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Everytime sunday comes my tl is bursting with opinions mainly hate on jmo and emma. Apparently i haven't blocked enough people yet. This is tiring.

You really haven’t … you need to block and unfollow more people because after an episode like last night your dash should have been exploding with happiness … mine sure was!

I admit, I do venture into some areas that have fans from the whole spectrum of OUAT fandoms so I did see the hate for Emma explode last night but on Tumblr you should really make sure you’re only seeing what you want to see.

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Holy shit mate are you alright? Like, is your dash okay? Because that hammer post just exploded like a can of coke in the sun or something. I saw it at 9k and I thought 'holy fuck' but I just saw it now at like 43k? or something. Like it's cool to see your name and lovely icon circulating a bit more on my dash but are you doing? And i wish I could italicise that last part.

oh my god… it’s at 43k notes now???
oh my god

why can’t my art that i actually put effort into get this many notes?

why is tumblr like this??

So I finally hit 1k and I’ve only been on this blog for a few months, I really appreciate you all sticking with me and my shitty blog ♡

Even though I only mentioned mutuals in this follow forever I love all the people I follow and my followers ♡

If you’re a mutual and you’re not included please tell me, I might of missed a few people!!

Also thank you @moonsuns for making the gif for me I love you bunches ♡♡

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YAY! So I woke up today with 202 of you. How crazy is that? This was my goal before the summer finale and I have reached it, and I’m super happy. I would like to thank all of you for following my blog! I’m gonna do a follow forever kinda thing, except I’m pretty new to tumblr so I don’t know if I’m doing it right lol. I guess it just a list of blogs you love and will follow forever? That’s what I’m going for anyways haha.

So here are a list of awesome blogs that you 👏🏼need 👏🏼to 👏🏼follow 👏🏼before the A reveal:

❤️A-C addictedtoprettylittleliars a-littleliartheory a-teamofficial alisondilxurentis alisondilaurentits bitchcankeepasecret bethanyisbiga bitch-chipped-us blackveilsociety benzo-b confusedpll crazylittlemona cavanaughty charlesdilaurentistrashfan

💚D-F dailypll dilaurentisfields daily-htgawm dilaxrentis ezbaefitz ezrafitzgerld ezriaxsparia ezra-fitzturkey emisonisforever fuckyeahprettylittleliar fuckyeshtgawm foreverpaily fiverosewoodliars fckhaleb

💛G-I gif-pll getawaywithgifs gameovercharles houseofhastings i-heart-paily itsmeredcoat its-immortality-my-darlingsx imwatchingyoumarlene immortalitymydxrlings immortalityspencer

💜J-L jasondi-laurentis katuriankaturiankaturian kissesfromrosewood lucvhale littlebookliar littleliarslyingpretty liarsliarsliarseverywhere

💙M-O monasvanderballs marinshannas manna-vandermarin mrs-hannamarin missariayoureezraswife nochillcharles oh-my-pll ohyeah-emisonforever

💖P-R prettylittleliars plldailly pllgifs prettylittlesecrethints pllismylife pll-fuckyeah plllovers queencecedrake rosewoodsecret rosewoodspy rosewoodslittleliarss rednailsblackveil redcoatisblackveil

❤️S-U spencexhastings @spencerslakehouse sashapieterrse spencexhastings spencer-baestings sashaysrivera thousandtimesovers troiancoolsario theplltheorist troians

💚V-X whothefckischarles wrenischarles wtfspemily wrxnkingston wrenkingtson xxariax

💛Y-Z you-look-like-my-forever

I’m sorry if I didn’t mention your blog, it wasn’t on purpose! If I forgot, just tell me and I’ll add your url to the list!

Now for my personal favorite blogs that you should definitely follow!
(In no particular order)


Wow ok haha
That’s a lot!
Thank you to everyone who follows me, and helped me reach my goal! Now follow all of these and let your dash explode on August 11th

Mind reblogging this while I sleep? 😪😴

So that I can check and follow you and let my dash explode with your pretty aesthetic🌾/pastel esp pink 💕/japan photography🌸/food🍧🍰🍭/kfashion🇰🇷 posts 👍🏻.. Even if I am following you already please help me find more and share beautiful blogs that you follow. Thankies 😘💫