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Having a soulmate is rough on its own. It’s even more so when your past together is less than stellar. Jason returns to Gotham and finds Tim waiting for him, but he can’t fathom why. 


For JayTim week: Valentine’s Day Edition and @nevolition. Because we both agree that angst is the way to go.

Day 3: Enemies to Friends/Lovers // Secret Admirer

I finally got myself in the situation where the ship I ship is so rare theres almost no content so if I want it I’m gonna have to make it myself im gonna have my god damn naehiro even if I’m the one who makes all of it IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO DRAW CHEESY COUPLES FOR THE SAKE OF THESE BOYS DO YOU HEAR ME

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choo choo bitches

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Various M!A's
  • *lengths are anon-specified*
  • HIC!: Your muse has the hiccups, and nothing helps!
  • Bound: Your character finds that they are restrained by invisible chains.
  • Klutz: Your muse has become the most clumsy person around. They trip on nothing and drop just about everything they pick up.
  • Yikes!: Your character has become very jittery and jumpy for some reason, but they can't figure out why.
  • Scratch: Your muse simply cannot stop scratching.
  • Cough: Your muse can't stop coughing no matter what they try.
  • Ouch!: Every so often, your muse feels like they're being shocked.
  • Clear: Your character has become invisible.
  • Ton: Your character's feet feel so heavy that they can't even walk!
  • Dizzy: Your muse can't stop the world from spinning, and they spend a good amount of time on the ground.
  • HA!: Your character can't keep from laughing. They'll giggle constantly and absolutely everything is funny. EVERYTHING.
  • CHOO!: Your muse has suddenly become terribly allergic to something of the anon's choosing.
  • Huh?: Your muse has lost the ability to speak, write, or communicate in any way at all.
  • Hug: Your character will start to panic whenever they're not being embraced by someone else.


      Yukio had rushed off so suddenly. In the state that he’d been in, Night knew he should follow him, or he was going to end up doing something he regretted like they’d discussed. However, since he was starting to feel a little odd himself, he’d decided to wait a few minutes. Since Yukio was just headed back to his dorm, he could afford to be slightly late in following him. 

      His head was starting to feel fuzzy, like he’d been drinking far too much, but he hadn’t drank anything alcoholic in days. And he felt too hot–had he turned the thermostat in his apartment up earlier and forgotten about it? Wait, weren’t those the exact symptoms that Yukio had been complaining of? Maybe he’d somehow passed it on…

      The demon realized he couldn’t wait anymore, if his body really was responding to Yukio going into heat. He didn’t possess even half of the self control that Yukio did, so he needed to find him. Rushing to the dorms–which were thankfully less than a ten minute walk–he headed straight for Yukio’s room–only to quite literally run into Rin, colliding with the half-demon hard enough that he practically fell over. 

      Momentarily, he forgot about Yukio. He’d never noticed before how attractive Rin was–or maybe he’d just ignored it until now. “Rin–when did you get so hot?” Night murmured out, staring at him with a blatantly lustful expression.

Caught Red Handed

Suga x reader

Prompt: I usually talk to my friends through morse code in class but… apparently, you know morse too… and now you know I think your butt is cute (I found this on tumblr but I don’t remember who it is, please tell me if this was your prompt!!)

Genre: Fluff

                                                                                                 -xoxo admin oreo

“Ah-choo!!” Your best friend, Chloe, had just proved that she could not fake a sneeze to save her life. But she had accomplished in getting your attention away from Mrs.Morgans boring lecture on genetics. You quickly picked up the rolled up paper on the floor she had kicked, rolling your eyes at her.

“Ms.Brown, is anything the matter?” The teacher asked Chloe with a stern expression, her arched eyebrows so high you feared it might reach her hair.

“Nothing Mrs.Morgan, my allergies are cra-AZY today!” She replied with a nervous laugh.

Mrs.Morgan walked away, shaking her head, muttering some words you didn’t want to repeat.

You quickly opened Chloe’s note under your table.

“HEY Y/N, I’m trying to tell you something important why won’t you look my way? You only need to look a table away, I’m not even that far from you, don’t say you’re lazy. And why are you so interested in this, you haven’t stopped looking at the board for the past ten minutes!”

You looked at her, she tapped once, then paused two beats W, tapped once, E, one tap, one pause, then followed by two taps, L, she then repeated the last letter, which translated to “Well”, and by looking at her expression, you knew it was a question.

This method, the morse code, was often used between your closest group of friends to communicate quietly during boring lectures.

You quickly explained why you were so out of it today. In truth, you had been looking at the yearbook photographer who was in charge of taking candid photos, Min Yoongi, or more widely known as Suga. He was in your classroom to take pictures. He looked so charismatic, the way he styled his hair up made you go crazy, and his well-shaped butt was also a bonus. After crushing on him for a year, you finally had a chance to look at him for a long period of time.

As you told, more like ‘tapped’, all this to Chloe, someone’s quiet laugh brought you back to reality. You looked up, eyes wide, searching for where the laughter had come from. Was it the person you suspected?

Sure enough, it was. Min Yoongi was trying to hide a subtle smile with the back of his hands. Had he understood the code? How, of all people, does he know Morse code?

The lecture ended, and you gratefully stood up, throwing all your stuff, eager to get out of the class. However, as soon as you did leave, Min Yoongi had gained your attention once again.

“So you think my butt is well-shaped?” You turned scarlet red at this, and you quickly turned around. He was leaning against the door.

“How did you understand me?”

“I’ve got my ways.” He smirked. “I’m not as lazy and stupid as everyone says. I’ve got hobbies too, and learning Morse is one of them.”

You flinched, regretting your past sentence. “Listen, if you feel violated in any way because of this, I apologize. I wasn’t trying to look at it, I mean, you were standing in a way where- you know what, never mind.” you paused, getting a good look at this expressionless face. “Sorry for this, it’ll never happen again.” You turned away, walking to your car, for the day was over. You got in your car, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. The guy you had a secret crush on for a year had finally noticed you, not really in the way you would’ve wanted, but he still did.

“WAIT!” Yoongi knocked on your side window, breathing hard. The poor boy must’ve run all the way here, his cameras couldn’t have been very light either.

You rolled down the windows. “Yes?”

“Do you like coffee? Or boba?” Seeing his infamous gummy smile up close made your heart stop. His question also caught you by surprise. He saw your dumbfounded expression and immediately brought back his cold demeanor.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. I just thought since you did verbally violate my butt, you know, maybe a drink would cool me down.” He shrugged. “Well then, guess I’ll see you around.” He looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet a bit before turning around.

“Boba’s fine! Of course, I should buy you boba! Is right now okay?” You asked a bit too eagerly. He quickly turned back to you and grinned. He swiftly walked to the passenger’s seat.

“And do you mind going to the park with me later? I need to take some pictures of the sunset and you would be a great model for it.” He shyly asked you, trying to look busy examining his pictures.

Did Min Yoongi just ask you out on another date? I mean, since you’ve been crushing on him for a year now, might as well say yes. Who in their right mind say no to Min Yoongi?

“I’m glad to hear that. You should’ve told me as soon as you liked me. I’ve been looking for a way to approach you for two years.”

Wait, did you just say all that loudly? Better yet, he liked you for two years?

“You look a bit out of it right now. How about I buy the boba, hm?”

You looked into his soft eyes and realized that maybe getting caught red handed was the best thing that happened to you your whole life.

You nodded.

That’s it folks! I’m out of very long hiatus! I’m sorry I’ve been out this long, there’s been some family problems I had to attend to, but it’s all settled now. Feedback is appreciated! I seriously love to hear back from you guys<3

More Stephen Confirmation - Choo Choo CHOOOOOO!!!!

The amazing and beautiful and hilarious and talented Mer mersayseh is at the Philly Nocking Point Party. 

I talk to Calli and Mer everyday. After Stephen’s drunk Walla Walla appearance we thought there might be a decent chance to get some spoilers. So a plan was born. 

Step 1: Get Stephen drunk

Step 2: Wear a low cut shirt. (Mer is gorgeous btw)

Step 3: Be SMART about how she asks for spoilers.

I give you the amazing Meredith who is a BAMF and Nancy Drew rolled into one.

He wasn’t even drunk. Sports + boobs and BAM. About as close to an engagement/wedding confirmation as we’re gonna get.

CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKERS! I’m putting this train on autopilot and joining y’all at the bar. TIME TO GET DRUNK OFF OUR ASSES!!!!!

God bless our Captain. He knows how to have fun!!

Buckle up for 3x22... (Arrow Speculation)

Or: Why you should watch 3x22 with a full glass of wine or alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Full disclosure: I bought my ticket on the Olicity wedding train a while ago. The bouquet appearing twice in the same episode did it for me. jbuffyangel’s continued evidence gathering has only solidified it in my mind (and she’s done such a fabulous job of it!).

I do think we’ll end up with an Olicity wedding in 3x22.

I was also thinking today that we’re going to be on pins and needles the whole episode, because the show is going to tease the other possible wedding combinations during the episode.

Think about it. It’s the episode Roy is coming back. You bet they’re going to have them flirt with the question of running away together. They may even say the words “let’s get married”. But Roy was brought back for closure, not to start a new storyline. Thea’s journey—whether it’s to hero or villain—isn’t done on Arrow yet. At the end of the day, they won’t get married.

Then there’s Nyssa and Oliver. The episode description says that Oliver has two tasks to complete and that Nyssa learns of some sort of surprise via her father. People are speculating that Oliver will marry Nyssa “for her safety” (though honestly, I have a hard time reasoning out how that would keep her safer from Ra’s al Ghul, who is evil and doesn’t play by any particular set of rules but his own). So…the show’s going to play up that possibility too. Someone will probably even suggest it as a plan.

At the end of the episode, I really do think we’ll have an Olicity wedding, probably some kind of quick field wedding. Why would the storyline require it of them? No idea. Maybe Oliver pushes back against the idea of marrying anyone but Felicity. Maybe it’s a “I’ll come back to you” promise. But thematically, with all the evidence that’s piled up, and with the episode’s own title (“This is Your Sword”) all but shouting out “love is the key”, well…draw your own conclusions, but I know where I’m putting my educated guess.

My point is—it’s going to be a crazy ride next Wednesday. They’ve teased a wedding/marriage. They TOLD US which episode it was. Do you remember two weeks ago for 3x19, how worried everyone was about Roy—and then it looked like they really HAD killed him? Expect that kind of anxiety again. But hang in there. The sunset is coming.

And we already know it’s a beautiful one.

Imagine Sam and Dean teasing you about your sneezes

Ahhh choo, choo, choo,” you sneezed, quietly, scrunching your nose up afterwards.

“Now, that’s just adorable,” Dean grinned, “It was like three tiny sneezes in one.”

You rolled your eyes, “Shut up.”

“He’s right,” Sam piped up, “You sneeze like a tiny kitten.”

Dean nodded, “You sneeze like a kitten, fight like a lioness. It’s quite funny.”

You groaned, getting up off of the couch, “I’m gonna go do something useful.”

“Okay, Kit,” Sam grinned, and you punched his shoulder on the way past.

“It’s Y/N,” you reminded him, leaving him rubbing his shoulder as you left the room.

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