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Q R S T alphabet dogs: @quichehound, @specklemutts, @driftlessdogs and @loyal-as-a-dog!


Happy 18th Birthday Tarjei “I don’t want to adult” Sandvik Moe {24.05.1999}


On Shinhwa’s celebration of 7000 days since debut, Kim Dongwan reminds fans that Shinhwa isn’t responsible for their lives & no one else is responsible for Shinhwa’s lives either. And that Shinhwa Changjo are Shinhwa’s strong companions, history, & living witnesses. Such wise & mature talk that’s coming out from a veteran group to their veteran & matured fans. Respect!
Surely Wannie, right! 

For @commanderholly‘s birthday. She’s one of the biggest inspirations to me and I love her so much.

Happy Birthday Holly!!! Never stop being you <3

I don’t care that you don’t like Mon El, whatever your BS reason I truly don’t care. You have your opinions.

But for the love of everything please shut the fuck up at least for a few goddamn hours.

I (and others) just lost a favorite character hopefully not for long & who will probably be back cuz the CW likes to fuck shit up. But he is gone and the character you say you love is heartbroken. And you’re happy?

And Kara despite what you say, lost someone she genuinely loved and loved her. I never really had an opinion on Karmel, didn’t hate it didn’t rlly ship it, but fucksake.

But point is I’m fucking sad and your bullshit got old real quick.

Returning to my roots

My UFYH roots that is!

So, I’m on hiatus (ha ha) until the end of August, but my kids are still in school until the end of June, so RIGHT NOW I have an opportunity to do a bunch of work on my house.

This is hard for me. I’m not great at self-structuring, and I also struggle a LOT of initiating behavior (ADHD FTW!) so my big fear is that I’m just going to spend all my time dicking around on the internet and NOT doing all the things I want to have done. I really have trouble when I leave the house in the morning and come back, which I have to do 3-4 days a week (including today) because of carpool and appts and whatnot. 

So, I’m working on accountability. I’ve set goals for myself for today, because I have about 6 hours to myself. I think if I share them (feel free to ignore ha ha), and cross them off as I go, it will help me to organize my time and be productive. 

My reward for getting this stuff done will be some dicking around on the internet time, and some reading.

So: here’s the list!

1. Clean the kitchen
2. Clean the downstairs bathrooms
3. Pick up downstairs living area
4. Sweep and Mop
5. Pick TWO from the Living Room Declutter
6. 45 Minutes Guitar Practice
7. 1 Hour on Big Bang

(Guitar and Big Bang are things I can do when the kids are home this afternoon)

So the challenge for me today will be, when I get back from dropping the kids off at school, just jumping in and DOING IT. Here goes!

“lower your expectations”…I HATE THIS SENTENCE!!

I’ve been seeing that one a LOT lately and I have to ask, why are people such buzz killers? I mean just come out and say that you’ve seen the spoilers that are going around. But don’t make a post telling us “I’m warning you, lower your expectations”. I think I’m adult enough to know when I want to lower my shit or not. I’ll be the only responsible of having my hopes up and if I end up disappointed…I will only blame myself. But please, don’t tell me to lower my expectations, you are taking all the fun away from me by doing so. You are making me feel bad before the episode has even aired.