your cold little hands


“Hello, Petty-Holtons!” Tisha said, shivering slightly from the blustering cold. “Well, here’s your little bundle!” Tisha handed the baby over to an awestruck Lace. 

“Oh my…” she sniffed. “He’s… he’s….” 

“He’s perfect.” Erin interrupted. She could see that Lace was dazed, in her own little world. “She’s baby-crazy.” she added in a whisper to Tisha. 

“Yeah.” -sniff- “Perfect. Perfect addition to our perfect family.” Lace cradled the little boy, who willingly buried his face in her shoulder. 

I vow to kill the spiders and talk for you when your anxiety becomes too much. My lap will be your pillow whenever you’re in need of one. I’ll hold you back from a fight that’s not worth getting bruised over. I will warm your cold hands with my breath even in the summer because for some reason your hands are always cold. I vow to be the little spoon and pick what we eat because I know you hate to make those kind of decisions. I will remind you to take your medicine and even when you forget I’ll still love you. I promise to be by your side until the grave. I vow to love you to the moon and back for all of eternity. For you are my soulmate and I promise to never forget that. I know that living within the warmth of your heart is home and no matter where life carries us, I know that I will always come home.
—  My wedding vows to the love of my life.

Requested by anonymous

This day couldn’t get any worse. You had to walk home because your car got stuck in the snow and ice, and now a guy was following you.

You tried to speed up, but unfortunately this caused your leg to slip out from under you, sending you down to the snowy ground. The man lunged for you, but before he could get to you, a boy flew in and put up an ice wall between him and you.

You scrambled up to a sitting position so you could more easily see what’s going on, before carefully standing.

“Hey, thank you,” you thanked the boy. He turned around, surprised.

“You can see me?” he asked.

You nodded. “Yeah. Plain and clear. Who are you?”

“I’m Jack Frost,” Jack replied.

You introduced yourself, holding your hand out for a handshake. Jack hesitated a little, before shaking your hand. “Woah, your hand is cold!” you commented. “Shouldn’t you bundle up a bit more in this weather?”

Jack laughed. “I created this weather,” he stated. “So, no, I never feel cold and the cold never hurts me.”

“This weather is what made me vulnerable to that guy,” you stated flatly, pointing a finger back to the guy who was now in a prison of ice walls.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said bashfully. “I mostly create snow like this for kids to have fun. School cancelled, snowball fights, sledding… I’ll accompany you home if you want so nothing else like that happens.”

You gave Jack a small smile. “That would be great. Thank you,” you said, starting home. Jack flew alongside you, pulling the occasional prank on unsuspecting people you pass.


I know that I come with baggage and a best friend who’s not going anywhere ever. But I promise you that from this moment forward, the only running that I will be doing is into your arms.And I will never stop holding your cold little hands or losing myself when I wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how frickin’ lucky I am…Oh, just marry me so that I can show you how amazing our life will be together.

Until Dawn (Namjoon Smut)

You woke up to a cold draft of wind, moving closer to Namjoon. His body was always warm, and you nuzzled against his chest. Your cold hand touched his chest, he moved a little.

The room was barely lit but it was enough for you to see. Your boyfriend, Namjoon always looked so cute asleep but you knew when the snores stopped, he wasn’t sleeping like you thought.

“Namjoon I know you’re awake.” He fake snored and you pinched his nipple.

“Ow, Y/N. I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.” He wiggled his eyebrows and you flicked his forehead. He grabbed your wrists and got on top of you.

“You know you’re really sadistic, Y/N.”

“Namjoon, let’s sleep.”

“You awoke me up, all of me.” You blushed, knowing he wasn’t sleeping and you weren’t going to either.


“Give into me, baby.” He kissed your neck, his hair tickling you a little. He left his mark on your collarbone, his second favourite part of you.

“Your skin is so sweet.” He pulled his shirt you wear to bed over your head.

“No underwear, baby?” He touched your exposed breasts, the cold air making you shiver.

“I’ll warm you up, baby.” His other hand touched your clit, just rubbing you. He flickered your nipple with his tongue, your moans getting louder because of it.

Your hand touched him through his boxers, his moans vibrating on your breast. You pulled them down enough to properly pump him.

“So hard, Joonie. Does your cock miss me?”

“S-shit, babe. Don’t tease.”

You pushed him off you, making him lie next to you. The covers were completely kicked off the bed and you could see him. You left sloppy kisses on his torso, leaving him a hickey on his collarbone.

“Shit.” You knew he would have to cover it up, whining about it later but you want to feast on the new drive you had. You placed your body in a 69 position, meeting his thriving cock once again.

“Baby, you’re dripping. Is my cock turning you on?”

“I love seeing your hard cock, it’s so big.”

You pumped him again, and he moaned. He spread your lips, licking you and you moaned.


“Wrap that pretty tongue around my cock, baby.”

You immediately licked his tip, teasing him a bit and he moaned against you, causing a vibration. He kissed your clit a bit, and you bit you lip suddenly embarrassed by your constantly loud moans.

“B-baby.” You let out, whining. You tried to push yourself closer to his face, making him to lick you more


You took him in your mouth until he hit the back of your throat. He licked you, making slurring noises. You felt him push two of his long fingers inside you. The sensation of his fingers curling inside you made your body feel hot.

“H-hot, so hot. I-I’m gonna… Namjoon.” You came on his fingers and he licked you clean.

“You taste so sweet, baby.”

“How sweet?”

“Sweeter than any chocolate or candy.” You flipped yourself, your swollen clit hovering over his cock and your face close to Namjoon.

“You’re so pretty, babe.” He touched your cheek and you pecked his lips.

“Was that a kiss?” He scoffed and you kissed him again, this time he kept your lips on his for longer. You sunk your hips lower, his cock entering you.

“Mmmhm.” Your moans were muffled and you continued to kiss him. He thrusted into you with his hand on your ass, the sound of skin slapping against each other.

Your tongues tangled with each other and you pulled away, a string of saliva between you two.

“You look so fucking perfect, taking each inch of my cock.”

“Oh, fuck.”

He let you ride him, still going at a fast pace and you placed your hands on his chest.

He grabbed your nipples while your boobs bounced for him. You moaned, feeling him hit your g-spot.

“B-baby.” You moaned in your ear.

“I want you to cum for me.” He plays with your clit, rubbing you hard.

“M-mmhm.” You couldn’t contain yourself, and you kissed him again while coming.

“Shit.” Your walls tighten around him while he continued to pound into you. He came inside you, He pulled out of you and you listened to his heavy breathing.

“It’s morning..?” The sun was staying to rise and you looked at him, still on top of him.

“Morning, baby.” He kissed your cheek and you got off him, completely exhausted. He picked you up suddenly and you hit his sweaty chest.

“Joonie, w-what are you doing?”

“I want to wash you off, baby.”

“Why are you so horny, Joon? You need to chill out?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I meant I want to clean you up.”

“Don’t try anything on me, babe or I might cut off your little friend.”

“Yes ma'am.” He carried you into the bathroom to take an innocent shower.


Anon Request: KBTBB MC dying protecting her kids

-ugh my soul-


The suite seemed swamped with men, yelling and cursing and fighting, knocking things over and punching one another. You tried not to scream as you bit your lip, clutching your daughter as your head turned back and forth, searching for a gap through which to flee. Your husband was fighting too, teeth bared in a frightening snarl. Katsumi clutched your hand with her cold little fingers, chewing her pale lip as well, refusing to cry, tears restricted tightly in her eyes as the blood of her mobster father raced through her veins. A hand grabbed for her and you whisked her behind you with a screech.
“Don’t you touch my daughter you bastard!”
You found your hand on your gun faster than you realized, and the man was falling back, a fresh hole in his face. You flinched, and at the same time felt a sharp pain through your side. Your knees gave out and you fell to the carpet, clutching a new gun wound in your abdomen.
You heard Katsumi scream. Soryu yelled something in reply. Katsumi screamed again.There was a bang.
“NO!” You instinctively cast aside the pain, hugging your daughter close, shielding her with your bleeding and battered body.
She screamed again at another gunshot impacting your shoulder and Katsumi reached over, snatching your gun from the floor where you had dropped it. A man swooped down for her. Katsumi screeched and pulled the trigger into his face, firing ten grams of metal and a string of swear words from god-knows-where through his face. More Ice Dragons flushed into the suite to help, reinforcement that came far too late.
It seemed like moments or ages, you couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly, when you felt yourself pulled away from Katsumi. Weakly, you struggled.
“My daughter… No… not her, please!”
“__________, it’s me.” Soryu cradled you carefully in his arms, gazing down at you with broken dark eyes. “You’re going to be alright.”
“They shot Mommy!” Katsumi cried out as she clung to her father’s leg, her youthful face splattered with blood. Soryu glanced at Inui, and the bronze haired man eased the girl into his arms, picking her up and slipping silently from the room. She buried her face into his shoulder and wept, small arms clinging to him tightly.
“You’re going to be alright.” Soryu was walking towards the elevator now, talking to you much louder than usual, completely unlike his calm and reserved style. “It’s going to be fine, __________. You were brave. You protected Katsumi.”
“She’s safe…” Your head fell against his shoulder.
“She’s safe. You did great. You’re amazing.” Soryu kissed your forehead. “You are okay. You will be alright. __________, I promised you I would protect you.”
A shaking hand rose from his embrace to stroke his face, and Soryu pressed his cheek against your palm. He stared down at you unblinkingly, knowing that he didn’t dare look away. If he did…
He would miss valuable seconds that he could spend looking at the woman he loved.
“You did so well.” He kissed your wrist. “You’re going to be okay…” The two of you were coming out of the elevator now, Soryu breaking into a run as steadily as possible towards the car. Tears splashed onto your cheekbones, trailing down your cheeks as if they were your own. You smiled faintly in his arms, his scent, his closeness.
Your touch on his face slipped away, and your arm hung limp at your side.

Just a minute. Just a minute.
Just a minute too late.
He threw open the warehouse door with men at his side, chest having for air, eyes searching desperately in the dimness, pupils dilating as he prayed for more light to see. The last gunshot they had heard still rang within the cold walls, echoing hauntingly in Eisuke’s ears as he saw your figure slumped on the ground.
Motion blurred beside him, yet his mind blotted out everything that wasn’t you. As if in slow motion, he went up to you, feeling his heartbeat slow helplessly in the deathly passage of time as the puddle of red spread beneath you.
“Hideo…” You breathed out weakly as you sat up from where you covered your children, grabbing your son by the face. “Suzu…” You patted your daughter’s shoulders lightly, the dying light of your eyes flickering over their terrified expressions, checking to see if they were safe. “Are you okay?”
“____________!” Eisuke seized you and pulled you back into his arms, cradling you against his chest. There was a blank in his mind as he stared down at the blood on your chest, spreading faster with every passing flick of seconds.
You waved your hand slightly at your children, your beloved children.
“They’re… s-safe.”
“No, shut up, stop talking. I’m going to get you out of here. Save your goddamn breath.”
“Eisuke… They’re safe…”
“I know. Dammit woman!” He spat out each word with increasing fear, his arms shaking around you as he tried to stay calm but couldn’t. Suzu clung to your arm and began to cry. Her older brother tugged on her sleeve and transferred her quite maturely to his embrace, where she promptly wiped her tears on his shoulder.
“Mommy’s hurt! Mommy’s hurt!” She wailed in her thin, childish voice, a musical shimmer to your ears that you wished would never end. Small fists bashed on her brother’s chest, and Hideo wrapped his arms tightly around the little girl, muffling his own terrified face into her hair.
“Shush, Suzu.” Eisuke said, his heart strained and on verge of perhaps explosion or worse. “Mommy will be okay.”
“Eisuke…” You breathe out, every syllable softer than the previous. “I’m s-sorry.”
“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!” He roared, glaring down at you with bitter pain. “You’re going to be fine!”
“Eisuke… I love you…” A tiny smile tugged at your lips. It was sweet to lie in his arms again, sweet to feel the presence of your husband after being abducted for days. It was sweet to die in his arms. “Our kids are - are safe.”
“Stop it! Stop talking like you’re going to die! You’re not! I won’t let you! You’re not allowed to!” He was yelling now, begging, pleading with no god in particular as he kissed you with tears on his lips. “Please, ___________…. Please… No…”
He leaned in, touching his ear to your mouth to listen. He knew. His heart knew.
“Take care of them…”
The breath grew ever fainter.
“I love you, Eisuke…”

You laughed happily as you strolled down the street, holding your daughter’s hand as she skipped between you and your husband. He gripped her other hand in his bigger one, grinning at you with a toss of his golden hair.
“Daddy, I’m going to look at the window!” Ayaka pointed to a glass display of a store, flaunting art supplies in a cascade of rainbow colours. The tiny hands slipped out of her parents’ grasps, and the golden haired girl bounded off, braids trailing behind her.
“Look at that our mini Koro growing up so fast.” Ota sighed adoringly as he drew you closer at the waist, planting a kiss to your cheek. Despite all these years of marriage, you still blushed as if you had just started dating.
There was a rev of a motorcycle engine in the distance, but your placement on the sidewalk made you disregard it.
“Mr Kisaki!” A voice called out, and Ota turned away with a perfect, pleasant smile on his face as he greeted fans. You kept your gaze on your daughter, and suddenly realized what was wrong. A motorcycle came racing down the street, hopping onto the sidewalk with a clever tug of the skilled rider, directed at the celebrity’s daughter, standing most innocently in front of the store.
You cried out, racing forward, grabbing the girl as you shoved her backwards. Ota heard your cry, rushing to the action of the scene. Ayaka fell into his arms. Your husband reached out for you, his fingers barely brushing yours as you felt the impact and the vision before you changed from his horrified face to the blur of flight.
Another impact.
You stared blankly up at the sky, the beautiful blue speckled with soft clouds, swirling and darkening in front of your eyes, the same way your husband swirled an old brush in water. Everything turned murky. Ota’s face appeared before your eyes, as if in dim light, shadowed and further twisted with fear and agony.
“SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!” His voice tore apart the numb ringing in your ears.
“O…O… ah”
“SHhhhh, Koro, shhhh. It’s going to be okay. Hang in there. Please. Please. Stay with me.” He took your hand and squeezed it, words flying out of his mouth before he could even start to think about them. “It’s going to be alright, Koro. You’re going to be okay.”
“O… Ota… N… No.”
“Koro, it’s going to be okay. I promise.” Ota kissed your hand. “Just please… stay quiet. Save energy. Stay with me.” His voice cracked, tears streaming down his face. Some sort of light flashed again and again and you heard him scream. “Don’t take god-fucking pictures! My wife is dying! Call the goddamn ambulance!” Ota shrieked at the crowds, surrounded in a cloud of curious bystanders and their cellphones. The Angelic Artist looked broken, kneeling at the side of a bloodied woman, surrounded with a ring of demons that did nothing but gawk at his misfortune.
“Mommy…” Ayaka was crying, smeared in blood, curled up at your side.
“Ayaka is fine. I promise. Everything is going to be fine.” He was sobbing uncontrollably now. “Koro, I promised. Koro, are you listening to me?”
“N.. My name… O-ah”
You needed to hear it. If only just this last time.
“____________, please, please no, stay with me. I need you.” He clutched your hand to his cheek, feeling the dying warmth, feeling the heart in his chest cease to beat. “___________!”
The handsome face blurred a last time before your eyes, the lids shut, and darkness consumed all the pain and light alike.

“Can you hear me, sweetheart? Sweetheart!”
He knelt at your side, clinging to your hand. It had been a fine day of spending time with family, you and him and Tamotsu strolling along the streets, enjoying ice cream. The shadows ruined the sun so quickly he could hardly react. That man, the one whose brother he had just arrested, was holding his son, and his wife was screaming as a knife was held to the boy’s throat. The mother, the wife, ran up to the man, taking the blade with bare hands, yelling, cursing, threatening, defending her child as the frightened boy saw a chance to wrestle free. Mamoru roared at his son to get aside, and went forth to protect his woman. There was a sudden flash of metal, and the blade vanished into her chest.
“Sweetheart! It’s okay. Hang in ‘ere. Tamo, call the ambulance!”
The terrified boy forced his fingers across the screen of the cellphone, crying weakly, shaking from head to toe. His father cradled his mother in his arms, eyes darting between the drained face and the hilt of the knife he didn’t dare pull out.
“I’m so sorry. I promise, you’ll be alright.”
He felt the hot tears burn in his eyes, blurring the vision of the beautiful face he loved, the precious woman he was holding, taking away the last glimpses of the most magnificent thing in his life.
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart…. This is my fault…”
“Ah… No…. M…Mamo… No.”
“I shoulda stopped him!” Mamoru growled, fury rising inside him, anger boiling under his skin more at himself than at the attacker long since fled. “I’m a goddamn cop! I shoulda done somethin’! I shoulda saved ya!”
“No Mamo.”
A trembling hand, colder by every moment, squeezed his lightly.
“Not… your… fault.”
He was weeping, tears streaking down his cheeks, striking your shirt in tiny droplets of dark spots, strangely pristine and clean against the patch of red overtaking your chest.
“D-don’t blame… you… self…”
“But it is… it’s my fault! I could… I coulda saved you! I shoulda saved Tamo and you!”
You squeezed his hand lightly again, feebly, forcing out a smile despite the horrible pain that made you too drained to even cry aloud.
“Stay with me, sweetheart.” He begged. “Please. I can’t lose you. You’re everything.”
“Tamo.” He beckoned to the boy who had been standing aside in horror. Immediately, the ashen haired child rushed to his mother’s side, cuddling against you, sobbing into your clothes. “Tamo needs you, _________.”
“Has… has you.”
Stars swam in front of your eyes. The world seemed darker, your vision made up of little bright spots here and there. Everything swirled into a muted blur.
“Not… not your fault.”
“No sweetheart, don’t sleep!” Mamoru pleaded, voice cracking as he yelled down at you. “Don’t ya dare sleep! NO!”


Didn’t think of anything for Baba I’m sorry. I’m sorta out of reasonable and interesting ways to kill people. Finals is getting to me…

Thanks for the read!
Hope you enjoyed!

Psych's Proposal
  • Shawn : i have spend my whole life running from one to another.quitting and running and quitting and running and pretending that my destiny was to drive a wiener mobile.
  • Gus : he was young and afraid of commitment.
  • Shawn : that's true but i'm not that young anymore and also i'm not afraid. because when i'm with you Jules, i'm just fearless. and--and i'm unbreakable.
  • Gus: like Samuel L. Jackson
  • Shawn: no, Sam Jackson was a glass man
  • Gus: not emotionally Shawn, not emotionally.
  • Shawn: okay i need you to dial it back just a teeny bit.
  • Gus: o--okay
  • Shawn: i know that i came with baggage and a best friend who's not going anywhere ever. But i promise you that from this moment forward the only running that i will be doing
  • is into your arms. And i never stop holding your cold little hands or losing myself when i wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how frickin' lucky i am.
  • Gus: oh my gosh it's happening! say yes!
  • Jules: yes!
  • Shawn: b-but you technically, you just said yes to Gus
  • Jules: w-well ask me Shawn
  • Shawn: okay. Jules, will you marry us? me. Mostly me
  • Gus: yeah
  • Shawn: even though Gus is always gonna be a part of the deal. And someday he'll have his own Juliet, and her name will be "Juli-ay" and she'll be Jamaican
  • Gus: oh yeah
  • Shawn: and together we'll be one big, giant, frosted, black-and-white cookie.And we're gonna have dogs, all rescues. And kids probably before we're 60.
  • Jules: aw, way, way before 60
  • Shawn: oh just marry me so that i can show you how amazing our life will be together.
  • Jules: yes. yes, i will marry the crap out of you, Shawn Spencer. now give me the ring!
DAY6 and how they hold hands

Jae: intertwined fingers. swings your arms together while walking. kisses the back of your hand every five minutes.

Sungjin: wraps your hand with his because it gives him a feeling of protectiveness. draws small circles with his thumb on your skin when you are in silence and resting somewhere enjoying each other’s presence.

Junhyeok: intertwined fingers. kisses your knuckles now and then. his hands are always a little cold and he uses it as an excuse to hold yours. 

Young-K: prefers to hold pinkies because he finds it cute. will place your hands on both sides of his face and smile at you for no reason. silently traces the lines of your palms with his thumb before kissing your fingers and wrists when there’s nothing to talk about.

Wonpil: will only hold your hands when he gives you a back hug. plays with your hands and compares your sizes. will give you a lot of rings. rubs your hands when they are cold and places them on his lips to make sure that they are warm now.

Dowoon: sweaty hands. hesitant and eager to hold your hand. only wraps his fingers around yours and it’s awkward but he’s happy. will hold your hand when he’s tired, sleepy or worried because it makes him feel better. draws things on your palms with his finger and sometimes writes the things he wants to tell you but is too afraid to say.

It’s okay;
     Even if your hands are a little    COLD    
     And I    FREEZE    under your touch—
                              P l e a s e     d o n ’ t     l e t     g o .
                                                                    Cause it’s all that I have;
                                                                     You’re all that I’ve got.

Dance Party [ N.M ]

“ ‘Cause I never wanna be that guy. ”

You swayed your hips to the music and mouthed the lyrics into the hairbrush resting in your cold hands.

“ You’re just a little bit outta my limit! ” You loudly harmonized to your favorite song.

“ It’s been two years now! ” The furry creature resting on a pillow glared at you dancing around the room.

You moved the puppy into your embrace and began to twirl around.

“ We can make it out alive! ” Now singing to the dog, you fell onto your back, hitting the soft pile of blankets.

Dog above you, dangling in your hands, you began to sing along with the beat coming through the speakers.

“ I’m right here, when you gonna realize? ”

The door busted open, causing you to jump. A familiar male figure appearing before you.

“ That I’m your cure! Heart-break girl! ” your boyfriend pounced down beside you, taking the small animal from your palms.

You hummed along, now embarrassed that you had been caught.

“ Awe, don’t be shy. You know I love your voice. ” He gave you a reassuring smile and sat the puppy on the floor.

“ I know, I just wasn’t expecting you to be here, you scared me. ” The heat rose to your cheeks as he let out a giggle.

The comforter shifted once again as he moved to the ground.

Hand extended towards you, he pulled you to your feet.

“ Dance with me. ” Demand almost heard in his voice as a new track started.

“ Ever since the day that we met. I couldn’t get you out of my head. ”

Hands rested on your middle, you both began to shuffle on your toes.

“ Sing for me. I want to hear your voice. ”

A sly smirk formed upon your lips, a One Direction cover/mashup coming on.

“ You’re insecure, don’t know what for. ” You began, ’ What Makes You Beautiful ’ being that first song.

“ You make my heart race. ” Already being too shy, you cut yourself off by capturing Nate’s lips under yours.

“ I’m tired baby. It’s late, let’s go to bed. ”

He let a sigh fall from his mouth, stripping off the plain white tee shirt he wore. You tugged on the athletic shorts around your waist and dropped them to silently hit the wooden floors.

Nate fell onto the soft surface before you, allowing him to gently grasp the back of your thigh.

The second that your body hit the bed, his hands met the small of your back, encouraging you to move closer. You did as signaled, snuggling your head into the crook of his neck.

“ Good night, lil mama. ”

You let out a small giggle and intertwined your legs with his.

“ Good night, Skate. ”

With that, you placed a feather like kiss on his shoulder. You let him pull the blanket up to your chest as your eyelids fluttered closed.

He mumbled the three words that mean the most to you as you felt the tiredness take over.

I love you.