your cold little hands


I know that I come with baggage. And a best friend who’s not going anywhere ever. But I promise you that from this moment forward the only running that I will be doing is into your arms. And I will never stop holding your cold little hands, or losing myself when I wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how freaking lucky I am.

chocolate & toothpaste (3/3)

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Sorry I took such a long time to post this, i’ve just been going through some stuff with family recently, and i’ve also had no inspiration to write anything so I’m sorry if this is bad, I just really wanted to quickly finish this series. So I apologize if it’s really bad, and sorry if I didn’t tag you :/ 

So basically this whole part is going to be (hopefully) some cute moments leading up to Tom proposing.

part one    part two


“I hate that guy. I bet he wakes up looking all gorgeous and stuff.” My friend says as she stares at my boyfriend, Tom. I can’t believe that I got lucky enough to be able to call Tom Holland my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for 2 weeks, and only a few people know because I hate publicity. 

“Oh, no he doesn’t, trust me, he drools on pillows, and it’s disgusting. But he is also so adorable. I mean, you should see his bedhead, it’s the cutest thing.” I reply as I stare at him dreamily watching him talk to Harrison with a smile on his face.

I look over at my friend to see her looking at me stunned. I shrug my shoulders before my eyes widen realising that I just told her that I was dating Tom Holland.

“WHAT?” She yells, catching almost everyone’s attention, Tom and Harrison’s heads snap towards us. I slap my forehead and grab her arm dragging her towards them. 

“I accidentally told her.” I say sheepishly to Tom, he laughs deeply and hands Harrison $5. My mouth drops open in shock. 

“Were you both betting that I would be the first to accidentally spill that we are dating?” 





“Why are you staring at your spoon like that?”

“Well love, haven’t you ever thought that spoons are just tiny bowls on sticks?”

“Oh please, not this again.”


“Oh, is that the Infinity War script?” I say to Tom as I slide over closer to him, making him hide the script from him. 

“You can’t see it.” He hisses jokingly as he ends up sitting on the script.

“Yes I can, I have eyes.” 

“Oh, you are such a comedian, I can’t stop laughing.” Tom says glaring at me with a straight face.  

“I can definitely tell,” I state as I suddenly remember that I had a pizza in the oven. I get up to go get it when I’m pulled back down onto Tom’s lap.

“No, cuddle with me for a bit.” He says, making me sigh contently as I lean into him, carding my fingers through his soft curls. 

*like 7 minutes later*

“Do you smell something burning?” I sniff.

“Just my love, and desire for you,”



“I can fit my whole world in the palm of my hands,”

“Are you going to cup my face, because if you did then that’s really unoriginal Tom.”

“I was actually going to grab your butt, because I didn’t know that your face was an option,”


Harrison walks into the room, the first thing he sees is Tom and Y/N staring at eachother, lovingly he thought. and then he sees Zendaya in the corner.

“Aw, they look so cute looking at eachother like that,”

“It’s not what you think, they’re having a staring contest, it’s been 2 minutes.”

“Okay cool, good thing I brought food with me.”


“I love you,”

“And, I love you.”


“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me Banana Bread Girl.”


“I dropped a bar of soap on the floor earlier and I had a thought,”

“Oh no,”

“Well, is the soap dirty or is the floor clean?”

“Why are you like this Tommy,”


“I think I need to break it off,” I say as I pick at my fingernail looking at Tom, his face contorting into one of shock.

“What? No! I don’t understand, what have I done? I’ll change, I’ll do anything, please don’t break up with me, I love you! I thought soulmates were perfect for each other? Please don’t leave, me you’re all I have!” He sobs as tears start to appear in the corner of his eyes. 

“Baby, I meant my fingernail…” I say softly as I walk towards him. 

“O-Oh, um. I’ll just go make some tea then,” He whispers slowly turning towards the kitchen.

I chuckle to myself and grab his arm softly pulling him into my arms.

“I love you so much.”



“O-Okay, wow I didn’t think that I would be this nervous, okay. When I’m alone, I can think of many things to say to you, but when I get a chance to ask you, I go speechless. I remember the first time we met, and I stupidly called you Banana Bread Girl, but now, it’s one of my favourite things to call you. Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times, I guarantee that at some point, one, or both of us will want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine forever, it will be the biggest regret I will ever have, and I want you to know that the next time I get on my knees for another girl, it will be the day that I tie a shoelace for our daughter. Okay that part as random and it didn’t need to be there but I thought it would be cute. Harrison stop laughing, I can hear you. You too Y/N, I’m trying to be really sweet right now. Anyway, I promise that from this moment forward, the only running you will be doing is into my arms, and i’ll never stop looking for your cold little hands to hold on the morning, there will never be a day that goes by that I don’t think to myself, wow, how did I get so lucky to be with the most beautiful girl in the world. And now, finally I will ask you the question that I have wanted to ask you ever since the day I was trying to eat my steak but tasted your banana on bread with honey, will you, Y/N M/N L/N, marry me Thomas Stanley Holland, and become an official member of the Holland family?”




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“Draw me like one of your French...boy ?” - Jason Todd x Reader

I’ll never get tired of writing thing with Jason (the best Robin FIGHT ME ON THAT !). Hope you guys will like it :

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-Can you flex your back muscles please ? 

How could you just ask questions like that without even flinching ? Or blushing at least ? Err. Those were stupid questions, and the answer was very simple : you didn’t like him that way. For you, he was just a friend. Just a friend who accepted to get down in his underwear for you, so that you could practice anatomy. Totally normal. That’s what friends were for. Helping. 

-Great, thanks Jason. That’s great. Wait, turn just to your left a bit…yeah, perfect, thanks. Oh, do you want a blanket or something ? 

-No. No thanks. I’m fine. Just a…little swift of cold wind that’s all.

“Just a little swift of cold wind”. Yeah. Right. Your hand brushing his bicep when you angled his body like you wanted, that’s what made him shiver. But hell was he glad you thought it was because he was cold. 

You were just his friend. His extremely talented friend. His extremely talented friend he was in love with. Oh bugger, he was in for a treat…

It was very rare, that Jason found himself speechless. Or that he was afraid to ask a girl out. After all, like his father, Bruce Wayne, he was quite the ladies’ man.

He never found it hard to ask for someone’s number, or if they wanted to go get dinner with them. But with you ? Well, with you, it was different. And he didn’t really know why…Maybe because he was genuinely in love ? Because this time, if you said “no” to his date proposition, he had everything to loose ? 

You entered his life quite randomly. He was running in one of Gotham’s park and as he ran around it multiple times, his eyes couldn’t help but notice you, sitting in the grass with a sketchbook and a pencil…Especially because you kept staring at him when he was going by. 

Curiosity got the better of him, and after a seventeenth tour of the park, he stopped to stretch…right in front of you. And you kept staring, making him uncomfortable. He was never uncomfortable ! On the contrary, he liked when girls looked at him. He liked it a lot. But you…God he felt uneasy. 

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screwed || b.b || p.3

Part One | Part Two

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky Barnes had never taken a liking in you, no matter how hard you tried he always seemed to loathe you. That is until you get a little drunk and carefree leading to becoming much closer to Bucky than you ever imagined. The question is, how screwed are you?

Warnings: the teeniest tinest big of angst, teeth rotting fluff!!!

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: hooooooly shit this chapter is so fluffy i am in l o v e

You had never seen Bucky as anything else other than your enemy, basically. So seeing this new vulnerable, soft side of him was tearing you apart on the inside, not knowing how to react. 

You felt responsible since it was you who initiated everything with Bucky that night. He may have wanted to be the one to start things but clearly you had beaten him to it, either way you felt accountable. 

So when Bucky trudged out the door with no goodbye you knew something really snapped in him, everyone saw it. “I’ll go check on him,” Steve said, getting up from his seat, “no,” you interjected, stunning everyone, “let me, I think I know what’s bothering him,” you told him giving him a look that said you needed to be the one to talk to him. 

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Christmas Break at Finn’s// Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part 2

Jaeden was already awake when you sat up and stretched. Everyone else was still sleeping soundly. He was on his phone.

“Morning Jaeden,” You whispered
He looked up at you and smiled
“Morning Y/N.”
“Hey, since nobody else is up would you like a cup of tea? I bought my jelly and ice cream blend.”
“You have jelly and ice cream tea? Why does that even exist?”
“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Being careful not to wake Finn you got up and slipped a hoodie on over your pyjamas. You and Jaeden went downstairs and you put the kettle on. Your tea was in the top cupboard where nobody else would touch it. You always left a box at Finn’s.
You handed Jaeden a cup and he took a sip. 

“Woah.” He grinned, “This is really nice.”
“I know right. You should feel privileged. I don’t let just anyone drink it.”
“Well thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I know, we should make breakfast for the others.”
“I know how to make pancakes and that’s about it.”
“I can do waffles.”
“Okay. Let’s start.”
Wyatt, Finn and Jack came downstairs still dressed in their pyjamas. You and Jaeden had almost finished making breakfast as well as a massive mess and were laughing at a story he was telling you about when they were filming IT.

“Smells good guys. You look like an old married couple though.” Finn plonked himself down at the breakfast bar and smirked. You gave him an eye roll and put the maple syrup on the table.
“While you three were in bed,” Jaeden said while putting a waffle on a plate, “Y/N and I came and made you breakfast because we’re nice like that. And she let me have a cup of her jelly and ice cream tea.”
“A cup of what?” Wyatt looked disgusted
“Shut up Wyatt,” Jaeden said, “It’s actually really nice.”

You dished up the rest of the pancakes and Jaeden the waffles and sat down to eat. Both of your mothers and your little sister came downstairs to eat too.
It seemed as though your sister was quite taken with Wyatt. She was sat on his lap as they ate breakfast and the sight honestly just melted your heart to the point where it hurt. She liked to call him Noodles. You know, because of his hair.

Finn’s mum and yours cleaned up because you cooked. You all decided to get dressed and go out for a snowball fight since there was so much snow. All of you wrapped up warm and ran out into the cold, winter air. Wyatt was holding the hand of your little sister as you went outside. Wyatt, Y/S/N, and Jack went on one team and you, Jaeden and Finn were on the other. Luckily, Finn’s garden was quite large so you had plenty of space to run and lots of places to hide. Your team ran for cover at the very end of the garden. You hid behind the shrubs and began to form a plan.

“Okay Y/N,” Jaeden whispered, “I think you should go after Wyatt because he won’t be expecting it. Finn and I will try and corner Jack. As for Y/S/N…”
“She’ll be with Wyatt.” You interrupted, “I can take them both on but one of you should stay close just in case.”
“Good point,” Jaeden replied

Finn was peeking around the corner of the bush looking for signs of the other team. They were very well hidden apparently. The three of you ran out into the open in the direction Finn was pointing. You collided into Wyatt who was trying to make a break for it with an armful of ready-made snowballs. You both fell over from the impact, Wyatt first and you second. The pair of you ended up in a rather suggestive position. You were practically laying on top of Wyatt. 

“Fuck, Wyatt, I’m so sorry-”
“It’s fine, Y/N,” He laughed, “It’s my fault really…”
“HEY LOOK AT THOSE TWO,” Jack shouted, “FONDLING IN THE SNOW! I BET WYATT IS SOOOOO-” Finn punched Jack pretty hard in the arm and said;
“There’s a child present!”

You looked down at Wyatt who was blushing more than you if that was even possible. Rather hesitantly you stood up, pulling Wyatt with you. After brushing the snow off your clothes you went over to the others.  Finn and Jaeden were smirking at each other.
“Have you all forgotten that we’re in the middle of a snowball war?” Jack wondered aloud. He threw one of his snowballs and it hit Finn squarely in the face. That’s when the war really started. Cold, wet snow was flying through the air. The sound of joyous laughter could be heard along with threats of obliteration. You were having the time of your life and it showed. And you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Wyatt. Every time the image of Wyatt’s smiling face came into your head your heartbeat increased rapidly. You were surprised that nobody could hear it.

When the snowball fight concluded you all went inside to warm up. Your little sister went out to lunch with your mum and Finn’s, so once again you were alone in the Wolfhard household. Currently, everyone was arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

You suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we binge a season of American Horror Story.”
Wyatt, who was sitting next to you sharing a blanket flinched.
“YEAH!” Finn shouted, “Great idea.”
“Hold up,” Jack’s eyebrows were knitted together, “I swear that’s the really messed up show that Chosen was talking about on set.”
“Yeah, it is,” Jaeden took a sip of his tea, “I watched the first season and it was actually quite good.”
“American Horror Story it is then. I think we should watch Roanoke.” And with that, he pressed play.
“Y/N,” Wyatt whispered, “I’m just forewarning you, I don’t like stuff like this. Ironic, I know, but still.”
“It’s alright Wyatt,” You were talking so nobody else would hear, “I’m here if you need me.”

The notorious theme song of your favourite show filled the room and you settled in to watch. The fact that Wyatt was scared made you smile. Everything you did together unearthed something new about him and that made you very happy.  
About halfway through the second episode, Wyatt grabbed your hand. You tore your eyes away from the screen and looked down at the sight of your interlocked hands and then at Wyatt’s face. He was still watching the TV with wide eyes and a frown on his face. You could tell he was creeped out. Honestly, you found it cute. Like EVERY other thing he did. Wyatt Oleff literally invented being soft.

“How in the hell can you watch this? Especially alone?” Wyatt asked you
“I’m used to it. I’ve binged all of them about four times. It’s definitely one of my favourites, no matter how fucked up it is.”
“Finn and Jaeden are into it.” The both of you looked at the others who were currently screaming at the TV as if the characters could hear them. Finn’s favourite character had just died a rather gruesome death and he wasn’t very happy about it. Jaeden was sharing conspiracy theories about the Roanoke colony and Jack was sharing how he would have gotten out of the situation the characters were currently in. It was quite funny to watch. 

The five of you ended up falling asleep halfway through the season. When you woke up it was a lot later on in the day and the light had gone. You stood up carefully, trying not to wake Wyatt, and stretched. After doing so you ran upstairs to freshen up and change into different pyjamas. At this point, thinking about Wyatt was giving you palpitations. Your feelings for him had grown so much over the past couple of days it was crazy.

When you were changed you made your way down the stairs and back to the living room. The boys were all still sleeping which left you with nothing to do. The blanket had fallen off Wyatt so you went over to him and put it back so that he didn’t freeze. You made a mental note to yourself: Wyatt looks even more adorable when he’s sleeping than in real life. If that’s even possible. He stirred and twisted causing you to stop dead in your tracks. You didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of him waking up and seeing you standing over him having a heart attack because of his cuteness.

With that in mind, you went upstairs and took out your book intending to read a few chapters. After a few pages, you unintentionally fell asleep and dreams filled your mind. Dreams of cosy days in with Wyatt and dates to the movies. Even your unconscious self was going batshit crazy for him.
When you woke you were in bed. Finn was asleep next to you and the boys were sleeping too.  The time on your phone read 2:46 am. Finn must have put you into bed when he came upstairs. It was off-putting to take a nap and wake up hours later in a different place. Before falling back to sleep you slipped one of Finn’s hoodies on and popped downstairs to get some water.

It was then that you had an idea. Of course, you wouldn’t propose it until the morning but it excited you nonetheless. You thought that maybe you could all go into the city, see the Christmas lights, do some shopping and grab something to eat. As you lay back down to sleep you were thinking about your outfit and how great it would be to spend yet another day with Wyatt. You could honestly get used to it.

The winter air was bitter and unforgiving. You, Finn, W yatt, Jaeden and Jack had taken to the city pretty early in the morning and were currently strolling the bookstore: Indigo. You absolutely adored it but you could tell that the others weren’t really feeling it so you decided to be quick. You made a few purchases but tried not to go overboard as you had decided to by Jack, Jaeden and of course, Wyatt a gift since you would be spending Christmas with them. It made sense and you wanted to do it. You had purchased Finn’s gifts weeks ago and wrapped them not long after.

Once you had paid for your books you headed to a little diner for lunch. It was lovely to sit and chat and have some food. To be honest, you didn’t really want to leave.

“Hey Finn, is it okay if we head to Stanley Park so I can take some pictures. I bought my cameras and everything.”
“Sure. We can swing by on the way back and get hot chocolate.”
“Good idea.”
“You take pictures, Y/N?” Jaeden inquired
“Yeah,” You replied, “I love it. I’ve got an old Polaroid camera as well as a new one. Do you like photography?”
“Yeah but I’m not that great at it.”
You smiled.
“Okay then,” Finn announced, “Let’s get going.”
“But I haven’t finished my ice cream,” Jack pouted, “Can’t you just hold your horses for five minutes.”
“Fine Jack,” Finn rolled his eyes, “Just hurry up.”
Stanley Park in the winter was gorgeous. You had both of your cameras out and was taking plenty of photos of the ice-covered lake, the icicles hanging from the trees and just about everything else you laid your eyes on. You decided to take polaroids of all the boys when they weren’t looking and you honestly couldn’t wait to develop them. You were also showing Wyatt how to use your camera and he was really enjoying learning, mainly because you were teaching him. Not that he revealed that. 

Jaeden took his phone out and snapped a shot of you and Wyatt looked at each other laughing. It was a beautiful picture and he decided to upload it to all of his social medias. Before long people were already making fan edits of the pair of you, but you were having too much fun to notice.
At one point you started to shiver with the cold. Wyatt being the perfect gentleman he is, took off his scarf and carefully wrapped it around your neck. Your cheeks were flushed from the cold which you were thankful for because that meant he didn’t notice your blush. Jack was behind you making gagging noises.

“You know what Jack,” Wyatt whipped around and punched Jack hard in the shoulder, “That’s for being a massive dick.”
Jack stuck his middle finger up at Wyatt causing everyone to burst out laughing.

You had all decided to buy each other gifts in the end. You had gotten Wyatt a new scarf because he gave you his (and you intended to keep it) and also a little photo album to put copies of all the photos in of the pair of you that you were taking. You also got him some antique sheet music for his piano and a Fall Out Boy shirt for the concert next week. You realised that you may have gone a little overboard with Wyatt’s gifts. Of course, you got the others gifts too as they had done for you, but you were keeping everything a surprise. For Jaeden you bought the first edition of IT that you managed to find in an antique bookstore you popped into with Finn while the others were buying your presents. You also got him two boxes of your jelly and ice cream tea that he had taken a liking to as well as some stickers for his skateboard from Urban Outfitters because you wanted him to have a piece of you everywhere he went. You got Jack a new beanie with a little Pennywise patch on the front, a photo frame to put a picture of him and Finn you had snapped in (Fack is too cute) and a butt load of candy.

It was safe to say that your trip into the city was amazing and a day you would never, ever forget and that’s what you thought of the whole way home. You all got the train and were sitting together laughing at a picture you had got of Jack messing about in the diner. The adults on the train were looking at you as if you shouldn’t be there but you ignored them. Although, you were pretty sure they were only staring because they recognised the boys from the movies.

“Guys,” You said tentatively, “Fall Out Boy is playing out here next week. I think we should go.”
“Seriously?” Wyatt grinned, “I love Fall Out Boy. We are definitely going. I don’t even care what the others say.”
“Really?” You only asked because you weren’t expecting a very good reaction
“Yeah I’d love to go,” Jaeden said, “Although Finn would rather see Mac Demarco.”
“Well, Finn will have to get over it.” You laughed
“Hey!” Finn protested, “I’ll have you know, I actually quite like Fall Out Boy, mainly because whenever Y/N is at my house she’s playing their music. And Pete Wentz is brilliant on guitar.”

You didn’t have a clue how but you were even happier than you were before. You didn’t even know where the idea for the concert came from but you didn’t regret asking them. Admittedly, you didn’t expect them to want to go, but they did. And you couldn’t wait for next week.

Part three coming soon! This was so bad but I’m supposed to be studying for a chem test I have tomorrow… Oh well. Enjoy!

Part One: https://riverdaletrash–
Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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To Fall (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: falling seems to be a common theme in yours and peter’s relationship, and that includes falling in love

warnings: none

words: 2.6k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: um please make a dentist appointment in advance because this is so fluffy your teeth will hurt

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the feysand modern au with more cliches than should be allowed

Feyre Archeron is pretty sure there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to conduct with the authors whose books she edits. But when you take what should have been a normal flight to Paris and add a tuna sandwich, a red pen, and a smirking stranger, lines can get a little blurry. 


the one where feyre accidentally trash talks a novel to its author and then they kinda fall in love

read it on ao3

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3

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SDCC with Alex

A/N: I watched the complete SDCC 2017 Vikings Cast Panel on YouTube and this idea popped in my head; as always it came out a lot longer than I intended.

Word Count: 2.6K

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

San Diego Comic Con’s logo was plastered everywhere; from the frames of the door to the small water bottles behind the stage, they were even on the back wall of the panel stage that the Vikings cast was about to take part in. The yellow lettering looked more and more menacing by the minute and you weren’t sure you were not going to pass out once you got on stage and started answering questions.

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My Mess

Summary / Request : “ Could I get a Tom Holland x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super Romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Just normal things? Thanks!” / The morning after a date night with Tom comes to settle the score.

Warnings: swearing

Fluff / Gender neutral reader

Requested: @hammernailsandscrewdriver

Word count: 832

Originally posted by rhodey

The sun is finally starting to set, but a few rays caught in the little tufts in Tom’s hair, bringing out the slight red undertone. Driving through the city together is calming, speeding through its heart and really seeing the character. Flashing by are the neon signs of nightlife, places to drink to forget or to drink to remember.

The summer nights with Tom are the best. When you’re not being sucked into his unbelievably hectic lifestyle, but rather when he’s with you to keep him grounded. The bags under his eyes start to brighten up for he’s finally getting an adequate amount of sleep.

The radio playing is only but a low hum to simply help wind the two of you down after date night. Tom reaches over to the passenger side to grab ahold of your hand, resting his hand on your thigh. No words need to be exchanged to better the moment, it was perfect.

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anonymous asked:

Mingyu daycare!au please~

- you have a little brother who’s about five years old
- every day, your mom drops him off at daycare before she goes to work
- but one day, she’s been asked to come to work earlier so you tell her that you’ll drop your brother off first; your shift at your part-time job doesn’t start for another two hours anyway
- so you walk down the streets holding your little brother’s hand while he enthusiastically tells you how excited he is to see teacher mingyu
- you ask “who’s teacher mingyu?” and your brother tells you that he’s the coolest and funniest teacher ever
- and he tells you that one time he climbed on mingyu’s shoulders and it felt like he could see the world and you just laugh as how innocent that sounded
- you finally get to the daycare and you kneel down to unzip his winter jacket and while you’re telling him to behave, someone says “good morning, (your little brother’s name)!!”
- your brother exclaims “good morning teacher mingyu!!” and at his words, you look up
- and you see this tall, handsome boy standing by the door
- he’s wearing an apron too but it looks so cute how does he do it????
- you just look at your little brother and scream with your eyes “why didn’t you tell me he was GOOD-LOOKING I LOOK LIKE TRASH RIGHT NOW”
- after unzipping your little brother’s coat, you stand up straight and say “good morning” to which mingyu replies “good morning!! you’re (your little brother’s name)’s sibling i’m guessing??”
- you nod “that’s me. i was just here to drop him off so…. i’ll be going now”
- mingyu smiles “it was nice meeting you” and you say “you too” before practically sprinting out the door
- you get back home and the whole time you’re waiting for your shift to start and even during your shift, you just keep thinking about how you looked so bad in front of someone so handsome and you’re like fml
- after work, you check your cellphone to see that your mom sent you a text message saying that she’s going to be doing overtime
- but then it says that teacher mingyu’s already been informed, and your little brother’s just waiting for you to pick him up now
- you’re like NO NOT AGAIN
- you look at the time and you can’t even run home to change because your little brother ended like ten mins ago already
- you just wrap your scarf around your mouth and pull your hood up to hide yourself
- but while you’re walking there, it actually is really cold and you reach into your pockets to take out your mittens only to realize you left them home and you’re like great
- when you finally get to the daycare, you see mingyu zipping up your little brother’s jacket and you just melt at the scene because HOW CUTE
- when your brother sees you, he gives mingyu a hug before running up to you and grabbing your hand
- mingyu walks over to you and you sink deeper into your jacket
- he says “hi again!! is it cold outside??”
- before you could answer or even greet him back, your little brother nods and says “their hands are cold!!”
- mingyu says “oh, in that case….” he then walks over to the coat hanger and reaches into a trench coat and pulls out a pair of mittens
- he walks over to you and says “you can borrow these for today”
- you shake your head and exclaim “no it’s fine!! you’re going to get cold!!”
- mingyu just smiles and says “i’d feel more at ease if you took them, you can return them whenever you can”
- you say “oh…. thank you” and you take the mittens while smiling
- when you exit the daycare, your little brother says “you’re all red” and you just go like SH NO I’M NOT LET’S GO
- the next day, you offer to take your brother to daycare again so that you can give mingyu his mittens back
- and you made sure to dress up nicely LOL
- you get there, and you fail to notice mingyu’s face light up when he sees you
- he walks over to you and says “good morning” and you smile “good morning” while holding out the mittens you borrowed from him
- mingyu takes them and you say “i hope you weren’t too cold yesterday….” and he says “i wasn’t cold at all, don’t worry. i never got your name by the way….?”
- you say “oh! i’m (name), it’s nice to meet you” and he says “nice to meet you too, (name).”
- while talking to him, you see the other kids pulling on his shirt saying “teacher mingyu!! are they your s/o??”
- you and mingyu shakes your heads “no!! it’s not like that!!”
- that’s when you excuse yourself, leaving to get to your work
- but since that day….. you’ve been the one to bring your little brother to daycare
- you and mingyu have become good friends over time
- you’d sometimes bring him a drink from your work and he’d give you an extra meal he made in class
- but with time, you realize that you’ve fallen for him
- you know you’ll probably never confess so for now…. being friends is good enough for you
- you feel like you’re really obvious though because every day, your little brother asks “do you like teacher mingyu??” but you always say “you’re five, why are you asking me this? LOL”
- but one day, while walking your brother to daycare, he asks you for the hundredth “do you like teacher mingyu??”
- you sigh in exasperation and say “yes i do, (your little brother’s name). i like him a lot. now will you stop asking?”
- his eyes brighten when you say that and he says “really??” and you nod your head and say “really.”
- you finally get to the daycare, and like always, you and mingyu talk for a while
- but the kids pull on his shirt and exclaim “teacher!! we have to get started right away!!”
- you ask “another project?” and mingyu nervously laughs and replies “yeah i guess you can say that….”
- you say “have a good day then, i’ll be back later to pick my brother up” and when you exit the door, you can’t help but think that mingyu looks a bit uneasy today
- you eventually forget about it and go on with your day
- your shift finally comes to an end and you get to the daycare, but weirdly…. there aren’t any kids at the entrance getting ready to leave with a parent
- in fact, everything’s just dead silent….
- you call out “mingyu?? is everything okay??” but when you don’t receive an answer, you walk into the room
- and you gasp when you see the room decorated with streamers and balloons
- but what surprises you most is to see all the little kids holding up a sign that says “(name), i like you!!”
- mingyu then jumps up from behind the huge sign with flowers in his hand and laughs “it was the kids’ idea….. i know it’s really cheesy, but…… will you go out with me, (name)?”
- you laugh and when you nod your head, all the kids cheer excitedly
- especially your little brother
- when he runs up to you, you ask “is that why you kept asking me if i liked him??”
- he grins “he told me to ask!!”
- when mingyu hears that, he runs over to him and covers his mouth and says “NO I DIDN’T”
- you laugh “really, mingyu?” and he just grins sheepishly as he hands you the flowers he got you
- you say “thank you” and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he says “woah, not in front of the children”
- you look down to see the kids either covering their eyes, giggling or gasping
- you say “why not?”
- after you kiss him, you both laugh as the kids all scream in either excitement or disgust
- but really, they’re all just happy to see that the person their favorite teacher likes feels the same way

thank you for your request!! ^^

We made up

I gave you my heart on a silver platter,

You threw it away like it didn’t matter.

You gave your beautiful heart to clumsy old me,

Who was a heartless monster but you just didn’t see.

You used to care for me and hold my hand, took the lead.

That’s all it took to give my heart as its all I ever want and need.

My care and love was disguising the filth inside me which filled me to the brim,

Your want and need were left unfulfilled as I destroyed your heart and made you grim.

You broke my heart and scattered them in pieces,

Filled me with unimaginable pain that never decreases.

Albeit in pieces your heart still existed with the hope of being whole once again,

What about me who lost his heart, turning into a monster and causing you so much pain.

I wanted to care for you love you I wanted to stay,

But here I am mending my broken pieces day by day.

I guess monsters like myself are not loved, they are to be hated and cursed,

You tried to love me, for that I’m grateful but in the atrocities I was just too immersed.

I tried to hold you tried to make you see,

That you are not a monster, that’s not how it should be.

How can I not be a monster when all I ever did was totally monstrous,

Coming in your life, filling it with love and then leaving you totally ambiguous.

Maybe hurting me hurt you more,

I am broken here but you’re the one who is crying on the floor.

Tears won’t stop streaming down my face,

I look up in desperation, how to end this phase.

Let me dry up your tears and give you my pieces,

Let us lead this pain to a road where it decreases.

Even if they are in millions, I’ll mend the pieces of your heart,

Don’t matter if it takes my whole life, for you, there just can’t be anymore hurt.

You can mend the pieces of my heart which is broken,

But what about my soul who is sleeping after inhaling cocaine.

We’ll revive the soul through love, make her feel alive again,

Take you to sea, the sound of waves crashing will take away all the pain.

The pain will go away, my soul will revive,

But I am afraid to take this dive.

When the going gets tough I’ll hold your hand,

It’ll be a little cold but in yours it’ll perfectly land.

My hand shakes I am scared,

What if this feeling is to be feared?

All of your fears will definitely eliminate,

The moment our hands perfectly interdigitate.

Then take my hand and let us escape,

Let’s end up there where we will always feel safe.

To infinity and beyond, to the stars where they’d so brightly shine,

Your radiance will illuminate, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.

- @whispering-soul-in-darkness & @fragments-of-my-mind

Beautiful collab with the amazing @whispering-soul-in-darkness =’) (Her words in bold, mine in italics)

Car Park Confessions.

A/n: This is actually the first thing I wrote back in February when I decided to stop just imagining scenarios in my head and put them down on paper, and it was the first thing I wrote since school about eight years ago.

My other works; fluff or if your over 18 smut!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: Clichéd af but I think sometimes thats what you need! It’s a sort of au where Bucky is a celebrity for some reason, maybe a singer, or an actor like Sebastian, but it doesn’t really matter. Established friendship…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

Word count: 3129

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some angst and crying, but it’s all right in the end!


Three am. Too early and too late. The street lights burn your eyes as you lean on a traffic bollard outside the club, tuning out as your friends attempt to find a cab willing to take a trio of somewhat drunk party-goers with very little money. Cold hands to your cheeks startle you, and you find yourself staring into Wanda’s face.

“You okay?”

You nod in answer, smiling softly. The chilly air is getting to you, and you stand up, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver. She pulls you into a hug, resting her chin on your head, and rubbing her hands up and down your back. Another set of arms encircle the two of you, warming you considerably.

“Y/N, do you mind giving me your phone?” Natasha asks you, and you pass it over without question. “Also, there’s a bench just along here and I think we could all do with a sit down, come on.”

There’s some good natured complaining about how cold the metal seat is, but once you’re sat with your legs over Wanda’s and her head on your shoulder, you’re suddenly very tired.

“Don’t let me fall asleep,” you mumble at the equally exhausted pile of limbs you’re twisted up with.

“No promises.”

A car pulling up in front of your new ‘bed’ has you jolting back awake. You’re alone on the bench, your two friends currently standing beside it talking with the driver of a very nice Audi that has you frowning as you try to place it. You sit and raise a hand to your hair in an attempt to smooth it down, before repositioning your top that has ride up your body a little too much, the exhausted sound you let out attracting attention.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Natasha grins, pulling open the side door of the car idling next to you. “Time to go home Sleeping Beauty”.

Eager to get out of the cold, and hearing your bed calling, you stumble up and slip ungracefully into the passenger seat. You reach for your seat belt and click it in place before turning to the driver and freezing.

“Hello Y/N.”

“… Bucky.”

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Slipping And Sliding

(Not my Gif)

Summary: Poe decides to surprise reader with a little festive fun off-base.

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader


“Quick! Come with me!” Poe exclaimed, a wide grin stretched across his face, his dark eyes shining brightly. Raising your gaze from the datapad you were reading, you took in Poe’s appearance. Hat, scarf, gloves, coat, winter boots, and backpack tossed over his shoulder.

“Excuse me?” You questioned with a cocked brow.

“C'mon!” Poe gestured for you to follow him.

“Poe what’s going on?” You tried again, your brow furrowing as you stood. The pilot grasped the datapad and placed it on your bed before thrusting your winter coat at you.

“C'mon!” He exclaimed again. Giving in, you begrudgingly pulled your coat on. Poe grasped your hand and began to pull you through the corridors of the base.

“Poe I have work I need to do.” You complained.

“Work can wait for a couple hours, can’t it buddy?” Poe turned his attention to his droid who was following closely behind. BB-8 let out a sound of agreement. Shaking your head, realising there was no way to get out of this, you tried to keep in step with Poe. He pulled you across the base and towards the forest.

“Poe where are you taking me?” You inquired as he kept stepping through the forest, being careful to avoid tree roots.

“You’ll see!” He smiled. Slowly Poe began to take a steady walk rather than a jog across the ground. He offered his arm, allowing you to hold onto him. The leaves of the trees were coated in a thin layer of ice, they glistened in the sunlight, making the forest glitter.

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New Memories

(A/N): So… I got all of your request! I will start on them soon! :)

Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Summary: You and Natasha are sent to Russia for a simple mission and share a special moment afterwards. 

Warnings: This is sort of shitty haha sorry.

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @ridingmoxley @mymourningtea

Originally posted by fuckyeahphysica

You were one of the newest members recruited to the Avengers but there was something different about you. You were quiet. It wasn’t that you were shy, you just didn’t find the need to talk all the time which resulted in you being forgotten around the compound for the first couple of weeks. Since you didn’t talk often, it was hard for the team to connect with you. They tried but failed as you kept yourself at a distance which only caught the attention of a redhead. 

She would always find you alone in a quiet place reading, listening to music or training alone and would frequently come join you. She didn’t have to say anything but simply sit down and keep you company or ask to train with you. Some small talk would take place and with time you two became very close in your own different way. 

What Natasha came to realize was, what you lacked in communication you made up for by listening. Natasha could go on and on about whatever happened during her day and you would only laugh at her complaints, every now and then adding your own sarcastic comment. It was nice, Natasha felt as if she could be herself around you and you felt the same about her. 

It took a few months for either of you to admit it but Natasha finally admitted to liking you and not long after, you started dating. The team was ultimately surprised when Natasha announced she was dating you…. more surprised how the hardcore spy and super quiet recruit even became close.

But as they began to watch you two interact, they noticed, you two had a silent language of subtle glances, annoyed looks and gestures which left the team constantly confused. Natasha would often speak up for you if she knew what you were thinking or stand next to you if she noticed you were uncomfortable. They could hardly understand how either of you managed to understand each other but it didn’t matter. As long as Natasha was happy that’s all they cared about. 

It was around lunch and you were sitting at the kitchen bar next to Wanda as you watch Bucky and Steve try to cook something. They were trying to cook, what looks like spaghetti but they weren’t really getting far since they were arguing about spices and ingredients. 

“Bucky, don’t add that!” Steve demands as he grabs a certain spice out of the super soldier’s hands and Bucky sends a glare.

“And what would you suggest, Steve? Adding the Asian seasoning to the sauce?” Bucky sarcastically comments as he searches for another spice on the counter.

You roll your eyes, shaking your head as you watch the two, ‘These idiots… Don’t even know how to make spaghetti. I could’ve ordered take out or made my own spaghetti by now.’ You think resting your head on your hand and you hear Wanda giggle next to you.

You turn, raising an eyebrow in question as she continues to laugh. “I really hope you don’t think those kinds of things about me.”

You can’t help the smile spreading across your face at the comment as you lightly chuckle, ‘Never, you’re one of the only people who understands me in this circus family.’ You think for Wanda to hear, knowing she was one of the only people you could have an actual conversation with.

“Good to know.” Wanda returns with a smile and both of you avert your eyes back to the two bickering super soldiers when Natasha enters, eyes meeting yours. 

“(Y/N), we have a 2-day mission in Moscow. We leave in 10 minutes.” Natasha states and you nod before following Natasha to your shared room, passing Steve and Bucky.

“You’re going to miss team lunch!” Steve pouts and you send a questioning glance at the spaghetti which is nearly boiling over and the formation of smoke from the oven. 

“Take out number is on the fridge.” You respond flatly and Steve tilts his head before the smoke alarm begins to blare and Bucky’s arms flare around as the stove smokes. 

“Shit!” Bucky screams as he grabs a towel, waving it around frantically causing you and Natasha to giggle before rushing off to pack. 

The mission was easy. You were to sneak into a Russian leader’s office and retrieve special Hydra information off his computer. So, here you two were, running along a snow covered rooftop of some building as Natasha figures out where his office is. You run until you meet one of the roof exits near the middle of the building and she grabs one of her guns while also checking her widow bites around her wrists.

“Ready?” Natasha questions and you smirk yourself as you grab one of your guns out of your holsters before nodding. Her smirk grows as she opens the door, quickly descending down the stairs and you follow close behind. 

It’s quiet as you make your way down fancy hallways and both of you successfully avoid the guards on their night watch. You find the office you’re looking for and Natasha quickly picks the lock as you watch her back before the lock clicks. She quickly enters the office and you close the door quietly behind you. 

Natasha quickly begins to type away on the computer and you wait patiently for her to finish when you hear multiple voices and footsteps. “Nat…” You whisper and Natasha looks up and you gesture to the door. 

She stops a moment to listen, hearing the voices as well causing her fingers to hit the keys faster. “They know we’re here. I’m almost done.”

You grip your gun tighter as you check the multiple knives in your other holster as you focus on the voices becoming closer. You take a deep breath as the steps and voices stop right outside the door and you focus on the door handle. “Times up.”

“Done!” Natasha declares, drawing her weapons just as the door swings open.
You’re close enough to kick it forcefully shut before running over, sliding next to Natasha as she flips the desk on its side. The door breaks open, revealing several agents and they begin to shoot as you take cover behind the desk. You both manages to shoot down several agents and you both emerge from behind the desk as you engage in hand to hand combat. 

You both expertly fight the agents as swings and kicks are exchanged. While doing so, you manage to get hit in the face and body a couple of times and there is no doubt there will be bruises tomorrow. Natasha downs a few by her widow bites and you manage to nail the last few with your knives but you know there will be reinforcements coming. 

“Come on, let’s go.” Natasha says out of breath as she runs out of the room with you right on her tail. You both manage to escape the building just as the police pull up and you run along the back roads until the building is no longer in sight. 

You both stop, leaning against a wall as you catch your breath. Slowly, your adrenaline wears off and you begin to feel the aching in your bones and the chill of the snowy night. 

“Well, that was awful.” You grumble out as you breath warm air into your hands in attempt to warms them up. 

Natasha chuckles as her breath can be seen in the air, verifying further how cold it was. “Could’ve been worse. Come on, I want to show you something.” Natasha smiles out as she begins to crawl up the building you were leaning against. 

You purse your lips in question but don’t say anything as you follow the redhead up. You’re tired but manage to make it to the top and you find Natasha sitting on the edge of the building. You follow suit, sitting next to her as you make sure your bodies are touching and you focus on the direction she is staring at. 

Your eyes focus on the colorful lights of the Red Square along with other building lights illuminating the sky and you’re left in awe. It looks even more beautiful as the layer of snow covers the decorative domes, bare trees and empty streets and you forget how cold it is, more intrigued by the beauty of Moscow. 

“I always thought this was one of the most beautiful places in Russia.” Natasha says breaking the small silence and you turn to her, smiling as you take in her beautiful face lost in thought. “Russia was never a place of good memories but one of my favorite memories was when my parents took me here. It looked almost identical to now.”

You sadly smile as you can see Natasha replaying the memory in her head and you move to grab her hand, intertwining her cold fingers with yours. “Well… now you have another good memory.” 

Natasha turns to you with sparkling eyes, reflecting the color of the city lights and a genuine smile tugs at the corner of her lips. “Yeah, I do.” Natasha leans forward, connecting your chapped lips to hers. It’s short but not void of passion and you can feel the importance of the gesture. She pulls back and you smile before promptly kissing her red-tipped nose causing her to chuckle. “I love you, (Y/N).” 

She then turns her attention back to the city, setting her head on your shoulder with a happy sigh as she scoots impossibly closer. You smile, beginning to rub little circles with your cold fingertips across the top of her hand as you stare out at the twinkling, colored lights. “Love you too, Tasha.” 

my kind of love

You are a special kind of love. The kind of love story I wouldn’t mind reading about everyday like bedtime lullaby before I go to sleep. You are beyond my special kind of love and I am not complaining at all.

pairing: jungkook | reader ; college!au
words: 4.3k
genre: fluff
summary: let’s just say, reminiscing memories of you and your best friend isn’t helping you at all besides the fact that you are falling harder and harder in this really frustrating kind of love

If there was one thing in the world you wished to chase after even it means scraping your knees from falling or leaving patches of bruises on your heart, was none other than the thought of love.

Sure people had their ideal kinds of love that probably comes in a ball of fur that greeted them when they enter the pet shop or when they express their affection of their beloved family in frames hung decoratively on their wall. Years and years of learning the beautiful concept of love, it was also an unbearable chore to carry the weight of the detrimental parts of love along with it.

Wise people would say that love could be difficult to understand, to indulge and to accept. Believe them without any hesitation because the first time you digested the meaning of love was when losing one, the light of your life went out in the middle of the night, a heart failure in your mother and maybe a failure in yours as well.

The more you believed in those words was when you conformed to the feeling of rejection. Crushed by the words you feared that lingered out from his mouth, publicly for the whole word to gawk at your embarrassing situation. It was that night you felt dread and self-pity for yourself. It was also that night; you couldn’t remember whether you were drunk on alcohol or tears. It was the same night you promised yourself not to accept love till you find it in the palm of your hands.

And you finally accepted it when you felt the force of love slamming you and puncturing your heart with arrows at the thought of a beautiful human form whose doe eyes reflected the stars in the sky and the remarkably cheeky smile that sweeps you of your feet every morning.

Clearly, it has infected you like a virus when realization struck you. It wasn’t the first time you denied falling for your best friend. You have always pushed those thoughts away. But being stuck in bed with fever and having him feed you home cooked soup, pinching your cheeks once in a while isn’t helping you with any further denial.

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the way you are

pairing: kim yugyeom x reader
word count: 650+
admin: mingyu
genre: fluff; suggestive

Slow and sensual was his first intent as his newly released song on SoundCloud echoed within the black walls of the practice room. Yugyeom had invited you to see him practice his dance to the song he worked so hard on, and admiringly you agreed without remembering what you’d be getting yourself into. As you walked into the JYP Entertainment headquarters, you bowed a little to the secretary as you began to explain who you were, since you remembered one of the hyungs mentioning there was a new receptionist. But as you were offering your explanation, your name was called out.

“Y/N!” called out Jinyoung. “You’re here because Yugyeom called?” The rest of GOT7 knew about how you and Yugyeom were dating, but as you nodded, Bambam who made his appearance with a towel around his neck became pale.

“Bam, you okay?” you asked, and he bit his lip to keep himself from laughing at your terrible decision. He walked over to you, taking your arm and dragging you to the practice room, only to leave you there alone. Why were they acting this way? But as you opened the door, taking a step inside, it suddenly dawned upon you as you laid eyes on your boyfriend. He was in his sexiest state when he was dancing.

Yugyeom wore a serious face as he danced to his song, lip-syncing along at times. You were so intrigued by his movements that you simply stood there, watching until he noticed your presence. It didn’t take long until the song was over, moving over to the shelf where his phone and his bottle of water were resting. He put the song on pause, taking the water bottle as he looked over to you with a smile. Then and there, your jaw simply dropped. You forgot that this boy could go from the sexiest thing alive to the world’s biggest fluffball in the span of 2 milliseconds.

“Jagiya! You made it!” he exclaimed, wearing a grin that could stop the hearts of every iGOT7, if they ever had a chance to see it. It spread to you, moving closer to him and opening your arms to engulf the gentle giant. “Of course I did, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon watching my sexy boyfriend practice.”

The poor boy’s face went red with your words as he wrapped his arms around you like he was the tortilla of a burrito and you were the filling. He leaned down to give you a peck on the lips before asking you to start up the song again. You watched him stretch out his arms and his legs a little, jumping as he shook himself off. His white t-shirt was sticking to his skin from sweat and his sweatpants hugged his legs deliciously. Could this boy be any more attractive?

The intro of his song started with him facing the back of the room, simply making different gestures with his arms to the beat of the music. But just as he, in the song, began to sing, he turned around, staring you in the eyes as he rolled his body, mouthing the words. You actually had to shake your head, to make sure you knew who and what you were looking at. To you, he just looked like a piece of meat right now, and he hadn’t even started…

As the song kept going, you could feel your face get warmer with every intense body roll and hip thrust he made. You could feel yourself sliding off of your seat by the time the chorus came along, raising your now cold hands to your face to help cool off a little.

“You know

You know…

I just wanted you to know baby…”

By this point of the song, this boy was on the floor, and God, you couldn’t handle it. You didn’t even notice that the other members had filed in to watch, until Mark swan dove on to Yugyeom while he was on the floor, Jackson bursting into laughter as Youngjae made an exclamation you could barely hear on top of the music.

“Aiyah! Maknae, can’t you see that she’s dying right now?!” Jinyoung said, amused as Mark smacked his head lightly. Bambam could only laugh at the situation, Jaebum having walked straight out when he remembered Yugyeom’s dance routine for the song. Leader-hyung didn’t want to see that again.

“But Y/N-ah was enjoying it! I could tell by the look in her eye.”

It was true, you were in complete awe of how he was moving his body, but it made you want something a little more.

“I was,” you state to confirm Yugyeom’s statement. “But he’ll be at my place tonight, is that alright?”

Now it was Yugyeom’s turn for his face to go red before smirking at you confidently.

His plan worked in the end.

Scribble-Doodle: Scabbard

I don’t know, I don’t know *hands* Blame it on too much anime during my impressionable youth. And it still doesn’t sound right *shakes the thing*

They recover the Soul Sword. Now they have to hide it somewhere.

“I don’t like this plan, at all,” Magnus mutters, leafing through his spell book.

“Need I remind you that it was your plan?” Jace points out, voice dripping with sarcasm, as he hefts the Soul Sword in his hands.

Magnus glares at him. “It was just a thought, not a plan! I didn’t think that Alec - that anyone! - would actually consider it!”

Jace glares back. “As if you didn’t know Alec!”

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First Kisses (Seventeen)


Member: Joshua

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Cute and adorable; Joshua will wreck your bias list

Rating: General

a/n: a sort of sequel to Falling Slowly

With every passing day since Joshua properly introduced himself, you notice your feelings for him grow stronger. You find yourself falling for him, slowly. It has been about three months since you had your first actual conversation when he clarified that, no, he does not work and has never worked as a barista in your favorite coffee shop.

Each day you spend together, you learn something new about each other. You learn that he covers his mouth when he laughs and his eyes turn into crescent shaped lines on his face. He has a habit of breaking into a rap in the middle of conversation (something you found extremely embarrassing and adorable at the same time) and he is a gentleman, in every sense of the word.

Although the time you spend together is limited, being a member of a popular idol group does have its downsides, you appreciate how he makes time just to be able to talk or be with you, be it a three-minute long phone call in between their practice or coffee shop and dinner dates when you feel like you have all the time in the world. You admire his commitment to his group but sometimes you can’t help but wish you got to see him more.

*btzzzz btzzz*

The screen lights up and a text notification appears on your phone.

Joshua: Hey y/n! Just finished practice for day and now I am free. Would you like to hang out?

Your heart flutters as you read the text and you quickly write a response.

Y/N: Yay! I would love to! Where were you thinking?

Joshua: It’s a surprise! Meet me at the coffee shop in ten? Xx

Y/N: Ooh exciting, see you there! Xx

You’re smiling so hard that your cheeks hurt. Quickly putting on a little makeup and tying up your hair with a ribbon, you make your way out the door and down the street to your favorite coffee shop in the world.

The evening was amazing. After talking over lattes until the shop closed, Joshua took you out of dinner at a beautiful restaurant. The food was delicious and you both ate so much that you could barely move. On the way home, you stopped by the park across the street from your apartment.

“Hey Y/n? How good was the food tonight?”

“Gosh, I am so full that I can’t even talk about it.” A cool breeze sweeps through the trees, you shiver a little and huddle closer to Joshua.

“Oh, are you cold?”

“Just a little.” You raise your hands to your mouth and blow warm breathe into them. Joshua steps back and removes his coat, placing it onto your shoulders instead.

“I can’t let my date get sick now can I?” He smiles brightly and puts an arm around your waist.

“Oh how gentlemanly of you.”

As the sun sets, the two of you walk hand in hand through a cute little garden and reach a bridge that stretches across a pond. Mirrored in the water, the first stars of the night peak through. You gaze at their reflections as the glimmer and twinkle. Small drops of rains fall into the pond, and the ripples make the stars dance across its surface. You turn toward Joshua and realized he is staring at you.

“What?” You blush and turn your face away from him. Joshua puts his hand on your cheek and stares into your eyes.

“You’re eyes sparkle so brightly, just like the stars.” The red in your cheeks deepens but you continue to look at Joshua, examining his features. A light blush rises across his cheeks too.

“Do you mind if I…” His voice is so soft and kind. You give a small nod in reply. He leans in and gives you a small peck on the lips. You pull back, give a small smile then press your lips against his once more. And as the rain falls down onto the two of you, soaking your clothes, you wish for the moment to never end.