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What I think of the MOON signs:

Aries: A lot of mental activity, thinking too much about what interests them. They could be intellectuals. They may appear calm on the outside, but a tornado is going on inside them. Optimistic, very competitive and impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. That’s the reason they change their mind so easily about everything. Very curious, but opinionated. The Aries moon at it’s worst may blame things on others, unable to take responsibility. However, they don’t hold grudges and are usually kind and easygoing, wanting to do the right thing because they aim to live up to this ideal image they have of themselves, whatever that ideal is. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: not everyone is out to get you, enjoy yourself, RELAX!! and don’t let your need to be the best, even when you are, poison yourself and your relationships. Celebrities with this moon: Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Rihanna.

: Charming, very charming. Has a great sense of humor and loves companionship. They will tell you stories, they will make you feel warm. They may not take criticism well, but who does? They do not like to be rushed into things, they like stability and comfort even when being adventurous. They may enjoy shopping too much. Ruled by Venus, they are romantic and affectionate in love, sometimes possessive, and they chose love over friendship. Depending on the Sun and Venus, this moon can be extremely jealous. But wishing to keep balance they will hide it under a passive aggressive attitude which can cause more wrong than right. They look for the best in people and usually will find themselves giving too much, but their desire to maintain balance will help them stay on track. They look more reasonable than they are. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: keep shining, but don’t be so proud. Not everything is like you see it. Sometimes it’s OK to fuck up and admit it. Celebrities with this moon: Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Mother Teresa, Chris Brown, Jim Morrison.

Gemini: Absent minded? You bet! However they compensate that through their wit and curiosity. They are versatile and easy going. Even on the least easy going suns a Lunar Gemini will ease up the chart. They mean well, I do believe this, mostly because they are not interested in what other people are doing. They do not get caught up in gossip and do their own thing. They can be irritable and moody, but not usually. They are lazy even though they want to have a hand on everything! They have so much they want to do, but their minds go faster than their power of will. They are nervous thought, and if they have a problem they may not know how to act upon it and feel paralyzed. Gemini moons are fun and very chill. At their worst, Lunar Geminis can be very cold and indifferent. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: you are capable of anything if you work! You are not alone… And look around more, be warmer. Celebrities with this moon sign: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Lawrence.

Cancer: are cancers tired of hearing they are emotional? Yes, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Cancer, as a moon sign, is powerful because the moon is the realm of emotions. Being emotional doesn’t mean weak, on the contrary, a Cancer moon has to be strong to be able to feel as they do. And Cancer moons are indeed strong. They are tender and sweet, and a roller coaster of emotional outbursts. They are in touch with their feelings, so much so, sometimes they get too caught up in them, becoming self-absorbed as if their own emotions are the only emotions that matter. What’s the problem with this? That if they are feeling pain they tend to forget the good things in their life and instead of trying to get better, the get lost in self-pity. They have a good memory and a soft heart, even when you least expect it. They do not do well with criticism, they do not take jokes lightly. They love, they love a lot, even through their mood swings. And find it hard to let go. Do not take this moon sign for granted, they are loyal AF. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: you need to act more and build the future instead of clinging to the past. Celebrities with this moon sign: Taylor Swift, Kurt Cobain, Keanu Reeves, Shakira.

Leo: This moon is outgoing and bright. Yes they need attention, yes they love flattery, yes they can be overly dramatic and yes, as the Leo they are, they do think highly of themselves. And that’s part of the reason they are so successful, they are confident and know they are more than capable of handling anything. They truly are more than capable. They are proud, but have qualities to back it up, and you can’t hate them because they are loving. All that they have for an Ego they have for a heart. They need a lot of love and even though they know they are great, they want to hear it. If you want to cheer them up, genuinely tell them the good qualities you see in them or let them win at a game they love. This is a nice moon to hang around with, a romantic moon, a quick to anger moon, and a moon that won’t try to hurt you, unless you stand in their way. They can be dramatic and get this, they hate drama. They love the whole “nobody loves me” and slamming doors, but oh boy! they‘ll think you are crazy if you act like them. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: yes, we love you, but do not act so dramatic! Celebrities with this moon sign: Julia Roberts, Mahatma Gandh, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise.

Virgo: yes, this whole post was about my perception on the moon signs, but I must warn you I am especially biased about this one… I’ve met so many Virgo moons! Many people I love have Virgo Moons! (I am a Virgo rising myself) And I love them, but we crush. All Virgo moons I have come in contact with were and are… way too… critical. They don’t seem to know you have feelings. They will say nasty comments about your personality, hobbies, clothes… but will get angry at the slightest thing you say to them, and they will over-think it for ages. For even though they are hard on others, they are hard on themselves as well. They do not realize their own defects. However, once they do, they will try to correct them. They also say the good stuff… but not so often. They are sharp and they love a good debate. These people are smart and may involve themselves in jobs that allow them to help humanity. They are not mean or petty, just critical and defensive because they want to make things perfect and be perfect (perfect from their point of view). If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be… yes, you guessed! Watch your words, they cut. No, you are not always right and you don’t need to be. And not because you don’t like something does it mean it’s wrong. Celebrities with this moon sign: Madonna, Dalai Lama, Nicki Minaj, Sean Connery.

Libra: Another very charming moon sign, but unlike their sun sign, the Libra moon person is more secretive. They love love. They are very romantic, it can break their heart. They want to be liked and do not enjoy arguing and outbursts of emotion. They can be superficial and vain, but they are also sweet and peace oriented. They are dreamy, calm, they want to open up, they have a lot in their minds, more so then what they are willing to share. They can be extravagant - for some reason - and quiet. They have a dark side: they can get caught up in their negative emotions but never share it with the world. They might be artsy, bohemian, and proudly so, and they all have a personal sense of style. Whatever they are inside- hippie, hipster, painter, lawyer - they will dress to show it. You can tell a lot about these people from their clothes. They might not be terribly steady in love, sometimes they fall for too many people at once. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: there is more than what meets the eye, there’s more than looking for others approval. Celebrities with this moon sign: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Kate Winslet, Jude Law.

Scorpio: This moon is sensual and dark, this moon wants passion, this moon is romantic and is not afraid of commitment! This moon wants loyalty and is loyal. They are dramatic, very dramatic, like a Leo moon, but without the bright disposition. They are egocentric and at the same time, giving. They hold grudges, but if they love you, you won’t need any reassurance because they will be there showing you. They are hot headed and domineering, they like to feel in control. They are jealous and fear betrayal. They will not put up with your bullshit for too long. They have a strong will and they will get where they want to in life. Do not mess with them. They will not take revenge, but they will not forgive you. They feel a lot, and also expect a lot from others. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: chill, chill, chill. Not everything is about you, trust a little more, lighten up! You will be glad you did. Celebrities with this moon sign: Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry.

Sagittarius: This moon is curious, careless, optimistic and has a childlike manner to it. They look chill to others. They talk quickly, and are a bit impatient. They are naive, afraid of commitment and dislike restrictions. They need space and personal freedom to be happy. They are carefree and may not always be in tune with others emotions, sometimes they are oblivious to how others feel. They will be there if you open up, but may not be the most empathetic of ears. If things get tough, they will run away. They like to do research and could do well in this area, thanks to their curiosity. They want to explore the world and meet new people, they like talking and can get irritated easily. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: Sometimes grounding yourself is needed, sometimes you see more by looking within than by avoiding quietness. It is OK to sit with oneself, don’t avoid things out of fear of working through the rough parts. Celebrities with this moon sign: Albert Einstein, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Capricorn: this moon is closed up. This moon needs to feel productive and they measure their worth through their ability to get somewhere in life. They want money and material things and YET they will cultivate a spiritual side. This moon worries about everything. A woman (or a person with feminine energy) with this moon is loyal and stable, a man (or person with masculine energy) with this moon sign, however, finds it hard to be with one woman because they do not know how to be vulnerable. They have will power and emotional strength, they will give you everything you need if you ask - you’d have to ask as they do not know what people need. This moon cares about their style as well, like the Libra moon, this moon dresses up for the job they want, as they say. They like shopping. They can also be alone for long periods of time, they do not mind being in their room all day. Something most people do not expect of this moon sign is their high sexual drive! They can be very kinky and like to sleep around. This moon is cautious, and doesn’t take risks. They like to know the outcome and will think of all the possibilities before rushing into things. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be: oh, you, it’s ok to be vulnerable. If you never open up, you will miss your life. Take risks, maybe not always, but do not let love pass you by because of fear. Celebrities with this moon sign: Amy Winehouse, Adolf Hitler, Johnny Depp, Napoleon.

Aquarius: what a witty moon to have. In my opinion, this position makes a person fast, goofy and brainy. They are detached and bubbly, they look not as smart as they truly are. They like attention, but will not give it to you! They are aloof. They care about facts, though. They call it the Aquarian Age for a reason. They want to know things, but will not argue with you if you do not see things as they do. They like to keep their emotions to themselves and do not like to be serious. So maybe, listening to others talking about their problems is not their strength. They just want to chill! If a sarcastic comment is what you need, go talk to them. They care about history and humanity, they want to make a difference. If I had to give some advice to this moon it would be:: care about people a little more, ok? They might need you as much as you need them. Celebrities with this moon sign: Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Conan O'brien.

Pisces: Yes this moon sign is the most compassionate and empathetic of all the moon signs. This moon is psychic, and will know how you are feeling even better than you. They can easily feel overwhelmed by the harsh demands of this world and, at their worst they can turn to drugs or other ways to escape reality. However, they are funny, goofy and optimistic, they live in their dream world and seem to be in a far away land. Even though they can be masochistic, and can be a pushover, this moon sign sees everything and everyone with rose colored glasses, including their future. They think everything will be alright even if death is right in front of them, they will think they are dating a kind person even if they find them cheating on them every Saturday. They are indeed innocent, gullible, but what most people do not know about this moon sign is that once they see you for you, there is no way back. They put people they love on pedestals, but if you fall, it will be hard for them to put you up there again. Which is not a bad thing, it is better not be on a pedestal anyway. However, the problem is, when they get betrayed or hurt, they start to think the worst of people. They will not revenge, but maybe they won’t let you back into their life, they are afraid to be vulnerable. It is easier for them to be there for others than to be there for themselves and show the world all the messy they are inside. They feel guilty over everything and even though they care about people a lot, sometimes they have trouble showing it. If I had to give some advice to this moon sign it would be: love yourself more, take care of yourself and do not be a doormat. And stop the self-pity. Celebrities with this moon sign: Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley.

Some Things Nobody Tells You About Being in a Wheelchair

You’re gonna get all sorts of advice on how to think, what to think, how to be positive, how to keep abled-bodied people comfortable. However, almost nobody is going to tell you how to be disabled, if you catch my drift. Very few people actually want to talk about it, so without further adieu, here are some things I wish somebody told me:

-Getting out of your car in the rain is terrifying. It’s a slippery, wet hell.

-The snow is even worse. People are going to shovel into accessible parking spots. Or worse, they won’t shovel it. You will inexplicably have to cancel plans at some point or another due to the snow.

-Mud and dirt. All over your hands, all the time.

-Yes, your shoulders are going to be sore for the first few months, and anytime you over exert. 

-Yes, your butt is going to ache after sitting all day.

-Invest in side guards!! Seriously, they’ll save your clothes. I personally like the removable kind, because it’s easier to transfer with them off.

-Scissor breaks (or undermount breaks) are fantastic for saving your thumbs from the pain of jamming them on the break, however they’re more money.

-You will face-plant. It will happen, and it will be mortifying. We’ve all been there.

-Get some cycling gloves!

-People really do stare.

-They also really do ask inappropriate questions. Be prepared.

-The world isn’t all that accessible. Even when places claim to be, they aren’t always. Restaurants are a personal hell for me because the tables are always too close together and they never have accessible bathrooms.

-Your hands are going to get gross. Mine are calloused and nasty 24/7. If you get manicures then this won’t be as bad, but you’ll still have to say goodbye to smooth hands.

-Learn how to wheelie. You’re going to have to wheelie of curbs, bumps in the sidewalk, all the stuff.

-Your shoes are going to last forever, which is fantastic, but it’s almost impossible to break them in.

-If you put a backpack on the back of your chair (which you should) make sure it’s not too heavy, or else you’ll fall backwards when you wheelie.

-Keep your chair clean. Tweeze the grime and hair from your caster wheels at least every 4 weeks. Keep your tires full of air.

-Carry around an allen wrench in your bag or backpack. You might never need it, but if you do, you’ll be really glad to have it.

-If you’re planning of wear high heels, consider lowering your footplate so that your knees aren’t too high up.

-Consider getting a hand held shower head. It just makes life easier.

-High waisted pants and long tops are a blessing.

RP starters: Flirting ( + responses to it. )
  • “You come here often?”
  • “Can I offer you a drink?”
  • “So.. You expecting someone?”
  • “Do you need a place to stay for tonight?”
  • “I gotta tell you… you look incredibly hot.”
  • “Do you want to dance with me?”
  • “Look at us… we are basically a couple already.”
  • “I bet you would look even better without your clothes on.”
  • “Are you single? Just asking.”
  • “You’re the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.”
  • “What would you say if you and me would go somewhere else?”
  • “I love the way you’re dressed.”
  • “Do I have any chances with you?”
  • “Do you have anything better to do later?”
  • “Can I get your phone number?”
  • “You seem like a bad boy/girl/person type.”
  • “I can do whatever you want, babe.”
  • “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”
  • “I bet guys/gals/people are all over you.”
  • “You should be a model.”
  • "Are you… trying to flirt with me?”
  • “Maybe if I get a free drink I can consider talking to you.”
  • “That won’t work. Try again.”
  • "Oh my god, did you just say that out loud?”
  • "I’m waiting for someone. However, you can amuse me in the meanwhile.”
  • “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
  • “I thought you were taken.”
  • “So, have you flirted with every girl/boy/one in this bar yet?”
  • “Do I look like someone who seems interested in you?”
  • “Compliments won’t pay my drinks.”
Types of Drunks
  • *Check Jupiter, or 11th House
  • Aries: The Frat Boy-Type. Kinda always trying to bone someone before the end of the night. Pounded like, 20 beers. Probably wakes up with someone they thought was hotter/prettier when drunk.
  • Taurus: Ditzy-Drunk Type. Girl who constantly compliments you and leans on your boyfriends shoulder and basically flirt w/ everyone and asks shit like "What's Aleppo?"
  • Gemini: Toilet-Hugger. You don't *usually* get drunk, but tonight you did. At first you were socializing, and somehow, you ended up hunched over the toilet puking. You havent left. Your bestfriend almost puked in your hair. One time, she did.
  • Cancer: Expresso Depresso. "No, I don't always drink when I'm sad." You kinda just came to the party to "escape". You don't want to be here, and in every movie EVER, you find some goth bitch to complain about existence with. That, or you're in a bar wanting to die cause your wife left you. Your choice, i guess.
  • Leo: Game Maker. You're the asshole who suggests 7 Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare, and other shitty games at middle school parties where someone found some Mike's Hard Lemonade. You still get drunk off of the shit, too. Somehow.
  • Virgo: Socialite. You don't really get drunk. You just get buzzed, and go home. You talk to everyone and anyone, and get as many numbers as possible. You're quite the hook up when it comes to some drugs at a party, though.
  • Libra: Hoe. You're the girl who compliments everyone and smiles at everything. You also basically wanna suck someone's dick before the night ends. Who's? Idk.
  • Scorpio: Dirty Dancer. Someone complained about there "being too many clothed people" at the party. So, you took your clothes off, threw them at the person, and began dancing. Truly a Titty Hero.
  • Sagittarius: Drunk "Driver". You're the guy who suggests they go on an adventure, or brought tons of booze to do some really illegal shit. As a kid, you literally drank just because "if we're doing something illegal, may as well do two!!"
  • Capricorn: Bartender. Nobody really appointed you bartender. Nobody really asked, either. But, nobody is complaining. You make the best booze, and the more YOU drink, the funnier, quicker, and cuter the drinks are made. By the end of the night, the drink counter looks a bit like a Scorpio's room -- clothes all over the floor in order to mop some mysterious liquid up.
  • Aquarius: Royal Rebel. Drink the keg. Bring the big ass case of booze. Make some kid puke. And then do it again. Dare devil galore, and kind of an asshole about it. That, or stays in the corner like they may make the party into a murder scene. One or the other.
  • Pisces: Just like Taurus, but also drinks twice her weight and probably asks "Where's the weeeeeeEEEeeedd???" 20 times.

anonymous asked:

how do you color black and white pictures?

Sorry for the late answer, here’s a super quick tutorial on how to color B/W pictures!


For this tutorial I use:
Photoshop CS6 (CS5 will do equally well)

For this tutorial you’ll need:

  • Some basic editing skills
  • Cropping skills
  • Sharpening skills 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

How to go from this:

To this:

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When Harry Met Sally… (1989) dir. Rob Reiner. I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it’s not because I’m lonely, and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.


“I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.”

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Rob Reiner

AUs and Prompts List

So I just gathered some prompts and AUs that I really like. Take your pick!


  1. Imagine your OTP exchanging gifts for the first time during the holidays, maybe both a little nervous that the other won’t like their gift. It turns out that neither has any reason to be anxious; both love the other’s gift and kisses are exchanged along with each present.

  2. Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

  3. Imagine your OTP studying together, and for every question answered right, somebody has to take off a piece of clothing.

  4. Imagine Person A keeps having nightmares about Person B. They don’t know what disturbs them more— how scary the dreams are, or how arousing they are.

  5. Person A has given up on love. Nope. Love is not for them. Forget that…. And then they meet person B and think; “Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.”

  6. Imagine your OTP is wrestling over the remote.

  7. Imagine Person A of your OTP seeing Person B with bed hair for the first time, and being totally blown away by how cute/hot/etc. they look with their hair being a huge mess. Bonus: if Person A gets flustered when Person B pokes fun at them for liking it.

  8. Imagine your OTP intertwining their fingers together while they’re in bed.

  9. Imagine your OTP have a morning class together and person A always walks in late and has obviously just woken up and person B thinks that the grumpy person who sits in front of him is the cutest thing ever.

  10. Person A leaving thigh hickeys on person B.

  11. Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 

  12. Imagine your OTP getting in a fight and one of them yelling that they love the other one and then it gets really quiet.
  13. Imagine person A of your OTP scaring person B (during Halloween) on accident so badly that they cry.

  14. Imagine your OTP cuddling under a blanket on a cold winter night. Person A gently wrapping their arms around Person B and lightly kissing down their neck making Person B shiver from something other than the cold outside.

  15. Imagine your OTP running into each other under the mistletoe. Person A blushes and goes to suggest that they don’t have to kiss but Person B cuts them off with a kiss.

  16. Imagine person A of your OTP wearing person B’s clothes.

  17. Imagine person A walking out of the bathroom after a shower, half-naked and wreathed in steam, and B immediately dropping whatever they were holding. Bonus if it’s an animal which gives them the stink eye before slinking away.

  18. Imagine your OTP as teachers at the same school who are always flirting and have their students shipping them without realizing it.

  19. Imagine person A of your OTP coming home from the gym all sweaty. Person B sees this and gets instantly turned on.

  20. Imagine your OTP moving in together. They’re unpacking each other’s boxes when they find, ah, interesting things they didn’t know the other person owned.

  21. Imagine your OTP finding fanfic of each other, either separately or together. Alternately, imagine Person A writing fanfic of them and Person B finding it/finding out about it, or they both write it and find each other’s.

  22. Imagine your OTP waking up at the same time for a midnight snack and Person B scares Person A on accident.

  23. Imagine your OTP living together. The air conditioner breaks during the hottest week of summer and your OTP has to figure out how to stay cool. Alternately, the heating breaks during the coldest week of winter and your OTP has to figure out how to stay warm.

  24. Imagine your OTP not having enough blankets for both of them and sharing. It takes some doing, but they settle comfortably into each other’s arms and fall asleep listening to each other’s heartbeat, smelling their hair, feeling the rise and fall of their breath. The next morning, they’re still in the same position.

  25. Imagine your OTP living in a dorm. Person A thinks that person B is kinda cute, but otherwise doesn’t feel much for them. Person A goes to borrow a textbook from person B and walks in on person B in their pajamas with their hair all messed up and person A thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

  26. Imagine person B of your otp uses person A as a pillow.

  27. Imagine person A of your otp goes to a bookstore and spends hours just looking at books and person B sees them and falls in love with how passionate they are and how geeky they are.

  28. Imagine person A of your otp is reading a book late at night and person B can’t sleep so they ask person A to read to them so person A starts reading out loud and a few minutes later person B is completely knocked out and person A gives them a kiss on their forehead.

  29. Imagine Persons A and B of your OTP both go to a private school. Person A is really studious and innocent, like never been kissed type thing. In contrast, Person B got kicked out of their old school for sleeping with a teacher. One day Person B sees Person A in the hall and decides that ‘corrupting’ Person A will be their personal mission this school year. Up to you whether or not they succeed.

  30. Imagine person A of your otp is waiting at a restaurant for their date and is obviously being stood up and person B notices this, just before person A gets sick of waiting and gets up to leave person B sits with them, and even though they aren’t who person A was waiting for they end up having a lot of fun and hooking up.

  31. “Bonding solely via eye contact over that annoying person on our plane that we’re both slowly becoming more and more exasperated about” au.

  32. “Constantly fighting for the best seat in the library/coffee shop/whatever” au.

  33. “We are both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed ‘alone time’” au.

  34. “I was walking by the roller coasters and someone’s shoe flew off and hitme in the head” au.

  35. “You just caught me reading hardcore smut fan fiction during class and you’re wondering how I can read this with a blank face” au.

  36. “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” au.

  37. “Now or Never kiss” au.

  38. Being on the brink of admitting their feelings for each other but then getting interrupted.

  39. Both of them being the best friends that everyone just assumes is a couple and no one is even surprised when they announce they’re official because 'wtf do you mean you weren’t before?’

  40. “I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting" au.


Six times Jimin was jealous and one time he didn’t have to be.

Jimin x reader

Genre: fluff (tiny amount of angst?)

Warnings: swearing

Rated: T (teen) for some kissing *eyebrow wiggle*

To set the mood, try listening to One Direction’s “I wish” and/or Justin Bieber & Rascal Flatts’ “That should be me” because why the hell not?

Your name: submit What is this?

The first time Jimin was jealous, was a thursday. They were doing stage rehearsals for their upcoming concert. All the boys were backstage monitoring themselves, when they heard you were coming. Of course, like usual, they were thrilled by the news - so thrilled they decided to surprise you when you visited, or more like Jungkook, Taehyung and Jin decided that. 

Jimin was sitting on the sofa tweeting to ARMY’s that he was excited for the concert. He had filmed a short video of himself with a bunny filter on. The usual. He didn’t notice what the boys had planned so he himself was surprised when you walked through the door and squeaked with surprise when a coffee cup, that had been filled with water, fell from above you and completely soaked your hair and sweater. The boys doubled over from laughter, but fell completely silent when you sent them an intense glare. The only one who didn’t stop laughing was Jungkook who just sauntered over and ruffled you hair while he cackled evilly. “You can borrow my hoodie” he said and threw it at you.

 Jimin seethed, how could he be so disrespectful? He was going to have a real talk with that kid, but first he had to take care of you.  He grabbed one of the clean towels they use to wipe their sweat with and started dabbing your hair dry. You smiled thankfully at him and his heart fluttered in his chest. 

“How come I’m younger than all of you but I’m the most mature?” you mumbled slightly laughing. Jimin was glad you didn’t sound too angry, you were never angry with them. 

“I’m gonna teach that kid a lesson I swear to god, I wish he wasn’t physically superior compared to me otherwise I would have beat his ass already” you grumbled and looked over Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin didn’t need to ask to know where you were looking, he could feel Jungkook’s presence. 

“I know!” you exclaimed but lowered you voice “I’m gonna kiss him, he’s acting cocky now but can you just imagine his face? He won’t be able to look me in the eye for days” you whispered and wiggled your eyebrows wickedly. Jimin almost choked on his saliva and had to double check your expression to see if you were joking. You weren’t. Jimin felt his stomach churn with the sight of you on your toes pressing your lips against Jungkook’s. He had to bite his tongue hard not to go strangle the kid. Instead he looked you straight in the eyes and clenched his jaw before speaking 

“Do. Not. Kiss. Him” he spoke heatedly but you only grinned at him. “Aw, someone’s a little jealous huh?” Jimin swallowed nervously, had he been too obvious?

 “Don’t worry I’m sure that if you ask nicely, Jungkook will allow you a kiss on the cheek” you laughed and Jimin threw the towel in your face acting like he was annoyed with you, but really, it was to hide his relief.

The second time Jimin was jealous, was a monday morning in february where the boys minus Yoongi and Jin, were out playing snowball fight in the park close to their dorms. You had gotten up at the ass crack of dawn to take the subway because both you and the boys were off schedule that day. By the time you had gotten all of the boys out of bed and into warm clothing, the gentle snow that had been there since you woke up had now covered everything in a thick layer of white. 

The second you arrived at the park, Namjoon had picked up a snowball and thrown it right in the back of your scarf covered neck. Not long after you were all stumbling around giggling and throwing snow at each other. At some point Jimin noticed you and Namjoon were standing very close, with his arms around you while you were struggling to catch your breath after he had chased you down. He placed a giant pile of snow on top of your head and howled with laughter as you let out a shrill scream. Jimin watched with clenched fists as Namjoon pushed the soaked hair behind your ears and cupped your red cheeks with his big hands. You looked so small next to him. 

Jimin wished he was the one standing so close to you and he couldn’t quite figure out why. It’s because you like her a voice sounding an awful lot like Yoongi said in the back of his mind.

A snowball hit his face, distracting him from his thoughts and maybe he threw the next snowball a little too harshly and ended up almost blinding Hoseok. He’d survive.

The third time Jimin was jealous, you were at the supermarket with him and Jin. You were planning on making a nice warm dinner here in the cold wintertime with the boys since you hadn’t seen them in a while. You were walking in the candy aisle with Jin, while Jimin was standing to the off side watching you. Apparently Jin had said one of his dad jokes, but Jimin couldn’t laugh because he saw you grab onto Jin’s arm with your delicate fingers while you wheezed with laughter. 

You hadn’t noticed the yellow sign warning you that the floor was slippery, so you did an exaggerated dance and slipped. Jimin almost yelled out in shock but it got stuck in his throat when Jin’s arm slid around your waist to steady you and let it stay there even when you had picked all the ingredients and were ready to pay. Why did you let him touch you like this, why didn’t you do anything to stop him? It’s not like you were dating? 

Jimin was bitter for the rest of the day but no one said anything. He had been rather cranky for weeks now and the boys had given up on trying. They were giving him some space.

The fourth time Jimin was jealous the snow had disappeared and was replaced with rain. Jimin and Jungkook had been at dance practice till late and were on their way back to the dorms when it started pouring down like Noah’s ark. 

You had taken the bus that day so you had to run from the bus stop to the dorms, and of course you had arrived with your clothing and hair completely soaked through. Hoseok, being the caring person he is, had lent you some of his clothing and let you cuddle up to him under a warm blanket while you watched TV. 

When Jimin walked into the dorms the first thing he noticed was you and Hobi looking very cozy, with your head resting over his chest and his arm around you. Jimin wanted nothing more than to yank his hyung’s hand off of you, then he noticed the clothes you were wearing. Hoseoks clothes. 

Jimin rushed to get to his room where he immediately stripped and went in the shower for a very long hour, and only walked out into the living room when he had heard the door closing after you had left. He refused to talk with Hoseok the next two days which was kinda problematic, because they were learning new choreographies. 

The boys had held a meeting where they spoke to Jimin about his mood but he refused to give them a reason. They all knew what the reason was but they didn’t dare touch the subject.

The fifth time Jimin was jealous, he didn’t even see you in person. It was quite a sunny day actually, and you felt that spring was slowly creeping over the city. The trees came back to life and the mornings were filled with singing birds. 

Jimin didn’t like the weather or anything else at that moment to be honest. He was lying sick in bed while you and the rest of the boys were out having fun. You had originally planned to bring all of Bangtan and wanted to move it to another date when Jimin fell sick, but he refused to ruin your fun and told you to do it without him. So you went to the swimming pool without Jimin. 

While he was lying there in his bed though he cursed his immune system for failing him, when he saw that Hoseok had updated Twitter with a video. Jimin clicked on it and it buffered a little before the video started playing. 

It showed you standing in all you golden glory with a sinful bathing suit that showed off your curves perfectly. Jimin almost drooled but his mouth went completely dry when Taehyung with a very much bare torso picked you up in his arms and smiled down at you as you glared warningly at him before screeching as your bodies hit the water, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you couldn’t reach the bottom of the pool and that’s when the video cut off with a squeal of laughter from Hoseok. 

Jimin rewatched the video again and again until his eyes were starting to sting with angry and frustrated tears. Never had he ever been so mad at himself for getting sick. He wanted to be the one you were clinging too because your feet couldn’t reach the bottom. 

He felt like Hoseok in the video was laughing at him for being so pathetic.

The sixth time Jimin was jealous was a week later. He was back again working on their comeback with the others, he was dropping by Yoongi’s studio with some coffee. He had bought an americano for him because he wanted to thank him for taking care of him when he was sick, but he was too embarrassed to just say it out loud. 

Coffee would have to do, but as he slowly opened the door to the studio he saw you. Smiling and staring fondly at Yoongi. You had Yoongi’s headphones covering your ears and your head was slowly nodding to the beat of the music.Your eyes lingered on Yoongi’s before drifting closed while he caressed your knee where his hand was placed. When the song had ended you looked at him gleefully and placed your hand over his. 

“That was amazing Yoongi, I love it” you spoke softly and Jimin’s blood boiled. That voice was the one you used when you spoke to him. His grip on the plastic cup was so tight, it crumpled in his hand, he let go of it by reflex so the cup fell to the ground and the coffee soaked his jeans. 

“Ah, shit!” he exclaimed earning your attention. “Jimin! Be careful” you rushed to help him clean the floor, Yoongi completely forgotten. He still couldn’t get the picture out of his head though..

Jimin was sitting on the sofa backstage before their comeback, he had gotten his makeup done and was now waiting for the others to be done while he went through the choreo in his head. You sat down next to him and he tensed up immediately. 

“I have a question, since, you’re a guy and all” you said and turned your body towards him, he nodded slowly motioning for you to keep going. 

“So, I like this guy and I think he likes me too… But he isn’t doing anything about it, he just tenses up whenever I speak to him, but gets jealous when I’m around other guys” you sighed… Jimin felt something flare in his chest, but didn’t say anything to start with. You liked someone? Who? Jimin doubted he was good enough for you since he didn’t do anything, he should have. If he really liked you. 

“Are you sure he likes you too? I mean maybe he just thinks you’re nice?” Jimin had expected a worried lip bite or maybe a slight shrug. Instead you just looked rather… curious? 

“Oh really? but would he get jealous then? I was thinking he might be holding himself back because he doesn’t think I like him back or maybe he’s just too shy…” you trailed off letting your eyes trail up from the point on his chest to stare directly into his eyes. Jimin swallowed and broke the eye contact to see if the others were about to be done, or if he could throw this on someone else but everyone seemed to be busy so he just sighed. 

“Yeah, you’re probably right”. This time Jimin expected a smile of some sort, but instead your eyebrows furrowed and you clenched your jaw. “Jimin?” he hummed in response “Is there not anyone you like?” Jimin choked on air, and almost felt his heart leap out of his chest when he felt your warm hand rubbing his back “Uh, I mean, yeah, uh, there is.. Someone I like?” it came out as a question and you lifted an eyebrow, when Jimin just shrugged you scoffed and for a moment you looked angry “You really are blind, aren’t you?” Jimin stared confused at you and let his eyes run over your face - you looked almost… sad. Jimin could feel himself getting angry. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about, what does my ability to see have to do with your stupid crush on some idiot” he hissed. You looked at him and tears had sprung in the corners of your eyes. Shit, he fucked up. “You’re right, It’s a stupid crush on some idiot” your voice wavered.

“An idiot named Park Jimin” you said and practically ran out of the room. Jimin sat there speechless. He felt like all of the air had been knocked out of his lungs. He barely registered what you had actually said before he was sprinting out of the room.

He didn’t catch up with you until he reached the parking lot where it was raining, once again. He saw you walking briskly towards the bus stop, and even though he was already breathless from running down the stairs he sprinted towards you and didn’t stop when he reached you, instead he ran straight into you wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind. You gasped from the surprise, but as soon as you recovered you started struggling against his grip. Jimin let go of you, only to turn you around and press his lips against yours. This time you didn’t fight him. You could feel yourself becoming putty in his hands and he smiled into the kiss. 

“Alie” he whispered and looked at you, or tried, since there was raindrops in his lashes and his hair hang in front of his eyes. Both of you were completely soaked from top to toe but none of you seemed to care. 

“Shit, I don’t even know what to say - I’m so bad at feelings and I always end up making things awkward and honestly you are so right, I am completely blind. I swear I had no idea, I guess I didn’t want to believe it or somethi-” you cut him off with a brief touch of your lips on his. 

“I’m sorry I called you an idiot - but you, like, totally deserved that” you murmured and Jimin nodded in agreement before flashing his angelic smile and kissing you again. and again. 

- Six times to be exact, because he did have a comeback to attend to and he knew you would be there when he finished. You had all the time in the world.

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Types of Drunks

*Check Jupiter, or 11th House

Aries: The Frat Boy-Type. Kinda always trying to bone someone before the end of the night. Pounded like, 20 beers. Probably wakes up with someone they thought was hotter/prettier when drunk.

Taurus: Ditzy-Drunk Type. Girl who constantly compliments you and leans on your boyfriends shoulder and basically flirt w/ everyone and asks shit like “What’s Aleppo?”

Gemini: Toilet-Hugger. You don’t *usually* get drunk, but tonight you did. At first you were socializing, and somehow, you ended up hunched over the toilet puking. You havent left. Your bestfriend almost puked in your hair. One time, she did.

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Downright Neighborly

Fandom: WWE/TNA

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I return almost wholly whole from the land of concussions and I offer you this…kayfabulous indulgence! Tagging the always-beloved @toxiicpop, the ever-enthusiastic @oraclegazes, the King Captain @hardcorewwetrash  (my thanks for not keelhauling me for the IRS thing, cap!), and new tagees @karaboomhower, @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues and @superrezzy00 (not sure about these tags, work darn it!). Enjoy!

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reasons to live? i need them.

- stars
- ice cream
- windows down in the car
- road trips
- fucking. music.
- dogs
- animals
- blankets
- naps that leave you refreshed and not all groggy
- the way golden hour light looks on people
- laughing so hard your stomach feels 10x stronger
- feeling like a new person in new clothes
- your bed after a long day
- waking up to the smell of breakfast
- rain running down windows
- the sound of rain
- making people smile
- hearing someone say your name for the first time
- someone calling you their friend for the first time
- a clean room
- a made bed
- your future dogs
- cheese
- feeling unstoppable after seeing a movie in the theater
- concert nostalgia
- starting a new book
- showers
- baths
- a full fridge
- drawing in the condensation on car windows
- your future life because you don’t know what you’ll have and what you’ll experience if you don’t give yourself a chance to get there.

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Beauty in Simplicity|Ch. 1 (Yakuza!Hanzo x Hostess!Reader)

It was much too early.

Twisting your wrist you glanced at the time as it projected itself an inch above your skin, grimacing slightly at the time. ‘0714’. Carding a hand through your hair you couldn’t help the soft sigh that tumbled from your lips, the soft click-clacking of your heels against the concrete sidewalk picking up. This was ridiculously early for you. If Ayane hadn’t called you with this ‘urgent favor’, you had no doubt you would still be wrapped up in your comforter, dead to the world until 10 AM at the earliest. The older woman, who you affectionately referred to as mamasan, was your boss and dear friend but you swore that as soon as you made it to the club you were going to have a talk about your ‘business hours’. Still, you couldn’t be upset with her, it appeared that a ‘special’ client had reserved an early trial meeting and she wanted her ‘best girl’ there. Her flattery worked, obviously, pulling you out of your bed and sending you down the road towards the coffee shop on the corner before catching a cab to Roppongi.

She had kept details scant, as was normal, not wanting any prying ears to possibly pick up anything over ‘unsecure lines’. The patrons of the club valued their privacy and every girl that worked there as well as mamasan were more than happy to comply. Club Rosebud was a members only club that served the elite; politicians, CEOs, oyabun of the upper crust yakuza families, military leaders and the like. As long as they paid their dues, respected the ladies and didn’t become too disrespectful or belligerent, they would always be welcomed back with open arms. The building itself was discreet; a Vishkar commissioned project, sleek and modern with solid black privacy glass covering the outside. Ayane had balked at the thought of subscribing to the neon signs that often decorated the hostess and nightclubs in the area, instead vying for a hologram that projected the name in stylish cursive and katakana,  hard light roses and petals constantly falling down and onto the sidewalk. It was chic yet discreet, beautiful and classy; the exact image mamasan wanted to convey and what kept their clients both happy and impressed.

Club Rosebud location was a calculated decision on Ayane’s part, a street that existed an arms length away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet close to several embassies and five star hotels. The street was fairly calm; wide sidewalks leading to high-end cafes and bistros and a small two-lane road that had a small side lane that cars could take directly to the front of Rosebud. A side street led to a private entrance for those that required it, although it was most often used by the women that worked there as a quicker way to the back. This is where you often entered the club and where you were headed that morning.

Lifting your wrist to the panel next to the door, you hummed idly as you waited for your credentials to be verified, the small security pad turning blue before the door slid open smoothly. You barely paid any mind to the environment around you as you moved through the warmly lit hall, continuing the softly hummed song as you made a beeline towards the back. The art deco theme left the place brightly colored and yet tied together with dark walls or decor, seating plush and comfortable and inviting. A long bar was attached to a door that led to the kitchen, the different bottles of high-shelf liquor on the wall looking like twinkling gems. There were private rooms, of course, with varying themes; Japanese-style tea rooms, traditional conference rooms, hell, there was even a small private theater. Anything the clients needed, Ayane wanted to be able to provide.

You carried on past them, walking through a door that was affectionately marked ‘Roses’ Only’, signifying an employee only area. A little ways down was another door that led to the dressing rooms; a pastel explosion of a room that was fitted with a dozen pearlescent white vanities, soft lighting and two dozen or so rolling racks filled to the brim with clothing from designer clothing from all over the world. Tucking your purse underneath your personal space, you sighed as you sank into the soft pink skirted vanity chair, stretching before crossing your legs.

‘Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster’- Sun Tzu.

The quote from the great Chinese philosopher sat permanently affixed to the mirror of your vanity, a silent reminder of your life’s philosophy. You jokingly would tell the other girls you worked with that you were preparing for a battle; dressing yourselves in fine silks and chiffons like they were armor, your warpaint high-end cosmetics, your simplistically intricate hairstyles your helmet. The war ground is one that you had fought proudly on for years and would continue to do so for however long your spirit compelled you to, the battle of courtesans and their wealthy, upper class clientele.

Your battle hardened statements were all in jest, of course, but you enjoyed the playful distance it allowed you to practice whenever you entered the club. You were skilled at your job and you knew what was both wanted and demanded of you. An amicable warmth, lively conversation, class and professionality, charm and attractiveness all wrapped into a package with a pretty little bow. You were fortunate. Within the walls of the club and the mouths of patrons and advertisers, you were sought after not only for your beauty and charisma but your intellect as well, known for being demurely scintillating. For now, however, you worked on accentuating the beauty that was seen before the brain, primping in front of the vanity in the changing room.

You kept your vanity clean and tidy, makeup neatly stored away and sorted in a deep blue makeup case, your hard light styling multi-tool laid across the top of it. Assorted hairsprays, perfumes, brushes, accessories and jewelry were scattered, albeit tidily across the back of your small table. A place for everything and everything in its place. Your fingers moved over your items in a practiced manner, humming softly to yourself as you considered the look you were trying to go for this afternoon.  Bold, glittering neon matte lips had become popular recently, appearing on magazines and in talk shows but you felt that it was much too flashy, at least for the client mamasan had assigned you. Your look had to be perfect, demure and respectful, enticing and seductive. Chewing lightly on the inside of your cheek, you visualized several looks before opening your eyes and looking at your reflection. You had an idea.

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Hanzo rolled his shoulders as the hovercar came to a stop, eyes glancing up at the building, barely suppressing the groan that tumbled from his lips. Hanzo could feel anger begin to lap at his insides like fire, doing nothing to hide his agitated expression from his brother. Hanzo made a soft dismissive ‘tch’ in the back of his throat as he stared at the name, ‘Club Rosebud’, the fluttering flower petals aesthetically pleasing and yet…irritating.  

“A hostess club”, Hanzo deadpanned, shooting his younger brother a scathing look. The frown on Hanzo’s lips only grew deeper as Genji returned the look with a shit-eating grin, clapping his hand down on his older brother’s shoulder and shaking. “This is the last time I trust you with picking the venue Genji.”

“Relax aniki”, Genji says, his tone much too lackadaisical for Hanzo’s taste, purposefully sliding directly next to the man despite the car’s roomy interior. Genji wrapped his arms around Hanzo’s shoulder, the older pushing against the younger, drawing laughter from the man. “Rosebud is one of the classiest joints in all of Japan! I promise, aniki, even Prime Minister Sakamoto goes here!”

That earned a small upward quirk of the eyebrow from Hanzo, skeptical yet easing the shoving match he and his brother were locked in.

“I don’t think you would know ‘high class’ if it bit you on the ass”, Hanzo stated matter-of-factly, finally managing to untangle himself from Genji’s hold. Hanzo’s hands immediately began straightening the tailored black suit he wore, readjusting the deep blue button up with an agitated precision. He shot another glare his brother’s way, only earning yet another wide grin. “What exactly was wrong with Suzume?”

“No offense but during the daytime that place is boring”, Genji said bluntly, nose wrinkling up at the thought of returning to the empty, musicless, patron-less club in the daytime. “It doesn’t create a ‘welcoming’ environment! We want to make our ‘partners’ feel welcome, Hanzo! Not bore them to death in an empty night club. Plus the girls here are gorgeous and they are very generous with alcohol. You know how that loosens lips, right? Plus today is only a trial run aniki! No pressure!”

Genji wiggled his brows conspiratorily, a knowing smirk on his lips as he gently nudged Hanzo with his elbow. Hanzo gave a grunt, an unspoken, if temporary, concession that he would try this for the time being, twisting his body towards the door as their Omnic chalet opened the door. At the very least, if the location was subpar, Genji had actually come prepared for the meeting. The 25-year old had actually worn one of his nicer suits, albeit was a crisp snow white in color. The inner button up was a forest green, his cufflinks golden dragons with emerald eyes, much like Hanzo’s own white gold and sapphire ones. His younger brother had even managed to dye his garish lime green hair back to black, just solidifying how serious he was about assisting Hanzo with this transaction. Although the elder sibling had no doubts that his brother would soon dye it again when things were set in stone with the Americans.

From birth, both brothers had been molded, trained to take over the Shimada-gumi, one of the strongest and largest Yakuza factions in the Tokyo area. The older the heir and the younger his right hand man, each imbued with their own skills. Hanzo was the tactician, blessed with a naturally analytical mind with a scathing wrath that could, and would, crush anyone that dare to buck against their Shimada reign. He was protective of what was his; his family, his assets, his livelihood. Genji was the amiable social butterfly, a man able to read the room and the people around them, able to draw people to him with his innate charm. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t a naive playboy, his ability to disarm people allowing him to gather his fill of information before flashing even a modicum of his true nature. Both had extensive training in both hand to hand combat and various weapons; pistols, assault rifles, swords, bows. Name it and it had been in their hands. And while their father, Sojiro, still handled a bulk of the responsibilities, he trusted his two sons with managing new business deals in his stead.

Giving one last vexed grunt, Hanzo turned towards the door as Yosuke, their Omnic chalet pulled the door open. Hanzo stepped out into the subtle warmth of the spring morning, straightening up and rolling his shoulder before stepping to the side to allow his brother room to move out as well. Genji practically jumped out of the car, arms raised high as he waved at the elderly woman who was walking towards the two of them, both waving enthusiastically before each approached the other with open arms. She was short, definitely no taller than five feet tall, dressed in hōmongi-style black kimono, soft pink and creamy yellow primroses and tea roses stretching from her feet to her back then over her left shoulder and to the edge of both sleeves. As Genji spun her around, Hanzo caught sight of the simple graying bun she wore, adorned by a fresh pink-red rose pinned in her hair.

Setting her down, Genji and her continued to talk animatedly as Hanzo observed, taking in the yellow obi with the intricately tied knot. An obvious refined taste was felt in the clothing, but her nature only helped to solidify her classiness. Her gaze was affectionate yet sharp, focused on Genji yet not missing anything happening around her. She wore very traditional clothing and yet her mannerisms were nothing if contemporary; hands on hips, grabbing Genji’s chin and pinching his cheeks. However when her gaze twisted to Hanzo, the playful chiding in her tone gave way to a warm professionality.

“Shimada-san”, she said, stepping away from Genji and giving a respectful bow that Hanzo returned with one of his own. Straightening up, a small sage smile settled onto her lips as she returned Hanzo’s once over before giving a quiet chuckle. “Your brother has told me much about you. My name is Ayane Takahashi. Let me assure you that we, at Club Rosebud, are both honored to be at your service and understanding of your need for discretion. Genji has enlightened me on the company you are expecting and I do believe I have the perfect accommodations for your needs, Shimada-san.”

Hanzo gave a short half nod, disguising the look of skepticism with a small bow to the elderly woman. Her eyes twinkled as she returned the bow, turning on the heel of her foot and beginning to move smoothly towards the building. Hanzo kept himself a few paces back, Genji walking backwards between the both of them, a Cheshire grin on his face. As Ayane approached the front doors, two well dressed men, obvious bodyguards, pushed the doors open from the inside.

As soon as he stepped foot within a door they were greeted by a comfortably sophisticated ambiance; lighting warm but frosted, casting a well lit yet relaxed vibe. The soft scent of perfume hung in the air, constant yet not overpowering; base notes of vanilla, musk and amber were accompanied by notes of citrus and stone fruits. Plush fauteuil armchairs in colors of pink and key lime and powder blue and creamy peach were spaced around the room, some near wrap around black hard light tables, others stand alones with small cherry wood coffee tables placed in front of them. To the left of the room was a long bar counter, black marble with glittering gold flakes locked under a highly shined surface, ambient lighting shining beneath top shelf liquor and fine crystal glasses. The floor was hardlight as well, sturdy and slip resistance, twinkling lights following the steps of the three of them as Ayane came to a stop in the center of the room.

“This”, Ayane started, sweeping her arm left to right across the room. “Is our general sitting room and bar. This is where most of our one on one meetings between our ladies and their patrons, although small private rooms are readily available if requested. Our bar is one of the, if not the best, stocked bar in the area. However, if you do have a particular brand which isn’t located here, we will be more than happy to order it for you. We also have a fully stocked kitchen and chef on call, so if you have any requests for your guests or if you’re anything like your brother, we can supply almost any sustenance you’d like.”

There was a satisfied smile on her lips as she casted a brief glance over here shoulder, able easily read the subtle impressed look that rested on the elder Shimada’s face. Hanzo had seen some of the clubs that Genji frequented and this definitely differed from the playboy’s normal. Hanzo had half expected a gaudy interior, fraught with the acrid smell of cheap liquor and perfume, cigarette smoke clinging to everything. This was actually…nice. More than nice if he was being honest. Genji smiled, breaching the gap between his brother and him and clapping a hand down on his shoulder.

“Nice isn’t it aniki”, Genji practically sang, the smug smile on his face only growing as Hanzo rolled his eyes yet didn’t push him away. That was as good as an admission as he was going to get from the hardass.

“Security seems lax”, Hanzo stated, more to his brother than Ayane as if to pull some of the wind from his presumptuous sails. Ayane turned completely with that, her grin slick and filled mirth.

“Oh Shimada-san we take security very seriously here”, Ayane said stated warmly, reaching into her sleeve and pulling out a tablet from a hidden pocket. “We value privacy here and you cannot uphold privacy without superb security, right? Every single guest, employee and Rosebud members are authenticated into our systems. If you are not in our system, you do not get in. If by some chance, let’s say, some paparazzo snuck in here we have automated security systems that not only notify our security team but short circuits any electronics they have on their person. If they happen to fight back, well, we do have other means as well.”

Hanzo hummed softly before looking at the woman and giving a small smirk at the dangerous glint in her eye. Well, it appeared that this place could be…acceptable.

“Shall we continue”, Ayane asked with a soft chuckle and a graceful turn back around. She didn’t wait for their acknowledgement, steps picking back up as she led them down a warmly lit hallway. “The conference room your brother requested is one of our mid-sized rooms, more than enough space to accommodate up to twenty people if need be. Light refreshments and drinks will of course be provided within the fees for the room, as well as the services of my girls. Now you both are in for a treat. I have picked two of my loveliest, most charming girls to attend to both of you personally. It always looks nice to have a pretty lady on your arm, especially with those Americans doesn’t it? Oh and Genji, do watch out. She is not happy with you.”

Ayane waved her hand over a small console built into the wall, the screen coming to life as her credentials were instantly accepted.

“These doors are secured as well”, she stated simply as the console turned green and the doors began to slide open. “Just as an added measure of privacy. Ah, Aiko, Hitomi, come and introduce yourselves!”

Ayane stepped to the side as the doors to the roo fully opened, allowing the two Shimadas to enter before her. Hanzo hummed in approval as he looked around the room. Two bright, avant garde chandeliers hung over a mahogany conference table; glasses, holopads and bottles of premium spring water sitting in front of each plush, leather upholstered chair. A small bar was tucked into the corner, a small holopad denoting an automated bartending system. Across from the table was a large screen, obviously for projecting any presentations, pictures or videos to anyone who hooked up to their system. What set the room apart, however, was the sitting area that had been included. A large, cream wrap around couch sat spaced apart from the conference table, fluffy pillows and throws of various shades of orange adorning the piece of furniture. Two women were just beginning to turn as Hanzo’s eyes finished assessing the room, his focus now on them.

“Genji-kun”, the shorter of the two squeaked out, a playful, scolding look on her features as she stormed over to the younger Shimada. The woman was petite but the heels she wore placed her just under Genji’s nose. She was dressed in a glittering blue lace bodycon dress, her light brown hair styled in loose waves around her shoulders. Her hands rested on her hips, her frown faltering as Genji grinned back at her, bottom lip quivering as she tried to keep her expression downturn. “Where have you been mister?”

“Ai-chan”, Genji exclaimed, taking a half step back so he could give the young woman an exaggerated look up and down. Aiko rolled her eyes at him before cocking her hip to the side and continuing to stare him down, any real malice in her actions lacking. “You are looking as beautiful as ever. Did you do something with your hair? It accentuates your cheekbones!”

Aiko’s face lit up, her hand moving to wrap around a lock of her hair before moving to her cheek, the hard look on her face melting away as she dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“You’re lucky flattery works every time”, she stated simply before throwing her arms open and laughing as Genji’s arms wrapped around her in an affectionate huge. The two began talking back and forth rapidly, the increasing volume and pitch of their voice making him cringe.

“So excitable. I’m envious, I wish I had an iota of that much energy. Although, I highly doubt I’d get half as loud…”

Hanzo’s gaze snapped to the left, eyes dancing over the woman he could only assume was the ‘Hitomi’ Ayane had mentioned. She wore an ombre strapless chiffon dress; the bodice fitted and white, the color gradient slowly trickling downward until it was a warm orange marmalade color around her feet. Her exact shoewear wasn’t clear but she stood right at Hanzo’s chin,dark eyes glancing up at him as she addressed him. A rose gold bracelet with pink and white diamond hung loosely around her wrist, shifting with the subtle movements of her hands as she commented on the pair in front of the two of them.

Her dark hair was half up and half down, loosely pulled back with a twist and secured by a pink crystal hair comb, the shape a large sakura blossom flanked by smaller closed buds. Her makeup was simple yet elegant; a soft pink glow across the cheeks, lips glossed with copper and bronze eyelids, mascara and eyeliner tight. Confidence poured off of her in waves as she stood next to the man, the smile on her lips demure and inviting, eyes respectful yet curious. The eldest brother was intrigued. While attractive people were not a rarity to either brother, he couldn’t help the way his heart picked up as he looked her up and down. Hanzo hid the gulp that unconsciously wanted to follow as he stared, his eyes locking onto hers before snapping to her hand as she extended to him.

“Oh where are my manners”, you asked softly, head tilting to the side as you admonished yourself. “My name is Hitomi. It is nice to make your acquaintance, Shimada-san.”

Hanzo lightly grabbed your hand in his, feeling a rush of lightning arc through his system at the physical contact. This was new. Lifting your hand to his lips, he pressed a chaste kiss against the back of it before looking down at you with the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“The pleasure is all mine.”

They’re Shopping and He Wants to go to V.S. to Buy Her Lingerie: BTS


Your opinion on whether you want to or don’t want to goo desn’t matter, since he’ll drag you there anyway.


Since you weren’t usually the kind of person to buy your clothes, or underwear a that, in expensive stores and just settled for the plain stuff, YoonGi had to use his secret card to make you go there; his cuteness.


Would coax you into it, without you actually realizing anything. When you did realize that something was fishy, you already carried five different sets of underwear in your hands, and HoSeok was piercing you with his strong gaze as you entered the changing booth.

Rap Monster:

Same as SeokJin, NamJoon would just drag you there and it wouldn’t matter if you’d agree or not. Next thing you know you’re standing in the booth with him, covered by barely anything as the underwear was of NamJoon’s choice.


It was usually you who was making JiMin tag along with you to V.S. so when he did it, you knew he wanted something special in return. Obviously, you complied with any set of underwear he wanted to see on you. It was going to be his night, tonight.


You never really realized that TaeHyung had a wild side to him, since all of the time that you two spent together he has been nothing more than gentle. When he bluntly suggested going to V.S. for a small shopping in his low, sultry voice, you swore that something in you shivered.


“Let’s g there just once. I want to be the one to help you chose your underwear for at least once. Please. Let’s go.”

Use the Door

AN: This was the very first thing I ever wrote for Damian. Since the next part of Robin’s Nest isn’t coming out until tomorrow, enjoy this!

Words: 1169

It’s  a fight with your mother that spurs you out of the house, not your brightest idea considering the fact that you live in one of Gotham’s not so great neighborhoods, but you’re not really thinking straight. That continues to be your motto as you get on the bus, and stay on it until the last stop. You then make the two mile hike all the way up to Wayne manor.

You let yourself in, after all, you’ve been doing it for years. That’s why you don’t even pause to think as you shimmy up the tree, across a limb, and onto the balcony. A series of taps let’s him know that it’s you.

There’s barely a pause between your last knock and the door opening. You can’t help but smile at Damian Wayne’s annoyed face, and brush right past him and into his room. “No patrol tonight?” you ask, already knowing the answer.

“School night,” he grunts.

Then of course you knew that, there’s no patrol for those under eighteen on school nights, unless there’s a state of emergency. This means that Damian, even at sixteen years of age, is always left behind Sunday through Thursday.

Falling onto his bed, you wait for him to come and sit down, he does, lying his head in your lap. You run your fingers through his hair. Your mind goes to how you first met the Wayne heir.

He was new to Gotham Academy, you’d been there for a year, on a full academic scholarship. You were both ten. That was also around the time that it was announced that he was in fact Bruce Wayne’s biological child. The vultures had been all over him, each clamoring to climb the social ladder and befriend the ‘Prince of Gotham’ as the paper had dubbed him.

From his first insult you could tell that he was only there because he had to be. He finished all his school work well before it was due, and made sure to keep to himself. Most of the time he simply spent class on his phone. Everyone kept trying to befriend him.

You kept to yourself, you didn’t want to make friends with your classmates. You were invisible and you knew exactly what they were truly like. They were all kind to each others’ faces, but the minute a back was turned, the gossip and insults begin.

Yet, somehow you and Damian found each other through a history project of all things. You found that your minds tended to think the same way, and that when it came to the arts, mainly books, you had the same tastes.

The friendship came easily, and quickly. Often times you’d look up and Damian would simply be sitting beside you. Over the next two years you’d become inseparable at school, and you’d spend most of your nights texting each other. Your friendship is one of acceptance. You accept him as a socially inept, spoiled, rich boy, and he accepts you as loner with way too many mommy issues, who likes to put up walls. Damian likes to break down those walls.

You’d put together the Robin thing about a year and a half in. You’d see a news cast of Robin fighting, and then getting stabbed. When Damian didn’t show up to school after the weekend, your mind began to turn.

That would lead to the first time you’d “sneak” into Wayne Manor. You’d get lucky getting by the fence, and the grids. You’d then see the open window, and for the first time simply shimmy up the tree. The fact that it happened to be Damian’s window was pure luck.

His eyes had gone wide when they saw you but you ignored them in favor of the gauze covering his abdomen. When you asked if he was Robin, he didn’t even try to deny it.

You simply grinned, plopped down beside him, declared you were staying the night, and pulled out a book. Damian just read over your shoulder. You were gone before he woke up, leaving only his missed school work behind.

You then shimmied back down the tree only to be greeted by a man in a black suit, with a slightly balding head. He introduced himself as Alfred, and assured you that you were more than welcome to use the door next time.

You never do.

In the four and a half years since that night, you’ve never met Damian’s family, although you do in fact see Alfred on nearly every visit. You suspect it’s him who let you through Wayne Manor’s intense security that first night, and every night since.

You also have a feeling that it’s him who lets Damian out of the Manor on those nights where your mom has been drinking more than too much. Because it’s always him, accompanied by Damian, who comes and picks you up off a random street on those rare nights that your father actually comes home.

They’re the two people in the world that know about your home life. The only two people you truly trust. You’re the only one Damian has ever told the entire story of his childhood to. You know about every cruel thing he has endured, and what he was forced to do.

You assure him that he’s good, that he has a soul, and that a young boy can never be held responsible for what he had to do. He assures you that you’re worth something, that you’re better than your situation, and that he is damn well going to make sure you’re going to get out.

That’s probably why several drawers of Damian’s dresser have some of your clothes and personal items in them. Drawers that are never disturbed. It’s why you always carry extra of his weapons in you school bag, just in case he needs them. That’s why you and Damian sleep in the same bed, because you trust the other to rescue each other from the nightmares that plague you.

With that last thought you allow yourself to fall asleep, your fingers tangled in Damian’s hair, his head resting on your stomach, and his soft breathing assuring you that it’s okay to let go for just a little bit.

For the first time ever you don’t wake before Damian in the morning. Instead you wake up to several young men, and a man you know to be Bruce Wayne staring down at you.

You stare back, for only a minute before bringing your knee up and disturbing his sleep. “What’s wrong Y/N?”

You don’t respond, simply wait for him to notice the four men staring at the two of you. When he does he’s off the bed and chasing, who you know are his brothers, down the hallways of Wayne Manor.

That leaves Bruce. For a moment you expect some sort of bad comment, or confrontation. Instead, all he says is, “It’s nice to finally meet you Y/N. You know you’re allowed to use the door, right?”