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RP starters: Flirting ( + responses to it. )
  • “You come here often?”
  • “Can I offer you a drink?”
  • “So.. You expecting someone?”
  • “Do you need a place to stay for tonight?”
  • “I gotta tell you… you look incredibly hot.”
  • “Do you want to dance with me?”
  • “Look at us… we are basically a couple already.”
  • “I bet you would look even better without your clothes on.”
  • “Are you single? Just asking.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.”
  • “What would you say if you and me would go somewhere else?”
  • “I love the way you’re dressed.”
  • “Do I have any chances with you?”
  • “Do you have anything better to do later?”
  • “Can I get your phone number?”
  • “You seem like a bad boy/girl/person type.”
  • “I can do whatever you want, babe.”
  • “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”
  • “I bet guys/gals/people are all over you.”
  • “You should be a model.”
  • "Are you… trying to flirt with me?”
  • “Maybe if I get a free drink I can consider talking to you.”
  • “That won’t work. Try again.”
  • "Oh my god, did you just say that out loud?”
  • "I’m waiting for someone. However, you can amuse me in the meanwhile.”
  • “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
  • “I thought you were taken.”
  • “So, have you flirted with every girl/boy/one in this bar yet?”
  • “Do I look like someone who seems interested in you?”
  • “Compliments won’t pay my drinks.”
seijou 3rd years aesthetics

oikawa: stargazing, pale summer mornings, a good hair day and chins held high, intertwining your pinkies with the person you love, overthinking, stardust and wishing upon a shooting star, heart-to-hearts at 2am, quirky nicknames, looking up conspiracy theories, talking through a movie, smiling at strangers, aliens, happy humming in the morning, butterfly kisses, passionate anger that brings tears, excitement over little things, daydreaming, stealing clothes from your favourite person.

iwaizumi: black coffee in the morning, courage when you’re most afraid, slow dancing, well made beds, late night drives, the glint in the eyes of the person you love when they’re happy, when you spike the ball and your skin prickles, when you know you’re trusted, your friends’ doodles on your notebooks, the feeling when you know you’ve won, the ache deep in your muscles after working hard, helping someone with their homework, red pumas and hoodies.

hanamaki: daisy chains, truth or dare, metaphors, dancing in the rain, the first stroke of a brush against a clean canvas, creampuffs, messy rooms, blanket and pillow forts, bad pick-up lines, bubble tea, spinning fast on office chairs, minty toothpaste, lazy sunday afternoons, grocery store raids late at night, fiercely protecting loved ones, skipping classes to goof off, puns, fruity lemonade, button up shits.

matsukawa: the calm before a storm, the crunch of snow below your feet, shared breakfasts, security, roadtrips, that moment you see your favourite person coming and you can’t help but smile, polaroid photos, being breathless after running, holding hands, shaving cream lather, holding the door open for someone, hugs so tight they hurt, black and white movies, witty jokes, staying calm in anger, beanies and worn out jeans.

They’re Shopping and He Wants to go to V.S. to Buy Her Lingerie: BTS


Your opinion on whether you want to or don’t want to goo desn’t matter, since he’ll drag you there anyway.


Since you weren’t usually the kind of person to buy your clothes, or underwear a that, in expensive stores and just settled for the plain stuff, YoonGi had to use his secret card to make you go there; his cuteness.


Would coax you into it, without you actually realizing anything. When you did realize that something was fishy, you already carried five different sets of underwear in your hands, and HoSeok was piercing you with his strong gaze as you entered the changing booth.

Rap Monster:

Same as SeokJin, NamJoon would just drag you there and it wouldn’t matter if you’d agree or not. Next thing you know you’re standing in the booth with him, covered by barely anything as the underwear was of NamJoon’s choice.


It was usually you who was making JiMin tag along with you to V.S. so when he did it, you knew he wanted something special in return. Obviously, you complied with any set of underwear he wanted to see on you. It was going to be his night, tonight.


You never really realized that TaeHyung had a wild side to him, since all of the time that you two spent together he has been nothing more than gentle. When he bluntly suggested going to V.S. for a small shopping in his low, sultry voice, you swore that something in you shivered.


“Let’s g there just once. I want to be the one to help you chose your underwear for at least once. Please. Let’s go.”

Ed stahp
  • S1 Ed: Wow that's a Mr. Penguin, so cool let me befriend you with riddles of foot eggs
  • S2 Ed: Omg let me love you and I will love you until you learn to love yourself also you're not getting those clothes back what is personal space your mommy is dead want some spicy mustard?
  • S3 Ed: Hey thanks for the prison break and the nice suits and giving me a job and feeding me but ugh stop calling me when I'm trying to murder why are you so self centered
  • Me: (ಥ_ಥ)
Full Moon Spoons
  • Spoon Level you choose
  • Time To Complete up to you

The full moon is a great time to gather up some extra energy to use later when you need it.  For this super easy spell I’ve listed some basics, but you can adapt and change it to your own needs as you so choose.

You will need:

  • an object (a spoon, crystal, a rock, pendant, favorite necklace…)
  • yourself
  • the full moon
    • optional; moon water, storm water, salt water, etc
    • optional; herbs you like
    • optional: a black or white cloth (up to your personal pref)
    • optional: a charging board

  1. Go to a place where you can see the full moon.  A window will work, or you can go out into your yard, an enclosed porch, your deck, whatever.  If you can’t make it outside, just use visualization techniques in place of this.
  2. Take your object out.  If you want/have a cloth, lay it down and put your object on it.  Alternatively, just use the palm of your hand.  Let the object sit in the moonlight for a few moments while you center yourself.
  3. Cleanse the object.  You can do this however you like; washing it with moon or storm water, running it through candle smoke or incense, visually cleansing it, placing it atop a cleansing sigil, drawing an invisible sigil over it, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Start to charge your object.  Sprinkle it with herbs if you like.  Surround it with crystal chips or a grid if that’s your thing.  Use a charging board.
  5. Imagine a thin, silver spider thread of energy going from the moon and ending at your object.  The moon will charge your object, the object will store this extra energy for you to use.  You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or do a vocal spell during this part if you so choose.
  6. Leave your object in the moonlight for a while.  You can sit and meditate for a few minutes if you want, or leave it outside or on the windowsill overnight.  Whatever works for you.
  7. Return that thread to the moon.  Disconnect it gently, and imagine it slowly fading away.  Thank the moon for its blessing and energy, please.

When you’re finished, take your object and put it somewhere safe.  I like to wrap mine in a piece of white or black cloth to ward off anything that might try to siphon energy from it, so it’s still there when I absolutely need it.  

You can charge more than one item during each full moon if you wish, but try to remember to dedicate the same amount of time/energy to each of them or you may end up with some stronger and weaker ‘batteries.’

When you need the energy, take out the object and connect your energy to it, using the thread technique or whatever other one you like.  Siphon off a little bit at a time until you feel better.  Make a reminder to charge the object during the next full moon after you use it. 

As always, best of luck, my fellow spoonies.  <3

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I often get mistaken for a girl because I like to wear makeup, do my hair, wear pretty clothes, etc, since those things are usually associated with girls. I am agender and believe it or not I feel more masculine than feminine. The reason I like these things is because they make me happy, they’re not exclusively for girls, as nothing is exclusively for boys either. No one can tell you how you should express yourself, no one knows you better than you. You should wear whatever makes you happy and wear it with confidence. Your clothes, hair, makeup, etc, are for expressing your personality and your personality is not defined by your gender, you are so much more than that. You are you, and you are beautiful.

Do you depend on a label to feel beautiful?
All of you shouldn’t be able to be labelled like cattle:
Small, medium, Large, extra this extra extra that.
But that’s our society;
Around every corner is a brand new anxiety,
Ready to pounce on the next child
Who wanders into the wilderness of the world.
“You can’t wear that”, someone spats out, shouting at the top of their voice in resentful anger.
Why should you be angry at me for being “me”, wearing black skinnies,
Long-line hoodies, and feminine jewellery.
Rings are not my thing, but hurtful words sting.
I’m tiring from this judging, why do so many strangers hold a grudge against me?
Wear what makes you happy,
Don’t let the angry strangers win.
Wear your clothes like armour and decorate the skin you’re in.
—  Personal poem | Be you, wear whatever | Written by: @jarfidd
Thoughts that ran through my head while watching Yuri on Ice episode 6
  • Yuri is best pillow 
  • Aww Yurio got second, dat soft salt 
  • Leo’s bilingual that’s cool
  • Phichit’s program song is sooooo precious 
  • Awww Guang-Hong’s song is sooo pretty 
  • “Don’t take your eyes off me”HNNNNGGGG
  • lol does Yuri not wear contacts during competition?
  • Oh hey it’s Georgi’s turn
  • Omfg Georgi YOUR MAKEUP
  • Georgi are you okay?
  • Georgi you’re crying ARE YOU OKAY?!
  • Ahhh yeah break it down Leo 
  • lol Minako’s thirst
  • Oh god Chris dat ass

anonymous asked:

Hey! How is it going? 😊 i have a hc for you! First impression of the RFA + V + Saeran (if you want these two) on a punk mc? With tattoos, name it, really. bUT she turns out to be very sweet and she blushes a lot?

Thanks for the request!I hope you liked it

Any mistakes please tell me


  • Just…
  • Oh dear lord
  • You look badass
  • He is really surprised
  • Really surprised
  • Ok, he was a little afraid of you
  • These tattoos, piercings must have hurt
  • But he seriously thought  that you was going to push him away
  • Be mean, rebel
  • And he would try to be like you
  • Badass Yoosung
  • But he would fail
  • miserably
  • But when he sees your personality
  • You don’t seem like these punks that he seen in TV
  • You’re so sweet
  • Cute in some weird way
  • You two looks like the opposite
  • Everyone in the street keep looking at you two
  • He don’t care
  • He actually likes it
  • But he actually learned something from you
  • Looks don’t define personality
  • He loves you
  • Your personality, your hair, your clothes, your piercings, your tattoos
  • He loves all of it


  • Ok
  • You don’t look like a princess
  • He was NOT prepared for this
  • What with this hair..Oh god, what you did to your skin?
  • These tattoos, piercings
  • Zen, shut up, you can’t say nothing
  • Smoker
  • He don’t know what to do, how to act
  • Then…He will try to be normal about it
  • Everything is so wrong and weird to him
  • But
  • After some time
  • He thinks it’s sexy
  • He means cute
  • Sexy
  • This rebel feeling he got from you
  • Excites him
  • Zen, stop
  • But when he see how much you blush
  • How sweet you are
  • He likes this even more
  • You are like a surprise present
  • You’re a different kind of princess
  • But STILL a princess
  • He loves how everyone can think of you as a serious, angry woman
  • But that you are actually very sweet
  • He loves make you blush
  • Seriously
  • Did i mention that he loves it?
  • Because he do
  • A lot


  • Ok, what is this?
  • All those strange things, you look like a vandal
  • He hates it
  • But he don’t say anything in the beginning
  • But sometimes he keep saying to you just..Take those things off
  • You politely say that you like it, and you are NOT going to take off
  • Give him some time
  • A little time
  • He will start to like it
  • You’re so…Exotic
  • Really Jumin?
  • He feels like you are a rebel that only him can tame
  • And he don’t seem a problem why he can’t be seen with you
  • Different styles?
  • And ? What is the problem with that?
  • If people looks at you with a weird look
  • He looks at them with a weird look to
  • This works
  • If people asks what he thinks of your looks
  • He will say that you are a beautiful and exotic masterpiece
  • When he discovers how you really are
  • So sweet…
  • He love it
  • If someone sees you,they will think you are bitter
  • But only him, your husband,knows how sweet you are
  • This is perfect to him
  • And he loves how cute you are even with this appearance
  • He loves to make you blush too
  • Is like oxygen to him
  • You’re cute as Elizabeth
  • His little cute vandal
  • Jumin,i’m not a vandal
  • His little cute MC


  • Well he already knows your appearance when he sees you for the first time
  • You look like a villain
  • He loves it
  • Those piercings, tattoo, that half shaved hair
  • Was so cool!
  • He made a little fun of you  
  • Making fun about your personality don’t matching your outfits
  • And he take every opportunity to make you blush
  • He loves when you agree to do a cosplay with him
  • Oh i need to say you are the bad girl?
  • Because you are
  • Damn it Seven
  • He loves you
  • Your outfit and your personality
  • You are cute but you are dangerous
  • He likes it
  • This little mystery


  • She was like..In shock
  • What kind of clothes is that?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • All this tattoos,piercings
  • This was a No no to her
  • She always insisted that you take those things off
  • But after that she just feels guilty for not accepting who you truly are
  • You are so pure, cute
  • A blush mess
  • And yet she is being like this to you
  • She just don’t see the art in your appearance
  • And think you will look much better with all of this
  • But slowly, she accepted
  • She makes herself think about it
  • Just because you are different from her, this means that you’re wrong?
  • No,people have to respect you
  • If she ever sees someone trying to make fun of you or something because of your looks
  • She will fight them
  • Yeah
  • You’re a sweet person, you don’t deserve this
  • Baehee is a way of living


  • He just don’t care at all
  • But he thinks that you’re unique beauty has to be show to the world
  • V stop
  • So he always want to photograph you
  • He is taking this seriously
  • This tattoos,piercings, this hair color, this clothes, needs to be memorized for the rest of his life
  • He just find a little weird your sweet way
  • When people are looking at your photos
  • They think you are a serious and angry woman
  • But he knows that you’re not
  • This always make him laugh
  • And when people why he was laughting
  • He just say it was nothing
  • After that he takes pictures when you are a blushed mess
  • He loves capturing the true side of you
  • And he loves when you’re a blush mess
  • V is precious


  • He is like
  • NO NO
  • He loves everything about it
  • He don’t feel like a unique person
  • Indifferent
  • You are just like him
  • Except you are really sweet
  • Damn it MC…
  • I thought we were going to be a rebel couple!
  • But he can’t deny that he loves when you blush
  • It’s cute okay?God..
  • He may be are always trying to make you blush
  • But this is not something to tell everybody
MBTI is Water

Meyers Briggs is figuring out you are water. You will always be water, but you might also be hot chocolate, while someone with the same type is perfume. You are fluid, and many times may seem like other substances. Sometimes you look like glass. Other times, you look like smoke. You may even relate to the traits of smoke or glass. Defining your personality is putting liquid in a cloth. Sometimes you will spill out, but you will always be still be water.

Curse: “But Nobody Came”

A curse meant to isolate a target and make their lives a living nightmare. Not to be used lightly.

What you’ll need:

  • Clay, wax or cloth to make a poppet
  • A taglock of your target; if a personal effect of theirs isn’t available, a slip of paper with their name will suffice.
  • Dandelion root to “leave a bitter taste in their mouth” if they’ve wronged you
  • Hot pepper seeds to bind them to the energy of this curse
  • Five lengths of string, yarn or twine. Be sure to use different color strings to effect different areas in their life, unless you want to target one specific area.
  • A large bowl of cold water.
  • Black ink
  • A pair of scissors

What to do:

  1. Make your poppet. If you’re using wax or clay to do so, mix the herbs and the taglock into the wax or clay. If you’re using cloth, stuff it with the herbs and the taglock before sewing the head shut.
  2. Find a corner in which to cast the spell, preferably in a spare room.
  3. Measure and cut the strings accordingly, and charge each one with your intent.
  4. Tie the string/yarn/twine to the arms, legs, and neck of your poppet, envisioning the different aspects of the life of the target. Using clear tape, suspend the poppet in the corner using the strings so it looks like it’s laying in the air.
  5. Prepare the bowl of water by charging it with the energy of the void as you add the black ink. Place the bowl under the poppet.
  6. Take your scissors and cut the strings, one by one. As you cut them, say: “As I cut this (first, second, third, fourth, final) string, I remove you from (your friends, your family, etc.).”
  7. As the poppet falls into the water, envision the hell that awaits them in the coming days/weeks/months. Say: “As you fell into the void, you called out for help. But nobody came.”
  8. After the curse is cast, carefully fish out the poppet and take it to someplace where it won’t be bothered. Dispose of the materials in an appropriate matter, and do a thorough cleansing of the area as well as yourself.
Yoga (Tony X Pregnant!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Pregnant!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Can you please write about Tony Stark x pregnant reader where she’s taking prenatal yoga classes and Tony is being really overprotective. Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by abigayle12000

Being pregnant was stressful, having to prepare the nursery, toys, and clothes, having strangers get into your personal space to feel your stomach, and back pains, cravings and vomiting. It gets worse when the father of the baby is your husband, Tony Stark, who is basically an adult baby when he wants to be.

You had told your midwife of your stress and she recommended you to prenatal yoga classes. Needing all the relaxation you can get, you took them on, and found they generally worked, so started doing them at home.

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So what you’re telling me is that girls can wear sweatpants, basketball shorts, and other “male” type clothing but a boy can’t wear what a girl typically wears? That’s so screwed up. We live in such a hypocritical world where things are only seen okay if it goes by what we regularly know. Things are meant to change, we are meant to change, so why send negativity towards it.
Jaden Smith is causing a movement and I will back him until the end. He sets his own goals and is fine with being himself. Since he was little he was amazing in my eyes and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes. I applaud him and his decisions.