your cold little hands

“Draw me like one of your French...boy ?” - Jason Todd x Reader

I’ll never get tired of writing thing with Jason (the best Robin FIGHT ME ON THAT !). Hope you guys will like it :

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-Can you flex your back muscles please ? 

How could you just ask questions like that without even flinching ? Or blushing at least ? Err. Those were stupid questions, and the answer was very simple : you didn’t like him that way. For you, he was just a friend. Just a friend who accepted to get down in his underwear for you, so that you could practice anatomy. Totally normal. That’s what friends were for. Helping. 

-Great, thanks Jason. That’s great. Wait, turn just to your left a bit…yeah, perfect, thanks. Oh, do you want a blanket or something ? 

-No. No thanks. I’m fine. Just a…little swift of cold wind that’s all.

“Just a little swift of cold wind”. Yeah. Right. Your hand brushing his bicep when you angled his body like you wanted, that’s what made him shiver. But hell was he glad you thought it was because he was cold. 

You were just his friend. His extremely talented friend. His extremely talented friend he was in love with. Oh bugger, he was in for a treat…

It was very rare, that Jason found himself speechless. Or that he was afraid to ask a girl out. After all, like his father, Bruce Wayne, he was quite the ladies’ man.

He never found it hard to ask for someone’s number, or if they wanted to go get dinner with them. But with you ? Well, with you, it was different. And he didn’t really know why…Maybe because he was genuinely in love ? Because this time, if you said “no” to his date proposition, he had everything to loose ? 

You entered his life quite randomly. He was running in one of Gotham’s park and as he ran around it multiple times, his eyes couldn’t help but notice you, sitting in the grass with a sketchbook and a pencil…Especially because you kept staring at him when he was going by. 

Curiosity got the better of him, and after a seventeenth tour of the park, he stopped to stretch…right in front of you. And you kept staring, making him uncomfortable. He was never uncomfortable ! On the contrary, he liked when girls looked at him. He liked it a lot. But you…God he felt uneasy. 

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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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anonymous asked:

Mingyu daycare!au please~

- you have a little brother who’s about five years old
- every day, your mom drops him off at daycare before she goes to work
- but one day, she’s been asked to come to work earlier so you tell her that you’ll drop your brother off first; your shift at your part-time job doesn’t start for another two hours anyway
- so you walk down the streets holding your little brother’s hand while he enthusiastically tells you how excited he is to see teacher mingyu
- you ask “who’s teacher mingyu?” and your brother tells you that he’s the coolest and funniest teacher ever
- and he tells you that one time he climbed on mingyu’s shoulders and it felt like he could see the world and you just laugh as how innocent that sounded
- you finally get to the daycare and you kneel down to unzip his winter jacket and while you’re telling him to behave, someone says “good morning, (your little brother’s name)!!”
- your brother exclaims “good morning teacher mingyu!!” and at his words, you look up
- and you see this tall, handsome boy standing by the door
- he’s wearing an apron too but it looks so cute how does he do it????
- you just look at your little brother and scream with your eyes “why didn’t you tell me he was GOOD-LOOKING I LOOK LIKE TRASH RIGHT NOW”
- after unzipping your little brother’s coat, you stand up straight and say “good morning” to which mingyu replies “good morning!! you’re (your little brother’s name)’s sibling i’m guessing??”
- you nod “that’s me. i was just here to drop him off so…. i’ll be going now”
- mingyu smiles “it was nice meeting you” and you say “you too” before practically sprinting out the door
- you get back home and the whole time you’re waiting for your shift to start and even during your shift, you just keep thinking about how you looked so bad in front of someone so handsome and you’re like fml
- after work, you check your cellphone to see that your mom sent you a text message saying that she’s going to be doing overtime
- but then it says that teacher mingyu’s already been informed, and your little brother’s just waiting for you to pick him up now
- you’re like NO NOT AGAIN
- you look at the time and you can’t even run home to change because your little brother ended like ten mins ago already
- you just wrap your scarf around your mouth and pull your hood up to hide yourself
- but while you’re walking there, it actually is really cold and you reach into your pockets to take out your mittens only to realize you left them home and you’re like great
- when you finally get to the daycare, you see mingyu zipping up your little brother’s jacket and you just melt at the scene because HOW CUTE
- when your brother sees you, he gives mingyu a hug before running up to you and grabbing your hand
- mingyu walks over to you and you sink deeper into your jacket
- he says “hi again!! is it cold outside??”
- before you could answer or even greet him back, your little brother nods and says “their hands are cold!!”
- mingyu says “oh, in that case….” he then walks over to the coat hanger and reaches into a trench coat and pulls out a pair of mittens
- he walks over to you and says “you can borrow these for today”
- you shake your head and exclaim “no it’s fine!! you’re going to get cold!!”
- mingyu just smiles and says “i’d feel more at ease if you took them, you can return them whenever you can”
- you say “oh…. thank you” and you take the mittens while smiling
- when you exit the daycare, your little brother says “you’re all red” and you just go like SH NO I’M NOT LET’S GO
- the next day, you offer to take your brother to daycare again so that you can give mingyu his mittens back
- and you made sure to dress up nicely LOL
- you get there, and you fail to notice mingyu’s face light up when he sees you
- he walks over to you and says “good morning” and you smile “good morning” while holding out the mittens you borrowed from him
- mingyu takes them and you say “i hope you weren’t too cold yesterday….” and he says “i wasn’t cold at all, don’t worry. i never got your name by the way….?”
- you say “oh! i’m (name), it’s nice to meet you” and he says “nice to meet you too, (name).”
- while talking to him, you see the other kids pulling on his shirt saying “teacher mingyu!! are they your s/o??”
- you and mingyu shakes your heads “no!! it’s not like that!!”
- that’s when you excuse yourself, leaving to get to your work
- but since that day….. you’ve been the one to bring your little brother to daycare
- you and mingyu have become good friends over time
- you’d sometimes bring him a drink from your work and he’d give you an extra meal he made in class
- but with time, you realize that you’ve fallen for him
- you know you’ll probably never confess so for now…. being friends is good enough for you
- you feel like you’re really obvious though because every day, your little brother asks “do you like teacher mingyu??” but you always say “you’re five, why are you asking me this? LOL”
- but one day, while walking your brother to daycare, he asks you for the hundredth “do you like teacher mingyu??”
- you sigh in exasperation and say “yes i do, (your little brother’s name). i like him a lot. now will you stop asking?”
- his eyes brighten when you say that and he says “really??” and you nod your head and say “really.”
- you finally get to the daycare, and like always, you and mingyu talk for a while
- but the kids pull on his shirt and exclaim “teacher!! we have to get started right away!!”
- you ask “another project?” and mingyu nervously laughs and replies “yeah i guess you can say that….”
- you say “have a good day then, i’ll be back later to pick my brother up” and when you exit the door, you can’t help but think that mingyu looks a bit uneasy today
- you eventually forget about it and go on with your day
- your shift finally comes to an end and you get to the daycare, but weirdly…. there aren’t any kids at the entrance getting ready to leave with a parent
- in fact, everything’s just dead silent….
- you call out “mingyu?? is everything okay??” but when you don’t receive an answer, you walk into the room
- and you gasp when you see the room decorated with streamers and balloons
- but what surprises you most is to see all the little kids holding up a sign that says “(name), i like you!!”
- mingyu then jumps up from behind the huge sign with flowers in his hand and laughs “it was the kids’ idea….. i know it’s really cheesy, but…… will you go out with me, (name)?”
- you laugh and when you nod your head, all the kids cheer excitedly
- especially your little brother
- when he runs up to you, you ask “is that why you kept asking me if i liked him??”
- he grins “he told me to ask!!”
- when mingyu hears that, he runs over to him and covers his mouth and says “NO I DIDN’T”
- you laugh “really, mingyu?” and he just grins sheepishly as he hands you the flowers he got you
- you say “thank you” and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he says “woah, not in front of the children”
- you look down to see the kids either covering their eyes, giggling or gasping
- you say “why not?”
- after you kiss him, you both laugh as the kids all scream in either excitement or disgust
- but really, they’re all just happy to see that the person their favorite teacher likes feels the same way

thank you for your request!! ^^

Car Park Confessions.

A/n: This is actually the first thing I wrote back in February when I decided to stop just imagining scenarios in my head and put them down on paper, and it was the first thing I wrote since school about eight years ago.

My other works; fluff or if your over 18 smut!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: Clichéd af but I think sometimes thats what you need! It’s a sort of au where Bucky is a celebrity for some reason, maybe a singer, or an actor like Sebastian, but it doesn’t really matter. Established friendship…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

Word count: 3207

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some angst and crying, but it’s all right in the end!


Three am. Too early and too late. The street lights burn your eyes as you lean on a traffic bollard outside the club, tuning out as your friends attempt to find a cab willing to take a trio of somewhat drunk party-goers with very little money. Cold hands to your cheeks startle you, and you find yourself staring into Wanda’s face.

“You okay?” You nod in answer, smiling softly. The chilly air is getting to you, and you stand up, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver. She pulls you into a hug, resting her chin on your head, and rubbing her hands up and down your back. Another set of arms encircle the two of you, warming you considerably.

“Y/N, do you mind giving me your phone?” Natasha asks you, and you pass it over without question. “Also, there’s a bench just along here and I think we could all do with a sit down, come on.”

There’s some good natured complaining about how cold the metal seat is, but once you’re sat with your legs over Wanda’s and her head on your shoulder, you’re suddenly very tired.

“Don’t let me fall asleep,” you mumble at the equally exhausted pile of limbs you’re twisted up with.

“No promises.”

A car pulling up in front of your new ‘bed’ has you jolting back awake. You’re alone on the bench, your two friends currently standing beside it talking with the driver of a very nice Audi that has you frowning as you try to place it. You sit and raise a hand to your hair in an attempt to smooth it down, before repositioning your top that has ride up your body a little too much, the exhausted sound you let out attracting attention.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Natasha grins, pulling open the side door of the car idling next to you. “Time to go home Sleeping Beauty”.

Eager to get out of the cold, and hearing your bed calling, you stumble up and slip ungracefully into the passenger seat. You reach for your seat belt and click it in place before turning to the driver and freezing.

“Hello Y/N.”

“… Bucky.”

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Scribble-Doodle: Scabbard

I don’t know, I don’t know *hands* Blame it on too much anime during my impressionable youth. And it still doesn’t sound right *shakes the thing*

They recover the Soul Sword. Now they have to hide it somewhere.

“I don’t like this plan, at all,” Magnus mutters, leafing through his spell book.

“Need I remind you that it was your plan?” Jace points out, voice dripping with sarcasm, as he hefts the Soul Sword in his hands.

Magnus glares at him. “It was just a thought, not a plan! I didn’t think that Alec - that anyone! - would actually consider it!”

Jace glares back. “As if you didn’t know Alec!”

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The Way You Are

pairing: kim yugyeom x reader
word count: 650+
genre: fluff; suggestive

Slow and sensual was his first intent as his newly released song on SoundCloud echoed within the black walls of the practice room. Yugyeom had invited you to see him practice his dance to the song he worked so hard on, and admiringly you agreed without remembering what you’d be getting yourself into. As you walked into the JYP Entertainment headquarters, you bowed a little to the secretary as you began to explain who you were, since you remembered one of the hyungs mentioning there was a new receptionist. But as you were offering your explanation, your name was called out.

“Y/N!” called out Jinyoung. “You’re here because Yugyeom called?” The rest of GOT7 knew about how you and Yugyeom were dating, but as you nodded, Bambam who made his appearance with a towel around his neck became pale.

“Bam, you okay?” you asked, and he bit his lip to keep himself from laughing at your terrible decision. He walked over to you, taking your arm and dragging you to the practice room, only to leave you there alone. Why were they acting this way? But as you opened the door, taking a step inside, it suddenly dawned upon you as you laid eyes on your boyfriend. He was in his sexiest state when he was dancing.

Yugyeom wore a serious face as he danced to his song, lip-syncing along at times. You were so intrigued by his movements that you simply stood there, watching until he noticed your presence. It didn’t take long until the song was over, moving over to the shelf where his phone and his bottle of water were resting. He put the song on pause, taking the water bottle as he looked over to you with a smile. Then and there, your jaw simply dropped. You forgot that this boy could go from the sexiest thing alive to the world’s biggest fluffball in the span of 2 milliseconds.

“Jagiya! You made it!” he exclaimed, wearing a grin that could stop the hearts of every iGOT7, if they ever had a chance to see it. It spread to you, moving closer to him and opening your arms to engulf the gentle giant. “Of course I did, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon watching my sexy boyfriend practice.”

The poor boy’s face went red with your words as he wrapped his arms around you like he was the tortilla of a burrito and you were the filling. He leaned down to give you a peck on the lips before asking you to start up the song again. You watched him stretch out his arms and his legs a little, jumping as he shook himself off. His white t-shirt was sticking to his skin from sweat and his sweatpants hugged his legs deliciously. Could this boy be any more attractive?

The intro of his song started with him facing the back of the room, simply making different gestures with his arms to the beat of the music. But just as he, in the song, began to sing, he turned around, staring you in the eyes as he rolled his body, mouthing the words. You actually had to shake your head, to make sure you knew who and what you were looking at. To you, he just looked like a piece of meat right now, and he hadn’t even started…

As the song kept going, you could feel your face get warmer with every intense body roll and hip thrust he made. You could feel yourself sliding off of your seat by the time the chorus came along, raising your now cold hands to your face to help cool off a little.

“You know

You know…

I just wanted you to know baby…”

By this point of the song, this boy was on the floor, and God, you couldn’t handle it. You didn’t even notice that the other members had filed in to watch, until Mark swan dove on to Yugyeom while he was on the floor, Jackson bursting into laughter as Youngjae made an exclamation you could barely hear on top of the music.

“Aiyah! Maknae, can’t you see that she’s dying right now?!” Jinyoung said, amused as Mark smacked his head lightly. Bambam could only laugh at the situation, Jaebum having walked straight out when he remembered Yugyeom’s dance routine for the song. Leader-hyung didn’t want to see that again.

“But Y/N-ah was enjoying it! I could tell by the look in her eye.”

It was true, you were in complete awe of how he was moving his body, but it made you want something a little more.

“I was,” you state to confirm Yugyeom’s statement. “But he’ll be at my place tonight, is that alright?”

Now it was Yugyeom’s turn for his face to go red before smirking at you confidently.

His plan worked in the end.

BTS Reaction-Your hand is cold....(18+)

Hey!  I’m sorry that it took me this long to get this request out, i’ve been so busy with work and life.  Here is my post, I decided to go a little dirty with it, but not too bad.—Admin B

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Jin:  You two would be taking a cute little romantic walk by the beach when he would reach for your hand and notice how cold it was.  You’d blush and try to move your hand but he grabbed it and put it in his coat pocket in order to warm you up as he kisses your forehead.

Suga:  When you saw him at the studio you’d run up to him and hug him while taking his hand.  He would jump at how cold your hand was and smirk.  He would bring you onto his lap where he would warm you up with his kisses.

J-Hope:  You would be sitting eating dinner when he would take your hand into his.  When he felt how cold your hand was, he would get a little smile on his face and ask why you were so cold, when you said you didn’t know he’d pick you and sit you on the counter, kissing you all over in order to warm you up.

Rap Mon:  You were both leaving the carnival when he would take your hand.  When he realized how cold it was he would smile.  You’d try to explain but he would smile at you and tell you not to worry.

Jimin:  You two would just be sitting in his place watching a movie, when he would be all cute and grab your hand.  He’d realize your hand was cold and bring you closer to you and kiss you to the point you were no longer watching the movie.

Tae:  You guys would be hanging out at home after going on a date.  He’d take your hand to bring you inside and shudder when he felt how cold your hand was.  He’d smirk at you and pull you into his bedroom where he would have you warmed up in no time.

Kookie:  You guys would be having a picnic in the park when he would reach out to your hand.  When he felt how cold your hand was, he would ask if you were okay.  When you said yes, he would bring you close to him and give you a sweet kiss.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Jimin Scenario: Amore.

Request: So first i would like to have a jimin scenario were he meets gf parents, but they don’t speak korean so he must learn her native language (if possible italian, but every other language is ok [i don’t mean dialogues in italian, but like making references that gf nationality is italian {idk if i explained myself good lol}]) and he’s nervous to mess up             

Genre: Fluff

Nobody was really being of much help, his friends were trying but falling in a fit of laughter each time he attempted to pronounce two straight words and Jimin was sweating and frustrated, people spoke this, it shouldn’t be that hard.

–I’ll start again– Jimin said decided, he was doing this, he was greeting your parents like a nice Italian boy would without messing it up, for you and for them. – Now, hear me up –

His friends straightened themselves again, and Jimin remembered himself to be patient, he was patient, he was kind, he was smart and he was all but losing all of that already.

–Buon… buon…– Jimin took a deep breath, tried to remember the rest and coax his lips and voice to pronounce what he wanted them to. –Buon, gi… orno – his lips took a funny shape with the foreign word, and he saw how Taehyung and Jungkook did their best to not fall again in a fit of laughter.

–It’ll be almost midday when you meet them Jimin, are you sure you’ll still be greeting them as if it was morning? – Namjoon looked at him with his know it all eyes and Jimin clenched his fist, almost glaring at his hyung, but not quite.

–Buon giorno – he said again, stronger this time and annoyed. Damnit Namjoon, he was right, maybe that wasn’t even the same greeting for midday why didn’t he think about that before and why didn’t Namjoon open his mouth sooner? He could have saved Jimin a good half an hour of trying to properly pronounce the two words without making a ridiculous face halfway through.

Jimin just needed to persevere, he knew it, you had said that it was alright, that you could translate everything, that it wasn’t that much of an issue but for Jimin it was, he wanted to do everything in his hands for your parents to like him and cause them a good first impression, he was going to speak Italian even if it was the last thing he did.

–I got this alright? – he said, to his friends, to himself, eyeing again the notes on his hands where he’d scribbled all the possible phrases he could learn on his own. He wanted this to be a surprise but he’d also paid close attention to the little words you let out here and there in your native language, so he could get used to the sound, and Jimin wasn’t a quitter, no matter the headache and the tangled tongue, he got this, he could do this, he was going to walk into that restaurant with you and nail this whole italian thing in the batting of an eyelash.

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Pocket Bestfriend (Part 1)

Summary:  Modern AU. This series is loosely based from a manga entitled “Dengeki Daisy”. It’s about a girl (the reader) who finds herself comforted by the words of an anonymous message-sender.  

Pairing:  Bucky X Reader, Steve X Reader

Warning/s:  Fluff (FOR NOW), Sick brother, Language

A/N: Y/N = Your Name. Enjoy reading!

Number of Words: 1,723

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Want A Massage?

Alright so I am so very sorry it has taken me so long to post something new and I hope y’all aren’t mad. I just had a solid week of exams and I was working and studying so I’ve been pretty busy but we’re all goo to go now! 

ANYWAY, here’s another one that was requested by an anon:

“will you do a smutty one where the joker is stressed out so reader gives him a massage and it leads to more? thank you ;)” 

I hope you all like it and as always your feedback is very important to me so please let me know how I did haha


You heard the door slam before you saw him. Great, it was one of those days, something must’ve gone seriously wrong. You sat up from the couch and looked over at him. He was fuming, face relative flushed in angry, fists clenched, back slightly hunched. Oh god this was bad.

“Hey baby, how’s a goin’,” you asked quietly, careful to not set off any bombs in him.

“What does it look like Y/N? You think it’s all sunshine and rainbows here? Don’t be dumb, you know how it’s going,” he said angrily. You nodded and turned back to your book. You never let him push you around or be abusive in any way, you were stronger than that, but sometimes he could get a bit mean so you knew it was best to leave him alone.

“Alright, well I’ll be here, let me know if you need anything,” you mumbled with your nose in your book. He looked at you and came to sit beside you. You were laying down taking up the whole purple couch. He lifted your legs and slid under you. “Ya wanna talk about it?” You stayed focused on your book expecting a no from him but instead he shocked you and mumbled a sure. You looked up in disbelief.

“Someone tried to kill me today.” You were confused, that was nothing unusual.

“Okay. And? That’s definitely not the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last J,” you commented.

“They got close. They got too close. I almost fucking died today Y/N,” he said, his voice getting louder with each word. By the end of his simple sentence he was yelling out in frustration. You moved closer to him on the couch and wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders.

“Awe I’m sorry baby,” you said as you kissed his bare neck. “Want me to make it better?” He looked up at you, curiosity in his eyes. You ran your hand across his chest and back and then moved up to his tense shoulders. He always loved massages. Your father had been a massage therapist before he passed away, bless his soul, you thought. Over the year and in to your teenage and early adult life he had taught a few tricks and tips, mostly to relieve your own stresses but you found them to be quite helpful, especially on J’s tense body.

“How?” He inquired.

“Well I could give you a massage? I know that always helps you,” you said quietly as you continued to rub from his shoulders to his chest and back. He purred at the feel of your hands. “C’mon, you need it. I’ll go grab my massage oil and a towel and I’ll be back down, or you could come up to the bed with me where there’s more room.” It was an innocent offer only aimed to relieve the man of the pent up stress he holds.

He nodded and followed you upstairs, cheekily pinching your bum on the way up. You pushed open the door to your shared room and plopped down on the bed.

“I thought you were the one giving the massage baby girl,” he commented.

“I am. Now sit your butt down and shirt off,” you ordered. He chuckled at you and proceeded to peel his half unbuttoned dress shirt. You laid a towel down on the bed and instructed him to lie down face down on the towel. You took a seat on his ass and poured some of the lavender scented oil in to your palms. “Might be a little cold,” you warned as you placed your hands on his back, your skin a dark contrast to the paleness of his skin. His muscles visibly tensed but relaxed as soon as you started to move your hands soothingly up and down his back.

Digging the heels of your hands in to the fleshy muscle of his back you started your massage. He groaned as the pressure from your hands started to relieve the knots and aches from his back. You repeated the movements of your hands going up and down his back, working out all of the stiffness. You knew he loved it when you really put everything in to it so you gently pressed your elbow in to the meaty parts of his back. He groaned in satisfaction which made you smile with satisfaction.

“Mmm yes baby, that’s how I like it,” he muttered. You continued your actions, rubbing his tense body with a variety of different strokes you knew he enjoyed. “My turn,” he mumbled without you hearing him.

“Hmm? What was that baby?” Before you could say another word he had you flipped on to your back, him hovering above you.

“Oh my gosh, J what are you doing? Turn back around, I’m giving you a massage remember?” You tried to push him off you but failed.

“Oh I’ve got other things in mind babydoll,” he said with a smirk on his red lips. Your heart raced at the idea of what he might do. “You wanna help me relax kitten?” You nodded and bit your lips. “Then help daddy relax.” He slid down your body, placing small wet kisses here and there. Your breathing picked up as he got closer and closer to your most sensitive area. He slowly licked the inside of your thigh, devastatingly close to where you wanted, no needed, him most. He continued his torture for a few minutes, warming you up, making sure you know what’s about to come.

“C’mon, please just do it already,” you groaned in frustration. You could feel his smirk against your leg. Butterflies were fluttering around in your stomach in anticipation. A shriek left your mouth as he unexpectedly licked up your wet slit and sucked your clit in to his mouth. You felt the cold metal of his silver adorned teeth press against your sensitive skin and it sent a shiver down your spine. You hands immediately flew to his green hair and yanked at the roots in pure pleasure.

“Ah ah ah princess, no touching,” he said as he briefly pulled away, using his hands to pin your wrists down. You writhed in frustration as you wanted nothing more than to pull him closer to you.

“I need more, please J, I need more,” you begged. He plunged a finger in to your dripping heat and started pumping quickly, brushing your g-spot with each hard thrust. He soon added a second finger, the intense waves of pleasure bringing you close to your first orgasm. He lapped at your clit and curled his fingers deep in your pussy finally bringing you face to face with your orgasm.

“Yea baby, cum for daddy, cum for me baby girl,” he whispered in to your pussy. The husky tone of his voice matched with the deliciously sexy words sent you flying over the edge. He continued his assault on your clit as your body convulsed due to the pleasure. He groaned in to your pussy and licked you clean before coming up and smiling his metallic grin at you. “Much better baby girl, much better.”

The Story of our Love (Pt.3)

Member : Baekhyun

Genre : Fluff

College AU

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 coming soon.

“But,..don’t you remember me?” 

You stared at the man in front of you completely dumbfounded as you listened to his words.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

He chuckled a bit, amusement all over his features. He licked his lips as his eyes looked at the ground for a brief moment before they were back up looking at yours and his eyebrows ticked upwards as he spoke “This isn’t the first time we meet”.

He was clearly enjoying how bewildered you felt right now. You could tell by the way he smiled mischievously as he continued his little mind game.

“What are you talking about?” you asked again tucking a strand of loose hair behind your ear before you tilted your head to the side and crossed your arms over your chest.

“You don’t remember when we met in the subway?” he questioned shaking his head as a small smile strained the corner of his lips that held the smallest of birthmarks.

The wheels in your mind started their usual spinning as you tried to recall the encounter that Baekhyun was referring to. Your eyes stared far ahead, away from his face as you tried to remember.

Nothing. You got nothing.

“You know..when we were both in the subway, sitting next to each other and you were playing that game called (Hardest game ever) on your phone? And I was watching when you lost and you got all grumpy about it” he spoke from between his giggles.

“And then I said (It’s pretty tough huh? I couldn’t finish that level either). And then you looked at me with the same look you’re giving me right now before you laughed and nodded…” he continued.

It was all coming back to you now, that day, that game and how infuriated you were by it, and that man… But..that..he wasn’t Baekhyun was he?

“Your stop came before I could catch your name and then you just smiled at me and left” he was smiling the sweetest and the most gentle of smiles and it touched your soul and covered your skin in goosebumps.

The way you reacted to the way he spoke or smiled at you bemused your mind, You could’ve stopped everything and thought about it if your thoughts weren’t a complete mess right now.

“But…that wasn’t you” you said squinting your eyes questioningly at him.

Completely amused, he shook his head, and the tips of his white teeth appeared as they tugged at his lower lip. “You probably don’t recognize me because of the hair”

The smallest of silent moments passed before the picture in your mind unclouded and you remembered him, the man who was sitting next to you and spoke with the sweetest voice.

Your eyes widened as your mouth opened in recognition “Ooooh back then you had black hair”

“Black hair” He said in unison with you before he laughed and nodded. And then you saw him purse his lips together and his eyes turned from half moons into wide twinkling ones and he raised his eyebrows. 

Three blinks passed between you two before you both smiled and laughed. You didn’t know what to say, but not because it was awkward. Not at all.

It was because no words were needed.

You felt strange, a strong wave of something was passing through you and you didn’t seem to want to stop it. You felt it deeper the longer you stared into his eyes and laughed with him, and for the first time ever, your mind left you alone, and only your heart was moving you now.

“I can’t believe this! I mean what are the chances really!” you began to speak as your laughter died down and you continued walking with Baekhyun by your side.

From the corner of your eye, you saw him nod, lick his lips and say “I tell you what? It’s still early, do you wanna hang out?”


“Here in campus. I know a great spot come on!” he urged before he ran with your things not giving you much room for refusal.

There were turns, hallways and stairs before you reached the roof of the building that was built in just a small distance from the rest of the campus buildings and you stood at the door, back bent with your hands resting at your knees as you caught your breath.

“Why did you run?” you asked in between gasps as you stood up straight and brushed your hair away from your face.

“Well we’re not exactly allowed up here and I didn’t want anyone to see us” he replied as he set your things down.

“Yeah because running around like that is so low key” you spoke sarcastically before your eyes widened taking in the setting in front of you.

There were blankets placed messily on the ground, golden Christmas lights hanging, old mattresses, scribbles all over the walls and a bunch of chairs randomly scattered around.

“Wow! What is this place?”

“We made it last year. Jongdae discovered it and we thought it would be a nice place to resort to, so we decorated it” he spoke as he gestured for you to come closer and sit beside him.

“Candy?” his fist was extended towards your open palm, and you watched him place a number a bright red round cherry flavored sweets in your hand.

“I’m impressed” you stated as you filled your mouth with the sweet treats.

He chuckled before he nodded proudly. “So..tell me about yourself. Who is Y/N?” he sat closer to you, giving you his full attention.

“What do you wanna know?” the reply you gave him was the one you always used to this question. It was a tricky one and you never knew how to answer it.

“Anything just tell me anything about you” he answered.

“Well…I don’t know what to tell you…” 

“I’ll make it easier for you, let’s skip the basic information like birthdays and blood types. I wanna know you! You know? Does that make sense?” he spoke with enthusiasm as he handed you more sweets.

“Mmm..I don’t know…” you hesitated before you looked into his sparkling eyes and something stirred inside you. Something that made you find comfort in his presence and urge the words out of your mouth.

The words that were to tell your story. The story you thought was completely unnecessary for people to know.

But the way he was looking at you nudged the doors to your heart, and you found amenity in everything that he is, and the voices in your head told you it was alright.

You watched his face as he warmly smiled and listened to the hesitant words you were spouting and handed you a can of cold coke. 

Two or three flickers later, and after the realization that you’ve been staring and silent for a while now, you started telling him.

“Well I guess you could say I’m someone who spent their entire life ummm…I don’t know, working hard I guess…? So I didn’t get to do much or go out much” You weren’t sure why your heart was pounding so much when you told him, but maybe because it was the first time you’ve let this out to someone who wasn’t Ah Young.

“And why is that…If I may ask?” he spoke softly as he took the coke from between your fidgeting fingers and opened it before handing it back to you.

“…Things turned out that way I guess” your reply was short and held a firm feel to it that sent off the vibe that this was a guard you weren’t letting down.

You saw him nod in understanding before he spoke “And when you say you haven’t done much you mean..?” 

“I mean just things, regular things, like…what do I tell you? Like going to the karaoke room, or playing in the rain, or petting a dog.” you were interrupted when you saw him choke and then cough loudly. 

Something you said must’ve really shocked him.

He held a hand at his mouth as he coughed harshly, and you quickly handed him the bottle of water that sat in front of him. 

His reaction was funny.

You tapped at his back as he took huge gulps of water before he took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

“You okay there?” your giggles were just too much to hold in.

“A dog?! You’ve never petted a dog in your life before??” his voice was loud and his eyes were open in total shock. “You’re joking right? You have to be!” 

“Hey to be fair I was terrified of dogs when I was growing up” you stated in your defense, holding your chin up and crossing your arms over your chest.

“But it’s a dog!” his pitch rose a little and he squinted his eyes at you.

“I had my reasons dude” you told him as you held your palm up in his direction before you sipped on your drink.

He blinked slowly before he nodded and took one more mouthful of water, puffing his cheeks before it went down his throat and he nodded, lifting his hand in a continue gesture “okay okay, go on”

“Anyway…” you talked a lot, telling him a great deal of things. Baekhyun was a good listener, he was all nods and questions, with the occasional snack offering he kept doing, and when he wasn’t listening, he was very chatty and hilarious. The man had a great sense of humor that left you with a pair of teary eyes and an aching belly.

You ended up talking all night, becoming closer to the man you didn’t want to think about earlier. He was easy to talk to and fun to be around, and you slowly found yourself getting rid of the protective shell around you.

You connected with him.

It was 4:00 AM now and you both needed the little hours of sleep the rest of that night had to offer, so after cleaning up and cautiously walking back to your dorm rooms, you rested your head on your pillow, closing your eyes and clearing all thoughts off of your mind, except those ones associated with Baekhyun.

Since that night, being around Baekhyun was a regular thing for you, you two stuck together like white on rice, always seen together and always in the company of one another, even when the rest of your friends weren’t around.

He sat next to you during Mr. Lee Tae Im’s class now, slipping small notes that held lame jokes and adorable scribbles. He took good care of you, from passing on his older notes to making sure you had something warm to drink when it was extra cold outside.

Baekhyun was just kind like that, and you two were becoming really good friends.

You were sitting on the bench under the big tree where all the campus lovers carved their names, listening to some music and having some of that warm vending machine canned coffee when you felt a pair of slightly cold hands cover your eyes.

Surprised a little, you jumped before you smiled knowing who the childish gesture belonged to. You took his hands in yours lowering them from your eyes as you turned around and you saw him smiling that charming, sweet contagious smile of his.

You smiled back.

“Hi” he said, his expression a mischievous one.

“Hey you changed your hair color!” you told him pointing your index finger at his head.

“What do you think?” he laughed as he was moving from behind the bench to sit next you.

“I like it, brown suits you” you said, your hand naturally stroking his soft locks as you looked at his newly colored hair.


“Well certainly more than pink” you joked and he chuckled a little.

He was staring at you as you did so, you knew because he was silent. Your eyes fell to be locked with his and around two or three seconds passed with you two looking at one another. 

He suddenly cleared his throat, took your hand in his as he began toying with your fingers like he usually did when your hand was warmer than his.

“Say..are you busy today?” he asked, taking your coffee from the hand he wasn’t holding and helping himself to a sip or two.

“Not in particular, I was just gonna go organize my notes and study why?” 

He sighed shaking his head “do you ever do anything that isn’t studying?” he said with a small pout.

You rolled your eyes, staying silent for a bit as you watched him play with your fingers, his lips still forming a cute pout.

You pursed your lips together holding back your smile, because you knew he was pouting like that because he knew when you had plans to study, these plans weren’t going anywhere.

“What do you have in mind?” you finally asked and you instantly saw the quick change in his expression, his eyes looked at you and his pout was replaced with a big bright smile. 

“Really? Then come with me” his hand held yours firmly as he walked with you following him behind. His steps were quick and eager, making it a little difficult for you to follow.

“Where are we going?” you asked and he didn’t reply, he just kept walking and walking till you were out of the campus. 

“Baekhyun? Bother telling me where we’re going?” his steps came to a quick stops and you almost bumped into him. He turned to look at you, eyebrows furrowed in frustration rather than anger.

“Patience or you’ll ruin it…aish” he said before he continued walking, his hand still holding yours for some reason.

After a good ten minutes walk, he stopped in front of a small building that held a big bright pink neon sign that read (Karaoke Room). He turned around and looked at you, his eyes twinkling with excitement. 

“Ta-da!” he held his hands out towards the building and you saw the enthusiastic way he smiled before his lower lip disappeared under his teeth as he looked at you, he was fidgeting on his feet like a small excited kid who was a little high on sugar.

“Baekhyun what are we doing here?” you were excited yourself, your eyes scanning at the big blinding sign. 

“Remember when you said you never had the chance to go to a karaoke room? Well today’s your chance!”  

“Geez Baekhyun that was literally weeks ago! How do you even remember that?”

“Because I remember things, now come on!!” his hands were at your shoulders and he was pushing you inside the building past the lady at the counter and towards one of the rooms.

You stopped on your tracks causing him to stop as well and he looked at you confused.

“Shouldn’t we pay or something?” you asked and he smiled.

“Already taken care of, let’s just go and have fun” he winked and you felt his hands nudging you to walk into the room down the hall.

When you entered the room, it was already set with pizza, snacks and drinks, the blue and pink lights were fluttering and the music was playing.

You stood there, dumbfounded for a second before you turned around to look at Baekhyun who was standing with his hands behind his back and biting his lower lip as he smiled playfully.

“Baekhyun…when did you..did you do this?” the gesture warmed your heart and overwhelmed you. Just the thought that he remembered such an irrelevant and small thing was beyond you.

How much further could his sweetness go?

He rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged “It’s nothing” he said before he walked to the Karaoke machine and pressed a few buttons. The music started playing and you saw him walk towards you with a pair of cat ears, he placed them over your head and then his fingers brushed and arranged your hair sweetly.

He was so close and warm and his scent took over, he handed you the microphone before he placed Pikachu ears over his head and you started singing.

It was fun, the food was good and the company was even better, Baekhyun sang dramatically to some songs while he did others goofily. He danced when you were the one singing and screamed like he was your number one fanboy when the song finished.

You jumped all over the room and played with each other like small children, screamed and danced and laughed.

It felt amazing.

It felt like only minutes passed before the Karaoke lady knocked on the door and told you that the hour was up.

Baekhyun pouted and you sighed, gathering your things and leaving the building. He handed you a bottle of water as you both walked back to campus, your legs barely holding you up from all the fun you had.

“You’re a pretty good singer” you said.

“Well yeah, maybe in an alternative universe I could be an idol” he joked and you laughed for like the 100th time.

You two shared the pavement in silence, mainly catching your breaths and drinking some water. You nudged his shoulder with yours and his head ticked to your direction and he looked at you.

“I really appreciate this Baekhyun”

A sideway smile appeared on his lips as he looked at you before he looked at the ground “It’s really nothing” he replied sweetly.

“It’s something to me” you told him and he stopped walking.

You both looked at each other, an appreciative smile plastered on both of your lips.

He was looking so sweetly at you, in that way he looked at his younger friends before his long fingers ruffled your hair. “Aish” he mumbled and started walking again.

“If you like it so much then I’ll do it often”


He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him, his other hand deep inside his pocket as his eyes watched the stars above “all the things you never did, I’ll do them for you, it’ll be like our thing. Just you and I and you know what?”

He sounded so sweet and he was warm you didn’t even feel the wind that blew if you hadn’t seen it dishevel his hair.


“When we’re old and we’re still friends, we could tell it people like it’s the story of our friendship”

Sick Of It

Requested: Yes. “Hello! Could you write an angst fanfic with A? Like they were Tyler’s loved one before A took over and they stuck around for a long time but they’ve had enough of everything? It’s alright if you can’t.”

Fandom: Tyler Scheid

Pairing: Tyler/Reader, Apocalypse/Reader

Pronouns: They/Them

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Abuse, Name Calling, Blood 

A/N: My first fic on my new account! …Enjoy!

Originally posted by antisepticdark

       You stared blankly at the wall, the warm mug in your hands did little to stop the cold from seeping into your body. At any second A was going to walk through the front door. He was going to be covered in blood, from his work with Gear. It hit you, hard, every time you saw the blood on him, on his face. Those eyes, that body, that was your Tyler. Mentally, that thing owned it and in turn he owned everything else.

That thing was not your Tyler, it did not think like him, talk like him, laugh like him, love like him. Occasionally, when Tyler stored up enough energy, you could get him back, just for a little bit. You thought that would be enough, you hoped that it would keep you sane and you could stay with your little illusion. The bruises on your body told a different story and, despite that, you wanted to think that there was some inkling of humanity left in A. He may have looked human, but you were sure that he was a demon, a monster.

The door opened, bringing you out of your thoughts, as expected A was covered in blood. You watched him walk through the kitchen, leaving bloody footprints as he went. He barely acknowledged you as he reached forwards and grabbed a beer. He knocked the first one back and grabbed another. He turned to you and arched a brow, his lips curled upwards just the slightest bit, muscle memory. You chewed your lip, when you spoke your voice was merely a whisper,

“I can’t stay here anymore. I can’t stay with you anymore.” to which he answered with a low chuckle. As he walked passed you, he wiped the blood on his pant leg and patted his head, as if you were a dog. Anger flared through you as you stood to follow him. You swallowed thickly, glaring as he shrugged off his clothes and put them in the hamper. He even had the audacity to hand the damned thing over to you. In a spur of the moment, rush of bravery, you threw it at his feet. He grabbed the front of your shirt.

“Watch it, human, I won’t hesitate to rip you in two. Now pick up the laundry and do your chores like a good little bitch.” A growled, shoving you back a little. You held your ground, meeting his eyes with a glare.

“It’s not up for discussion, I am so sick of your shit. You are so inconsiderate and hateful. You’re a disgusting slob and I am sick of cleaning up after you all the damn time. I shouldn’t have to scrub the floor every single night because you don’t know how to take off your damn shoes. I-… I can’t do it anymore.” you hissed, arms crossing over his chest. You were warm again, from your anger. The smug smile he continued to wear only pissed you off more.

“Are you telling me this or Tyler?” A watched your frustration grow, his smile only widening even more. Before you could even think about what you were doing, your hand was tinted red and it stung. It didn’t hurt him by any means, surprised him, though. He turned to look in the bathroom mirror, giving a low whistle at the red handprint. You stepped back, turning on your heel to go to the room and grab your stuff. You had already packed, having made up your mind this morning. On your way to the door you heard a voice, softer than A’s. You were scared to turn around, not wanting your resolve to crack. Tyler understood.  

“Hey, Sweetheart, I don’t blame you… I never have and I never will, but Thank you, for sticking by me for so long. Even with what that monster did to you. I love you, baby. Never forget that.” his voice wavered but it never cracked, Tyler was always strong when you needed him to be. You bit your lip, taking in a deep breath. You didn’t want to do this, you didn’t want to leave him, but it was for your own safety. Before you opened the door, you whispered one final phrase to him,  

“I love you, too…”      

brain freeze

anonymous asked: can I please request an imagine with joe watching “you” and casp film the brain freeze challenge and just being overly protective with you? hahaha, thank you~

Word Count: 1,475 (not sorry lol)

Rating: PG-13

Hope you enjoy, feel free to send in requests here

“I still don’t like this. It could be dangerous you know,” Joe murmured from the bed as he watched you rummage through your suitcase for the swimming costume you had packed. You were both staying at Caspar’s for a few days, and he had decided it was a great time to film some collabs.

“You survived, didn’t you? Joe I’ll be fine, besides, Casp’s fans have been begging for him to film this ever since you filmed yours,” you grinned. It always made you a bit warm and fuzzy when Joe got protective over you, and you were perfectly fine with milking it for all it was worth.

“You have no idea how cold you’re going to be. I couldn’t feel my toes for a solid three hours afterwards,” he cautioned. You rolled your eyes at him, slipping out of your clothes and into your bikini.

“Joe, I’ll be fine,” you repeated, walking over and giving him a quick kiss before leaving the room. He pouted but got up to follow you anyways.

You could hear Caspar dumping the multiple bags of ice into his bathtub as you headed for his room.

“You ready for this?” He seemed excited, carefully avoiding Joe’s gaze. You watched as your boyfriend climbed onto the counter, perching there.

“As ready as I’m ever going to be. Have you got everything set up?” He nodded, pointing towards all the camera’s and lights. Josh was there as well, ready to help with filming.

“Alright then, might as well get started. Josh you good?” Caspar asked before sitting down on the toilet seat and beginning the intro.

“Hello everyone my name’s Caspar Lee, and today I’ve got a special guest with me! It’s Joe’s girlfriend Y/N, and it’s time for another episode, of brain freeze.”

You did a little dance as the camera panned to you, trying to keep a straight face when you saw Joe’s glare. Caspar saw it too, and jumped at the opportunity.

“I think Joe is afraid that I’m going to kill her,” Casp whispered to the camera, Josh swinging the camera over to him. He was still glowering and the three of you laughed.

“I kinda want to feel it first,” you said, stepping close to the tub and dipping your foot in.

“OH MY GOD!” The water was even colder than you had expected, your skin burning at the temperature change.

“I told you it was cold!” Joe exclaimed, making you stick your tongue out at him.

“Is this the part where I say my dick has shrunk 3 inches and you flash #Y/Nhasabigwillie on the screen?” You tease, turning to look at the camera, knowing that he was definitely putting that in. “Alright, let’s get on with it.”

Caspar nodded at you, and as quickly as you could, you submerged your body in the water.

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Requested by anonymous

You hated being sick. Even though it got you out of going to school, you couldn’t enjoy yourself while you were sniffling and coughing and queasy.

Around noon, you were groaning as you sat in bed, debating if you had the energy to get up to get yourself some lunch. However, before you reached a decision, you heard a knock at your window, surprised to see a particular ghost boy.

“Danny, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you at school?” you asked once Danny phased into your room.

“It’s super easy to sneak out during lunch when you can go invisible,” Danny stated. “I figured I’d bring you some lunch.” He held up a paper sack.

“Danny, you didn’t have to,” you said as Danny walked over and sat next to you in the bed.
You need to eat, too.”

“I had cafeteria food,” Danny stated. “Jazz had packed this for me. Don’t worry, it’s not my mom’s cooking.

You shuddered and laughed when you thought of Danny’s mom’s food. You had sworn it growled at you. “Thank you so much, Danny,” you thanked, taking an apple out of the bag and taking a bite. “I’d kiss you, but I don’t want you catching my cold.

“Can ghosts even get sick?” Danny asked, before kissing your forehead. “Ooh, you really are burning up.” He put his hand on your forehead to check, his cold hand feeling good on your sore head.

You laughed a little. “That’s because you’re still in ghost form. Everything feels hot when you aren’t putting off your own body heat.”

“Whoops,” Danny said before transforming back into human form. “There, now you won’t be cold when I do this.” He wrapped his arms around you and cuddled into your side.

“Don’t you have a class to get back to, Mr. Fenton?” you asked flatly.

“I’ll just borrow Sam’s notes. You could use someone taking care of you.”

You smiled. "Thank you, Danny.”

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a fic where high school Prompto saves his s/o from bullying?

Aaaaaah I’m so sorry I took so long to answer! Yes, here we go~

Originally posted by sarapyon

“So what is it?” asked one of the boys standing before you. There were three of them, and they all had been making quips at you, but the one in the middle was having at you the most. Sure, you all had homeroom together, but none of you really had any interaction with each other. You barely knew their names, to be quite honest. What was it about today that made them decide to target you for their bullying escapades? Every “joke” they made at your expense was because of your boyfriend, Prompto, and even more so because of your close friend, Prince Noctis.

“Do you… you know?” The boy on the right pressed his tongue against his cheek and swirled it around a bit while the other two laughed. If you weren’t worried about one of them physically harming you, you would’ve rolled your eyes, but you didn’t know them well enough to judge if they would or wouldn’t get violent. You decided that it would be best to keep your silence and try to stay calm. “You must be pretty skilled if it gets you into His Highness’s inner circle,” the boy in the middle contributed. “You do it for that Prompto guy, too? How often do they both—”

“There you are,” cut in a familiar voice. A gentle sigh escaped your chest as your gaze averted to Prompto. He always had a way of showing up right when you needed him. You don’t know how he did it, but by the Six, you were glad he was here. If nothing else, his presence would help you maintain that calm you’d been holding on to. “Noct and I are heading to the arcade soon. You’re going with us, right, ____?” The guy on the right pointed a bit in your boyfriend’s direction. “Looks like blondie decided to join the party. You’re really rocking that chocobo ass-looking hair.”

“I’m… not sure if I feel complimented or insulted,” Prompto admitted. The guy in the middle sneered. “Honestly, what does the prince see in two losers like you?” At those words, you sensed Prompto’s tension shoot up. Your gaze shifted to him, watching and waiting to see what your love was going to do. Prompto liked to be cheerful and upbeat, but you knew him well. Some things that were hard to hide, no matter what mask he may be wearing.

Prompto’s lips parted as he exhaled softly, and his stare softened. “Well… I can’t speak on ____’s behalf,” said Prompto, “but honestly, I wonder why Noct chose me as his friend. I wonder that a lot, actually. I’m not anything special, and I think that sometimes my optimism might be a bit overbearing. But… it’s not up to me to decide if I’m good enough for him or not. It’s his choice. If he thinks I’m good enough to hang around him, then that’s all I need to know.”

The moment you blinked, you realized that your gaze had been unwavering for the entirety of his small speech. His words rang true, though. You couldn’t really explain why you were chosen to be so close to Noctis and Prompto, but here you were. Although those thoughts came from him, they echoed yours perfectly. You couldn’t help but be relieved that he found a way to articulate what you could not.

“If you’re jealous,” added Prompto, “you might want to take a look at yourself first. I don’t think Noct really cares to hang with bullies. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, you should work to change it instead of taking it out on others. … Are we good now?” The boys exchanged looks, their scowls just slightly softened. Clearly, they were unsatisfied with how this interaction went down, but seemed to be lost as to how to refute Prompto’s declaration.

“… C’mon,” the boy in the middle grumbled, sulking off with his arms still folded. The other two followed, one of them shooting a final glare at you before walking off. Prompto heaved a sigh before leaning back against the wall. His hand resting on his forehead as his eyes fluttered shut. “Man, I wasn’t sure that was gonna work!” he admitted with a laugh. Without hesitation, you leaned in and kissed Prompto’s cheek.

“O-oh! Aah, what did I do to deserve that? Not that I’m complaining!” As his eyes opened once again, his gaze immediately met yours. That beautiful shade of blue that his eyes were never ceased to amaze you. You smiled, taking his cold hand into your warm one before giving a little squeeze. “Thank you for stepping in,” you spoke. “That was really brave of you.” The blonde rubbed the back of his neck as he laughed once more. His cheeks were turning red underneath his freckles. “Well, it’d be bad if I just left you to them, right? Besides, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I did that to you?”

The scarlet decorating his skin began to fade before he kissed the tip of your nose. “I really care about you, ____. I don’t want there to be any doubt about that. Now, how about you and I go to the arcade with Noct and I watch you kick his butt at some air hockey?” You flashed a bright grin, pulling him along as you held onto Prompto’s arm. “I’d like that,” you answered.

anonymous asked:

Widowmaker, sombra, mei with an s/o who is a professional masseuse?


She doesn’t react much when you tell her, instead just nodding and keep going on her day. She doesn’t know the full details until you give her a massage, making her melt underneath your hands. She won’t outright ask for another massage but she will become a bit clingier, at least until you give her one.


She brings it up, wanting to see your skills for herself. You go the whole way for her, candles and rubbing your hands with oil. She will loudly appreciate your handy work, groaning as you rub out her knots. She won’t say no if things get a little more intimate, finding it even better with how relaxed she is.


She’s a little embarassed when you suggest it but will lay down for you. She giggles a little when you first touch her, shocked by your cold hands, but quickly gets into it. She adores it now, finding it romantic, and will often go to ask her.

anonymous asked:

omgomg for the one thing 6,15 or 30 for Saeran?? I can't decide 🤔 btw I love your writing so much it's 100/10 👌👌

6: a kiss of relief

A/N: Aww, thank you anon! :) Hope you like this one!

I’ll be doing 15 next because another anon requested it too. :D (15: a hope-we-don’t-get caught kiss)

“Out of the way! Move!”

Crowds of people standing about in the hallway were shoved roughly aside by a man who was currently barreling through them, his face looking like hell. His angry red hair was a big mess, the tips dripping with perspiration. His tank top was drenched in his sweat, droplets of it sliding down the sides of his face and the back of his neck.

There were comments of protest and disgust coming from the people he pushed past, but he could barely hear them over the sound of his throbbing heart hammering painfully against his tight, constricted ribcage. He was panting, gasping for air because he had just sprinted the whole way here. He hadn’t run like that in a long time. Nor had he been so frightened or frantic since back then, when he thought Saeyoung wouldn’t come back for him.

He had gotten the news just a couple minutes ago, over the phone. Because he was your emergency contact and he had been the first person they called.

All that had managed to sink into his head was “car accident” and “hospital” before he felt all the blood drain from his face. Something in him snapped, the worst immediately springing to mind. Thoughts of you lying motionless on the road, a pool of blood underneath your lifeless body. Thoughts of you with blood trailing down the side of your mouth, your limbs twisted in odd, unnatural angles.

Thoughts of you not breathing, covered in a white sheet.

And… thoughts of you leaving him for good. Without even a goodbye.

He had nearly thrown up, his knees giving way as he collapsed to the floor when the world around him darkened for a moment. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening, not when he had just found you, not when he had so many more things he wanted to do with you. He had even made a list of it in his head, and he wasn’t even halfway done. You couldn’t leave him like this.

Crippling fear then turned into desperation, and with a strangled cry in the back of his throat, tears starting to spill over his cheeks, he had sprinted out the door.

He had to get to you.

And now, here he was, finally at the ward where you reportedly were. His hand was on the cool metal handle, but he hesitated just for a second, afraid that he wouldn’t like what he would see. Afraid that once he walked past this door, he would have to face the reality that he was alone again, that you too, had abandoned him for good, and that he would have to live the rest of his miserable life without you in it.

Shaking those thoughts aside, he burst through the door, his noisy entrance startling some of the other patients in the ward, as well as their visitors. He scanned the ward frantically, checking to see where you were.

It was the patient at the end of the room that caught his eye.

His eyes found familiar ones. Wide, blinking, moving.


And without another moment to lose, he was striding over to your bed, not even giving you time to say his name before he wrapped his arms around you in a hug, one that stole your breath away, quite literally.

You were about to protest because the numerous scratches along your arms and face hurt with the amount of pressure he was applying with his tight embrace, but then his shoulders began to shake. For a moment you were confused, until you registered the moisture that was building on your sleeve, and heard the sounds of his muffled sobbing.

You didn’t say anything. You couldn’t. All you could do was hug him back, squeeze him with all your might, assure him that you were alive, that you were safe, and that you were still here, with him. Tears pricked your eyes, the ordeal you had been through earlier, the fear that you would never wake up again when you lost consciousness, and the guilt for giving Saeran such a huge scare hitting you all at once.

You tried to hold them in, only allowing two or three to slide down your cheek as you buried your face in his clothes, fisting your fingers in his hair. His skin was sticky and he smelled of perspiration, but you didn’t care.

Both of you were together now, and that was all that mattered.

And then Saeran pulled away, allowing you full view of his tear-streaked face. You wiped them away with your thumbs, while he cupped your face in his cold hands, his fingers ghosting over the little cuts on your cheek and chin. His gaze came to rest on the bandages that had been wrapped around your head, covering your temples and forehead. You saw fear in his eyes, mind-numbing fear, but slowly something else mixed in with it, replacing it little by little.


There wasn’t a need for words. Not now.

With his hand at the nape of your neck, he yanked you forward, crashing your lips roughly against his. It wasn’t the gentle, tender Saeran you normally knew. This was the Saeran you knew when he woke up shaking from a nightmare he had, the Saeran who would punch the wall with his bare fists, crying when he was having another bout of torture by memories of his dark past.

This was the Saeran who was deathly frightened of ever losing you, of ever letting you slip past the crevices of his fingers.

He had lost enough in his lifetime, after all. You knew he couldn’t bear losing you either, in the same way you would never be able to bear losing him.

He was cradling you in his arms now, tears sliding in between your cheeks as he cried, kissing you over and over, fiercely, roughly. You could taste the the salty tang of his tears on his lips. Teeth nipped at your lips, biting, pulling. His tongue slid in between your parted lips, moving against yours sensually, dominating you completely. You tried to pull away, suddenly realising that you needed air, but he didn’t let go. Caging you with his strong arms, he prevented you from moving away and began sucking on your tongue harshly, making you moan into his mouth. Your mind went blank then, allowing him to do as he wished with you, because you knew he needed to be sure of you, to really know that you were real, here, and that this was not a dream.

It was only when the both of you were truly in desperate need for air that you broke apart with a gasp, both panting heavily, but still holding each other in a tight embrace. There were other people in the ward, and you could feel stares on the both of you, likely stares of disgust and disbelief for doing something as brazen as this in a hospital of all places, but you could care less about that.

“You okay?” you asked hoarsely, running your fingers through his hair. You knew he liked it when you did it. It was calming, soothing for him.

“I will be,” he admitted, his voice muffled against your shoulder. “I’m just… When I got the call, I thought that maybe you had– I thought I’d lost you, and I…”

“Shh,” you shushed him, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I’m here,” you murmured in his ear, making sure he could hear you crystal clear. “I’m safe. And we’re together now. Sorry for scaring you like that.”

“What happened?”

“I got knocked down by a car. Drunk driver. But, thankfully someone close to me managed to push me away in time so I avoided the worst of the impact. Could have died– I mean, I’m fine. Got away with just a few scratches,” you rambled on, regretting the use of that word, with Saeran being so sensitive right now.

“That motherfuc–”

“It’s okay, Saeran.”

“How can it be okay? That person nearly killed you! Or could have someone else! I’ll kill that fucker if it’s the last thing I do–”

“Saeran, look at me,” you cut in, pressing your hands on either sides of his face and forcing him to face you. “He’s with the police now. Let them handle it.”

“The police,” he repeated with an eyeroll. “Of course. Count on them to do everything right, like let criminals get off scot-free.” He was speaking from past experience, back when he was a hacker at Mint Eye.

“Saeran, please. I’m right here. Isn’t that what matters? That we’re together? Safe?”

His eyes softened then, and he averted your eyes, hanging his head in shame. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I got carried away.”

“It’s okay. You’re just upset right now.”

He made a dismissive grunt at that, emitting a long sigh. Then he asked the inevitable. “Are you hurting anywhere? In any pain at all?”

“Saeran, I’m really fine,” you insisted with a chuckle. You had been waiting for him to ask this, because obviously he would shoot you a bunch of questions about whether you were feeling alright and doubt your positive answers too. Your lighthearted reply only made him frown, so you added in the most convincing voice you could muster, “The doctor said I can go home after a quick check-up. Just needed to check for a concussion, since I did pass out earlier.”

He still looked unconvinced, and in response you cheekily poked at the creases on his forehead. “You should really stop worrying. I’m fine. I promise.”

“I know. I just can’t help it,” he muttered, balling his hands into fists. You noticed the slight tremor going down his arm, and you placed a hand over his fist, raising it to your lips to plant a kiss on his knuckles.

“It’s okay, Saeran. Everything will be fine. I’ll go home with you once the doctor gives the green light. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah, it does,” he nodded, his shoulders finally sagging, relieved from all the tension from earlier. “I’ll need to do a thorough check up for you when we get home though,” he added under his breath, shooting you a flat glare. He was probably kind of peeved because of the huge scare he had gotten, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Well… you weren’t about to complain though. “Be sure to make it a thorough one,” you said with a smirk, prompting his lips to curl up into one as well, while his pupils dilated ever so slightly.

“I’ll make sure of it,” he promised, and you felt a delightful shiver go down your spine at the look in his eyes.

Oh, what you would give to get home right this instant.

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NCT reaction of putting their hand up your skirt when making out. I love your reactions btw!

Thank you very much! ^^ Sooo…I don’t want to make this request into something dirty, so I’m sorry if you wanted it in that way. And I won’t include the members who are underaged either, beacuse I think this whole reaction would turn into something inappropriate. And one last thing. I didn’t inculde Johnny, Hansol and Kun. If you want a reaction from them too, please request this again. ^^


 You were at home, watching a film when he suddenly turned towards you and started kissing you. His hands were on your hips but then they went down and he started playing with your skirt.You noticed that and stopped him.
“Oh! Oh my God! I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry Y/N!” suddenly he got really shy and giggled.

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 When you told him to stop, he immediately tried to explain it.
“I was just… umm… trying to guess the material of your skirt!” he laughed

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 You simply just rabbed his hand and pulled it back to your waist. You could tell he was smiling, but you kept kissing him after that.

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You were on a date with him. You were just walking around in the park at night, because that was the only time when no one could disturb your date. You tought. You started making out and his hands went a little bit further than usual. He was pulling on your skirt a little bit, when you heard the sound of a camera clicking. He quickly removed his hand from you when he saw a strange person behind a tree. He grabbed your hand and started walking away with you quickly.

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You didn’t notice his hand on your thigh at first, but when you felt something that something cold got in contact with your leg you jumped a little bit.
„Umm…sorry. I didn’t mean to actually do that.” he looked at you
„You didn’t do anything bad, don’t worry. Just your hands are a little bit cold.” you said with a shy smile on your face.

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When his hand started touching your leg you looked at him with a scared expression.
„Did….did I scared you?” he asked with sadness in his voice
„Yes, a little bit. It was a little too sudden for me.”
He then hugged you and apologised.

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His hand went towards to your skirt, but you grabbed his hand and interwined your fingers with his so he couldn’t put his hand anywhere else. He pulled apart and lookes at you with a dissapointed face, but then you kissed him again. Then you could feel him smiling again while kissing you.

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Hope you liked it!

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My Sun, My Moon, My Stars

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❅ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

❅ Genre: Fluff

 A/N- Sorry this is just a short little one shot, I suddenly felt like writing a bit of cute fluffiness so I hope you guys enjoy :) x

❅ “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” - E.E Cummings

Snowflakes tumbled down in a flurry as the two of you made your way through the dimly lit street hand in hand.

You were both bundled in thick layers of clothing, everything from thermal socks to woollen hats and yet somehow the evening’s cold still seeped through, though the warmth of being next to Jungkook was enough to keep out any chill, no matter how harsh or bitter. Your boots left imprints in the freshly laid snow as you trudged along the silent street, the only noise gracing the air the sound of distant church bells ringing.

His grip around your hand tightened.

“It’s freezing tonight” he remarked, and you hummed in agreement, your breath forming steam as it left your mouth.

After a few more moments of walking in a very happy silence Jungkook seemed to take note of the way your entire body was shivering and your teeth chattering. He let go of your hand instantly, ignoring your protests and removed his coat before gently draping the item around your shoulders, the comforting heat enveloped your body immediately.

“Jungkook no, you’re gonna be cold now, put your coat back on you silly boy” you insisted, trying to remove the jacket from around you, but he grabbed it and held it in place firmly.

“No, I’d rather I was cold than you, and besides, I can handle it better than you” he said, taking your hand in his own again and guiding you down the twisting roads lined with houses on either side. You could see inside some of the windows, Christmas trees hadn’t been taken down yet and families sat inside their living rooms, talking or gathered around the TV. The sight made you oddly sentimental.

“Jeon Jungkook, are you implying that I’m a weakling?” you said jokingly, punching his upper arm lightly.

“Of course not! I would never do that Y/N” he replied, his voice heavy with sarcastic offence “I wasn’t implying you’re a weakling. I know for a fact you’re a weakling”

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