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➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5140
➵ summary: jiyong shows up with a new hair colour and you’re happy. really happy.
➵ author’s note:this came purely from the weakness i felt when jiyong coloured his hair black after the fxxk it promotions. something about it every time he does has me putty. and this is my first post after at least four months. wow i’m really terrible, if you guys hate me now i don’t blame. but i hope this makes you hate me less. enjoy!

JiJi: You’re not at the studio anymore. Where did you go?

You: YG called me in to his office.

JiJi: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah, everything’s fine. Give me a couple more minutes.

From behind you, the door to Hyunsuk’s office creaked open as he entered the room once more after having taken an important call. You scurried to return your phone in your bag just beneath you, watching the man go around his large desk and settle in his seat.

“Sorry about that. So,” he sighed. “Will you be able to just keep Chaerin company on her US tour? You know, just so that she has someone there with her that she trusts.”

“Of course. She’ll be safe with me,” you smiled enthusiastically.

“Great. We’re still deciding on dates, but it’ll be within the next two or three months. We’ll keep you posted.”

You smiled again, nodding respectfully. As Hyunsuk rose from his seat, you quickly followed suit. You said your farewell, ensuring him once more that Chaerin is in secure hands.

“Oh, by any chance, are you going to see Jiyong?”

“Um,” you chuckled nervously, “yes, I believe so.”

“Do tell him he still owes me a dinner for losing that bet… he’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes… sir, I will.”

With one last polite goodbye, you left Hyunsuk be in his office and back to his work. The journey from the grand office back to the floor where most studios were did not take that long, taking just a minute or two to arrive at your destination. You had expected Jiyong to already be there, either waiting for you or deep into his work, but the studio was just as you had left it, empty.

You plonked your bag on the spacious leather in the corner of the room, sitting beside it, allowing one leg to cross over the other. A long sigh was exuded before you let your head fall back onto the sofa’s top, closing your eyes, relishing in the silence. However, it was short lived, as you heard the glass door you had closed reopen, hearing a familiar voice.

“Hmph, that didn’t take long,” Jiyong commented.

“It wasn’t supposed to,” your eyes remained closed. “And YG said something about a bet?” Your head was lifted so you sat up straight, and even though your eyes were now open they still faced downwards to your lap. “That you still owe him dinner?”

“Ha, he’s still going on about that?” he chuckled. “Soon.”

“He called me to ask to go on tour with Chaerin,” your head snapped up. “You know, just to— “

Your facial expression which was once aloof and calm was now very much alert, with surprise becoming the new emotion, and it rendered you speechless.

Jiyong waited for you to complete your sentence, but when you didn’t he scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “Just to what?”

“You coloured your hair?”

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Warning/s: Gore? Psycho reader? Idk? 


Y/N, the queen of Wonderland, was outside her castle painting every white rose, bloody red. Literally BLOODY red. She was recently proclaimed the Queen of Wonderland after she violently killed the previous Queen along with her good friend, the mad hatter. She cut off the Queen’s foot, shoved it in her mouth, cut off her five fingers and shoved two of it up her nostrils and made her choke to death. She finds it entertaining and amusing to kill someone in a creative way. She’s clearly mad. That’s why she gets along with the mad hatter and is strangely perfect for the title “Queen of Wonderland”. Although she was quite young to be a Queen, no one dared to go against her knowing how she can easily kill you in a very ‘unique’ way.

“Jefferson!” Y/N called.

“Yes milady?” the mad hatter asked.

“I need more blood.” Y/N pointed at the empty, blood stained bucket.

The mad hatter smirked and nodded, leaving to get more blood.

Y/N hummed and walked over to her pet wolfdog.

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N patted her pet.

“You hungry?” she asked the wild animal.

Y/N has a soft spot for anyone who can relate to her or anyone who she sees herself in. In other words, her fellow psychopaths and this dog.

While Y/N was feeding her dog, a puff of smoke appeared in front of the castle. It was a boy who looks like he’s about Y/N’s age. The boy looked around the place, seeing as if everything changed from the last time he was there. When he spotted the girl kneeling in front of an enormous dog, he raised an eyebrow and approached her.

“I’m guessing you’re new here? I’ve never seen your face here before.” The boy asked Y/N.

Y/N looked up to see an attractive teenage boy. Y/N smirked and looked back down to her dog.

“Yeah.. You could say that” Y/N chuckled darkly.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?” Y/N asked the boy.

“Peter Pan, King of Neverland.” Peter bowed, took Y/N’s hand and kissed it.

Y/N face lit up and formed a wide grin.

“And may I ask who the pretty lady in front of me is?” Peter flirted.

Y/N stood up and smiled

“Y/N, Queen of Wonderland.”

Peter had a shocked and confused face.

“What happened to the previous one?” Peter asked.

“Killed her.” Y/N laughed.

Peter gave an amused look.

Jefferson came back with a bucket filled with blood.

“Here’s the blood you asked for, Y/N.” Jefferson set the bucket near the roses.

“What’s that for?” Peter asked.

“Well for painting these roses of course.” Y/N said in a ‘duh’ tone.

Peter nodded in response.

Peter was starting to think this girl is mad and somehow, he likes it.

“So what brings you here, Peter?” Y/N asked.

“I was suppose to talk about ‘business’ with the Queen but I guess I can’t, considering you killed her.” Peter chuckled.

“What business?” Y/N asked, interested.

“It’s nothing now. It seems like I have other plans now.” Peter smirked at Y/N.

“Yeah? And what’s that?” Y/N asked.

“You.” Peter stated in all seriousness.

Y/N started laughing hysterically, Jefferson joining her.

“You think you can overpower me?” Y/N said, suddenly with a sinister voice.

Y/N laughed again, seeing Peter’s frightened reaction.

“I was kidding, mate. You should’ve seen your face.”

Peter’s face turned to his normal smugness and quietly said

“You’re crazy.”

Y/N stopped laughing. Jefferson’s eyes widen. No one ever dared to call Y/N mad, crazy or a psycho.

Y/N slowly walked over to Peter. Peter stood still, slightly frightened to what Y/N would do.

“The best people are.” Y/N smiled genuinely at Peter.

Peter sighed in relief and Jefferson stood in the corner looking so confused.

Peter tilted his head and studied Y/N’s appearance.

“I like you.” Peter said.

Y/N smirked and said

“I like you too. What do say about being the King of Wonderland?” Y/N offered.

“As long as you become the Queen of Neverland.” Peter said.


Days, months, years passed. Peter and Y/N ruled both Neverland and Wonderland, the lost boys coming to Wonderland from time to time to explore and play.

Peter loved how crazy Y/N was that it made HIM crazy.

not literally.

I don’t see Peter being king of Wonderland but I tried. This is my first requested imagine. Thanks for the request anon :))

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Emojis Are Stupid | Jughead Jones

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Request: Can you do a Jughead x reader where Betty had a very brief history in the past but Jughead is with the reader now and one day Veronica tells her that Jughead and Betty have been lowkey talking to each other (in a more than friendly way) and the reader confronts Jughead? You can chose or not if you want it to be a misunderstanding or not and have the reader stay with him :) 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You’re completely smitten with your boyfriend Jughead but when your friend Veronica has suspicions something could be going on between him and Betty, you decide to confront him.
Warnings: none i dont think
Word Count: 1831
A/N: yay finally something! let me know what you think, feel free to request stuff and if you want to be added to the tagslist lemme know :) 

“Can you just pay attention to me for more than a second?”

A hand waved in front of your face trying to catch your attention and was successful. You blinked, looking at your friend Veronica who was now stood in front of you, hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. You felt bad for zoning out and not listening to her but you couldn’t help that something or, well, someone had caught your attention. “Sorry, V.”

“I get that you’re in that whole stupidly smitten stage of your relationship but do you really have to stare at him whenever he’s in eye range?” She huffed, folding her arms across her chest and taking her place back by your side as the two of you made your way across the courtyard and to your usual table where Jughead and Archie were sat.

Jughead – your boyfriend – had been the someone that had caught your attention. Just like Veronica had so fondly stated, you were so smitten with the boy. The two of you hadn’t been together very long – maybe a month at the most so it was all new and exciting for you both right now. He made your heart flutter like crazy whenever you were around him or saw him, he gave you butterflies like you’d never felt before and you were sure you were so smiley you were starting to annoy everyone. You couldn’t help it! You were crazy about this boy. It was lucky that he was just as crazy about you too. Whenever you were together around your friends, they’d always roll their eyes at the two of you. You’d always be laughing at some inside joke the two of you had or sneaking a kiss in here and there. Jughead wasn’t the biggest fan of public affection but whenever he thought someone wasn’t looking or he just didn’t care, he was kissing you or making sure he was touching you in some kind of way whether it was an arm around you, holding your hand or just a small touch. It was so comforting to have that. He made you feel safe.

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The manager

*Ashton smut*

“Okay boys, on stage in 3,2,1” the 5sos boys ran onto stage and the crowd went wild. Cheers, hoots and applause. They played their hearts out and walked off the stage all sweaty. You picked up a cloth and walked straight up to your favourite band member, none other than the boy with dirty blonde-brunette hair and a dimple in his chin. “How did I play?” Inquired Ashton and you smiled widely before wiping the sweat on his forehead with the towel “Amazing, as usual” “The ladies love me” Ashton giggled and said. You scoffed as you wiped his neck. “Heyyyy! What was that. Stop being mean” he said while scrunching his eyebrows. He was so cute, you thought to yourself. “Can you help us too???” Yelled Calum. “The manager isn’t allowed to play favourites, just saying” said Michael. “I’m not!” You denied while blushing. “Ooooh Y/N stop blushing” teased Ashton. You turned your back to him and crossed your arms over your chest. He suddenly pecked your cheek and ran away. Literally ran to the other room. That boy was so cute and playful. It was hard for you to ignore that tiny crush that was turning into something else.

You walked into the game room where Ashton was laying on the couch shirtless. He looked irresistible with his messy hair and low hung jeans. “Done staring?” Ashton said and you snapped out of your daze. “I think I see a little bit of drool” added Ashton as he got up from the couch and started walking towards you. He came straight in front of you and you started walking backwards till your back was against the wall with Ashton’s breath fanning your face. He towered over your small frame and felt intimidated. “A-a-ash we have to go to the studio” you sputtered out. He buried his face in your hair and inhaled you. “It’s best we get going then” he said and walked away, grabbing his tshirt from the couch and leaving the room.

You were stuck in your place, what the fuck just happened. You gathered yourself and walked toward the tour bus. Everyone piled in soon after. On reaching the studio you picked up your bag of clothes and clipboard and went straight to the changing rooms while the boys went to meet the producer.

You kept your bag on the floor and began undressing. With your tshirt and jeans off, your mind couldn’t help but wander to what happened with Ashton earlier that day. Just the thought got you wet. You slowly started rubbing yourself through your panties while you massaged your breast with the other hand. You were getting wetter by the minute as well as more frustrated because you never came while masturbating. “Mmm Ashton” you fantasised and felt yourself getting close. You scrunched your eyes shut and moaned loudly. You suddenly felt a pair of strong arms around your waist and a hard on, on your ass. Your hands were replaced by his and you couldn’t complain. You then realised what was happening and your eyes opened. “Shh , relax baby. It’s me Ashton” you turned your head and it sure was Ashton. His eyes were dark with lust. He started nipping and biting, leaving love bites on both sides of your neck. Without warning he plunged one finger inside your hot, wet core. “Did I get you this wet, love?” His voice was raspy and all you did was moan. He put two more fingers inside while using his other hand to rub figure 8s on your clit. He curved his fingers inside you and you came immediately. Your body felt weak. That was the best orgasm you had ever had.

You turned around to face Ashton. “That was so hot Y/N, fuck” you looked down and blushed. He hooked his finger under your chin and pulled your face up. He brought his face close to yours and your lips touched in a soft and gentle kiss. You could feel the butterflies in your stomach going crazy. “Y/N I have a confession to make. I really like you and it’s been driving me crazy. I know this is unethical but I can’t help it. The way you talk, the way you swing your hips, the way you laugh and fuck, today, was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life” he choked out. “Ash, I really like you too. I have since I first became your manager” you admitted shyly. He picked you up by your waist and swung you around. He left small kisses all over your face. And that’s when you realised Ashton had made you cum but you didn’t reciprocate. “Ash, babe, what about your umm problem?” You asked, gesturing his raging boner. “I’ll get my share soon babe, we have the rest of our lives for that”

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You did it! You finally figured a way into Neverland!

“Who are you and why are you here?” a stern voice said from behind you.Smiling manically, gripping your axe you swung at whoever spoke.

“What on earth is your problem?” the voice spoke again this time on the other side of you.

“Oh what a shame I was expecting your head rolling on the floor” You say with your famous smile still plastered on your face.

“Why would you do that!” the boy in front of you yelled,a boy with eyes the color of the forest.

“That didn`t sound like a question cupcake” You smile stepping closer to him,he seems enticing and you wanted more.

“Fine, who are you and why are you here. also never call me cupcake again” The boy said this time sounding like a question.His angry tone was soon canceled out by a grin on his face.

“I`m Y/N but most people call me Cheshire cat and im here to paint your flowers red with the blood from your heads, What`s your name or should I just call you angel face?” You swing the axe on the ground looking at your surroundings for the first time.

“Im Peter.Peter Pan and you`re crazy” He said with a matter of fact tone to his voice.

“I may be crazy but all the best people are” You say as you start skipping past Peter, as soon as your next to him you whisper in his ear “I`m crazy but you love it, don’t you?” you proceed skipping leaving a confused Peter standing by himself.

“Oh you`re trouble Kitty cat” He says turning around to follow you. You`re trouble and Peter Pan loves trouble.

Reasons Part 1/2


-Hanbin x reader

-Typical Hanbin angst :)


It’s not that great but oh well. I haven’t had the chance to write in so long ever since i started my taking math major specific and upper division classes :( This is more like a hobby, something i do for fun since i miss my days in Lit classes. I already have it saved on my computer so i thought what the hell, i’ll post it for fun =)

Trudging up the stairs to your apartment, you mutter a cuss under your breath. Damn the management and their bottomless greed when it’s time for raising rent but no fuck is given when it comes to upgrading the facilities. Despite the umpteenth time promising to get shit done, the evident of their carelessness lies still with the broken elevator. Normally you wouldn’t necessarily care about walking up the stairs but after having a particularly hard week at work it just added to the gloom you were stuck in. On top of that, something had been chewing at the back of your mind for a couple days now but it’s as fleeting as the word on the tip of your tongue. You hadn’t expect your boyfriend of 2 years to be home at all. At this hour, he’s either in the practice room with the Ikon boys or locking himself in the studio working on their next hit. Surprise at the sight, you let out an excited squeak: “Hanbin!”. All your tiredness seems to have vanished as you saunter over to the handsome boy sitting on the couch. He looks up letting out a little smile and you return the favor. Something doesn’t seems right you thought but brush it off as you were happy to be coming home to a warm apartment for once. 

“what shall we do for dinner?” he asks.

“I’m sort of tired today, can we do take out?”

He nods as his hands reach for your shoulder squeezing it slightly. Noting your tiredness, he shoo you off to the shower, dinner will be taken care off by the time you’re done. You peck him on the cheek and run off to the bedroom stopping short of the door. You turn around and observe as he dial the number for the you guys’ favorite take out place. Something is different and it’s getting harder for you to ignore it. Hesitantly, you blame it on your tiredness and proceed to go shower as planned. 

Dinner was as awkward as the monthly review with your boss had gone this morning. Every time you tried to small talk about something or other, Hanbin looked at you like deer in headlights. 

“What did you say babe?” “Huh?” “Yea, sure” seems to be the phrases of the day. He clearly wasn’t listening at all but mindlessly pushing his food around with his chopsticks. Now cuddling on the couch as per your routine whenever he was home, you press him for some answer.

“Babe, is something wrong? Recording didn’t go as planned?” you ask.

“Nothing is wrong”, he assures you with that soft and sweet smile of his.

“Are you absolutely sure. You know you can tell me anything. I’m quite the therapist as everyone say.” You reply poking his dimple jokingly. He lets out a small chuckle and nod. After about 30 mins of slumming around on the couch you two head off to bed. 

Two days had pass since that night and you’re pretty stoked about Hanbin’s day off. It was rare but you guys always make the most out of it. Tomorrow couldn’t come sooner you thought. Since work was slow, you text him planning out your day off date.

”Remember that new donut place we drove by? Let’s go there tomorrow yeah?”

”mmh” He replies.

 Aside from the short and curt replies, everything seemed fine. He’s probably just too busy to sit around and text. It’s finally 5PM and you bolt out of work fearing you might get call back for overtime. After all, you need to get pamper up for your date. Laying on your couch watching the newest episode of Weekly Idol, you’re practically dying of laughter but trying your best to keep still so the face mask stay on your face. 

*ding* 1 new message: Hanbinnie <3

“What crazy plan has this boy come up with now?” you remark to yourself. Hanbin had come up with crazy dates before, anywhere from just wandering the city to driving hours just to parachute over the beach. You waste no time in grabbing the phone.

”I don’t think i’m gonna make it tomorrow”, it reads.

“Aww, i understand. You’re busy, we can go some other time ): TT_TT” 

“Actually, i don’t think there will be any other time”, another text bubble springs up.

Baffle at the content, you shakily reply back 

“Hanbin, what are you talking about? Please, don’t scare me like that.”

“I’m not trying to scare you… I just think there’s no need to drags this out anymore.” 

At the sight of this, all those feeling, all those thoughts that were gnawing at the back of your head for days, that word that was on the tip of your tongue, it all came tumbling out like a waterfall. 

“I’m sorry but i’m ending us here…” the last text read before your eyes blur and your vision fail. 

Just like that, no real explanation, no real reason, this wonderful part of your life ceased to exist. 

Allison- Not At All

Request-  Hi, could you write an Allison imagine where her and the reader are in a long distance relationship. They met each other on tumblr/twitter but they’ve never met in person. And the reader surprises her by flying to her house for their third year anniversary?

A/N- Here it is. That’s the last of my requests guys. Thanks for a good round. 

You took a deep breath as you stepped out of the blue Toyota, shutting the door as slowly as you possibly could. You stared up at the tall apartment building before you and concluded that it must have been at least nine floors. One good thing about it was that you knew it would take a while to get to where you were going, but that did nothing to quell your anxiety.
“Y/n?” the tiny girl standing on the other side of the car asked. “Are you coming?”
The strawberry blonde stared at you expectantly, her eyebrows raised as she pulled her purse over shoulder. You frowned as you met her eyes, and she realized you were having second thoughts.
“Y/n,” she told you as she walked over, her heels clicking on the pavement. “Don’t tell me you want to go back to the airport?”
“Uh-” you said uneasily.
“Good!” she chirped, cutting you off. “Because I’m not taking you back.”
“Lydia,” you said slowly. “What if she hates me?”
The girl laughed. “What? Y/n, you and Allison have been dating for three years.”
“Online!” you hissed. “We’ve never met in person, Lydia, and this….this is crazy!”
Lydia sighed and placed her hands on your shoulders. To anyone who passed by in the parking lot, you would have looked like a close pair of friends, one supporting the other. No one would have ever suspected that you had just met Lydia at the airport that morning.
“Y/n,” she began. “This might be a little unorthodox, but you have been together three years. It’s not like you haven’t seen each other, just not face to face. Allison is my best friend. I know how much you mean to her, and I think my idea to fly you out here was genius.”
“You know,” you told her. “Crazy can often be mistaken for genius…”
“This isn’t crazy,” Lydia insisted. “It’s brilliant. And trust me, all this anxiety is going to be worth it once you see the look on her face.”
“The look of complete and utter shock?” you questioned.
“The look of complete and utter love,” she corrected with a bright smile. “Now, leave your bag in the car. I can’t have you freaking out and trying to bolt.”
You sighed and tossed your bag back into the car, shooting one last glance up at the apartment building. Lydia was right when she said that coming to see your online girlfriend of three years was a little unorthodox, but when she had initially called you a month ago to plan it, you had been excited.
You had originally gotten in touch with Allison through your blog on Tumblr, one that displayed a wide array of guns and archery products for your father’s store. When your father had asked you to help him create a website for it, you had offered to do him one better and make a Tumblr account as well. You had been sure it would help you reach a wider array of people because it was a little more personal than just a simple web address.
In the end, you had been right, and the sales had nearly doubled since you first started the blog. With the ability to message the store directly, you had gotten a fair amount of customers inquiring about certain items. About three years ago, soon after you had begun your senior year of high school, you got a message from a girl your age.
She had wanted to know about a rare bow you had just gotten in stock, and after instant messaging for just  a few minutes, she had impressed you with her knowledge of archery. She seemed to really like the sport, and it wasn’t until a few months later that you actually realized what she was using it for. After talking to each other almost non-stop night after night, you learned that her name was Allison Argent.
That was when you realized that Allison wasn’t just interested in archery for sport, but that she actually used it to carry on the Argent name. When you brought it up to your father, he informed you that he had actually worked with Allison’s father in the past.
“The Argents were always very strict,” he had told you. “But they’ve become a bit more relaxed in the past few years after losing so many of their members. The ones that are alive are the ones you’d want to have around.”
Once you realized that you and Allison had one very prominent thing in common, you became even closer. You both came from hunting families and knew things that not many people did. Allison didn’t get the opportunity to vent very often, and in you, she found a new best friend. It wasn’t long until you both started to develop feelings for each other, and one night over facetime she had confessed that she wished she could be there with you.
“One day,” you had told her as you sat cross-legged on your bed. “And we can have a sleepover and eat junk food, and do all the things that best friends do.”
“I’m your best friend?” Allison had asked with a small smile on her face.
You had flushed. “I think I’ve been more honest with you than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life.”
You watched as Allison’s smile grew even wider on the screen. “I’m glad you feel like you can tell me the truth. But…I don’t think I’ve been entirely honest with you.”
“What?” you had asked, nervousness obvious in your tone.
“Don’t worry,” she had assured you. “It’s just, all that stuff you said we could do? I’d love to do it, but…maybe as more than your best friend?”
“Like…like my girlfriend?” you had asked slowly.
Allison flushed. “Is that crazy?”
“No,” you had told her, a grin working its way onto your face. “Not at all.”
Ever since that night, you and Allison had been officially together, even though you had never met face to face. You loved Allison for the person she was as a whole and you didn’t have to be next to her to really see who she was. So when her best friend Lydia called you a month ago and suggested that you come to Beacon Hills for a surprise anniversary visit, you couldn’t say no.
“Come on,” Lydia prompted as she grabbed onto your arm. “She loves you and there’s no way she could possibly love you less when she sees you in person.”
You were silent as Lydia dragged you toward the building, but you weren’t entirely sure she was right. What if Allison didn’t like you as much when she saw you up close? What if she decided that you weren’t really the person she wanted to be with?

Allison stood in front of the mirror, finishing off her makeup with one last brush of her mascara wand. Lydia had texted her thirty minutes ago, insisting that she put on some makeup and look her best for their impending shopping day. She was due over any minute and when the knock sounded at the apartment door, Allison was ready to go.
She walked into the living room and grabbed her cardigan that had been hanging on the back of the couch. With one last look to make sure she had everything in her purse, she headed over to open the door.
“Hey,” Allison said with a grin. “You ready to go?”
Lydia smiled at her as she stood in the doorway, an odd smirk that made Allison think that the banshee knew something she didn’t. “Not quite.”
“Lydia?” Allison asked. “Is everything okay?”
“I have a surprise for you,” she announced. “Something you’ve been waiting for for a really long time.”
“What?” the brunette questioned. “But it’s not even my birthday for another few months.”
“But it is a special day,” Lydia pointed out. “You know what? I’d like to take back what I said earlier. It’s nothing something, it’s someone. Y/n! You can come out now.”
“Y/n?” Allison asked with wide eyes. “Lydia, what-”
But Allison never got time to finish, because in a few moments, you were appearing from one of the dark corners of Allison’s hall. The brunette stared at you in shock as you walked toward her, completely dumbfounded, but it didn’t take long for a smile to appear on her face.
“Y/n?” she asked. “You’re here? You’re here for me?”
“Surprise,” you told her, feeling your stomach begin to flutter with nerves. “Happy three years.”
“Oh my god,” Allison breathed.
Suddenly she was darting toward you, throwing her arms around your shoulders and giving them a loving squeeze. You might have been apprehensive about visiting at first, but when you saw the love in her eyes as she pulled away, all of your doubts vanished into thin air. As her brown eyes met yours, she quickly leaned in and before you knew it, she was kissing you.
If you were being honest, you had had a lot of dreams, daydreams, and fantasies about kissing Allison. After all you did love her, so why wouldn’t you?
As she pressed her soft, pink lips against yours, you didn’t remember all the ways you thought it might have felt, but you were sure of one thing. Whatever it was, the real thing was a thousand times better.
“God, I-I had no idea,” she gushed as she disconnected her lips from yours. “You flew all the way here for our anniversary?”
“You know,” you told her. “It wasn’t exactly my idea. But I’m glad I agreed to it.”
“Lydia!” Allison squealed. “Thank you! God, you’re the best friend ever!”
Lydia simply smiled, obviously pleased with herself. After this, Allison knew that her ego would probably take years to deflate.
“So, you uh, don’t think this is crazy?” you asked her hesitantly.
Allison smiled and leaned forward, and she remembered the words you had shared the night she had first told you her feelings. Her short, brown hair tickled your cheek as she leaned in, whispering in your ear.
“Not at all.”

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What if their girls had got their wisdom teeth out? How they react to her being loopy from the drugs?

Let’s be honest; I think they’d all do this:

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He’s trying not to be a jerk, but he can’t help but laugh and grab a camera.  While he does this he’s talking to you while you ramble on about random things, your mind completely oblivious to what’s actually going on around you.  His gut hurts because he’s holding in so much laughter.


He’ll push your hair out of your face and reply to the strange sentences you say, but like Leo he grabs a video camera and records the whole thing.  He’s always giggling in the background; not only do you look and sound adorable, but you’re also hilarious to listen to. He’s to make sure to show it all to you later, even though he’s most likely to be beaten up for it.


He actually doesn’t grab a camera because he thinks it’s mean to record you in this state, he makes sure you’re comfortable; a blanket, pillow and someone to tell your crazy words to and to ask your silly questions.  He’ll hold your hand the entire time but is trying his best not to bust out laughing, he doesn’t want to startle you.  Don feels bad for you though; at least you won’t have to go through this again.


The little shit is too busy drawing things on your face while he’s absentmindedly  replying to your strange words.  He’s chuckling and giggling like crazy listening to you, and is also trying not to laugh too loud at the small doodles on your face.  He thinks it’s funny now but oooh boy… when you wake up hell will be unleashed on his scaly, green ass.

Rewired // Kylo x Reader

Anonymous said: Could you do a Matt one where your one of the few who is nice to him. And while you are helping him you accidentally let slip your crush on Kylo. Thanks

Part Two here

Watching from a distance, you observe the new radar technician. He certainly was new as it looked like he had no clue what he was doing. He grabbed random wires and tried shoving them together, but instead that just caused a spark which made him jump at the sight.

Placing them down, he once again attempted to rewire the calcinator like Barbara asked him to fifteen minutes ago. It’s a two minute job, but of course he had trouble with it.

As he sat down fussing with the interworking of Starkiller base, a storm trooper walked by. “What up, Matt?” with that, he kicked his wrench across the room as Matt glared at him.

Because he was so out of place, almost everyone on Starkiller teased this poor guy. All he was trying to do was finish his work, but instead he was getting pushed around by everyone. Everyone except you.

Sighing, you walk over to the new guy, crouching down next to him. “Need help?” you ask with a smile. He gulps before nodding his head. “Sure. I’ll teach you for next time. Barbara may seem mean, but she always gets like that if she doesn’t have her afternoon muffin.”

“All of that attitude for a muffin? I feel bad for the muffin,” he says as you laugh. “Um, I didn’t catch your name. I’m Ky-Matt. My name is Matt. I’m the new radar technician.”

You laugh once again. “Hi Matt the new radar technician. I’m (Y/N) the old radar technician.” He gives you a small smile. “So, what made you wanna come work for the First Order?” you ask.

Matt seems to freeze at the question. On the inside, he was hiding his actual identity of the Commander of the First Order, Kylo Ren. He came undercover to simply make sure all of his employees were working efficiently. He didn’t think anyone would actually strike up conversation with him. Now, he’d have to come up with a back story for himself.

Clearing his throat, he speaks, “You know, it um. It seemed like a nice place to work. Do you like working here?”

Shrugging, you respond while cutting cables. “It’s fine. I came here about two years ago to make some money to support myself. My family was never the supportive kind, so I needed to get out. I mean, the pay is fine as a technician. Nothing above average. When I first came here, I had the intentions of becoming an officer under General Hux. But, they put me here. Which is fine. I'm good at what I do.”

The new guy seems to be taking in every word you say and really taking it to heart. His actions kinda freak you out, but then again he was the new guy. And all of the new people are weird. “I see. What do you think of General Hux?”

“I’ve only spoken to him once or twice, but he seems like a nice enough guy. However all of my friends who work for him say that he’s an asshole,” you giggle as you finish tying off some loose connections on the calcinator.

‘Matt’ shakes his head in agreement. "He is. You don’t want to work for him. He thinks that he should be the head honcho around here instead of Kylo Ren. Which is crazy right? I think Kylo is an excellent leader. What do you think?“ Matt asks all of a sudden.

Truly, you were infatuated with the Master Commander. He was different and mysterious. And he seemed so full of passion and so willing to fight for what he believed in. All of these were qualities you admired in a man. Looking around a few times to check your surroundings, you lean in close to 'Matt.’ The action startles him. A girl never got this close to him before. "Can you keep a secret?” you whisper, biting your lip.

“I’m good at keeping secrets. I have no one to tell them to,” he admits, making your heart swell for the poor guy. “What’s the secret?”

Inhaling deeply, you prep yourself to tell the guy you just met your biggest secret. “To tell you the truth, I think the Commander is really…oh my stars, this is gonna sound ridiculous,” you laugh as 'Matt’ begs you to go on. “Okay, well. I think he’s really attractive. You know?”

'Matt’ freezes. An employee of his actually had a crush on him. “Elaborate for me. If you don’t mind.”

You gulp. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m telling you this. Well, he’s just so passionate about what he’s doing. He is so determined to get things the way they should be in the galaxy. To me that’s just so attractive. If someone works hard for what they want? He’s just seems like a really motivated, talented man. I don’t know, call me crazy, but that’s how I feel.”

Your words drive 'Matt’ crazy. He never knew that anyone in the galaxy could ever feel that way about him after all of the destruction he has caused ever since he took over the First Order. “No, I understand. A buddy of mine who works for him says that he’s the best. Like the best. No one could beat him. And he said that one time he saw his face. He said he has the best face than anyone on the base,” 'Matt’ tells you as you laugh.

“Really?” you ask as Matt shakes his head. “Well, it’s a stupid little crush and besides, the Commander doesn’t even know that I exists. He just thinks I’m another one of his many employees.”

'Matt’’s heart swells with joy. Little did you know that you would have a big surprise coming any day now. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure that he knows you exists and you work very hard at your job.” You thank 'Matt’ for the compliment before you start.

“Well, I have to get back to my work. It was nice talking to you, Matt. I hope we can do this again,” you stand up, slowly walking away from the blonde man.

He nods his head. “I’m sure we will.”

With a small wave, you walk away from Matt and to your two friends, Zack and Kim, both lieutenant colonels. “You have a chat with 'Matt’?” Kim says, putting air quotes on Matt’s name.

You nod your head. “Yeah, he’s a really nice guy. Why?” you ask as the two of them start to laugh. “What? What’s so funny?”

Zach wipes his eyes from crying of laughter. “Oh, poor (Y/N). Honey, I’m 99 percent sure that 'Matt’ is Kylo Ren,” he says.

Your heart sinks into your ass. “What?” your eyes go wide.

“Yeah, didn’t you pick up on his constant praise on Kylo. He kept saying Kylo is the best, Kylo has an eight pack, he has the best face. Geez, (Y/N). At one point he said he was going to find Kylo’s lightsaber and two seconds later he has it in his hands,” Zach expresses as you start to panic.

You just told the Commander about your crush on him.

“No, no, no. This isn’t good,” you say, your heart beating out of your chest.

Kim places a hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

Looking up at the two of them, your eyes are clouded with panic. “I just told 'Matt’ about my little crush on the Commander.”

Both of their faces go sheet white as you hyperventilate.

“I’m sure everything is going to be fine, (Y/N).”

“No, I have to go. I- I have to get out of here.”

 With that, you take off, running away from the cafeteria to get to your living quarters. But as soon as you make the turn, you see the dark, tall figure making his way down the hall…

Jokes and Riddles

Today just wasn’t your day. You had started your first day at your first ever job. You were working behind the desk of the Gotham City Bank. Helping people with their inquiries and sorting out their money. You had been nervous about starting your first job. But today took nervousness to a whole new level.

You were just helping an old lady to sort out her bank account when the lights went off. The sound of gun shots rang through the air. Customers were running and screaming everywhere. Your main priority was to get them to safety. You managed to lead a lot of customers and some of your colleagues out of the staff exit door before returning to your desk. Remembering to press the button to alert the police. You were acting calm and brave but really you were terrified.

Two large men wearing black masks enter the room. “This is a hold up!” One of them shout. Talk about stating the obvious, you thought to yourself. “I honestly thought that there would be more people here.” one of them said to the other. They both walk up to you. You take a deep breath to steady your nerves. One of them pointed their gun at your head. Whilst the other shouted “Fill these two bags with one hundred dollar bills now!” You didn’t think that people actually robbed banks like this, thinking that it only happened in the movies. You filled the bags as quickly as you could, hoping that after they got what they wanted they would leave.

“Now that we’ve done that, what else did the boss tell us to do?” one asked the other. “He said that we need to take a hostage. So the Bat will have something to chase.” the other replied. All you could think in your head was ‘don’t look at me, don’t look at me’. “Well she’ll do. This pretty little thing.” Damn, today is not your day. You were about to run away from them but then you remembered that they are holding a gun to your head. All you could do was comply. They tied a bit of cloth around your eyes so you couldn’t see where they were taking you. You could feel that you were in some sort of vehicle. You could hear police sirens in the distance. They had reached you too late.

When they had arrived at their destination you were pushed down onto the floor and your blindfold was removed. You were in a room with three brick walls, one had a door that the goons quickly walked out through. The fourth wall was made out of black bars, just like ones in a prison cell. You shivered not only out of fear but because it was cold in the room. You could hear one of the goons talking to someone. “We got a hostage. She’s in there waiting for your approval.” It seems that you were finally going to meet this ‘boss’.

A tall man entered the room and your face fell. He was wearing a bright green suit which was covered in question marks. He also had a green bowler hat with a question mark on it as well. It was the Riddler. You recognised him from the news. Why out of all of the criminals that could have taken you hostage did it have to be the Riddler? You couldn’t stand riddles.

He walks towards you and stares at your face. “Well done, she is a pretty one.” His voice has a musical tone to it. Bending down, he points a gun against your forehead. You are shaking and tears start to run down your face. You were tired and confused. He holds a cell phone up to your ear. “I have just dialled Batman’s line. Say hi to him for me or I’ll blow your brains out.” he said. Batman answers the phone. His voice was low and rough. “Please help me, please I beg of you! ” you cry down the phone. The Riddler pushes your face to the floor and then walks a few steps away from you. “Hear that Batman. This little Miss here wants you to be her hero and come save her.” he said. He proceeded to tell Batman where you were and how much money he wanted. After hanging up he walks out of your cell. Looking at you through the bars he says “I’ll leave you with an easy one to wet your appetite, my dear. What is harder to catch the faster you run?” Oh no, not the riddles you thought to yourself. After thinking for a moment you answer “Your breath.” “Clever, clever” he replies. “And if I were you, I would saver yours.” He then walks off with a smirk.

You sit in the far corner of the room, bringing your knees up under your chin. However you could still see what was going on beyond the bars. You cried silently. “Good work Riddles. I could hear that you were doing a great job with the hostage.” said a new voice laughing. “But… What the hell are you doing here? I leave for one week and suddenly you show up, making this place your own!” yelled a man. You hadn’t heard this voice before. It was soft yet very rough as he was angry. “How dare you even think about it! My advice to you my dear friend is to leave before things get nasty.” he yelled. You could see the Riddler cowering before the man. It was the Joker. Gotham’s King of crime. He had pale skin, green hair that was neatly slicked back and red lipstick worn roughly on his lips. He wore a dark shirt with some of the top buttons undone, revealing his tattooed chest. “But, but, but, I just called Batman telling him where we are and what ransom I wanted.” the Riddler replied stuttering. The Joker’s eyes widened in shock and anger. “Well that gives me another mess to clear up, doesn’t it?” he growled. “But, but, but, the hostage.” sputtered the Riddler.

With a wave of his hand the Joker signalled two of his biggest goons to 'escort’ the Riddler off of the premises. The Joker put his hand of his face and sighed. “Some people just don’t get the hint.” You could see him starting to walk in your direction so you stared at the floor. You had enough of criminals for one day. “Now let’s see what we got here.” he said softly whilst resting his head against the bars. Out of the corner or your eye you could see him studying you. Probably thinking what he was going to do with you. Were you worth keeping alive or not?

“So, who are you and what do you do for living?” he asked in a voice that resembled that of a tv gameshow host. You buried your face further into your knees, hiding you eyes. You were shaking from fear and you didn’t want to play his game. You could hear his footsteps walking around and into your cell. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, doll.” he said encouragingly. Lifting your head slightly but not fully up to you could see that was grinning, showing off his silver teeth. His eyes were crazy. Forcing you to shuffle backwards until your back hit the wall. “Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you a riddle.” he laughed. You could tell that he was trying his best to be nice, in an aggressive and crazy way. Were insane criminals meant to be nice? Suddenly his mood changed. He grabbed your hair, forcing your face up so you were now looking at him. His own face inches in front of yours. “I’ll give you tonight and then you better start singing in the morning, little birdie.” he growled at you before letting go of your hair and leaving the room. Making sure that he had gone, you the curled up on the floor and cried yourself to sleep.

As you slept you had a nightmare. You were in a maze that resembled the bank you worked at. The Riddler and the two goons that robbed the bank were chasing you. The Riddler was asking more and more disturbing riddles and the goons kept whispering “save your breath”. The sound of gunshots constantly rang out and it was deafening. Oh no, they had caught up with you and you shouted “somebody please save me!” You woke up screaming.

The Joker was sat over you, slapping your hand as he held it in his. It appeared that you had been screaming in your sleep for a while and he must have been trying to wake you up. You pulled your hands out of his in surprise. The nightmare had really scared you, it just seemed so real. You leant forward wrapping your arms around his middle and sobbed into the Joker’s chest. You knew that you were hugging onto a psychopath that threatened you only hours ago but you were so terrified and disorientated in your still half asleep state, that you craved human contact for comfort. The Joker looked at you in shock as he was just as surprised as you were. His body had tensed up from your touch. He was unsure what to do and he seemed just as scared as you were. As you trembled and cried he lightly patted your head, in a poor attempt to comfort you. You weren’t sure why he didn’t just push you away and tell you to get over it.

It was dark so it still must be nighttime. The Joker started to stroke your hair, which was more comforting than the light patting. Your crying had died down. Now you were only shaking. Exhausted from everything. You listened to his heartbeat and breathing. The gentle steady rhythm lulled you to sleep once more. Luckily it was a dreamless sleep.

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A reception blurb? Niall getting married would be so cute!

“True story, I walked in the front door and they were sitting on the couch watching ‘My Strange Addiction’ and inhaling beef jerky… beef jerky of all date foods!”

Niall laughed with the crowd while Shay, your maid of honor, gave her speech. Your hand was on his knee and his was hanging off of your shoulder.

“I told you she would find a joke in that,” you whispered in his ear.

“And they started bickering by the sixth date. I know this because they’d argue over the stupidest things at two a.m. when I was rooting for Niall to slam the door and never come back. No offense,” she chuckled. “I just couldn’t take the arguing over Niall getting crumbs in the bed and then minutes later the deed being done on those same crumbs.

You looked around at the table your bridesmaids were sitting at and smiled. Jordan waved.

“Needless to say, I knew it wouldn’t be long before this day would come. I’m a little upset that Niall’s taken my roomie but at leat they make each other laugh. So, to the happy couple!”

You raised your drink and chugged the remaining champagne.

Everybody returned to their own business; dancing, drifting, eating.

“How much longer until the cake is open for grabs?” Niall asked.

“Now, I guess. But before we hand feed each other cake, I need you to swear that you won’t get it in or on my dress.”

“If I do, I’ll just eat it off of ya,” he winked.

All night he’d been making references to what would be happening in Rio the next day and you really thought after his mother’s speech, he’d realize that his mother was sitting next to him and was not deaf in any way. 

“Let’s go, lovebirds. You’ve got cake to shove in each other’s faces. I really want to see this before Shay comes over and makes you dance like turds. This is the only thing I came here for.”

“We’re coming, Lou. Why don’t you get a head start?”

Niall stood, grabbed your hand and pulled you up to your feet.

Minutes later, guests were cheering as Niall swept you into a chocolaty kiss and shoved cake down your bra. Shay was running around the two of you, trying to wipe the mess off of your face. A dedicated bridesmaid, that one.

“Can somebody start cutting the cake? Harry! You’re the best man and you’ve done absolutely nothing so go find Stella and make a memory. Newlyweds, you’ve got two weeks to suck face and only ten minutes left to get to the dance before Bobby gets here with the car so get a move on!”

You pulled away from your husband and wiped your chin, “She’s gone crazy… she’s driving me crazy.”

“Now you know how it feels.”

“You know, we aren’t even three hours into marriage and you’re already complaining.” You replied, pulling cake from your corset like a true lady.

Shay pushed you two towards the dance floor, muttering something about idiots.

“I’m not complaining, I’m just saying if you know how it feels maybe you won’t nag me so much,” he said as he entwined his hand with yours and placed your arm around his neck.

You could hear your father’s comments and your mother’s scolds when he said something too crude for her taste. You knew it was how you and Niall would be in thirty something years and you didn’t mind at all.

“Do you think we’ll still be bickering in fifty years? Do you think we’ll still be married in fifty years?” Niall wondered.

“I believe that if we have kids right away, we’ll be so distracted from each other that it’ll feel like a blessing when we bicker in fifty years.”

He gave you a look of approval. You chuckled, stepped closer to him and rested your chin on his left shoulder.

“Liam and Zayn are cake smashing and if somebody doesn’t control them, I will start crying,” Shay rushed over at the end of the dance, cheeks red and eyes watery.

“Well, did you say anything to them?”

“They just laughed at me! And did you know that I haven’t seen my baby since the ceremony and Louis’s been wandering around like he has no cares in the world when he does, in fact, because was the last person I saw with my baby?! Oh my God, I’m never doing this again.”

“I’ll find the baby. Niall, you go handle the hoodlums. Meet back here in three minutes so we can get the hell out of here.”

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"you asked me out on a date and I thought you never showed but you really just got scared when you saw me at the meeting spot and panicked, but here we are years later running into each other" for jasper

they met at Target when they both grabbed for the last copy of The Goonies

Jason graciously handed it over but Piper insisted that he take it, “I’ll take it as a sign that I should stick to buying my best friend Handy Manny memorabilia for his birthday” 

they ended up talking for over an hour, neither wanting to be the one to end the conversation 

but then Jason’s phone rang, it was his roommate wondering what time he’d be back from the store 

before they parted ways Piper asked Jason if he’d like to meet her for a drink that night at Elysium, a new bar downtown 

“Yeah, I’d like that,” he said, his million dollar smile making Piper’s heart stutter 

“Great, I’ll meet you there around 9?” 

“It’s a date.” 

Piper spend the rest of the day with her mind racing, trying to get those beautiful blue eyes out of her head 

she got to the bar around 9:15 and spotted Jason at the bar  

panic immediately set in 

Piper had been on plenty of dates with plenty of beautiful people, and she didn’t know why this one in particular was having the effect that he was 

she stood there for ten minutes before she just couldn’t deal anymore and bolted 

Jason sat at the bar until last call, wondering if he had gone to the wrong bar or if the girl with the feathers in her hair had just changed her mind 

two years go by and Piper is never quite able to get the memory of those blue eyes out of her head 

on her way to the grand opening of Leo’s new auto body shop she remembers the Target trip two years ago when she decided to buy him The Goonies for his birthday 

mostly she thinks about the boy she met and subsequently stood up 

“I’m such an asshole,” she groaned 

the cab driver raised an eye brow but didn’t say anything 

Piper had no idea how Leo had convinced her to fly out to Texas for this grand opening but then again she would do just about anything for him and his mom, who were her surrogate family when her dad was away filming movies 

the two of them had moved back to Texas after Leo graduated from UCLA and had been working on opening this shop for the last couple of years

the place looked incredible 

it had been designed by Annabeth, Piper’s best friend and her cousin Percy’s wife, and it was absolutely breath taking 

by far the most aesthetically pleasing auto body shop she had ever been to 

Piper was soon greater by Festus, Leo’s Great Dane who he had found as a puppy abandoned in a junk yard when they were 15 

she followed the dog around the building, along the path marked by balloons, to a beautiful courtyard garden area planted by Leo’s sometimes girlfriend Calypso 

the music was already going and familiar faces were all around 

Piper made her rounds, saying hello to Esperanza and her aunt Sally 

she finally made it over to the snack bar and spotted the last deviled egg 

as she reached for it, another hand hit her own 

she looked up and saw those same beautiful blue eyes from two years ago 



Leo appeared out of nowhere and threw an arm around each of them, “There you two are! Glad to see you’ve finally met. Jason, this is Piper, my childhood best friend. Piper, this is Jason, my best friend from that wilderness exploration camp I did in college.” 

the two of them just stared at each other, unsure of how to process the newly discovered one degree of separation 

“This got weird for reasons above my pay grade, so I am just going to excuse myself. You kids have fun with whatever this is,” Leo said, slowly backing away into the crowd 

they both were saved when Calypso came over and pulled Piper away, insisting on giving her the names of all the plants she chose for the garden 

towards the end of the night, Piper saw Jason in a familiar light 

he stood by himself at the bar, watching everyone dance 

this time, she wouldn’t chicken out 

“I’m sorry I stood you up.” 

Jason looked up at her and then quickly looked away, “Don’t worry about it, that was a long time ago.” 

she moved between him and the dance floor, forcing him to look at her

“Jason, I chickened out, okay? I saw you standing at that bar and I know it sounds crazy but our whole love story played out in my head. We were dating and then we fell in love and lived in a shitty apartment so we could save up for a house and then we got married and had kids and two dogs and then all of a sudden we woke up and didn’t love each other anymore and it was over. And when I looked at you I just- I didn’t want it to be over… That didn’t make any sense did it?” 

“You were right, that was crazy.” 

Piper moved to turn away, but Jason grabbed her arm before she could, “It’s crazy,” he said, “because if I had the chance to fall in love with you, there’s not a thing that could make me stop.” 

they were standing face to face now, smiling like idiots when Leo once again interrupted 

“Piper! You have to come dance with me, the dj is about to play Selena!” 

“Leo, the dj is your laptop” 

“Yeah! And it’s about to play Selena. Let’s go!” 

she looked at Jason apologetically, “Best friend duty calls. Wait here for me?” 

Jason glanced at the bar, and back at Piper, “You know, that last time I waited for a beautiful girl at a bar she stood me up” a mischievous smile playing at his lips 

she moved towards him, grabbing his face and pulling him in for a kiss

after a long moment that also didn’t seem like enough she pulled away and smiled at him, “Well I’ll be happy to make up for her awful behavior upon my return.”

“It’s a date.”  


The Loft



(Y/N)’s POV:

“Jack, you might want to go ahead and rethink whatever you think is going to happen.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jack looks extremely confused when we’re driving to some place he won’t tell me.

When some song we’ve both heard at least ten times comes on the radio, he shuts it off and sighs.

“I can’t take it anymore. What did you mean I should ‘rethink’ whatever I think is going to happen?” he finally comes out saying.

I can tell that’s probably been lingering in his head for the past ten minutes.

“Because, I know that the entire first half of the day when I was with Matt, you were thinking of a million ways today would go wrong and how I would choose him. I know you, and you overthink things way too much, just like I do,” I say looking out the window as we pass buildings that feel familiar.

He reaches his hand across the middle console and grabs my hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of my hand.

I close my eyes and whisper to him, breaking the silence in the car, “Please don’t make me regret this, Jack.”

He squeezes my hand, still holding it in his lap, “I could never hurt you again, and I never will.”

I open my eyes to us pulling onto the beach that we’ve been to so many times.

He pulls into the sand, and we stay in Taylor’s convertible that doesn’t have a roof.

We’re the only ones within visible distance, and the sun is about to set.

“Do you want to know why I chose to take you here out of all the possible places?”

It’s like he read my fucking mind.


He looks over at me, and says, “Six months ago, I sat here in my black Jeep alone, recovering from a hangover that had seemed to last months, and realized how fucking in love with you I was.”

I look at him after he caught my attention away from the ocean.


“You heard me. I’m so in love with you, (Y/N). You have no fucking clue how much it scares me. You scare me, I know it seems crazy considering I try to act hard all the time but, just by hearing your voice I’m willing to do literally anything for you. I’ve never been this vulnerable to anybody.”

“Jack-“ I try to interrupt.

“No, and you know what’s even more terrifying, the thought of you leaving again,” he shakes his head.

I grab the side of his face, pulling him to eye contact and closer to me.

“Don’t give me a reason to leave and I won’t, okay? Stop letting that eat you alive,” I run my fingers through his hair.

He closes his eyes again and the words fall out of his mouth as if he didn’t chose to say them, “I just want you.”

I don’t want to wait until the end of the day, I made the decision way too long ago.

What am I even thinking? What decision? There never was one.

“You have me.”

He opens his eyes, “What?”

“Jack, it’s always been you. God, there was never a decision to make.”

He puts both hands on my face and brings my lips crashing into his.

His plump lips sit in the same spot before moving; we’re both taking this in. It’s been so long since we’ve even kissed, too long.

We release and he asks me while moving the hair out of my face, due to the wind blowing it in our faces.


What “Huh?” I ask.

“Why would you choose me? Matthew is so much better for you, everyone knows that,” he rubs his thumb on my cheeks, still holding my face in his hands.

“He’s not you. Matt’s my best friend, and I’ll always care for him, which you will need to get used to; but he will never be you. He will never be the one I want to end up in bed with at the end of the night.”
He smiles and then frowns a little before asking, “But you lost your virginity to him, that’s a lot of connection, don’t you think?” He removes his hands me.
“Jack, stop trying to convince me not to choose you.

And you’re right, I did lose my virginity to him, and I do love him, but not the same way I love you, and he knows that. He knew I’d chose you before I did, which is also why you should start being nice to him again. He knows I’m in love with you.”

His eyes light up as soon as the words ‘in love with you’ slip out of my mouth.

I nod, clarifying that what I just said is still 100% true.

“Fine, but let’s just make something clear-“ he puts the keys back in ignition and starts the car, “If he ever touches you, I’ll kick his ass.”

We both laugh, “Whatever Jack, where do you want to go?”
We pull out of the sand and get back on the main road before he responds, “It’s up to you.”
“Well, I mean, why don’t we just go back to the loft? We can just hang out with the boys and chill. Considering you get me for majority of the days..” I pause.

“I didn’t even ask you yet, fuck.”

“What?” I’m confused.

As we stop at a red light, and the sky is filled with colors of baby blue and violet, and everything in between, he grabs my hand and intertwines it in his,

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

I giggle before reaching across to kiss him, “Of course.”

We both laugh as we hear cars behind us honk because of the green light ahead of us.

“It felt kind of weird asking that. It’s always felt like you were mine without me having to ask, you know?” Jack asks me without breaking eye contact with the road.

“Yeah, same here.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

When we reach the loft again, all the boys are hanging out outside next to the pool.

Jack and I are holding hands when we open the sliding door and he kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, “Babe, I’m going to go talk to Matt. Straighten shit out, okay?”

I nod and smile.

I head over to where Sammy, Nate, Cam and Johnson are sitting in the Jacuzzi, and sit on the edge to let my feet in the water.

Johnson says, “Well shit, finally! Glad G and you are official.”

I laugh for what seems like the tenth time in the past ten minutes.

Nate chips in, “Like damn, took you long enough lil mama! He’s been crazy about you since day one.”

“Shush,” I push his shoulder jokingly.

“Well, wish you two the best of luck. Your crazy asses deserve each other,” Sammy smirks after saying.

Cameron just sits there and stares at me. I get up and motion for him to follow me back inside.

We go to the kitchen and while I grab water I say, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he says, looking away from me.

“Cam,” I touch his face, “I know something’s wrong, spill.”

He sighs, “Nothing, (Y/N). I’m just jealous.”

I bring my hands off his face when we see Matt walk inside.

He whispers to me to where I’m the only one who can hear, “It’s okay though, one day, even if it is for just one day, you’ll be mine,” he winks and walks back outside, leaving me with my jaw practically on the floor.

Matt walks over to me, “What was that about?” he chuckles.

“Nothing,” I avoid the thought of Cameron and me.

That would never work.


“Well alright,” he eats some chips before going on, “Jack talked to me.”

“Yeah I know, how did it go?”

He puts the bag on the counter and gets closer to me, “We’re not going to fight over you again. None of us. It’s not right and not fair, especially since you and him are together now.”

I let up a soft smile, “Thanks, Matt. I still love you a shit ton though, you know that right?”

“I love you too. You’ll always be my best friend, got it punk?” He squints his eyes and smirks a little.

“Got it.”

“Let’s go back outside,” he kisses my forehead and we both walk outside again to the perfect night air.

I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost Matt, he’s always been there and he’ll always be my best friend. Always.

Jack greets me, soaking wet and shirtless, “Hey baby.” He lowers his head, bringing his hand to my lower back and kissing my cheek.

I squeal, “Jack oh my god you’re literally soaking wet,” I push him sarcastically.

“That’ll be you later.”

I choke, “Oh my god!”

We laugh simultaneously, “You might want to take off that shirt, and your shorts,” he reaches under my shirt and pulls it over my head to leave me in my sports bra.

The boys in the pool are staring at me, and Jack knows that without even having to look over there.

“Calm down, she’s mine idiots.”

They all start laughing when Jack picks me up and throws me into the pool, with him coming soon after.

I come back up to the surface of the water, “Jerk!”

We all start pushing each other under and messing around.

After Aaron and I wrestle and literally burst out laughing, Gilinsky walks over to me, with his hair in his face.

“I’m so happy you’re mine,” he runs his fingers through my soaked hair that hangs in my face.

“I can’t wait ‘till the day I get to wake up to your face every single morning, and walk around naked making you breakfast. God I can’t wait.”

My eyes are probably popping out of my head with hearts.

I’m so fucking in love with this fool.

“I’m just telling you this now, I’m in it for the long run. Got it? I want everything with you, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, and for you.”

I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, and bring him under water.

He kisses me gently as the water surrounding us moves.

We come up again and all I hear is the boys screaming at us to get a room.

There is no place I would rather be right now, I am so fucking lucky.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Preference109- FOUR

Harry: Night Changes

“This place is beautiful…” you said closing your eyes to fully submerge yourself into the night wind that was blowing right through the strands of your hair causing it to fly in wild directions. Your hands were stretched up and out the convertible car embracing the windy ripples. 4:18 in the morning and here you were sitting in the car with a stranger you just met at a concert several hours ago. Harry glanced at you with a wide grin that was lit up by the tunnel lights, “You like it that much?” “Ahhh…” you tilted your head back, “You have no idea! How long it’s been since I’ve felt this…ALIVE!” He let out a deep laugh, “Looked pretty lively when you were dancing front row…” “I’ve always dreamt of doing this…” your eyes were still shut and now had a smile plastered on your face, “Something spontaneous…crazy. My mom would hate this.” Spending countless hours with this stranger was the best thing you could’ve asked for, you weren’t regretting any of it. “I think I’m falling,” he stated and the car came to a stop in an empty parking lot in front of the blackened ocean. “What?” you said opening your eyes and facing him. “I know it’s crazy…but you think one night can really change a person? That it can make you fall for someone?” he leaned in closely so his lips were directly in front of yours, “I think I’m falling for you, Y/N.”

Liam: Fireproof

“You saved my life, you know?” You said lifting your head up from his broad shoulder to peer into his brown eyes so you can lose yourself in him again and again. He was finally home. His arms were finally wrapped around you and keeping you safe and warm. He was yours all over again. He kissed your forehead and left his lips there to mumble some words, “And you saved mine…” You gave him a blushing smile, “I’m serious…I would be miserable without you.” He chuckled, “And you’d think that I’d be happy without you in my life?” You shrugged but he scoffed it off at the raise of his hand, “I don’t know how I got so lucky. I don’t know how you can love a big mushy idiot like me.” He took your hand into his making sure that every finger of yours was caressed by his carefully. You leaned in and kissed his lips, “How have we managed to keep our sanity?” He laughed, “Maybe we’re stronger than you think…maybe, we’re…fireproof.”

Zayn: 18

“Haven’t seen you around here in awhile, stranger,” you said after you turned the corner to meet him at the front of the café at a table nestled by the edge of the sidewalk. He slowly turned around and smiled at you. He stood up and threw his arm around you to give you a hug, “Thanks for meeting me today, Y/N.” You shrugged and he pulled the chair out for you to sit, “Don’t mind seeing my best friend. How were your travels?” He shrugged also and a grin crept onto his face, “It’s great, as always.” You nodded, “So what did the world famous Zayn Malik want to tell me that had to be today?” He laughed and had suddenly became serious, “You don’t remember?” You shrugged and gave him an uneasy face. “Today is the day we met 3 years ago…when we were 18,” he said while stretching his neck nervously. Your jaw dropped and you nodded your head as you took in the information that he gave to you. With his chaotic schedule and fast life he was able to remember this small detail that started your friendship. You were in shock that he would remember, “How do you remember that?” He gave you a weak smile and shrugged again, “It was an important day. I remember all of the important things.” “Zayn…” you stuttered, “That’s very sweet of you…” He shook his head and stood up and walked over to you. He took your cheeks in his hands and pulled you closely, “I wanted to tell you…” His brown eyes stared at you for ages, “That that day was important to me…because I realized that I loved you. Ever since we were 18…”

Niall: Where Do Broken Hearts Go

“Y/N, please pick up your phone,” he said speaking into his own cellphone while jogging down the streets in complete darkness searching for you, “I know you’re just ignoring my calls. Please pick up your phone.” He yelled at you. Not that you couldn’t handle it, you weren’t weak. But you had a lot going on with school, work, and your family. And his yelling was not making anything else better. He hurt you, not physically, but the pain was there. He ran down the street to find you and saw your car parked in front of your best friend’s house. The rain pounded hard and fast against his back, drenching him in cold water and causing his tshirt to cling to his torso. He brought his fist to knock on the door quietly. You walked to the door slowly, not even expecting him to be there. You opened the door and met his icy blue pair, “Are you insane?” He shook his head quickly, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you…you have no idea how lost I was.” “Niall…” you said stepping farther back into the house, “I need some space…” “Y/N, I’m sorry,” he panted, “I know I screwed up…but I don’t wan to let you down anymore. I can fix this. Please come home with me.” You took in a shaky breath, “Niall…” He shook his head quickly and pulled you by the hand causing your lips to crash into each other perfectly.

Louis: Change Your Ticket

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said pulling you back into the comfortable confinements of the hotel bed. Your bag was already slung across your shoulder but Lou didn’t care. He gladly cuddled you closely to his body. “Louis I have to go. My plane leaves in an hour,” you mumbled into his chest before prying yourself away from him, “You already got me to stay a couple of more hours this morning…I’m gonna be late if I don’t go now.” He pouted and pulled your arm, “I could…always change your ticket.” He winked at you and even though his offer was so tempting, you knew what the “mature” choice was. “I’m going to have to decline your offer Mr. Tomlinson. I’m going home. Today,” you kissed his lips really quick before grabbing your suitcase by the window. He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, “You’re really going to leave me alone in this hotel room? That’s not fair….” You shrugged, “I’m sorry…it really sucks to leave you.” He let out a puff of air, “I’ll see you in a couple weeks?” You nodded your head, “This time you’re coming home!”

trips//grayson dolan

a/n: sorry this is incredibly late and a little rough! i combined the ideas from two requests to make this imagine!

today you are super excited because you’re are going to la with your best friend, grayson, and his twin brother, ethan. you throw on some light wash, high waisted shorts, a black crop top with a black cardigan over it and your beat up white converse. 

you apply light make up and a some perfume before you get a text from grayson saying that he is outside. you grab your purse and your suitcase before heading out the door. you see grayson’s mom’s car waiting in your driveway and grayson gets out of the car to help you with your stuff. after that you share a hug before he says, “you ready for la y/n?”
“how could i not be?” you reply with a smile. you two get into the car and gray’s mom begins to drive you to the airport.

on the way to the airport you, grayson and ethan jam out to the weeknd, screaming the words at eachother to pass time. while this madness is going on you are thinking about grayson. you know it’s ridiculous to want more than friendship from him and you internally slap yourself in the face but it feels like you have had a real connection lately. you have always been best friends but recently it’s just felt like more than that. you think that you are totally going crazy and by the time you get to the airport you are all wrapped up in the thoughts in your head. while you are walking to security ethan asks, “are you all good y/n?”
“ya i’m awesome,” you say while putting on a fake smile.

on the flight you and grayson watch the shining, your favorite horror movie, first followed by his favorite horror movie, children of the corn, while ethan plays on his phone and listens to music. once you arrive at lax, jack dail and aaron carpenter are waiting for you with a sign that says your names. you greet jack and aaron with hugs, as you have become close with them since the creation of grethancarpendail. you guys catch an über to jack’s apartment and are amazed how cute it is, even though jack keeps it pretty messy. there is a beautiful view from the roof of the apartment building of downtown la and the ocean in the distance.

the past couple days have been absolutely amazing for you and all the boys. you have practically lived at the beach and glided around the apartment the entire time. you, grayson and ethan work out every morning at this really cool gym park thingy and you, jack, aaron, ethan and grayson all go out every night and just mess around on the beach. it is now the last night you are in la so you head up to the roof to take some pictures of the sunset and of la at night. just when you are about to head inside, you turn around and see grayson walking towards you. as he approaches he says, “y/n, can i talk to you for a sec?”
“ya of course, what’s up?”
“well i’m just going to say this because i have felt this way for so long and i finally have the balls to do it but it could totally mess up our friendship,” he rambles.
“just spit it out boi,” you say making him laugh.
“ok, well y/n you have been making me laugh and my had the crazy job of being my best friend for 5 years now and i can’t thank you enough for all the times that you have been here for me. lately though, i’ve wanted more than friendship from our relationship. this may seem like a completely stupid and crazy question to you but i have to ask it. y/n would you want to go out with me?”
a smile grows on your face and you bite your lip before saying, “i would be honored.”
a smile also grows on his face before you continue, “i’ve wanted more than friendship for a while from you and i’m so happy that you asked.” he leans down and kisses you on the cheek before wrapping his arm around you and staring out into the busy la streets. you hear cheering behind you and see jack, aaron and ethan applauding in the doorway that leads to the roof. you couldn’t be more lucky to have all these doofs in your life.

Anonymous- Can u do a really romantic one where its raining and Robbie is being all cute and you guys dance and kiss in the rain?

A.N- It’s actually pouring rain right now as I am writing this so it’s kind of perfectly setting the mood lol. And yes I may or may not have put Taylor Swift lyrics/ references in here, and the writing was kind of influenced by Fearless ;)

There’s something about the way the street looks when it’s raining. There’s a glow off the pavement, and everything seems sort of peaceful and magical.

You and Robbie had been cooped up inside your apartment all day, as it had been pouring out, and quite honestly you were(both) sick of being stuck inside.

That is why you had suggested you and Robbie go out and grab some dinner or something, and to your surprise he’d eagerly agreed, making a reservation for a nice restaurant in town. So you’d donned your best dress, the one that always felt somewhat confident and happy in, and excitedly prepared.

“You ready, (Y/N)?” Robbie asked you with a bright smile he only reserved for you. You nodded and he grabbed a large grey umbrella, opening the door.

It was at a light rainfall at the moment, and as you and Robbie walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but stick your hand out from under the umbrella and feel the rain on your skin. It felt refreshing and heavenly and you wanted nothing more than to be in full contact with the warm raindrops.

With a playful smirk, you raise your eyebrows mischievously at Robbie before dashing out from under the umbrella and allowing yourself to become immersed. You throw your head back, laughing and letting the rain fall on your face, not caring that your makeup and hair will undoubtedly be ruined. You just want to let go and have fun, be completely care free, a feeling that has been rare and fleeting for both you and Robbie ever since the events of last year.

Robbie is still standing under the umbrella, mouth wide in shock but eyes laughing. “I swear, (Y/N), you sure are something special.”

“Come on, Robbie, get out from under that boring umbrella and enjoy the rain with me!” you plead, widening your eyes and making pouty lips in a foolproof way you know he can’t resist.

He hesitated for a moment, then chuckled quietly, shaking his head at you, “How could I say no?” He tossed the umbrella to the side before walking to you and stretching his arms out to feel the rain.

“I feel like I haven’t truly felt or enjoyed the rain in forever.” he remarked, turning his face up to the sky.

“I know, isn’t it great though? It feels so good!” you exclaim, spinning around. By now the rainfall had increased to a steady shower and you and Robbie were fully drenched.

You shrieked happily when Robbie wrapped his tone arms around you, lifting you up and spinning you around midair. You felt free an happy.

This is too perfect. He is to perect, you thought as he slowly started dancig with u in the in slow rain. “However did a girl like me deserve someone like you.” you whispered, as he led you in a little waltz of some sort. He leaned his forehead against yours, smiling, “I think the real question is, how did I get so lucky to get such a girl like you, (Y/N).”

You sighed contently, prssing yourself into him, despite how soaked and cold his clothes were (as was your dress).

Suddenly, it started pouring rain and you laughed and gasped with suprised delight.

Like a child, you were fascinated, you soaked  yourself in the rain, you were already wet enough as is, there was no point in retreating from the rain.

“You’re crazy. We’re crazy.” Robbie laughed, joining you in the reveling of the rain.

“I know. But that’s what makes us happy. Doing crazy spontaneous stuff like this.” you giggled, flipping your hair back and forth, pretending like you weree in a cheesy music video. You put your arms around Robbie, who was watching you with a big grin on his face and green eyes bright with happiness, “I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress.”

He gently moved some of the wet strands of hair from your face before kissing you, his lips tasting like rain, passionately and lovingly. It felt different kissing him in the rain, it felt reckless and spontaneos and romantic with the rain pouring down around you and every inch drenched. But you were happy, beyond happy, both of you, and heart bursting with love and excitement.