend with you and admire the exquisite beauty that is Y/N. I’d deal with my a-hole family just to spend more time with you. Screw them, screw all of them, long as I get to see you.

So don’t listen to anyone who’s got something negative to say about you. I don’t wanna hear it and neither should you. Those are the people living in their own personal misery trying to drag you in, and honey… we both know misery isn’t your thing. You look far better with that gorgeous smile on your face. And hey, if I get to be the cause of that smile, more power to me.

When you go out tomorrow, remember that. Remember that I’m here watching out for you. I’ll wreck havoc on anyone who tries to mess with you. But something tells me you’ll take care of that just fine on your own. Not everyone’s got the power of an Archangel on their side.

But you do. Beauty and brains in one body? It’s not even fair.”

Dating Hyungwon (Monsta X)
  • Hickies that you couldn’t hide if you wanted to
  • Lovingly cooked breakfast that’s delicious more times than not
  • Great late-night conversations
  • Occasional flowers
  • Remembers every anniversary
  • Hand-holding
  • Coffee in the mornings
  • Awkward dancing
  • Funny jokes
  • Great hugs
  • He’d never forget to tell you “I love you.”
  • Waking up to his stupidly gorgeous face every morning
  • Him being able to naturally act like a K-drama guy
  • He’d think it was so cute when you would blush because of him
  • Getting to see his amazing abs that he doesn’t show off much every day
  • Him always having his arm around you when you two are sleeping
  • Him setting up a date every now and then, with a nice dinner, your favorite flowers, and your favorite movie playing on the TV. You’d catch him staring at you and you’d look over at him. “What?” You’d ask. “God, I love you.” He’d whisper before kissing you.

Shownu, Jooheon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Wonho, I.M.

Breakfast In Bed (SEVENTEEN)

This is a great one. Thanks for requesting

S.Coups: *would be so happy* *would be all over you* *smiling all day* “Babeeeeeee~~ I love you so muchhhh~”

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Jeonghan: “Thank you so much jagi, I love you” *kisses your forehead*

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Joshua: *would kiss your cheeks* *hug you so tight* “(Y/N) I’m gonna make you my wife one day if you keep this up. I love you.” *kisses all over your face* 

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Jun: “Wahh. This is really for me?? Yayy” *hugs you*

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Hoshi: “Wow, (Y/N), you did all this for me? Do you know how much I love you?” *puts everything in his mouth*

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Wonwoo: “Jagi~ I wanted to make you breakfast this time. But thank you.” *aegyo*

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Woozi: “I woke up to such a delicious breakfast made by my beautiful girl. Can this day get even better?” *kisses your forehead*

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DK: *stuffs the food in his face* *speaks with his mouth full* “I wov you jagi~”

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Mingyu: “How about you make this tomorrow too. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day.”

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The8: “Saranghae, saranghae, saranghae.”

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Seungkwan: *hugs you very tight* “I love you so much you know that right?” *kisses you everywhere*

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Vernon: “I have a feeling I’m gonna love you for a very long time.” 

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Dino: “Jagi, you’re so amazing. You have no idea how hungry I am right now. I even dreamed about food last night!”

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It's been about a year now

Since I decided to change up my lifestyle and try to lose some weight. I’ve lost 30 pounds since then and at first I was a little disappointed with that number. I thought I could have lost twice that amount by now but that’s okay. I’ve accomplished so much more than just weight loss.

I can walk 5 kilometres without wanting to throw up. I can even throw a little jogging in there.

I no longer live off of pizza for an entire week. (but I do eat pizza about once a week because let’s be honest it’s delicious).

I have so much more confidence and my self esteem has sky rocketed. I am a freaking Goddess and if you tried to convince me of that a year ago I would have laughed in your face.

And I have met so many lovely people from this community ❤️ Which I think is the best part of this journey so far !

I may not have lost 75 pounds this year but that’s okay. I’ve taken it slow and most importantly I’ve enjoyed myself. I go out to dinner with my friends and order a second glass of wine. I order a pizza to myself when I’ve had a particularly shitty day. My friend made some cookies and wants me to try one ? Hell ya I’ll eat it. I got to eat pizza and an ice cream cake on my friend’s last day of chemotherapy and I never felt guilty about any of it.

But I’ve also eaten lots of vegetables. I drink a LOT of water and make sure I move my body. It’s all about the balance and I’m so happy I’ve achieved that. Even if it does make the scale move along a bit slower, I’m happy and that’s all that matters ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m going to tag some of you awesome people in this post who have supported me and I’m SO SORRY if I forget anyone. I’m terrible with remembering exact usernames lol.



Fic Recs: Recent Thorki Goodness (one-shots)

I’ve read oh so many great Thorki fics of late that I want to spread the word about because I’ve enjoyed them so darn much. I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful fandom, and glad that so many writers are keeping the Thorki ship going. Thank you all for your amazing work! Readers, please show your fic writers some love - comment, share, and give kudos for their excellent work.

@izazov‘s “Face to Face” is a pitch-perfect, smoldering, and delicious story about Loki following Thor to a rather debauched party with the intent of trying to seduce him. This manages to be incredibly sexy and intense without being explicit, which is no mean feat, and the Thorki feels are present in force.

I’ve had @thorsicle‘s “Play it Right” in my to-rec list for a month because I adore fics where Loki torments Thor until he’s a wrecked mess. And this one is a lot of fun, featuring Thor wearing a remote-controlled vibrator to a movie and Loki doing his best to tease and edge him mercilessly. Very hot.

@needleyecandy‘s “Chase’s End” features vampire Loki tempting vampire hunter Thor into joining him for eternity. Wonderful sexual tension and Loki is just completely irresistible as a vampire. I do so hope this will have a follow-up!

I’m sure that many of you have already read @umakoo‘s delightful “Handyman” - I thought it was so wonderfully done and hot that I’ve read it twice! University student Loki is taken with the hot, blond handyman he sees around his apartment building, and things heat up when Thor agrees to help Loki with some, ahem, maintenance issues. This fic takes a classic porn setup and creates something that’s lighthearted and very sexy. So well done!

@curds-and-wheyface‘s “Moody Nudes” is the obscenely sexy tale of teenage photographer Loki who goes to great lengths and tries a few devious tactics in order to get brother Thor to model nude for him. Picturing this scene unfolding nearly overheated me! 

Thanks to all of these wonderful fic writers and all the writers, artists, and fans who keep this fandom going!