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a Fatal_Byu has Occurred!

Stream shenanigan turned into a gift for the ever so awesomesauce @byutak <3

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hello! im really sorry for clogging up your dash with reblog's and the such, but i absolutely *adore* the way you draw the ds losers; and you ship wilson and woodie, which is a really rare find! your art is so nice and sketchy and just aaa! thank you for your art, it's really awesome! = D oh, and if i could please request some heart meltingly fluffy woodson? you dont have to, of course! have a nice day!

ahhh Thank you! Thats super duper sweet of you to say! (honestly most of my stuff is sketchy because i hate coloring) 

have some lumberjack boyfriends


I know I didn’t say much when answering all of your asks (if i said anything at all), but I want to sincerely thank all of you for all of the support and love you’ve shown me recently.

Please give love to the other blogs experiencing hate right now, I’m not the only one. 

I also want to mention that this hate won’t change the way I run dandybek. This will still be a roleplay blog. 

I’m having a hard time addressing this. 

Scrolling through my dash and seeing your support has really helped me. I can’t thank all of you enough for the kind messages, asks, and posts. 

It still feels very strange to me. I have had very severe problems with anxiety and self harm in the past, and I’m not the only one. Sending people hate, people with thoughts, people with feelings, is monstrous. It makes you hate yourself, even though you did nothing wrong. 

For those who have sent me hate, I want you to know exactly how much you hurt me. I can’t look at the word ‘deserved’ anymore without panicking and thinking about your awful words. I was too scared to even open my ask box. I was scared to check my messages. I was scared to be on tumblr, which is a read shame considering that this is a ‘safe’ place for many. I couldn’t sleep last night. I keep thinking about what someone might have done to you (them) that would trigger you (them) to lash out at me. 

What can you do to help? 

I want to use this as an opportunity to spread some positivity in the fandom. 

If you’re reading this, go send 5 different blogs some love in their inbox. (Not me.) It can be anon or not, but try your best to make someone’s day. 

Make a post telling a blog how much you appreciate their work. Gift someone writing, or artwork. Make someone feel special. 

Tag everything as #YoiPositivityMovement , especially in the asks. I want to see how much love we can spread. 

Example: anonymous asked: you’re gr8 #yoipositivitymovement

Reblog this. Spread the word. Spread positivity. 

xoxo, dandybek

Land Next to Me: Chapter Two

A/N: Thanks to @cupcakecana and @x-benihime for being amazing and giving me feedback/editing this for me!! <3

Enjoy Natsu’s POV of chapter 1, which is mostly to establish his world!

(won’t be posting on for a while because I ran into computer issues-i.e., I spilled water on it and it is fried)

Translations at the bottom for Trigedasleng 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 3120

Pairing: Nalu

Characters: Natsu, Gajeel, Acnologia, Sting, Levy- mentions of others

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

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Chapter 2: Down Here, Weakness is Death, Fear is Death

“What the hell?”

Fire blazed in the sky, bright and blinding as it descended, moving closer and closer to the ground.  Natsu’s eyes fixed on it, at first thinking it was a star, but the closer it got, the less likely it became.

A large group gathered, surrounding Natsu, all looking up at the sky. The younger children muttered to each other about it being a falling star, just like he’d thought it was, but those who were older knew better.

This was dangerous.

A heavy weight settled in the pit of Natsu’s stomach, fear of the unknown creeping up on him.

Vieda.” Natsu tensed at the familiar voice and his back straightened as he turned to face Acnologia.

Natsu looked up at him. “Chief?”

“They’re from the sky—Skaikru. They are not welcome here.” A shiver ran down Natsu’s spine at Acnologia’s menacing expression and he nodded at the chief’s words as he hid his anxiety.

A new clan.


The unfamiliar word sounded strange in his mind.

Even if there were people falling from the sky, they wouldn’t last long if Acnologia’s expression was anything to go by.

He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it.  

The legends had spoke of those from centuries past who’d travelled to the sky, but he thought they would all be dead by now. It was inevitable. How would they grow food, or even get water? They were in space, where there was nothing but stars and the moon.

Besides, even if there were people coming down, those flames would’ve surely engulfed them.

“Come,” Acnologia barked. He strode to the main war hut and paused at the entrance, looking back. “Gajeel!”

“What?” It was muffled. From the other side of the hut.
“Did you get everyone?”


“Well hurry the fuck up. Get the council members. We gotta figure out our defense. Go now.” With that, their Chief disappeared inside.

Reluctantly, Natsu made his way over, Sting sidling up next to him. He quirked a curious eyebrow at the blond, earning a mere shrug from him.

It was clear to him that Sting also had his doubts. He’d never been as good as Natsu at hiding his feelings.  

Natsu kept his face neutral and shoulders pushed back as he entered the hut. If he wanted to stay alive, he couldn’t let his guard down. Not around their chief.

Being part of the chief’s personal guard was never in Natsu’s plans, yet here he was, thanks to being a protective idiot. He never would’ve volunteered if he’d thought there was any other way to protect Romeo or one of the other kids from being selected.

Taking his seat at the round table, Natsu glanced to the rest of the room—Laxus and Cobra on either side of Acnologia, Sting and Rogue beside Cobra.

He narrowed his eyes at Gajeel who sat beside him, cool air following him from the outside. His obvious pleasure at being back here once again written all over his face, no doubt aching to kill.


Not to say that Natsu didn’t love a good fight himself. He just didn’t like killing for pleasure like the others seemed to.

“The legends spoke of the sky people and how one day they would return,” Acnologia stood, expression hard yet manic. “I cannot predict where their ship will land, but if they come into our territory,” he gazed at each other them, grin turning sadistic as his eyes landed on Natsu, “frag emo op.”

Natsu heard Gajeel let out a grunt of agreement, saw Cobra’s smirk and the coldness in Acnologia’s eyes, and made a vow to himself.

He would kill Acnologia, whatever it took.

The Chief assigned positions. Cobra and Laxus would cover the North and South, respectively, Sting and Rogue the East, Natsu and Gajeel the West. Natsu tuned out the rest. He didn’t care about strategies or whatever else they were discussing.

Shuffling pulled Natsu from his thoughts as everyone stood and headed out of the hut, excitement and bloodlust clinging to them. It had been quiet recently, with the new Commander’s coalition, not many opportunities for blood to have blood.

The needless wars and senseless killing had stopped for the most part. Natsu had been able to spend more time with Romeo and the other children, grateful to keep them from the danger the other krus could be, and teach them to how defend themselves—not only physically but mentally.

Never show weakness. He told them, fiercely. Weakness is death. Fear is death. Don’t show your fear.

“Let’s go, Salamander.” The gruff sound of his reluctant partner broke him away from his thoughts. He turned to face Gajeel, and with a nod, grabbed his bow and arrows. He followed Gajeel to the trees, the pair moving quickly and quietly as they approached their border near the mountain, neither saying anything.

They never really got along, though Natsu didn’t get along well with any of the guard for that matter. They enjoyed killing, he didn’t. It was as simple as that. If tolerated any of them, it was Sting and Rogue—mostly because he’d helped teach them to fight, and they knew when to spare a life.

The duo perched themselves up in the trees, facing the lake, waiting for the so-called ‘Skaikru’ to approach. Natsu still doubted that anyone could survive the fall on a flaming fireball. It could just be a falling star like he initially thought—even if that didn’t make much sense either—besides, if there had been people in the sky for all these years, why come down now?

“This is pointless,” Natsu grumbled as he adjusted his quiver. They would be stuck in this spot for days before Acnologia would send for them once he realized there were no invaders.

At least, Natsu hoped that was the case. If there really were sky people, they wouldn’t know about the boundaries or the kill order, and Natsu would be forced to kill innocent people in order to save himself.

He had to figure a way out of this.

“It’s the chief’s command, don’t complain.” Gajeel spared him a single glance as he surveyed the land in front of them. “Unless you’d rather step down from the guard?”

Natsu saw him smirk. Gajeel knew the answer already. The day Natsu stepped down from the guard was the day Natsu died. He would never let someone take his place and have them be subjected to Acnologia’s reign. It was his burden to bear.

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, Natsu. Don’t be afraid.

He wasn’t sure what Igneel would think if he saw him now. He hoped that he’d be proud.

Voices drifted over from across the river.

Voices speaking english.

His pulse quickened and his gaze darted to Gajeel, fists clenched at the ever-expanding grin on his partner’s face. He saw Gajeel’s grip on the spear tighten, poised to attack, aching to launch it.

“Only if they cross, Gajeel,” Natsu spoke low, not wanting to draw attention to themselves. He couldn’t see the people yet, but he knew they were there, and they were most likely not Trigedakru.

“Yeah, yeah,” Gajeel waved him off, branch beneath him bending dangerously as he practically bounced on his heels.

A predatory grin warped his face.

Scowling, Natsu readied his bow and tried to figure a way out of this. He could only pray they didn’t cross the river.

The group appeared from the woods dressed in strange clothes and, from what he could tell, weaponless.

He frowned and slackened his grip on his bow, curious. He couldn’t understand why they’d wander this far from their crash site, if it was indeed Skaikru, and without weapons at that.

“Gajeel,” he stated, hooking his bow over his head, string across his chest, “these people aren’t dangerous. They don’t even have weapons.”

“Your point?” Gajeel scowled and his eyes narrowed, not bothering to spare Natsu a glance.

“Wouldn’t it be better to question them? Ask them why they’re here?” He was grasping at straws—a lost cause, and he knew it. Gajeel knew it too.

“The chief told us to kill ‘em if they cross, so if they cross I’m gonna kill ‘em. End of story.”

Natsu sighed and turned to the odd looking group. They were young, two girls and three boys, probably around his own age. They were discussing something, looking at a big piece of…something with markings on it. What was it? They were pointing to it and then looking up and around. What were they doing? Maybe he could get a closer look—

His heart clenched at that. He and Gajeel were here to kill them. They couldn’t come closer. They needed to leave.

There was a loud exclamation from the orange-haired boy as he ripped the…thing…from the blue-haired girl. The rest of them looked worried. Uneasy.

Hope bloomed in his chest for a moment.

But then the white thing was tucked away, Skaikru’s faces changed from worry to resolve, and Natsu held his breath.

They’d found the old bridge, a path that Natsu and the rest of the clan used to cross the river when they were hunting or when the kids wanted to explore. Natsu chewed his lip, hoping they’d be too scared to cross. But then the blue haired girl stepped in the water, and Natsu could practically smell the smugness coming from Gajeel.

He let out a shaky breath, dread running cold in his veins as he watched the young, innocent, ignorant, girl practically skip across the water, distantly hearing someone call her name. Levy.

Two of the boys followed.

And then the blonde hurried out, and Natsu could see the desperation on her face—the worry.

A lump settled in his throat. Constricting Heavy. He wanted to scream at them to get. Back.

She stepped out of the water and onto the land—their land—with a wide grin from her apparent success. Natsu whipped to look at Gajeel’s readied arm and lust for blood in One.

Levy turned to her friends, smile only growing.


Gajeel’s left arm extended to aim, the other bent, readying to release.


Gajeel launched the spear. A perfect throw. Straight for the girl. No curve.

He knew without a doubt it’d hit it’s mark.

A scream and a frozen smile. Eyed wide. Shocked and empty. Forever etched into his mind. His heart plummeted. His stomach churned, horrified at Gajeel and what he had done.

He saw the rest of the group try to get to her, but the orange-haired one stopped them. It looked like he was in physical pain to have to do so.
With how the blonde was digging her nails into him, he wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

And then Gajeel threw another spear.

He missed his target by an inch.

Anger roiled in Natsu. He had to stop this.

“Fuck.” He growled, unable to contain himself anymore. He leapt from the tree and he grabbed Gajeel by his ankle, yanking him down from his own branch. Gajeel reeled back, whirling on Natsu, his third spear now angled at him.

“What the fuck, Natsu!”

Natsu didn’t care. He shoved the point out of his face and yanked the spear away from Gajeel. “This is wrong, Gajeel. They’re defenceless.”

He quickly grabbed an arrow from his quiver and shot it out to the water.

A warning.

Though, he hoped at this point the message was already clear to the group.

They needed to get the fuck out.

His hands clenched as he looked back to Gajeel.

Gajeel was pissed.

And Natsu knew he was about to make it worse, but he didn’t give a flying fuck at the moment.

“You should be proud.” He made the hatred clear in his snarled words, spitting them at the black-haired male. “You’re turning into our Great Chief. Maybe someday you’ll kill someone’s innocent father as they beg you for mercy, just like he did.”

He’d struck a chord with Gajeel, he knew. He didn’t need to see the flicker of regret interrupt his gratified, murderous expression.

But then it was gone and Gajeel was advancing on him.

Natrona.” Gajeel spat, fist flying towards Natsu. The hit struck his jaw, his head snapping to the side, body twisting with it from the force.

He could already feel the bruise forming and metal rolling over his tongue.

He stood, shocked for a moment, before spitting at the ground and turning to look at Gajeel, tongue poking the inside of his cheek in frustration.

Natsu stayed expressionless, no pain or fear, as he met Gajeel’s glare head on.

“I may be a traitor, but at least I’m not a mindless follower of a dictator. You know these people aren’t dangerous. You know they’re innocent.” He squared his shoulders and ignored the throbbing in his jaw.

“They’re Skaikru, Salamander,” Gajeel argued, hand flying to the sky, “they’ve been living in the stars! They ain’t fucking innocent and I’m gonna prove it.” He turned his back on Natsu, took a few steps, then stopped, looking over his shoulder.

“Though I doubt you’ll still be alive to see I’m right,” he spat, letting out a humourless laugh before taking off in the direction of their home, not once looking back.

Natsu never expected anything less from Gajeel.

He turned to face Levy, absently scratched at his face, and winced.

He really was an idiot sometimes.

So much for never stepping down, he thought, frustrated.

But he couldn’t have stopped himself.

These people were helpless, their knowledge of this world limited, as was his of theirs. They didn’t know any better. That didn’t mean they should be killed for it.

He turned back to the water just as they disappeared into the safety of the trees.

Good, he thought, flee.

He looked around, spotted some comfrey plants, and grabbed a few on his way to the girl. Gajeel was a good shot, but he’d been a fair distance away when he’d thrown the spear. With any luck it wouldn’t have gone all the way through and she’d still stand a chance.

He dropped to his knees next to her, taking care to not pull out the spear as he moved his hand under her small body. He sighed in relief as he felt only clammy skin, no trace of the spear or blood. He lay her back down, double checking for blood on his fingers, before he moved to her wrist to check for a pulse. It was faint, but it was there.

He couldn’t believe it.

With a quick prayer to Pramheda, Natsu gripped the spear around and took a deep breath before he pulling it straight out, quickly and carefully.

He heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a pained groan, and his head snapped to her face. He froze for a brief moment at the sight of her eyes open, the terror in them unnerving. Her lip quivered, tears falling from her eyes in silent horror, the pain too much for her to speak.      

“It’s okay,” he reassured—in english—dropping the spear and reaching for her hand. He worked quickly, pressing leaves into the wound, giving her hand a gentle squeeze at her soft whimper. “I’m Natsu kom Trigeda. I’m here to help.” She barely reacted, either confused at the use of Trigedasleng, or she just wasn’t processing his words. She was scared and in pain, and he was going to do his best to help her.  

He placed pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding..

He bit his lip, worried.

He couldn’t move her on his own, not without risking her injury getting worse, and he didn’t want to leave her in case she wasn’t there when he returned.

He wasn’t just worried about the wild animals.

He watched as the girl’s eyes closed and muscles went slack. Though he felt slightly guilty, he was grateful she wouldn’t be awake and in pain. He could’ve taken on Gajeel and stopped this.

But he had been a coward.

He could leave her, go back home and deny Gajeel’s accusations, which he knew Gajeel was making to Acnologia. He could say he just wanted to make sure the girl was dead, but nobody would buy it. Even if it were the truth, Acnologia was looking for a fight. He was looking for blood. He wouldn’t want Natsu to be innocent.

Natsu ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. He couldn’t think properly. He needed to figure something out. He needed to survive. He’d been doing it all his life. It was the one thing he was good at. So what was he supposed to do?

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, Natsu.

Igneel’s words always crept back. He knew what the right thing to do was.

But how was he supposed to do it?

With a deep breath, Natsu tried to calm his racing thoughts. There was a logical solution to this.

He spotted his quiver and he grabbed it, ripping the cloth he kept tied around it and wrapping it around her small frame to cover the wound best he could to apply a bit of extra pressure to it.

Natsu didn’t typically work with the healers—he only knew the basics in case he got hurt and was by himself—but he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of his handy work. In any other case he would just go see Porlyusica for help. That wasn’t an option at the moment though…obviously.

He slung his quiver with its remaining arrows over his shoulder as he tugged lightly on the makeshift bandage to make sure it would hold. When it did, he slid his hands under the girl and hoisted her up in his arms.

He could only hope that he would be able to hold the injury steady long enough to get her somewhere safe.

He adjusted his hold, making sure she was secure, and looked out at the lake in front of him. He was doing the right thing.


If he didn’t bring the girl to them, she would probably die. He couldn’t count on the others coming back for her, and it felt wrong to just leave her.

But thoughts of his friends and the kids from home plagued his mind. He couldn’t leave them. Some of them didn’t have parents anymore. He’d be abandoning them.

Maybe he could go back after bringing the girl back. He could talk to Acnologia, could beg him to believe him.

Taking a deep breath, Natsu took a step forward, foot hitting the water.

He could only hope he wouldn’t regret this.  


Vieda (vay-da)–> Invaders
Trigeda (tree-ged-duh)–> Woods Clan
Skaikru (sky-crew)–> Sky people
Frag emo op (fe-rag em-oh ah-p) → Kill them all
Trigedakru (tree-ged-duh-crew )–> People of the woods clan
Natrona (na-trunna) → Traitor
Pramheda (präm-head-da) → First commander
Kom (come) → From/of the

ashinan  asked:

Listen. Listen. I got an amazing Voltron AU headcanon idea for you but you CAN'T GO RUNNING WITH IT MISS ONIONS I KNOW HOW YOU DO THINGS. From me to you: a Star Wars AU.

Predictably………..this is the longest one.

(I SCREAMED when this showed up in my inbox. Thank you for this gift, my friend. I hope you enjoy.)

(As a thank you to my followers for 100+, I took a handful of AU prompts in celebration! Prompts are quite closed, and I’m proud to present the culminating and final piece of this milestone series. Thank you all for choosing me on your dash!)


00. Lance has wanted to be a Jedi his entire life.

It’s his deepest, most sincere and heartfelt desire.

A Jedi is belonging.

A Jedi has purpose, a path and a place in life. A Jedi looks after others; a Jedi takes care of people. A Jedi is a protector of the galaxy. It’s a longing and a calling Lance has always aspired to.

A Jedi is great, and a Jedi is kind. A Jedi is a keeper of the peace. A Jedi has the Force, wide open and beckoning, bright and true. Lance has loved the Force and the Light for as long as he can remember.

A Jedi looks out for others. A Jedi looks outs for their own.

A Jedi belongs.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

Little Lance, a handful of years old and toddling on tiptoes in the creche, pudgy face smushed against the transparisteel of the creche window. Stubby fingers leave messy prints, watching all the ships come and go in the distant hustle and bustle of Coruscant night traffic. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, older, peeking out from amongst his crechemates as they travel the halls. He watches the robes of the great Jedi Knights swishing about their ankles, Padawans rushing to catch up. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, sneaking out to the Temple Gardens late at night to watch the waterfall play, closing his eyes and listening to the Force gurgle over rocks, splash onto stones. The soft breeze of the Force through the grass, the flowers, the trees. The Force is everywhere. A pair of Jedi sit in the grass nearby, quiet, heads bowed in meditation. The Force swirls around them gently, a stream in its own right. Lance hides by his waterfall and observes, content. That’ll be me someday.

Lance, even older. Finally a Padawan himself, following at the heels of his Master as they head down to the hangars for their first mission assignment. Looking over his shoulder at all the other Jedi embarking on ships, returning from missions of their own. A hub of galactic peace, in and out, busy keeping the galaxy safe.

That’ll be me someday.

Lance, at the conclusion of his Trials.

Jedi protect.

Jedi belong.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

01. Lance and Hunk have been best friends since the days of the creche.

“Are we getting anywhere?” Lance asks, leaning on the engine. The sleeve of his robe swings down and nearly smacks Hunk in the face.

Keep reading

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Oh my gosh it would absolutely make my day if you could draw Ryoma in 219 or 211! Thank you so much you are so talented and seeing your art pop up on my dash always makes me smile

Ah thank you so much! This made my day as well since I like drawing Ryoma and his armor. I’m really glad you enjoy my art so much `v´ I hope this is to your liking anon!

So who remembers this? 

Several weeks ago as a thank-you to my followers I announced a poll: I would write a continuation to any one of my AUs as a thank-you to my followers. In the busy weeks that have passed since the closing of the poll I’ve completely slammed past the original milestone we were celebrating been hard at work figuring out the plot expansion and the direction of the winning fic. At long last I’m confident enough in the draft that I can announce the winner.

Poll results were CLOSE. With 130 participants, the first place fic won with nearly double the votes of its runner-up. We almost had a tie for runner-up, actually: two fics were neck and neck in votes for days, and only flipped at the last minute. Your votes were ruthless and your votes counted!

And now! At long last! The announcement! 

  • It’s probably not a surprise to anyone else. (it was to me)
  • It won with a clear 33.33% of the votes.
  • Even though it’s the direct continuation of Part One, this fic will post as a Part Four,
  • and this fic is the reason on the posting of Parts Two and Three in the last few weeks I’ve very clearly said “NOT THE AU MILESTONE WINNER”,
  • because that is racing down the pipeline towards you as we speak.

Friends and followers, I’m pleased to announce the winner of the AU series poll #1:

This fic will post as part four of the Star Wars/Voltron AU series, but it will continue the plot established in First Steps. 

There’s a chance it might, uh, be too long for tumblr. .___. I have every intention of posting it here on tumblr first, but with the broken readmores it makes it difficult for our mobile friends to have to scroll through more than a few thousand words. I’ll keep you posted. Either way, check back soon!

Thank you for all your votes, enthusiasm, and interest for these fics over the last few weeks! 

20 questions tag 🌹

tagged by the lovely @anna-something !!! (:

Rules: Answer 20 questions and then tag 20 people.

Nickname: well my name’s yulin & I feel like thats a weird enough name in itself, its quite asian and most people cant even remember that to start with haha.
Zodiac: Aries, & just to throw it out there, i’m an infp!!!
Height: 160cm?
Last thing I googled: party baby bap dress code LMAO just to remind myself for taipei boom in a few days. 
Favorite music artist:  not counting b.a.p/kpop.. theres so many… owl city, years and years, stromae, troye, melanie, lana…. etc
Song stuck in my head: the title song of the film ‘our times’ (cutest movie)
Last movie I saw: Your Name (i love all things anime hmu to chat about anime all day everyday)
What am I wearing right now: a pink shirt with the word ‘pink’ on it i love clothing that states itself
Why did I choose my url: i LOVE the rose concept and jongup… and I can totally imagine myself aggressively but lovingly throwing all the roses at jongup 
Any other blogs: yes I was SO active on tumblr when I was 13-16 ish I had a soft grudge(still don’t know what that is tbh), pastel, pale, writing, kawaii/japan/cute, and even a gore blog (yes I was very emo) 
What did your last relationship teach you: N/A since I never told my crushes how I feel lmao!!! esp since my last crush already had a gf haha I hate my feelings
Religious or spiritual: can’t I choose both? my family is hardcore buddhist and I guess I am too. I used to meditate and I really should continue, haha.
Favourite coloUr: I study in the UK now so this is the correct spelling yesss, and its pink and black, blackpink. 
Average hours of sleep: I mean in art uni you really get inspiration at like 4am so usually I don’t sleep until 3,4am which is so bad but, if I have anything on the next day (like actual life) then maybe 1, 2 am.
Lucky number: I don’t understand the concept of a lucky number like?? how do I even choose a number in all the numbers of the universe? 
Favourite character: any fictional character? from my favourite ghibl film, San from Princess Mononoke, or, in an anime, the pink-haired girl from Future Diary just bc she has pink hair (I cut my pink hair recently;;cries) and is super sadistic. from books there’s too many aahh.
How many blankets I sleep with: just my one pink duvet. and 10 cute plushies, they dominate my bed. I sleep in the corner.
Dream job: a free-lance artist that makes enough money to support my family who gave up so much $ for me to send me to art uni aaaaaa, realistically its hard, but I hope I can get there one day!

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I fell in love with these contracts of Izuku in this amazing fic : “I Summoned a Demon 101: an In-comprehensive guide to Corporeal Demon Do’s and Don'ts” by EAter

Here’s my rendition of Levy and Van Mey!
I’ll try and finish Kacchan and Shiso soon…..

(my reference from the author themselves: