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We Have Rules For A Reason [Epilogue]

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Epilogue of We Have Rules For a Reason

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at times

A/N: Set 5 years in the future from final chapter

You couldn’t believe the club was celebrating 5 years of being in business already. It’s crazy success, due in large part to your efforts led JYP to offer you a joint partnership in this club and all his future business endeavors. You no longer had to run day-to-day operations. You now got to pay people to do such things for you. It felt like you had finally made something of yourself and tonight, you were going to celebrate.

You made your way into the VIP lounge for the first time as a guest, not a manager. 

Your eyes lit up when you saw the 6 familiar faces that filled it.

“Y/N! Welcome to the fun side of the nightlife,” Jackson joked. “Please tell me the new girl is as cute as you. I need someone new to tease”.

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Recovered Jonsa Fic#17:

Another fic repost!


I need Littlefinger to tease Jon about his inappropriate feelings for his ‘sister’. I need LF to panic as he sees how close Jon and Sansa are. I need LF to dwell in despair because Jon is so much like Ned and Sansa so much like Cat and it’s history repeating for him all over again. I need LF to try something stupid. And I need Jon to punch him in the face. Basically I need LF to suffer. Yes, that would be nice. 

The bastard apologizes to her, and Petyr wants to scream.

The bastard apologizes and promises her: she’s his heir, she’s his regent, she’s Lady of Winterfell and Lady of the Dreadfort, essentially making her his most powerful vassal. She’s queen in all but name. 

Never has there been a more humble king. Never has there been a more attentive, doting, brother.

Petyr can tell that Sansa can’t hate him. Maybe there’d been a chance, but the bastard brings her to every bloody council meeting and before long, she’s named Hand. Before long, she’s attending more meetings and hosting court without him, and any time a single person questions this, they are shut down. 

The jokes begin. “King Jon rules the North, and Princess Sansa rules King Jon.”

Petyr can’t help but remember the last time that he heard a saying like that. It was about Tywin Lannister and his wife, Lady Joanna. 

Petyr watches them closely, when they’re together, which is too often.

She doesn’t freeze up when he leans toward her or touches her. She smiles for him. They are both people who laugh and smile seldomly, but they laugh and smile when around one another.

Petyr watches the bastard. He watches him when Sansa takes her leave. As she walks away, the bastard watches her. And Petyr sees it. There it is. The longing.

And he sees more. He sees the jealousy.

Lord Cerwyn is a lad of eight-and-ten. Not especially handsome, but well-made. And he has a meek, honest way about him. The sort of man Sansa could and would eat alive, and never fear. Though he cried Jon Snow’s name and declared him king, it’s clear that though it is Jon he serves, it is Sansa he worships. He watches her with lovesick eyes, stammers when in her presence, watches her from a distance. 

The new King in the North loathes the lad. He shouts at him when Lord Cerwyn drifts off and stares at the princess. He questions his courage. He challenges him to matches in the yard, and thrashes him without mercy.

He loathes Petyr as well. More than once, he’s suggested Petyr return to the Vale, and leave Lord Royce as ambassador. Sansa has told the bastard everything. And since King Jon was crowned, he’s done everything short of banishing Petyr to keep him separated from the princess.

When a few leal vassals made noises about seeking Princess Sansa’s hand for one of their sons or brothers, the bastard shuts them down with the iciest of stares.

When vassals mention their young, unwed daughters and sisters, the bastard shuts them down with the iciest of stares.

The new king doesn’t flirt, doesn’t smile. He only smiles for his sister. He only confides in his sister. His very movements revolve around her presence. When she enters a room, he stands. When she moves to the table, he pulls out her chair. When he sees her on the arm of another, he swiftly moves to take her.

Sometimes, Petyr catches him gazing at her hair, and he can tell the bastard is fantasizing about taking it in hand, stroking it, seeing it lie upon the surface of his pillow…

Petyr knows these looks. Many of them mirror his own.

Many of them mirror the brief interactions he witnessed between Ned Stark and Catelyn. Catelyn, only smiling and relaxing when she gazed upon that simpleton of a husband. Ned Stark, his surly face relaxing upon seeing her, his hand flying to wind that red hair about his fingers. 

One of the most painful moments in Petyr’s life was watching Lord and Lady Stark kiss. It was love between them. 

He’s witnessed a private moment between the bastard and Sansa. The two of them, standing in the godswood, facing each other. The bastard kissed her forehead. And despite the surrounding snow, despite how much younger the two are, Petyr flashes right back to that day in King’s Landing when Ned Stark jokingly chided his wife about her temper and their lips joined…

He knows what he must do. Because he can no longer suffer this. He can no longer stomach this. He will not have it happen again. No. Not again. 

But he must be sure. He cannot act too foolishly. He must have it confirmed.

His confirmation comes soon enough. And it is bitter.

Catelyn’s second boy reappears: crippled, snow-covered, making odd, cryptic statements. Petyr witnesses the reunion. He compares and contrasts how Sansa and Brandon interact with how she and the bastard treat one another. It. Is. Not. The same.

The boy loves his sister madly, can barely stand to let her go, but he does not look at her the way the bastard does.

Even worse: Sansa adores her little brother, she holds him with utter desperation, she cries, Petyr can’t remember the last time he’s seen her so happy as she embraces her little brother. But her affection for Brandon is markedly different from her affection for the Bastard.

Petyr is sure she doesn’t even realize it yet. And he knows. He knows he has to act now, before she does.

So later that evening, he gambles. Sansa is fussing over Bran, and Petyr discovers that the King in the North has departed from the castle, journeyed to the godswood. Petyr follows him.

He’s never spoken to the Bastard alone. Barely spoken to him at all. But now is the time.

He enters the clearing. The bastard’s back is to him. All Petyr really sees is hair and that bloody fur cloak, identical to Ned Stark’s. Sansa made it for him. She’s never made anything for Petyr. He wants to rip the cloak off the bastard’s shoulders and make him burn it.

Instead, he speaks. “Late hour for prayer, Your Grace.”

The bastard’s form tenses up, and he turns slowly. 

“Contemplation, Lord Baelish,” he says rigidly, his eyes narrowed, his lips pressed into an uncharacteristic sneer. “I have much to contemplate.”

“Aye, I imagine. It can’t be easy for you. I imagine you must feel rather conflicted.”

“What do you mean?”

Petyr smiles. “On one hand, you have your brother back. On the other, Sansa will once again be put aside.”

There’s a flicker in the King’s eyes, and Petyr realizes that the stupid bastard hadn’t even considered that. He grins.

“I mean, as a trueborn son, Brandon’s claims come before hers. So she’s no longer your heir, no longer Lady of Winterfell. Just as she lost her brother’s crown to you, she’s lost her home and place in the succession again to her little brother. It simply isn’t fair, after all she went through, all she did to get her home back. Perhaps if she’d become queen, there’d be no issue, but alas… Her chance of securing any rights were lost when you answered the Northern Lords’ call. And once again, she must step aside.”

King Jon’s mouth falls open for a second. He reddens. “I will… I will issue a proclamation tomorrow. Sansa remains my heir. She remains Lady of Winterfell.”

“I’m sure your little brother will appreciate that, no doubt. It is complicated, isn’t it?”

The bastard’s guilt is painted across his face. “I should have named her queen that day.”

“Oh yes, I can see your desperation to make her a queen,” Petyr replies, stepping closer, “I’m sure your little brother will appreciate that.”

“I—” The bastard scowls. “What is it you want, Littlefinger?”

Petyr is loving how easy this is. It’s so delicious he barely even flinches at being called “Littlefinger.” The bastard is as much a simpleton as his father. “Me? I want to make up for past mistakes. I gave Sansa up to an unworthy, perverted match before. I let her fall prey to licentiousness and abuse. I will be damned if I allow it to happen again.”

He gives the bastard an earnest, determined, challenging look. Inside, though, he smiles.

The bastard steps back, and Petyr knows. He sees it. The king in the North stammers. “I don’t know what you mean. I intend to keep her from such things, Littlefinger.”

“I don’t think you can be trusted to do so.”

“That means a lot, coming from you.” The Bastard spits.

“I’m not the man lusting after his sister.”

There. There it is. The bastard’s face is a mask of terror. Oh yes, Bastard, I know.

Now, Petyr glares. “Don’t deny it, Jon Snow. I have seen it. I know the truth. You may like to play the good, honorable, humble soldier, but just like your father before you, you can’t ignore your cock. I’ve seen the looks you give Sansa. Not exactly the sort of looks appropriate for a brother, are they?”

The bastard fidgets. He glares. “How dare you?!”

Petyr comes close. “You may have fooled Sansa so far, but you can’t fool me. I bet every woman you’ve ever desired has had hair the color of blood and bright blue eyes. I’ve sold enough whores to read any lusts I encounter. I’ve dealt with men like you. Lords who came to my brothel seeking girls who looked a very particular way, then encountering them with their families at court, and discovering their lady sisters bear striking resemblances to the girls I sold them. Discovering that my clients look upon their own blood with the sort of longing I now see in your eyes whenever they fall upon the woman who exemplifies everything you never had.”

“Shut up.” The bastard chokes out. But Petyr doesn’t.

“Perhaps when you answered the call of your vassals, you thought that taking the Stark birthright would be enough. But it wasn’t, was it? Taking the North from Catelyn Tully’s children isn’t enough. No, you need to take her lovely lady daughter, the perfect princess who looks so much like the woman who would never be your mother, you need to take her. You need to lay her upon the sheets of Lord and Lady Stark’s bed, the bed where your father and his lady wife made all of those trueborn children deemed more worthy than you, and make Sansa yours. Take her, claim her, defile her. Make her as incestuous as the mad queen in the South. Make her yours. Take everything. You burn for her. For your sister. You’re every bit as sick as a Lannister.”

The bastard’s hand on his throat is as satisfying as it is painful, as is the sensation as Jon Snow slams him up against the trunk of the Heart Tree. He flashes back to that day with Ned Stark, outside the brothel. Starks. Quick tempers. Slow minds.

But this time, he’s going to keep his Tully girl from them. He will. He will. Jon Snow won’t kill him. He knows it. He’s too honorable.

He actually hears the crunching from his nose against the bastard’s fist before the pain of it registers. But the pain does hit. And Petyr feels twinges of doubt. Maybe the bastard isn’t that honorable.

He bites his tongue, literally and figuratively. But even more frightening is the bastard’s smirk. The bastard isn’t supposed to be smirking.

“Not a Lannister,” hisses the bastard, “Like a Targaryen, actually.”

By his tone, Petyr realizes that there’s something to this, and he’s almost afraid to ask what. But he does. “What are you talking about, Bastard?”

The bastard grins even further. “Bran arrived today with some interesting information. Information that has since been confirmed by Lord Reed, who was with Eddard Stark when Lady Lyanna died. As it turns out, I’m not Lord Stark’s bastard after all. I’m the product of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. You haven’t heard, because Sansa doesn’t trust you. And that eats you up, doesn’t it?”

Petyr is out of breath, and not just from the blood and cartilege clogging his nasal cavities. “Wh—wh–what?!”

“Lord Eddard kept it a secret. But secrets come out. So no, Littlefinger. You may lust after your niece, but I do not lust after my sister.” The bastard’s eyes flash. “Sansa told me what you said to her. Your little dream. You, on the Iron Throne, her by your side. I don’t want the Iron Throne. Or, rather, I didn’t. But I may now. Not because I want to take anything from Sansa or Bran or Arya or Lady Catelyn. No, I’ll do it, if only to take it from you. You betrayed my family, Littlefinger. You double-crossed my father. You killed Jon Arryn and sparked everything that destroyed the lives of the people I loved—”

Petyr freezes. How could he possibly know—?

The Bastard reads his expression and grins. “My little brother arrived bearing lots of fascinating information. And now… I was content to never venture south, to let myself die in the North, fighting, to never, ever act on what I feel for Sansa. And trust me, in many ways, not loving Sansa was as terrifying a concept. 

“Because bloody hell…. I love her. I do. And unlike you, I actually know it’s real love. It’s not some entitled obsession passed from mother to daughter. I look at Sansa, and I don’t see Catelyn Tully. Seven Hells, I see more of her father in her than I see of her mother. But mostly, I see her. I’ve been in love before, Littlefinger. Loved a woman who never offered me anything I felt I was denied. Just a woman I bloody loved. Worshipped. Almost gave everything up for. I know love when it comes, and it’s here again. I am in awe of Sansa, I can believe that this world is worth fighting for, if only because she’s in it. I would die again if only to keep her safe. To make her smile. To make her feel safe and hopeful again. To make her feel even a fraction of the joy she brings me. But I didn’t want to scare her. After what she’s suffered thanks to you, pursuing her seemed wrong. And I’ve believed myself bound for death anyways. And I didn’t care, because if I died fighting the White Walkers, I’d be giving up my life to keep her safe, and would leave her the throne that’s rightfully hers. But you know what? Now I think I’ll live. I’ll survive the wars and come back to her. I’ll give her the throne of the North, then march South with her by my side and take the Iron Throne. I’ll declare myself King in the South, build her a throne of her own, and have her by my side as Queen in the North. And I am going breed a dozen babes into her—- Starks and Targaryens. And we’ll build a world for them and leave them everything you ever wanted. You’ll be a footnote. I’m going to be the man who makes her happy. I’m going to be the man who gives her babes with bright red hair. I’ll take the throne, and keep you alive only long enough for you to see us. Sitting side by side in the Red Keep, my firstborn in her arms. She’ll be happy, safe, loved. And I will give her everything you could only ever take from her.”

Petyr shakes. He sees it now. He sees it. His beautiful dream, gone. It’s not him on the Iron Throne, but this bastard. And he sees it, gods, he sees it. He sees her. Her by his side, babe at her breast, looking upon the bastard in adoration. In love.


Now Petyr seriously wonders if he’s having a nightmare. Because that’s her voice.

Both men look over, and there is Sansa, hands clasped, as beautiful as a winter rose. Even more beautiful than Cat ever was. The hood of her Stark cloak pulled up around her face so she resembles a little bear cub. She pulls the hood down and that red hair tumbles out.

She comes forward. The bastard releases Petyr. He falls to the ground, landing roughly on the roots of the weirwood. Sansa’s eyes are on the bastard. And she looks… She looks like his worst nightmare: beautiful and in love. 

The bastard looks panicked. “Sansa, I—”

She stops him with a fingertip to his lips. Petyr watches her and marvels. How could anyone look at her and see Ned Stark? She’s Cat. Cat. Cat…

She smiles. “That’s a beautiful dream, Jon. The most beautiful I can imagine. I want it for us. I want you to promise it to me. Even if you have to come back from the dead for it.”

“You… You want it?” He has that dumbfounded expression that was so, so Ned Stark.

“I want you. I want you by my side. I couldn’t care less for the Iron Throne, but us side by side, the babes, the better world we can give them.” 

And she kisses him. Just like Cat kissed that fool from the North. It takes Petyr several moments to realize he’s screaming.

The two break apart, and Sansa looks down on him. There is nothing but pure disgust in her eyes. 

“I have to say, though, My Love, I do agree with you,” she says, her tone mocking, “The Iron Throne does have a certain appeal if it means keeping him from it. I would very much like to give you everything Littlefinger wants.”

Petyr whimpers. She called him Littlefinger.

Before he knows it, he’s being dragged through the snow by his collar. He blacks out, and wakes up to find himself in a dark cell. He’s alone. He’s afraid.

Eventually, a page brings him a plate of what looks like it might have been mutton stew once. The lad is skinny, about twelve, and missing some teeth already. He grins at Petyr.

“I’m ta tell ya, Littlefingah, from the queen ‘erself—”


“King Jon ain’t no Stark, as it turns out. ‘E surrendered the North to Queen Sansa this mornin’. ‘E’s declared ‘imself a lost Targaryen prince instead, says ‘e’s meant to be King in the South, not the North.” The lad shrugs, “But ‘e’s not Old Lord Eddard’s bastard, so ‘e can’t be King in the North. So Sansa’s queen now, and ‘er crippled brother is prince. But that’s not what Queen Sansa’s so eager to know, now. No, she wants me ter tell ya that King Jon is going ta be a King in the North again, in a fashion. She says that she wants you to know that you’ll be let out and given a ‘ot meal and fine new clothes so you can come to ‘er wedding. She even—”

The lad stops, hesitates, then grins, “She says she’s found something she likes after what Lord Ramsay did to her. That you needn’t worry, that you’ll be out of ‘ere soon enough, because the wedding will need to be soon since she’s already started working on giving the North an ‘eir. The North and the South. And she says that after yer let out, and give yer blessing, that ‘the mockingbird will get to spread ‘is wings an’ fly.’ Don’t know what that part is supposed ter mean. But…” The boy giggles. “I know what she means with the first part.”

Petyr glares at the boy. “Get out!”

The lad shrugs. “Alright. I’m not ter be yer guard anyways.”

“Then who is?!” Petyr demands.

The lad gestures with his thumb over his shoulder. “’Im.”

And that’s when Petyr sees the red eyes in the distance. That’s when he hears the growling. 

One Night Only [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of One Night Only

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult Content & Language

You felt Jackson’s knees buckle. His fingertips dug into your sides.

“Mmm baby, you know I love it when you talk like that” he cooed.

“So be a good boy and do what I say” You put your hands on his chest and pushed him backwards.

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Mr. Pouty | S.Coups

Anonymous asked:

hey! can you make a scenario where scoups is extra clingy or cuddly because of something? ; ; thanks!

Hope you like it!  no but seriously bless whoever asked this I could write the entire bible based on this prompt seungie makes me so soft

word count: 873

“Jagiiii~ Why are you ignoring meee?” Seungcheol asks sniffling his nose and slouching his arms over your shoulders after you tiptoed to put the popcorn bag inside the microwave. “Please sit back on the couch, Seungie. And please put your socks back on. The popcorn is going to take a while, you should eat the rest of your soup.”

“See, you keep ignoring me! I hate you, you’re lucky I love you so much.” “You’re making absolutely no sense.” You guide him back to the couch with your hands on his broad shoulders (at least trying to). Once he finally agrees to sit down, you peper his face with little fairy kisses, since you can’t (or shouldn’t) kiss him on the lips, independentely of how delicious they look.

Because he has cold - your job should be taking care of him, and not get sick too. But there’s one specific thing about S.Coups when he gets sick - he becomes super clingy and wants to cuddle all the time - almost in a child–like way. But you don’t really mind, since he always tries to show his manlier side around you. “Y/N~ i can’t eat on my own, help meee. I’m too buy blowing my nose.” He gets up from his previous spot, getting behind you while he puts his arms tightly around your waist and leaving sloppy kisses all over your neck and shoulders. “You know, instead of soup, movies and popcorn, there’s something way more interesting we can do…“ He gives your ass a light squeeze as you feel his semi-hard member up against your butt. "You know, it can even include movies… If you’re into that sort of thing. C'mon, Y/N, you’re the one who said I should stay in bed.” You avoid turning around, because you know that if you don’t, you won’t be able to say no to that gorgeous face. You sigh with contradicting feelings - “I didn’t meant that kind of ‘staying in bed’. And you do realise that almost nothing sounds sexy with that runny nose sniffling every two seconds, right?” Luckily he went back to his cuddly state, sighing and letting go of your waist. He finally agreed to sit down after you convinced him with a big hug and the promise of cuddles later at night. “He looks so adorable” You think, with the way he’s sitting on the couch facing you and how the blanket you got him Is wrapped around his shoulders and head while you fed him the soup. Suddenly, the microwave goes off, meaning the popcorn are ready. “Hey, I’m just gonna go grab a big bowl for the popcorn. Finish your soup and then put it on the sink, ok? After that you can start choosing what movie you want, because I still need to mix them and pour the toppings.” You kiss his forehead and get up to get everything ready. “Nooo… Don’t leave me Y/N. Please?” “I’ll be there in a second, please just do what I told you.” “Fiine. Meanie.” While he washes the bowl and you take out the popcorn, S.Coups keeps making faces at you and throws air kisses at you, to which you awnser back only after a few of his attempts. When you walk into your shared bedroom with the bowl in your hands, Seungie already had gotten the movie ready, curled up in what seemed a million blankets and looking like the most adorable burrito you have ever seen in your life. “Jeez, 'Marley & Me’? You’re really sappy today, aren’t you?” “Shush Y/N. Just get your cute butt over here and don’t judge me.” When you crawl into bed, S.Coups almost makes you drop your popcorn, because he tries to make you a side dish with his burrito, puting the infinite blankets on top of you too. The rest of the movie passes by pretty peacefully, with him lying on his back in between your legs. His head lovingly rested on your stomach, which you cleverly used to put the popcorn bowl on top of. “Hey, jagi?” “Yes?” “Please don’t tell the guys we watched this, or else they’ll make fun of me again.” He said in a sleepy tone, his big beautiful brown eyes looking up at you. “Seungie, why are your eyes so watery?” “T-The scene where Marley dies is coming up next…” “Aww, come over here.” You say, opening your arms so he could crawl on top of you and hide his face on your chest, so he wouldn’t see the rest of the scene. You alternate between stroking his back and playing with his hair until he falls asleep on top of you, but also making sure ge wouldn’t hurt you with his big shoulders. When the movie finally ends, you turn off the TV and S.Coups slowly wakes up, only to hug you tight and yawn: “I want to cuddle, jagi~” “Alright, let’s go to sleep Mr.Pouty.”


~So this is a Kozik origin story, song fic. Trigger warning- Drug abuse and Death.

Here’s the song- ~

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…


Summer day

Bobby and this girl would wake up every summer day

This boy and girl had nothing, they were runaways

Kozik POV

The sun came pouring in through the window. I groaned and wrapped my arm around you tighter. I buried my head into your hair to block out the sun. I felt and heard you giggle as my breath tickled your neck. I smiled and kissed it softly.

“Mmm you awake, baby?” You asked.

“No,” I shushed you softly. “I’m sleeping…” I felt you try to wiggle out of my arms and I held you tighter. You let out a frustrated sigh after a bit of trying. I chuckled and bit you softly. You let out a moan and smacked my arm.

“Don’t do that! Jackass…”  You grumbled. I put my head on your shoulder and kissed your cheek softly.

“I’m sorry beautiful. You’re just so damn delicious.” I told you and you giggled and playfully glared at me.

“You’re so fucking cheesy.” You told me.

“Yeah but you love it.” I said.

“Yes I do and I love you.” You said.

“I love you too.” I turned your face towards me and gave you a slow, hard kiss. You kissed back with as much love and adoration as I was putting into it. I ended the kiss with a soft bite to your bottom lip. You let out a shaky breath and opened your eyes to look at me.

“I’m going to marry you.” I said in a whisper. I hadn’t meant to say it but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. I loved you more then anything, I had since our first day of high school, when we met.

“How about we get married when we both have stable jobs and we don’t live in our car anymore?” You suggested. I looked around the trunk of our car that we were currently laying in and nodded.

“Deal, I’m going to get a job and take care of us. I promise, Y/N Kozik.” I kissed you and then started getting ready for the day.

So in love that now all they wanted was pain and so it came

Never had a silver spoon present in the past

Now at last, the spoon is present and so the boy wet it

Told her bring him a slab, a cotton swab, and a match

And told her one day they’ll fly across the world and have a wedding

Like “baby I have a plan, come with me to this place

Baby give me your hand, now flip it give me a vein

Baby take off your belt, we’ll use it as a restraint”

She sees that it starts to melt, he reaches inside a case

Fills the needle with food, flicks the needle with haste

Brings the needle to her, she isn’t right in the face

The boy can tell that she’s scared, he says “I love you, okay?”

Then shoves it into her arm and says “how the fuck does that taste baby?!”

Kozik POV

A couple of days after promising to marry you, I had met some guys who offered me a job. Which wasn’t a bad thing, the downside of it though was it was a job selling heroin. Within the first week of selling I had managed to make enough money to rent us a house. You were so excited when I told you that, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you what I was doing for a job yet.

You were out looking for a job while I was out dealing. After selling, the guys I started dealing for offered me a couple of ounces to go with my payment. Curious about the stuff that I was dealing, I took it. When I got home you weren’t home yet so grabbed one of your belts and loaded some into my arm.

I kept it hidden from you for the next week and a half. You started picking up on the fact that I was hiding something though. You kept pressuring me about it and finally I couldn’t keep it from you anymore.

“Baby please just tell me what’s happening!” You sighed.

“I can’t, okay? Just leave it at that!” I raised my voice slightly.

“Are you cheating on me?” You whispered like you were afraid of your own voice. That made me pause. I never wanted you to think that. I couldn’t even think of anyone else, you were everything to me. I was never going to love anyone else.

“Fuck no! Never, baby.” I sighed and put a hand on your cheek and lifted your face so you were looking in my eyes. “You aren’t going to like what I’m going to tell you.”

“I love you and nothing will change that, Koz.” You said and kissed the palm of my hand softly. I took a deep breath.

“I’m selling heroin…” I told you. “I’ve also been using it.” I waited for your reaction. You looked confused for a second before your mouth opened slightly as it clicked.

“Oh.” You said.

“Oh?” I asked, trying to prompt more out of you.

“Is that why you were able to afford this place so soon?” You asked. I nodded. You bit your lip and thought about everything. “Are you in any danger?”

“Some but it’s worth it. If I can give you everything we’ve ever wanted then it’s all worth it. I’ll make enough money and we can buy a house and I’ll take you to England and we’ll get married. You’ve always wanted to go there.”  I told her.

“Just be safe, we can’t get married if you die on me.” You said. I smiled and kissed you softly.

“You want to try some baby?” I asked.

“Heroin?” You asked.

“Yeah, come on baby it’s a rush! Trust me.” I took your hand softly and lead you to the kitchen. “Take off your belt baby, I’ll use it as a restraint.” You took it off and handed it to me. I flipped your hand and tied the belt to the upper part of your arm. I sat you down in the chair and prepared the needle. When it was ready I flicked it and looked down at you. Nervousness was written clear as day on your face. I kissed you softly and tried to put as much comfort as I could behind it. I pulled back and looked you in the eyes. “I love you, okay?”

“I love you too.” You said and smiled softly at me. I found your vein fast and shoved the needle in. I watched as your eyes started to glaze over and smiled.

“How the fuck does that taste, baby?”


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

See Bobby had joined the army

Been gone for a couple months

she did anything for that feeling

But then she started that feeling, early morning she’s kneelin’

In front of the toilet look at her belly there’s no concealing

That she’s expecting a child

This woman is living foul

She’s only 20 years old

And hardly can even smile

Reader’s POV

Kozik had joined the marines a couple months ago. Cops were busting down on dealing so Kozik figured it would be a steady paycheck until things calmed down and then he would come back to deal again. When he left so did the free heroin he was bringing into the house.

The little stash that we had only lasted a week and then I started buying from the dealers that he was working for. I started stealing money and selling anything that I could to buy more and more. The more I bought, the more I needed. Everything hurt when I stopped using, especially the pain of Kozik being away.

I was so wrapped up in needing hit after hit that I didn’t even notice that my stomach was growing, not until I went to go load up and had the overwhelming urge to throw up. I rushed to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet just in time before I threw up. Once my stomach was empty I looked down and took in the growing bump.

I stood up slowly and rinsed my mouth off before looking in the mirror. My skin was covered with sweat and my hair was a mess. My eyes were bloodshot and had bags under them. My hands started to shake and my eyes filled with tears. I let out an angry scream and punched the mirror. Glass flew everywhere and blood started pouring down my hand. I barely paid any attention to it as I walked out and loaded up.

Ultrasound shows a baby that’s barely over a pound

Sold everything in her house just trying to score an ounce

News of her baby’s father was that he died in the war

Now that syringe is all that keeps her alive anymore

No mattress, so her and her child dyin’ on the floor

As a letter’s at the door reading:

“I’ll be home tomorrow. love, Bobby”

Reader’s POV

I went to the clinic just to see if I really was pregnant. When the ultrasound showed my baby, I began to cry. Kozik should be here for this, I shouldn’t be using, this whole situation should be different. I left the clinic and went back home even more depressed than before. I tried to stop for my baby, for Kozik. I managed to make some progress even with the withdrawal hitting me so hard I thought that I was dying.

That was until Kozik’s brother came to visit me. I had managed to clean the house up before he came. I made it like it was before I started using. He had knocked on the door and I opened it. I hadn’t seen him since Kozik and I took off when we were 17 so my eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Can I come in?” He asked. He looked nervous and I nodded. He came in and he took notice of my growing belly. “That’s… are you..?”

“Yeah I am.” I confirmed.

“Is it…?” He started.

“Your brother’s? Yes.” I nodded. He nodded and avoided my eyes.

“Not to be rude but why the hell are you here?” I asked. He took in a deep breath and then looked me in the eyes.

“Herman’s dead, Y/N.” He said. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I looked to the ground, my head swirling.  

“W…What?” I asked. My breathing came faster and I looked at him, desperately hoping that this was a joke.

“Something happened and his ship blew up.” He told me and placed his hand on my shoulder to try and comfort me. I jerked away from him, harshly.

“Get out…” I whispered harshly.

“Look, I know how you feel. I loved my brother.” He said. I didn’t want to hear it though.

“Get out!” I screamed at him. He seemed to take the hint this time and went to the door fast.

“If you or the baby need anything let me know.” He said before leaving the house. Once he was gone, I ran to my room. I found my stash and quickly set up. Just before I stuck the needle in the sobs racked my body. Days went by and I couldn’t get the heroin fast enough. The only time I felt like I could breathe was when I was high. I sold everything that I could to get more money to buy. I couldn’t even keep track of how much I was using just that I kept adding more and more to each hit. The last hit I took three needles at once and passed out on the floor. I didn’t check the mail before that, so I didn’t know about the letter in the mailbox that Kozik had sent saying he’d be back tomorrow.


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

Knockin’ at the door but doesn’t get an answer

Bobby’s nervous, his heart starts to beat faster

He hasn’t talked to his girl in so long

She sold his phone for a hit, damn how he wish that he could hear her laughter

But his drug hit her like a cancer

And he forgot ‘cause he had left and cleaned his act up

Passenger seat in his Acura got a picture of ‘em kissing

Under the words “happily ever after”

Kozik’s POV

I came up to the house that I hadn’t seen in months. I nervously ran a hand through my hair and looked at the picture I kept in my car. It was us sitting in the trunk of it during the time we were staying at the beach. A random tourist had a polaroid camera and asked if we wanted a picture. We had said sure and I kissed you while she was taking it.

Above the picture of us was “happily ever after” written in your handwriting. I smiled and ran a finger over the picture. I set it down in the passenger seat and got out of the car. I walked up to the house and knocked. When you didn’t answer after a couple minutes, I knocked again.

I hadn’t talked to you for a while. The phone I had left with you went out of service a while back. I figured you were still upset with me and started writing letters to you. I looked at the full mailbox and started to panic. I kicked the door in and ran inside.

He walks into the house, it’s a fuckin’ disaster

Every step he takes his shoe crushes a capsule

Holds his breath, he knows what he smells isn’t natural

Looks down, it’s the body of the queen of his castle

“Baby please, baby please!!!”

“Wake up!!!”

He screams on his knees and he sees her hands around her stomach

Inside was a child

And realizes it was his…

Kozik’s POV

The house was bare except for the bottles of alcohol and the capsules that littered the floor. I gagged as the smell hit me, full force. I put my shirt up over my nose and kept walking through the house.

“Baby?” I called for you. I made my way to our room and opened the door. My whole body froze as I saw your hand laying on the floor. I followed it to the rest of your body and my stomach lurched painfully as I noticed how still you were.

“Baby please, baby please!!! Wake up!!!” I rushed to your side and shook you lightly. I kept begging you to wake up as I shook you

“Fuck! Baby! Come on!” I let out a sob as my hands touched your cold cheek and I looked down from your face to see your other hand curled around your stomach. It was a lot bigger then I remembered. I touched it lightly and it suddenly clicked that you were pregnant. I let out a loud and painful scream of anguish that echoed through the empty house.

‘cause a facade made a girl give her love away

But those were Bobby’s consequences that he had to pay

Love is pain

Kozik’s POV

I pulled your cold body close to mine and kissed your forehead softly. I just kept mumbling how sorry I was and how much I loved you as I rocked back and forth slightly.

“It should’ve been me… I started this… I did this to you. I’m sorry baby, forgive me…” I whispered as I pulled the engagement ring I had gotten you out of my pocket and slipped it onto your ring finger. “I love you.” I kissed the knuckle above it lightly and pulled you closer as I sobbed harder than I ever have in my life. I had lost my whole world and it was because of my own stupidity.


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

~Thanks to @juiceboxxortiz for editing! @codenamekaraortiz, @dolphingoddess81~

A Little Too Late Part 2

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 2

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, violence (little bit)

Word Count: 1,123

A/N: This is the special treat I have for all of you!! It’s a Gabriel series that  I won’t be limiting myself on.  As long as you all love it, it will continue! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

Series Masterlist

Gabriel scanned over the area where you were last held.  He searched for any sign of you, but there was nothing.  Gabriel appeared in the Winchester’s bunker, looking in the typical places for the two brothers.  When Gabriel spotted them, he tried to be as calm as possible.  It was hard for the archangel to remain calm with you missing.  You were his world, and he couldn’t bear the thought of you being hurt.  “Are you knuckleheads just going to sit around,” Gabriel inquired.  “[Y/N] is out there somewhere!  We need to find her.”

Dean and Sam were studying the map in the war room.  Before you left on your hunt, you mapped out all the possible nests near that one.  You were going to knock out the smallest first.  Sam rolled his eyes, “it’s only been one day Gabriel, she’ll be fine.  She’s strong.”  Dean and Sam only got a few hours of sleep last night.  Neither of them could sleep knowing you were out there being tortured by vampires; or worse, dead.

“You two better hope [Y/N] is fine,” Gabriel mumbled.  Gabriel looked at the bloody jewelry on the table, becoming furious at the reminder of what it meant..

“Gabriel, they are working hard.  We all want [Y/N]’s safe return,” Cas said trying to soothe his brother.  A flutter of wings sounded.

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If You

If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?

Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader

< 2,000

He watched you walk down the aisle like someone might watch an angel descending from heaven, in complete and utter awe. Through the vows, the prayers, and the hymns he kept his eyes on you and you alone. It pained him in the moments that he was unable to wipe the tears from your cheeks when you cried out of pure joy. It hurt him knowing you were right in front of him and yet you were still so incredibly far away.

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My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 5

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Part 4 

Relationships: Romantic!Pietro x Reader, Romantic!Wanda x Vision, Best Friends!Wanda x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of smut and some actual smut. Other than that extreme fluff. 

Summary: Pietro is a very sweet gentleman to you the morning after he made love to you. But your worst fears are confirmed when Wanda discovers you slept with her brother.

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK!?! DID YOU GUYS MISS ME??? I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I was distracted by other fandoms that have literally been ripping my heart to shreds and college has taken a lot more of my time than I originally thought so that’s a thing but I was super productive today and now I have some time to update and I got in a Pietro mood for the first time in a long time so now hopefully I have something good to show for it! So now I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this series! 

You woke up to a strange sensation. You weren’t in your room, and you weren’t alone. Your eyes widened as you remember what happened last night. You looked down and smiled when you saw the gorgeous Sokovian heartthrob Pietro Maximoff snuggling you, naked, his face buried in your cleavage. You smirked and ran your hands through his messy silver hair. He smirked and kissed one of your tits and opened his eyes. “Good morning Printsessa.” He says and kisses you gently. “Did you sleep well?” 

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Under the Apple Tree--Chapter 3

Ship:  Outlaw Queen

Rating: T

Synopsis: After being hit by the Olympian Crystal, Robin was transported to Seattle, unable to return to Storybrooke or any magical. When it was clear he had no way to return to his family, Robin finally decided to bury his broken heart in work–founding a landscaping business, Sherwood Forestry.  Fifteen years later, Robin receives an order from the last person he ever thought he’d see again, making him realize that hope never truly dies.

Previous: Chapter 1  Chapter 2


Robin had anything but a restful night.  His nerves were stretched tight, like the string of his favorite bow.  Thoughts and emotions he hadn’t experienced in years came flooding back, strong and poignant as ever.

It had been fourteen and a half years since he last saw Regina.  Fourteen and a half years since Hades shot him with the Olympian crystal and banished him to the far side of this fair country.  He remembered the early days just after it became apparent he would never return.  It had been agonizing wondering what had become of Storybrooke, of his family, of all those he loved.  

Had his sacrifice given Regina the time she needed to stop Hades once and for all or had Hades triumphed? What became of Roland?  What about his newborn daughter who he’d not even had the chance to name?

The uncertainty had tortured him for years until finally the sharp edge of grief and fear had worn off. As much as he tried, there was nothing he could do to help those he loved, nothing he could do to even learn their fate.  All he could do was endure, try to make a life for himself in this new land, live a life his soulmate, his son, his daughter could be proud of.

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z-0013  asked:

Hello! I hope u r having a good day! If u wanna can u do a headcannons for V where his female s/o is a chocoholic? And for Jumin where his female s/o is really good at drawing and draws all the time? Thanks 💕

Aww, this is lovely. Thank you!!!
There was a painter prompt done here if you’re interested.

-There was one day early into your relationship together that he decided he wanted to buy you some chocolate just because.
-He had seen a really nice assorted chocolate in the store for a fair price and knew he had to get it for you.
-V still remembers how brightly your eyes lit up when he handed you the box of chocolate.
-You immediately opened it and stared in mouth-watering awe at the sweets.
-You set it down and gave V the biggest hug, lots of kisses, and a million thank yous.
-Of course, right after you let go of him, you turned and picked up the box, carefully selecting your first piece and popping it into your mouth. It melted smoothly in your mouth and you sighed in pleasure.
-“They’re delicious, Jihyun,” you talked muffled through a mouthful of chocolate.
-V smiled fondly. “I’m glad to hear that, love.”
-Later that night, as he was straightening up, he found the box that used to have the chocolates inside now empty in the trash.
-How do you eat that much chocolate without getting sick?!
-“L-love, did you finish this off already?”
-Your face turned hot as you saw V gesturing to the empty box.
-“Yeah… I tried to save some for later, I really did! I just… really like chocolate, and those were so good!”
-V chuckled. “I wasn’t upset, don’t worry. You should’ve told me you liked chocolate that much. I would’ve given you some sooner.”
-He gave you a kiss on your forehead. “It’s not very good for you, but as long as you’re not eating it all the time, I could buy you some every now and then.”
-You gasped. “Really?!”
-Your smile was too cute to say no to.

-He wasn’t necessarily snooping around your stuff… okay, he kind of was.
-Jumin came across a sketchbook laying on the coffee table by a few of your other things.
-He was curious. Yes, he felt a bit guilty for invading your privacy, but he was so curious.
-Carefully, he picked up the sketchbook and gently opened the cover.
-Jumin found himself thumbing through all the pages, stopping and admiring every single drawing, even warm-ups or sketches you abandoned.
-There were so many drawings. How has he not caught you drawing before?
-When you came home later that day, he actually asked you about it.
-“_____, you never told me you liked to draw.”
-You were visibly embarrassed and quickly accused him of looking through your private stuff, to which he shrugged and said you probably shouldn’t leave your “private stuff” in plain sight.
-“Do you have any more?”
-You stopped. “…You want to see more?”
-“Yes, of course. You’re extremely talented; I’d say the most talented I’ve seen.”
-Now you’re embarrassed for another reason.
-But, you do show him all of your sketchbooks and art. Trust me, there’s a ton.
-Jumin spends hours looking through every single book. He’s simply entranced at how flawless the drawings are. And you can make these masterpieces with little more than paper and your own creativity?
-He’s so proud of you.
-He’ll still be a nerd and ask if he can hang some on the fridge though lolololololol

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Omg!!!! Your writing is amazing!! C: thank you for making your blog!!! Could I ask for 2D finding out that his S/O is an empath and has been feeing very drained recently due to some major bullshit that has been going on?? Thank you so much!

You yawn as you stretch out in the bed, and then curl back in on yourself, completely cocooning yourself in blankets again. You wait for 2D’s cold hands to wriggle through the blankets and start tickling you, or for him to tiredly groan and demand them back, but nothing happens.

Your head throbs dully, and you lay still for a minute, arm thrown over your eyes dramatically, trying to work out whether this is just another headache, or you feeling the stirrings of someone else’s hangover.

Probably just a stress headache.

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A compilation of Chanyeol being all smiley and having fun on stage! 😍

I wanna wish a very happy birthday to the most cheerful and uplifting person I can think of! 🎉 A frown doesn’t belong on your angelic face, and as unrealistic as it may seem, I really hope you never experience any hardships, so we can all see you just as soft, cute and energetic as you always are! You bring so much joy to not only me, but all your fans, and I’m sure to your friends and family as well, so I hope you stay as happy and healthy as you can be!! I wish you all the love and good will in the world, unlimited joy and laughter in your life, and most of all a lot of delicious cake on this special day! I hope you spend it well and with the people that you love around you! I can’t put into words how much love I have for you, and can’t wait to see how much success the world has in store for you! I alongside all your fans will always be by your side, always wish you all the best and always trust your judgement! I should stop before I make myself cry lmao so once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANYEOL!!! 🎉🎊🎁 I love you! 💕💖💓

Danger/Victor Zsasz

Name: Danger.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsaszx Reader

Requested by wonderful @gh0stb0nes (Ooh ooh ooh, you and Oswald are close friends and one day you’re talking and you admit you have the hots for Zsasz but unbeknownst to you Zsasz overhears when he’s about to enter the room. Later, as soon as you exit the room Victor pins you to the wall and makes you squirm with threats to not come back or else because your crush was disgusting. (Just because you so happened to mention he was cute when he looked angry) he actually thinks your crush is flattering and he gets flustered when you don’t take his threats seriously.)

Honey, I really tried to follow your request. Hope you will like the outcome <3

I also wanna thank my dearest @gotham-city-tales, @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader @jokesterwrites @under-oswalds-umbrella @minpov @luciebell-writes @just-a-little-crazy @rawrcoptergaming @taintedmarker @emberandshadow @cobblehearts @mistressofcobblepot @thequeenofgothamxo @elvirateaqueen13

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BTS’s reaction to finding out their girlfriend is a vampire:

A/N: Oooh~ I really loved doing this one. Enjoy ^ - ^

Jin: “Why’s your girlfriend so pale? She looks like one of those bloodsuckers.”

Your muscles tighten at the derogatory word for ‘vampire’, and you slink behind Jin, clinging to his hand – your last grip on everything that’s still okay in the world. Ever since the public discovered the existence of vampires, things have been a little weird for you. So far you’ve managed to keep what you are a secret, but it’s only a matter of time…

“Don’t say that about her!” Jin pulls you nearer, so your arms are practically stapled together.

The offender grins down at you, his face screwing up as he does so. “Why not?”

“It’s a slur, and I’d prefer if you didn’t use it.” Jin says. Your hand still roped in his, he pulls you away. 

“Can you believe him!” he cries, once you’re very much alone, “The way people talk, you’d think vampires were a new strain of the plague.”

“Thank you, for that,” You rub your arms up and down him arms, soothing him.

“Why are you thanking me?” Jin chuckles, catching your hands, “You’re not a vampire.”

“Well, actually…” Your teeth begin to sink into your bottom lip, and you have to stop yourself before you draw blood.

Jin’s hands fall from you. “Oh… I never… realised.”

You twine your fingers in his shirt sleeves, waiting for him to do something - respond. His hands resume where they left off on your skin. Your heart can beat again.

After a few moments of silence: “Can I go back and punch that brute for you?”

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Yoongi: “I love you.”

“You can’t. I’m a vampire!” you blurt.

Yoongi blinks at you, angled eyes crowded with bewilderment and surprise.

That was not the way you had planned on revealing your secret. But, his impromptu confession had startled you; it came out on impulse, sort of like a sneeze. Now it’s out there. And you can’t take it back.

“Not really the response I had expected, for my first time saying those words,” Yoongi says.

“Sorry! I love you too!” To know that Min Yoongi – your boyfriend, your best friend, guard of your heart, and prince of your dreams – loves you (you!) fills you up with electricity and fire. You’re so tempted to go and hug him, or kiss him, or… or…

But. That word hangs in-between you now. Vampire.

“How long were you planning on keeping your species a secret?” Yoongi asks.

You gaze at an interesting speck on the floor. You shrug. “There weren’t really any good opportunities to bring it up in conversation…”

Will he leave now? Will he shut you out of his life, and shut up his windows, and wait in his house with a wooden stake for protection?

Tears begin to sting your eyes, making your vision dance erratically. Not seeing him, you jump when his fingers begin crawling along your waist, sneaking around. When did he get so close? His hand supports your back, and he pulls you in, crushing you to his chest. All the heat of contact rushes through you, pushing a blush to your cheeks.


His shoulders shake under your hands. You look up, startled, thinking he’s crying.

But no. He’s laughing. “‘You can’t? I’m a vampire?’” More laughter. “Oh, Y/N, you should’ve seen your face just now! You’re so freaking cute!”

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Hoseok: Hoseok knows something is up. Your lips are white from chewing, your finger nails are bitten to stumps, and you can’t stop fiddling with the sleeves of your (actually, his) hoody. You have something to say.

“What’s wrong?”

You jump, then quickly try to brush off your odd behaviour. “Nothing. Nothing.”

“Come on.” His hands dance through the air, and on finding your wrists, pull you closer to him, “You can tell me anything.”

A shake of the head, and a slipping from his hands, is all he gets. He’s hurt, but he masks it with a smile. “Okay, well then.”

Something ghosts across your eyes – what is it? Guilt? Pity? “Hoseok, I didn’t mean – It’s not that I-” You stumble on your words. “Please don’t be upset.” Sliding yourself into his arms, you guide his hands around your waist, and finding the spot – your spot - on his chest, nestle your head between his chin and his ribs.

The two of you stand like this for a while, just breathing each other, just feeling each other. This is enough for Hoseok – a reminder of your love, how much you mean. He’s content. You’ll tell him when you’re ready, he knows. And he’ll be there to support you when that moment comes.

That moment is now. “Actually, Hoseok,” you pull away from him just enough that he can look into your eyes. They twinkle with stars and broken glass. “There… is something I need to tell you.”

He waits.

“This might be a shock…” You suck on your lips, “If you don’t want to see me again after this, I’ll understand. Most humans don’t want to date us…” Humans? “You see, the thing is… ha! why is this so difficult?”

He waits some more.

“…I’m a vampire.”

Hoseok takes a moment. He pauses. He thinks. Then he pulls you that extra bit closer, till you’re fitted snugly in the curves and edges of his body. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? You know I’ll support you, no matter what you are. I don’t care what blood flows through you, you’re still you, and that’s the you I love most.”

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Namjoon: “Aren’t you freaked out, now you know I’m a vampire?” you ask, slightly disappointed at Namjoon’s reaction to your big reveal.

He shakes his head, a smirk pulling at his mouth.

“You know I could knock you down, and drain the life from you if I wanted to?” you say irritably.

His finger taps your forehead, a light flick. “Yeah, but I know you won’t. Because.” Tap. “You.” Tap. “Love me.”

You grab the finger assaulting your forehead. “Maybe it’s because I love you that you should be afraid.” A grin slides across your face. “Maybe your blood smells that much more delicious. Maybe your neck looks that much more tempting.” You’re tracing your fingers along his jawline, eyeing the sweet spot on the neck. Without warning, you swoop in, and your lips begin traversing his skin. You only meant to tease, but he tastes so good. Can’t stop now. There’s no mercy in your kisses – all rough, all hungry.

Namjoon’s arms twine around your torso, catching handfuls of your shirt. He’s completely yours now. If your fangs could only pierce below the surface, and suck on that honey-sweet river.

“You can, if you want,” Namjoon whispers against your hair.

It’s all you need to hear. Your pointed teeth are biting down, and there’s that flow! You’ve hit an outlet of liquid gold. It washes into your mouth, flooding your senses. Namjoon grips your shirt harder. Does it hurt? Reluctant, you pull away, the remnants of your feast dripping down your chin.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop-” You’re ashamed at your loss of control.

Ignoring the blood around your lips, Namjoon pulls you in for a kiss. That says it all – it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, I love you. You break apart for an instant, then you’re back at it. Breathe. Kiss. You’re up against the wall, Namjoon’s finding the edges of your shirt, drawing it up so that he can feel at the bare skin of your waist. You should feed on him more often, if this is the result.

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Jimin: Things are getting bad. The world is swimming around you, the air in your lungs becoming sticky.

Blood. That’s what you need. Human blood, specifically.

Why? Why did this have to happen in the middle of a date, just when you finally got a free moment alone with your boyfriend? All you can think about is the blood pumping around his frame, seeping through his veins, his arteries, his heart. But. You can’t have him. His blood is off limits.

“Are you okay?” Jimin’s warm fingers are laced through yours. He gives your hand a squeeze.

“I’m fine, just a little light headed,” you manage to say. But you’re not fine. Your legs are slipping from under you. Your sight’s blurring. It’s too late: the world’s falling away.

When you wake up, Jimin is hanging over you, his face filled with concern.

“You’re definitely not okay,” he says, placing your head in his lap, and brushing hair away from your damp forehead.

“Blood,” you sigh, reaching up for him, “I need…”

“What? What do you need?” Jimin leans in. He’s so close. You can smell his blood, feel it pounding through him. Just one sip.

Unable to control yourself, you reach up and pull him to you, so that your lips collide messily. Your fangs unsheathe themselves, and you penetrate the delicate skin just inside his cheek. He stiffens in your hands, tensing, like he’s about to pull away. This is where it ends. But no, he’s still there. His lips are still blended with yours.

“Drink all you need,” he whispers against you, and as his lips quiver, more of his sweet blood splashes down your throat, “You can explain later.”

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Taehyung: Taehyung has always wanted to be bitten by a vampire. It’s not that he has a weird kink, or likes to physically abuse himself - he’s just… curious. Does it sting? Does it tingle? Is it like getting an injection, or is it more akin to a paper cut? Whatever it’s like, he wants to find out. That’s why he’s so excited when you decide to share your secret with him.

“I knew they existed,” he says, bouncing up and down, “I knew it!”

You pause. This was clearly not the reaction you had anticipated.

“You’ve gotta bite me,” he says, eagerly pulling at his jumper, so that it slides off his shoulder, revealing golden skin.

“Taehyung…” you try, “I can’t. I’m not supposed to drink from people I know.”

“Please,” he begs, “I just want to know what it feels like.”

You give him a look that translates to ‘really?’

“Please? Please, please, please, please, please?”

With a roll of your eyes, and a reluctant nod of your head, you ease forward, catching him by the arms. Your lips graze the skin around his neck, feeling out the area. “Are you sure you want this?”

Taehyung winds his arms around your waist in answer.

With that, your fangs slip into his neck.

So this is what it feels like. Like being pricked with a needle. But not any normal needle - a golden tipped needle dipped in the richest wine. It tingles and bubbles through his blood, and, suddenly, he feels awake – alive. His heart is pumping faster. He’s aware of every single atom in his body. But then again… maybe these feelings are more to do with your hands curling around his arms, and your body pressing against his. Whatever it is, he likes it.

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Jungkook: “You’re a vampire?”

“You’re a f-cking vampire hunter?”

You and your boyfriend stare at each other, shock splattered across both your faces. In Jungkook’s hand, a wooden stake stares at you, murmuring of the hatred humans have for your species.

“What are you waiting for?” you demand, “Go on and kill me!”

Jungkook’s head sways back and forth: no.

Anger surges through your veins. “Kill me!” You’re striding forward, grabbing the hand that holds the stake, placing it over your heart.

“Stop this!” He wrestles with you, peeling free form your iron grasp, “I don’t want this.”

“Why? I’m no different from the other vampires you must have killed already.” Tears have traced rivers down to your chin, and are now splashing onto your shirt. There’s no control left in you. Here is the man you love, dressed in the uniform you hate. You can’t align the two. It doesn’t make sense.

“Y/N, listen! I’ve never harmed a vampire. I’m never going to harm you!” Jungkook’s hands are hot on your face; he steadies you against him, “I’m not like them!”

You want to break away, but you can’t. Your legs don’t work. Nothing works.

“Listen!” Jungkook’s shaking you now, but there’s nothing left to stir up. Anger is gone. Fear is gone. Nothing’s left. Jungkook’s lips carve desperate dents into your ice skin, “I love you.”

This sparks… something. Your eyes move over Jungkook, eat up his anxious face, his dazzling eyes, his trembling lips. 

“I love you too.”

You share a secret kiss in the dark, away from the eyes of vampires and humans. You’ll make this work. Somehow?

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Sonamy and Shadamy X3 

2 other couples that I support, but of course not more than sonadow! ^^

I drew these a few months ago

Shadamy pic description

Amy: Heeeeey Shadooow!!
Shadow: Yes, what is it now Rose?
Amy: I need you to do me a favor?
Shadow: Is it related to your sweets?
Amy: No….
Shadow: …..*stares*
Amy: Okay yes it is! But I love baking for you, it makes me happy that you love to eat them!!
Shadow: You know what happens every time I eat your sweets
Amy: I know, but I promise I won’t go overboard this time. Please Shady pleeease!!
Shadow: Ugh..I hate when you make that face…
Amy: So?
Shadow: Fine I’ll eat them!
Amy: Yay! And I really do promise that I won’t feed you too much cause I know you love sweets especially my cookies! *pokes her fingers in Shadow’s stomach*
Shadow: Stop know I don’t like being touched there. *blushes*
Amy: Mhm, I know it’s your sensitive spot. *smirks*

A few days later, Shadow was in the bathroom weighing himself because of course Amy went overboard as usual with baking him her delicious treats.

Amy: *walks into the bathroom* So Shadow what does it say? Also I’m still very sorry I did that again…Shadow? *comes up besides him*
Shadow: *frozen from shock*
Amy: Shadow, what’s wrong?..*looks down at the scale* …eh???

Scale: Too Fat to Race Sonic.

Gestures of Love (Words of Love Pt. 3)

Warnings: fluff, as per usual. and maybe some angst? *gasp*

WC: 3,101 (( wow upgrade ))

AN: (Y/F/I): Your First Initial, (Y/D/N): Your Dad’s Name

AU: Hamiltime

1 2 4 5 Masterlist

If someone were to tell you a few months ago that you would be exploring the town freely and being courted by a handsome young gentleman, you wouldn’t believe them and you would most likely slap them for making such a forward accusation.

You still couldn’t believe it yourself.

You went from being constantly confined to the four walls of your house, to exploring the town, to being courted than none other than Philip Hamilton. To say that is was a dream come true was an under exaggeration.

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(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 8

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃう vol. 8 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hanae Natsuki

Get this CD from Amazon

Summary: You’re in a dance club and your kouhai fell in love with you, thus you guys started dating. One day you go on an amusement park date with him, which leads to spending the night and some pillow talk. ifyouknowwhatimean

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The Rippers

Prompt: “ Could you do an imagine where the reader and Stefan turn of their humanity and goes on a ripper spree together”

Requested by @itsall-inmy-head 

A/N: I’m sooo sorry about the wait!!

Warnings: Ripper!Stefan

You woke up next to your boyfriend Stefan Salvatore, it’d been a few weeks since you and him turned your emotions off, and you couldn’t be happier. Stefan soon woke up after you did and draped his arm over you. “Good morning beautiful.” He said with a smirk as he kissed your neck.
You smile ear to ear before turning to face him. “I’m starving. You ready to grab a bite?” He shrugs. “I could eat." 

You and him go to the nearest diner, even though food was the last thing on your mind, both of you were more hungry for something with a pulse. The sun was barley up and not many people occupied the diner yet, which was perfect.

You and Stefan took your seats and were greeted by a waitress "What can I get you two?” You glanced up at her. “May we see a menu?” She nodded and handed you one. You flipped through it and then tossed it aside. “I’m just not hungry for anything you have here..But you and your customers look quite delicious.” You smirked. She looked confused. “Excuse me..?" 

Stefan lightly chuckled. "You’ll have to excuse Y/N, (she/he) enjoys playing with (her/his) food.” You and Stefan’s eyes went dark and veins went down your faces. The waitress tried to run for the door but Stefan beat her to it. “What’s the rush? We’re about to have so much fun!”  Then you and Stefan drained her and everyone else of blood.

“I gotta say, they were quite delicious.” You say as you swipe some blood off of Stefan’s lip and lick it off your finger. “Very delicious, how long do you think it’ll take for Damon and Elena to find us and ruin our fun?” You chuckle. “I’d love to see those two try to stop us, I could use a good laugh.” “Me too.” He laughs before crashing his lips into yours.