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Nerves - Malia Tate

Request ;; a malia tate x fem!reader imagine based on 6x01 after malia transforms back from being a full coyote and reader gets all nervous because she likes malia and malia knows, so she decides to tease reader and stuff. maybe they could end up together? tysm

A/n ;; 6a has killed me + gifs are not mine ++ i’m back !! i took a break from writing for a while to sort some shit out but i’m working on it and hopefully i’ll be posting more often as of now :)) 

Warnings ;; nudity, mostly fluff, gxg

Words ;; 1.8k

Published ;; 19th february, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🔭

Shivering, you wrapped your arms tighter around yourself as the crisp, late night air brushed over your skin, goosebumps appearing as you groaned in annoyance. “Is this necessary?” Your teeth chattered together as you let out a huff of air aggressively so you’d see your breath in the bitter air just to prove a point to the true alpha that was stood next to you, completely unfazed by the harsh wind.

“Stiles has a theory,” Scott shrugged, looking over at you with a small, innocent smile.

“Stiles always has a theory!” Letting out an overly dramatic groan, you turned to face the wrecked car in which two of your best friends were pointlessly sitting inside of. Stiles, who had seemingly heard your statement, whipped his head around to look at you, doing his famous eye twitch to show his irritancy. “And when am I ever wrong, (Y/N)?!”

“Most of the time,” You sang, a playful grin on your face as you looked back over your shoulder to Scott who was chuckling under his breath at yours and Stiles’ childish banter. He was just glad that his pack was back to normal and their usual bubbly selves after Theo and the Dread Doctors nearly ruined everything.

“I heard that!” He let out an irked yelp from the car and a soft laugh escaped past your chattering teeth at the sound as you made your way closer to the destroyed chunk of metal.

“Hmm,” Lydia hummed from the front seat, looking around warily, her hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. Stiles shot up once more from his position in the back seat and looked towards the strawberry blonde with wide eyes.

“What? What is it?!” The sudden eagerness in his voice was apparent as he leaned forward from his spot.

Her right hand left the steering wheel as she shrugged, her middle finger then delicately touching the crease of her eye. “This is a perfect shade for me. I forget the name,” Her shining eyes were on her reflection in the small, compartment mirror, the light smile on her face showcasing that she was definitely proud of her eye look that day. 

“Oo, let me see,” You faintly touched Lydia’s jaw through the open window and she turned to face you, a small smile of appreciation still written on her lips as you eyed her makeup, impressed. You nodded at her in agreement; your eyebrows raised slightly, “Oh, that is nice. Where’d you get that?”

“Macy’s,” She grinned, but it slowly dropped when Stiles let out an obvious, exasperated sound, his eyes squinting down at the two of you.

“Can we stay on topic here?” He ran a hand through his dark hair, sitting up straighter in the car seat.

“I’m not getting anything,” Lydia stated briskly, getting out the car with pursed lips, a roll of her eyes and the need to loudly slam the car door shut to show her annoyance towards Stiles.

“She’s not getting anything,” You repeated for emphasis and shot a look at your sarcastic friend who was sure that this would be a supernatural mystery and dragged you out of your warm and cosy bed at 11 o’clock at night, for the 5th time that week, yelling excitedly in your ear about how ‘they still need us!’

Then, the chilling sound of a coyote howl filled your ears and echoed around the small clearing; you smiled to yourself slightly at the signal. You watched her jump over a wrecked car, landing softly on her paws with a gentle bark and shining blue eyes. You grabbed the pile of clothes out of Lydia’s car in preparation for the werecoyote and when you turned back, she was now crouched in her naked human form, her bare back to you before she stood upright confidently and faced you, her vibrant, glowing eyes fading out until the soft brown was restored. 

Your breath got caught in your throat as you made sure that your eyes stayed grounded and connected to hers instead of instinctively traveling south, a small smirk played on her lips when she secretly tuned into the sound of your racing heartbeat. 

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Why are you groping the air??? Lucifer x Winchester!Reader

Request: How about a lucifer x Winchester! Reader where the brothers catch her grooming lucis wings. Like lucifer is groaning and it looks like their sister is groping the air because they can’t see them. Deans just like “ what the fuck is going on here?”

Warnings: None

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Fandom: Supernatural

Lucifer let out a sigh of content, rolling back his shoulders to get more comfortable. You smiled at that and continued softly stroking his delicate white wings, soothingly rubbing your fingers downwards.

Little did the both of you know, Sam and Dean were standing outside your door with ears pressed to the wood. “What the hell are they doing?” Dean asked in a harsh whisper. Sam just shrugged and furrowed his brows, trying to hear better.

“That feel good?” You asked in a satin-like voice and all Lucifer could do was grunt out a reply as you worked your fingers through the soft, delicate feathers.

Dean had enough of this, he kicked your door down. Sam flinched in surprise, looking at Dean with wide eyes. Dean knew you and Lucifer were a thing, but he didn’t want to admit it… Hearing you two talk dirty to each other, probably having sex, that was enough for him. He was going to put an end to this relationship.

You gasped and Lucifer tucked in his wings, they were invisible to Sam and Dean anyways but it was a reflex. “What the hell?” You gasped, your hand on your heart.

“Why were you groping the air?” Dean asked with a horrified look on his face. Sam sighed and rubbed his face, walking out of the room.

“I was pruning him, Dean, can you knock next time?” You stood up and brushed some dawn off you, looking at your broken door laying on the floor. “And fix my door?” Lucifer stayed quiet, staring at Dean through narrowed eyes. He was upset, you had just started getting to the good part where you finished.

Dean blushed in embarrassment, backing up. He looked at the door on the floor and he sighed, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah… I’ll fix that… later…” He muttered and walked out, cursing himself.

You turned to Lucifer and tried to smile, but his glare caused it to slip off your face. “Sorry… about him. I should have listened to you and done it outside.”

Lucifer just gave you an ‘Oh, really?’ look and rolled his eyes, snapping the two of you out of there.

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Can I have headcanons of Varia like what do they do with the lover at a free day

//Three characters or less per ask please! I’ll do the Varia Top 3 for now//


  • Xanxus is the type to openly show his affections towards you unless he’s not in the mood or it’s not the right time. So safe to say, a free day won’t change much - he is the boss of the Varia after all
  • Xanxus isn’t lazy but he doesn’t like to expend energy on frivolous activities so stay-at-homes dates occur quite often. However, if you want to go out, he’s fine with it unless he just came back from some assassination that went south
  • But don’t get discouraged! His home is a fucking mansion and anything you want to do is there right at your beck and call. Hungry? He’ll have the head chef cook you anything your heart desires. Want some entertainment? Well, watching you making fun of bad movies always put a genuine smile on his face. Want some fun? Oh, he has a bottle tequila and he’ll show you a good time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • If it’s one of your lazy days, the two of you will just stay in bed all day, talking (though it’s you who initiates and he who listens), complaining about a mutual enemy or that one suck-up who won’t shut up about the Vongola, sleeping, cuddling (again, it’s mostly you who initiates), and a lot of sex if you’re up to it
  • A free day with Xanxus is like any other day (except during missions). He revels in physical contact and if you’re already his lover he won’t mind you tracing your delicate little fingers over his scars.


  • Free day? What is this “”free day” you speak of? Honestly even when Squalo’s off duty he’ll be forced to do something. Good luck trying to get anything done when your significant other is constantly off trying to resolve mafia wars or taking care of the Varia runts Bel and Fran
  • On the off chance he actually gets a break, his relaxation comes in three steps. First he’ll want to stay home and just relax with you. Maybe a good cup of coffee and if you’re the cuddling type, although he won’t ever initiate, he’ll appreciate your touches
  • Then once he’s gotten a full eight hours of sleep (a luxury) he’ll spar with you whether you’re good at fighting or not. If you’re a fighter, the frustration building up in both of you will be released, making this a nice bonding moment. If not, he’ll won’t have any mercy but it’s a good way to appeal to his pride a bit (kiss him when your pinned down and he’ll switch into his tsundere mode real fast)
  • Finally it’s a nice, calming home-cooked dinner between the both of you. Yes, he can cook. He may be one of the greatest swordsman and mafioso but Xanxus is his boss and Varia grunts are too incompetent for his liking. It’ll be nice for once to cook for someone who can appreciate food, isn’t going to slam a vase over his head, yell at him to go faster, or throw food in his hair.
  • Overall, just help him wind down and ease his stress. If you’re already dating then it means he trusts you enough to see his vulnerable side so just your presence and touch is enough to warrant a “free day”


  • This little shit. Ask him and he’ll say everyday is a day off (unless the boss orders him to do something)
  • Sadistic in nature, if your his lover you must either be a masochist or as equally sadistic so prepare yourself for some good ol’ hitman hunting! The person who kills the least amount of mafiosos has to play maid for the winner. He even has a dress prepared and everything but it’s one of those sexy Halloween costumes so be prepared to clean just more than rooms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Games in general are his go-to pleasures. Though preferably multiplayer (only to flaunt his giant ego) he’s willing to play anything that shows off his skills. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Origin, Nexon, LoL, WoW, Overwatch, Mortal Combat, doesn’t matter he’ll kick your virtual ass anyways
  • If you manage to beat though, well, be prepared for a pouty and irritable brat on your hands. it’s not the maid costume, fuck no he’ll rock that outfit, it’s the fact that he lost in general
  • One way or another either Fran or Mammon will be involved at one point. Whether it be annoying them, making them play multiplayer games, or just pissing them off in general, he’ll drag you into his antics

AN: I wrote this as I was having a really bad writer’s block. This has seriously helped me get back into writing. Enjoy. 

Characters: Dean Ambrose/Reader

Words: 676

Plot: You and Dean are sharing a room together, you take a shower but can’t reach to put body lotion on your back.

You stand in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom, of the hotel room you would be in for tonight. Your hair was wet and messy on your back from the shower you’d just had. You were naked from the lotion you’d applied on your body, well you got it everywhere but of a section on your back. You groaned if you weren’t able to somehow get the middle section of your back, then your tan would be completely uneven. You were alone with only Dean in the same room. It didn’t bother you, you and Dean had shared a room together before without any issues. You rewrapped the towel around your body - even tighter than before, so it wouldn’t fall off – and headed towards the bathroom door. You slowly poked your head out of the door frame before speaking.

“Uh…Dean?” you asked hesitantly. He turned his from attention from the TV he was watching towards you. You noticed that he was eyeing your body frame, up and down.
“Would you mind…uh…helping me with something?”
“Well Darlin’ that depends what it is you need me for” Dean replied rather smugly, his faced locked on yours. You cringed. Leave it to Dean, to make you feel even more embarrassed, than you already were about this whole situation.
“The thing is….I have this lotion…and I…I…uh…I need help to get it on the middle, of my…um…back” you said rubbing your arm, eyes glued the floor refusing to meet his gaze.
“Of course I’ll give you a helping hand Y/N, all you have to do is ask” He said with a smirk standing up from the couch, as you began  headed to go back inside the bathroom


You gave Dean the bottle of lotion, who squirted a fair portion into his hand before giving you the bottle back.
“You know I can’t exactly apply this lotion with that towel on your body now can I?” Shit the towel. You’d completely forgotten that once the towel was gone, the full length mirror would show Dean every single inch of your naked body once you’d removed the towel.
“Seriously Y/N, last time I checked we didn’t have all night” he said growing rather impatient. Sighing you slowly removed the towel. Once you’d fully removed the towel you quickly covered your breasts, Dean only chuckling at your awkwardness.
“See that wasn’t so bad now was it?” he teased. You rolled your eyes.

It didn’t take long until you felt his hands massaging the lotion on the top of your back, with the palm of his hand. Man was he good the way he rubbed the lotion onto your skin felt amazing. Unbelievably amazing. Dean suddenly began using his fingers, which felt even better. You suddenly moaned, not being able to control the pleasurable sensation you felt any longer.

“You like that darlin’ do ya?” you couldn’t speak, you could only nod ‘yes.’ Dean’s face suddenly gleamed at you with a mischievous look. You suddenly felt his fingers dropping lower and lower, right near your spine, until you could feel them on your tailbone.

“Fuck…Dean….”you whimpered in pure ecstasy. You suddenly feel Dean’s fingers grope your ass cheeks, causing you to moan even louder. You didn’t even care that your hands were no longer covering your breasts…this felt too damn good.
“How…the…fuck….did you…get…so…good at….this?!” You asked in between moans, almost breathless. His hands slowly move away from your body and suddenly you’re face to face with the man, completely naked. Dean’s gaze locked directly on yours.

“I have my ways little lady…” Dean says his finger delicately brushing your cheek and a satisfied grin emerges on his face.
“Maybe I’ll even show you some more one day?” He asks winking, before he walks out of the door leaving you alone.

Dean. Fucking. Ambrose. Is all you can think. The man had sure done it this time. You would surely like him to show you more of his talents someday. You just hoped that day would be sooner rather than later.



As you reached out for the bottle of wine, Dave smirked and reached out as well, but instead of grabbing the bottle, his hand wrapped around your wrist. “Y/N, I honestly think you’ve had enough.”

With a cross snort, you allowed your co-worker to back your hand away from the bottle. Your chest was getting that tight feeling again; it happened whenever Dave touched you, or even looked you. “I haven’t had that much…”

“You’re nearly spilling the wine you have in your glass.” He chuckled, reaching out with his other hand and carefully gripping the delicate wine glass in your fingers. You gasped a little when his fingers touched yours, but you were hoping he wouldn’t notice. Why did you think it was a good idea to get drunk with Dave? You could barely conceal your feelings while you were sober.

He lightly placed the glass on his coffee table, then looked back up you. But Dave’s expression changed from amused to mildly concerned. You were just staring at him with wide eyes, and you were biting your cheek. Obviously signs of anxiety. “Y/N, what’s wrong? I just didn’t want you to get sick in the morning…”

After a few tense moments, trying to organize the thoughts in your drunken head, you took a breath. “Do you think two co-workers, two really good friends, could be together without it getting in the way of the job?” Dave frowned and tilted his head, like he didn’t quite understand, so you sighed harshly and looked away. “Nevermind…”

“No, no, explain it to me.” Dave insisted, scooting closer. At this length, you could feel the heat coming off of his body, and could clearly smell the expensive cologne that you noticed he only puts on for special occasions, like going out with the team. It made your head swim.

And when you met Dave’s eyes once more, he was looking right back at you. Except he was reading you; the deep dilation of your eyes and the new blushed colour in your face. The way you wringed your hands together. So, being the risk-taker that David Rossi was known to be, he leaned forward and captured your lips in his. Needless to say, you were puzzled and shocked, but you were thankful that you were drunk, because it was easier to get lost in the kiss.

Requested by Anon~

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'baby just shut up and make out with me' ps u should do this with luke...

“But Luke, we still haven’t made the broccoli for tonight,” you pleaded with your boyfriend as you stood at the stove and stirred the pot of sauce for spaghetti.

“Mm,” he mumbled into your skin, dragging his lips across the soft skin of your shoulder, reflexively causing you to cock your head to the side and offer up more of your skin to him. “We’ve got time, baby,” Luke coaxed, his fingers pressing little delicate circles into your hips, “Dinner’s not till seven.”

“Yeah, but Luke,” you sighed, trying not to let his actions affect you. “It’s…” you glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall, “… ten till five and I still have to shower and get ready–”

“Ssh, pumpkin,” he whispered into your ear, his hot breath causing a shiver to ripple down your spine. You could feel his smirk against your skin. “We don’t have to be there at the exact time.”

“Baaabe,” you whined. “It takes a half an hour to get to your parent’s house, which means we need to leave at 6:30.” He tried to interrupt you but you carried on. “No, Lu, we are not going to be late for dinner with your family because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.”

He gasped, “Y/N, you dare you think so lowly of me!”

You quirked an eyebrow at your boyfriend after turning off the burner and facing him, leaning back on the stove while crossing your arms. 

“Don’t look at me like that,” Luke mumbled, a dramatic frown gracing his lips. 

You raised your eyebrow higher in dissatisfaction. 

“I can’t help it!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air before tugging your body against his. “You’re just so pretty,” he mumbled as he pressed a quick kiss to your lips, “And your ass is just…” He slithered his hands to your backside and gripped your cheeks firmly in his hands, “Ugh. And your tummy is freaking adorable,” he quipped as his palms gently traced over your stomach before resting on your chest. “And these,” he wiggled his eyebrows and grasped your boobs lightly in his hands, “These babies are fucking amazing.”

You scoffed but there was still an hint of a smile in your stern expression. “Seriously Luke, I don’t wanna look like a bum eating dinner with your parents. I need to go and take a shower.”

“First of all, my parents literally do not care. They’ve known you for like a year, I’m pretty sure they know by now you’re fucking gorgeous.” He squeezed your boobs again as you began to counter his argument, successfully shutting you up. “Second of all, how ‘bout we save water and shower together?”

“Seriously, Luke?” you groaned. “Not only was that was the lamest and most over used line ever, but we both know if we shower together that no actual showering will be done.”


And, we still haven’t made the broccoli,” you added, trying not to let Luke’s lips suddenly sucking at your neck distract you from firmly demanding your boyfriend give up his shenanigans. “So, you should… probably… let me go and–”

Baby,” Luke interrupted, raising his head from where it was positioned in the crook of your neck and rolling his eyes. “Just shut up and make out with me.

And well, if you were a little bit late to dinner, it wasn’t the biggest deal in the world (even if Jack poking your new hickey at the dinner table certainly felt like it was).


Partner dances - A Hoshi scenario

“Welcome to your first dance class, today you will be needing a partner” the teacher said. The class groaned and whined at the sound of having to dance with someone. You mentally cursed as you saw your crush Hoshi standing just feet from you. “Please don’t be him..” You begged quietly enough that lucky no one heard you. You teacher made her rounds giving the students their partners. You felt anxious as she came over to you… “y/n you’ll be with….. Hoshi” your heart jumped at his name. You looked around for him, you two made eye contact as he walked over. The way he looked at you make your heart flutter with something you didn’t know was possible to feel so young. He looked at you with sweet and shy eyes. “I-I’m Hoshi” he studdered out quite quickly. When You replied back with your name, hoshis lips molded into a wide smile. “Alright now boys grab your partners waist with one hand and gently grab her hand with the other.” She mimicked what to do, hoshis eyes wiped to meet yours. His shaky hand rested on your waist. As soon as he touched you you swore you felt electricity. He then used his right hand to grab yours and slide his hand into yours. He held you so gently, like you were made of glass. His hands delicately held onto your waist, his fingers drawing little circles onto your lower back. He smiled at you his cheeks turning a light pink color. “Hoshi? Isn’t that your crush?!” You heard one of his friends say. Hoshi turned around giving the friend dark and warning eyes causing him to hide behind his hyung. You looked down and smiled you felt your tummy fill with butterflies. “He likes me..” You thought to yourself. He turned to you “I’m sorry just ignore him” he said with apologetic eyes. “But what if I like you back” you said to him with gentle eyes. He opened his mouth to speak the music cut him off. You could barely identify what the teacher was saying over the loud music. Hoshi took the lead and started to guide from side to side. He was light on his feet his movements almost airy and bouncy. He spun you and held your back while doing so making sure to keep you steady. You felt like a royalty spinning around the gym with Hoshi. The Hoshi spotted causing Hoshi to finish off his last move before bowing to you respectfully. Your dance class soon ended, you grabbed your bag getting ready to leave before you felt two arms wrap around you. “You aren’t getting away that easy y/n you confessed and now it’s time I do it correctly” you melted at his touch. “Y/n I’ve never felt this way about anyone, anything you do makes me fall for you even more. I’ve cared about you for as longer then I though was possible, will you go out with me?” You looked up at him through your eye lashes as you felt your cheeks become red and rosy. He raised his eye brows up and smiled encouraging your answer. “Yes” you said to him simply “wait what” he asked you clearly in shocked of you saying yes “Yes I will go out with you” you said again laughing at how cute he was. He took no time to pull you into his arms and rock you from side to side. “You’re so cute” you said to him, he took your face into his hands and placed a faint but lingering kiss on your lips. “But your cuter” he said before grabbed your hand to take you to your next class.

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Under the Blanket - Request Sunday #12

~The Fanfic for today´s Request Sunday is based on the following Request~

You love Movie Nights over at Dan and Phil´s apartment. You always use to sit on the sofa, cuddled up under a giant blanket with the blinds drawn and Phil would make Popcorn, which he mostly ate himself. Due to Christmas and New Year’s happening, it´s been a while since you´ve seen the boys and you one of those Movie Nights. But now you are sitting cuddled up next to Dan on the sofa, Phil is eating his Popcorn as usual and you just enjoy spending some quality time with them. Dan has his arm tightly wrapped around you and his head is softly resting on yours. Even though you´ve been together for a while now, Dan´s touch still made you feel tingly and the fact you haven´t seen each other in a while doesn’t particularly help with you feeling already a little bit aroused.

Dan obviously feels the same way; a few minutes later a short sex scene comes on and he leans closer to your ear, whispering “I wish I could do that you right now” as the male lead actor throws a women on the bed and starts ripping off her clothes. As he presses his lips softly on your neck a shiver runs through your body and you bite your lip to repress a moan. Suddenly you feel Dan´s free hand softly caressing your breasts, gently playing with your nipples. You close your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on your body. Under the blanket his hand moves down and he skilfully unbuttons your jeans and lets his hand slide down to your already wet delicate area. You gasp and tightly grab Dan´s arm that is wrapped around you. “Dan!” you whisper burying your face in his neck, hoping Phil doesn´t hear you. “Don´t tell me you don´t like it.” He whispers back in a deep and husky voice. He increases the pressure with which he is rubbing your clit and you have to bite your lip again to stop a moan from slipping out. You risk a little side glance to Phil, but he doesn´t seem to notice what is going and keeps quietly watching the movie. Dan slides his hand down even more and in a swift move he pushes your underwear to the side. He draws little circles on your delicate area before he starts to finger you. You forcefully bite your lip, overrun with desire, trying to avoid any noise as you are afraid Phil might catch you. Covered by the blanket Dan picks up a steady pace and pushes his fingers into you gently at first but swiftly does it harder. You go back to burying your head in Dan´s neck, still biting your lip. You need all your strength to keep your body from involuntarily moving in sync with Dan´s hands.

You can´t deny that being touched by Dan this way feels incredibly good and your body definitely longs for more. You want to feel his hard cock inside you. You tighten the grip around Dan´s arm. Thinking about things like this sure isn´t helping with containing yourself. From the corner of your eyes you can see Phil turning his head making a comment about the movie and Dan abruptly stops in his movement. He waits another few moment, only gently rubbing your clit with his thumb, before continuing. You can feel a little knot in your tummy, fearing Phil is going to catch you. But he just peacefully keeps watching the movie. You just hope that the movie is going to be over soon as you can´t take it any longer. “Dan! Not so fast!” you whisper as quite as possible. Dan only responds with a little side smirk and continues fingering you.

As soon as the movie ends, Phil stretches next to you. Dan stops again and removes his hand from under the blanket. Phil stretches again and yawns, before proclaiming that he is immediately going to bed. You say your good nights and as soon as Phil left the room, closing the door behind him. The second you hear the door locking Dan and you sink into a passionate kiss. You unbutton his jeans without hesitation, impatiently pushing them down and pulling him on top of you. Tangled in the blanket Dan pushes his hard member inside you. You let out a moan as his full length gets pushed inside you. Finally you can just let go and your hips start moving in sync with Dan´s thrusting. You get lost in the act, savouring the feeling of Dan´s lips kissing your neck, your breasts and your lips; the feeling of his bare skin against yours and the pleasure of his cock inside you.

You were just about to switch position when you get interrupted by the sound of the screaking lounge door. Startled the both of you look up to find Phil standing in the door frame looking at you with shock in his eyes. “I just wanted to get my blanket” he stutters terrified. You blush and your cheeks burn in embarrassment. You cover yourself with a blanket and avoid looking at Phil, feeling really ashamed. Dan let´s out an annoyed sigh and swiftly wraps the two of you in his blanket. “What are you doing?” you ask confused. “I´m getting us out of here. I want sex and I´m going to get it.” He answers and lifts you up, securing the blanket with his hands. Phil almost jumps out of the way, making room for you. Dan quickly carries you into his bedroom, slams the door and throws you onto his bed. “I want you so badly.” He breathes and pushes his cock back inside you.

(Here is some nice sweet boyfriend Harry…I hope you love it because there is more on the way! *key-key)

The bed is warm. It is soft. You pull the blankets and sheets tightly around you, a small attempt at keeping the chilly air of the bedroom from ruining your morning. You groan. It’s too early. You don’t want to get up. You don’t want to get out of bed. Then suddenly you remember.

It’s Saturday.

You sigh, being filled with the relief of knowing that today you have nothing to do. You sink back down into your pillows. Nothing at all can force you to get out of this bed. You feel Harry stirring next to you. You feel him roll over, bringing his body closer to yours. You feel his warmth spread through you as he wraps his arm around you. He pulls you tight against him. You feel his chest hard against your back.

This. This is your favorite thing. It’s the one thing you look forward to everyday. A tiny little simple thing. Every morning when Harry pulls you close to him, he holds you tight. His arm that is wrapped around you is strong. He makes you feel safe. It sends a rush of emotions through you and it reminds you every morning how happy you are in this life.

You bring your hand up to his arm and gently brush your fingers down his skin. It always feels so soft. You find yourself snuggling back against him even more. You push your hips back into him and feel his normal morning friend. You can’t help yourself as you grind against it, making him hum in the back of his throat. You smile into your pillow as he pushes himself against you. But it’s not about sex. This is not about that. It’s about how comfortable you are with each other, how well you know each other’s bodies.

You eventually roll over still wrapped in his arms and face him. Morning breath aside, he is beautiful. He keeps his eyes closed even though you know he’s awake. His hair is a mop of curls with a severe case of bed head. You reach up and run your hand through them, smoothing them and making Harry hum again. He loves to have his hair played with. He always says he could sit with his head in your lap for hours just letting you pull your fingers through his curls.

When he lays like this, his face still soft with sleep, you like to trace his features. You always start with a thumb to his eyebrow. You follow each arch carefully. You touch your finger to the delicate little laugh lines around his eyes. They are tiny little imprints of all the good times you’ve had together. You trace over the bridge of his nose and down his jawline. But you save the best for last. His lips. His beautiful perfect pink lips. They are soft and pouty in his early morning stupor but as soon as your fingertip touches them, they form a small smile.

You lean forward and kiss him gently and whisper against them. “Good morning…”

He automatically pulls you closer to him and deepens your kiss. When he finally pulls back, his eyes are open and he looks directly into yours. “Yours is such a beautiful face to wake up to.”

You will lay in bed the rest of the morning. Do nothing. Just talking and wondering what the day will bring to you. You make plans to see your friends tonight, plans for a lunch date before then, and talk about who’s going to get up to bring breakfast back to bed.

This was your morning routine, always. You liked to be lazy together. You liked laying wrapped in each others arms. The morning slowly slipping past into afternoon. Lazy weekends were always the best.