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When You Take the Mask Off (Part 2)

Series Summary: Fank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: Said it once, gonna say it again: this series is going to be under the tags “when you take the mask off” and “wyttmo series”.  Also, this series will have a separate tag list, feel free to message me if you want to be tagged!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 1439

Summary: Frank and (Y/N) run into each other, and get to know each other as more than a wild night.

Warnings: alcohol, bad living condidtions?  Idk…


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Behind The Scenes 3 (12.5/???)

Author’s note: Soooooooooo, this part was definitely not planned for or at least for the most part, things were not supposed to happen in this way… anyway whatever, still not a part of my original plan… My future plans for this BTS series are completely changed because of what happens in this part so I hope you all like it. I know I’m posting so suddenly, but I couldn’t wait… Sorry for any errors.

Anything in asterisks ** and italics is being typed out by Y/n.

Genre: Angst and… well, you guys will see

Word count: 3331

City: Fukuoka (Day 3 continued)

Summary: Y/n can’t stand Aiko’s rather nosy personality.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


By the time Jimin and Jungkook came out of the room, V had already cheered you.

It wasn’t long till V and Jimin decided they were going to go eat and left the two of you alone again. The vibe between the two of you was still awkward, but thankfully, Jungkook didn’t try to bring the kiss up again. Instead, you both just ordered room service and ate in separate rooms.

When you learned that Aiko was going to be in the van ride to the stadium, you and Jungkook wore a pair of sunglasses to cover up the black eyes.

Aiko’s presence in the van was uncomfortable to almost everyone. You were jealous that she sat smack in front of you on Suga’s lap, for the rest of the guys, they were nervous because they couldn’t be themselves around her. Jungkook in particular looked most uncomfortable, but that was maybe because of what happened between the two of you. The only one fine with Aiko’s presence was Suga.                

The worst part about her being in the van was that fact that you felt she kept staring at you and Jungkook. From behind your dark sunglasses, you stole glances back at her and each time she was looking back at you. You were paranoid that she might have noticed your bruise under the glasses and the last minute makeup you attempted to apply.

You took a look at Jungkook, but from how you were sitting, you couldn’t notice his bruise. Again you glanced at Aiko, this time she was whispering something to Suga. Suga slowly turned his head and peeked at you with a side glance and then whispered back to Aiko.

You grew suspicious as to what they could possibly be talking about. You decided to position yourself from leaning against the window to resting on Jungkook’s chest, taking his hands and wrapping them around you. Looking up at him, you can tell he got confused, but he didn’t question you. You looked back at Aiko and she was still staring. “What is she looking at us for?” you thought. You gave Jungkook’s hand a series of small squeezes to try and get his attention.

“Hm?” He hummed.

You looked up at him and whispered. “Kookie can I borrow your phone real quick?” you made sure not to be loud enough for Rap monster to hear you.

He threw you another confused look, but pulled out his phone and handed it to you. He watched you carefully as you opened the memo pad app and began typing away. *Is it just me or does Aiko keep staring at us?*

Your eyes moved up and Aiko was staring again.

Jungkook pulled you closer. “Uh-huh.” He hummed in your ear.

*Why do you think she is staring?*

“I dunno.” He whispered.

*Do you think she sees the bruises?*

Jungkook’s fingers lightly grabbed your chin and guided you to face him. “Ya!” He smiled. “You need to get your mind off work for just a day jagi.” he said sweetly.

“I know Kookie, but I just need to jot this down before I forget about it.” you grabbed his face and pulled him down to give him a small peck on his lips, then you went back to his phone.

He pulled you close and nestled his face in your neck. “No bruise.” He whispered.

You looked up one last time and to your relief, Aiko wasn’t staring at you anymore.

You were stuck backstage with Aiko. The vibe in the room was almost as bad as in the hotel room that morning with Jungkook. You both sat in silence on the padded bench along that wall. Like in the van, Aiko was once again stealing glances at you.

About an hour of silence went by before someone finally spoke. “Y/n?… Can I borrow your phone?” Aiko asked politely.

You panicked. You didn’t know what to tell her. “Don’t you have a phone?” you blurted out. You cringe when you realized how rude you sounded.

“My phone died. I just need to check something important really quick.” She explained.

“Sorry Aiko, I don’t have a phone.” you said. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You cursed at yourself. “I shouldn’t have said that.

Aiko furrowed her eyebrows at you. “But I thought I saw you using a phone in the van.”

“Oh that! That was Jungkook’s phone. Mine…uh… Mine broke back in Shanghai when we were at the beach. I just force Jungkook to let me use his until we get back to Seoul.” You laughed to try and lightened the mood, but even your laugh came off as forced.

She threw a fake smile at you, but then went back to squinting at you suspiciously. “Y/n, why are you still wearing sunglasses? It was already dark when we left the hotel and we are inside.”

This time you furrowed your brows at her, but quickly calmed down. “It’s just… I have a migraine today. My eyes are very sensitive right now. That’s why I stage backstage tonight.”

“Oh, then you should lay down and maybe try to take a nap.” Her tone was much softer now.

You sighed. “That sounds like a good idea.” You lifted your legs onto the bench and lay down. you had no intention of falling asleep, but that didn’t stop you from pretending to do so.

You heard the door bust open and Jhope let out a hyped scream. “Yeah~! That show was awesome~!”

“Shhhhh, Y/n is sleeping.” Aiko warned.

“Oh shit.” Jhope whispered.

Many footsteps come into the room, many voices now whispering to one another.

You felt a presence next to you. There was a familiar giggle along with heavy breathing. A pair of lips kissed yours and you reciprocated the fake show of affection, but noticed the similar passion from the night before.

You purposely giggle to break the kiss and gently pushed Jungkook back to get a good look at him. Despite all his sweat, his stage makeup stayed on and his black eye wasn’t visible at all. “What was all that about?” you smiled shyly.

“I just thought I’d wake up a princess the proper way.” He grinned.

“Ya! Just go change. You’re all sweaty!” you fake giggled some more.

Jungkook walked away and you had a view on everyone else. For the most part all the guys were changing, except for Suga. He was sprawled on the makeup chair with Aiko handing him a towel and a bottle of water. Suga was all smiles with her as he chugged his water and then walked off to go change.

With Suga gone, it seemed like Aiko’s attention went back to you. However, Suga quickly came back and she was all over him in a heartbeat. Suga sat down and pulled her close, giving her a few pecks here and there.

No matter how much it hurt you to see Suga with someone else, you couldn’t look away. You took notice that once again, Aiko was taking glances at you and whispering to Suga.

Thankfully a distraction presented itself. You sat up and let your “boyfriend” sit next to you. “Finally you’re back.” You leaned on him and looked up at him sweetly.

“Fucking Tae wouldn’t let me get my damn shirt on.” He laughed.

You looked across she room and spotted V talking to Jimin. “Kim Taehyung!” you called out.

“Huh?” His head whipped to your direction.

“You need to learn to keep your hands to yourself!” you laughed. “Jungkook is my boyfriend not yours!”

“I’m sorry y/n, I just couldn’t help myself!” he giggled and went back to talking to Jimin.

Your little show took Aiko and Suga out of their sappy bubble and they were both most definitely watching you.

You were glad they weren’t staring at each other, but hated that they still had their eyes on you. “Well, if they are gonna keep staring, I might as well give them something to look at.” you thought.


“But Yoongi bear, she was acting a bit weird and all defensive.” Aiko pleaded softly, her eyes still glancing back at y/n constantly.

“Well, she does get migraines and doesn’t like to talk when she gets them. She has a lot of stress from the scandal.” He hoped his lies would get Aiko off y/n’s case

“No. Look Yoongi, even right now she doesn’t seem right.” Her eyes danced to the left, signaling him to peek at Y/n.

It’s not like he had to be told to look at y/n, he was already doing it on his own any chance he could. For his own piece of mind, he moved his gaze over to y/n to see if she was okay. The sight before him was one that would ease Aiko’s mind, but not his. What he saw only fueled his rage.

His jaw clenched as he witnessed y/n pull Jungkook into a kiss. He waited for their kiss to end, but it never did, it only got more heated between them. The longer they kissed, the more his inside churned. Every fiber of his being held him back from walking up to them and pulling Jungkook off her. “…You see Aiko, nothing to worry about. They are fine… just fine…”

Aiko, like Suga, had her eyes locked on Jungkook and y/n. “Maybe you’re right. I was probably over thinking it all.” she whispered.

“Look at them.” He growled. “Their love is disgusting.”


“Dude the stadium was so empty compared to the past concerts. It seems like one of our smallest crowds ever! I can’t believe some fans were even booing Jungkook.” Jimin sighed.

“And turning their lights sticks off wherever he stood.” V added, shaking his head.

Jimin’s frown deepened. “I hope it doesn’t hit him too hard. You could tell he was just saving face the whole time.”

“I wonder how he can bounce back from this.”

“Did you see his face when we got off stage. Like look at him, he- What the fuck?!?” Jimin’s face contorted to a different level of pissed-off-ness.

V’s eyes followed Jimin’s death stare to find a sight he didn’t think he’d ever actually see. Jungkook and y/n never made out before, so this was for sure something new. “Oh damn!” He looked back at Jimin who was still pissed the fuck off. He had to think fast to save Jimin’s feelings. “Bro chill. Aiko is right over there. They just have to do that cuz she’s here.”

He had to physically move Jimin around to get him to look from the scene to look at Aiko. As he did, Suga and Aiko began to leave the room, Suga’s eyes still looking back at the two “love birds”

Jimin swung his head back over to y/n and Jungkook who still had their tongues down each other’s throats. “They left, so what the fuck is this shit?!?” Jimin demanded.

Jimin grabbed the nearest jacket and chucked it at Jungkook.


A tiny piece of metal slapped your arm and Jungkook pulled away, tugging a jacket off him.

“What the?” Jungkook turned back at the rest of the guys. Rap monster has a smirk on his face and Jimin looked upset.

“Let’s go already!” Jimin ordered. “Yoongi and Aiko already headed to the van.”

The ride back to the hotel was decent to say the least. Aiko had finally stopped staring at you and everyone was relatively silent. Jungkook was a bit more “handsy”, but you didn’t mind. He had pulled you closer to him and kept his arm draped over your thighs. His fake affection was a relief. In the instance that Aiko’s eyes just so happened to wonder back to you, you had fast access to give Jungkook a quick kiss or cuddle.

At the hotel, the first thing you did was go over to the vanity to check your eye. It was still pretty bruised, but the swelling had gone down substantially. It was a relief that you didn’t have to wear the stupid glasses anymore. The plastic frames of the large frames were heavy on your cheeks and irritated the bottom edge of your black eye.

“Hey y/n!” Jungkook called out.

“Coming!” you went out to the living room and found Jungkook on the couch. You nonchalantly asked what he wanted.

Based on his posture he had something serious to tell you. “Can you sit down?” He scooted a bit to give you space to sit.

You did so, grabbing a large pillow. You cuddled it and used it as a barrier between the two of you. You hoped he wouldn’t bring up the kiss again, but considering the heated moment backstage, it probably brought up everything again.

“Tomorrow morning do you want to do something on the v app over what happened?”

“Like what?”

“Just umm maybe a Q&A… that would make us more credible, right?”

“Well… If Namjoon says it’s okay, then we might as well.”

“Nah, fuck Namjoon! This was my idea. I wanted to know if you were cool with it or if you had something else in mind, something you’d be more comfortable with.” There it was again, the non-fuckboy side of Jungkook.

“… No, your idea sounds great.” You said softly.

“Awesome…” he said. “Your eye looks better.” He added.

You shrugged, “Yeah. Everything still hurts though.”

Jungkook nodded.

You fidgeted with the tassel of the pillow. You could feel his eyes on you. It was probably the best time to excuse yourself. “Well, if that’s all, I-“

“Wait! There is something else I wanted to say!”


“Um, well… y/n… I- The- hm. Wait, give me a quick second.” He looked away from you to gather his thoughts.

You gripped your pillow tighter. You didn’t know what he was going to say.

He took a deep breath and hung his head low as he played with his finger nails. “Ok, I think I should just admit to this before things start getting weird.”

“Um- Uh- Yeah, ok go ahead.”

“Y/n… I- uh- shit. I really liked it when we kissed last night and backstage earlier. And I just wanna say that for a while now, I really like fake dating you and it’s getting to the point that all this fake shit isn’t fake for me anymore.” With a tinge of red blush to his cheeks, he slowly looked back at you for your response.

You sat in shock. What he told you didn’t exactly seem very possible or believable. “…Uh I’m-“ you just closed your mouth.

His nerves got the best of him and your silence didn’t help. He jumped up from the couch, “Yeah, I know stupid, right? Yeah. Sorry, I just had to say it.” he rambled.


“Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything or whatever. I should have never opened my damn mouth.”


“I should have never kissed you in the first place, especially after what happened. I should just sleep on the couch tonight. If Namjoon starts shit, I’ll just say that I knocked out watching tv.”


“Yeah, I’ll do that and don’t worry, in public just let me know if I’m taking things too far and I’ll back off. Let’s just act like I didn’t say anything and I won’t ever bring it up, like ever.”


He jumped up, finally out of his loop of awkward babbling.

“I liked the kiss too.” You admitted.

“Oh, well yeah, I get why you don’t. Sorry about- Wait! You do?”


“Great.” He smiled shyly. “…really great…” he mumbled with a small nod.

“You could sit back down now if you want.”

“Thank fucking goodness.” He sat back down, still leaving a bit of space between the two of you.

“But… it doesn’t make sense. Like why?” You still weren’t sure if he was being completely honest.

“Why I like you?”


“Um, I’m not too sure myself, at least not completely sure. I just think you’re pretty cool and I like being around you. Despite all the crap I told you in the past, you’re not ugly, you’re beautiful. I was being an asshole then. I’m sorry.” His voice faded.

You sat back, noticing he had more to say.

“I don’t know… I feel like we’ve been through a lot of shit together and well you’re just- I like being with you.” he stumbled over his words.

“So not because I remind you of Yoona?”

“No.” he lied. He knew a big reason he liked you was because you slightly reminded him of Yoona, but he wasn’t gonna admit to that. “When I first saw you, you reminded me of her, but as I got to know you, I realized you weren’t much like her.”

“And so that’s why you just continued to play me until you slept with me?” you spat.

He hung his head low again. “I was an asshole to you y/n. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about everything.”

It was easy to see he was giving a sincere apology, but you couldn’t help but doubt his reasons for “actually liking you”. “Are you just really desperate to fuck? Am I like your last resort or something? Is that all you’re going to want me for?”

Jungkook looked back at you. “No, no, no! It’s not like that y/n trust me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to sleep with you, but I don’t want you just for that!”

“I find that hard to believe.”

He frowned at you, but he wasn’t angry. He knew he wasn’t a great guy, he didn’t blame you. “Yeah…” he sighed, looking back down at his hands.

“…When was the last time you slept with anyone?”

He was surprised by your question. “…Not since before we got exposed.”

“When was the last time you tried to get anyone to sleep with you?”

“I gave up like a month after we went public.”

You glared at him suspiciously. “…And when did these “feelings” for me start?”

“… My birthday…”

“Okay… And let’s say I did have the same feelings, where did you want this to go? What did you see “us” being?”

He took a moment before he answered. “I didn’t think that far… I didn’t exactly plan on actually saying anything to you… I don’t know. I guess just to make things real… like start at whatever point we are to everyone else. I know, it’s stupid, but- just forget it. Let’s act like I didn’t say anything.” He got up to leave.

“I’m not done.”

He sat back down.

You observed him as he stared back at you with nervous puppy dog eyes. You weren’t too sure how you felt. You couldn’t exactly say you had feelings for him, you never even thought about him in that way, but you had to admit, you didn’t mind the idea of possible feelings. The more you had gotten to know him, the less of an asshole he was. He came for you when you called crying from the grocery store bathroom. He was by your side after the second attack by Hiro in Osaka. He tried his best to comfort you back in Beijing after Rap monster beat you. He tried to protect you the night before despite how drunk he was. Overall, since you guys had started fake dating, you’ve gotten a chance to see the nicer sides of him. But, Jungkook was still the guy that got you stuck in all this mess. He was Rap monster’s sidekick and was supposed to kill you all those months ago. He’s slept with countless girls and he was obviously not over whoever this Yoona girl is. “…Fine… Let’s try to be a real thing then…”

“What? Really?!?”

You weighed out the pros and cons of actually dating Jeon Jungkook. Cons: He was a total fuckboy, he does bad shit with Rap monster, Jimin is hopelessly in love with him. Pros: not much of a jackass anymore, he was a good way to get over Suga. 

“…Yeah, really.” You smiled.


Request:  Hi >_< I was wondering if you could do a one-shot where the reader is blind but a hunter too sorta like daredevil. And dean makes the comment about on how only douches wear glasses inside/dark not knowing she’s blind and she overhears it maybe deanxreader in the end. I love your stories they make me so happy

Request: Can you do one where the reader meets the boys at Bobby’s house? And she’s super badass?

Request: I was hoping you would do one where the reader is sarcastic and funny and meets Sam and Dean. And maybe she surprises them with how well she can fight? With a little romance between her and either of the boys? Thank you!!!!

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fire signs; the feeling in the pit of your stomach before kissing someone for the first time, food so hot it burns your tongue, lightning strikes, all-nighters.
earth signs; running until your chest aches and your lungs no longer inhale, speakers with booming bass, gypsies, holiday dinners.
water signs; sterling silver necklaces, airport layovers, the jittery feeling after you’ve had too much coffee, loud applause, ripped jeans, helix piercings.
air signs; drunken headaches, thorny brambles studded with blossoms, being alone in a big city, the feeling of returning to a familiar place after years away, condensation of your cold glass, dark, reflective sunglasses.
—  based on my observance of real, beautiful humans

REQUEST: Can you write a short part where Crowley brings the reader to live with him? You can made it a few parts, if you want. But I like the shorter ones :)

Crowley offered you his hand, the same hand that just tossed Dean and Sam clear across the room, landing in the rubbish on the other side. It was almost too scary to think about, one man nearly killing two grown giants without pointing a finger. He had too much power. Crowley wasn’t one to mess with.

“Come, my dear.” He croaked. “These Winchester boys, they’ll never be able to protect you like I can. With me, you’ll never be in danger again. You’ll have extraordinary powers.”

You glanced back at the mountain of dust and saw the two men trying to get to their feet, each coughing up their lungs in the process. They had been your guardians for the past year or so, you’ve grown super close to them, even had a relationship forming with one. It was heartbreaking to think you weren’t actually safe with them, but Crowley was right. As long as you were with Sam and Dean, you would never truly be safe.

You look back at Crowley and his outstretched hand. He wiggled his fingers as if to say ‘come on.’ The look on his face was triumphant, though he hadn’t won just yet. You weren’t completely sure you wanted to go with him.

“(Y/N)!” Dean called between his coughing fit. “Don’t do it!”

“You’re better off with us.” Sam choked and stumbled into the wall behind him.

“If that were true,” you looked at them. “Crowley wouldn’t have found us. He’s always there when I’m in trouble and you guys aren’t.” You realized how true the statement was after you said it. When was the last time they saved you? It’s always been Crowley, the king of hell.

You slipped your hand into his and you felt protected for the first time. It was a magical moment, creating such a bond with a demon. He smirked at you, pulled you closer to him and held your waist.

“You’re a lot smarter than you look, darling. This is a good thing.” He whispered and you tilted your head to stare up at him, not sure if he meant to compliment you or not.

The boys’ yelled for you and you heard them scrambling to get to you before Crowley poofed you elsewhere. But they were too late. Crowley already told you to close your eyes and before you knew it, you were no longer in that barn. Now, as you opened your eyes, you could tell you were in the middle of a nicer room. A room with a four poster bed with curtains hanging down from it. The walls were made out of a pretty wood, matching the floors. And there was only one window just opposite the bed, shining what little bit of moonlight there was inside.

“Do you like it?” Crowley asked, letting you go so you could check out the room. “I had it decorated for you a while back. I thought it would feel more homey than that nasty bunker.”

You didn’t know what to say. The closet was full of clothes, clothes that actually fit you. On the desk, there was a brand new Mac. There was a shelf of DVDs and a TV hanging just across the bed, which brought a smile on your face. Crowley did care. He wanted you to feel safe here.

“I love it.” You state as you dig through the clothes. It was exactly your style, everything. It was like he picked the inside of your head and brought your dream clothes to life. It was perfect.

“Good. I’ll leave you to nest. When you’re ready, come find me. We’ll talk more about the plan.” And with that, Crowley walked out of the doors. You noticed a man standing outside, dressed in a suit and purple tie. His hair was slicked back and he was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. Your new personal guard, perhaps.

You didn’t care. You were happy. While the Winchester boys’ saved the world, you would be stuck in here, not a care in the world, just safe and sound. They couldn’t see it, but this was better for you.

First Meet and Greet with the Boys!

Cole: “Y/N!! Wakey wakey!” Cole knocks on your hotel room door. You let him in and he teases you about your bedhead.When he shuts the door, you prepare yourself for battle. Not literally, though. You get ready for the war you weren’t expecting. No matter where you went with Cole, you were glared at, griped at, yelled at, threatened… And all because you were best friends with him.

The fans didn’t understand it when he said that you were just his friend. Sure it stung a little, but you’d rather be his friend than have it be awkward between you two. He was always worried that the hate might be directed at you, so you lied and said it wasn’t. Cole already had enough on his mind. 

Today was the first meet and greet that was close to your hometown and Cole invited you to come. You were so excited, but at the same time you were dreading the moment you’d hear the hurtful comments on your appearance, how Cole could do so much better, anything the fans could come up with.

You put on your favorite outfit, did you hair and make up. In the end, you were pleased with how it turned out. Once you get on the street, you flip your dark sunglasses on and wish you could turn invisible. You left early, hoping you could avoid the fans, but you’ve never been lucky in the first place. As you round the corner heading for the entrance, you see about a hundred fans in IM5 gear. Your heart beats faster and you feel like their eyes are all on you. You keep your head down and try to walk fast, but every comment made about you is heard.

Once you reach the doors, you dart in, the silence your friend. You yank your glasses off, wiping fresh tears from your face. “Y/N?” You look up and see Dana coming out of the bathroom, his eyes large. “Y/N, are you- are you alright?”

You shake your head, giving him a wry smile. “Yeah, I’m just great. Dana, don’t worry about me. Get back to the boys. Knock ‘em dead.” He looks unsure, but head back to practice. When the door shuts behind him, you get up and walk into the bathroom. You see your mascara tracks and sigh. You spend the next thirty minutes calming yourself down, touching up on your makeup, and mentally preparing yourself for the Q & A session.

When you finally work up the courage to exit the bathroom and go to the panel table, you see the fans filing in. You can feel your pulse rushing. Somebody grabs your wrist and you spin around. Cole looks at you, you can see the confusion in his eyes. “Y/N, are you alright? Dana told me-”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” You try to smile, but you can tell he doesn’t believe it. He leads you to the table and pulls out your chair for you. Once you two are both seated, the questions begin. You can feel daggers being shot at you, glares and nasty thoughts, but nobody had said anything yet. You won’t let your eyes look into the crowd.

“Uh, yes. My question is actually for Y/N.” Your eyes grow wide and your finger grip your leg. “I want to know why you think you’re good enough for Cole. I mean, look at him and then look at you. You are obviously not his type.” The fan sits back down with a smug look on her face, the rest of the crowd snickers. You close your eyes and look at your lap, afraid that if you looked up that the tears that threatened to fall would.

“Hey!” You’re startled when Cole stands up and slams his fist into the table. “There is not ANY reason for you to say that! Y/N is my best friend! I trust her with my life! You have no right to comment on her. I love that girl, and as more than a friend. I was too scared to do anything about it because I was afraid she’d get this. But now I see it doesn’t matter. I refuse to have a fan be so disrespectful to her. I love her, so you are now all going to have to deal with it.” He finishes. Turning to you, he says, “Y/N, I’ve liked you for a long time. I didn’t do anything because I didn’t want you to be hurt or harassed. But I see that you’ve already been all of these things and I’m so sorry… If you don’t hate me, do you think you would ever like to go get dinner with me?”

You smile and nod, not caring about the fans hating you. You finally got the one thing you wanted.

driving around with calum would be the most relaxed times with him whether you were on a road trip or heading to the store. he’d sing along to the radio whether it was green day or katy perry playing, and every once in a while he’d turn his gaze from the road to you for only a second as the lyrics fell from his lips. sometimes at red lights, he’d bring your hand to his lips and leave gentle kisses there as he watches you through his dark sunglasses. your fingers would absently trace the tattoo on his hand which he kept either in yours or on your thigh as you sang with him under your breath. but there would also be those times where you two sang at the top of your lungs with the windows down and the radio all the way up, laughing at each other’s over dramatic singing and hand gestures. sometimes he’d steal a kiss at a stop sign, refusing to drive until you lean over and kiss him despite the honking from the car behind you. he’d take a wrong turn just to stay with you for a little while longer and wow i really want calum.

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What does Intergalactic smell like?

it smells like peppermint mostly, along with cedarwood and some other stuff

and it’s pretty strong but dang does it smell good and there is sO much glitter even half of one will cover u in glitter and your water will be dark blue it’s so beautiful

also fun fact you can buy it on the lush uk website now

i just bought like five of the new oxford st exclusives they put up there lmaoooo

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Bill Baird - Your Dark Sunglasses

Okay, so I finally finished recording my other Good Omens inspired song. It has taken waaaayyy longer than I intended it to, but it is done now and that’s the main thing.

There’s a book on the backseat
Of your dreamed up old car
Though you’re sitting right next to me
I still don’t know quite who you are

Your dark sunglasses cover your eyes
And I still don’t know whether a heart beats inside
Of your chest, that’s the test:
Will you walk by my side ‘till the end?

Lay my glass on the table
Of our old makeshift bar
I used to thing we were angels
Now I’m not so sure that we are

Your dark sunglasses cover the eyes of a snake
And that’s how you live: seeking the rules you can break
But I’m sure I’d give all that I could for your sake

Well there was a time when we’d dine at the Ritz
Now it’s just too much to lose
And the fault’s divine that it’s all come to this
Which makes it easier to choose

I called up hoping you were home
Seems I was almost to late
My voice got stuck in the ansaphone
With no chance of escape

We’re both part of the ineffable plan for this world
Hold my heart and just tell me that I’m being absurd
But you speak like no demon that I’ve ever heard


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IMAGINE: Charles Reminiscing About You (Based off of  I STILL FEEL THE BRUISE - THE MOUNTAIN GOATS)
TITLE: Once Upon A Time

Charles Xavier was a man that got back up when he was shoved and pushed into the dirt. He was the type of man that wasn’t fazed by most of anything. There were only three people who could break his walls; Erik, Raven, and you. Boy, did he regret giving you the power to do such.

Even now, many years later, he can still recite the moment he met you. The moment he fell in love. The moment you left.

It hurt.

This is just to say hello
And to let you know I think of you from time to time

The paper that he placed in front of him remained blank. He didn’t know what to write. After all these years, he still stumbled over his words when it came to you. Ink flew across the paper as a smile graced the man’s lips as a memory took over his mind.

“You know, staring is rude.” Your voice wasn’t one of irritation or annoyance. It was amused.

Charles hadn’t realized he was staring. How could he not stare? The way you held yourself, sipping your drink slowly while you watched the people in the bar, eavesdropping on other’s conversations. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason he was staring—no—he was also staring because he knew.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you trouble.” His light, British accent brought a smile to your lips.

You turned in your seat to face him. “Then what did you mean to cause?”

You really sucked at flirting.

“I’m here to recruit you,” He answered with a chuckle. “I’m currently working with a government organization for mutants. Which, from what I know, you are. A mutant, I mean.”

Your smile turned into a grimace. “Look, I’m flattered, but I’m not interested.”

You chugged down the last bit of whiskey, replaced your dark sunglasses onto your face, got up and left. Charles watched in amazement as you smirked at the men you walked passed, the way you swayed your hips causing men all around the bar to stare, the way you didn’t even look at him once as you left. He knew, in that moment, he wasn’t going to let you get away that easy.

Now, he wished he didn’t bring you into it. After what happened—after what you did—he wished he didn’t follow you and beg you to join. He should’ve kept his bloody mouth shut.

I know I never really knew you, but somehow I miss you
And wish that you’d stayed in my life

He looked down at his neatly written words and frowned.

You deserved better than this rubbish.

Even if he did write something else, would it even satisfy you? Charles always believed you deserved the best. Especially for this.

Making contact gets harder as the silence grows longer
And isn’t it only me

The two of you never stood a chance, did you? That question always echoed in his head. Never ending. He could faintly remember the way you smiled, the way you laughed, the way you held it all together. All these memories were slipping away.

It had been years since you last spoke. Five years, to be exact. Five long, hard, lonely years. There were many things to blame: Erik, himself, Cuba. If he hadn’t been so stupid, then maybe none of that would’ve happened. Maybe he would’ve had a chance. Just one, small chance with you.

Who’d like us to see each other?
How I would hate to be a bother
The way we left it was you’d ring

“I’m sorry, Charles, but you know we have no choice.” You stood beside Erik. “They’ll continue to hunt us down. I won’t allow myself to continue to live in fear.”

“(name),” Your name escaped his lips through shallow breaths, “We all have a choice.”

He couldn’t feel anything. Charles laid there in a state of utter despair as he watched two of the most important people in his life turn their back on what he tried to teach them. What he tried to teach you. He failed.

“You’re wrong.” You answered.

His heart clenched in his chest. He knew that you were scared. He could tell. All you ever wanted to do was protect the people you cared about and you couldn’t do that if you lived in fear. You chose to follow the path that wouldn’t bring you peace, but would give you the ability to keep everyone you cared for safe. He didn’t have it in himself to deny you that. He watched you leave. If only he had known he wouldn’t see you again then maybe, just maybe, he would’ve called out to you.

I’m under no illusion
As to what I meant to you
But you made an impression
And sometimes I still feel the bruise
Sometimes I still feel the bruise

He was no idiot. He knew you didn’t love him. He knew simply because you were you. He didn’t need to read your mind to know. He just knew. He hoped that one day, just one day, you would return his feelings. He would’ve waited years for it, but now it would never happen.

Now and then I stumble on
What I’ve misplaced but never lost
An ache I first felt long ago

Even after so many years, he could still feel the way his heart fell into a dark abyss of heartbrokenness because of you. He tried everything to get rid of it; he drank, he did some acid, he even tried dating. Nothing helped. All it did was remind him more of you.

Though you’ve appeared and disappeared
Throughout these past few years
I’d be surprised if you now showed

He would be lying if he said he hadn’t kept tabs on you. He tried letting you go, but he couldn’t. There were many places you went to after Cuba but never did you come close to even coming back here. Then, one day, he couldn’t find you.

Making contact gets harder as the silence grows longer
And why would you think of me
When you were not the one in love
When you were not the dreamer
When you were just the dream?

He clenched his fists around the paper. The tear stained paper, that is. They’re gone. A voice told him. They weren’t coming back. He didn’t even realize he had been crying until he noticed all the smeared and smudged words. He crumbled the paper into a ball and then proceeded to try to tear it apart before throwing it across the room. They’re dead.

I’m under no illusion as to what I meant to you
But you made an impression, and sometimes I still feel the bruise
Sometimes I still feel the bruise

If only you told him how much you did love him.
DATE: March 27th, 2016

NOTES: I hope the Annie who requested this was satisfied. I hope this was also what you had in mind.

#4 - You're Tall

author’s note : requested by reversinginthefall!! love this request cause i’m tall too, hope you enjoy and have a great day!!

ASHTON : You sighed, staring at your tall frame in the mirror. The dress you had picked out for your’s and Ashton’s dinner date tonight hung a little short, the fabric only hitting above your mid-thigh. This unforeseen factor had your cheeks flushed in anger, only adding to your insecurity about your height. 

You tore off the dress, tears pricking your eyes. Why couldn’t be short and cute and huggable like other girls? Why couldn’t you find clothes that fit right? Ashton probably hated your height, you thought, hating that he couldn’t stoop down to kiss you, or hold you completely in his arms like he could if you were 5'2". 

Suddenly Ashton breezed into the bedroom, eyes widening at your body clad only in a bra and underwear. He then noticed the hurt expression on your face, and rushed over to you. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He exclaimed, wrapping you in his thick arms. The soft material of his dress shirt felt nice against your skin, and you hated to get tear stains on it. 

“I’m just, I’m way to tall. I hate it. I don’t wanna be a freaking giant anymore. I wanna be short and cute and lovable.” You breathed out shakily, and you could feel Ashton frown into your hair. 

“But I like you just the way you are.” He said, turning you around so you faced him. “You are so unbelievably perfect. I don’t want a short girl, I want you. I like not having to kneel down to kiss you." 

You cracked a bit of a smile, feeling yourself blush as he pecked your lips.

"And you have these beautiful long legs, and perfect arms.” Ashton continued, letting his hands drop, running the pads of his fingers over the tops of your thighs. and then up to your forearms. He leaned into to kiss you again, letting his lips linger slightly longer than before. 

“Thanks, Ash.” You sighed, leaning into his shoulder, thankful for your always-supportive boyfriend. 

“No problem, (Y/N). Now, put that dress back on so we can go show everybody how perfect you are." 

CALUM : You and Calum had been lazily strolling through the mall one afternoon while you were in New York City, the sheer amount of people preventing anyone from recognizing Calum. It was nice, to just have the afternoon to yourselves, chatting and laughing while you poked around shops, suggesting new shirts for Cal and he suggesting skimpy outfits for you. 

"Just for me, please?” He begged while the pair of you were in a Victoria’s Secret, holding up a ridiculous looking pair of underwear with no crotch.

“No way, babe. I don’t know if they’d let me into heaven if I wore that.” You smirked, and Calum groaned, reluctantly putting the item back on the shelf. 

The next store you two entered was a shoe shop, with rows and rows of immensely beautiful high heels and pumps on display. You picked up a pair of shimmering silver heels, while Calum watched carefully. Turning the shoe over, you judged the size of the heel against your hand. Realizing they would make you ridiculously taller than you already were, you sighed and placed the shoe back on the rack. 

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)? Are they too expensive? ‘Cause you know, if you want them, they’re yours.” Calum offered, taking your hand as you continued to pace around the store. 

“Nah, it’s not that. But thank you Cal.” You kissed his cheek, and Calum raised an eyebrow at you. 

“Do you think they’ll make you too tall?” He wondered, seemingly reading your mind. You ducked your head, nodding. 

“Yeah, I’d be almost as tall as you in them. You probably won’t like that very much.” You explained, feeling a bit better as you told him what you’d been thinking. 

Calum chuckled, a reaction you hadn’t been expecting. “Babe,” He started, squeezing your hand. “I wouldn’t care at all. In fact, I wouldn’t care if you were a foot taller than me. I’d still love you just the same." 

"A whole foot? Really?” You teased, but were internally grateful for Calum making your insecurities go away as fast as they had come. 

“Well, that might be pushing it.” He tilted his head back and laughed, making you giggle. “Let’s go get those shoes and you can wear them around later, huh?” He said into your ear, pulling you back over to the display.

LUKE : “Oh my god, (Y/N). Look at those guys.” Your best friend whispered in your ear as you sat on your beach towels, enjoying the summer sun while the ocean crashed and roared in the background. 

“They’re fit as hell.” She laughed, and you searched for the boys who had caught your friends attention. She motioned discreetly, and your eyes fell to a group of four boys being rowdy as they walked down the shore, only a few feet from you and your friend. The dark sunglasses you wore prevent them from noticing your stares, but you couldn’t help but be drawn to the tall boy in the midst of the horsing around. 

“Go say hi.” Your friend nudged, elbowing you in the ribs playfully. 

“No!” You exclaimed, ribbing her back. 

“Why not? I’ll go with you. We’ll ask them if they want to play a set of volleyball, or something.” She planned, and you had to admit it was a good idea, so you let her drag you towards where the four boys were setting up their towels in the sand. 

“Hey guys!” Your friend sing-songed, waving at them. You couldn’t help but be embarrassed and insecure as their heads swivelled to your bestie’s killer body. 

“We were wondering if you wanted to play a set with us.” She motioned to the nets not so far away. The boys agreed, and you ended walking besides the tall blonde boy you’d been staring at. “I’m Luke.” He greeted awkwardly, sticking out his hand. 

“(Y/N). Sorry about my friend, she’s a bit forward.” You chuckled, watching as she bounced around between the three other guys. 

“That’s alright.” Luke shrugged, laughing with you. He glanced towards you, and his eyes seemed to widen. 

“Man, you’re tall.” He stated, and you sighed, hearing that for probably the millionth time. 

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” You said half-heartedly. It looked liked you’d spend the rest of your life in tall-induced hell.

“No, no, it’s not a bad thing. Not at all. I like it.” Luke smiled cheekily, adjusting the snap-back on his head. 

“Really? I’ve never heard a guy say that before.” You laughed, feeling giddy. He was making you feel giddy. 

“Yeah. I’ve always been tall, so it’s nice. I don’t have to feel like I’m looking down to talk to you so much.” He pointed out, and you could feel your cheeks reddening. 

“Maybe after the game we could go get some ice cream and talk some more?” He suggested, and you nodded, feeling that this was the start of something awesome. 

“Sounds perfect.”

Michael : “God damn it.” You swore, getting a good look at the jeans you had just pulled on in the dressing room of the denim store. The upper part of the jeans fit wonderfully, fitting close to your skin and making your rear look awesome, but the bottom was another story. There was a two inch gap at your ankles where the denim was supposed to cover, but didn’t. This was the third pair you’d tried on, and you were about to drag Michael to the nearest Men’s Big and Tall to find pants that fit. 

There was a soft knock on the change room door, and you pulled it open slightly to see your boyfriend standing with a worried look on his face. 

“You alright, princess?” He wondered, running fingers through his hair. “I heard you swearing, I hoped you didn’t fall or something." 

Frustrated, you grabbed the hem of his Ozzy t-shirt and dragged him into the dressing room, shutting the door behind you. He looked a bit surprised, but nonetheless pleased. 

"What?” He asked, and you stuck your leg out for him to see the irritating gap. 

“I cannot, for the life of me, find jeans that are long enough. I hate it. I’m about to cut off my legs.” You groaned, and Michael laughed. 

“Please don’t. I think that would be slightly painful.” You shot him a glare, not in the mood for joking. “Alright, alright. Can you get them lengthened? Like, take them to a tailor’s or something?” He suggested, leaning against the wall as you stood beside him. 

“Yeah, but that’s thirty more bucks I’d waste. I just, I hate being tall. I wanna be tiny and adorable. You probably feel like you’re dating a mammoth.” You blinked, trying not to get frustrated to tears. This was one of your biggest insecurities, but usually Michael made you feel a bit better with his even taller frame. But it was just things like this that made you want to punch through the concrete wall next to you. 

“Now why would I think that?” He asked, gripping your hips and pulling you closer to him. “I think you’re perfect the way you are. I feel like I’m dating a model,” He leaned forward to kiss at the corner of your mouth, making you curl your fingers in the collar of his shirt. “A tall, perfect, incredibly hot model who thinks she’s too tall, but in reality, she couldn’t be a better fit.” He smirked, brushing a strand of your hair from your face. “Besides, I like it when don’t wear any pants anyway. They’re a waste of time." 

"I don’t think everybody else would feel the same.” You chuckled, and he straightened himself up. 

“You’re right. Correction, I like it when you don’t wear pants around me and me only. Now, let’s get those jeans and I’ll get them tailored for you.” Michael inclined his head as you wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing his cheek. 

“Thanks, Mikey.” You breathed, and he just chuckled. 

“You’re welcome, baby. Now, you get changed, and I’m gonna leave before we get into trouble.” He winked, and backed out of the dressing room laughing.