your cuteness is explosive

-What is it?

- It’s… nevermind.

- No, something’s wrong. You can tell me, Lucas.
- It’s…It’s weird. Sorry…

- It’s still me. We’ve kissed dozens of time, it’s the same.

- …I… Well, technically, now you’re Adrian. And him, I haven’t kissed yet. Never thought I’d get to kiss him either. Never thought I’d want to.

- And do you want to?

- … Yeah. I love you. You’re my best friend. Okay, come here, let’s try again.


If you haven’t watched Cybersix, it"s a cartoon about a kickass woman cyborg in leather who"s also a male litt teacher by day. Lucas is in love with one and best friend with the other. Best love triangle with two people. There’s also a cyborg black panther.

bitecandy  asked:

i was the one that sent the anon for rwby i have a huge obsession with it too but have no one to talk to about it please tell me about your AU that combines bnha and rwby im glad im not the only one who thinks bnha and rwby go well together!

Oh goodness! Hello friend! And yes! They would work soooo well together! 

So it’s mostly head canons, but those are still fun right?

  • RWBY gang at UA and being second/third years cause most of them are 16/17
  • I can see Todoroki and Weiss getting along great and swapping stories of how much of an asshole their fathers are
  • Ruby and Izuku love to gush and share hero stories ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Yang and Bakugou having a big sister-little brother relationship
    • “Awe look at your cute little explosions.”
    • “I’ll fucking show you cute dragon girl!”
    • Yang bursts into flames “Really now?”
  • Blake and Momo swapping teas and good books. Ren can come along too, as he’ll enjoy the quiet
  • Qrow being lectured by All Might & Aizawa on what being a good role model looks like and Qrow giving zero fucks
  • The RWBY guys showing off their weapons and 1-A being like “Don’t you have quirks? Why do you need these?”
    • “Cause weapons are AWESOME!”
  • League of Villains and Cinder’s group teaming up.
    • Salem and AFO trying to one up each other with their disciples
    • Mine’s going to bring upon the destruction of the world
    • Mine will do so in half the time
  • Toru and Nora just being excitable girls, and poor Ojiro & Ren stand there in silence watching
  • Nora being a senpai and giving the class the ‘Nora’ workout
  • Sun & Neptune take Kirishima & Kaminari under their wing as Junior Detectives. That’s be so cute and cool. Imagine the mustaches!!!
  • Jaune attempting to give Ochaco dating advice 
  • Yang beating the shit outta Mineta for not respecting women…

And those are just a few of the ideas my mind makes at random times!

hey more wand ideas
  • Bubble Wand: You wizard blows bubbles to cast spells. Wand hits form a gigantic spike ball bubble.
  • Digital Keyboard: A wand that only shows up on one of your wizard’s eye to form a holograph. In battle however, your character types on a holographic keyboard to cast spells. When you use a wand hit, your wizard types and the hologram shatters due to an “error”.
  • MP3 Player: Your wizard dances and music notes can be seen from the headphones. When you use a wand hit, your character breakdances and spin kicks an enemy.
  • Holiday sack: A Christmas themed wand, it’s a huge sack full of presents. For casting spells, you search in the bag and stick out a little present. Wand hits will cause your wizard to throw a present bomb, and your character covers their ears for the explosion.
  • Flower basket: A cute little basket full of beautiful flowers. You simply stand on your tiptoes and toss out flowers to cast spells. Wand hits however, a swarm of bees fly to your basket, so your wizard throws the bee swarmed basket at their foes and pulls out another one.
  • Royal Scepter: A refined royalty wand. Roughly the size of a wand but you cast it like a staff. 

A Night In


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: Why aren’t you dressed yet?

Summary: Theo takes you out on a date night, but it doesn’t go as planned.

Rummaging through the closet your threw clothes after clothes trying to find something perfect to wear, for the spontaneous date night Theo had sprang on you. He was currently in the living room already dressed and ready to go, however you were far from dressed and not at all ready to go.

“Nope, too casual, too fancy…absolutely not” you muttered to yourself.

Groaning you looked around and dresses, shirts, pants and skirts were all scattered around you. Some were on the bed and others had gone as far as the door, the room was no doubt a mess and it wasn’t even worth making the mess since you still had no clue what to wear.

“Babe we have to leave soon, are you done yet?” Theo asked as he opened the door.

He stopped and his mouth dropped when he saw the state the bedroom was now in, he turned to you and you gave a sheepish smile on your face hoping the cute look would make up for the clothes explosion throughout the room.

“So I gather you aren’t even close to being dressed?” Theo said.

“Well next time you want a date night, inform me a few days in advance” you told him.

Theo made his way through the mess, trying his best to not step on any clothes as he reached you. “Y/N whatever you choose to wear, I can tell you right now you would look absolutely beautiful in”.

Blushing just slightly Theo always knew the right words to say, “Just give me an hour tops. I’ll be done I promise”.

He leaned his head to the side and smiled at you, kissing the top of your head he exited the room while you begun to clean up in order to try and find something decent to wear.

An hour later and nothing changed much expect your position. This time you had layed out 4 options on the bed, while trying to match up shoes and accessorizes.

The door opened and in came Theo.

“Come on babe, why aren’t you dressed yet?” he asked wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Because I have no idea what to wear, nothing seems right when I try it on” you leaned back and sighed.


"I know, I know I look beautiful in whatever I wear. But that’s not how I feel sometimes, Theo and I love you for saying those things, I really do. It’s just today I’m not feeling up to going out or dressing up” you explained.

“Okay, we won’t go out” he said.

Turning to face him his hold on you got tighter, “But you wanted to go out”.

“Not if my girl is going to be miserable the entire time. Besides I have another idea, get changed in your sweats or better yet one of my shirts and meet me in the living room” he instructed kissing you once, and then leaving you to get changed.

Watching him walk out the door, you left the clothes where they were and made your way to Theo’s draw. Taking out your favourite shirt of his and quickly put it on, tying your hair up so it wouldn’t get in the way and went to join Theo in the living room.

When you walked in the sight before you took your breath away, Theo was standing in the middle setting up a fort with his back turned to you. He was wearing his grey sweats and a simple black top and he looked effortlessly handsome.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” you said, with your arms crossed leaning against the wall just observing him from afar.

Theo chuckled and stepped aside so you could see the finish set up, “Yes I believe you tell me that everyday. Now come over here so we can start our date night”. He said opening up his arms.

Gladly walking into his embrace, the two of you crawled into the pillow and blanket fort Theo had made. Inside was simple but beautiful with a few lights illuminating, it felt like yours and Theo’s personal gateway.

“Thank you for this” you told him, feeling content and less stressed than before

Theo glided his fingers along your skin, “Anything for you babygirl…always remember that”

Picking up one of the DVDs beside the pillows, you held it up for Theo to see.

He grabbed the DVD and laptop, the movie begun and the positions were readjusted so now you were sitting nicely in between his legs. Wrapping the blanket around the both of you, this was way better than getting dressed up and going out. Nothing in the world could beat this moment right here, the moment of confront, love and security in the arms of the person you love.

cute day in bed with himchan

you smiled as you raised your body out from underneath the many blankets and sheets that your boyfriend had on his large bed. you looked over to your left and saw none other than the sleeping beauty himself, himchan, wrapped up in the blankets, he looked so peaceful and so precious when he slept, just as he did when he was awake. 

you stretched your body out and prepared to get out of the bed, an agonizing realization that the hardwood floors would be freezing against your feet if you stepped out, causing a chill to run through your entire body. sighing, you thought about staying in bed, at least until the day had warmed up b.a.p’s dorm and everyone else was awake. it wasn’t incredibly early, the time to be exact was 9:30am, yet you knew how exhausting it was to be an idol, especially for all of b.a.p’s members to be in a group that barely took any breaks and was constantly working hard.

you often watched them practice, supporting them and handing them their water when they needed, bringing them food to eat as they barely had time for their health anymore. you felt bad for them and often wanted to lock their front door so they couldn’t leave, taking their key with you to your own small, one person apartment, although you knew that wasn’t the answer. 

a small grunt opened your ears and bought you back to the reality of the moment, to himchan. you looked down and saw his face scrunched up, his eyes squinting as he tried so desperately to open them to face you, to see the beauty that was his very own girlfriend in her most natural state. 

“you can go back to sleep oppa, i can wake you up later if you want.” you suggested, placing your hand on his elbows as he covered his eyes from the sudden blinding rays of sunlight filling the room. he shook his head underneath his hands and sat up, his hair still neat as though it was just styled. 

“no, it’s okay. i’m awake.” he pulled his hands from his eyes as they fluttered open, his long eyelashes and beautiful double eyelids almost taking your breath away. 

“you don’t look like you’re awake.” you argued back, trying to plead for him to go back to bed as he deserved to sleep for how ever long he wished. he raised his arm to scratch his head as a yawn, much like a puppy trying it’s hardest to stay awake, left his lips. he sighed and smirked towards you, moving his raised hand to the side of your bare, natural face. 

“you’re so pretty jagi.” his voice complimented you, causing your face to heat up slightly and your cheeks to become blushed with a deep shade of pink, even after all the time you’s had been dating, all the times he had complimented you, you always got so nervous, every time. it was if a million butterflies were going ballistic in your stomach and they weren’t about to stop fluttering around, when you were around himchan anyway. an adoring scoff left his throat as he tilted his head slightly to the side. “you’re so cute, still blushing each time i compliment you.” he moved closer to you and placed a soft, sweet kiss on your lips. 

both of your eyes shut as the kiss grew a little deeper, his lips and throat still extremely dry from the night before. he broke the kiss and smiled as you turned away from him, he uncupped your cheek and sighed once more, laying back down in the bed that his body was used too, the temperature was just right.

“going back to sleep i see?” you joked, turning back to face him as he laid down on his back, his chest slightly moving up and down as he looked up at the ceiling. he ignored you, it was as if he didn’t hear your voice as he grew deeper in his own little world. “alright, well what do you want for breakfast, should i make the others some too?” you asked, turning your body from him and preparing yourself for the dreadful cold floor. 

a hand gripped your arm and pulled you back with extreme strength, himchan may not have looked as strong as he truly was but from the various times he had given you piggy backs on raining days so your shoes wouldnt get wet as you both wandered the streets, the many times he had cradled you in his arms and carried you when you had fallen asleep anywhere and basically everywhere else but your bed, showed you that his strength wasn’t so much hidden, but not as visible as say, yongguk or jongup’s. not that you were complaining.

“don’t leave me baby, let’s stay in bed,  all day.” he pleaded, his voice taking on a slightly childish whine. 

“channie, you know we can’t do that, what about the others, don’t you think they’d appreciate it if we made them breakfast, or i made them something to eat at least?” you questioned, turning to face him and cocking up your eyebrow. he faked a pout with his kissable lips and began shaking your arm.

“who cares about them.” for someone who was considered a man by age, he truly was a child at heart. 

“kim himchan.” you lightly slapped his chest. “you shouldn’t be talking like that about your members.” you scolded, ignoring the adorable faces he was pulling at you to try to get you to stay. “besides, it’s the least i can do for them, letting me stay here.”

“jagiya, please stay in bed with me. i’ll get cold if you leave, your body keeps oppa warm.” he kissed the hand that he still had hold of and looked up to gaze upon your expression, hoping that his sudden cuteness, sappy explosion would keep you in the bed with him.

“if i stay in bed with you, what will we do?” you asked, considering it for a moment. he pursed his lips into a thin line and put on his thinking face. 

“we can watch movies, cuddle, kiss, anything you want baby we will do.” he wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his head on your lap and staring off into his own little world again. 

a few moments passed of silence, strange silence. you touched your boyfriends perfect, soft skin that infected his face with beauty, earning a scrunch of his nose and a moan, causing you to stop touching him and lifting his head from your body, noticing that he had fallen back asleep. 

you would have been irritated, although you could never be mad at himchan, even when he annoyed you and caused your inner demonic self to surface, he was still the cutest, most handsome man you had ever laid your eyes on. you often thought about how lucky you were to have him, how lucky you were to have someone so special in your life in general, but knowing that it was kim himchan, made the special person seem bogus as he was so much more than that. 

you rolled your eyes and smiled as you once again attempted stepping out of the bed, hoping that none of the other boys in the house were awake yet. once again, a hand gripped yours and stopped you, you smiled and turned around once again, although himchan’s eyes weren’t open, causing confusion to race through your mind. 

“himchan?” you questioned, reaching over and touching his face once again lightly. 

“i thought you were staying here, with me, keeping me warm.” he spoke within seconds of your hand touching his delicate face once more. you jumped slightly, although once again, for the unknown number of times just this morning, found yourself smiling. 

“i will be back oppa, i promise.” you leaned over and placed another small kiss on his lips, although his free hand pushed your lips deeper into his, you weren’t at all shocked as you kissed him back with just as much passion. you broke the kiss, hearing someone from another room awaken. 

“i want eggs.” he smiled as he placed a hand underneath the pillow and rested his head on it harshly. you rolled your eyes and stood up, ‘how did you end up so lucky?’ you thought to yourself, turning away and going out to b.a.p’s kitchen, to make them all a healthy breakfast to start their day. 

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