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Request (Anon): Clint and younger Reader

A/N: I’ve chosen to set it in a coffee shop - sorry if that’s stupid but idk i like it

Words: 1.3 k

The truth is, working an expresso machine isn’t that hard. But when someone is screaming at you to make their precious shot of concentrated caffeine faster, it suddenly becomes a lot more difficult to work. 

“I’ve been waiting for FIVE minutes!” The tall, dark and arrogant man in a suit called from across the counter. 

The ding of the shop door’s bell was so subtle you nearly missed it over the intent glare your current customer was radiating towards you. It was clearly too early for your regular morning crowd, so you figured it was just another business man awake before the rest of the world.

The angry customer waiting for his expresso looked at the mug in your hand with disgust, scoffing at you mercilessly “I asked for it to go. Are you new here or are you just stupid?”

You’d been working at Center Café for 9 years, since the month you finished high school. After working here for this long you knew it wasn’t your fault that people were jerks.

“Sorry, sir!” You squeaked, fumbling with the to-go cup and the expresso machine simultaneously. “I’ll fix that immediately!”

“You better. I have places to -”

“Why don’t you lay off?” A deep voice trudged in from the doorway. Your mouth practically fell open in shock as you watched a man in a hoodie, sunglasses and jeans walk nonchalantly over to the counter. It was Hawkeye - An Avenger “She’s just doing her job so maybe you should take the stick out of your ass.”

Your customer turned to the challenger in a stoic irritation. “Excuse me, skater boy?” He spat back.

“You heard me buddy.”

Hawkeye stood at least a head shorter than the towering businessman, but he clearly had more muscle. The two stared at one another for a moment, the tension rising heavily between them.

“Careful boys,” You mumbled sarcastically, “I don’t think there’s enough testosterone in here. Maybe you should take this outside.”

The man with the suit scoffed, turning to give you a very pissed-off stare. “You’ve just lost a customer, I won’t be back.” He huffed, walking towards the door for a dramatic exit.

“Good riddance!” Hawkeye chuckled, calling out after the man. When the shop was completely empty except you and your rescuer he turned back to you with a smile. “I’ll take your strongest brew and a muffin, any kind - you pick.” 

You nodded numbly, pressing numbers into your register and keeping your eyes down at all costs. “That’ll be $4.25.” You mumbled awkwardly.

“Here ya go…” He pulled out a bill and pressed it into your palm, leaning on the counter to get a closer look at your name tag. He flashed a small grin, “Y/N.”

You couldn’t help but smile in return, grateful that this man had saved you from the horrible businessman with a coffee obsession. He really was a hero. You set out to pour his coffee but didn’t know which cup to choose.

“Is this for here, or to go?”


You nodded and poured the coffee into a ceramic mug, picking a blueberry (your personal favorite) muffin from the pastry bar and putting it on a matching plate. 

The superhero had taken a seat on the bar part of the counter, allowing you to place his food down in front of him easily. 

“Our blueberry muffins are the best!” You smiled, “Enjoy.” 

He grinned, “I’m expecting big things from this muffin.”

You leaned your elbows on the counter, palms pressing into your cheeks as you chuckled, “You should! I’m telling you that these muffins changed my life!”

He raised an eyebrow and bit into the muffin, his eyes widening as he chewed it. “Wow, you weren’t kidding. My name is Clint by the way, it’s nice to meet you.”

You blushed, “I know who you are. I think all of New York knows who you are - except maybe that customer. I think he called you skater boy…”

Clint shrugged, “Must be the hoodie. But I would pick a hoodie over a suit any day. Those things are far too hard to shoot arrows in.”

“Is it hard?”


“Um, shooting arrows.” You tilted your head slightly, eyes searching his, trying to figure out why he was even talking to someone as boring as you. “Is that hard? I’ve seen you on the news before and you make it look really easy but I don’t think thats true.”

He thought about it for a second, a small glint in his eyes as he sipped his coffee. “I guess you could say it takes a lot of practice. At the end of the day, I’m not sure if my arrows are worth very much when I’m on a team with Tony Stark and Nat - I mean Black Widow.”

Your grin grew at the mention of Natasha Romanoff, but you faltered at the sadness behind his feelings of inadequacy. “I don’t think that’s true.”

“Really?” He questioned curiously, ripping a piece of muffin and munching on it slowly. “Why?”

You shrugged embarrassedly, “Because it’s so immensely human. What you do isn’t based off a machine or a syringe - it’s all you. It’s very admirable. I wish I was that good at something…”

There was a pink tinge to Clint’s cheeks as he ate his muffin, drinking his coffee in the silence. 

Now you just felt awkward.

“I’m sorry that was out of line.” You blurted, “Steve Rogers and Stark, they’re both very talented too and I know they must be your friends. I didn’t mean - “

“Whoa,” He waved you to a stop with a chuckle, his hand coming down to rest on yours. “I knew what you meant, don’t worry. I was just surprised at how nice what you said was. Not many people get it, but I - I don’t know, I feel like you do.”

You froze slightly, your cheeks heating pink against your skin and your blood racing slightly faster at the contact between the two of you. Clint’s smile was wide and staggering, it made his entire face light up and took years of stress away from him.

“So when are you off today?” Clint asked cheekily, catching you off guard.


He laughed, “I asked when your shift ends.”

You had to think about it for a second, “Three this afternoon, I believe.”

Clint stood up, his hand pulling away from yours leaving it cold and awkwardly laying on the counter. He pulled his hood up and smiled at you, “So I’ll pick you up at 3?”

That one caught you off guard too.


He chuckled, “You don’t pay attention very well. I said I’ll be back at three, for you.”

“W…” You stuttered, “Why?”

“We’re going to hang out.” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I didn’t know it was so stressful to work in a stupid coffee shop, but after customers like that last asshole you need to have some fun.”

“I um…ok.” You agreed nervously. “What are we going to do?”

He backed towards the door with a mischievous smile on his face, “Not sure yet, but it’s going to be awesome! See you at 3!”

With a blink he was gone, like the superhero hadn’t even been there, the only reminence of his presence was the empty coffee cup and crumb-covered muffin paper. 

You started cleaning the counter, pulling out a spray and washing down all the tables while the place was still empty. The rest of your shift was spent with a smile, humming pop songs under your breath as you danced around the cafe with people’s coffees. 

Your regulars were in wonder at your mood.

Sally, an old lady who came in for a tart and green tea every morning turned to you with a smile as you brought her a plate. “What’s gotten into you today my dear? You’re practically skipping around the joint!”

You just shrugged, a grin plastered against your lips. “i guess you could say that it’s been a good day.”

I know I’ve been MIA and I’m so immensely sorry. I’ve been dealing with a LOT of personal stuff and I’m trying to not let it affect my school work. But I’m doing my best and I’m still writing when I can! Weekends are just much easier I think! 

But I really miss you guys!