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Okay soooo I loved hosting the last challenge so I decided to do another one. Just as last time I will reblog all fics as I recieve them with a comment. (REMEMBER THE KEEP READING FUTURE GUYS!! PLEASE!!) and just as last time if I haven’t liked the fic it is because I haven’t seen it. 

Theme - This time the theme will be hunting! How you decide to interpretate that is up - I don’t care if you write about the actual killing or the research or even the aftermath of a hunt. You decide.  

Focal Character – You make your own choice on which ever character you wanna focus on. As long as it is a SPN character we are good. (hoping not all of you will choose Dean lol)

Reader insert – It doesn’t have to be this time. It can be but it is up to you guys!

Prompt – When you sign up I will give you a creature from the show you somehow have to work into your story. How big or small the part is or if it is good or evil is up to you. 

Length – Minumum 600 words and max 3000-4000 words (give me a chance to read them fellas ;))

SIGN UP – You send up by sending me an ASK telling me which character you wanna focus on. In return I will send you a prompt/creature you have to work into your fic WITH THE THEME IN MIND! Sign up starts now and ends Friday the 6th! All fics must have been written by May the 30th.

May 31th I will make a list and add it too the challenge page on my blog where all fics and the link to them ON YOUR OWN BLOGS.

WHEN YOU POST -  Use the # SPN Creatures Challenge and remember to tag me! - if I haven’t liked it within a few days send me a message. I probably haven’t seen it then! 


Can I sign up and post the thing on my side blog?

YES! As long as you make sure to tell me who you are. If you write me from you main blog make sure to inform me which url you will be posting it from if not the one you used to sign up.

Will you be reading them all?

YES!! I will read everything and I will like and reblog them with a comment as soon as I do!!

Can I post before the 30th?

Yes off course you can! As long as you remember to tag me in it and use the # SPN Creatures Challenge and tag me we are all good.

That brings me too! Remember to use that hashtag guys!!! It makes it easier for me to find them all! And remember to tag me!!

Tagging a few people (under the cut) that might be interested. I hope you will reblog and help me spread the word :D

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